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Author Topic: Fighting Dolls Videos FD0148 (oil catfight) and FD0035 (wrestling grass jeans)  (Read 2782 times)
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« on: October 01, 2012, 11:29:10 pm »

As a prelude, a word or two about my own tastes to better allow you to apply these thumbnail sketches to your own potential purchases. I have an unshaken belief in a term I have appropriated from Major League Baseball: the Mendoza Line. This is the attractiveness threshold below which a performers presence in an erotic video cannot be justified. As an inevitable result of this, I will sacrifice brutal action at the altar of beauty. Put simply, I dont care how hard they fight if they aint hot enough for arousal. If they cant activate the launch sequence, my credit card stays in my wallet.

Both May-Ann and Denise are well above the Mendoza Line. And to my own way of thinking, they fight their hearts out. If I am to be quite picky, Mary-Ann has gained a couple of pounds around her ass sine her halcyon days at DWW, and has an unnerving facial resemblance to Anna Gunn, Walter Whites wife on Breaking Bad. Denise has a slight mannish quality to her face, but her body is hard as a rock. Both have enhanced breasts, giving their bodies what I refer to as a certain heroic look. Not quite Foxy Combat (although a few years ago Mary-Ann worked for Hana as Anessa) but overall these are attractive women who simply do not look like the women you see on so many other sites: no fat, no tattoos, women who know what the inside of a gym looks like and do not have to shop at stores that cater only to plump sized clientele.

I have lumped these two videos together because in terms of content, in terms of the fights themselves, they are quite similar. In fact, the primary differences are locale (grass vs. mat), attire (jeans vs. nude) and fighting style ( wrestling vs. oil catfight). I dont think I am giving anything away by saying in both videos, Denise beats the snot out of a game but over-matched Mary-Ann. It becomes very quickly about how much Mary-Ann can take of what Denise has in abundance to dish out.

Having bought about 40 FD videos since their unveiling a few months ago, the aggression level we have all come to expect from DWW remains intact. The main divergence is that Marek has adopted is the addition of  breast and crotch attacks.

Myself, I look at female fighting videos as providing high octane erotic moments, rather than as competitive matches with inherent strategy and tactics. Give me a few of these moments, and I am happy with my purchase. Both these videos contain such moments. Two examples: at the 7;20 mark of the oil match, Denise has Mary-Ann stretched out from behind, giving a great view of Mary-Ann in a fully dominated position. One hand squeezes a breast, the other attacks the crotch. Very nice. A more subtle but to me even more erotic moment is at the 1;12 mark of the wrestling match on grass. Following a breast-to-breast stare down, the women break apart to begin . This moment shows the difference between the women: Mary-Ann shows a bit of apprehension, while Denise is on the balls of her feet, moving with the uncommon grace and fluidity of a trained,serious athlete. Just look at her move as she shakes her shoulders into alignment. Look at her gait as she readies to first engage. . Its reminiscent of the way Aleeta Johnston moved prior to the first fight in War Goddess.

I give high marks to both fights. Like I say, the differences have less to do with the fights than with the surroundings and attire. But both will make a fine addition to appreciators of good looking women fighting their hearts out. Money well spent.

This comment has violated our Terms and Conditions, well not really, but we're in a bad mood today and really didnít know what to make of it so it has been removed.
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 10:49:13 pm »

Nice review. I'll have to check these out. Thanks!

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