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Author Topic: brenda and Ronnie's Very Dirty Catfight  (Read 8259 times)
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« on: November 19, 2009, 03:57:09 pm »

Ronnie and Brenda's Very Dirty Catfight

These two 'ladies' were constantly arguing as to who was the biggest bitch and who had the toughest cxnt, this nearly into a vicious catfight with the intent of establishing who really was the toughest bitch of the two of them. They were both big-breasted and continally tit-fighting, but began to get down into their hair-less crotches (this,  thanks to a cxnt-hair-pulling private fight, days earlier)! Both girl dennuded each others' crotches while on their knees in a locked room!

Their bitchy  arguments got so intense that the fight club president and her vice president went out to find a way of settling this situation, returning with the necessary equipment that the two protagonists were to use in a public example of rough catfighting in their crotch areas, even more violent than what the fight club girls were used to seeing during the seni-weekly catfights between various members of the club and other similar clubs that also setup really erotic catfights between good-looking women for their members entertainment.

These two equally dirty catfighters have upset the club fighting schedules consistently with their breast-biting, cxnt-chrewing spontaneous fighting enough to interfere with the clubs' ordained agendas. This 'terrible' trasngession has started committee-driven processes that cover these "TERRIBLE" infractions of club fighting rules, such as they were !   (HAH) !
It turns out that the pretty blonde Ronnie and equally pretty brunette Brenda were to sex-duel in a VERY DIRTY cxnt -MAULING CATFIGHT before the entire club membership! They had all been aware of  both girl's demands that they would share a two-headed 18 X 3 inch dildoe imbedded in their "TOUGH cxntS" each working the ribbed device with their pussy and vaginal muscles fighting to wildly shove their own half of the dildoe into the other woman and jam it up far into her belly, displacing her female plumbing and whatever other of her guts that got in the way of this  inches wide by 18 inch ribbed, rubber "penis" the two opposing
heads somewhat harder than the long middle part an equally enhancing the orgasms induced by the rigid dildo ribbing !

An additional erotic feature of this formidable device was that it had a randomly controlled double vibrators inside each half\of its length that was sure to induce orgiastic feelings in the woman whose green or red painted end - (already asigned to the GREEN blonde Ronnie and the RED brunette Brenda , each of whom's cxnt was being violently vibrated ! Such an induced orgasm while the dildoe was being pushed in further would be a disadvantage to the girl  on that end of the dildoe, but often the vibrator at the other end would become intensesly active and the dildoe would reverse direction quite violently and the recently-wild-eyed-dildo
-driver would find her cervix being breached just at the moment when she was dreaming of her orgiastic face-fucking of "that dirty bitch on top of me"!

Some training for both blonde and brunette 'cxnt-wreckers" was in order and the kit that came with the facility the club president had leased contained instructions and a pair of training dildoes that an assigned trainer could push into the contestants to 'tone-up' her vaginal muscles so as to get the huge weapon all the way up into her opponent's vaginat and then climb over her unconscious - or gasping face for a victorious, screaming face-fucking -the winner's ejaculated jism completely sliming up the loser's face and long blonde/brunette hair (all depending, of course)  as the crowd of onlookers screamed their approval or dismay (brunette or blonde,
of course) !!

But now the fight is getting started. Ronnie and Brenda , already aware of the rules (HAH) are both so excited that their excited pussies are drooling with their jism, eliminating a need for a lubricant provided in the kit for this extravaganza! Sitting on the wrestling mats on two sliding pads with their  crotches facing each other, allowing the dual-headed dildo to slide equally pass their excited pussies and further up their throbbing vaginal tunnels, other club memers pushed them closer togther until the red/green distance-marked dildoe was fully buried in their wildly stimulated, oozing and thrusting cxnts. Their shared monster dildoe was now
completely buried in their near-spasming vaginas and the primary cxnt-fighting was to start! 

For those detailed catfight enthusiasts, the GREEN end of this monster dildoe was assigned to the blonde Ronnie.while the RED  end was to be into  brunette Brenda's excited vagina!  Embossed depth markings at each half  of this monstrous tool would dispaly how far an aggressor  had penetrated her screaming victim's thrashing cxnt !

Each girl now clamping the monstrous tool with her 'trained' vaginal muscles and dedicted to ramming it up into her opponent's equally-tight cxnt as far as she could ! This cxnt-stabbing catfight already  underway with the dildo inside each catfighter, but to end nearly all the way into one of their vaginas and this loser probably unconscious from the shock! Helped to their feet by the assistants, waist belts were applied and tightened, connections unavailable to desperate fingers trying to relieve whatever discomfort was being delivered by her crazed enemy !  Both of these catfighting bitches were locked together - by the tight belts on their waists
and that long monster already  buried deep inside both of their near-organsing cxnts. Both were thinking,  "I'LL DRILL THIS FUCKING THING WITH MY STRONG  VAGINAL MUSCLES ALL THE WAY UP AND OUT HER SHRIEKING MOUTH !"  was the same thought in both Brenda and Ronnie who had begun the catfightiing with vigorous hair-pulling from behind - the strategy being to keep this fucking-dirty-bitch from getting her mouth over my tits and biting them off, AS SHE HAS MOUTHED TO HER DOPEY FANS !"

This cxnt-fight turned-out to be the wildest that their club had ever sponsored and was being video-recorded by four excited camera-girls who pushed each other aside to get good shots of the exposed crotch areas of the shared dildoe as the red-or-green depth marks,  identified the girl whose spasming cxnt was being to thoroughly DRILLED by their shared, jism-slimed weapon !!

The thrusting, jamming and hair-pulling went on for some minutes as the excited onlookers shrieked suggestions and encouragement according to whose shrieks of pain were coming from their contorted faces. Brenda's green half on the dildoe was already two inches up into Ronnie's excited cxnt and her shrieks as the bigger end of the monster was already through her loosened cervix and on its way into her sensitive uterus to shove it up her spine and displace the other organs in her squirming belly - all of this in Brenda's crazed mind as she realized her advantage over the loudly shrieking blonde girl, so tightly clamped tight against her violently
thrusting lower belly! And this was after only several seconds into this dirty catfight !!! These two girls were also ready to go into violent orgiastic spasms at any second !!

"YOU FUCKING DIRTY BLONDE WHORE, NOW WE'LL KNOW WHO HAS THE TOUGHEST cxnt, HUH?" the  prevailing catfighter shouted at her gasping blonde opponent, already screaming about the dildoe deeply invading her vulnerable vagina and, almost penetrating her tender uterus !!

But the shrieking Ronnie had one tactic left and she kicked one foot behind Brenda's leg, upstting the brunette and then following her down to the mats, still tightly attached by their cxnts and waists, but with the movement relieving the deep uterus drilling she had been getting and changing the tempo of their fight when Ronnie's dildo-end-vibrator triggered on and the still-screaming blonde girl's orgasm released her tight vaginal grip that had ended Brenda's part of their dildoe-weapon going deeper into Ronnie's uterus and increasing her wild fear of serious damage !!

Even the camera girl who captured the lightening-like jolt into Ronnie's relaxed vagina gasped with surprise as the dildoe color quickly shifted to record a wild penetration of blonde vagina, the embossed depth indicated that Ronnie's vagina and her uterus had nuch of Brenda's end of the dildoe buried in her vagina and uterus! !

Ronnie instantly knew this and as Brenda tried to pull back to increase her hard thrusting, was able to get both of her hands onto one of the brunette's swinging mammary glands and drag into into her mouth for a hard biting, her only relief activity for what Brenda was doing to her tender female organs with their shared, monster dildo! 

For the second time, within that many minutes, Ronnie was nearly beaten by her brunette adversary who was also on the cusp of victory and screaming, "YOU FUCKING BLONDE BITCH, IT'S GOING IN FURTHER AND YOUR CRAPPY BOX IS GOING TO COME OUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH WHEN I FINISH YOU OFF !" in refernce to Brenda's breast-bitten response to Ronnie's vicious breast biting. This wild attack to the brunette's gorgeous gland was quickly ended when Brenda clawed into Ronnie's screaming face, the blonde wild about her precious female organs being so terribly mauled and flopped around inside her belly by the
brunette's wild thrusting of their shared weapon !

The blonde's vaginal muscular training now came to the fore as she did all she could to prevent Brenda's prediction of her tender uterus being pushed from her mouth by brunette, vaginal muscular strength. Ronnie was thinking, "MY cxnt IS STRONGER THAN HERS AND I CAN PUSH THIS DAMN THING BACK AND FURTHER INTO HER STINKING cxnt AND ROTTEN BELLY THE SAME AS SHE'S TRYING TO DO TO ME!" Ronnie wasn't interested in being a dirty catfight push-over and Brenda realized that her vaginal thrusting wasn't keeping up with Ronnie's as she felt her end on the dildoe sliding back up into her own
excited cxnt, the overhead  video showing the dildo color changing from Brenda's RED to Ronnie's GREEN colored end!

But then the random vibrating schedule took over and the orgasm generated in Brenda's cxnt and belly completely obliterated her defensive measures to Ronnie's vicious attack and she felt the dildo driving into her own uterus and pushing the tender organ against her spinal column as the shouting Ronnie took advantage of the wild spasming the vibrator had introduced to Brenda's cxnt and squirming belly ! This usually pleasureable spasm was turning into a horrible penetration for the brunette's uterus and squirming belly as Ronnie drove in hard from her "top position"! 

Another upshot of Brenda's unfortunate orgasm was that now she was under the madly thrusting blonde, Ronnie's mouth screaming her prediction of brunette mauling that was more acceptable to Brenda than a soft breast in the dirty blonde's mouth and teeth. The flattened brunette never even saw the black-and-blue teeth marks in the unfortunate tit that Ronnie's teeth had delivered, but at least the blonde hadn't been able to bite that beautiful thing off Brenda's sexy bosom !!

The orgasm Brenda had been given by the dildoe now slipping further up into her body AGAIN was close to subsiding, although the blonde bitch on top of her was really forcing Brenda's end of the massive, throbbing device deeper and deeper into her vagina, it already back into her squirming uterus, the thick head butting against the top of this sensitive organ - Ronnie going wild with this attack that might win their catfight! She madly thrust her pelvis hard at eh screaming brunette, augmenting it with clawing attacks to both of Brenda's soft breasts, one still showing the black-and-blue teeth marks!

Brenda reacting to the terrible breast and cxnt-penetrating attacks she was getting from the blonde bitch, reached with both hands reaching down Ronnie's clawed back and down into the crack between her buttocks! Then a few extra spasmodic jerks allowed brunette clawing fingers to reach both blonde labia, tightly closed around a huge three-inch dildo ramming into her own gasping vagina and uterus.

Realizing this big advantage, Brenda's nails went to work on Ronnie's labia - vulva, if you want, clawing, pinching hard to end the deep thrusting that her orgasm-loosened vagina had failed to stop moments earlier. This clawing attack to the blonde Ronnie's tender pussy was noticed, immediately and her new shrieks and her fans suggestions encouraged Brenda to try to claw Ronnie's tender pussy labia into bloody shreds with her sharp nails.  And the crazed brunette added Ronnie's soft inner labia as another set of targets, Ronnie reacting to this new clawing attack with her own clawing of Brenda's breasts, her hands somewhat hampered by the
tight confinement that her weight as TOPGIRL was giving her.  Brenda's hands digging into her thrashing pussy were far more effective, even with the massive,  jerking dildoe still in their two pussies ! 

But now, the random dildoe vibrator had selected the blonde end to take off with a huge series of thrashing movements that completely took over Ronnie's whole pelvic area and announced Brenda's scream of triumph as she was able to reverse the plunging dildo and push the 4 inches of Ronnie's end back into the blonde's thrashing vagina and add another  4 inches of her own  half into the shrieking blonde's newly orgasm-loosened cxnt, leaving only about a few inches inside her own wildly, thrusting and revenging pussy. This sex duel between these two beautiful women was now into a violent, vicious cxnt mauling catfight and the club members
excitedly watching were screaming bloody suggestions to the AGGRESSOR and encouragement to her momentary VICTIM who was now in the UNDERGIRL position, but too frightened with Brenda's work from between her buttocks to do much damage to the brunette's breasts with her nails and fingers!

The video display told the story when the last depth marker on Brenda's end of the dildo appeared on the screen to tell everyone that most of the ghastly tool was buried in the nearly  unconscious blonde, now flat under her laughing opponent asking the attendants for her earned release from their harness and rolling off the limp blonde, getting on her knees to point to the few inches of  dildoe  protruding from Ronnie's limp, mauled pussie !

"LOOK AT THIS BITCH'S cxnt!" Brenda shouted to her supporters and to Ronnie's group of blondes, one girl frantically trying to get a grip on the short end of the dildoe buried in their heroine's vagina. Pushing a couple of blondes away, Brenda wrapped her hand around the protruding dildo head that had just been driving into her own uterus as she clawed away Ronnie's turgid labia and yanked the long tool away from it's slimy scabbard, inside the blonde's vagina, her rough dildoe retrieval adding violent mauling to the inside of the blonde's vagina from the rigid corrugations along the length of the retrieved monster !

Licking off some of Ronnie's  jism as a sort-of-salute to her vanquished enemy and ignoring the blonde's fans' protests at her rough handling of Ronnie's beaten and oozing pussy, Brenda said, "TIME FOR HER TO HAVE A FACE WASH THAT WILL CLEAN UP AND REJUVENATE HER PIMPLY FACE!" squirming up the limp blonde's body. over her big tits to settle her own excited pussy down over Ronnie's face for her 'winner's face-fucking' !

Gazing down at Ronnie's big breasts as she squirmed across them, she thought, "MAYBE I OUGHT TO PAY HER BACK FOR WHAT SHE DID TO MY TITS, FIRST !" her supporters were all screaming for the jism-facewash and Brenda's pussy was primed for another hard orgasm and jism spurting  !  "I CAN GET HER TITS LATER WHEN SOMEBODY HOLDS HER DOWN AND SHE KNOWS WHAT I'M DOING TO HER !"

"NOT MUCH FUN IF SHE ISN'T SCREAMING AND GAGGING ! " Brenda grinned at the crowd of eager brunettes wanting to see Ronnie getting it good! Slapping Ronnie's face several times she finally brought the gasping blonde around to consciusness and asked, "HEY BABY, WANT THAT THING FURTHER UP INTO YOUR SLIMY cxnt ? I CAN OBLIGE YOU RIGHT NOW!" Ronnie's eyes wide with what this crazed bitch wanted to do to her and gasping,

"NO, NO BRENDA - PLEASE NOT INTO ME ANY FURTHER! I THINK YOU'VE BUSTED ALL MY GUTS! MY cxnt IS ALL NUMB FROM THAT THING WAY UP INSIDE THERE!" adding plaintively, "AND YOU CLAWED UP MY PUSSY SO BADLY THAT ITS BLEEDING !' holding up a blood-smeared palm as verification of Benda's successful labia attacks!

In actuality, Ronnie's insides were still quite intact - her vagina was quite extensive and combined with her over-large uterus was able to contain that monster 18 inch dildoe - almost COMFORTABLY !! But Brenda needed an orgiastic revenge for her exciting victory over this over-bearing blonde bitch !! Her fight had encouraged the club brunettes into crazed catfighting for the next few weeks during many blonde-victimed, violent defeats at each scheduled catfight meeting !
Brenda stared at her weeping opponent's tears and offerred only a face-washing orgiastic splatterring to be followed by four weeks of complete submission in her apartment. "You big-titted blonde whore, I'm going after your tits ten times a day - twenty times every other day, but I'll only go after your sore pussy when you try to get away from me or give me any shit !"

All of this said while she was pulling Ronnie's face up into her drooling pussy and growling, "Suck my clit you blonde whore - get me off so hard that I'll fall in love with you and not try to hurt you during your punishment for trying to wreck my cxnt and tearing out my gorgeous hair !" adding, "OH YES, MY TITS, TOO!!" flexing her fingers to predict what was to happen later !

Then, evilly smiling down at the blonde's jism-slimed face and hair after her orgasm subsided, Brenda qualified her last statement with the proviso of: "At least, I won't hurt you too hard, unless you try something that spoils MY ORGASMS OVER MAULING YOU !!"

RONNIE MADE IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE FOUR WEEKS,  her torn pussy healing quickly in two days and Brenda treating it gently during their exciting catfight encounters when either girl felt urges for violent fighting-sex  -- Maybe 4 0r 5 times daily and lasting through up to 10 orgasms each !!!

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Ted ,  Great story.  I hope that you have more stories coming soon.

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