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Author Topic: TITFIGHTING IN A CATFIGHT  (Read 6128 times)
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« on: January 13, 2011, 11:40:02 pm »

For me, what makes a good Catfight vice a basic Girlfight are the tactics employed to gain a submission from the opponent.  In a Catfight, there should be 3 areas of attack;  hair, titties, and pussy.  Girls engagned in a catfight are wanting to sexually intimidate their opponent as well as beat her, and the way to do that is to attack those areas that make them sexy.  An MMA fight where you have a couple of buffed out women go out there and pummel the crap out of each other is neither sexy nor interesting to me.  But, a great Catfight where the girls are putting their sexuality on the THAT's a good fight.

Napali Video set the standard in the early 80's for titty fights but they were a little too subdued for my taste.  A catfight should be a fight, not a dance.  No kissing, just strength and determination pitted against ones foe.

There are a lot of Producers out there that show videos of girls engaged in titfighting, but it comes off too staged and rehearsed, it loses something.  DWW who has been around for a very long time and produced some outstanding work continues to boggle my mind in that they allow the girls to pull hair very hard, but do not allow an hands on breasts, which makes no sense to me me.  It's like playing touch football.....a hairpulling full on catfight without titty attacks is just not real.....

Probably the best Catfighing I have seen of late has been by a Producer KONTEX who have EXTREME CATFIGHTING that has the closest thing for me of what I am trying to get at..... beautiful girls
 with big titties and long hair going straight for submissions by tit grabbing, hair pulling and pussy THAT's a catfight!

Anyway, I've been a catfight fan for a very long time, and for me, there is nothing sexier than  a couple of beautiful women putting their sexuallity on the line, and may the best girl win....... Wink....I hope Producers continue to strive towards that end.....

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« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2011, 06:54:25 am »

Hi Waslick, I agree with you about the importance of tit-attacks being important for a catfight video to be really good, or even to make an otherwise good catfight a great one. I'll be filming a LOT of new catfight video this week, and I've already been communicating with the girls about the importance of grabbing, twisting and pulling their opponents' "salamas" ("tits" in their native dialect). In some of my upcoming new videos, you will see not only some slapping of tits at different times during a catfight, both while stand-up fighting and also while tangled and struggling on the floor/ground/sand/mud, etc. but also sometimes when a catfighter has her foe trapped down under her and nearly helpless, you may see the aggressor sitting astride the trapped rival while reaching back to grab, twist and pull on her victim's tits as she taunts her. As some of the catfighters might just be too sweet to do that to their rival, I can instead emphasize for them to do other certain things during their catfight. But for girls like Cristy, who is like a cruel tormentor with a mean streak just waiting to happen, those kinds of attacks and taunting/torment will come quite naturally. The same goes for Ana and Joy too, as both of them would surely jump at a chance to maul the tits of their foe. And since they've already had four long, aggressive and competitive catfights against each other, I think that placing extra emphasis on tit-attacks will be a natural way for their heated rivalry to go to the next level.

Pussy ("belat" as the girls say) attacks are more of a work in progress, as I've begun to bark up that tree, and it will maybe take me a little while to be able to phase them into that. Now that we've gotten into full nudity, that's the most important first step. But I want to work the pussy attacks into the mix over time somewhat slowly, as I'd rather not have it than have a fake-looking product because I forced it and the girls were still too nervous to do it right or all the way. A major first step was to send girls links to online video samples showing them the type of things that I'm going to be phasing in during this upcoming filming stretch. We'll begin filming in a few days, so please feel free to email me with any suggestions or questions that you might have. And I'll be happy to pass any feedback along to the girls for you, too.
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