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Ellen mixes it up

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Ellen mixes it up
« on: January 22, 2022, 06:59:24 PM »
I started this story a few years ago but never finished it. I’ve made references to it in a couple of other stories and some people have asked about it so, while I was waiting for inspiration for my upcoming fights with Pauline and Mandy, I thought I’d finish this one. It’s a bit of a departure for me, a bit of girl on boy action with Larry.

 Chronologically, if you’re into that sort of thing, this story sits between my first fight with Carole, “Oh, Carole” and my battle with Mitzi at Sian’s, “Bare”.

The story is written from two perspectives. For the most part it’s Larry’s story but I give my view point from time to time. I had intended it to be a relatively short piece but it seems to have grown a bit.


Ellen x

The challenge – Larry’s account
To be honest Ellen started to fascinate me. I’d been around the club off and on since it was formed. I’d watched her fight in the league when she was younger and I knew she was pretty good but she didn’t really register with me at the time. It was only when she came back as a senior fighter, I began to appreciate her finer points. She was determined, courageous, willing to take on pretty much anyone and, for a woman in her fifties, one hell of a babe.

She was also fearless, whether she won or lost (and sometimes she lost badly) she came back for more. Not content with wrestling, she’d taken up boxing as well and was now the senior boxing champion. She’d also accepted a wide range of challenge matches including a catfight with Jan, a wrestling match with a former champion over 15 years her junior and, most recently, an ex-professional wrestler who completely dwarfed her.

As the club’s archivist and the producer of the regular podcasts and blogs we do, I get to interview most of the girls and I know a lot of them fairly well. Heck, I’ve dated half of the senior wrestlers and quite a few of the league ones at one time or another. I’d interviewed Ellen a few times, usually straight after her fights, and I found her fascinating.  She was feisty, flirty and brutally honest in equal measure. She didn’t rate herself much as a fighter, even after winning several senior tournaments, and always lapped up any praise I heaped on her during the interviews.

She also wasn’t that conscious of the great body she had for a woman of her age. A few weeks earlier, after she’d beaten Peggy to take the senior wrestling title, she’d come for an interview straight from the ring, stark naked apart from a towel she was moping herself down with. I found it hard to concentrate.

I was determined to get to know her better and try to figure out what made her tick – at least that’s what I told myself.

Two weeks after I watched her narrowly lose to a woman ten years her junior and almost one and half times her weight, I invited her to have dinner with me at a local restaurant. I knew she struggled a bit financially, it was one of the reasons she came back to fighting, so I treated her to a good meal at a fairly up market place I knew.

We talked about this and that, mostly about her and, inevitably, the conversation turned to fighting and her times at the club. We got on to the subject of her recent fights and suddenly the conversation took an interesting turn. As I recall it went something like this:

“So, what was it that made you want to take on Carole?”

“Why not? She’s big and beautiful and I felt like a challenge. I’m sure you’d take her on given a chance.”

“Well, I’m no wrestler and certainly not with women…”

“Not fight her, fuck her you idiot.”

“Oh, you did that too?”

“Too right I did and you’d have done so as well. I know you; you’d like to fuck her almost as much as you’d like to fuck me.”

I turned red and stuttered: “Well I…”

“You would like to fuck me, wouldn’t you? I can see it in your eyes. You’ve wanted to fuck me for years.”

“Yes, I…”

“Well dream on honey – don’t get me wrong, I like you. I don’t mind you looking but I’m not sure I want you touching.”


She paused, thought for a moment and then said: “Then again, maybe it’s time we mixed things up a bit.”

“Huh?” My jaw hit the table.

“How about you fight me and then we’ll see about letting you fuck me as well.”

I was speechless. I’d fancied this mature woman like crazy pretty much ever since she came out of retirement and started fighting in the senior tournaments. I’d love to fuck her but I’m no wrestler and she could do me some serious damage. I didn’t answer immediately and she began taunting me:

“Lost your voice? What do you say lover boy? Are you afraid to take a big girl on?”

We were sat in a booth in the restaurant, fairly discrete but not completely private, so what she did next amazed me. Lifting her top to show off her tits she said:

“Fancy getting to grips with these puppies?”

“Yes” I croaked.

She pulled down her top and said:

“Good, leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m going to enjoy making you my play thing.”

She excused herself for a moment and headed for the ladies. When she came back, she was smiling. She asked me:

“Are you coming to tomorrow night’s boxing league event?”

I nodded.

“Good, can you wait for me after tomorrow night’s matches? I need to ask the committee to approve our match.”

“Hold on a moment – why do they need to approve it?”

“Well, you didn’t think I’d fight you in private, did you? No, sonny, you and I are going to be on a match card or the deal’s off.”

Once again, I was speechless. A quick private rough and tumble I could probably deal with but a full-on, club rules fight before an audience – what was I getting into? It suddenly dawned on me that she might have been waiting for this moment like a spider waiting to trap a fly.

For the rest of the meal, I was distracted. She talked about her life, her love of fighting and some of her favourite fighting memories but I didn’t really take it all in. Fortunately, my pocket recording device did so I had some good material for an article about her.

After the meal I dropped her home and walked her to her door. She opened the door, turned to me and said:

“I’ll invite you in when you’ve proved yourself. Until then, this is all you get.”

She pecked me on the cheek and slipped inside, calling over her shoulder: “See you tomorrow, honey.”

The challenge – Ellen’s response
‘Like a spider waiting to trap a fly’? Excuse me. What am I? Charlotte or Shelob? Killer or companion? As to whether or not I’d planned this, I’d have to say no, I didn’t. I’d never really thought about fighting a man until that night. Yes, I’d fought with my ex, a lot towards the end, but that was plain old-fashioned domestic abuse. I gave him as good as I got. I’d have liked to have a go at the hussy he went off with as well, but the bitch was smart enough to keep out of my way.

By the way, I don’t normally get my tits out in restaurants but it was quite secluded, the place was quiet and I was a wee bit tiddly. Anyway, saying I’d fight him was one thing. Getting the CLAWS committee to allow me to do it at the club in front of an audience would be a completely different matter.

Committee – Ellen's account
I didn’t want this to be easy so I decided the fight had to be a formal match, with a referee and in front of an audience. That meant I had to get the committee to agree and I knew that wouldn’t be easy. I told Erica what I was thinking and she invited me to present the idea to the committee that evening, after the boxing was over.

The club committee meets after every fixture and is a formidable group of seven women. Jay, the president, Gabi the secretary, Erica, the operations manager, Cassy our medical officer, Suzi and Christine, our main trainers and a representative from the league, currently that’s Donna. On this occasion two members of the committee, Donna and Erica, had come straight from matches and were still in the briefs and robes (both had been victorious although Donna showed the scars of her encounter – they would be facing each other for the title in two months’ time) and a third, Jay, was still in her referee’s gear.  Standing before them made me quite nervous.

“Good evening, Ellen. What can we do for you?” Asked Jay.

“I’d like to have a mixed match with someone.” I replied.

They looked stunned. Gabi spoke first: “What, a match against a man? Why? Wasn’t fighting a woman like Carole enough for you?”

“Not any man, a specific man…”

Jay spoke next, very matter-of-factly: “Ellen, this is the Civil Ladies Amateur Wrestling Society – that’s ladies as in ladies only, no men. My concern is this could set a precedent.”

“We already let men into club, we have done for years. This is just taking it a step further.” I countered.

“But if we let one man fight, we’ll have requests from others.” Said Gabi.

“Only the men we let in already and probably not many of those.” I countered again.

“So, who is this man you want to fight? Presumably it’s someone who we already let watch matches?” Asked Jay.

“Larry – he’s been with us so long he’s pretty much family.” I said.

“Larry!” Spat Christine “I’d like to have a crack at that little shit. I’d bust his balls. Did you know he once called me a perverted lesbian who beats people up and steals their clothes?”

“Actually, he said you were a pervy lezzie who nicks her opponents’ knickers.” Corrected Suzi; “And it’s true, you do.”

“They’re trophies! There’s nothing perverted about it. It’s gladiatorial. I take the possessions of my victims.”

“And then you wear them to taunt the owners the next time you fight them – now that IS pervy.” Suzi pointed out.

Before Christine could argue Jay interrupted:

“Enough bickering you two, we need to get on. Erica, how many men do we let in these days?”

“Not many, probably a dozen at most. Larry, a few of league girls’ partners, Suzi’s hubby Rick, Rachel’s man, Lorraine’s Phil when she’s fighting…”

“Phil” said Suzi dreamily “Now there’s a man I would like to get to grips with.”

“Be careful what you wish for, he used to be a heavy weight boxer.”

“Well, I’d go 6 rounds with him given the chance.”

The discussion continued for a while but then Jay went around the table for opinions:


“It’s against the principles of our club but I’ve quite fancied taking on a man myself in the past – maybe I will one day.”


“I think Ellen’s very brave to consider it, it’s worth a try.”


“My big concern is whether he’ll be OK. I don’t think he has any experience and I wouldn’t want him injured…”

“I promise I’ll be gentle” I said with a smile.

“…or you for that matter. I’m not against it but there is a safety consideration – he’ll need some training.”


“I’m in favour, depending on how it goes I might challenge him myself.”


“No, no, no. I can’t support this. It’s a ‘ladies only’ club, let’s keep it that way.”


“If it’s a one off I don’t see a problem but I wouldn’t want to see a mixed league.”

“I don’t think that’s likely.” Said Jay: “OK, not unanimous but the majority are in favour so you don’t need my casting vote. For the record I would have voted in favour. However here are the conditions: The match will take place on the May A league card. That gives him a few weeks to get some training and get in shape – he could do with a good workout. It will be a one-off match using standard club rules. We will video it for the archive but not for sale. Depending on how it goes we may have further mixed matches in due course.”

“Do we get copies of the video for ourselves?” I asked.

Jay gave me a stern look: “You want a souvenir of you busting that poor man’s balls? As I have no doubt you will. I nearly married him once you know.”

Then she smiled and said: “Why not! I’m sure Jill will enjoy editing it. Now run along and tell your victim the good news. We’ve got business to finish here.”

Mission accomplished, I left them to their business and hurried out to tell Larry the good news.

Game on - Larry takes up the story

Ellen had told me to wait for her and I was having a quiet chat with a couple of the girls in the bar when she reappeared, smiling excitedly.

“Come with me.” She said and led me into the ring room. Closing the door carefully behind her she said:

“We’re on! An extra match on the May A league card. That gives you about 12 weeks to get ready for an ass whipping.”

“What about you?”

“Well, I’ve got two boxing matches in that time but I’m excited. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because you’re a man. Don’t worry, I promise not to think of my ex-husband when we’re in the ring.”

My expression must have been a picture because she said: “It’s okay honey, I promise not to hurt you too much but you will get my titties in your face.”

“What, you’re fighting topless?”

“Of course, and so are you, that’s club rules but please keep your pants on.”

With that she kissed me full on the lips and flounced out of the ring room, leaving me to my own thoughts. So, the fight was on? Now it began to sink it. What had I let myself in for? Being beaten up by a woman? She was already threatening to breast smoother me, not that I minded that idea, but what else could she do to me? And what could I do to her in response?

The real problem was that I’d never wrestled anyone. Sure, I’d watched the girls in action hundreds of time s but it’s like playing the guitar – you can watch Clapton as much as you like but you still won’t be able to play the first time you try. I knew quite a few sporty guys and I asked around but I came up blank.

The first thing I need to do was get in shape. I’m pushing 60, I’m fit enough, I do a fair bit of walking and cycling, but I’ve never been a great athlete. I needed somewhere to work out, ideally with a personal trainer. Marshall’s was out of the question for obvious reasons but, fortunately, one of the big health club chains had just opened in the city and were offering discounted membership for the first 6 months. I figured I’d sign up, get myself match fit and then cancel my membership. After all I had no plans to make a habit of wrestling, women or men.

By the end of April, I’d been working out almost daily for 10 weeks and I was in the best shape I’d been in years. The only problem was that with two weeks to go before the fight I still couldn’t wrestle. I was fit enough but I had no idea how to fight. I needed help and it came from a strange place – my doctor.

Doctor who? – Larry on Cassy

I’ve known Cassandra Langford for over thirty years. She came to the club when she was a medical student in the early 80s. Like Leah she was a true athlete but, unlike Leah, she was straight heterosexual.

A keen windsurfer, swimmer and a rower and very fit, she was also a nude model. She had a stunning body, well-toned but plump in all the right places. She quickly proved herself at the club and took the title off Annie in just her third match. Although she later lost it to Jay, she held it on several more occasions.

When she qualified as a doctor, she retired from fighting but continued to train other girls and act as the medic for the club. Perhaps ironically, her last league opponent was also the woman I was taking on, and Cassy had lost. When she qualified as a doctor, Cassy also became my GP and she’s been my doctor ever since.

I had a relationship with Cassy for a bit when she was fighting but, like all my relationships, it didn’t last. She was out of my league. She married another doctor and had a couple of kids by him but they divorced after about 10 years. I don’t know what went wrong with the relationship. Was it her or him?

I really don’t know about these things. In all my years I’ve never had a relationship that lasted that long. Usually I get bored with a girl or the girl gets tired of me after a few months. It normally ends with her coming to me and saying:

“Larry this isn’t working, let’s call it a day.”

And me usually agreeing with her and moving on to someone else. I guess that, in a nutshell, is the story of my life.

Unable to find anyone else to help me train my fight with Ellen, Cassy seemed to be the obvious choice. The question was how to ask her?

In the end it answered itself. With a couple of weeks to go before the fight, I got a call from her.

“Hi Cassy.” I said.

“It’s Dr Langford today, Larry, this is a professional call, but you can call me Doc.”

‘Uh oh.’ I thought to myself, ‘it sounds like I’m in trouble.’

She went on:

“Larry, I understand you’re going to fight Ellen in the next couple of weeks. As the club’s physician I have to check you’re fit enough to fight. Also, you’re due for your annual medical exam. So why don’t you come into my surgery and I’ll check you over? Let’s say 6:30 pm on Wednesday.”

“Okay Cassy, I mean Doc, I’ll see you there.”

The medical went pretty well. I’m no athlete, I’m 57 and I probably drink a bit more than I ought to but I exercise regularly. I enjoy walking and cycling. I try to eat well and keep fit and, like I said, I’d been working out ahead of my challenge from Ellen. After she checked me over Cassy said:

“Larry you’re in better shape than you’ve been in years. Let’s hope you keep this up. I’d say you’re ready to take on Ellen but what have you been doing about wrestling training?”

It was now or never, time to call in a favour I’d probably never earned:

“Well Doc, that’s where I’ve got a bit of a problem. I just haven’t really found anyone to train with. At the moment I’m just relying on what I know from having watched the girls fight. I guess that probably isn’t enough?”

“Damn right it’s not enough Larry. That’s what I was worried about. I don’t want to see you getting into the ring with Ellen with no previous experience. You could get seriously hurt. I guess we’re going to have to put that right and it looks like it’s going to have to be me who does it. Meet me tomorrow night at Marshall’s, 7pm in the lobby, and I’ll show you the moves.”

I didn’t quite know what to say. She was obviously a little mad at me. I thanked her, promised I’d be there the next day and left. There wasn’t much else I could do. At least I had a trainer now as. I walked out of the surgery she called after me:

“Larry, bring some speedos and a towel we’re going to get physical on this one.”

The next evening at 7pm I was waiting in the lobby at Marshall’s gym, chatting idly to Stacey on the reception desk, when Cassy wandered in.

“Okay Larry, come with me.” She said, nodding to Stacey and taking a key from behind the desk and leading me up the stairs to the first floor. She unlocked the door to the ring room and we walked in.

“Normally at this time on a Thursday night I’ll be putting a couple of the youngsters through their paces in the ring but I’ve cancelled them this week so I can focus on you.” She said. “Now get yourself into the blue corner dressing room and get changed into your speedos, I’ll meet you back here in five minutes.”

I headed to the changing room and quickly did as I was told, slipping out of my street clothes and pulling on my wrestling trunks. I briefly admired my newly trimmed figure in the mirror before returning to the ring room. Cassy was already there, standing in the middle of the ring wearing a black Lycra leotard. She looked stunning but also quite frightening. She may have been 55 but she certainly looked like a real fighter to me.

“Okay Larry, get yourself up here and let’s get on with this.”

I climbed into the ring and stood facing her.

“The first thing you need to bear in mind is that it hurts. Like this.”

With that she whipped me into a corner. I hit hard and experienced first-hand how little padding there is on those turnbuckles. She wasn’t playing games.

I won’t bore you with the details of our training session. Suffice to say for the next two hours she took me through all the classic wrestling moves, taught me how to fall without hurting myself, how to pin an opponent, how to get out of submission hold and how to lock one on. I found the physical contact with a woman quite stimulating and on more than one occasion I felt my old man stiffen. Cassy noticed as well and in a very stern voice said to me:

“You’re going to have to learn to control that. The one thing she’s going to want to do is get you excited so she can take advantage of you. We all do that even when we’re fighting other girls. Even the straightest woman can be stimulated by the right touch and, as you’re finding out, wrestling can be quite sensual.”

Two more Wednesday evening training sessions followed. By the end of it I at least had a basic understanding of how to wrestle. With a lot of will power I’d also managed to suppress my sexual urges, at least more of the time. The fight was now just two days away as we finished our final training session together Cassy said to me:

“Look, this is probably against my better judgement but you’re going to have your work cut out against Ellen. If you’re going to win you’re going to need all the help that you can get, so I’m willing to be your corner woman for the night. I can help you out and advise you to the best of my ability. By the way, one thing I’ve been meaning to ask you Larry. What is stake here mean you’re just not just fighting her for the hell of it, are you?”

It was confession time: “She challenged me. I said I’d like to screw her and she said if I could beat her in a fight I could.”

“Oh Larry, still chasing the women? Still looking to get your end away? Just be careful with Ellen, she used to be straight but now she swings both ways. She’s a top fighter – unless she wants you, she’s not going to let you win. I’ve done my best to teach you all I can but it’s going to be down to you on the day. Is there anything you’d like to ask me now?”

One thought had been troubling me throughout the training, in fact ever since I agreed to take Ellen on. Now was the time to ask the question. Cassy was standing in front of me looking me in the eye.

“Doc – what do I do if she goes for my balls?”

Cassy took a step towards me, grabbed hold of my scrotum with her right hand and squeezed really hard. I screamed and collapsed to the mat clutching myself. She turned away, look back over her shoulder and said:

“That’s something I can’t help you with. See you Friday.”

With that she hopped out of the ring and disappeared into the red corner dressing room leaving me clutching my wounded manhood.

His vs. hers
A couple of days before their fight, Ellen and Larry both talked about their relationship in private interviews with Stacey. Here’s what they had to say about each other.

Ellen on Larry
I have to admit that when Jay first persuaded me to try out for the club, all those years ago, I had assumed it was ladies only. During our mentoring sessions it was just us four rookies and the four girls who were showing us the ropes. But when it came time for the actual fights a small audience filed in. There were probably ten people including, much to my surprise, two men. Now, I’m not exactly a prude. I spend a lot of time skinny-dipping and things like that and I have no problem getting my kit off in front of other women but I wasn’t used to getting my tits out in front of men I’ve never met before. It made me feel a little uneasy. I mentioned my concerns to Leah, who was my mentor for the day. She told me not to worry.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about them, they just work here. They’re quite safe.” She indicated at the older of the two guys, a man in his late forties, big and fit looking, with a handlebar moustache. “That’s John, Maggie’s husband, he owns the place. Well, he and Maggie own the place.”

“And who is the other guy?”

“Oh, that’s Larry. he just helps out round here.”

I looked across at him. he was probably around 30, fairly average looking not bad but no hunk. He didn’t have the physique that John had. He clearly wasn’t much of an athlete and he was no Patrick Swayze or Tom Cruise but he was quite cute. His blonde hair was cut in a mullet, as was the style of the time, and he seem pretty cocky. I think he thought he was more of a ladies’ man than he actually was.  But, hey, we can all dream, can’t we?

“So how come he’s here?” I asked

“Well, I only joined the club a couple of years ago but, as I understand it, he was instrumental in forming it in the first place. Apparently, he was working in a factory with Annie and Sal and, at the same time, he was going out with Jay. He took a part-time job working for John and Maggie to supplement the income he was getting from the factory, just doing maintenance around the place. The girls were looking to keep fit and he bought them together and introduce them to Maggie. One thing led to another and Maggie, being an ex-pro wrestler herself, got the girls involved in wrestling. He’s been around ever since. He still does odd jobs for John but it’s more a favour these days. I understand he’s pretty smart and he’s got a fairly high-flying career in computers now.”

“So, is he still going out with Jay?” I asked.

“No, I think that finished a long time back. He’s had flings with a few other fighters. not me obviously because I’m gay, but Cassy, Clare and I think, briefly, Jane. His current squeeze is Christine but he’s got a shock coming there because she’s discovering she’s gay as well.”

‘Wow’, I thought to myself, ‘this gets more interesting by the second.’

When it came to my turn the flight that day and I got in the ring, I was still a little uneasy about the presence of the two men sitting ringside. But once I got into the fight, I didn’t give it another moment’s thought, even though I ended up naked in that fight and peeing myself in the ring as well. I really didn’t care. I won and that was all that mattered to me that day.

Over the years I was in the league, Larry came and went. I watched him have brief relationships with several other girls but nothing ever seemed to last with him. Leah was right, Christine was gay and the two of them were soon in a relationship together. Larry was left out of the equation but he moved on briefly to Sylvie. And then he was gone.

When he came back a few years later, John and Maggie had gone and Gabi was running the place. Although nothing was ever said about it, I got the sense he knew her from the past and it wasn’t long before they were in a relationship as well. Once again it didn’t last and he quickly moved on to Suzi. In all the time I was fighting in league I don’t think he ever gave me a second glance. He certainly never approached me or flirted with me. I guess that, in some ways, I was quite disappointed by that, although I wasn’t sure he was really my type either.

After I left the league, I didn’t see much of him. I used to stop by the club on occasions when there were matches on but he wasn’t always there. By then I’d got married myself and I really had no interest in other men.

When I came back to fight in the senior tournaments I was divorced and I’d pretty much had enough of men for life. My ex was a philanderer and a bully and I’d decided that all men like that, some just hid it better than others.

Larry had become the club’s archivist and blogger, a sort of curator of the club if you like, writing articles on the website that added colour to the simple fight videos the club was selling. As part of that role, he interviewed me a few times. I guess, as an older woman, I was flattered. I used to enjoy our little get-togethers and I flirted with him shamelessly. I guess that’s what led us to this encounter.

Larry on Ellen
I remember watching Ellen try out for the club. She was blonde, plain and perhaps just a little on the chubby side. I remember thinking nice tits, but not much else. She was up against Annie’s little sister who was a real babe; flame haired, tall and with big tits. I really didn’t think the blonde had much of a chance against her. Lesley dominated the early part of the fight and I was really rooting for her so, despite her achievement, I was disappointed when Ellen staged a comeback and managed to win a place at the club at Lesley’s expense.

Ellen started fighting in the league and quickly proved herself but I was distracted I didn’t pay much attention to her. My relationship with Christine had come to surprise ending when she went off with another woman. I think I must’ve somehow got the idea that Ellen was gay as well, so I didn’t have anything to do with her.

It wasn’t too long after that before I got a job working in Germany and I was away from the club for a few years. When I came back, I was surprised to see that Ellen was still there. She seemed to be doing okay but, based on what I learned from Jay, her glory years were already behind her. Gabi had taken over the club and she took me over as well, at least in the short term. Then Gabi lost interest in me and, around the same time, Suzi joined the club. Being a tit man, I was drawn towards this big, buxom brunette. I remember watching Ellen’s last league fight, against Gabi, a few years later but I was distracted that evening as my current squeeze at the time, a girl called Maggie, had been subjected to a beating by Christine earlier in the evening. All I really remember is Gabi winning easily and a tearful Ellen announcing that she was retiring from fighting.

In hindsight I’m ashamed to admit I never gave Ellen a second thought when she was in the league. After she quit, I didn’t really see her again for several years. Occasionally she might come to watch a club event but that was all.

When she came back to the club to fight in the senior tournament, we were all a good bit older. She was still a slightly plump blonde but somehow, in middle-age, that made her more appealing. Of the six girls fighting that first senior wrestling tournament I had had relationships with four of them that had come to nothing and Rachel was happily married, so Ellen was the only ‘available’ woman in the group. I guess I latched on to that and started rooting for her.

Considering she’d been out of the game for years she did surprisingly well and, although she lost the final, I’d already arranged to interview her after the match. I was just impressed at the way that she’d fought throughout the tournament and thought it would be a good subject for the blog I write for the club. We did the interview after the title fight. She came straight from the shower and didn’t even bother to dress, just a pair of knickers and her signature kimono. She flirted with me terribly I was seriously turned on.

Over the years I watched her fight in numerous senior matches. She certainly knew how to handle herself. I knew she’d been married but I still wasn’t quite sure about her sexuality. She liked to flirt but I also saw that she liked to hang out with some of the girls. She was very close to Erica and when Jan and Peggy joined the club, very close to them as well. In early 2015 I watched her take on Carole, a much larger woman, and I could almost feel the sexual tension between them. In the end I concluded she was probably bisexual and set about hatching a plan to try and get between her legs. I guess that’s what led us to this encounter.

Pre-fight nerves – Larry
The night before the fight I slept badly. My dreams were filled with visions of Ellen beating the hell out of me and the other girls I’ve known at the club over the years baying for blood. And then all of them turning into weird demons and tearing me flesh from bone. Suddenly I couldn’t wait for this to be over. I lay awake in the small hours thinking to myself about everything that could go wrong. I wondered how Ellen was feeling.

Since we’d agreed to this fight her season hadn’t gone exactly according to plan and I figured she’d be keen to find winning ways again in her match with me. Two years ago, Ellen won the senior boxing title by beating Jenny in a knockout competition and she was currently the reigning senior boxing champion. But this year the format of changed, it was around Robin tournament fought across the year and, after two rounds of qualifying, Ellen was bottom of the stack having been knocked out in both her fights. I figured she’d be desperate for a win and a chance to get back to her winning ways.

Pre-fight nerves – Ellen
To be honest I hadn’t given the fight against Larry too much thought. It was fair to say the season wasn’t going well for me. My fight with Carole, coming as soon as it did after the wrestling tournament, took more out of me than I thought it had. A few weeks later I was in the boxing ring facing Christine. It should’ve been an easy victory for me but I got overconfident pushed my luck and ended up being knocked out in the fourth round. A single punch at the end of the third round effectively finished me.

Two months later, shortly after I turned 53, I was back in the ring again, this time I was up against Emma. Despite partying on my birthday, I thought I was match fit and ready for her. But she is a very powerful boxer and eight years my junior. She dominated the fight from the opening bell and was awarded a TKO two minutes into the third round.  There’s no point in making excuses the fact of the matter is that the better fighter won on the day.

So, including Carole, that was three fights in the year so far and three knockout losses. I needed to get back to my winning ways if I was going to have a hope of defending my boxing title. I was focused on the next round of the tournament when I would be facing my long-time nemesis, Nancy. In the mean time I had this little matter to settle with Larry. He’s a lot bigger than me so I knew it wouldn’t be a pushover but I was hoping my wrestling skills would carry me through to an easy and comfortable victory.

Fight night – Larry’s account
7:30 pm on the third Saturday of May 2015 at the lobby of Marshall’s gym was buzzing. Women of various ages were gathering for the A league wrestling tournament. The crowd included a large number of my ex-girlfriends and former club wrestlers, many of whom called out to me in greeting and wished me success in my coming encounter with Ellen.

Across the far side of the lobby, I spotted Christine. She fixed me with a solid gaze, raises her right arm to shoulder height and gave a thumbs down sign while running her left index finger across her throat. Yeah, I love you too, babe.

Cassy appeared from her office above the ring room and descended the stairs. She looked stunning. She had dyed her greying hair black with a white stripe. She looked like Yvonne De Carlo in the 60s TV series, the Munsters.  She greeted me warmly and said:

“Hi Larry, I’ve arranged to let you change in my office. Bring your gear up and we’ll leave it there while watch the other girls fight.”

We made our way up the stairs as Gabi came out onto the balcony above the reception desk, clapped her hands and called everyone to attention:

“Ladies, welcome to our latest league event. Please make your way up the stairs and into the ring room. The first fight will begin at 8 pm.”

I followed Cassy up another flight of stairs and along the corridor to the door labelled ‘Bones Langford’.  She opened it and we stepped into her small surgery and examination room.

“Drop your bag down there Larry. We’ll come up and get you ready for the fight about a half an hour before you’re due to go into the ring.”

“Thanks for helping me with this Cassy.”

“Hey, no problem Larry. You’re an old friend and I wish you well. Let’s hope you manage to get laid tonight, eh?”

Leaving my bag in Cassy‘s office we descended the stairs and join the spectators filing into the ring room. We took a seat on the 3rd row of the bleachers near the neutral corner. I looked down to my left and saw Erica and Ellen already seated in the front row, dressed in robes and little else. Ellen always likes to watch the fights before her own and, if she is fit enough, the ones after as well. Tonight she’d be Erica‘s second in the league title fight that took place immediately before I got into the ring with her. I looked around at the crowd and, among the many familiar faces, I notice something strange.

Only a select few men are allowed to attend CLAWS events. Partners of fighters and ex-fighters who into that sort of thing, me (obviously) and a few wealthy fans when they sponsor tournaments or offer purses for particular fights. There are usually one or two of us but this evening I noticed there are no other men present, a fact confirmed when Suzi introduces the contenders for the first fight with the phrase: ‘ladies and GENTLEMAN’.

Over the next hour or so we watched three fights and then it was time for the title fight. Erica climbed into the blue corner followed by Ellen, while Amber climbed into the red corner with her second and trainer Emily.

“Come on Larry time to go.” Said Cassy, “I don’t think this match is going to last too long. Amber really isn’t in the same league as Erica and frankly I’m surprised she’s managed to make it to a title challenge at all.”

I knew what she meant. Just 6 months earlier the club had scrapped its lightweight and heavyweight leagues after five years and reverted to the A and B league format they had used previously. To do this they simply pitched the same ranked fighters from the heavyweight and lightweight leagues against each other. 3rd ranked lightweight Amber managed to beat heavyweights Stacey and Donna to earn her title stab against Erica.

We got up and headed back to Cassy‘s office. When we walked in, she switched on a wall monitor. It displayed a live feed from the overhead camera in the ring room. Suzi was introducing Erica and Amber and giving them the fight briefing before they returned to their corners.

“I like this view of the action,” Said Cassy, “it gives you a different perspective. I’d like to see it use more in the videos.”

I watched Erica and Amber lock up and Erica quickly take the smaller redhead to the mat.

“Come on Larry,” said Cassy, “we can watch that later right now it’s time for you to get ready. Get your kit off and put these on.”

She handed me a pair of black Lycra sports briefs, the kind some of the girls wear during their fights.

“What are they?” I asked her.

“My lucky pants,” said Cassy, “I used to wear these when I first started fighting, before CLAWS went naked. I haven’t worn them in years but I won a lot of fights in them.”

“Will they fit me?”

“Of course they will, stupid, they stretch and, besides, your arse is no bigger than mine. Put them on and let’s see how you look.”

Rather self-consciously I stripped naked in front of the woman who was once my lover and was now my doctor and, on this particular evening, my second – the moral support in my fight with Ellen. I slipped on Cassy’s fighting knickers. They were surprisingly comfortable. The clung to the contours of my arse and the lined gusset supported my balls well. I was reminded of the long running gag in “The Armstrong and Miller Show”  where the guy pulls off some amazing feat and then turns to the camera and says: ‘I’m wearing my wife’s knickers’.

Cassy looked me up and down and said: “Very nice, may my lucky pants guide you to victory.”

I slipped on my robe, a three-quarter length silk kimono and settled down in a chair to watch the action on the big monitor. Cassy said: 

“Just wait there a minute Larry, I’m going to get changed myself. I want to put on a show tonight.”

With that she slipped behind the screen while I turned my focus to what was going on down in the ring. Cassy have been right; the small redhead was no match for the larger more experience blonde. Erica quickly took one fall, then another and then a third. Amber did her best but she was always the underdog and Erica simply dominated the action. Cassy reappeared from behind the screen wearing a white medical coat very little else.

“What do you think Larry?” she asked, doing a twirl and showing off her long luscious legs.

“Beautiful.” I replied, trying not to be distracted. I turned my attention back to the fight in time to see Erica deliver a series of power moves that left poor Amber dazed and broken.

The fight came to an end after about 12 minutes as Erica hoisted Amber in the air and delivered a powerful atomic drop to the young redhead’s pussy. Amber screamed and lay on the mat in a foetal position clutching herself as Suzi counted to 10.

I felt sorry for Amber but glad that her boyfriend Tony, regular male attendee at CLAWS events, wasn’t there tonight to see the state his girl was in. He’d find out later that he wasn’t going to be getting any for a few days.

“Okay Larry, that’s our cue, let’s go.” Said Cassy. As we left the office, she switched off the monitor on her way out and led me down the corridor in different direction. We passed a room labelled ‘training room’, turned a corner and wandered down the corridor past the number of anonymous looking doors before coming to the top of a spiral staircase. We descended the spiral staircase and I found myself in the chillout zone. Cassy opened the door to the red corner dressing room and called to the girls inside:

“Attention ladies, man coming through.” Then she turned to me and said; “Larry, close your eyes.”

She took me by the hand and led me through the dressing room. I did as I was bid but couldn’t resist sneaking a quick glimpse as I walked through. I saw Amber sat on a bench weeping and being comforted by two of the other fighters who had been in the ring earlier in the evening.

And then we were through the door into the ring room. I was told to open my eyes. The audience applauded when they saw me and we made our way to the red corner. Cassy climbed into the corner ahead of me, allowing me a clear view of the tiny black thong she was wearing under her medical coat. if she didn’t want to get me excited, she was going a funny way about it.

Showtime! – Larry describes the fight (with a little help from me)
I climbed into the ring behind Cassy, looked across to the blue corner and saw that Erica and Ellen were, unsurprisingly, already there. Erica was still glowing with sweat from her recent exertions and hadn’t bothered to put her robe back on, Ellen had already slipped hers off so the pair of them stood there naked except for their fighting briefs, Erica in royal blue and Ellen in her favourite black briefs with the big white spots and frills around the leg holes.

Suzi addressed the all-female audience:

“Ladies, our final match of the evening, as I’m sure you all know, is a challenge match and a first for both CLAWS and Marshall’s gym. Introducing in the blue corner, standing 5‘7“, weighing 150lbs and 53 years of age, our current senior wrestling champion – Ellen Shaw!“

Ellen did a little twirl, shaking out her frizzy, shoulder length blonde hair. The audience applauded and Suzi continued:

“And in the red Corner, a man who you all know. Many of you, like me, intimately. Standing 6‘1“, weighing 185lbs and 57 years of age, our old friend and club archivist, Larry Foxton!”

Again, the audience applauded. There were numerous cat calls and words of encouragement for me as I slipped off my gown and flexed my muscles. I was grateful that very few of my former conquests in the audience held any hostility towards me. Suzi called us together in the centre of the ring for her briefing.

“Right, you two. This is a standard club match under the usual rules. My decision will be final. Pins will be awarded on the basis of a three count and submissions by tapping out or calling I submit or I give. The person with the highest number of falls after 20 minutes wins unless one of you fails to beat my 10 count at any point during the fight. I want no hanky-panky in this fight. If I see either one of you attempting to sexually excite the other, I am under strict instructions to disqualify you. Is that understood?

We both nodded. Ellen looked across at me and said:

“Okay honey, this is it. Showtime. Are you ready to take on a real woman in the ring?”

With all the confidence I could muster I replied: “Ready and eager champ. Be prepared to have your tits ripped off.”

For a moment we glared each other until Suzi said: “That’s enough, back to your corners, wait for the bell and then come out fighting.”

I walked back to the red corner and turned to face my opponent. Cassy gave me some last words of advice: “Larry, you’re taller and heavier than her – make that count.”

The timekeeper called “seconds out” and Cassy slipped between the ropes before leaning across the top one. She pecked me on the cheek and said: “Good luck, Larry.”

The bell rang. This was it. I stepped forward to face the object of my desire and, quite possibly, of my destruction.

To begin with we circled each other warily before locking up shoulder to elbow. Ellen quickly twisted and trapped me in a side headlock. I responded by grabbing her by the waist and straightening up, lifting her off the mat, before falling backwards so that we both slammed back first to the canvas. She let go headlock, momentarily stunned. I think she was surprised that I’d go for such a power move so early in the fight. To be honest, so was I. For a few seconds we both lay catching our breath as Suzi counted over us.

Ellen got up first and by the time I came to my feet she was waiting for me. For the next three minutes or so we wrestled back-and-forth. I tried all the moves that Cassy had taught me but it seemed that for everything I tried, Ellen had a counter move and then another one. I was doing my best but I was being dominated by this sexy MILF. I was going to have to really up my game if I was going to stand any chance of winning the fight and winning my bet.

What happen next just made things worse. She got behind me and trapped me in a full Nelson before driving her right knee between my legs, giving me a sharp jolt to the base of the spine. I sat down hard with her behind me and she wrapped her legs around my waist.  I was trapped. My arms were out of action and I was in the vice-like grip of her thighs. I’d seen several women tap out when trapped in an Ellen body scissors – it didn’t take me long to understand why.

Ellen’s powerful thighs were crushing me while she continued to put pressure on my arms and neck with the Nelson. She leaned her head forward and I could feel her breath on my cheek as she hissed in my ear:

“Come on lover boy, just give up, you’re trapped and this is only going to get worse.”

With that she squeezed her thighs together again and I let out an involuntary groan as my abs were crushed. Suzi squatted down beside me and asked:

“What do you say Larry, do you give?”

“No!” I replied through gritted teeth. I got my feet flat on the mat and pushed, trying to force her back. She squeezed again. I felt like my ribs were about to break.

“OK, I give, I submit!” I cried.

The bell rang and Ellen opened her legs, tipping me out and releasing my arms. I flopped face down on the mat before rolling over and rubbing my abused mid-section as Ellen got to her feet and Suzi announced:

“Ladies, after four minutes and fifty-five seconds the first fall, by a submission, goes to Ellen!”

The crowd applauded. We’d been fighting for five minutes but it felt a whole lot longer. I got to my feet and staggered back to my corner, still clutching my ribs. I sat on the stool Cassy had put there for me and she stepped into the ring and busied herself mopping me down with a towel and generally massaging me. I don’t think she was overly impressed with my performance so far.

“Come on Larry,” Said Cassy, “Stop letting her get the better of you. You’re getting the holds on OK but you need to lock them before she escapes. You’re bigger and heavier than her. Use that to your advantage. Now, let’s see you win that second fall.”

For all her admonishing, Cassy was also encouraging and she smiled sweetly as Sally called “seconds out”. As she slipped between the ropes, she pecked me on the cheek again and said: “Got get her, tiger.”

The bell sounded and we came together in the centre of the ring and locked up shoulder and elbow. For the next 30 seconds or so we danced around the ring seeking advantage until she managed to hook her leg behind mine and tripped me, sending me to the canvas on my back. She followed up with a leg drop across the chest that knocked the wind out of me. Then she quickly scrambled to her feet while I took a moment to collect myself.

Suzi began counting over me. As the count reached four, I sat up and got to my feet. Ellen was waiting. She grabbed my arm and spun me back first into the blue corner. I hit hard and she followed up, charging in to body check me and delivering a knee to my gut in the process. Then she grabbed my arm again and whipped into the red corner. As I hit, I glanced down and saw Cassy cover her face with her hand in despair. I had to do something.

Ellen moved to whip me across the ring the third time but I managed to reverse the hold and sent her spinning into the ropes instead. As she bounced back, I turned sideways to her. She ran face first into my shoulder and collapsed flat on her back on the mat.

I quickly grabbed hold of her ankles and tried to turn her over to trap her in a Boston crab but she still had her wits about her. She resisted and then reached out above her head and grabbed the ropes. She climbed up the ropes, hand over hand, with me still clutching her calves and ended up suspended between me and the top rope. I gave a sharp yank and she let go of the ropes and smashed back to the mat, momentarily winded.

I pushed her legs forward, folding her in half, and straddled her thighs, using my weight to pin her to the mat. I felt her leg muscles tense as she tried to push me off but I was too heavy for her. Suzi dropped the canvas and counted out the pin. The bell rang and I relaxed. Ellen didn’t and I found myself flying backwards and landing on my arse as she kicked me off. She came to a sitting position and for a moment we sat there facing each other. She gave me a filthy look before getting to her feet turning on her heel and went back to her corner. I got up and did the same as Suzi announced:

“Ladies, after six minutes and ten seconds. The equalising fall, by a pin, goes to Larry!”

There was much applause and cat calling from the spectators. Back in my corner Cassy was full of praise as she mopped my brow with a towel:

“Well done Larry, I knew you could do it. Just get a few more like that and you have her beaten. You might get laid after all.”

Buoyed up by my success I was feeling pretty confident as we came out for the third fall but I was about to get a stark reminder of why Ellen was the most successful senior wrestler at CLAWS.

We locked up again and, very quickly, she gave me another master class in wrestling with a selection of moves I had no answer to. Eventually, she took me to the mat in a side headlock and lay across me, her right breast dangling tantalisingly against my cheek. Tempting as it was to take a bite, I resisted. Instead, unable to break out of the hold, I slipped a hand down her back and under the waist band of her knickers and grabbed a handful of her buttock. She squealed and rolled off me, protesting furiously to Suzi. As I lay on my back gasping for breath Suzi stared down at me with an admonishing finger:

“I’m warning you now Larry, leave Ellen’s bum alone or you’re out.”

Then she started counting over both of us. We came to our feet facing each other and Ellen lunged at me. She grabbed me by the crotch and shoulder and, to my utter amazement, lifted me off the mat.

Ellen takes up the story
I hoisted him in the air, turned him over and went for a body slam. God, he was heavy! He hit the mat and I dropped to my knees, pinning his shoulders. I squatted with my arse on his face, staring down the length of his body. Suzi dropped the mat and began to count the pin. I felt his warm breath through the fabric of my panties on my pussy I quite enjoyed the sensation. Suzi counted two and I lifted my right leg slightly, allowing him to bring his shoulder off the mat. Suzi stopped counting, I lowered my leg and pinned him again, wriggling slightly and pushing my crotch against his face.

For the first time I noticed that the trunks he was wearing were a pair of ladies’ sports briefs. Ha! And he accused Christine of stealing girls’ pants – I wondered who he’d nicked these ones from. If he’d been married, I’d say he was wearing his wife’s knickers.

Once again Suzi counted to two. This time I lifted my left leg and she stopped counting again. I was enjoying this. From the looks of it, so was he, his dick was straining at the fabric of his pants. I did the same manoeuvre two or three more times and then Suzi said to me:

“Come on Ellen, stop playing around. Just pin the man, he can’t escape.”

This time I let the count go to three and the bell rang out. It felt good to have a man between my legs even if it was his head not his dick. As I got up and walked back to my corner, I couldn’t stop myself. I slipped my right hand down the front of my panties and gave the old girl a quick stroke. Erica looked horrified:

“Ellen, for fuck’s sake, this is a fight, don’t get turned on or he’ll beat you.”

She was right, of course, but I was beginning to think maybe losing this match wasn’t going to be the end of the world after all. that said I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. Besides, I was leading again, as Suzi confirmed when she announced: “Ladies, the third fall, by a pin, goes to Ellen! Ellen leads by two falls to one.”

When we came out for the fourth fall I continue to dominate, taking him to the mat at least three times in the first minute. I could’ve gone for another pin but I was enjoying myself too much. The whole idea of beating up a man in front of my peers was exhilarating and I was getting more excited and turned on by it than I had expected. Eventually I got a bit too cocky. As he came to his feet after yet another of my throws I stood in front of him, arms wide and legs apart, and goaded him:

“Come on Larry, give me your best shot.”

And that’s exactly what he did, a kick that came from the floor and hit me square in the pussy. The force of it almost lifted me off the mat and I collapsed to my knees clutching my pants, tears welling in my eyes.

Suzi steered Larry to a neutral corner and started counting over me. I was in a world of pain and cursed myself for being so stupid. Fancy leaving myself wide open like that. What was I thinking? The crowd were noisier than normal but, as I tried to focus, I heard one voice above all the others. Erica was screaming at me to get up and I suddenly realised that Suzi was at eight.

Taking a deep breath, I staggered to my feet but I was in no position to take the fight to Larry.  For the next minute or two I was powerless as he tossed me around the ring like a rag doll. I did my best to recover, taking a long count whenever I went down, but I was struggling. All I could hope was he’d exhaust himself and give me a chance to get back on the attack, but there didn’t seem much chance of that.

Another hip toss took me to the mat. Damn, he was starting to get good at this. I needed to do something. As I came to my feet, he offered me is open palms and we locked up a trial of strength. I must’ve been crazy but I figured I could beat him. Initially I forced his arms down, fingers interlocked but then he started to force our hands back up. He pushed into me, forcing his hairy chest against my breasts, our sweaty body sticking together.

Being taller than me and lankier, he had more leverage as our arms came up. He was able to stop pushing me back and, instead, pulled me up onto my tiptoes. Suddenly he hooked his left leg behind my right one and tripped us. We toppled to the mat, him on top and me underneath.

As we went over, he slipped his right leg behind my left one. I landed heavily on my back, his full weight on top of me. Our finger interlock broke apart but he quickly grabbed both of my wrists with his left hand and stretched my arms up above my head. At the same time, he locked on the grapevine and started to spread my legs. Being that much taller he was stretching me apart.

Suzi dropped to her knees next to my head and asked me if I wanted to submit. Initially I refused but I just didn’t know how I was going to get out of this. Then he slipped his right hand between my legs, pushed the fabric of my panties aside and stuck a finger into my soaking wet pussy. Bastard! I’d make him pay for that!

I was trapped. I called out my submission before he could start fingering me properly. The bell went and he quickly withdrew his finger and climbed off me. I lay on my back for a few seconds before getting up and protesting to Suzi that he fingered me. Suzi didn’t disbelieve me but she said that, as she hadn’t seen it, she couldn’t do anything about it.

Larry continues his account
I went back to my corner ecstatic. I'd done what Cassy told me to do, used my height and weight, and I managed to even up the scores. Plus I managed to get a finger where it didn’t belong in the process. I was disappointed to find that Cassy was less than impressed:

“Nice submission Larry, but you should have gone for the knockout.”


“When you kicked her in the cxnt she nearly didn’t beat the count. If you’d done it again when you had her on top toes you’d probably be celebrating a victory now, not just an equalizing fall. And I saw what you did there. I hope you’re satisfied. She’ll be pissed off now. That finger may be all you get sunshine, I hope you think it was worth it.”

I sniffed my finger, enjoying the scent of Ellen’s love juices, then licked it savour the salty taste

“Yes.” I replied.

“cxnt.” Cassy muttered under her breath.

Suzi saw me lick my finger and was quickly in my face: “I saw that Larry, Ellen says you finger fucked her, I didn’t see it but I’m guessing from your behaviour you did. I let you off squeezing her bum but if I see you try anything like that again, you’re out.”

With that she stormed off.

“That told you,” Said Cassy, “and for God’s sake do something about your erection, you prat. You’re making my pants look like a fucking tent.”

Seconds later the bell sounded to the start of the fifth fall. I looked across the ring at Ellen. She looked mad I knew I was in trouble. She flew out of her corner and clattered into me, driving a knee into my balls as she pushed me back into my corner.

Cassy was right of course I shouldn’t have done it. Ellen had been violated and now she was angry. It didn’t matter how big you were or how tough you were, the one thing you didn’t want to do was get Ellen mad in a fight.

Two more knees to the bollocks followed before she let me drop to the mat, clutching my nuts. I just about made it to my feet as Suzi counted to nine and then Ellen took complete control of the fight. For the next three minutes she subjected me to a first-hand demonstration of her full selection of power moves. I was slammed, thrown, forearmed, posted, clotheslined and generally beaten until I didn’t really wasn’t sure what day of the week it was. For reasons I can’t explain I kept getting up, only to be knocked straight down again by this furious wild cat.

For the umpteenth time she whipped me into the ropes and caught me with an arm across the throat as I bounced back, clotheslining me to the floor. I rolled over and staggered to my feet as Suzi counted to eight. Once again Ellen grabbed my arm and whipped me into the ropes. This time, as I bounced back she went low, raising her knee and slamming it into my gut as I came towards her. The impact doubled me over and I dropped my hands and knees retching as Suzi moved in and began counting. I looked up towards the neutral corner. I could see Ellen in front of me. She was squatting on her haunches, grinning and waving her hands, beckoning to me:

“Come on lover boy, let’s see what you’ve got.”

I was pretty much done in but I slowly staggered to my feet as Suzi reach eight. Ellen closed in again. This time she grabbed me by the arm and spun me into the red corner. I hit back first and jarred every vertebra in my spine. I slumped in the corner sitting on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the inevitable finisher from the blonde bombshell. I was breathing hard, my heart was racing, every muscle in my body was aching and yet, somehow, I was still turned on by fighting this woman.

It was then that Ellen decided to turn it up a notch. As I slumped in the corner she jumped up onto the bottom ropes and pushed her tits into my face. I struggled for breath; I was slowly being suffocated by her breasts. Those beautiful, hot, sweaty 38Cs were suffocating me. Even then I couldn’t help myself. My old man turned rock hard. Wobbling on the ropes she was banging her crotch against mine. I had no doubt she could feel my erection against her pussy through the two layers of thin fabric that separated them.

I started to feel dizzy and I figured this was it, she was going to smother me out. But no, she didn’t. As Suzi moved to my left to keep an eye on the action between the two of us, Ellen jumped down off the bottom rope, tilted my head towards her and kissed me on the mouth. At the same time, she stuck her left hand down the front of my pants and grabbed my boner.

One touch was all it took. I shot my load with a groan and she quickly pulled her hand out of my pants before kneeing me savagely in the balls again. She stepped away and I collapsed face down on the mat clutching my nuts through the sticky fabric of Cassy’s lucky pants.

Suzi started counting but I was embarrassed and beaten there was no way I was getting up now, not with the sticky cum all over my pants. The girls in the audience started chanting:

“Lar-iee, Lar-iee, Lar-iee.”

From behind me, in the corner, Cassy was shouting: “Get up Foxton, show us you’re a man.”

But I’d had enough. She may be beautiful, but Ellen is also a monster and she’d beaten me. I raised my head and looked across at her, standing in the neutral corner, arms raised, posing for the audience. Somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear Suzi counting:


The bell rang the fight was over. I dropped my face to the mat. Moments later someone grabbed the back of my hair and lifted my head. I found Ellen squatting directly in front of me looking half amused and half concerned:

“You okay, honey?” she asked. I groaned. She shuffled forward and pulled of my face towards her snatch. I smelled the sweet, sweaty scent of her pussy through the fabric of her pants. She lifted my head again and cooed softly to me:

“Sorry babe, it doesn’t look like you’re going to get fucked tonight. Any time you’d like to try again just let me know.”

With that she slammed my face back to the mat and I guess I passed out. When I came to a voice was telling me to get up. I pushed myself to my hands and knees and raised my head. This time I was confronted by a pair of shapely thighs framing a tiny black thong beneath a white medical coat.

“Larry, you chump.” Said Cassy, “I thought you were in with a chance but you had to stick your fingers where they didn’t belong. Never get Ellen riled. You deserve all you get.”

With that she slowly helped me to my feet. I was still unsteady and she supported me as we came together with Suzi and Ellen in the middle of the ring so that Suzi could announce:

“Ladies, after 13 minutes and 25 seconds, your winner by a knockout. Our champion, Ellen Shaw!”

The audience erupted in a round of applause

“And your gallant loser – Larry Foxton!”

More applause. Cassy guided me back to the red corner as Ellen took a jubilant bow from her peers before returning to her own corner and slipping out of the ring.

The aftermath
I was in a bit of a daze. Cassy helped me out of the ring, through the red corner dressing room, up the spiral staircase and along the corridor back into her office where she laid me down on her surgery couch.

“Okay big boy.” she said, “let’s take a look at you and see what kind of shape you’re in.”

I lay unresisting as she peeled her lucky pants off my unlucky body.

“Yuk, that’s a sticky mess.” she said. “Did Ellen do that?”

I nodded.

“Cheating cow.” She murmured as she checked me out from head to toe, brushing her hand over my member as she passed. I couldn’t help myself. The old man stiffened. Cassy paused for a moment and gave a strange little wriggle before climbing up onto the couch herself and straddling me. I suddenly realised the reason for the wriggle, she’d slipped off her thong. She positioned herself over my member and began to undo her white doctor’s coat. She was completely naked underneath.

She shrugged the coat off, lowered herself onto my dick and began to rhythmically fuck me. I looked up at her. Her eyes glazed over and she absently pushed her hair up with her hands as her tongue licked her lips. She may have been a 55-year-old mother of two but something had told Cassy’s body to stop aging at 30 – she looked stunning as she gyrated on the end of my old man. It wasn’t long before I reach to climax. I groaned and shot my load into her pussy. She cried out as she peaked and, as she did so, I heard voices behind her.

“Looks like Dr Cassy has got some interesting treatment methods.” Said a voice I instantly recognised as Erica.

“Certainly, some dubious patient confidentiality.” Said another familiar voice but, in my post orgasmic daze I couldn’t quite place it.

“But I’m not sure that screwing your patients is against the Hippocratic Oath – at least not screwing them like this.” Said Erica.

“Hey Cass, take it easy. Save some for the rest of us.” It was Ellen!

I looked up and saw the pair of blondes staring at me over Cassy‘s shoulder. Both were still wearing their robes and the pants they’d fought in and neither was being particularly discrete about hiding her naked boobs.

“How’s he doing?” enquired Ellen.

“Well, everything seems to be working like it should.” said Cassy, climbing off me and turning to face her.

“Well, that’s good to know. You never know when it might come in handy.” said Ellen.

I slowly sat up on the couch. Ellen looked me in the eye and said: “Come on lover boy, get yourself a shower. I’m taking you home.”

I got to my feet and Erica picked up my clothes from the chair and led me to the training room next to Cassy‘s office. She handed me my clothes and pointed me at the changing room.

“You can use the shower in there.”

I’d not been in this part of the building before and was surprised to find a wet room with two showers and fresh towels laid out. I showered, dried and dressed myself, wincing at every move, and wandered back to Cassy’s office. There was no sign of the girls so I waited. After a couple of minutes Ellen walked into the training room and said:

“Okay honey, let’s go.”

She took hold of my arm and led me down the stairs and out into the car park, guiding me towards her small white Renault van. I was aching and beaten. I really didn’t know what to say so I just said:

“Thanks Ellen, I really appreciate your help here.”

“Oh, come on honey,” She replied. “I’m the one who got you into this state, it’s only right I should take care of you.”

With that we drove off. I was exhausted and must’ve semi dozed on the drive. I woke up when the van stopped and looked around me. This wasn’t my place, it was Ellen’s cottage down on the coast. I was confused:

“I thought you said you were taking me home?” 

“I did honey, I just didn’t say whose home I was taking you to. Come in like a good boy and keep me company for the night.”

With that she led me into the house and straight into the bedroom. She threw her kitbag into a corner and began to strip. I hesitated. She turned to me and said:

“Come on lover boy, get your kit off. This is what you wanted isn’t it?”


“Hey you lost. You’re my slave for the night. I’m going to do what the hell I want with you. Now get your pants off or I’ll kick your arse again!”

That was it. I wasn’t going to take another beating. I got my clothes off as quickly as possible and was soon lying on the bed with her astride me. I have to say that night she fucked me senseless. I don’t think I’ve ever been as dominated by a woman in bed ever in my life and it was quite clear she enjoyed every second of it. Eventually we were both sated and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The morning after
When I woke the next morning, I found myself alone. As I lay there in bed all the aches and pains of my battered body came back along with the memories of the night before. Every inch of my body hurt. For a moment I lay there not wanting to move then I realised I could hear voices, women’s voices; giggling, whispering and occasionally squeaking.

I got out of bed, staggered to the bedroom door into the hallway. I followed the sound of the voices to the other bedroom where I found Ellen and Erica in bed together, clearly enjoying each other’s company. Ellen looked up at me, completely unashamed, and said:

“Oh, hi Larry. I hope you had a good night sleep. Why don’t you grab yourself a shower and then get some coffee and toast in the kitchen? I’ll give you a ride home in an hour or so. But first Erica and I have got a little business to take care of.”

With that she turned her attention back to the blonde German lying beside her and the giggling and squealing resumed. In a bit of a daze, I found my way to the bathroom, took a long overdue pee and then climbed into the shower and washed my aching body. As I crossed back to the bedroom to get dressed I heard Ellen‘s voice calling out her orgasm, just as she done when I’d been fucking her the night before.

I wandered into the kitchen and set about brewing some coffee. It seemed Ellen was a bit of a purist, no freeze-dried granules for her, it was fresh ground beans in a cafetiere. As I ground the beans, I heard the bathroom door close and the shower come on. There was more giggling above the rush of water. clearly the girls were showering together.

I found some bread, made some toast, sat down with my coffee at the kitchen table and waited. Ten minutes later the girls appeared.

“Hello ladies,” I said, “would you care for some coffee?”

“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you Larry.” Said Erica.

The three of us sat in relative silence drinking a coffee. When we’d finished, Ellen said to me:

“Come on Larry, let me take you home.”

I grabbed my bag for the bedroom and walked out to join her in the little white van. The half hour drive back from Ellen’s village on the coast to the city passed in silence. I guess neither of us had anything more to say to each other. When we pulled up outside my apartment Ellen reached across, put an arm around my shoulder pull me close and kiss me full on the lips.

“Thank you, Larry.” she said, “That was a wonderful evening. Don’t be disappointed, I really enjoyed our sex. You’re still is quite a stud you know. It’s just that sometimes only the real thing will do for an old lady like me.”

I guess that removed any remaining doubts I had about Ellen’s sexual preferences.

Victory over Larry gave me my confidence back and I won all three of my remaining qualifying matches in the boxing tournament, enabling me to defend my title at the end of the year. Unfortunately, the season ended badly for me when I was knocked out in round two of my title fight with Christine. Once again it took just one solid punch to put me out. But that’s another story.