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Harry the Butcher

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Harry the Butcher
« on: December 31, 2021, 09:58:25 AM »
Inspired by a massive pair of tits of an unknown model, I felt the urge to place her in a sex wrestling domination setting in a pro style ring. Enjoy with pics at the end of the post.

It was simply too much money to ignore. I looked at the table and there was a pile of dollars.
„What is the problem? You are an experienced wrestler and know how to fight.“
I gulped. In front of me Mistress Angelica was getting nervous. She couldn't understand why I didn't confirm the job there and then.
The mature  women was clad in a biker jacket and leather pants. She presented big amounts of cleavage and her heavily tattooed body was what her customers loved and booked her for.
Angelica was running the local BDSM studio and had a „special“ job for me.
She was nervously tapping her foot on the wooden floor of the cafe.

„Well...the problem is the violence against a woman.“

She smirked. „Honey....that's what she, the client, pays for. She wants it. And I need you to dish it out.“

So I nodded and took the money.
Now she smiled and stood up.
„Tomorrow 8 p.m.. I see you in my studio?“
I shook her hand and stood up. „Of course. I`ll be there.“

Back home I had a shower and watched myself in the mirror. I was turning 44 now, standing 6“3 with nearly 300lbs, and equipped with massive 11 inches below the belt. I had always been „Harry the Butcher“, a heel....a massively muscled and hairy bald guy with a long beard.
I was still proud of my body, but how many more years could I fight in the ring? After each match I needed longer to recover and my neck and spine had taken so many throws during the last two decades, that I feared permanent damage. Maybe this was my chance? My chance to build up something new when I got older....

“Come to bed Harry! I can't wait any longer!”
I was ripped out of my thoughts as my girlfriend called me.
“Coming darling!”
She was all naked, having her legs already spread wide waiting for my huge dick.

Mistress Angelica had given me a very skimpy panty. It was made out of white leather, barely able to contain my manhood. But it felt good. It was very smooth on my skin and I oiled myself up a bit like many wrestlers do to make their body look shiny. It is a bit stupid, but part of the show.

The room was large, the floor and lower walls covered in red mats. In the middle was a wrestling ring, about half of the normal size. Nonetheless the setting was good and professional. Cameras would be filming the booked fight and the tape would be handed over to the client after the end of the session.
I was nervous, although it was clear from the start, that my opponent wanted to be dominated.
And then I entered the ring and started stretching. The door opened and my mouth hung open in surprise.
In came a woman with a head-mask to keep her identity secret. But damn! Her body!
She entered the room clad in a black thong and only small stars covering the large areolas of her titanic tits.
I was drooling and my cock was filling with blood any second.
It was the biggest-I guess natural-bust I had ever seen. She came closer, entering the metal steps leading towards the ring apron. Her boobs were swaying like in slow motion.
The rest of her body was curvy as well: A sexy slightly bulging belly and a thick but firm ass. Her buttocks were almost a goddess like as her magnificent tits.
Thick veins were running through her orbs that were basically bigger than her head.
She was leaning against the ropes, still standing on the apron, arms over the top one.
My opponent was about 170lbs, standing 5”6. I am no expert in cup sizes, but trust me they were massive. Mistress Angelica had already informed me about some details. My client had asked for violence against her female assets, especially against her pussy and tits. Who am I to argue?

Without a warning I took her head in a side headlock, hooked my fingers into her thong and hoisted her upwards, over the ropes, and made her body SMASH into the canvas with a suplex.
WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! What an impact! Her huge tits smashed into her own face and her body bounced several times back into the air, before sliding three more feet until coming to a rest.
“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She moaned in pain, surprise and arousal! I couldn't believe she had her hand in her thong, working her pussy. I was fully hard myself now, one third of my manhood peeking out of my pants. No chance to hide it there while being erect.

Her huge tits were very firm regarding their size and stood like mountains on her chest, only dropping slightly to the sides. Since I was used to play the heel in my wrestling league, I remembered quite a few nasty moves that I had already performed in mixed matches, although all those moves had been agreed by my opponents.

She was still on her back with one hand in her pants. So I approached, jumped into the air and came down with a smashing leg drop across both of her tits.
CLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! A meaty sound echoed through the dungeon with the ring as her tits compressed under my weight.
“ANNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSS!” She moaned so sexy and seemed to enjoy the pain radiating through her tits.

“Get up bitch! Bad decision to step into the ring with tits the size of yours!” I grabbed her long hair, that were hanging out under her mask as a ponytail, and pulled her up harshly.

Suddenly she boxed my belly, hitting nothing but rock hard abs. Once, twice....I must admit she had power and fighting spirit and I wanted her to have a little success before I would totally beat her up.
I pretended to be winded, doubled over and suddenly she came with her knee smashing into my jaw.
SMATTTT! “UNGH!” That one was stinging and I stumbled into the ropes for real. I did not expect that one!
In a second she was attacking again, putting me in a breast smother. Her tits, bigger than my head folded around my face. I head trouble to breath....
What a sweet torture! My cock was pulsing when I felt that massive tit meat fold around not only my face, but my whole head.

“UMMMPPFFF!” I tasted her sweat, smelled her freshly showered body. I was so damn hard! The biggest and most perfect tits of the whole country were smothering me. She added extra pressure with her upper arms, her hands interlocked behind my head.

SMATTTTTTTT! “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” A low blow hit me like a steam train! Her knee crushed my super hard monster cock and lemon sized balls and I went down to my knees.
I was on all fours, but now free to breath. She got behind me and reached between my legs. She grabbed my balls!
Firm, but not too hard. I groaned and felt the pulsing in them. My panty was simply too small! Then she added a twist. She was next to me now and her tits were so big and massive, they were resting on my back while she worked on my manhood reaching still through my legs.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” It was painful and arousing at the same time. But it had to stop! With my left I went for her legs and simply pulled them out under her. She fell backwards screaming in surprise and I got back to my feet, still holding her ankles. I spread her wide open and her camel-toe was seductively showing.
She had a large labia and her thong was wet! My next target would be her pussy, so I aimed, spread her even wider and KICKED my boot into her pussy full force.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Her body bounced under the impact and she screamed, holding her aching twat. I let go of her legs and watched as she jammed two fingers into her cxnt. She wanted a first orgasm, but I was not allowing her to have one. I kicked down on her left breast, flattening the tit under my boot with brute force.
SMATTTTTTTTTT! Shockwaves rippled through her tit meat and I felt her glands getting crushed up to a point were her dense udder was resisting!

I was impressed by the density that could easily match fake breasts.
“Oh you tit whore! Who do you think you are? Teasing me with those naked udders all the time?”
She moaned from pain and arousal from my words. I pulled down my pants and let my huge cock jump free. She watched it from the corner of her eye. I picked her up again, lifted her for a body slam. My fingers were in her pussy while I hoisted her upside down and held her there. She was dripping wet and I could smell her scent.
WHAMMMMMMMMMMM! I sent her almost through the canvas with the force of the impact. There was a silent scream...she was shocked...not able to make any noise.
I used the moment of shock to pick her up again in the same manner, only that I was not throwing her this time but hanging her upside down in a tree of woe.
My opponent was now hanging in the corner, her tits so big and heavy they were falling into her face.

I balled my fist and boxed her belly. BAPPP....BAPPPP...SMATTTT....I worked it over...slow and hard....enjoying her screams. My cock was brushing her breasts and I decided to remove her stars over the areolas while she was helpless.
Her thick erect nipples were in my view now and I brushed with my cock over them.
She let it all happen and I kneed in front of her, taking one breast in my hands. Even two hands were too small to handle it. I rammed my cock into her face, but her mask avoided a proper blow job.
But I made her feel my steel like erection, caused by her super sexy body.

Her breast were so heavy! They must weigh ten pounds each! I started to lift it and suck her nipple and she responded with moans.
I crushed that breast...harder and harder....and she whispered and ordered me to do it even more painful.
So I got up, reached around her waist and lifted her. She was upside down, ready for a pile driver.
But first, I wanted to really hurt her tits.
WHAM! SMATTTT! CLOPPPP! I alternated between left and right kicks to her dangling tits. I was strong as a bull and her weight was easy to handle.
Her screams echoed and my cock was hard against her belly. Her cxnt was directly in front of my face, so I forced my head between her thighs and she spread them for me, allowing my tongue to lick her. At least she thought so.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Instead I was biting her vulva through the drenched fabric of her thong. I kicked her tits again, pancaked them with hard impacts, while working her pussy lips and clit with my teeth.
She screamed and suddenly squirted into my face. The slut was cumming so hard and it seems she had not expected that cruel double attack.
Before her climax had ended, I dropped to my knees and her head and neck were driven into the ringfloor in a Piledriver with authority!

WHAMMMMMM! Her limp body dropped onto her back, she seemed to be knocked out. I straddling over her unconscious body, and placed my cock between her tits. Her cleavage was sweaty and my cock was in the valley between her boobs now. I grabbed them and her chest folded around it. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! That feeling! I started to fuck her tits, pushing my steel erection further to her chin. I had them in my big hands, fondled them and kneaded them hard.
Her eyes were slowly opening and she recognized were she was and that I was using her tits for my pleasure.
My opponent suddenly bridged and tried to throw me off, but I simply laughed. I grabbed behind me, found the soaking wet thong and ripped it off her pussy.
Then I hooked both her legs, slipped forward and sat down on her tits.

How she moaned! All my weight shifted on her fat udders, she had trouble to breath. 300Lbs of male wrestler was for sure something she could not handle. I shifted further towards her face and my balls and cock were on her chin.
Ring before I could face-sit her, she got her legs free, snaked them around my head and I found myself trapped in a head-scissor.

Damn! What an idiot I was! I smashed to the side and she kept her legs locked.
But I could force my hands between her thighs and my neck, my biceps bulged and veins popped out as I spread her legs open and freed myself.
“Not bad little slut!”
I forced her onto her belly and set down on her spine while grabbing her legs for a Boston Crab.
A move that would easily make the strongest wrestlers submit...

Her spine bent into an arch, her huge tits crushed under our combined weight, the noise she made, made she shudder. A throaty scream echoed through the dungeon. I adjusted the grip, switching to a single leg Boston pulling her with me several feet. Fully on purpose, I made her massive chest drag over the ground, rubbing her nipples and areola and chafing them.

The weird thing was, that she encouraged me. She did not beg me to stop. No! She begged for more.
I jammed several fingers into her gaping cxnt while still having her bent badly, and she was still so wet. I pushed them in and pulled them out, fingering her harder and harder. Wet sloppy sounds filled my ears along with her screams.
SNATT...SNATT...SNATT....I fingered her harder just before she reached another orgasm.

She balled her fists and bashed the floor in frustration as I let go. But I picked her up, lifted her over my head by her throat and her womanhood and paraded her through the ring. Her massive chest was dangling just above my head when we approached the rope together.
I threw her and dropped her tits first over the top rope which was biting into her natural monsters with all her weight behind. The mass was splitt, deformed and horribly distorted until my unknown opponent landed belly first on the floor.
“GA...GAAAAH.......GAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD!” It took her some moments to cope with the pain in her chest while I looked down at her. I bent forward, resting my hand on my thighs. My cock bounced from excitement as she rolled onto her back and clutched her breasts.

“You are such a worthless slut. My tit-slut wrestler!” I laughed and stroked my cock. I felt my sperm slowly getting ready to shoot out. The constant contact with her body, her skin, breasts and ass had made me so horny!

I aimed at her boobs which she held and inspected for obvious damage. The skin around the base had gotten nasty scratch marks, the areolas and nipple didn`t look untouched either.

I came closer, wanked myself harder. I needed both hands for the size of my cock and felt my climax coming. Aiming her massive tits and face, my cum exploded onto her sweaty body with massive eruptions.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I drenched her tits and face mask with thick globs of my sperm which was slowly running down her curves. She picked it up with her fingers, moaned when she reached into her crotch and spread it between her labia.

She was horny beyond any limit, bridged her sexy curves in total ecstasy and fingers herself with her cum drenched fingers.
She came again, squirting another jet of her juices.....

I couldn't believe how horny she was. All naked, sweaty and already beaten up to a good point. But I wanted more! It was such a strange feeling to have a submissive opponent like her.
I picked her up harshly after she had calmed down. Her tits mashed against my chest, bulging to the sides. I had her in a tight bearhug, crushing her with my strong upper arms. I was hard again and my cock slipped into the triangle between her thighs. My glans brushed her labia and clit making her shudder.

Her massive udders felt so unbelievably firm and super heavy.
I thought about my girlfriend who had nice D-Cups, but in my big hands they looked quite small.
I wanted this unknown woman...I wanted her so bad.

After crushing her, I turned her 180 degrees, reached around to grab her orbs and my fingers sunk into them. With a groan I hoisted her up suddenly by her tits and threw her over my shoulder in a Boob-Plex.
WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! The ring was shaking when she landed like a rag-doll.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She whimpered and was dazed. I turned towards her, grabbed her mask and pulled it off. Her face was covered in sweat, but damn she looked sexy. She was around 40, with full lips and beautiful blue eyes.

I slapped her...once...twice...then grabbed her hair and pushed her into the ropes tits first.
“AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My opponent screamed at the top of her lungs as I raked her tits along the top rope. Her nipples took the rough rubber and only the sweat on them made it bearable for her. The tits were split in top and bottom section as I pushed harder. Her big sexy ass brushed my cock and I had her by her pony tail. No chance to resist anymore. I rammed my huge dick from behind in her lusting twat.

It folded so nice, wet and warm around my cock that I moaned. I started to fuck her while she was begging for mercy. She was tight! Well, every woman is tight regarding the size of my 11inch cock....

Inch after inch was pushed inside her love tunnel and she held onto the ropes for support. Her tits still mashed against the rope and this bitch was a real pain slut. She threw her head back in lust...pushed against my cock. She wanted more!
We fucked so dirty! She was able to take almost my whole size, the last inch pushing against her cervix.
Shockwaves running through her buttocks...I slapped them hard....not only once. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder. Her tits slowly slid over the rope and she collapsed to the middle rope. She placed them herself outside with the rope supporting her in the fold below her boobs, when I entered her again.
The whole ring was shaking under our wild sex, as we were both drenched in sweat. I fulled her up in the moment she tightened her cxnt muscles and came herself.

There was a huge satisfied grin on her face which I noticed, when I had left the ring. She was still resting with her tits over the rope. I kissed her, our tongues battled and she did not notice, that I had taken the lowest rope, pulled it over her massive veiny udders and SNAPPED it back into position. Her tits were trapped and she screamed in pain!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! The ballooned, her veins becoming more evident and thick. They went from red to purple as I grabbed her nipples and pulled them. She purred like a cat, her breath getting faster.
“I want you! I want you Harry.....” the was so much in her voice: Submission, love....lust....”

“Ready for one last move?”
She nodded as tears of pain an joy slid down her cheeks.
I climbed on the apron again, grabbed the top rope for support and stepped on her trapped tits.
300lbs of male wrestler slowly shifted the weight to her breasts and she reached for her pussy while being trapped and feeling the immense building up pressure in her tits.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I was standing on both of them now and our combined weight had made the rope sink lower until her tits touched the floor. The deformed and it looked like they might pop any second....she fingered herself faster....moaned......and came hard again...



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Re: Harry the Butcher
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2021, 04:55:11 PM »
Amazing story!  Loved it!  I know what you mean about getting inspired by a random pic.


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Re: Harry the Butcher
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You make mixed fights so hot.......
I enjoy fantasy fights involving anime women (wrestling or fist fighting) but my fantasies are not limited to one genre ;)

Big on stories and art, open to RP's (but I'm picky)

Any critique on my stories are welcome