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Author Topic: wife's first arranged fight  (Read 10134 times)
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« on: January 29, 2011, 01:29:54 pm »

Anne’s First arranged fight

I hope the length of this does not put you off, after reading lots of stories, polls, insults on profiles and chatting I love the variety that exists on this forum and others like it, so embarked on wanting to write a story to capture as many emotions and turn ons as I could in one story. For the women who like to fight, the men who want their women to fight and the guys who like to compete or imagine themselves competing I hope there is something here for you all.
I would love to get your feedback.. so without further ado here is my tale of how I think my wife’s first arranged fight would turn out (or is this just another mixed up fantasy lol)

Both women were nervous, butterflies in their bellies were the wildest they had been as they stood in front of each other, their husbands slowly massaging their shoulders as they faced off with each other, both dressed in their sexiest lingerie, both thinking the same thing, they weren’t sure they should be doing this but there was no way either was going to back down now, neither woman would break the stare and both Anne and Sara could feel the excitement of their men behind them and their breathing was getting noticeably faster... “so we gonna get this fight on bitch or what” sneered Sara. “we sure are you old slag” grinned Anne.
Just two weeks ago this moment had first been mooted. Anne had enjoyed her husbands thing about catfights for years, enjoyed is maybe too strong a word, tolerated it more, aware of his desire to see her fight but satisfied in the fact that she just roleplayed with him and occasionally had a cyber fight online with another woman who shared the same interest but Sara had been the one to convince her to actually try it, to turn up here today and face her one on one. It wasn’t that she hated her but it was all the photos she had sent her husband, she had pressed a button and now Anne wanted some revenge, she wanted to prove to herself, to her husband and to this bitch that she could beat her in a catfight and this was exactly what she intended to do.
Anne was 45, brunette, slightly curly hair just above her neck, she was 5”5, weighed 140lbs and still felt she looked good with her 36C 34 36 figure. Her husband still thought she was the sexiest woman alive and he could not take his eyes off her as she removed her robe to reveal her purple basque fighting outfit, pushing her boobs out extenuating her bust, her skimpy thong attached to her purple stockingsr, he was more turned on than ever before and Anne knew it, after all if he wasn’t she wouldn’t be here about to fight her online rival. Sara had straight jet black hair to the top of her shoulders. She matched Anne in stats, same height, same weight, maybe 1 pound heavier and similar in all aspects other than her 38D bust which she now thrust at Anne as their breathing made both their chests swell and fall. Sara had a simple black outfit on, stockings, suspenders, an equally tiny thong and a sexy black lace bra. Anne already knew she had a slight edge, with her basque on she would be less open to the hand slaps that they had agreed and was already targeting an area on Sara’s waist where she felt she could slap and grab to maximum effect.
They had met online 2 months ago, part of the freecats community, they had seen each others profile and exchanged the usual messages, bitchy insults, emails to each other both stating their superiority over the other, always daring the other to fight. Then they had tried a cyber fight, their men had enjoyed it no end but both had complained how it didn;t feel real enough to them and that how the hell would she have got out of that move irl, the cheating bitch. Then she had discovered Saras photo on her husbands phone and texted her back which had led to the phone conversation, both had intended it to be for their own and their husbands enjoyment but they got more heated than they thought and when Sara sent the naked photo Anne had snapped, phoned her and said OK BITCH, enough of this, let’s stop it here before we can’t back down but now with neither of them giving an inch in their catty war 48 hours later she stood in front of Sara ready to catfight.
Neither woman had fought before so they had both been watching catfight videos to get some tips, rules were to be hairpulling and slapping allowed and to fight for 30 minutes, or unless one quit, winner to be the woman causing the most submissions in that time, if neither quit. Anne had watched younger girls fighting with the same rules and was amazed at how quickly they tired, she had watched crystal vids and ecnwc vids with her husband and had got lots of tips and techniques and now she was ready to put them into practise. Her only stipulation was that this was to be Sara’s first arranged fight too and Sara had been keenly studying too, they had agreed to watch the same fights as preparation as Anne wanted to keep this evenly matched as although this was new to her there was no way she wanted to lose to an experienced fighter in her first full catfight.
Now it was time, the men stepped back, hard ons bursting their jeans and the two women started circling. “Slag, you’re going down”.... “come on bitch, stop yapping and let’s fight” snarled Sara as she lashed out with a slap that caught Anne’s shoulder... Anne swung back but Sara dodged it and landed another slap to Anne’s waist. Anne moved in close and they both started slapping each others waist and shoulders till Sara reached forward and grabbed for Anne’s hair, signalling Anne to do the same and for the first time since school both women felt the sensation of having her hair pulled hard by another. Sara pushed her left arm forward, stretching Anne’s neck backwards, causing anne to stumble back and WHAM, Sara slammed Anne into the wall and both women bent their heads down, one hand buried in hair, the other slapping at each others waist and thigh, already red marks showing up on each of their legs but Sara had a red waist, already Anne’s tactics of wearing a basque were working and she hit Sara 3 or 4 times in the same soft spot, causing Sara to wince with each blow but even so each slap from Sara was stinging Anne, she knew it would surprise her and she was ready for it but what was surprising her most was her neck muscles, the constant pull on her hair was causing her scalp to burn but it was her neck that was aching as she strained to resist the hairpulling. Anne knew she had to remove the strain on her neck, she knew the importance of keeping a good grip on Sara’s hair and this she was doing but she had to move her head forward when Sara tugged again hard and she felt herself topple forward. Sara fell back first, onto the wall and Anne landed on top of her, her knee landing hard on Sara’s belly and Sara let out a big argghhhhhhhhhhh as Anne’s knee slammed into her side, Anne was on top and she wanted to stay there so she moved her knee more to the middle, lifted Sara’s head up and down with her left hand and with her superior position slapped away mercilessly at Sara’s mid riff causing Sara to yell for a break.
One - nil to Anne; she let Sara go and stood up. Sara went to her husband rubbing her side. “lucky fucking BITCH “ said Sara... “up yours, you tart, couldn’t you take it?” Anne felt on cloud 9, she had such a buzz, she had made her rival shout STOP and as she walked to her husband she felt 2 inches taller, Breathing hard though she was grateful for the rest and she took her water bottle and gulped it down. Noticing her husbands now huge erection she patted him, “steady tiger, we’ve got ages to go” she sxxxxxxxed as she turned to look at Sara, who was glaring over at Anne, her husband encouraging her to pull Anne’s hair harder and to get the fucking bitch back. “Keep it up Anne, this is so fucking sexy it’s untrue” said Nigel, anne’s husband, more of the same hon”... “no way said Anne, I’ve talked to some other girls online and their advice was to mix it up, so just watch and see what I do next”
Anne stood with her hands out ready for the charge, she could sense Sara was hurt more in pride than by her slaps and could sense she would come at her hard, encouraging it she sneered at her rival as she left her husband to continue the fight. “Is that all you’ve got, hon”. Sara’s eyes narrowed as she lunged forward at Anne reaching for her hair again, but this time instead of jumping up and engaging in a two handed hair fight, Anne stepped sideways, slapped Sara’s hands away and grabbed for her neck, and wrapped her arms round her neck   “gerroffff me bitch” screamed Sara as Anne twisted her round and locked her hands with Sara in a head vice and Anne shook Sara side to side until they fell to the floor. Sara reached up and grabbed at Anne’s hair but Anne would not let go, she felt her head pulled forward but she struggled with her feet to keep on top of Sara and tightened her grip. Sara knew she was in trouble, she had mis judged Anne and was now in a hard choke hold. Anne would not budge, even with a nasty hair yank and she knew she had to tap out again. “yeah Anne, fucking hell hon, that was awesome” yelled Nigel as Anne released Sara and kicked her backside as she got up, cocky now at her 2-0 lead.
Anne turned to Nigel and smiled just as she felt her head jerk back as Sara grabbed her by her hair and pulled her backwards. “Hey” shouted Nig what about the break... “fuck off” snarled Sara, we didn’t agree a break between each fall” and Sara started ragging Anne backwards and forwards by her hair, Anne tried to stand but she was tugged down with a hard pull then she felt her head going side to side and was getting dizzy, her scalp was on fire as Sara tugged and yanked at her tresses. Anne tried to get to her knees again but a wild jerk from Sara sent Anne sprawling once more to the floor... “fucking bitch kick my ass when I’m down hey”..Anne could not get her balance and she felt giddy as her head hit the carpet and Sara slammed down on her hard with her knee this time... UNGGGHHHHHH  yelped Anne and she desperately reached up to try and latch onto Sara’s hair but Sara was now straddling her rival and leaned back keeping her hair well out of the way and gave two or three more shakes of Anne’s head followed by a hard slap to her chest. BREAK BREAK yelped Anne and reluctantly Sara dropped Anne to the floor “Whats the matter you slut, can’t fight me without cheap shots hey”.. Sara stood up, keeping hold of Anne’s hair then dropped her to the floor as she turned to her husband and wrapped her arms round him and kissed him passionately. Mike responded and for a moment they were oblivious as Nigel helped Anne to her feet and gave her some water.
“You alright hon” he said worried... “Fucking hell yeah sneered Anne, she got lucky that’s all I couldn’t get her off and she was shaking me like a doll, but don’t worry babe I;ve had worse and if she wants to fight like that just see what I do next” Anne noticed Sara and Mike in their embrace and not to be outdone she took hold of Nigel and rubbed her crotch into his. “Hmmm you’re enjoying this aren’t you big fella” then she turned to Sara, poured some water on her hair ... “Come on bitch, put you’re fat bloke down and get back here and fight”. Sara turned quickly, her face red with rage, “What did you fucking say you old whore, what did you call Mike”... “I think I said put that fat fuck down and fight bitch”
At that Sara just ran at Anne and they collided with a big bang and sprawled back onto the sofa, Anne saw her coming and this time managed to jump up high as Sara hit her, giving her the chance to lock hold of Sara’s hair firm with a tight vice like grip and the pair of them fell full onto the sofa, side by side. Sara started to slap Anne’s waist but once more her basque protected her and when Anne slapped Sara’s exposed mid riff leaving wild red marks Sara changed tactics. Still side by side on the sofa, their heads bent together with one hand firmly gripping the others hair Sara reached down and ripped at Anne’s basque, grabbing her front she pulled down hard, exposing Anne’s boobs but more importantly for Sara tearing her basque. “you fucking SLUT, that cost a fortune” cried Anne as she tried to grab Sara’s hand holding her basque, but Sara tightened her grip and pulled further this time tearing even more, one or two of Anne’s clasps popped and she could feel the basque breaking at the back too and alarmingly the strut on the side split through the material and started to poke into her ribs. Not to be outdone Anne with her free hand started pulling hard on Sara’s bra and it stretched and creaked till SNNNAAAPPPP the clasps at the back broke free and Anne pulled Sara’s bra down her right arm, pinning her arm against her side. “oh fuck” said Sara as she felt her arm trap, causing her to wriggle and twist to push up on Anne further. As she did Anne screamed out as the strut in her basque dug further into her rib... “STOPPPPP “ yelped Anne and although Sara was wild for the fight she rolled sideways and off of the sofa.
Anne pulled her basque down and away and examined her ribs, a nasty red mark where her skin was nearly pierced. Sara started laughing at Anne and removed the remnants of her bra and shook her boobs at Anne with both hands. “Come on bitch, get that thing off anyhow, it’s time I got to slap at your flesh you old saloon girl whore, by the way that’s 2-2 BITCH”  “No fucking way bitch, that’s not fair, it was my basque that hurt me not you”.. “I don’t give a fuck” said Sara “rules are rules, you said stop so that makes it 2-2” “Fuck you Sara, I didn’t quit it was my basque”. Sara once more turned to her husband Mike and now topless, her nipples erect she strode over to him, “see if I care, you cheating fucking bitch, get yourself sorted and let’s get fighting again, still 1-2 if that makes you happy you cheating bitch” “fuck you” snarled Anne, tempers now beginning to rise. Anne knew this would happen as she has such a fiery temper and Sara was adamant she would wind Anne up.
Sara wrapped her arms round Mike and kissed him hard,  Mike rubbed her breasts with his large hands as Sara slowly undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor. Sara took her husbands cock in both hands and slowly started caressing it as it burst out of his boxers. “Like what you see bitch” she sneered to Anne, the challenge to Anne was obvious so she turned to Nigel and pressed herself into him. “How about removing this for me hon” she said and as Nigel reached behind her back to start undoing the clasps of her basque Anne also slowly unbuttoned his jeans and took hold of her mans huge erection and slowly started to jerk his manhood up and down rubbing both hands down his shaft, slightly surprised by the strength of his hard on until she too was topless. Both women turned to each other glaring, one hand still rubbing their husband’s cock, both of them now just in suspenders and thong and the sexual tension in the room about to explode.
“Ready to settle this bitch?” snarled Sara, not taking her eyes off Anne or her hand off her husbands erection. “Let’s fight harder you old whore, I’m fed up being nice to you I want to rip you’re fucking hair out and show you up for the whore you really are” Sara kept stroking Mike’s rock hard cock as she took two  steps nearer Anne, leading her man by his erection. “I’m not scared of you bitch” snarled Anne “ I knew this would happen. I could tell when we met you were a dirty, whore who would cheat in the fight”.. both women fell silent as they glared and stroked their men, Anne now moving closer to Sara so that their husbands were almost touching each other’s erect cocks, Sara still smarting about Anne’s comments about her husband being fat, Anne furious at how Sara had ripped her basque and claimed the equalising submission. Both women felt they could win and both were now feeling the sexual arousal in themselves as their husbands caressed their boobs as they were being given their hand jobs. Unable to contain themselves any longer they dropped their men and launched into each other’s hair. “Get her Anne, fuck her up”.   “Rip her tits off Sara”. Both men stood proud and erect cheering their women on as hands twisted into each other’s hair and with heads bent over slaps rained down on waists, hips and thighs, their hands stinging with every blow as they staggered around the floor yanking hair and slapping and cursing each other.
Then Anne twisted sideways and reaching her arm up she struggled and got her arm round Sara’s neck and in a headlock, Sara tried to twist her head but couldn’t so she reached up and pulled hard back on Anne’s hair bending her neck back, causing Anne to moan in pain and as Sara pulled back harder still they toppled to the floor, they struggled together side by side, legs thrashing for position, Anne keeping the lock on and Sara kicking out with her legs, they bucked together colliding their crotches and it was Sara that managed to wrap her legs round Anne’s who had no choice but to release her grip round Sara’s neck and try and prise her legs away which allowed Sara to move her head free but Anne swivelled and kept the top position. Sara bucked and wrapped her legs round anne’s waist and kept a good hold of the back of Anne’s hair wrenching her neck back. Anne was on her knees now and sent a few hard slaps to Sara’s face, the fight was fierce, intense and they were wrapped together, nothing like a cyber fight thought Anne, as she struggled to find room to hit Sara who kept her head tucked in as she slapped Anne’s back once more really hard.
This position lasted for ages and by now stockings were shredded and torn, the gaps in the black and purple stockings exposing the white flesh where it had ripped and although Sara could not budge Anne off her she got a few hard slaps in now and then and her grip on anne’s hair was so tight clumps were slowly coming out. “arggggghhhhh let go of my hair bitch” snarled Anne as she grabbed Sara’s waist with her claws and pinched hard.. “fuck you Anne” and then Sara yanked anne’s head back again hard once more allowing her room to get to her knees now. Sara tried to stand up but fell backwards but in doing this she turned Anne so she had Anne’s back pressing into her and she locked her legs tight and grabbed for her arms. Sara now had the upper hand, she was under Anne but she had her arms and had locked her legs tight, anne struggled to free herself, trying to free her right hand but it was trapped behind her and the she screamed as Sara’s left hand reach round and grabbed at Anne’s nipple and twisted it hard. “AiiiEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” but Sara just twisted more. “gonna rip your fucking nipple right off bitch”. Anne managed to grab at Sara’s hair but the move had no impact as Sara’s vice like grip twisted and clawed at anne’s nipple harder still, helpless and trapped anne had no choice but so yell “STOPPPPPPP” and with one more vicious twist Sara loosened her grip and rolled anne off her leaving anne sitting and holding her almost torn nipple “you dirty cheating fucking skank” she snarled.. “oh fuck off Anne this is a fight isn’t it, now that’s 2 fucking 2 BITCH or have you got another winging excuse for why you’re still winning”
Nigel and Mike got up from the sofa still rock hard and went to their women. Sara stood looking triumphant as Nigel went to inspect  anne’s injury. “fucking hell Nig, that bitch is so fucking asking for it” anger was welling up now in Anne and cockiness in Sara, the match had turned out just as both women had secretly feared, fighting like this in front of their men was making them fight harder and harder, along with the desire they both now felt to outdo, hurt and humiliate the other. Anne was rubbing her injured nipple and glared at Sara who flipped her finger at her. Anne was picking hair out of her mouth “Go get her babe” whispered Nigel, rip her hair out and punch her frigging lights out. “Oh I will hon but first there’s something you gotta do for me”... “Hey bitch, you think your fat fella can outlast mine as we do this to him”, Anne whispered in Nigels’ ear. “if you cum before him then its fight over time so you better start thinking of something else babe coz I want to show this bitch once and for all who is the best woman”
Anne dropped to her knees, in front of Nigel and as her mouth engulfed his throbbing cock she started to suck. Without hesitation Sara dropped down also and took Mike deep into her mouth and started slurping on his cock, as Mike grabbed Sara’s hair lightly and held her mouth onto him. The men were in heaven as they embarked on this incredible cock fight, their wives sucking them off hard. “Fuck yeah Sara” yelled Mike “rip her tits off when you get at her” Sara stopped for a moment looked up at Mike, “I’m gonna bite that bitches nipples off for yah honey” Anne could feel Nigel’s tell arriving, he was tasting saltier and jerking now and then and she knew that if she now touched his balls as normal he would explode into her, the normal sense of powershe felt at this moment left her and instead of rolling her tongue she flicked it to one side and slowed down her movements, it was though totally unfair on both the guys who had been holding themselves back already as their wives grappled in a cat ball on the floor and Sara squealed “no” as she sensed Mike jerk and pulling her face back he shot his cum all over her face. Unable to hold himself in any more Nigel exploded too and Anne took it all inside her mouth and slowly spat him out onto her hand before wiping it into her already wet and sweaty hair, “haha bitch let’s see you get a grip of my hair now” Not to be outdone Sara wiped her face with her left hand and smeared her mans cum all over her hair too, both women were now at total war with each other and competing at every possible level. Tempers were still in control just, as now it was more personal and neither wanted to lose, humiliation was the next step in this fight and silently they got to their feet, removed the remnants of their tattered stockings and in only their thongs they slowly started circling each other.
“I’m gonna make you cry in front of your man now Sara”...”come on then you dirty skank whore, let’s see you try it” Sara threw a slap that caught the edge of Anne’s cheek but she said nothing and instantly swung out and caught Sara with a wild left handed slap to her right cheek. They both screamed and launched at each other, slapping hard at each others waist, Sara causing Anne’s skin to redden badly as she slapped her bare skin. They tried to protect with their arms and elbows but slap after slap got through and often three of four wild stinging blows landed one after the other, Anne’s hand rising and falling as fast as it could. Sara changed first and landed a punch to Anne’s left boob which caused Anne to yelp, luckily it was not a full hard knuckle punch but more a closed hand slap, neither women having trained fighting technique but this didn’t stop Anne swinging a wild right hand that caught Sara on the side of the head with a thud.
Now they were in a full fight, they stepped back, raised their fists and each threw a punch or two, nothing really hurting. Sara lashed out with her right leg and caught Anne on her thigh. “fucking tramp” snarled Anne. Buoyed by this she tried again but Anne saw her move and rushed in and grabbed Sara’s hair and bent her head down low, keeping her face away allowed her to control Sara, as her swings were ineffective and with her left hand holding Sara.s head by her hair Anne threw punch after punch under and up and into Sara’s face catching her two or three big blows. This was like being back at school and in an after school fight on the field. Not able to reach Anne’s hair Sara reached up and found her left tit and grabbed it hard, going after her injured nipple again, Anne reacted by trying to step back and this allowed Sara to raise up and wham, her knee thrust straight into Anne’s crotch, bending Anne over and this time it was Sara who started punching hard at Anne, until Anne fell backwards, dragging Sara down to the floor by her hair.
Their legs lifted up and started kicking each other, heels were slammed into bellies and thighs, neither making much more than a light thud as they could not get their legs back far enough, in reality they were more being used to keep the other away but Sara had the upper advantage, as they fell she kept hold of Anne’s hair and was wrenching her head towards her but she was arching her own head away so Anne could not reach her hair. SMACK, Anne punched Sara’s kidney and boob but she could not get to her face or hair. Anne’s scalp was on fire but she gritted her teeth, it was Sara putting all the energy in, pulling hard all the time on Anne’s hair, hurting Anne and punching her face now and then with her free hand. Anne was breathing hard and sweating but she could feel Sara flagging, the hair pull was loosening sure it was partly because her hair was coming away but also she could feel Sara tiring. After three or four minutes like this Anne made her move, she dropped her legs down which allowed Sara to kick her in the thigh but she was ready for that and quickly got to one knee and straddled Sara. Now she could reach Sara’s face and her claws raked at her cheek  and she grabbed Sara’s hair now and shook her head side to side just iike Sara had done to her earlier. Sara was almost exhausted and when Anne stopped she paused for a moment to catch her breath, but big mistake, this opened her face up and WHAM WHAM Anne pounded away at her now enemy. Sara tried to cover up, allowing Anne the space to slide up and forward and she pinned her knees onto Sara’s bent arms and with her weight forward she yanked Sara’s head up hard into her crotch, pressing forward with her pelvis hard into Sara’s face. Sara’s neck almost snapped at the ferocity of the pull and with her face in Anne’s crotch she slammed her hand again and again on the floor and screamed “STOOOOPPPPP” Anne was relentless, “what’s that bitch I can’t hear you” she cried as she continued to pull Sara into her crotch, then she relaxed and slammed Sara’s head down hard onto the floor and aimed a solid punch onto the bridge of her nose.
Mike jumped up, “ENOUGH” he yelled and he grabbed Anne’s arm. Nigel jumped up and grabbed Mike, “Don’t you touch her pal” and as Mike pulled Anne off Sara, Anne launched a wild kick at Sara catching her hard in the stomach bending her in two. Mike then threw Anne to the floor and  the two men squared up and were just about to trade punches when the sobbing of Sara soon calmed Mike down and he backed away and turned to his wife. “Good idea pal coz believe me if we start Anne is gonna fucking destroy Sara. A silent stand off between the two couples then took place until Anne broke the silence... “Told you bitch, I warned you if you broke the rules I would snap” In triumph Anne picked up her basque, “If you ever send any more slutty photos to my man then next time you won’t have yours here to protect you” Now about 2 inches taller and with a wild grin on her face Anne picked up her tattered basque, put on her robe and exited the motel room to find their own room and get down to some serious sex.

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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 08:01:09 am »

I really enjoyed reading this.  It was very well done.  Keep up the great work.   

thanks Michael, I appreciate it when people take the time to respond
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« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2011, 12:26:17 pm »

Great story.  Very well written, excellent action, really sexy and competitive.  I particularly enjoyed the kicking and the use of their feet.  A nice long, slow foot worship at the end, would have made this my ultimate fantasy!
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« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2011, 10:37:49 pm »

Just loved your story. I love the lead up to the fight, especially how the tension increased from their first contact. Hope you write more.
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« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2011, 02:55:07 am »

Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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