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The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the beginning

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The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the beginning
« on: April 12, 2022, 08:08:43 PM »
This is the start of a new series dealing with swinging and fighting. Let`s see whereever it may lead...enjoy!

"Marry me!"
With these two words our common history began.
My future wife Maria stood before me in a fishnet catsuit and mask. Her pretty brown hair flowed around her shoulders, her beautiful D-cups pressed against the fabric of her outfit. As I sucked up her large areolas and nipples with greedy gazes, my manhood straightened to full hardness and a smile played around the corners of her mouth and her eyes lit up.

Her hand slid over my naked muscular torso and she grabbed my 25cm splendid cock and breathed in my ear with a Polish accent, "Yeah sure."

At this point we had known each other for exactly 45 seconds.
45 seconds ago I had sat down with her at the bar of the swingers club and my life was never to be the same again....

Two years had passed since then and I didn't regret marrying her for a second. Love at first sight? This sentence was made for us.


My gorgeous wife's sweaty body spun around 180 degrees as her opponent kicked her dangling breasts so hard it lifted her whole body off the ring floor after it thrashed her natural tits hard against her ribs.

I was rock hard and feverish at the edge of the ring. But maybe I should start from the beginning, because I see you are confused....


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Re: The Tale of Maria and Thomas - the beginning
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2022, 10:12:26 AM »
After a wonderful evening of swinging at our regular club, we sat by the pool with a couple of friends and enjoyed a couple of cocktails.
We had known Anna and her husband Mike for over a year and had enjoyed ourselves with them several times since then.
However, there was always some sort of rivalry between us. Anna was keen on my huge cock and Mike was keen on my wife's big breasts.

"Tell me, have you heard about the fight night that is going to take place next week?", Anna asked us.
My wife and I looked at each other before shaking our heads.

Anna rolled her eyes. "Well, here. There will even be a ring set up and I'll be fighting another woman. A catfight or wrestling."
My wife's eyes lit up. "Come on Thomas! We have to be there!"
I looked to Anna, who was wearing only a tiny bikini. Her pierced nipples stood out clearly in the fabric.

Mike grabbed his wife's upper arms and she flexed her biceps for us. "Look at her! She's been working out good."
I felt her lean but strong biceps as well, then my hand slid to her belly.
Anna breathed in my ear, "Do you like what you see?"
Then my wife cleared her throat, "Not bad sweetie. But you're not a martial artist either. Just make sure your opponent doesn't finish you off."
My wife's sexy Polish accent sounded a bit challenging, and I thought I could tell that she actually wouldn't be entirely averse to seeing Anna take a bit of a beating.

Maria left her drink and got into the pool naked. Mike couldn't take his eyes off her and greedily gaped at her sexy swinging breasts and tight butt.
"Maria works out a lot, too. She goes to the gym twice a week. And didn't you have the boxing lessons once?"

I saw Mike's erection growing and he leaned back on his sun chair and drank from his cocktail.
Then when Maria was also floating on her back with her beautiful plump natural breasts sticking out of the water like two mountains, he had to swallow.
"Oh man Thomas your Maria is incredibly sexy. You really hit the jackpot there. Ouch!"
I laughed as he got elbowed in the side by his wife and spilled some of his drink.

"Your wife is sitting right next to you!"
We all laughed together and finally I added, "Well I can't wait to see Anna in the ring. I love fighting women."
"Thanks honey!" Mike's wife leaned over and kissed me sensually. "I'll put on something extra hot for you too!"

My mind was on a roller coaster from that evening on. I imagined Anna in a wild fight and secretly my wife too....