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Author Topic: Dolores vs Cindy - Mistress vs wife catfight - Complete story  (Read 13595 times)
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« on: January 29, 2009, 06:55:23 pm »

Very wild and very promiscuous Latin mistress meet a savage blonde wife.

Dolores open the door and saw the awesome honey blonde, Cindy, obviously ready for troubles.

“Are you the cheap cxnt who is fucking my husband, you slut?” asked the big blonde

“Are you talking about Jason, MY future husband, you bimbo bitch?” was Dolores’s answer.

“You fucking whore!!” said the blonde, screaming in rage as she charged Dolores with fists swinging. The bimbo blonde, blue eyes, 6’2” tall, 170 lbs. 45DD rounded huge breast, was sure she was woman enough to  kick the ass of the sultry latina brunette of only , 5’2”, 119 lbs, 50 EE unbeliever massive melons.  The Hispanic hooker began to send several solid gut punches to the blonde’s waist, making her bends over herself. Cindy scream in pain, ant tried to strikes back, unscientifically jabbing hard into Do-lores’s tits and belly. The shorter women take the blows smiling and began to snap punches into her blonde opponent's huge breasts. Cindy take a beating in her opulent attributes, and she began to drive her knee deep into Dolores’s midsection one and another time with tigerish ferocity.

The stooped contact at same time and both began to circle each other like jungle she-cats ready to strike. The olive skinned latín beauty, 43 years old, was breathing hard. Her blonde foe was 22 only, and in spite of the damage she had received, the blonde was sure she could beat the older bitch, lighter and shorten than herself.

Dolores attacked first, grabbing the tallest blonde’s waist in a herculean bear hug, sink-ing her sharped nails in Cindy’s butt.  The blonde tried to return the favor and bear hug the latin brunette, bus she was too short, and not avail. The blonde was feeling the pain of the rib cracking bear hug and become desperate. The fight was less than two minutes long and she was in danger of a humiliating defeat.  Dolores put more strength in the bear hug. Cindy screamed. At same time, the blonde delivered devastating punches to Dolores head, but with no visible effect. Desperate, Cindy pressed both hands over the olive skinned harlot, searching to eye gouging her with her thumbs. At same time, both women began to kick each other legs and tread heavily each other foots.  They fell to the floor, and began to roll over the carpet, screaming like rabid bitches. At last, Dolores had to stopped the bear hug to avoid the attack to her eyes.

They take a brief moment to rest, being too spent to continue fighting just yet. Both women lay on the carpet, several feet apart, looking each other with hate, anger, and a bite of surprise too. Both fighters were surprised to be more evenly matched than ex-pected. Dolores had overpowered big blondes before, and she had supposed Cindy would be only another blonde to the count.  Cindy was sure the shorter, lighter and old-er Hispanic whore would be a easy match to her.

Dolores attacked first again, grabbing Cindy by the hair with her left hand throwing punches to the blonde’s face with her right fist. Cindy makes the same and both began to pull hair and trade blows and kicks at same time. Neither woman could back away. Their fists and kicks were landing hard to their heads and bodies. Both were bleeding very soon, but this not stops their attempts to destroy each other as both were muttering obscenities and threats at each other. The blonde and the brunette gagged with pain as their massive jugs were mashed by powerful blows. In spite her superior weight and height Cindy began to tire. Very slowly, the dark skinned mistress began to take control of the match. The White Anglo Saxon Protestant rich wife thrashed, squirmed, and wriggled, determined not to go down without a fight. She began to slams her knee muay thai style into the Spanish's ribs again, and again, and yet again! Slowly, Cindy forced Dolores to retreat until the tallest high class lady managed to catch the smaller street hooker around the waist and fell heavily to the floor, locked together, body to body, with Cindy on top.

The wife’s full breasts pressed against the mistress’s jutting melons. The only thing keeping their shoulders from pressing together was the pillow formed by their breasts. Each woman grunted as her rival squeezed with all of her strength. Cindy quickly con-cluded that the breast challenge had been a mistake. Dolores’s breasts, volleyball sized globes of luscious dark olive flesh, were far superior than Cindy’s; larger, firmer and fuller. In addition, her nipples were pushing Cindy’s nipples back into her own breasts. Cindy’s flattened breasts virtually disappeared into her foe's bosom. The color visibly drained from Cindy’s face. The rich blonde whimpered. The low class tramp smiled, squeezing harder. She knew she was winning. Cindy’s huge melons were rapidly turning black, purple, and blue with ugly bruises but she was battling yet. The thinking of this latin slut fucking HER man, riding him in THEIR bedroom, drive her mad. No way she was going to let this man stealer slut beat her and take her man. Like two jungle cats in a fight for sexual territory, they pushed against each other with no mercy.

Dolores thrashed from the pain she was tacking on her massive melons, but al last she began to take the upper hand. The humiliated blonde giantess pleaded for mercy; their eyes beginning to fill with tears. The victorious shorter vixen only laughed. The beaten blonde sobbed her surrender.

“You lost the fight, you bimbo blonde, and you lost your husband to me. Jason is MINE now” said the Spanish brunette as she ripped of the blonde underclothes and began to ride her right here in the floor. “Now I go to fuck you like I go to fuck him the next time he’ll come to visit my hungry pussy”.

After 20 minutes of lesbian rape and brutality, the blonde wife was totally tamed like a wild mare ride by a skilled cowgirl. The mistress of her husband was now her own mi-stress, in all the senses of the word!! Dolores returned to the bedroom. In the king-size bed, two huge naked studs were laying, exhausting. She slapped one to make awake him.

“Hey, Greg, are you ready to another ride?” The stud said only an unintelligible moan. She approached to him, raises his head pulling his hair, and began to rub his face in her wet bush.  “You Stupid pansy, two rounds only and he is finished. What about you, Robert? You have had more than 30 minutes to rest. My cxnt is hungry yet!” Robert said nothing. “Ohhh, all right, I have to admit four rounds are enough for you. Happily to me, the cxnt of this stupid blonde has given me a good dessert. ¡Lest go boys! You have to leave the camp before my future husband comes here to fuck me.

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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2009, 09:12:44 am »

What a great story, Muarijun!
Thanks a lot for bringing this masterpiece to us.  Cheesy
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2009, 09:20:52 am »

This was a good story.

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