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Author Topic: NANCY DOMINATES YOUNG INDIAN GIRL!  (Read 3078 times)
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« on: July 13, 2009, 01:06:17 am »

 Nancy humiliates a young Indian girl neighbor!
Nancy, my friends wife, who I have talked about many times on this board, had another wrestling match this past weekend. Nancy is in her mid 40's, and is in great shape at 5'8 135 pounds, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and strong slightly meaty legs and sexy size 8 feet. She wrestled an Indian girl who is her neighbors daughter who is back from college. Sue is 20 years old, tall and lanky, 5'9 115 pounds with a long nose, long thin lips, big brown eyes and long straight dark hair. Sue thought this was going to be fun, wrestling in Nancy's basement on large blue mats with bikini's on- a good competitive workout. Sue is athletic, so she thought she could handle the older woman easily. The match went back and forth for almost ten minutes of slaps and slipped holds. Nancy landed several hard kicks with her bare feet, into her stomache and chest. Then Nancy was able to trip Sue and stand over her. She grabbed Sue's arms, stepped on her stomache with her left bare foot, and had her in a surf board hold, but her bare foot was imbedded in her flat belly instead of on her back. Sue had the wind knocked out of her, and Nancy then stepped on each of her small breasts, squishing them flatter, and tweaking them. Sue was gasping, Nancy moved her left foot to her thin neck, and her full foot covered her neck while she wiggled her bare toes, really choking Sue- who was not finding this fun at all, and tried to scream and twist away! She couldn't. Nancy then after weakening her, raised the left bare foot, a little moist with sweat, and placed it flush into Sue's long thin face! Her heel on her chin, the sole over her mouth and nose, her ball of the foot over her eyes, and her toes wiggling on her eyebrows and above. Sue tried to scream, but it was muffled as Nancy really pressed her moist bare foot flush into her face! If you kiss my foot several times I'll let you up, Nancy said. When Sue refused, Nancy just twisted her stinky foot into her face some more, laughing, and asked her if she enjoyed smelling her foot! After about 5 more minutes, and lots of yelling, and coughing and choking, Sue had enough of the stinky foot assault, and she licked Nancy's bare foot sole thoroughly and hard! Nancy smiled brighly as the younger girl really tasted her bare foot! I watched Nancy stand over her, and smile at her husband and then me, and a couple of Sue's friends, who were upset at what she was doing to their friend. Nancy looked at them while she had Sue really suck on her pink painted toes. Show your friends how much you love my feet...that's it lick them nice and slow, just the way I like it.....and I liked it too!!!!!

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