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Author Topic: Interracial Catfight  (Read 6325 times)
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« on: March 07, 2012, 09:08:20 am »

Dani was a big fan of women fighting. Constantly surfing the net looking for good fights and new fighters with which to enjoy his hobby. Lately I had not seen anything new to call him the attention and sailed submerged by the monotony of being with what we already knew. But flipping through a women's wrestling blog, he saw a fighter that caught his attention immediately. It was a colored girl named Adela that half-naked and smiling watching him from a photograph.

Immediately and almost without realizing it, Dani was imagining that morbid black girl fighting with his girlfriend Jenny. The more reasons to see them fight thought occurred to him more and felt a great excitement. Both were equally high, were the same age 24 years old and seemed quite matched at all. But the main reason was undoubtedly the desire I had of seeing a black Jenny fighting. Jenny had struggled to meet Dani with several white girls fighting immobilization, but Dani the thought of her fight with a black girl and had always fascinated him since he had seen Adela knew that this was the best rival to which Jenny could be measured.
As he looked the picture of the beautiful Adela, downloaded a video of a fight you. When the video was ready, Dani called Jenny and summoned the living room. With skill was commenting that the idea had occurred to him while his girlfriend was listening attentively.
Jenny was a girl of 1.78 in height and 64 kilos of weight, long dark hair and brown eyes very pretty. It was a white girl skin and had very nice tits and very well put a shapely size. The idea of fighting for her boyfriend had always drawn up easily and had two girls who had faced.

Dani will teach the video where Adela Jenny out fighting and then said.
'I see you fight with it what do you think?
'Well, you know that there is no problem, but how you do it?. Just your photo and a video.
'I'll get back to its promoters and comment them the idea to see what I say.
-Okay, now try and tell me what answer you ......

Jenny was no telling how much Dani and wanted to meet a black woman. See the photo of Adela and then his video, was enough for a feeling of antipathy towards Adela was born into it. He had not gone unnoticed by the admiration that Dani's eyes looked toward the dark and Jenny felt like jealousy towards that began to appear bold.
Dani did not waste a second and quickly made contact with representatives of Adela. It was difficult to convince them to face these two beauties and there was only one thing that remained to be confirmed. Dani had insisted that interracial was a fight where there are no more rules than the KO, but representatives of Adela told her that that decision must take the dark and could not answer yet. Earrings were Adela response to know more news.

Adela's representative sent an email with information about the fight and with pictures of the white girl. Cleverly tricked him that Jenny had challenged to a fight without rules, where only female to female worth the Ko and was forbidden to surrender. Adela took the bait and looking at the picture of Jenny, she told herself that that silly white would pay dearly for their audacity. Of course the offer included a large sum of money for that fight which proved to convince the brunette.

Dani received with joy the call Adela promoter saying that the job was done and that the fight would be as Dani suggested. No rules. Dani scored the direction of the gym that gave for the fight to take place the next day.

He still had the most difficult thought, to convince Jenny to the dark pelease no rules. But that was not going to be difficult. His girlfriend was ready to fight the dark Adela in the way that is necessary and was not difficult to convince. Dani used the same trick I had used before him that the dark Adela's challenged to a fight without rules.

Jenny did not hesitate a second and looking at her boyfriend cute gesture, said:
'That black is agreed. NO knows awaits him tomorrow.
At last came the day of the performance expected and Dani and Jenny came to the right place. While Jenny came to Dani commented that it was fortunate that the two lived in the same city and also told the desire he had of beating up a black.

When Jenny came into the gym was taken to the locker room while Dani took seat in the back of the gym, where the fight was to take place. Suddenly saw the arrival of Adela and her eyes looked at her with desire. The dark rival for his girlfriend, was more beautiful in person than it appeared in the photographs and Dani was impressed. His body, his muscles shining mark, as she watched the boyfriend of his opponent and saw in the eyes of the admiration he felt toward her. In the dark, much less disliked this situation, the more reason to kick that stupid white girl. Jenny came suddenly and as the two girls were and their eyes met, sparks flew.

Both were splendid. Jenny was wearing a black thong that barely covered her sensual ass while wearing a thong Adela white that covered her almost anything and realzaba their long slender legs. Both were proud topless wearing her breasts.
Jenny's breasts were bigger and beautiful, but the brunette though smaller were also very nice with its strong and sharp nipples.

Adela measured and Jenny looked very serious. The gym was almost empty witness to the tension in the air while chewing the black and white crossing their looks of defiance. And since they'd seen in pictures, the rivalry between the two was born and raised on her own and now awaiting the moment of starting the fight.

There was another rule that Ko, otherwise the girls were free to fight as they pleased. When asked who they thought that only the winner will carry the money bag, both very confident and looking down upon his enemy replied that they agreed.
Jenny Dani's boyfriend, did the honors and gave the signal to start the fight. The two girls slowly approached each other looking with contempt. When attacked Adela hair grabbing Jenny, the white girl answered the same way and the two began to spin in circles in a wild dance. The two pulled hard on the hair of his rival, but soon saw that Adela was stronger or more evil than Jenny and this began to occasional cry as brutal hair pulling of the moraine.
Adela took the time and hair pulling Jenny was pushing up the nearest wall. Jenny realized that she was taking the heat but not released the long braided brown hair of his rival. Suddenly the black girl, grabbed the white head and pulling down she tried to knee him. The move had been very clever and only luck prevented the knee impactase Adela Jenny's face, but could not prevent reached at her breasts leaving her without air.

Adela repeated the maneuver and again beat his enemy's breast with his knees while he was brutal hair pulling Jenny shook her head from side to side. Adela threw a brutal stretch in Jenny's hair fell stunned to the ground. Before she could get up, the brown hit her in the back of an elbow causing her to fall prey once again to intense pain. Grabbing his opponent by the hair, Adela began to drag her across the floor on your back from side to side of the gym, while the white girl was standing up without success.

After three laps to drag him across the floor, the brunette stopped and grabbing Jenny's hair lay on the ground, pouncing on it immediately. But Jenny was working and holding the long braided hair Adela got two began to roll. They rolled like two coiled snakes intertwined into each other, but none seemed to have the edge. Adela Sometimes, sometimes Jenny, were up in a fight that turned harsh at times.

The two bright bodies finally stopped being the brunette sitting on the white stomach and holding her hair. Jenny tried to twist to turn the girl's hair color, but is in a business movement held her wrist.
Jenny saw with horror the mouth of the brunette went to her tits and in an act that cost him a supreme effort swung her hips making Adela dismount. The two women stood up quickly and started to circle the one over the other. Without
inhibition of two young girls began to exchange blows and punches to the face and her tits. It soon became clear that both had ability and although it was stronger Adela, Jenny was undoubtedly cat she and the brunette began to balk at the hard blows that I threw the white. Adela tried to take cover from the rain of blows that he threw his fierce enemy attack leaving Jenny. A shoving and hitting made the brunette Jenny recoil to a wall.

Jenny saw his chance to end the fight right there and as a well oiled machine started punching the dark throughout the body. I did not know boxing, but his rage was great and shock began to wear on Adela. An accurate kick from the beautiful white girl, hit in the stomach of brown legs by bending his knees and making it in front of Jenny.

Jenny did not hesitate and launched a kick to the face of the moraine, but is in a quick motion rolled to one side while the brutal kick that white girl was throwing was lost through the air. No time to get up the brunette, Jenny took her hair and as he had done his opponent began to drag her across the floor.

The brunette screamed in pain as the white viciously dragged across the floor. Jenny was now controlled the match and enjoyed the moment, but luck was allied with the brunette. While dragging the girl wore colored, Jenny slipped a bit of sweat on the floor already falling back and letting the brunette hair.

Adela rose like a tigress in search of his rival gave him a kick her away while trying to crawl. The two crawled, but Adela was faster and jumping on Jenny being knocked Adela's chest on the back of the white.
Without losing a second Adele grabbed Jenny by the hair in a quick motion but clumsy attempt to do the same with her. But Adela easily dominated and raising the head of Jenny began to beat him in the face. The boys could see the blows before Jenny had Adela because one eye was half closed and bleeding lips. But now the brunette had dominated the white and would not give him more opportunities.
The powerful fists the brunette began to beat the beautiful white girl who was covered as I could. Soon Jenny was bleeding profusely from the nose while still hitting your opponent. Seeing Jenny dropped her blood began to despair and squirming like an eel, but only got more tired as the dark the well was trapped. A few strokes on the face of the beautiful Jenny and I was bleeding from both nostrils. The bold loose hairs white girl before disoriented and bloodied Jenny could react, put his arms under Nelson trapping in a perfect key. Feeling trapped again, the brave white girl tried to roll on the floor and get rid of the dark, but after a few moments of struggle, the two young men stopped and sweaty bodies without being exhausted lograse free white girl. Taking advantage of the weakness of his rival, Adela caught with his legs holding Jenny's hips in two perfect key.

The end was near and the two women and the boys knew it. Adela was lucky in the slip of his rival, but had been more female than Jenny and now going to end. The brunette cruelly put the white eyes looking directly at her boyfriend. Jenny shame dared not look at Dani and when he did only saw in the eyes of this disappointment to her and admiration for the brunette that was due. Adela increased pressure on Jenny's hip while Nelson will let go the key and placed in a comfortable position.

Once there, Adela began to hit the side of Jenny with terrible elbow. The third elbow, the body of the defenseless white girl gave a spasm and was still on the floor totally Ko Adela looked at Jenny's eyes and seeing them blank realized the fight was over. That white girl had foolishly challenged and had taken his due. Adela slowly stood up and raised his arms in triumph set foot on Jenny's tits in triumph.

Taking off her panties Dani approached and presented it as a souvenir of the fight. He then bent down where his rival was unconscious, tore the white black thong and put it in triumph. Wound, but happy Adela went to his dressing room to shower and get your prize money. It mattered little that white girl or the beating he had given.
Only ten minutes after it was lifted the brunette Jenny. He was bloodied and apalizada on all sides, but certainly what hurt him most were the blows, but the humiliation of being defeated by such admiration that black woke up in her boyfriend. In nursing the wounds healed her gym they could before it was to shower.

Meanwhile Dani was saying goodbye to the emplacement Adela promoters for future evenings, saddened by the loss of his girlfriend, but happy for the show witnessed. And do not forget the gift you both want that black had given him. A very morbid gift.



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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 06:51:16 pm »

you cant beat a good interacial fight  Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2012, 10:48:43 pm »

Thanck you. WHo is your prefer??? white or black?

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« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2012, 04:18:03 pm »

There is NOTHING as sexy as an interracial catfight! I still get aroused thinking about watching a white girl beat up my black wife!!!  My wife was totally humiliated as the white girl, stripped, taunted and yanked my wife by her hair. After my wife tearfully submitted, the white girl spanked my wife's big black ass!!!  I enjoyed the "fight" so much!!!
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« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2012, 03:41:00 pm »

Very good story! T

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