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Author Topic: Agent Erika  (Read 1153 times)
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« on: January 08, 2017, 06:20:00 PM »

Hey there. This is my first try of a story. I am not a native english speaker, so I hope my english is good enought for this.

Agent Erika and the dark Queen of the sea

Erika took on her fins and the mask making herself ready for the dive. As she was getting ready she was thinking about how the world have change. She was now thirty years old and her work has changed. After some years for the agency the beautiful woman turned into a free agent. Mostly she was book by man, because of her stunning beauty of her 5’8’’ high body and her dark brown eyes. In the good old days, when Erika’s enemies were men, her work was even easier than now. The only thing she had to do was to wear her back long, medium curled brown hair open, smiling a bit with her eyes and the men never though, that such a beauty could be deadly as hell. Nowadays, where more and more woman got up soon in high positions her job was gotten harder. On this mission her enemy too was another woman. Her name was Claudia. She was polish born, but raised in Germany. She has work for the Russians for long and was now selling weapons. She and Erika were very even. She was also 5’8’’ high, have b cups and has back long hair, but hers was black. Erika was checking her little mouth piece with the small oxygen tank on it and put her mask on. She was ready and did not suspect a long dive. Her client gave her a very clear position of the underwater entry of Claudia’s storage, so she would not be in the water for long.
Erika let herself fall backwards into the water and started diving down into the deep. Her hair flowing over her back and after a minute she reached the security lock for the entrance to the storage. She opened the cover of the keypad and start to connect her little helper to get the right code. It would take a minute and she would have the code but she got suddenly interrupted. Two hand grabbed Erika’s shoulders and pressed her into the muddy ground of the sea. Than one hand grab her hair and push her face into the mud. Erika had much trouble to keep the mouth piece in to not lose the oxygen. After this Erika felt her head been pulled up and her body caught between some long and powerful legs. No doubt, it was Claudia attacking her from behind. Claudia grabbed Erika’s Mask and pull it off and for a short while Erika’s eyes burned a bit because of the salty water, but now Erika came back in the fight. She raised her hands to where she though Claudia’s head would be and pushed Claudia’s Mask off. Than another hit of Erika’s hands and she kick the mouth piece out of Claudia’s mouth. Claudia released immediately Erika and brought some space between herself and Erika. Claudia could easily get her mouth piece back in her mouth because she was wearing a big oxygen tank on her back. Both ladies focusing each other as their long hair was waving around their heads. Both know, that Erika’s would be faster with her little oxygen tank, but Claudia have more oxygen in her big tank. Erika needed a fast win on this fight or her lack of oxygen would win the fight for Claudia. So, Erika was the first making the next move swimming fast forward. She had the plan in her mind targeting Claudia’s long legs to bring Claudia’s hands out of the possibility to grab Erika’s mouth piece. She brought her arms around Claudia’s legs slam Claudia’s body backwards into the ground. The sand came up around the Claudia who was surprised by the force of Erika. Claudia had some trouble with the orientation that Erika used for her advantage. She rushed through the cloud of sand, grabbed Claudia’s mouth piece, took it off and pulled Claudia on the tube of her oxygen tank. Erika keep on swimming dragging and light panic Claudia behind herself. Before Claudia was able to turn and pull Erika closer, Erika stopped, turned around and got Claudia’s head in a perfect head scissor between her long and strong legs. Claudia now pulled and scratched hard on Erika’s tights to get out as Erika fixes Claudia’s helpless position with grabbing Claudia’s long black hair. Claudia struggled harder and harder, but she knows, she was helpless. Erika choking Claudia out. Bubbles came out of Claudia’s mouth as the last air came out of Claudia’s lungs. As Claudia’s body was shaking under the lack of oxygen, Claudia blacked out between Erika’s tights. She pushed Claudia’s mouth piece back in Claudia’s mouth. After Erika used Claudia’s hand to enter the storage, Erika dragged Claudia out of the water and made sure she only was blacked out. As Claudia slowly got conscious again, she was holding one of Claudia’s arms on her back and secured the hold with pulling Claudia’s wet hair back hard. In this position the both full wet ladies moving through the floors of the storage. “What are you searching for hun?” Claudia ask almost laughing. “You know, why I am here, you have stolen a super chip and I am here to get it back!” Erika answered in strictly with her light Russian accent. “I don’t think you will succeed.” Claudia said with a big smile on her face. Erika stopped, pulled Claudia’s hair back hard again and got close with her mouth beside Claudia’s ear and whistled. “I’ve kicked your little ass in the water little bitch, so please, tell me why you weak little girl don’t think I will not get the chip back?”

To be continued….

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Girl, why do you wanne have such big plasic boobs? This is unnatural and not beautiful!!!
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« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2017, 04:44:39 PM »

Hoping Claudia can turn this around and really make it interesting
gene smith
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« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2017, 10:55:54 PM »

not bad
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