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Author Topic: mom's birthday present story request  (Read 8522 times)
the game
« on: September 12, 2008, 09:54:34 pm »

anybody up for writing a story between my mom carmen 46 and mary 34. It's my birthday and my mom wants to give me a great birthday present and she knows I'm into catfights, she tells me to get somebody she could catfight in front of me.I talk to Mary, a friend of mine , about it and she tells me that her husband is also into catfights and tells me she'll do it in front both her husband and me. I tell my mom and we set it up.It would be in Mary's living room, we take all the furniture out to give them room. my mom is 5'7 has small tits with brown nipples and a big flabby but nice ass, with a hairy pussy, at her age she still looks very sexy. Mary is 5'5 has small saggy b cup tits with pink nipples and a huge ass with a shaved pussy. mom has long black hair and mary has brown reddish hair, she is very hot.

They would catfight in their bras and panties, mom with a white bra and white panties with half her ass cheeks hanging out, and mary has a white bra and a pink thong. mary looks at me and tells me that I'm in for a hell of a birthday and that I was going to enjoy myself fully. mom promises that she'll win easily to which mary takes exception to , shoving my mom, then my mom shoves back harder then mary slaps my mom hard mom slaps her back and the catfight begins. a lot of hairpulling slapping facesitting tit mauling and nipple biting and rolling back and forth on the floor. In the end their both naked their underwear on the floor ripped to shreds. mary on top of my mom with her shaved pussy in my mom's face, ripping my mom's pussy hair out by the roots my mom screaming and smothering my mom with her pussy. then she flips my mom and begins to pull her hair back by the roots and slapping her big ass , her ass jiggling, my mom crying and mary taunting her and laughing histerically asking my mom, who was going to win?......and telling me if I was pleased with what I saw....I didn't want to say yes , but I mom finally gave up, then mary stood up triumpfant, her hair a mess, pulling strings of hair from her head, her tits and face red from slaps and fingernail scratches, and my mom crying, strings of her hair on the floor, her face and tits and ass red with slaps and fingernail scratches, telling me that she's sorry for not winning , and I tell her not to worry, that this was the best birthday gift of my life

somebody that can write this story?Huh?

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