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Amanda vs Loralie

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Amanda vs Loralie
« on: May 05, 2022, 06:15:08 AM »
Amanda vs. Loralie
By: WS2003

This is part 114 in a series of wrestling stories.  The first story was done in 2003.  If you need access to any of my other stories, please email me at the email listed at the end of this story.

The commissioner has added a few new girls to the league.  One of the new girls, Loralie, has challenged Amanda to a match. The rules for the match are first girl to get a submission or 5 second pin is the winner.  No weapons can be brought to the ring.  Otherwise anything goes.

Amanda is the first girl to head toward the ring.  She has on her blue string bikini and is barefoot.  She gets some cheers, but her crowd support has gone down since her repeated losses to Yuko and Jenny.  Amanda enters the ring to wait for her opponent.  Loralie is announced next.  She has come over from the UK so fans are unsure what to expect.  Loralie emerges wearing a black bra, showing off her nice C cups and cutoff jean shorts.  She has on black high heeled boots that come just below her knees.  Loralie has long blonde hair and is 5'11", and weighs 160lb.  The crowd cheers for the bigger girl.  Loralie is not only bigger but also more muscular than Amanda, so this could be a tough match for the babyface.  Loralie climbs into the ring and the bell is rung to start the match.

Both girls approach the center of the ring and lock up.  With Loralie's strength, she quickly gets the upper hand and starts forcing Amanda back toward the nearest corner.  As she gets Amanda into the corner, she drives her knee right into Amanda's pussy.  Amanda cries out in pain and lowers her hands to her crotch.  Loralie pulls her head back and sends it forward, headbutting Amanda.  Amanda drops to her knees as she lets out a groan.  She keeps one hand buried between her legs and moves her other hand to her head.  Loralie takes a step back and then sends her boot into Amanda's belly.  As Amanda lets out a moan, Loralie drives a few more kicks into Amanda's belly.  Amanda finally drops to the mat in pain.  Loralie stands over her, smiling...

Loralie reaches down and grabs a handful of Amanda's long brown hair.  She yanks up, pulling Amanda to her feet.  Loralie than wraps her arms around Amanda's midsection, locking in a bearhug.  She has Amanda's arms trapped against her side as she squeezes.  Amanda moans in pain as Loralie's fists dig into her lower back.  Amanda tries to wiggle free but Loralie's grip is too tight.  Loralie continues with the pressure and all Amanda can do is moan in pain.  Showing her strength, Loralie lifts Amanda off the mat.  Amanda's upper body leans back a bit as she lets out new painfilled moans.  Loralie applies maximum pressure as she holds Amanda off the mat.  Loralie then lifts Amanda a little higher and starts to bring her down.  As she does, she extends her leg and drops Amanda's crotch down hard on her knee.  Amanda cries out in pain as she slides off Loralie's leg to the mat.  Amanda lies on the mat holding her crotch... 

Loralie reaches down and grabs Amanda's long hair.  She pulls Amanda to her feet.  She bends Amanda over and reaches around for Amanda's midsection.  Loralie then lifts up and pulls Amanda up so her legs are over her shoulders and her face is in Amanda's crotch.  She has Amanda set up for a powerbomb.  Loralie holds her there for a moment.  She turns to the center of the ring and powerbombs Amanda right down in the middle of the ring.  Amanda's back hits hard and she rolls to her side moaning as she arches her hurting back.  Loralie then kicks Amanda onto her belly.  She moves over Amanda facing her legs.  She reaches down and grabs Amanda's legs and pulls them up and tucks them under her arms, applying a boston crab...

Amanda cries out in pain as Loralie begins to lean back, bending Amanda's already sore back.  Loralie smiles as she leans back further, increasing the pressure on Amanda's back.  Amanda pounds on the mat in pain.  Loralie knows Amanda is hurting and keeps up the pressure.  Loralie says to Amanda, "So you thought wrestling a new comer to the league would be easy?  Well you were wrong.  And I am going to show you how wrong you were."  Loralie leans back further, bending Amanda's back even more.  Amanda wails in pain as Loralie shows her no mercy.  Loralie keeps Amanda in the crab for another 30 seconds, before finally releasing her.  Amanda flops back down to the mat and moans in pain.  She reaches a hand around her to massage her sore back...

Loralie grabs Amanda by the hair and yanks her to her feet.  She then runs her toward the nearest corner and sends her between the top and middle rope.  Amanda hits the corner pole shoulder first.  She falls back to the mat holding her right shoulder as she lets out a groan.  Loralie gives Amanda a couple kicks, sending her under the bottom rope and out of the ring.  Amanda lands hard on the concrete floor.  Loralie slides between the ropes and jumps down to the floor next to Amanda.  She scoops Amanda up in her arms and carries her toward the ring steps .  She then drops her down back first, right on the edge of the ring steps.  Amanda's lower back hits the stairs as she falls to the floor.  As Amanda lies face down on floor, Loralie raises her boot and stomps down on Amanda's lower back.  She grinds the heel of her boot in to Amanda's back as Amanda wails in pain...

Loralie steps back and raises her hands to the crowd.  Amanda's fans boo the bigger girl.  But Loralie is gaining some fans and they cheer wildly for her, enjoying her dominance over the babyface.  Loralie goes over and scoops Amanda up in her arms, holding her across her body.  She looks at the corner of the ring.  She runs toward the pole and smashes Amanda's lower back into the ring post.  Amanda moans in pain.  Loralie backs up, setting Amanda up again.  Loralie rushes at the post again, driving Amanda's back into the steel post a second time.  She holds her there for a moment, bending her around the post.  After a few seconds, Loralie drops to a knee and brings Amanda's back crashing down on her outstretched leg.  Loralie then shoves Amanda off and down to the floor. Amanda's back is hurting badly after the repeated attacks by Loralie...

As Amanda lies on the floor in pain, Loralie reaches down and strips off Amanda's bikini top.  She then takes the bikini top and wraps it around Amanda's neck.  She yanks on it, pulling the now topless Amanda to her feet.  Amanda struggles to stand, trying to pull the material from her throat as she finally gets to her feet.  Loralie keeps a hold of the bikini top, keeping Amanda on her feet.  Loralie takes her free hand and drives a punch to Amanda's belly.  Amanda tries to double over, but Loralie pulls back on the bikini top, straightening her back up.  Loralie then delivers another hard punch to Amanda's belly.  Once again Amanda tries to double over, but Loralie yanks back on the bikini top to keep her upright.  This time, Loralie drives her knee right into Amanda's pussy.  She then releases the bikini top and Amanda crumples to the floor in pain.  Amanda holds her crotch with one hand as she pulls the bikini top from her neck...

Loralie reaches down and grabs Amanda by the hair and pulls her to her feet.  She then whips Amanda toward the crowd divider.  Amanda hits the top of the divider and flies over the top and into the crowd.  She is lying face down on the floor, at the feet of the crowd as Loralie comes over.  Loralie reaches under the divider and grabs Amanda's bare legs.  She pulls back on them, pulling them under the divider.  Loralie then reaches through the gap in the divider and grabs Amanda's arms.  She pulls them through the divider and pulls back.  Amanda's upper body is lifted off the floor.  Amanda is trapped in this modified camel clutch hold.  Loralie hooks Amanda's arms around the bottom of the divider and grabs a handful of Amanda's hair, yanking Amanda higher off the floor and bending her back more.  Amanda screams in pain as Loralie bends her back...

The crowd has the perfect view of Amanda's bare breasts as Loralie has Amanda's upper body pulled off the floor.  Loralie's knee is on Amanda's lower back as she keeps up the pressure.  Amanda's bare feet kick the floor as she moans in pain.  Amanda is in trouble but there is no way out of this hold.  Loralie smiles as she keeps up the pressure on Amanda's weak back.  The crowd is cheering Loralie on as she works Amanda's back.  Loralie pulls Amanda's hair a bit more, yanking Amanda as far as she can.  Amanda has to be close to her limit.  Finally Loralie releases Amanda's hair and the babyface falls face first back to the floor.  Amanda moans in pain as she lies there...

Loralie stands up and climbs over the divider.  She reaches down and hauls Amanda to her feet.  She then scoops her up and turns toward the divider and drops Amanda's lower back down hard on the divider.  Loralie does not hold her in place, allowing Amanda to slide off and fall to the floor on the ringside.  Loralie climbs back over the divider.  Once again she scoops up Amanda and carries her to the ring.  She places her on the ring apron and then shoves her under the bottom rope and back in to the ring.  Loralie grabs the ropes and pulls herself unto the ring apron and slides back in after Amanda.  Amanda is just lying there in pain.  Loralie yells down to her, "Get up Amanda!"  Amanda just moans as she stays on the mat...

Loralie grabs Amanda by the hair and hauls her up.  She then throws her into the corner.  Amanda's back hits hard and her arms slide over the top rope to hold her up.  Loralie moves in and sends a kick to Amanda's belly with her boot.  Amanda groans in pain.  Loralie keeps the kicks coming, sending her boot deep into Amanda's belly each time.  After a half dozen kicks, Amanda just hangs from the corner with her head drooped forward.  Loralie moves in and pulls Amanda from the corner.  She spins her around and pushes her face first into the corner.  Loralie slings Amanda's arms over the top rope to hold her up.  Loralie takes a step back and resumes her kicks, this time working Amanda's already weak back.  Amanda's eyes are closed as she moans with each kick...

Amanda's legs start to give out and Loralie stops and moves in.  Loralie dips her shoulder down and hoists Amanda up on her shoulders, trapping the babyface in a torture rack.  Loralie hooks a leg and pulls down on Amanda's chin, bending her back.  Amanda cries out, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...MY BACK!"  Amanda is in trouble now.  Loralie parades her screaming opponent around the ring as she applies pressure, bending Amanda's back.  There is no escape for Amanda as the powerful Loralie bends her back even more.  Most of the fans are loving Loralie's power moves and are cheering her on.  Loralie bounces a few times, getting even more cries of pain from the beautiful Amanda.  I am not sure how much more Amanda can take...

Amanda cries out, "No back can't take it!"  Loralie give one more hard bounce and then she releases the pressure.  Loralie makes a little adjustment and then takes Amanda and lifts her off of her shoulders and holds her above her head.  The crowd rises to their feet as Loralie displays Amanda's practically lifeless body.  Amanda's limbs dangle down as Loralie holds her there.  Then in one swift move, Loralie begins to drop Amanda down in front of her.  As she does, Loralie drops to one knee.  Amanda's back is sent crashing down on Loralie's outstretched knee.  The crowd erupts as Loralie delivers a devastating backbreaker.  Amanda's body slides off her knee and crumples to the mat...

Loralie gets to her feet and places her boot on Amanda's belly and tells the ref to count.  The ref moves in and counts, "1...2...3...4...5!"  He calls for the bell.  Loralie has easily defeated Amanda in her debut match.  Loralie parades around the ring as Amanda just lies on mat, not moving.  The ref signals for the medical staff.  Loralie slides out of the ring to give high fives to her new fans as the medical staff help get the injured Amanda out of the ring.

The End.

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Re: Amanda vs Loralie
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Amazing story wow :)


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Re: Amanda vs Loralie
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Love these stories. Anything with Amanda is great


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Re: Amanda vs Loralie
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Good to see another story from WS2003 and honestly I am wondering if Amanda is going to ever win a match !!   :o ;D ;D
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