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Author Topic: Revenge Catfight  (Read 4165 times)
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« on: August 10, 2010, 04:41:53 pm »

Lita's Revenge

"You fucking bitch, you got me in here by promising to fuck me up to the ceiling, but all you wanted was to beat me up and get off hard at torturing me ! You're a dirty bitch and I'm going to pay you back, but good this time !" Lita was screaming, red-faced at the big blonde Bunny G for having mauled her beautiful breasts and fist-fucked her brutally several days before !  They had met in a bar downtown and Lita was obviously so impressed with Bunny's 6-10 height and her equally oversized bosomt that when the big blonde suggested a 'romp' Lita's clit jumped to attention and answered the invitation
for her. Now Lita has returned for a revenge mauling of the big blonde after having endured several hours of Bunny's favorite female torturing tricks. The big blonde had served drinnks for them earlier, "Just to make things we do have more effect !" but Lita was not as big a drinker as Bunny and when Bunny's other subnissive came home and found Lita weeping and mauled on the jism-slobbered, basement, rubber-matted fight-room, she giggled and wished Lisa lots of luck with Bunny, who by now was pretty well on the way from the martinis she served herself between sessions with Lita !

Referring to their hours-long catfight/mauling, Bunny growled at the brunette, "Gawd, you're such a little wuss - always crying and complaining about a little breast biting or my arm halfway up your sloppy cxnt !" and the little blonde Sarah, sneered at Lita with, "Another loser brunette who can't put up a good fight !  Bunny, you're losing your touch, she's another wimp and probably wouldn't even catfight with me, one-hand-tied !" Sarah showing her jealous attitude to a new possible rival as Bunny's submissive-bitch!

Lita just sat up on the slimy mats and wiped her eyes, now getting angry at Sarah for the insulting attitude she was showing.  But afraid to have her mauling reinstated by a newer bitch, Lita only glared at the other blonde and murmurred, "Tomoorow's another day !" inferring a rematch with either of these two bitchy cxnts, preferably the normal sized Sarah !       

Bunny just grinned, "You little tramp, your smelly twat almost made me  sick, but when I poured that vodka into it I could at least get close enough to give a good biting! And your floppy tits have awful, sour milk in them, or at least until I gave you a thorough hand milking ! You ought to be thankful I got them all cleaned out, even though they were both pretty pendlous when I got done with them !" adding, "Your milk should be pretty fresh by this time and those floppy tits look like they've filled out !""

Then Bunny smiled, "You ought to thank me for straightening out your stinking body so that it doesn't disgust anybody else - not that anyone would want it anyway !"  This nasty comment really got to Lita and she threw caution to the winds
and really angered the big blonde !  "Fuck you, Bunny - and you too, smart-ass Sarah !" adding dangerously, "I'll get back at you Bunny, then make this little tart have a good weeping !"

Bunny was already too far gone to even hear all this and only waved goodbye as Lita quickly got out the door, clutching her torn open dress across her black-and-blue bite marked breasts as she ran down to her car and drove off, Sarah laughing loudly after her !

Now, several weeks later, Bunny answered her front door and found the same brunette glaring at her, her coat partly open and showing her big breasts. niples firm and jutting with her shaved crotch sporting lipsticked labia ! "Oh back for more, huh !" Bunny grinned as she took in Lita's sexy body and her very fashionable, piled-up hair. "I see you wanted to get to me with that fancy hairdo, which really turns me on when I'm fighting someone like that !" her eyes getting bigger, "Maybe we ought to take it on downstairs where nobody can hear you shrieking as I use some new little tricks on theose juicy
tits and that smelly twat you've dolled up with lipstick -- and THAT HAIR which always gets to me on my victims !"

Lita just gritted, "No you big, blonde piece of shit, I'm going to really kick your ass this time, bigger than me or not, you're in for it this time and maybe I'll take on that Sarah cxnt you fuck around with, too "  Bunny stood aside and picked up her drink and sloughed it down, already pretty well on the way and not really mad at this, "C'mon in and have a drink. I'm reviewing a torture video I made with Sarah, so maybe you'd like to be my next victim !" handing Lita a drink and flopping in a sofa to watch this gritty torturing video with the big Bunny doing things to Sarah and some redhaired girl tied to
a rotating wheel ! Lita thought she recognized the redhead, but not quite sure !
The torturing video ended with the redhead unconscious from a dirty two-on-one catfight with Bunny and the wild-eyed Sarah as Bunny finished that drink and poured herself another one. "You really think you can beat me, you little tramp? " as Lita snapped back, "I promised to kick your ass and that's why I'm back, you blonde slut !" This being a term that she was advised would really get to Bunny and start a fight !  Lita was prepared to really have her revenge on the big blonde and was going to rely on alcohol and uncontrollable anger to beat this big girl and have a delicious revenge for her own
beating and surrender !

"OK you little twirp !" Bunny grated as she grabbed Lita by the hair and flung her scrambling body to the floor of her living room, then diving on the gasping brunette to pin her flat under her bulbous, and bare breasts and thrusting pelvis !  Bunny first went at Lita's expensive hairdo, clawing it down as Lita fought back, clawing gouges into the blonde's big, swinging 54 GGG breasts with her specially sharpened nails ! Bunny felt this and screamed, "You little twat, you LIKE my its, huh - how about I bite yours and make them bleed like you just did to me ! Her face nearly smashing into one of Lita's
bare breasts, mouth open for a solid biting, but screaming at Lita's two-handed blonde hair pulling to keep the blonde's teeth out of her tits. "You stinking little cxnt, I'll get them yet and you'll be back to cradling them both and weeping about me trying to bite them off your scrawny chest !" 

Lita snarled back, "My friend China knows about you and she taught me a few things you won't like when we get down on that sticky-with-jism mat in your fight-room !"  and then from her position under Bunny's pressing, nude body, she glanced up at Bunny's big, firm  breasts from where Bunny had thrown her on her carpet when she came nto the living room. Lita wanted to get her teeth into those monstrous breasts, but Bunny's knees were pinning her arms to her sides and the big blonde had already slapped Lita's face three times for bolting up to bite those big, soft mammaries on Bunny's chest !
"Oh baby, are your tits going to get it when I really get pissed !" the big blonde screamed. 

"That fucking cxnt China was the one that left all that smelly jism on my mats!" Bunny snapped, "And when I get you down there your smelly jism will be all over our squirming bodies, that is until you pass out from me 'fucking-you-to-death' with my big clit all lubed up with gritty sand and that sticky jism you don't like in your pussy !!" the big blonde now busy ripping away Lita's coat to get at her bare breasts and her slimy cxnt before dragging her down he stairs to the fight-room in the basement. Lita was to find Sarah and the video redhead rolling around on some new rubber mats in a dirty  lezzy
practice-catfght, the original jism slobbered mats awaiting Bunny and Lita's dirty catfight and  torture session  !

Finally recognizing the short 5-1 redhead as Bette Midler, Lita realized that she and Sarah were both Bunny's current sex slaves and that Sarah was really biting Bette's breast hard, seeing the teeth marks in the redhead's other exposed breast! Bunny grinned, "Wanna watch these two sleaze's really give it good to each other even harder when I tell them the winner gets to help me with you and your soft tits and that lovely cxnt ?"

Lita gasped, when she saw Bette and Sarah scrambling into their usual '69' after Bette released Sarah's left breast from her sucking mouth ! "I suppose your two slimy submissive bitchs will get into our fight when you start screaming from what I'm doing to that oversized, diseased, smelly puss between your legs !" Lita snapped up at her enemy !

"Nah, they'll keep fighting until one passes out, then the winner will watch you screaming from what I"m doing to your tits and smelly pussy ! "But cheer up, I know it burns inside there, but my 140 proof vodka will anaethatize your cxnt so you won't feel too much, but enough to get me off hard and flood your mouth and nostrils with my juicy-jism. Then going back to the two cxnt-slurping submissives next to them on the other mats, Bunny expounded to Lita, "Both of them hate possible rival submissives and like me torturing girls while they get off really hard with vibrators !" going on to elaborate,
"I let them both have some little twat who didn't like my driving and followed me home to get herself really messed up. After they watched me reshape her tits and expand her tight little pussy, they both took a mouthful of tit and began seeing how loud she could scream at their biting - it was really fun, but then she fainted and we had to get rid of her, Bette drove her car and left it near her address and  Sarah and I got into her apartment and dumped her into her bed before she finally woke up at home!"  then musing, "I wonder whether her tits still have all our bruises and teeth marks after what we
did to her ?"

Then a scream from the other two was followed by a second shriek as Bunny giggled, "Oooooh, they're into biting each others' cxnts -listen to THAT !" as the two cxnt-biting bitchs shrieked at each other before going back for more pussy chewing !  "Wanna give up right now and take your medicine for making me mad ?" Bunny smiled down at Lita, stopping to finish the drink she had put next to the mats near the two pussy-biters whose muted screams served notice that they were still at it with each other. Bunny glanced over and mentioned that she didn't see any blood and then reached over to
finish Lita's untouched drink that she had forgotten was drugged and would probably knock herself out, even as big as she was !

The brunette was starting to struggle free and got both hands over as much of the gasping blonde's huge breasts asshe could and began clawing into them with her nails. China had told her that Bunny was always in deathly fear of having her breast torn so that her glands spill outside of those tight tit-skins confining them and this was to be Lita's version of Bunny's Waterloo !   

Within several seconds, two sharp-nailed fingers had disappeared inside both of Bunny's big breasts and the drunken blonde felt the movement of several more fingers joining the first inside her big tits ! The fight was over before it had really started and Lita was almost disappointed at this easy win, her big. blonde opponent falling away, screaming as both hands clasped her two wounded mammaries to hold the soft. bloody glands from further oozing out of the holes Lita's fingers had left open when the shrieking blonde giantess scrambled away from this brunete monster who was trying to ruin her
beautiful, massive breasts so cruelly.

Lita got up from the sticky mats and stepped over to the wall where Bunny was seated, cradling her wounded breasts with both hands and weeping at her disfiguration. The brunette victress was intending to spend several minutes savagely kicking the big blonde's open crotch as her revenge finale, but then the two cxnt-chewing submissives crawled over to work over their dirty-bitch-ex-domme's big tits for what she had done to them numerous times. But when they saw what Lita had done to Bunny they stopped pulling her hands away from her big mammaries and knelt at Lita's feet asking her to
"Please be their mistress and order us to really give it good to the badly beaten Bunny, who was screaming, "No, No stay away from my poor tits you dirty little bitches !" as they went for them and tore away her protecting hands --- marvelling at what Lita had done to them as Bunny finally passed out at their probing inside her big breasts and the anaethetizing martinis she had drunken earlier !  Lita finally pulled Sarah away from pulling  Bunny's breast glands from the holes in them. "You dirty lttle bitch, get away from her, or I'll do the same to your lousy, floppy tits !" this getting a rousing hurrah
from Bette whose own big breasts showed Sarah's blackening teeth marks in them!

"Go ahead Lita, dig holes in her lousy tits and see if she can give milk that way !" Lita nearly disgusted with the redhead's savagery ! "Shut up you redhaired whore, or I'll rip off YOUR tits - Go get bandages for Bunny's breasts or I'll kick your pussy like you tried to do to her's !" as Bette scrambled out of reach of Lita's foot !   

Lita now found herself the dominant over three bitchy submissives, her first demands were to fix up the wounds her nails had made in Bunny's quite gorgeous breasts, and then go back to there unfinished cxnt-biting to produce a loser whom Lita could maul for awhile and get off hard with one of Bunny's huge vibrating dildoes in her own eager pussy both catfighter's now doing their best to get Lita into the hard orgasms they used to calm down a raging Bunny !   
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« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 08:37:15 pm »

Tee hee! Good to say Bunny get taken down a peg for a change!  Grin Roll Eyes

Naughty - but oh, so NICE! :-)
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