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« on: February 02, 2022, 12:47:13 PM »
Maria & Cathy both worked for the same cleaning company and both had been there a few years and that's actually where they met and became friends now Maria is a Spanish brunette 35 5'8 150 pounds and Cathy is also spanish brunette a bit older 29 and 5'7 around 170 pounds, they both used the company gym and once in a while they would wrestle for fun when no one is around and they both liked so they started to meet at each others house to wrestle, Both ladies were big & tough so there fights were usually fun and rough but nothing crazy they were the best of friends. Now a few weeks ago the company supervisor quit and both ladies decided to appy for the position after the manager screened out everyone it was just Marie and Cathy left   for the position.

Both ladies wanted the position bad and make a long story short Maria got the position and that really pissed off Cathy she left she deserved it more, once Maria became supervisor things changed between her and Cathy  Cathy started to get a little attutuse with Maria as Maria knew Cathy was pissed she go tthe position. Maria still wanted to be friends and asked Cathy if she wanted to come over this weekend to wrestle at her place, Cathy quickly agreed but she had this sydistic look on her face and Maria noticed it but did not think much about it at the time. When cathy came over Maria cold feel she was cold not as friendly as Maria said are you mad i got the job instead of you Cathy just said not at all but Maria knew she was lying.

Both ladies stripped down to there underwear like they usually do when they fight and it started out fun little shoving back and forth as Maria noticed they shoving got harder so she shoved back harder and then the slaps got harder as Maria got rougher, she finally asked Cathy you ok you seem to be fighting rougher then usual Cathy smiled and said your a supervisor now you need to step it up as Maria told her this is not a good idea and Cathy said your right I'd hate to have to beat up my supervisor.

Maria got pissed and told her you seem mad at me so lets forget were friends and really see what your ass can handle Cathy smiled and said really? fine with me i've always wanted to see what your ass can hande and they both agreed to fight anything goes. They started to fight over this time the shoves turned to punches as each girl was  getting in some wicked body blows as both were felling the pain, the fight tood a turn for the worst as Maria slapped Cathy hard agress her face and they was it it turned into a brawl.

Both ladies fought like animals pulling hair and punching anyplace therw there fist slanded especially the tits & belly, about 20 minutes into the fight both ladies showed the abuse red welts on there bodies hair all pulled out as neither one wanted to give up. Cathy used her weight to try & push Maria around as Maria was pushed up against the wall and a nasty knee to Maria belly doubled her up as Cathy laughed, Maria knew she needed to fight back or Cathy is gonna hurt her as Maria started to fight back as she remembered from there fun fights Cathy's weak stop was her big belly but Maria never targeted that until now, Cathy  grabbed Maria by the hair pulling her hear side to side when Maria pulled back her right fist burrying it hard and deep into Cathy's lowee belly as Cathy screamed out in pain doubling up.

Maria  raked her nailt down Cathy's back as she arched back in pain Maria send a nasty kick into Cathy's belly as Cathy doubled up coughing as she tried to back awty from Maria, Maria waisted no time in grabbing cathy's tiis with both hands puhing her back against the wall as Cathy knew what was coming. Maria started to ram her knee over and over into cathy's belly kneeing her about 5 or 6 times as Cathy's body went numb sliding down the wall Maria grabbed Cathy's legs pullign her to the center of the room and stomped her foot down about four times into Cathy's big belly as Cathy screamed in pain. Maria knew this fight was just about over as she felt bad reaching her hand down to help Cathy up as she did Cathy sent a solid punch into maria's tit as Maria cried out in pain.

Maria lost it and raked Cathy's eyes and just sent left and right punches into cathy's belly as hard as she could until Cathy finally collapsed on the floor rolled in a ball, Maria said thats enough this is over as she again reached her hand down to help cathy up as Cathy spit right in her face, Maria screamed and kicked cathy righ tbetween her legs as Cathy let out this loud scream and collapsed on the floor her body jerking in pain. Maria grabbed Cathy's clothes throwing them out the door then she grabbed Cathy's legs pulling her out the goor into the yard and left her there. She watched as Cathy crawled to her car and drove away as Maria know work was gonna ge a broblem from now on.

Two days later Maria got to work and founf out cathy quit the job as Maria kind fo felt bad fo rit to end like this but it wa sCathy that started to eh was and it was Maria that finished the was, Maria tried the next couple of days calling cathy up but Cathy never answered. Maria knew there friendship was over and now Maria had to find someoen to replace Cathy at work so fo rnow thats they end or this is anything changes i'll write about it