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Dakota's Reunion Part II

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Dakota's Reunion Part II
« on: July 22, 2022, 02:11:42 PM »
The reunion was in Dakota's home town on Long Island.  Her home town was way out in Suffolk County but to make things easier, the reunion was actually held in a hotel.  This allowed people from out of town to rent a room if they chose too (or anyone else for that matter).  Dakota rented a suite, just for fun (or so she told everyone) which had a big sitting room, a large bedroom and a great view of the vast nothingness of central Suffolk county.  She had several of her high school friends up to the room before the actual reunion to have drinks.  Unlike Dakota, most were married and had already pushed out a few kids.  They all shared gossip about the class, this one did this, this one got rich, this one got arrested for whatever, etc., etc.  Dakota had a few drinks with them and before they knew it, it was time for the reunion.  Everyone had done their best to look good, but none of them could stop commenting on Dakota and how good she still looked.

The group went down to the reunion, and to their surprise, it was pretty crowded.  It was fun to start catching up with friends, but it had only been 10 years and many had stayed in touch through social media if not directly.  It was about an hour into the party when Dakota saw Brooke.  She had gained weight but was still very attractive and was wearing a floral print dress.  Her tits seemed to have lost some of their luster and Dakota was clearly in better shape.  While she eyed Brooke, she did nothing other than watch her laughing and smiling with friends and showing pictures of (likely) children.  The night got a little longer and finally, they crossed paths.  They hadn't spoken a word since the fight in 11th grade. 

"Oh, hi Dakota." she said.

"Hello Brooke."  Dakota replied.

"How are you?"  "Good". "What have you been up to?" Exchange of jobs, recent experiences, Brooke was now a mom of three kids, doing very well in a big house on the Maryland shore.... in town for a few days, husband has the kids, etc. 

All superficial bullshit.  Both smiled throughout.  They moved along to others.  Dakota realized she was so turned on that she could barely catch her breath.   She moved on though, there was clearly no conversation about their previous matter.  Then Dakota saw him, the "Boy" who was now a very attractive man talking to a group of his friends.  She beelined over to him and a second before she got there, Brooke called to him and he turned to her, not seeing Dakota.  Seconds later, the three of them were having an awkward conversation.  Fake-laughing as reunion-goers often do.  He was happily married with two kids, a successful doctor, blah blah blah.

Later that night, Dakota found Brooke again.  She made a snide comment about the "Boy" and it somehow struck a nerve.  The competitive tension between her and Brooke spilled out and both realized that their hatred for one another had smoldered all of these years.  The two began to have a more intense exchange.  Dakota had been unaware that Brooke and the boy had briefly had an affair two years ago that had nearly ruined both of their marriages.  Things got heated between Brooke and Dakota, intentionally.  Finally Dakota simply blurted out, "You wanna see how this goes, Brooke, after all these years?  You think you can still take THIS?" and she gestured to her  body. 

Brooke snorted.  "Dakota, I out weigh you by something like 40 lbs and I would pop those balloon tits like grapes.  Stop being an asshole."   she pushed into Dakota.

Dakota raised her eyebrows.  "Offer stands. I have a suite upstairs." 

"Let's go bitch, I would love to beat your ass one more time."  and the two left the party straight to Dakota's suite. 

They got to the room and Dakota realized she hadn't set anything up.  Without a word, as she started to move furniture out of the way, so did Brooke.  They were both clearly on the same wavelength.  Once the room was a cleared, Brooke took off her dress.  "What the fuck?" Dakota said.

"I'm not ruining my dress on you, asshole."  Brooke mumbled. 

Dakota shrugged.  "Suit yourself" and stripped down as well.  Brooke only had a high cut thong and no bra so Dakota took her bra off as well.

"Let's do this," grumbled Brooke. 

Dakota smirked, "oh yeah, let's go." 

Brooke charged at Dakota, and as soon as the women connected, a flash of "holy shit what have I done?" raced through Dakota's mind.  Brooke was far stronger than even Michelle was and drove Dakota backwards into the wall behind her.  She pinned Dakota against the wall with her shoulder and held her with her body weight as she slammed several punches into Dakota's gut before yanking her by the hair and tossing her to the middle of the room.  A kick to the flank knocked the wind out of Dakota followed by a kick to her big left tit and then Brooke was on her back, pinning her down, hauling her head back by her hair and punching her in the face.  Dakota tried to cover her face with her hands as Brooke pummeled her.  Brooke got off of her back and dragged her up and backwards as Dakota growled trying to get into a better position but swung her and slammed another punch into her face and then kicked her in her chest again. 

Brooke was out of breath and stepped back slightly.  Dakota groaned.  "You done?" chided the big brunette.

Dakota responded by smashing her heel into Brooke's crotch.  The big woman gasped and stumbled. Dakota leapt up and tackled her and the two women rolled around in a catball.   Dakota's nails ripped at Brooke's back as they pulled hair and punched in close quarters but Brooke was still stronger and ended up on top.  She tried to bang Dakota's head into the carpet, but the two women were too close together and it was ineffective.  Dakota reached around and raked Brooke's eyes.  Brooke screeched and head butted Dakota, really hurting her.  Dakota tried to push Brooke off of her, but Brooke was too strong and too heavy to move.  Brooke instead bounced her hips into Dakota's and Dakota reached down, grabbed Brooke's panties, and yanked up in a wedgie.  Brooke grimaced as her panties tore and got to her feet, breaking the catball and stomping Dakota several times, really hurting her opponent.  Dakota rolled away and realized she might have bitten off more than she could chew. 

Brooke glanced at her face in the mirror and then looked at Dakota, she was clearly furious and Dakota knew it.  They closed the distance between them and Dakota readied her attack, but never delivered.  The punch from Brooke was so powerful it sent her stumbling backwards and to her knees.  For a big girl, Brooke moved fast and laced Dakota with punches and kicks, battering the shit out of her.  Brooke yanked Dakota by her hair and dragged her to the center of the room again and sat down on her chest and began pounding Dakota again.  Dakota was in trouble and she knew it.  If she didn't do something dramatic, she would lose again.    Brooke was simply too strong and too big.  She was badly hurt.

Dakota got a hand free and grabbed Brooke's exposed pussy, a result of the wedgie.  She dug her nails in.  Brooke screeched again and tried to get away, but Dakota wouldn't let go.  Instinctively, Brooke grabbed Dakota's wrist and tried to pull her off.  Dakota's nails were doing damage though.  Dakota forced a finger into Brooke's pussy and the brunette fell to her knees. Dakota raked her claws and Brooke screamed, "Oh god, stop, your tearing my pussy, you cheating cxnt!  You dirty fucking fighter!" 

Dakota didn't stop though.  She twisted Brooke's clit and reached up and dug into her nipple.  Brooke wailed in pain.  "Please I'm done! You win, you win, oh god stop!" 

Dakota grabbed Brooke's hair and yanked her head up, "Now get the fuck out, bitch. " Hissed Dakota.  Brooke was sobbing as she rolled to her hands and knees and crawled to her clothes.

"You dirty cxnt," she mumbled, "I was kicking your ass and then you mauled my pussy.  You are a piece of shit..." she mumbled.

"Fuck you, Brooke." sneered Dakota.

Brooke stumbled after putting on her dress and walked to the door.  She looked at Dakota's battered face.  "Well, people are going to know you got your ass kicked tomorrow..."

Dakota smirked, "Those scratches are gonna tell a story too, asshole. Go fuck yourself." 

Brooke opened the door and walked out, slamming it shut.

Dakota fell onto her couch that had been pushed to the side and began to rub herself until she climaxed....