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BurningTicket  - Euro Fightgirls
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Author Topic: When CD's Collide  (Read 2813 times)
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« on: March 05, 2013, 11:25:59 PM »

Fiona and I knew we would clash again , but neither expected it to be so soon and with such venom.
If our last clash was a frantic flurry of legs and heels , then yesterday afternoons was a war of tactics and willingness to cause as much damage to each others outfits regardless of the cost.

We both tore at each others wigs as we weaved our fingers into them , sheer nyloned legs were entwined as we thrashed over and over on the floor of my lounge .

I would love to hear if any others here have fought in a similiar manner .  Fiona and i are surely not the only two to enjoy being bitchy to each other until a catfight develops !!!! ?
susan ondine
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heels,hose and hairpulling. These are some of myfa

« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 01:28:15 AM »

It's been good to hear about and see the photos (although small) of crossdresser and catfight partners cfytr2k and fayefights in rolling and hairpulling action. Their respective partners Victoria and Fiona have given them the action they've always craved and they share the love of  nylons, high heels, skirts and lingerie. Although I've had about 60 catfights involving more than 30 opponents both male and female, it's always the crossdressers who have provided the most fun.  Being able to visit an opponent or she visit me and investigate the others wardrobe prior to the fight and share a drink has always been both a relaxing and exciting part of the event.

If possible we've been able to share the other's dressing table, investigate her perfume in female comraderie before grabbing hair, imparting judicious slaps and finally going all-out in the rolling, clawing, gripping and squeezing battle.  And after a long battle the exhaustion is sweet as you can rest on your elbows and inspect the damage to the other's body and clothes.  It's thrilling to playback a video and comment on it together as we get ready for the second episode of the catfight.  Maybe there are a few new people who haven't yet seen my action pictures and the story of how I got into catfights in a big way. If so go to google and put in the words: susan ondine catfight queen tripod.
I'm the blonde in the white bustiere.         -susan ondine   

Heels,hose and hairpulling. These are some of my favourite things.Add boys, bras and battling blondes and you have me playing all my favourite roles as a woman and a catfighting crossdresser.
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« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2014, 10:49:08 PM »

Love a sexy catfight with another trannie in heelzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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