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The Fight That Cost Me A Weekend In Jail

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The Fight That Cost Me A Weekend In Jail
« on: August 05, 2022, 03:43:58 AM »
Ok i've been on here about 4 or 5 days been cool talked to a lot people then this one girl asked me if I remember the fight that got me sent to jail for the weekend, we'll yea I do it was only two month's ago. This girl started to bad mouth me on facebook and snap chat talking ahot about how she could kick my ass, now I had no idea who she was until I did some research and found out it was a fat bitch  from the gym I go to her name was Vanessa. Now i'd never met Vanessa or talk to her so have idea why she wants to kick my ass but hey I never walk away from a challenge now i'm 29 5'8 145 and Vanessa is 32 5'9 185. I waited about a week then went back to the gym acted like nothing was wrong and even went so far to say hi to her when I passed bye her. I asked her if she's like to work out with mein the private gym in the back she said sure lets go, I was in shorts t-shirt and Vanessa in sweats & also in a t-shir.
As we went into the private gym I put a private sessions sign on the outside door locking  it after we were both inside, she gave me a funny look when I locked the door guess she kew somwthing was up as she said what type of workout can we do I smiled and said how about little fun wrestling as she just smiled and agreed. As we wrestled I played stupis let her hit me as I took her best shots moaning and crying out as she got more and more confident, I was swinging wild as she countered with some hard body shots doubling me up a few times as I acted like I did not know how to fight. After about 15 minutes of being a punching bag with her laughing & having fun I decided time to fuck this bitch up, I was against the wall as she charged at me I just kicked my food up cathing her in the pit of her fat belly her eyes and mouth opened wide as she dropped to her knees.

I came at her with a hard knee to her chest sending her backwards as she laid there holding her chest as she started to get up, I grabbed hold of her shirt ripping it in pieces as I pushed into her sending her fat body slamming into the wall. She started to tell me no more I give up but no I was just getting started as I gave her a wicked slap across her face leaving my finger marks on her cheek, she started to ask what did I do to you I'm sorry  I just told her this is what you get for talking shit on facebook her eyes opened wide she said she was just joking around. I rammed my knee hard into her belly once then again as she doubled up I grabbed her hair pulling her up and took a piece of the ripped shirt shoving it in her mouth as that stopped her from talking or screaming.

I just started to slam my right fist over and over into her fat belly above the bellybutton & below the bellybutton hitting her as hard as I could, avery time she tried to double up I grabbed her hair slamming her back against the wall must of punched her about 9 or 10 times until she finally collapsed on the floor on her side. I told her never talk about me again and kicked her in her chest and belly about four times unti  she laid ther emotionless. I left her on the floor as I left the private gym heading home and when I got home I was having a drink when the doorbell rings it was the police. They came in and asked me if I knew Vanessa I told her yea I do why? they said she's filing assault charges on you for beating her up as they put cuffs on me and took me to jail.

The next day I had to face the jugde she pulled up my record showing all the fights I had in school and out of school as she said I need a little cooling off time and sentenced me to 72 hours in jail to cool off and also told me there's a restraining order for me not to come near Vanessa or the next time in jail will be 90 days.

After I got out I started going to a new gym and knew I had to forget my anger and stay away from the bitch, that's been two month'd ago and pretty much forgot all aout Vanessa but that was got gonna stop me from having fun fights with my girlfriends to relieve my stress

So there you have it the fight that got me busted from beginnng to end, feel free to comment good or bad  ;) ;)
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kick you when your down !