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Justice Battle: Corporate Responsibility (by TJ)

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Justice Battle: Corporate Responsibility (by TJ)
« on: May 02, 2022, 02:21:30 PM »
Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, due to the closure of yahoo groups, many very good and interesting stories have disappeared from the web. One of such groups was the KandiBox group.

Most of the group founder's stories can be found on the author's profile

The other writer of the group is tj-lesnig - most of his stories are not published on Deviantart.

As a token of appreciation to both authors, I am publishing their stories here. All rights belong to the authors. Feedback for the authors is welcome.

Justice Battle: Corporate Responsibility
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

Jen strode to work with a spring in her step, it was a cold fresh morning,
exhilarating, and the sun shone as brightly as her mood. It was a mood she'd
never expected to attain whilst working for Aiga Corp, for the first 9 months
of her employment her life had been hell as her group of 10 co-workers were
ruled by Angela, the bitchiest boss of all time. But a month ago Angela had
left to work for a competitor and gradually since then Jen had felt able for
the first time to start enjoying work. For one thing she now felt free to
show off her pretty body by dressing smartly, her feet clicked as she strode
quickly in her high heels, her legs swished as her black nylon clad thighs
rubbed together and she felt a double thrill of arousal as her silk knickers
rubbed against her mound and her matching bra caressed her full breasts with
each thrusting step teasing her into arousal.

Her nipples, already hard with the cold, thickened and swelled as Jen allowed
her thoughts to drift towards Kate, one of her co workers. They were the only
2 to survive the entire reign of Angela, so many others had just not stood
for Angela's constant bullying and put downs even though the job was so well
paid. Jen and Kate had survived by realising that they had to keep their head
downs and never, ever challenge Angela in any way whatsoever. Their work had
to be just good enough, excel and you'd be out, perform poorly ditto,
similarly with dress and looks they quickly learnt that you must not outshine
the Ice Queen. Jen and Kate were good enough at their work that they could
fake enough incompetence without actually being incompetent enough to get
fired and for Jen dressing down was not a problem as she'd been so shy when
she first started work, shy of the attention her body got whenever any
semblance of her figure was revealed which was a petite well toned body for
the most part, strong and fit due to daily Yoga and fitness sessions which
were all taken in private. But, the statement 'for the most part' has a
bearing here because on that toned petite body sprouted a pair of breasts to
make men faint and women curse, she measured 30, which isn't big, but then a
look at the tag on her bra would then show a 'ff', and all of that wonderful
flesh stood straight out, high and proud. That body, combined with an overall
Latin look, long lustrous and curly dark brown hair and piercing blue/grey
eyes made her more than just a looker, she could have earned a fortune
modelling but Kate preferred to earn her money using her brain and skills so
until recently she'd dressed to cover up that body, loose baggy clothes with
no makeup so that most of her co-workers had thought her to be quite
seriously overweight and just a bit frumpy. Well in the last few weeks they'd
had a shock as Jen's inhibitions quickly faded away.

Jen was still daydreaming about the main cause of her fading inhibitions
which apart from the absence of Angela was her friend Kate, perhaps now she
thought to herself 'friend' isn't the right word and her nipples sprung out
even harder as she remembered what they'd done to each over the night before.
Jen hadn't considered herself a lesbian, and still didn't, and had never been
attracted to Kate or any other women before, but something had happened to
them, perhaps the fact that they'd had to survive the regime of Angela
together had brought them closer together, close enough that Jen accepted an
offer from Kate to go on a celebration week away when Angela had left which
had been such fun, they'd been pampered, both had many wonderful massages and
for the first time Jen had not felt self conscious about her body so when,
after a hard day of activity, they'd not been able to have their usual
massage they'd quite unselfconsciously gone back to their room and eased each
other aches and pains. Suddenly though whilst she was gently needing Kate's
back something inside broke and she found herself in floods of tears, in
moments Kate too broke down and they both hugged each other as the powerful
emotions swept through them. Sometime later though their chaste embrace
changed, massage when it began again became a tender love making that went on
throughout the night.

With these thoughts Jen walked quickly into the lobby of the gleaming tower
of Aiga Corp and had got almost all the way across the floor before she
realised that the place was full of Police, at least half of them converging
on her along with a harassed chief executive. 'Is that the other one'? Asked
a severe looking women in plain clothes, 'Yes, that's Jen Harbour, Jen', the
executive continued, 'I don't know what's gone on but they've taken Kate and
all the rest of the executives and they want you as well, what have you and
Kate been up to?' 'No..n nothing' stammered a confused Jen, 'well they've set
up a courthouse downstairs in the presentation theatre and they want you down
there right now'. With that Jen was led away, confused, dazed and fearful
over what might lay ahead.

Oh oh, Jen thought, Fucking Angela was there, And then Jen's heart sunk
further as centre stage in the Theatre she saw 2 pairs of 5 foot high metal
poles, set about 5 or 6 feet apart, facing each other. Seemingly tied between
1 pair of these poles was Kate, a gleaming metal wrist band was attached to
each wrist and this in turn was affixed to the top of each post so that Kate
was stood, arms outstretched, her legs were similarly spread, to two points
on the stage floor about 2-3 feet apart.

'Miss Harbour, glad of you to join us. I'm the Judge for these proceedings
and I must say that in your absence we've heard an awful lot about the
illegal trading that you 2 have been up to whilst you've been here at Aiga
Corp, Angela has been most forthcoming, in fact she didn't leave your corp
for another job, rather she took the brave step of exposing your illegal scam
and although, assuming you're guilty, she'll be very well re-warded I'm sure
her motives are purely altruistic.'

'In your absence Kate has been chosen to be judged first, she'll have a
chance to prove her innocence by fighting a state appointed fighter' 'BUT'
screamed Jen, 'Kate can't fight, she's not had any bouts, or done any
training, how can she fight a justice battle, and what's the evidence against
us, there can't be any, we've not done anything!' screamed out Jen. 'The ref
will explain the proceedings, we know that neither you nor Kate have a fight
record, don't you think this happens all the time? Ref, please elucidate for
Jen and the rest of us.

1. The fight will be blows in turn to the same point of the body until a
fighter gives up, starting with open palmed slaps to the face with alternate
hands, subsequent rounds will be with a closed fist.

2. After slapping or punching her opponent the wrist attractors will activate
and the wrists will be drawn to their respective poles and the person who has
received the blow will be released.

3. You will then have 10 seconds to strike your opponent for the first round,
increasing by 10 seconds for each subsequent round. If you fail to strike in
time then you will have missed your turn.

4. The round will finish when one fighter gives up and they will lose an
article of clothing.

5. The winner of the bout will chose where next to strike, after the first
round this will be with a closed fist and anywhere on the body except the
throat is an acceptable target.

6. If a clothed area is struck then after the first blow the next turn will
have 2 shots back, after that it's one blow each until a fighter gives up.

7. We continue until a fighter is naked and I deem that she cannot continue.
The same point on the body cannot be chosen again by the same fighter, or for
consecutive rounds.

8. To encourage maximum effort there are some penalties that I will impose.

i. Failure to strike your opponent ' free breast punch
ii. Conceding a round ' free breast punch
iii. Illegal punch ' free breast punch
iv. Trying to avoid a punch ' free breast punch

9. There will be no seconds. Kate will fight Sandra.'

Jen was in torment, her friend Kate was not a fighter, fit yes, but not
exceptionally, she worked out casually, enough to keep her body lean and
supple but she didn't do any strength work outs, just a bit of casual sport.
All in all Jen was scared as she looked at her friend, still dressed for work
but minus her jacket, whether tights or stockings Jen couldn't tell, Black
Skirt like Jen's own (they'd bought them together) and a just off white silky
blouse which was ever so slightly sheer so that with her arms stretched out
you could just see the outline of Kate's white bra. Kate had an Eastern
European look, pale skin and an elfin face with piercing blue eyes topped by
long blonde hair which she'd just started to let down. Tall and slender Jen
knew well that Kate's breasts were small but perfectly formed with perky up-
tilted nipples that erected like pencil rubbers at the slightest provocation.

Sandra then climbed onto the stage, like Kate she was dressed for the office,
high heels, hose clad legs, a grey skirt and plain white shirt. Her hair was
tied back and she wasn't wearing any makeup so all in all the effect was very
severe and frightening; she looked as if she meant business.

Kate meanwhile was still shell shocked, she'd arrived at work 15 minutes
before her friend and promptly been bundled down to this room where for about
10 minutes a strange litany of charges were read out to her, crimes that she
and Jen were supposed to have committed that just made no sense, at least no
sense until she'd seen Angela at which point she'd lost it and screamed a
torrent of abuse and tried to make the Judge see that Angela was a liar. It
hadn't worked, instead he Judge had just said, Oh, enough; let the battle
sort it out. And here she was, arms outstretched, fixed to poles with her
legs spread in front of all of her co-workers.

Fearfully Kate watched Sandra step up, then the ref announced 'When receiving
a blow, you must look straight ahead. Any attempt to duck or jerk away will
be deemed a foul and I will award a penalty blow to the breast.' He then
dropped his hand and before Kate had time to even think Sandra's right arm
whipped across and cracked against her left cheek, the loud smack resounding
around the theatre. Kate head was whipped around and suddenly she was
staggering back, stunned by the force of the blow her left cheek already
flaming red, the outline of Sandra's palm fingers clearly outlined on Kate's
face. She heard Jen cry out as she tried to regain her balance; the rest of
the room was silent at the sudden violence of the blow. Through eyes blurred
with tears she could see Sandra calmly waiting for her to strike back, and
then just of stage the nearest observer was Angela, smirking.

This gave Kate the motivation she needed, gathering herself she strode
forwards, still nervous, but now she was aware of a large digital clock
counting down and she only had 4 seconds left to strike back. She drew her
own right arm back and slapped Sandra as hard as she could. Slap, she struck,
but Sandra just stood there, her head whipped around a little and although
Kate could see the mark of her hand on Sandra's face she knew she hadn't
struck with the same force. She stepped back, and as she did so she felt the
draw on her ankles and wrists drawing her back towards her position. She
stepped back and arms and legs snapped back into place.

The moment she was in position Sandra struck again, left handed this time,
and once more Kate's head was ringing with pain as her face was whipped
around again. She struggled to maintain her composure, almost falling as she
stumbled away but she gathered herself and struck back, her left hand though
was not so strong and Sandra barely flinched at the blow. Kate stepped back,
and her arms and legs snapped into place. Sandra stepped forwards, her right
arm raised, and started to strike. Kate couldn't help herself, she jerked her
head away and Sandra's slap missed.

Penalty blow, Sandra can strike with a punch to the breast before re-taking
her slap. Kate blanched, and Sandra gave a quick satisfied smile. Drawing her
right hand into a tight fist she lined up her target, the gentle bulge of
Kate's firm left boob, the bra outlined through Kate's silk blouse. She
struck with awesome power and the bare fist thudded hard into Kate's boob,
the blouse and lace bra did nothing to absorb the power as Kate's fist lanced
into the centre of Kate's breast crushing it into her ribs. Kate squealed in
pain, she felt sick and nauseous at the sensation of her glands been so
cruelly crushed and instantly she started to sweat as the sickening pain took
hold, but she had barely absorbed the pain when Sandra set out to strike her
face again.

Kate gritted her teeth, she had to face the front and not duck or dodge. She
closed her eyes and waited. Crack! Sandra struck and Kate was physically
knocked off her feet. Ears ringing she stumbled aside, her head twisted aside
by the force of the blow and as she lost balance she fell, twisting as she
did so to fall to her knees and one hand. Head down her hair fell forwards
hiding her face, sweat spots dotted her back, staining her blouse. Kate
struggled back to her feet, the left side of her face was now beet red and a
thin trickle of blood appeared from her left nostril. Sweat beaded her face
as she approached Sandra who was calmly waiting for her to strike. Kate did
her best, drawing her right arm back she struck as fiercely as she could, she
did manage to knock Sandra's head aside as she struck and a loud crack showed
that she'd hit harder than her previous efforts but even so Sandra barely
paused, with evil intent, she struck back immediately, her left hand sweeping
across the moment Kate was back in position. Crack, 'Arghhhh' Kate cried out
as her head was whipped aside again and once more she went stumbling away
vaguely aware that as she cried out an echoing scream of anguish came from
the watching Jen.

Jen was in torment watching her friend take a beating, she felt proud that
Kate was trying but was desperate for her to give up, take a minimal
punishment and then see what happened. And now, she was drawn to the large
screens that circled the Theatre, replaying slow motion close up's of each
shot, a close up of Kate's tear streaked face bravely looking forwards, red
and blotchy from earlier hits and a red streak under her left nostril, the
nostrils flaring as Kate breathed quickly and then Kate's open palm coming
into view, thud, it hit and Kate's pretty face distorted as the shockwaves
shattered it into a grotesque mask, the opposite cheek billowing out, her
lips open and fluttering as her head slowly twisted with Sandra palm still
driving across it, beads of sweat springing away from the palm tinged with
flecks of red from her bleeding nose. Jen quickly turned to see Kate
staggering back to her feet after Sandra's last blow, blood tricking from
both nostrils now, streaked across her face in a line, dragged there by
Sandra's last slap, but now a slow trickle was re-forming under each nostril,
gathering on Kate's upper lip and then dripping to the floor.

Kate's head was ringing after the last blow, she slowly raised herself up,
and staggering as still dizzy she lurched towards Sandra and struck with her
left palm. She only just caught Sandra with the tips of her fingers and she
bent her middle finger back as she struck, so instead of the hopped for cry
from Sandra, Kate squealed in pain from her finger and frustration as her
shot largely missed. She didn't immediately step back but suddenly was aware
of two people, a man and a women coming towards her. Quickly she stepped back
in range of the attractors and was ready again.

Before Sandra could strike the ref announced, 'you've spotted out helpers, in
the event that one of you can't regain the position they'll help you'. Then
he waved Sandra forwards. Kate waited, Sandra paused arm raised ready. Kate
gritted her teeth and closed her eyes waiting head as still as she could make
it, she waited and waited what for her seemed like well more than 10 seconds
until unable to keep her eyes closed she opened them again which was the
signal for Sandra to strike. Kate couldn't help herself, instinctively she
drew her head aside and Sandra's palm just glanced the side of her face.
Sandra didn't wait for the ref to announce anything, instantly her right hand
was in a tight fist and she struck viciously into Kate's left breast. Kate
hadn't even had time to see the blow coming, 'arghhhh' Kate cried out as
agonising pain exploded in her boob and she shuddered with the force of the
blow on her bound body.

Jen screamed as the blow struck, instantly the scene was replayed and Jen
couldn't tear her eyes away as with fascinated horror she saw Sandra's fist
strike home, the knuckles were extended and she struck slightly upwardly into
the gentle swell of the underside of Kate's breast. Like a knife into butter
the slow motion replay showed Sandra's fist hit and penetrate, a bulge
started to appear above the invading fist as Kate's blouse billowed out as
bra and breast was driven up her body. In and in Sandra's fist travelled,
crushing Kate's small tender breast against her ribs, the thin line of hard
knuckles meeting no resistance until Kate's gland was solidly crushed against
her ribs, then the whole force of the blow was transferred with devastating
effect grinding the sensitive glands between sharp bony ribs and fierce
driven knuckles of Sandra's fist, tearing the breast up Kate's body and
stretching the ligaments with agonising force. Kate's face was twisted in
torment as the fist struck home, she was driven back and up until her bounds
held her fast.

Sobbing with unbelievable pain Kate was still held firm in her bounds as
Sandra now prepared to slap her face again. Jen screamed inside herself for
Kate to give the round up, but despite her tears Kate seemed determined to go
on even though she didn't seem to be hurting Sandra much with her blows. Kate
started straight ahead through tear streaked eyes, her blouse now sticking to
her sweaty body, the outline of her bra easily visible as a dry patch. Sandra
swung her right palm with everything that she had and somehow Kate managed to
keep her head still until the blow struck. It was the hardest blow so far,
the crack of Sandra open hand hitting Kate's sweaty cheek resounded across
the theatre, Kate's head was jerked violently aside, sweat and blood from her
bleeding nose exploded away and as the bounds released Kate fell to the

On all fours, head down, she seemed dazed. Slowly her head came up, blood now
a steady stream from her left nostril dripped steadily onto the floor. For a
few moments she seemed not to realise that she only had 10 seconds to get up
and strike back, but slowly she climbed back onto the feet and walked
unsteadily towards Sandra with the blood from her nose creating an ever
growing stain on her once immaculate blouse. Once in range Kate drew her
right hand back and with a huge scream she let fly at Sandra, it was her
hardest blow and for the first time Sandra's head was forcibly whipped
around, but Sandra just smiled, despite the growing red blotch on her face,
and as Kate was quickly ushered back into her position Sandra was following,
already poised to strike.

Knowing the consequences of Moving her head Kate was determined to hold
steady, Sandra though was going to make that as hard as she could. She
quickly drew her arm back and made to strike, Kate almost flinched but just
stayed firm, Sandra did it again and this time Kate did flinch, then for a
third time Kate stepped back, drew her arm back and drove forwards twisting
so as to give as much power to the blow as she could and Kate couldn't help
herself, she moved despite herself, moved too much for the ref and for Sandra
whose open palm whistled past her face. Kate sobbed 'noooooo, I give in,
please, please stop'. 'very well the ref replied, this round to Sandra,
however, you must still receive a penalty punch as you did not quit until
after the attempted blow and of course there is the penalty for conceding
this round, after that you will remove an article of clothing and Sandra will
take the next punch wherever she chooses'. Almost as soon as the ref finished
speaking Sandra drove her right fist for the third time into Kate's abused
left breast. This time she struck with a slightly steeper upwards angle and
struck nearer to the base of the breast, the loud thud as her fist struck
home was quickly overlaid by a shriek of pain from Kate as a different agony
took hold, in slow motion Kate's knuckles struck the base of Kate's breast,
driving up and in to her small boob, it crushed the bottom half flat into
Kate's rib cage and then in the agonising slowness of the play back, her fist
slowly ground up squeezing the breast up Kate's body, the normally almost
flat boob bulging through her blouse above Sandra's fist, the wet blouse now
transparent with sweat showed bulging naked flesh escaping from the bra as
Sandra's fist, working like a mangle drying a cloth, squeezed up Kate's body
twisting as it did so. Buttons popped and sprung away as the fist continued
driving and twisting upwards, through the blouse a nipple now appeared, just
before it was engulfed by the driving fist as finally the entire breast was
stretched taught and driven flat.

Kate howled and her blood red face paled with the shock and the pain. Sandra
just stepped back to admire her handiwork, Kate's blouse was gaping open at
the breasts, at least 2 buttons were missing, her left boob was out of its
bra and through the now see thru blouse it was swollen and bruised. Gathering
herself, a faint smile on her lips, Sandra drew back her fist again and drove
it once more into Kate's left breast, this time hitting the inside of the
breast driving it across Kate's body. More buttons popped and Kate's breast,
already out of its Bra cup bulged out to her side as Sandra's fist drove into
it hitting just to one side of the nipple. Then, Gently the ref reached
through the huge gap in Kate's blouse and pulled the bra back into place and
then said, 'Kate, you've to remove an article of clothing, think carefully as
wherever Sandra chooses to strike next, if it's a clothed area you will get
two punches back initially, Oh, and you can't take anything off that's
already covered, so knickers or stockings are out at the moment, it's your
blouse or skirt we're after'.

Kate looked in shock, none of this was happening, but it was and she did her
best to think clearly and quickly decided to remove her skirt. Still bound
though she had to tell the ref 'Skirt', she said in a choked voice.
The ref beckoned one of the helpers forwards who grabbed the skirt at the top
and with muscles bulging he ripped it off Kate's body, flinging the tattered
remains away as he did so. Kate wanted to hide, her blouse just came to the
top of her skimpy sheer knickers, and she was wearing stockings, lacy white
garters attached to a belt that was clearly visible through her sodden
blouse, through the sheer material of her knickers it wasn't obvious that
Kate was a natural blond, because she was shaved, and Kate new that all of
her work colleagues were getting an eyeful of her cxnt, her tight sheer
knickers were clinging to every inch of her mound, even dipping erotically
into her sex.

But, even as she was thinking these thoughts Sandra was stepping up, and
before Kate could prepare herself Sandra struck with full force full on the
solar plexus, the spot in the centre of the chest an inch or two below the
breasts. Kate was paralysed! She couldn't breathe and as she was released she
sunk to the floor, mouth open, trying to get some breath into herself. First
she sunk to her haunches, then as breath and oxygen deserted her she fell
onto her side, curled up, struggling for breath. In replay, Sandra's fist was
still a blur as it struck Kate's body, physically driving her back as far as
the bounds would allow, as it struck Kate's mouth sprung open and ejected a
flume of spit along with all of her air.

Kate was down and the clock was ticking, '5 seconds' called the ref and Kate
tried to get up, she pushed herself onto all fours and using the metal pole
she tried to climb onto her feet, she just made it and stood swaying, gasping
for breath as she clung to one of the metal poles, just as the ref called '10
second'. Kate stepped forwards as if she was walking through molasses, she
cocked her fist and hit Sandra as hard as she could, but she didn't know how
to punch with power, her arm was bent when it hit and although Kate felt the
jar in her wrist as it struck home on Sandra's blouse, Sandra didn't even

Kate found herself being hauled back by the refs 'helpers' and the moment she
was back in position Sandra leapt forwards, her clenched fist driving towards
Kate's solar plexus once more. She never had a chance of withstanding the
blow, harder than the first blow she'd taken, her body convulsed as it was
struck, arms and legs driven taught as her torso was driven back as if struck
by a train, without the bounds she have been knocked flying. Moments after
the blow, with her bounds released Kate fell to the floor barely conscious
with her face a mask of absolute agony as she tried to get some breath into
her. Slowly she squirmed on the floor, her blouse twisting and parting as
more buttons came free, her stocking clad legs wet with sweat slid on the
shiny floor as she tried to curl herself up into a ball. As she writhed the
audience had the erotic sight of her panty clad rear rising and falling as
her legs tried to push herself up, opening up to give tantalising glimpses of
her shaved sex, her sex lips clearly visible through the wet sheer material
of her panties opening and closing as she weakly slid around on the floor.

10 seconds came, then 15 and Kate was just starting to try and regain her
feet, but she never made it. Sobbing and crying Kate was pleading for it all
to stop 'Noooohh', wailed Kate, 'I can't take this, please I give up, I can't
do this any more', all this coming out in pained gasps', 'Well', the ref
said, 'you can retire this round, but you'll have to take your penalty blow
for missing your turn and the penalty blow for resigning this round'. Then he
turned to his assistants, 'please help Jen to her feet and secure her for her
penalty blows

'Sandra, 2 penalty breast punches, whenever you're ready'. Kate shut her eyes
as Sandra's fist screamed in towards her left breast once more. This time
Sandra struck full on to the nipple, which could be seen through the wet
blouse and bra, driven erect for all the wrong reasons, Sandra hit hard and
forcibly, holding her fist so that as she hit, the sharp edge of her knuckles
drove in, and at the same time she twisted her wrist driving Kate to her most
anguished scream yet. With barely a pause, and with Kate still crying out
Sandra calmly re-set herself and struck again, this time striking up, hitting
the underside of Kate's breast, but again with that evil twist of her wrist
as it sunk into her tortured flesh making Kate's once pert breast leap up
before Sandra's glove smeared it flat into her chest wall

Kate hung in her bounds, in tears and gasping for breath, her left boob had
once more escaped it's bra cup, grossly swollen it hung out through the gap
in her blouse, easily twice the size of her still bra clad, and untouched
right breast, nipple throbbing red and engorged sticking out from the purple
and black bruised flesh of Kate's boob

Jen watching all this had been forcibly restrained and gagged, her constant
cries and attempts to get to her friend had finally worn down the patience of
the court officials, now she could only watch through tear streaked eyes the
destruction of her closest friend. She spared a lot of stares for Angela
vowing that somehow she'd get her revenge on the cause of all this.

The ref tipped Kate's head back, 'you'll have to remove your blouse this
time, then Sandra can start the third round'. So saying, the ref grasped
Kate's blouse and tore it open, the few remaining buttons flying across the
floor and then from behind he literally tore it from her body.

Poor Kate, dressed in gorgeous lingerie she was normally a stunner, but now
she was totally dishevelled, her left boob was hanging out of her pretty lace
bra, a see thru half cup bra with thin delicate straps, once an all over
white but now with blood trickling down her front a growing red stain was
spreading from the centre out. Beneath her bra there was a huge bruise where
Sandra had struck her solar plexus, sweat coated her flat belly and totally
soaked her garter belt and knickers, the thin white strap of her belt being
set a good few inches below her navel but still leaving a good few inches of
smooth pale skin before her brief panties, and she was still coming to terms
with being so exposed when the ref waved Sandra forwards once more.

Kate quailed, she was going to get hit again, but where?, Sandra walked
around Kate, but didn't strike, instead she turned to the ref 'I think Kate
is trying to get out of this too easy, I only hit her two times before she
gave up the last round, that's hardly going to give anybody justice, can we
agree a minimum number of blows from now?' asked Sandra

The ref replaced her boob into the bra cup which could now barely contain the
bruised swollen flesh, 'Yes, I agree' he replied, 'from this round we'll have
a minimum of 3 blows, oh, and as this is the 3rd round you will have 30
seconds to take each blow, begin when ready'.

Sandra stepped forwards, and Kate had time to see the fist travelling towards
her belly and she did her best to tighten her muscles as much as she could.
Thud, it struck full on the navel with a loud impact and Kate whooshed out
some air despite her best efforts to keep her belly tensed, but she had
resisted this blow better than Sandra, or any of the watchers expected. Bent
over, holding onto one of the posts Kate sucked in some air, in truth it was
the solar plexus blow that left her still winded as what gym work she did do
was mostly sit ups, she was determined to keep her belly flat and lean so
this one area was well toned. She knew that if she had a chance it was now.

With the clock on 15 seconds she pushed herself upright and strode over to
Sandra, a look of fierce determination on her bloodied and blood red face,
and giving it her best shot she thumped Sandra back, low on the blouse where
she imagined Sandra's navel to be. It was like striking concrete, apart from
a slight grunt there was little reaction from Sandra who, the moment Kate was
back in position, struck back with as fierce a punch as she could manage, but
again Kate's muscle shield largely held firm although she couldn't help but
gasp out some air.

On the large screens both of Sandra's shots were being played back, straight
drives with the knuckles leading the way, the first punch struck just above
the navel, slowly, oh so slowly the fist approached the wet glistening skin
of Kate's belly, then, impact and knuckles started to sink into the bare
flesh and a concave hollow of an impact crater formed in Kate's flesh, but
soon the glove was brought to a stop and a circular ridge of flesh rippled
away from the impact sight as if Kate's body was made of liquid (which of
course bodies largely are), down past her garter belt towards her panties and
up towards her breasts, the wave of flesh rippled out and then bounced back
and it was easy to imagine the devastating impact on Kate's internal organs
that the blow could have had. Then the 2nd blow, and from a few knowledgeable
observers there was an 'ahhh' as Sandra's fist sank visibly deeper and the
ripple of flesh speeding away was bigger than the first blow.

Kate again rested on the pole for a good 15 seconds as she sucked in gulps of
air, she just had to hurt Sandra somehow. She tried again and by chance did
the right thing, drawing her fist high she struck again at Snadra's navel,
striking down and leaning into the punch as she struck at Sandra's plain
white blouse. Thud, and even better, a gasp from Sandra as her fist struck.
Kate stood still for a moment as a buzz of appreciation went around the room
at her first good punch, then she was bodily hauled back to her position as
Sandra, with a few deep breaths strode forwards to take her blow. Kate tensed
her belly, muscles screaming as she did her best to hold firm, and the Sandra
struck. This time she two struck down and despite Kate's best efforts she
felt the sickening effects of Sandra's fist drive into her belly and she
gasped out her breath, then as her breath was still leaving her lungs a new
horrid, sickening sensation made itself felt as the shockwave from Sandra's
blow reached her reproductive organs. As Sandra's fist withdrew, Kate sunk to
her haunches gasping for breath.

The crowd now watched the replay of Sandra's last punch, angling down she hit
a fraction below the navel, well within the red patch of her earlier blows,
and her extended knuckles sank deep into Kate's belly with the now familiar
shockwave of flesh spreading away from the impact site, but this time most of
that ripple was directed downwards, her garter belt bulged out as the
shockwave went past, then focused by Kate's skeleton it rushed on down
towards Kate's panties, narrowing as it did so, but just like a wave forced
between two rocks almost seeming to gain strength as it reached that
sensitive area of the uterus just above Kate's panty line beofre finally,
diminishing, it reached her panties and after several aftershocks rippled
backwards and forwards through her body it finally stilled. Now a new view
came on screen, a camera was pointed up from floor level and zoomed in tight
on Kate's shaven sex, easily visible through her sodden sheer panties, you
could just see the swell of her belly above and Kate's fist striking home and
disappearing as it sunk into her flesh, then the bulge of flesh speeding down
her body, slowed down to a snails pace, growing, getting hearer her sex, then
the top of her panties starting to bulge as the shockwave finally reached her
sex, then as the shockwave neared her sex, Kate's delicate pink sex lips
started to tremble and move nearer to the camera then suddenly, even in slow
motion, they parted and gaped wide as the shockwave hit, her whole love
tunnel gaped wide open, pink, wet flesh rippling as it reacted to the wave of
energy from Sandra's fist before snapping shut as it passed.

Kate meanwhile was trying to overcome the sickening sensation, she feared now
what later blows would do to her, she'd heard about fighters being hit in the
sex and what it did to them, but never thought it could feel so bad, and
she'd not even been hit anywhere sensitive yet! What she felt was merely from
a nearby blow. Slowly she forced herself upright, she would strike again if
she could. There was still time, the clock was on 22 seconds so she took a
moment or two, to set herself and then struck again, angling down and leaning
in as much as she could. Again she drew a gasp from Sandra as her blow
struck, almost instantly she was hauled back into position and virtually at
the same instant as the last restraint clicked into place (her ankle) Sandra
struck back. It was a straight armed jab, designed to catch Kate unawares,
which it did perfectly. Sandra's wrist disappeared into Kate's slender belly
and an explosive 'umpfhhhh' signalled the expulsion of all Kate's breath. The
restraints released and Kate collapsed writhing onto the floor.

Kate's gasps were pitiful, her chest muscles were paralysed with shock as not
being prepared, the entire force of Sandra bare fist had pulverised her
belly. Like a fish out of water she gaped, her mouth open trying to suck in
air, and it felt to Kate like she'd pass out before she could get even a thin
breath of air back into her lungs, but she did just, on the cusp of fainting,
a red mist over her eyes, she just was able to take little sips of air. With
no idea how long she had left she somehow got herself back onto her feet, she
looked up and through the misty wetness of her eyes she could see the clock
on 25 seconds. Barely able to walk in her high heels she stumbled towards
Sandra and did her best to strike back, but weakened there was little power
in the punch and Sandra just smiled as Kate's fist smacked ineffectually into
her belly.

After Kate's blow she almost collapsed again, but was quickly helped back
into position she tried to tense her belly muscles, the camera showed a close
up of her belly fluttering as the muscles underneath trembled with effort;
but then Sandra struck, this time with her full might as she'd taken her time
and delivered a crushing blow to Kate's navel, striking down she unleashed
her full power and Kate's belly muscles had nothing left to keep Sandra's
fist out, it arrowed in and burrowed deep into Kate's insides punishing her
internal organs unmercifully. An explosion of air and phlegm erupted from
Kate's mouth in an arc as her head whipped back with the force of the blow.
As the restraints relased she dropped like a stone, seemingly senseless.

For the first 20 seconds Kate was motionless, then weak fluttering gasps
could be heard as she tried to get breath and she squirmed on the floor
trying to ease her belly into a more comfortable position. At 30 seconds
though she was barely moving, barely conscious, so she was hauled back onto
her feet and restrained in position. The ref asked, 'do you concede the
round?' a faint gasp was all that he got in return, but it said enough,
'Sandra', the ref said 'two breast punches before the next round if you
please'. Sandra grinned, her impassive face starting to unlock as the fight
progressed. She eyed up Kate's limp body, head down and hair hanging down
covering the front of her torso 'Can we do anything about that?' she asked
pointing out that she could hardly strike Kate's breasts if they were hidden
by hair. 'Kate', said the ref 'Kate, you need to remove an article of
clothing, what can we take?', he got just a mumble in return 'Can we take
your stockings?' he asked 'it leaves you the most protection' Kate managed to
look up and with a hopeless expression on her face she nodded. Kate's left
leg was quickly unstrapped and this time instead of ripping off her clothes

as he'd done earlier, he carefully removed her left stocking, then the right
before finally removing the lacy garter. Meanwhile a new higher post had been
set up behind Kate, quickly the ref bunched Kate's hair together and with a
quick neat twist of his hands he'd tied one end of the twisted stockings to
Kate's hair, then he quickly attached an attractor to the other end and
pulled Kate's head back until he could reach the new pole. With a bit of re-
positioning Kate's head was now tied back, held up by her own stocking ties
to her hair. 'That do' asked the ref 'Perfect' replied Sandra.

Splat! Sandra fist struck Kate's swollen left boob 'oohhhhhhhhhh' groaned
Kate and her head whipped around in agony as Sandra fist struck home, the
impact sounding like a water melon had been split open as her fist drove up
into the underside of Kate's bra. There was no way the boob could stay in
it's cup and Sandra now lined up onto a naked breast, swollen, black and blue
bruises over all of its surface Sandra's firm boob was dreadfully battered,
but her nipple still pointed up, red and swollen into tender erection;
without the bruising anyone would have said it was a beautiful sight. Sandra
saw it as a target and a way of finishing this as quickly as possible, lining
up she unleashed a straight punch striking just beneath the nipple intending
to strike at the very heart of Kate's boob and do maximum damage to the
glands and ligaments within. An even wetter splat as naked fist met naked
boob, Knuckles extended like a blunt knife screamed into the bruised flesh
easily penetrating all the way to Kate's ribs, where, striking home, Sandra's
wrist twisted with devastating effect. Knuckles slipped over ribs twisting
the boob a full quarter of a turn, grinding glands across hard bony ribs and
stretching sensitive flesh to breaking point. Kate shrieked an unearthly
yell, even the crowd gasped at the brutality of the shocking punch. Sandra
lingered over her punch, leaving it impaled in Kate's twisted breast for a
long moment, then she stepped away and Kate's breast bobbed back, seemingly
impossibly no more damaged than it had been before. But Kate was in torment,
thrashing as much as her bounds would allow as her breast reacted to the
blow, then the reaction, the flesh, momentarily squeezed white, suddenly
started to darken, the breast started to swell and the nipple, already erect
thickened still further as milk ducts filled not with milk but with blood,
and carried on filling so that the skin was stretched taught as Kate's once
small pert boob filled up alarmingly.

Jen forced to watch, but gagged and bound herself almost fainted as she saw
the blow land, then she couldn't avoid watching the screens as in slow motion
the punch was replayed. Sandra's punch started with her knuckles lined up
horizontally, her fist curled so that the jagged line of knuckles made first
impact to Kate's breast, then the blow struck, just below Kate's turgid
nipple with Sandra's fist knifing in, the nipple at first driven up but then
as the fist sunk deeper and deeper into Kate's flesh it was pulled in and
enveloped by the invading fist. So far Kate's body hadn't reacted, but then
Sandra's fist must have reached her ribs and at the impact Kate's body quaked
and was driven back hard against her bounds, then with the fist hard against
Kate's ribs and a ripple of flesh formed around the glove it started to twist
and rotate, gathering the flesh around it as it turned, twisting and
stretching even while Kate was still been driven back harder against her
bounds. Then, there was the lingering moment as Sandra left her glove in
place and the reaction of the blow on Kate's face, shock at first, wide eyes
and gaping mouth quickly turning into utter agony as Sandra's fist withdrew.
Then for a moment the camera focused on Kate's boob, still twisted and driven
pancake flat, but starting to unravel and surge back.

The surge had kept coming and now less than a minute later Kate had a huge
heavy breast hanging down from her left side in stunning contrast to her
pert, still untouched right boob. The ref, pulled it back into it's bra, and
for a few moments the bra just managed to contain it, but then the weight of
the blood filled orb became too much and it flopped down Kate's body adding
to the agony and she was suffering.

'4th round' announced the ref, 'so 40 seconds between punches, Sandra, choose
your target and commence when ready'. Sandra, you might have guessed, was a
sadistic bitch. She could have gone low now and tagged Kate's uterus, Kate
would have had to take 3 blows and then the round would have been over, but
Sandra, for her own reasons, wanted to drag this out as long as she could. So
instead she targeted Kate's so far untouched right boob.

Kate was conscious, and her head was now held up, but she barely reacted as
Sandra's fist crushed her bra clad right boob, no twist this time, just
awesome power flush into the centre of the bra cup. Then the bounds released
and Kate fell like a stone to the floor. 'Kate, you've got 2 shots back at
Sandra if you can get up and strike her in time' announced the ref. Kate
managed to look up with blood red wet eyes, but then her head dropped down
again. For a moment it looked like she would just lie there, but slowly
clinging to the pole for support she climbed onto her feet. It took 20
seconds, and still in heels she could barely stand and needed to hold onto
the pole. Stiffly, awkwardly she took two unsteady steps towards Sandra and
then tried to hit the bulge of Sandra's right breast. She hit with a weak
punch and almost lost her balance, Sandra didn't even flinch but it took Kate
almost another 20 seconds to ready herself for another go. This time she
struck harder, but it made little difference, a slight wince from Sandra, but
then Kate was once more tied up arms, legs and hair. Sandra approached
slowly, really she was trying to give time for Kate to overcome the damage to
her belly so that she could, in effect, suffer for longer but eventually she
struck again, this time she angled her punch up into the underside of Kate's
delicate bra, exploding the breast up, out of its cup whilst with crushing
effect her fist angled in perfectly to strike at her milk glands.

Kate again collapsed to the floor but slowly regained her feet in time to
strike back, but again her blow was weak and ineffectual and moments later
she was bound up waiting for Sandra to strike. And this time Sandra struck
quickly, before the ref could perform his normal task of putting the breast
back into it's cup, Sandra struck hard and full on the nipple with one of her
twisting punches that was so devastatingly effective on a naked boob.
'Nooooohhhh' cried Kate as she felt the dreadful pain of her boob been
simultaneously crushed and twisted. The moment Sandra stood back Kate once
more dropped to the floor, this time to her haunches and the audience had
time to see her hugely swollen left boob lift as she dropped down and then
flop heavily down as she crashed down, it was also obvious that her right
boob was growing quickly too, nowhere near as big as the left, but after just
3 punches, especially the last devastating strike it was quickly catching up.

Kate slowly regained her feet, sobbing after the last punch she didn't know
what to do. Somehow she screwed herself up to try and strike back at Sandra,
and she managed her hardest breast punch which did cause Sandra to wince, but
then she was immediately subjected to another twisting right hand to her
right boob. This time Sandra struck angling her fist in from the side nailing
her fist mid breast; this had the effect of smearing much of the breast
across Kate's body whilst Sandra's knuckles hit to the heart of the breast
and violently crushed and twisted the sensitive innards.

Kate's reddened face blanched and she screamed out at this latest blow, her
voice now hoarse. What was she to do! If she quit this round she'd have to
take 2 breast punches, but if she struck Sandra, she'd have to take the
return and then another 2 punches. She had to quit, she was so afraid of what
was happening to her body she had to now just survive, if she could. 'Quit'
she cried, sobbing, actually managing to stand, just.

'Ok, replied the ref, what are you going to lose, bra or panties? 'Bra'
whispered Kate. With that Kate was made fast again in her frame and the blood
soaked bra was ripped away. 'Sandra, you have a 2 breast punches to take
whenever you're ready'

Kate couldn't help herself, 'Noooh, can't she hit me somewhere else'. But
even before the ref could say no, Sandra hit the most brutal punch so far.
Angling down onto the top flank of Kate's left breast her fist ripped
downwards at the bloated boob, her hard knuckles digging in deep and twisting
as they did so forcing the nipple to arch up as the breast was dragged down
and then twist away as Sandra's strong wrist turned tearing and twisting at
the abused flesh. Striking down Sandra had lent in with all of her weight and
driven the breast impossibly low down Kate's torso before she withdrew. The
shear tearing pressure caused so much pain that Kate fainted, but somehow the
breast survived, visibly swelling again, impossibly large now and bloated.

Smelling salts were applied and Kate awoke to hideous pain, somehow she'd
thought that her left breast was so badly damaged that no one could think to
strike it, but Sandra had and now that Kate was conscious again she prepared
to strike one more time. This time she struck straight hitting just above the
nipple, a direct strike into the ribs behind, a crushing blow with Sandra's
added twist. Somehow Kate stayed conscious this time, maybe her body had shut
down her pain receptors, but this last blow was the last straw. Streams of
blood arced away from Kate's breast, jetting from the nipple in thin powerful
streams in every imaginable direction, Sandra's severe white blouse became
speckled with red the moment she withdrew her fist.

In slow motion the cameras capture the moment, Sandra's fist impacted the
upper flank of the breast and almost the moment it started to sink in blood
started to form at the tip of Kate's nipple, growing in slow motion as the
fist sunk in, but when the fist hit ribs and started to twist, the whole
nipple seem to double in size due to the pressure of blood trying to escape
and dozens of streams of blood powered away from the slowly twisting nipple.

Sandra stepped back away from the streams for a moment before stepping
forwards again and initially, gently cradling Kate's boob she hefted it up
causing the streams of blood to increase, then slow down again. She lifted
the boob up by the nipple, blood streaming through her fingers, lifted it
higher and then brought it back towards Kate, 'There, bet you never thought
you'd be able to suckle your own nipple did you!' and she touch the spraying
nipple to Kate's mouth blood streaming all over her face before she let the
boob flop down. Slowly the pressure eased until there was just a few streams
of blood jetting from the breast when the ref said, '5th round, so 50 seconds
between punches, Sandra commence when ready'.

The target was set, a fist width of pale wet sheened flesh just above Kate's
skimpy panties and Kate hit bulls eye with a wicked punch angling slightly
downwards she hit flush onto Kate's uterus, the punch landing with a solid
thwock. 'Urghhhhhhh' gagged Kate, instantly folding up and crashing to the
floor the moment the bounds were released, her hands clutched to her groin
desperately trying to ease the pain.

The clock ticked, and as it did so the slow motion cameras lasciviously
replayed the blow, a camera view level with Kate's panties but offset about
45 degrees started by playing up and down Kate's body, angled from the left
side it panned down her face, blotched and red from the slapping it had
received, it lingered over her bloated left breast covered in deep purple
bruising and the drips of blood streaming from her large thick nipple before
panning down lower past two centres of livid bruising before centring on
Kate's lower belly. On an adjacent screen a camera pointed straight up at the
crotch of Kate's sheer white knickers, zoomed tight, Kate's hairless crotch
was in sharp clear focus through the thin material, just a slight hint of her
inner sex as her spread legs opened up a thin erotic line of pink.

Then, back to the over view and Sandra's hard knuckles came into view,
striking slightly downwards towards Kate's downy lower belly. It hit and
penetrated as the flesh caved in before the power of Sandra's blow, sinking
deeper and deeper into Kate's body, ripples of flesh spreading away from the
deepening crater surrounding Sandra's fist as it slowly sunk into Kate's body
punishing Kate's very essence, her reproductive organs, the fist hit flush
onto the site of her uterus and the shockwaves quickly spread to her ovaries,
her bladder and her sex organs, a deepening, gut wrenching sick pain
assaulted Kate which showed in a small corner of the screen as her face
shuddered and twisted into shocked agony as the punch struck. From below, the
same punch, angling in and then the knuckles and fist disappearing as they
sunk into the flesh above Kate's sex, a ridge of flesh building up beneath
Sandra's fist hiding it from view as the shockwave was sent down Kate's body.
Kate's quim meanwhile quivered as the blow struck and then when the shockwave
hit the camera went into super slo mo mode and slowly, Kate's sex started to
bulge as the shockwave hit and then like a blossoming flower her sex started
to gape open, the pink nub of her clit sprang into view as the pressure
behind it popped it out of its hood, her lips opened and through the thin
material of her pants, the wet pink ridges of her inner sex writhed and
squirmed as they absorbed the violence of Sandra's punch, the clit bulging
out further and further until the force finally passed and Kate's lips
slammed shut once more.

Back to reality, 10 seconds had passed and Kate was squirming on the floor,
'40 seconds remaining' announced the ref, and somehow it seemed, Kate was
going to try and get up. By 20 seconds she'd crawled to one of the posts and
still clutching her groin with one hand she was gripping the post and slowly
pulling herself up onto her haunches. She forced her other hand to release
her groin and with immense effort and pain creasing her face she somehow
managed to force herself on to her feet and there was still 10 seconds left
to strike Sandra. Despite the pain Kate forced herself to stand more or less
upright, straightening her belly after all the punishment it had taken was an
effort of immense heroism, but she more or less made it, now all she had to
do was step forwards and strike Sandra. Kate took 2 small steps towards
Sandra but was still, just, out of normal range when Kate must have decided
that her legs just wouldn't get her the rest of the way so she allowed
herself to fall forwards, driving her fist as she fell towards Sandra which
somehow she managed to make strike in about the right place, inches below the
belt line of Sandra's severe grey skirt. Sandra blanched and grunted
'ohhrhgg!' and sank to her knees as her bounds released, with Kate falling
flat down at her feet.

Kate was quickly hauled back up and fastened in position whilst Sandra was in
the unusual position of having to recover, her face, even after the slapping
match, had gone deathly white and she was bent over on her haunches, both
hands on the floor holding herself up. She stayed like that for 20 seconds
before easing herself back to her feet, breathing deeply, sweat now gleamed
on her face. Slowly Sandra gathered herself together, stretching, taking deep
breathes flexing her right arm and clenching her fist tightly as she prepared
to strike back as hard as she could. Which with the clock on 20 seconds she
did, striking very hard and with all her body weight leaning into the punch
so that her hard knuckles exploded deep inside Kate's body and this time she
added her cruel twisting wrist technique just as her punch was reaching it's
greatest penetration. To Kate the explosion of pain felt 10 times worse than
the first blow, she could barely cry out, and then just when she thought the
pain was about to peak it intensified beyond her bodies capability to cope,
it felt like her belly had been ripped open and that Sandra was squeezing and
tearing at her exposed uterus and ripping it from her body, at this point
Kate's eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out slumping down in her

Sandra grinned, payback she thought, although in truth she'd never expected
that Kate would have it in her to strike at all she was now satisfied that
Kate would not strike again. With Kate unconscious the bounds hadn't been
released, instead they would remain in place until Kate was able to strike
back or the 50 seconds time allowance was finished. After 10 seconds, Kate's
eyes fluttered open and she groaned in agony, quaking in her bounds as her
body tried to assimilate the pain, pausing in that grey world of almost
conscious/unconscious where she had no idea of what was happening or where
she was. It took another 30 seconds for her eyes to regain a semblance of
alertness but then even with 10 seconds left there was no way she could do
anything about it, her bounds released but her legs couldn't hold her and she
slumped groaning to the floor as her hands desperately scrabbled at the metal
poles by her side in a vain attempt to hold herself up.

10 seconds later she was hauled back up and once more bound and the ref
announced a free breast punch because Kate had not taken her turn to punch.

Jen quailed, my God, what if she strikes Kate's bleeding left breast! She
thought, but Jen needn't have worried as Kate was determined to even up the
balance, and, she wanted Kate conscious for as long as she could manage so
instead she drove her hard knuckles full onto the nipple of Kate's right
boob, grinding her fist deep into the sensitive flesh and twisting and
mashing the gland with dreadful power. Kate's weak scream was almost
instantly cut of as Sandra, in one smooth movement withdrew her fist and
plunged it hard down into Kate's uterus for the third time and Kate once
again slumped into unconsciousness.

There was a buzz of noise, some of it, from Kate's work colleagues appalled
by the violence, some of it from others excited by the steady destruction of
what they clearly thought was someone guilty of an offence; the noise was
brought on by a repeated slow motion of Sandra's last punch, the view from
below showed Kate's sex forced open as the blow struck, the pink bud of her
clitoris bursting out, trembling, as if the forces behind it were building it
to a tiny eruption until there was an eruption, a quick jet of liquid quickly
cut off, gushed from her cxnt through the thin gusset of her sexy knickers as
Kate's bladder almost gave up with this third blow.

This time Kate took almost the entire 50 seconds before she was properly
conscious so her bounds never released, instead Sandra stood waiting, poised
for the moment she could take her next 2 breast penalty blows. The moment the
clock ticked by 50 seconds the ref signalled to commence. Kate struck, this
time with an oblique blow angling in to the outside of Kate's rapidly
swelling right breast. Her glove dug in, between the base and nipple aimed to
connect with the very centre of the breast when her glove reached the rib
cage. Kate screamed as Sandra struck, whatever Sandra had done it hurt more
than the earlier punches to that breast, perhaps the angle had more easily
crushed something sensitive against bony ribs, but whatever the cause of
Kate's added torment part of her breast was impaled on Sandra's glove,
crushed into her ribs whilst the other half of the breast was sent surging
across her body to smack, nipple first, into her bloated left breast. The slo
motion cameras showed a bust of blood streaming from the left nipple as the
flesh of the right boob surged into it, then, clearly visible was Sandra's
wrist beginning it's cruel twist forcing Kate's nipple to twist with it
through 90 degrees to point straight up by the time Sandra withdrew her glove
and the breast surged back into shape, settling visibly lower and heavy on
Kate's body.

Kate was sobbing, but Sandra didn't pause, instead she repositioned herself
to strike from the opposite angle and a few brief moments later she unleashed
her fist once more, just brushing past the bulk of Kate's left breast this
time she struck the inside of Kate's right boob, again between the base and
the nipple with the force of the blow angled in towards the centre. Kate's
breast was smashed flat, the glove struck with a sickening thud, like an axe
splitting a log, and the parts of Kate's breast not pinned and squashed flat
leapt away from her body, stretching way out to the side, seemingly an
impossible distance for a relatively small, if swollen breast. Then as the
twisting effects took place Kate's bulging nipple was forced to twist down,
in slow motion you could see a whip like effect travelling through the
stretched out boob as each bit in turn caught up with the twisting motion
from Sandra's knuckles. Kate screamed out once more, a dreadful hoarse yell
and she quivered and shook in torment as her boob settled back in place,
almost now the same size as the bloated left, and visibly growing as the
effects of the last 2 punches took hold, both nipples huge, on top of taught
swollen orbs each bruised over their entire area, the left nipple still
steadily dripping a steady stream of blood and the right, seemingly about to
burst also.

The ref stepped in front of Kate, and bunching his hands into the front of
Kate's knickers he pulled up, forcing the tightening material to narrow and
slip into her tender sex, still pulling he increased the pressure gradually
and the crotch dug deeper and deeper into Kate's cleft until with a sudden
tear the knickers parted and the ref tossed the blood sodden remains away.
'6th round he announced, 60 seconds allowed between punches, Sandra, start
when ready'.

Kate, gulped, how much more would they keep this up, every bit of her body
was in torment but she feared that she knew where Sandra would now strike,
and that her torment could only increase. Kate's fears were well founded as
Sandra stepped up eyeing Kate's shaved mound, the lips now slightly parted
and swollen after the ref had sawed the gusset of her knickers painfully
through them. Sandra tightened her fist and took aim as Kate closed her eyes
in disbelief that this was going to happen, a part of Kate's mind realised
why the high heels had been left on as it raised her sex to be more open to
attack; but then her mind switched off as her sex exploded in stunning pain
as Sandra struck making sure that her extended knuckles lined up perfectly
with the red slit of Kate's sex they hit with a wet thud and Kate screamed a
harsh low guttural cry as Sandra's fist parted her lips and crushed her
clitoris against her pubic bone.

There was no pretence that Kate might be able to hit back, the bounds didn't
release even though Kate stayed conscious, although the ref did say, 'Kate,
if you want to strike back say, and we'll release the bounds', but Kate
although conscious was riding such a wave of agony that it was doubtful if
she understood, or even heard the statement.

The crowd gasped again as the blow was replayed, from somewhere a camera
angle had been found from in front and slightly above that showed Sandra's
fist hit, the knuckles lined up exactly with the vertical stripe of Kate's
sex, the leading middle knuckle struck first just above the middle and in
slow motion it parted Kate's lips and started to sink into the soft, delicate
flesh beneath. One by one each knuckle entered the as Kate's sex was forced
open the knuckle of her first finger entering just a fraction below the now
exposed clitoris which was slowly been driven upwards by Sandra's rising
blow. Moments after the first knuckle entered the rising angle of the blow
forced it into contact with Kate's clit and as the fist struck firmly home a
spray of sweat and juices exploded out from around the fist which was now
twisting, stretching the lips ever more open and grinding the clit hard
across the hard pubic bone.

Kate almost fainted, perhaps it would have been better if she had the pain
was so intense. As Sandra's fist was removed, the screens showed the view
from below, Kate's lips momentarily closed, then slowly the whole area
darkened and the lips swelled and parted, opening further and further as they
kept swelling, Kate's clit too poked out of its hood, as if Kate was in the
throes of sexual ecstasy, gradually turning blood red, throbbing in time with
Kate's pulse and growing with each beat of her heart.

60 seconds passed and Kate had never had any chance of hitting back, so now
Sandra was ushered forwards to take a breast blow, she eyed Kate's right
breast, now, if anything swollen beyond that of the left, but still so far
intact because perhaps the bleeding left breast had relieved some of the
pressure. She took aim and crunched her fist straight into the centre of the
breast, now it was swollen this was just above the nipple, leaning in with
all of her weight she screwed her fist with the most violent twist she'd yet
managed and was rewarded with the most terrifying scream yet from Kate as her
nipple and milk tracts finally gave way to the mounting pressure and dozens
of jets of blood exploded from her nipple arcing high into the air. The
breast seemed to grow even more despite the release of pent up pressure as
Sandra's glove withdrew and the nipple surged as the flow of blood seemed to
increase for a few moments before some of the thin streams merged together in
a slower, but thicker stream of blood that arced around the theatre as Kate
shook and shivered in torment.

Sandra paused, waiting to see if Kate would faint, when it looked like the
crisis had passed, Sandra stepped forwards again, into range of the blood and
she held her fist in the stream so that her hand became coated in Kates
blood. She held it up in front of Kate, fist clenched and said, 'Guess where
this is going', 'noooh, please sto, arghhhhhhhhhhhh'

Sandra struck before Kate could finish, lining her bloody line of knuckles up
with Kate's swollen sex, this time she struck a little lower and her fist
sunk inches into Kate's sex before again, the upward angle cause Kate's clit
to be ground against her pubic bone as Sandra twisted her fist once more on
penetration forcing Kate's sex to gape open even further than before. Sandra
lingered with her fist embedded inches into Kate's cxnt, then she slowly
twisted it back to vertical and pushed, trying to drive her fist deeper into
Kate's abused body, with a new rising howl of pain at this added torment Kate
screamed, then Sandra reached forwards with her left hand and, gripping
Kate's lower abdomen, where she'd struck at her uterus before, she gripped
and pushed into Kate's body making Kate's scream turn into a shuddering
broken yell. Suddenly a small stream of urine exploded out from around
Sandra's fist and with this lubrication Sandra instantly achieved her goal
with her whole hand entering deep into Kate's sex. Kate's eyes opened wide in
shock as her scream continued, ebbing in and out as she screamed even when
taking in breath, then as Sandra started to rotate her fist Kate's eyes
started to roll. Sandra watching this slowed down and with sadistic glee she
timed her twist to just keep Kate from fainting, then with her hand fully
rotated she leaned forwards and taking Kate's turgid left nipple in her mouth
she sucked hard, her cheeks sucking in as she strove to empty the breast of
blood and fluids whilst she continued to fuck Kate with her fist, twisting it
slowly one way then the other. Meanwhile, Kate's right breast was pumping out
a steady stream of blood onto Sandra's blouse, red spots and lines appearing
like a Jackson Pollock painting, slowly turning more and more of Sandra's
blouse red until finally with one twist too many Kate fainted so Sandra
withdrew her hand.

As Sandra stepped back she slowly opened her lips and let the bloody contents
of her mouth slowly trickle down her chin, inside the open top of her blouse,
the red stain adding to the bloody marks staining the blouse streaking in a
growing tear shape down the blouse as Sandra dribbled blood from her mouth,
eyes gleaming in satisfaction. After 60 seconds Kate was once more conscious,
sobbing and crying pitifully, but suddenly Sandra, almost running, took two
quick steps forwards and blasted her fist into the top flank of Kate's left
breast. The already damaged boob exploded enormous streams of blood from a
nipple that seemed ready to pop like a cork and Kate screamed before her eyes
once again rolled back in her head and she slumped down in her bounds.

The clock ticked down and Kate never stirred until almost 45 seconds had
past, then weakly her eyes fluttered open, glancing down she saw thin jets of
blood shooting out of both breasts, much of the force now abated but still
the streams jetted over a foot away from her body before arcing down to the
floor which had a growing red stain collecting on it; faint from the sheer
amount of pain she'd had to withstand, and perhaps now from loss of blood
also she slowly struggled back to full consciousness, her whole body was a
sea of agony and it was such an effort to remain conscious but as she almost
lost the battle one more time the acrid smell of smelling salts brought her
groaning back to full painful awareness.

Sandra, now almost entirely covered in Kate's blood, set herself up for her
last blow, Kate's sex gaped wide open, the clit, hugely swollen stuck out on
top of her gaping wide sex that seemed to writhe as Kate's sex muscles
spasmed due to the pain of the last 2 blows. Sandra stepped forwards, and
with perfect timing she drove an uppercut full into Kate's gaping sex. Her
blood slicked hand easily penetrated, striking and sinking in almost up to
the wrist with a wet splat. Kate' body locked into a spasm of pain, her head
tilted back, her mouth open in a silent scream as Sandra kept her fist in
place, muscles rigid as she tried to drive her fist deeper and deeper into
Kate's body. Slowly, so slowly, Sandra kept driving her fist deeper, until
she was fully embedded right up to the wrist. Still pushing she moved and
twisted her wrist gaining fractions of an inch each time, until Kate finally
gave voice to her silent scream letting loose with a howl of agony and at the
same time her punished bladder let loose and jets of pee streamed out around
Sandra's hand. At that moment Kate's sex muscles finally gave way and
Sandra's fist hit home suddenly driving in several more inches to solidly
strike the cervix.

Kate's body locked rigid, her scream reached a new peak before with one last
twist of her wrist Sandra drove her into welcome unconsciousness, drawing her
hand out with a liquid sucking noise she stepped back and found Angela with
her eyes who returned the look with rapt adoration. Sandra then stepped back
as a medical team quickly started to attend to Kate, injecting her with nano-
bots which would course through her body, repairing first the potentially
fatal damage, and then gradually repair everything else. Once these were
injected her breasts were quickly bandaged to stem the flow of blood before
Kate, still unconscious was carried from the Theatre.

The end of Part 1

You can probably guess part 2, Angela and Jen will battle it out, but how?
Not sure, but my thoughts are that it'll be a reasonably unskilled, but
brutal (of course) boxing match, bare fisted? In their work clothes which of
course will be gradually lost to reveal their sexy underwear during the

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