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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Parts 1-3 (by TJ)

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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Parts 1-3 (by TJ)
« on: May 02, 2022, 02:28:53 PM »
Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, due to the closure of yahoo groups, many very good and interesting stories have disappeared from the web. One of such groups was the KandiBox group.

Most of the group founder's stories can be found on the author's profile

The other writer of the group is tj-lesnig - most of his stories are not published on Deviantart.

As a token of appreciation to both authors, I am publishing their stories here. All rights belong to the authors. Feedback for the authors is welcome.

Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 1
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

This is a fantasy, these are not real people. It is fun though!

2 well to do women in their mid 30's have brought a dispute before the judge.

Anita is fairly slim, around 5' 8'' very pale skinned and with brown straight
hair cut just above the shoulder. 2 B cup breasts sit high and proud on her
chest and indentations in her expensive blouse indicate that even in her 30's
her nipples are still up tilted.

Val is a little shorter at around 5' 5'' and has some latin blood running
through her with a slightly dark complexion and rich black curly hair. She is
more heavily built than Anita, once a club swimmer she has broad powerful
looking shoulders which support large generous breasts but she also seems to
be carrying some excess weight.

Anita listened to her own evidence being presented to the judge with severe
misgivings. The proceedings had only being going on for 30 minutes yet Anita
had gone through a whole Gamut of emotions, initially she'd been ecstatic as
Val's evidence had been torn to shreds and the judge had summarily dismissed
her presentation as being a complete waste of time. Anita had then been so
sure of her own position that she had had to physically bite her lips to
prevent herself from smirking at Vals discomfort. She had begun to dream of
Val being destroyed in the ring by some brute of a fighter appointed by the
state, but now her own evidence was being shredded, literally, the judge was
feeding it into a machine on his desk and his whole demeanour spoke of extreme

'What utter rubbish' he exclaimed 'this shouldn't have been a matter for a
court, you've both wasted my time with this ridiculous feud but by God we'll
have a decision and the loser will pay dearly for this farce. I see that
neither of you have any Boxing record so in that respect you're evenly matched
but a patty cake slapping match between 2 tyros like you is hardly going to be
a edifying experience so we will let fate, a dice and your fortitude fuelled
by a yourridiculous self righteousness determine the winner. You will trade
blows to the torso until one of you is completely defeated, at the start of
the contest you will each wear the following:


Broad waisted suspender belt



The target for each blow will be decided by the throw of 2 dice, the 11
possible outcomes will determine the target area in this way:

12 means a blow to the panties 2 or 3 means a blow between panties and
suspender belt 10 or 11 means a blow to the suspender belt 4 or 9 means a blow
to the belly above the suspender belt 5 or 7 means a blow to the left breast 6
or 8 means a blow to the right breast

Each round lost will result in the loss of an article of clothing ' chose well
which article you remove as once removed the target area expands, for example
remove you suspender belt and the whole belly between panties and bra is a
target for a thrown 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 By the time you are naked you can be
punched anywhere so long as no two consecutive punches are targeted to the
exact same spot. With 5 articles of clothing to discard the winner will have
to win 6 rounds, a round will be deemed to have been won if the return punch
has not taken place within the allotted time, as follows:

1st round 30 seconds

2nd round 40 seconds

3rd round 50 seconds

4th round 60 seconds

5th round 90 seconds

6th round 2 minutes

A prompt return of punch is to be encouraged by the award to your opponent of
a penalty blow to the breast for each 20 second delay, these penalty blows
will be taken with a fighters next turn immediately before their set target.
After a penalty blow a fighter will have 20 seconds to take their next blow.

There will be a break between rounds of:

1st round loss 5 minutes

2nd round loss 5 minutes

3rd round loss 10 minutes

4th round loss 20 minutes

5th round loss 30 minutes

Finally, I have to tell you that no round can be lost before 5 turns have been
taken. I will not have these court proceedings made a mockery of by you 2
caving in after one or 2 punches.

Fighters, seconds have been appointed and they will take you now to the
changing area where you will have 10 minutes to prepare'.

With that the Judge slammed his gavel down and left the court before anyone
could respond. Anita was stunned, looking across at a shell shocked Val she
tried to asses her chances. She was a little taller than Val at around 5' 8''
against 5' 5'' but she knew that in her younger days Val had been a fairly
competitive club swimmer and she regarded Val's broad shoulders with some
disquiet. She herself was fairly slender and although she did work out at a
gym it was more casual aerobics than serious work, although she always fitted
in a large number of sit ups; and maybe this gave her some advantage as
looking at Val it didn't seem that she worked out so much these days, she was
wearing a loose fitting blouse and it seemed she was trying to hide a small
paunch, she was also failing to hide at all a quite impressive bosom which
gave Anita some added hope, maybe her more apple sized boobs would suit this
contest better than Val's melons. But then she looked at Val's shoulders and
powerful swimmers arms and with a shiver she suddenly realised that she'd be
receiving punches from those powerful looking shoulders soon enough.

Suddenly Anita felt weak and sick with tension as 2 fit young ladies
approached, wearing almost identical athletic outfits, tight blue running
shorts and cropped white lycra athletic vests. Anita stared at the fit hard
bodies that were approaching her, 'come on stop gawping, we've only got a few
minutes to get you ready'. As they led Anita away one of them announced 'I'm
Anne and this is Helen, don't try to tell us apart, we're sisters but I do
most of the talking, while Helen is the dab hand at putting people back
together again'. This remark did little to still Anita's nerves as they
entered the changing room. 'Right Anita, get out of those clothes and take a
quick trip to the bathroom, come on! Quick! Get a move on'. In a daze Anita
slipped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, fumbling in haste as both
Anne and Helen waited impatiently. Anita reluctantly took of her bra to reveal
her pert pale breasts and dark puffy areolas which protruded out from her
breasts capped by small but pointy nipples. In the cold air of the changing
room Anita's areola quickly puckered up with goosebumbs and her nipples shot
out causing Anne to remark 'wow, I bet you've driven a few men mad on cold
days with those', 'Not just men' Anita answered 'definitely not just men' she
continued as she drew her arms back and slowly swivelled between the 2 young
women and for a moment the authority of Anne and Helen evaporated in front of
Anita as both of their faces flushed and Helen's tongue darted out to quickly
wet her lips. Sexual tension filled the air and the darted glances between all
3 women spoke volumes until with a slightly husky voice Anne brought them all
back down to reality 'come on, we need to move. 'Helen measure Anita we need
to sort her clothes out, and you Anita, as soon as Helen finishes go to the
loo and get back out here quickly, we've barely 7 minutes left'.

Quickly everybody swung into action and soon Anita stood ready as Helen handed
out the lingerie for Anita to put on. Plunging pale red panties came to about
an inch above her bush, tightly cupping the bulge of Anita's mound and showing
a faint dark V of Anita's curls through the slightly sheer material. Next a
matching under-wired bra, the bottom and side 2/3rds of the same material as
the panties whilst the top and inner material was very sheer to emphasize the
cleavage generated by bra. Anita's nipples on the peak of her puffy breasts
pointed up, tenting out the material just below the dividing line between the
two materials. Then Anita fitted the matching garter belt high on her waist,
the broad material covered her navel and with a shallow inverted V that
equally opposed the V of her panties a diamond shaped area of skin was exposed
between panties and garter belt. Helen quickly helped Anita put on her
matching pale red stockings before Anne taped up Anita hands and laced on a
pair of 10oz boxing gloves. 'Anita, get up quick and come here, there's just 2
minutes left and I want to see you punch this bag'. Anita threw a weak punch
that landed with her elbow bent. 'No no no, not like that, extend the arm and
use your shoulders like this'. Anne quickly demonstrated with a fierce wicked
punch that sent the bad reeling, and then holding Anita from behind she went
through the move again before stepping back to allow Anita another go. 2, 3 4
times Anita sent punches in and Anne tried to improve her technique and even
with just the very short time they'd had Anita's last punches had more venom
than her first weak attempt. Helen said quietly 'We both want you' and paused
before Anne continued 'we both want you to win, so hurt Val as hard as you
can, make each punch count and remember to keep those stomach muscles as firm
as possible when its Vals turn to punch'. With that the 30 second bell went
and Anne and Helen led Anita out towards the ring.

Val had had similar treatment. Her seconds were Carl and Dave and initially
they'd seemed almost as grumpy as the judge as both had only just finished
being seconds to an incredibly long fight and they'd looked forward to having
a break for the day. But, they quickly warmed to Val and began to agree that
maybe the Judge (who knew they had a proclivity to large breasted women) had
done them a favour after all. Quickly they led the shell shocked Val away into
the changing rooms and went through much the same procedure as had Anne and
Helen with Anita. When Val stripped of she revealed very obvious signs of much
sunbathing, her breasts and a deep V around her dark bush were much paler than
the rest of her dark skin, this made her breasts appear bigger as they stood
out against the darker skin of her torso. Her large breasts couldn't defy
gravity so when Val took of her firm bra they tumbled out and sank down her
body. Firm yes, large yes and with almost black, stiff puckered nipples at the
end of her huge pears she looked gorgeous. Carl and Dave were impressed with
Val's upper body strength they could see muscles flexing as she moved her arms
around and her back and shoulders looked very strong, on the down side Val had
a bit of a paunch which the lingerie she was now putting on emphasized,
especially the gap between panties and suspender belt ' this area gave Carl
and Dave cause for concern as there didn't seem to be any muscle tone at all.
On the other hand, with her arm strength she might just be able to blow Anita
away without suffering much in the way of return punches. Val's lingerie was
identical to Anita's but pale green instead of red. The bra lifted and pushed
out her breasts and with the top portion transparent they really looked good
with the paler skin showing through the bra and two nubs of her nipples very
apparent as her breast swayed and shifted with Val's movement about the room.
Lower down Val had a thick black bush that was just contained within her brief
panties, the thick bush emphasized the bulge of her sex as it was outlined in
the tight material and then the garter belt and Val's lower belly left her
slight weight excess plainly visible as her belly bulged in a gentle curve
almost highlighted by the garter belt and panties, a target definitely, but
how vulnerable we'd know very soon as with barely any time for advice Carl and
Dave had to lead Val out into the arena with the 30 second warning buzzer
ringing load in their ears.

Anita and Val were led into the arena to a muted ripple from the audience. In
place of the normal boxing ring a large circular area was set up for the
fighters with 2 pairs of ropes hanging from the ceiling and on the ring floor
two pairs of clamps for the fighter's feet set around 3 feet apart. The area
in the centre of the ring was surrounded by a circle perhaps 12 feet or so in
diameter. The Ref waited until both fighters and seconds had entered the ring
and gestured them both to opposite sides where each set of seconds had
rudimentary materials to keep the fighters going.

'You know the rules in general' the ref announced 'but I'll clarify for you
how this is going to work. The clamps in the ring floor work automatically, so
just stand in the right place and your feet will slip into and be held by the
clamps, your seconds will attach the ceiling straps to your arms. The fighter
receiving a blow will be standing in her position on the ring floor with feet
held by the clamps and arms tied up above your head. Val this is your
position, nearest to your seconds position and Anita the other, obviously, is
yours. As soon as you have received your last blow the clamps and ropes will
release and then for the first round you have 30 seconds to make your return
hit with of course a penalty blow if you delay longer than 20 seconds. The
count starts from when the fighter who has made the blow gets her feet into
the clamps, so once you've punched your opponent it's important to get your
feet into position as soon as possible, in fact the same penalties apply as
for the receiver so for each 20 second delay you will receive a penalty blow
to the breasts. Seconds, you are only allowed within the inner circle whilst
attaching the ropes to your fighter's arms so you can not assist your fighters
unless they can get themselves completely outside of the circle, if you do
touch any part of the inner circle then your fighter will receive a penalty
blow to the breast and if you step inside the circle your fighter will receive
3 penalty blows to the breast when it is their next turn to receive a blow'.
'All clear so far?' the ref asked, 'OK then, the dice are electronic but work
the same as regular dice so the odds of a thrown 2 or 12 are 1 in 36 whilst
for a 7 they are 1 in 6' we'll decide who receives first by pressing the
button, lowest score receives first and I'll start with Anita'. The ref
pressed a button and instantly a large 5 appeared on the electronic
scoreboard. 'Right, now for Val' and an 11 appeared on the scoreboard.

'OK, we've started. Anita you'd better move, you've got 20 seconds to get your
feet into the clamps'. As the ref was speaking the electronic counter had
started to count down 20, 19, 18 so with some trepidation Anita put her left
foot into the clamp. The ring floor sank under her weight and her foot was
instantly enveloped and held comfortably but firmly, 17, 16, the clock was
still counting down so Anita placed her right foot into the other clamp and it
too was held and stopped the clock. Anita legs were wide spread and she felt
very exposed and vulnerable, she could see close ups of herself on screens
around the ring, even a close up from beneath the stage of the tight fabric
that covered her mound. Helen and Anne were by her side and each gave her a
quick squeeze before attaching her arms to the ropes and then retreating out
of the circle. The ropes immediately started to re-tract into the ceiling
slowly drawing Anita's arms up above her head so that she was in a star shape.
Anita suddenly noticed that a number 9 and a graphic of the belly between Bra
and suspender belt was flashing in the screen and the clock was starting to
count up from 1 and suddenly she was faced with Val.

It was too soon, she'd barely prepared and now she had that awful feeling that
you get when a scary ride starts to climb up the steep slope ' you want to get
off but you can't! - and you realise that IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. Suddenly Val's
arms looked huge and menacing and though she tried to tense her stomach
muscles, her belly was so full of fluttery feelings and her breaths were
coming in quick short pants it seemed impossible. And then it happened, with
12 seconds on the clock Val drew back her right fist and slammed it into the
centre of Anita's belly as close to the suspender belt as she dared, so just
inches above the navel. Smack, the sound of Val's glove echoed around the
arena and Anita shot out a small mouthful of air in an 'Oh' as pain hit and an
expression of pain and shock crossed her face, suddenly changing to surprise
as with arms and legs suddenly released she lurched backwards and almost fell
over. She looked down and a red welt was appearing on her belly, and it hurt,
she drew in breaths and then realised that Anne and Helen were waiting for her
outside the ring. She quickly went to them and Helen said 'well done, your
muscles held firm but make sure you don't relax and make sure that you return
the punches as quick as possible because part of this is going to be about
fitness and stamina so keep it going as quick as you can whilst making sure
you punch properly. So next time don't come to us unless you need help just
wait for Val and punch her the moment you can. You've got a 5 so that's Val's
left breast, give it everything. Now go, the clock's on 4'.

Anita stepped up to Val and time seemed to slow. It was Val's turn for
fluttery feelings and Anita could see each heave of her breasts as Val
breathed quickly. With Val's arms stretched out her breasts were presented to
Anita, raised up and flattened just a little they looked an impressive pair
and Anita found herself staring at the left breast, seeing each weave of
fabric in the bra and each rise and fall of the indentation of the nipple
which was pointing straight ahead, and above she could see a sheen of sweat
making Val's skin glow, then she snapped out of her reverie with the clock on
14 seconds she took careful aim and tried to repeat the punch that Helen had
taught her, turning side on to Val she drove her left fist into the centre of
the soft delicate flesh in front of her and remembered to swivel her shoulders
as the glove sank in. It felt strange to try and hurt someone but it helped
that Anita had faced the first blow ' she knew that Val would try to destroy
her so she had to finish Val first or suffer. So time still seemed to stand
still and she almost felt as if she were watching herself punch Val at the
same time as feeling the sensation of her glove striking the soft flesh, the
bra caving in before her glove as it sank in, penetrating the soft sensitive
tissue and the glove now meeting more resistance as contorted flesh squeezes
out of the sides of the bra and around the glove as it sank into the centre of
the breast finally compacting the flesh beneath into a solid mass that the
glove could no longer penetrate. For a moment that Anita savoured, the glove
lingered as she still tried to drive it deeper into Val's flesh before
reluctantly she withdrew her fist and Val's breast shot back into place,
swaying and bouncing with aftershocks overlaid with a short sharp cry of pain
from Val. Then Val was lurching back her arm coming down to briefly cradle her
breast as it was now her turn to lurch backwards as the ropes and feet
restraints released.

Anita quickly put her feet into her restraints and as Helen and Anne came to
secure her arms she glanced up to see a number 7, her turn to take a blow to
the left breast. With her arms quickly fixed Anita looked back at Val who was
still holding her breast, 'it must hurt and now it's my turn' thought Anita as
Val stepped up. Anita noticed that Val's body and her own were quickly
becoming slick with sweat, she could see tiny beads on Val's face as she
approached with a grim snarl and her right fist drawn back. Suddenly Anita
tensed as Val's fist exploded into action, driving slightly up into the
underside of Anita's left breast. Pain, a sickening pain exploded in Anita's
chest as she felt internal glands being squashed with her breast as Val's
glove tried to drive Anita's breast up and into her torso and up and up and in
and in, Anita felt her flesh being squeezed and yet stretched at the same
time. Without realising it she let out a loud yell and then suddenly she was
free and staggering backwards her breast aching with pain and it was her turn
to cradle her orb.

Val was now getting ready, her feet going into the restraints so Anita
remembered Helen's advice and stayed close waiting to see what number would
appear once Val feet were fixed. Then it came, number 7, so Anita would strike
Val's left breast again. She stepped up quickly the moment that Val's arms
were stretched out and her breasts were once again held up high for her.
Before even 3 seconds had passed Anita put her all into her next breast punch
savouring once again the feeling of her glove sinking into Val's large breast.
If anything she got a bit more force into this blow and struck as she had with
the previous blow right into the centre of the breast at the little nubbin of
Val's nipple. She drew a more obviously anguished groan from Val as her glove
compacted the breast and Val threw her head back as the pain hit with her soft
breast squashed into her torso and trying to ooze out of the bra surrounding
the area of Anita's glove. Then Val was free and Anita watched as she bent
down slightly, her breasts dangling down and forward away from her body as she
brought her gloves up to briefly cradle the sore boob.

Anita was already having her arms fixed up before Val looked up from rubbing
her boob. Both of them looked to the scoreboard and Anita gasped, a 2 appeared
next to graphics of a fist plunging low into the belly. A 2 meant a blow
between panties and suspender belt. Val smiled, or was it a sneer? and she
slowly stepped up. Anita had never felt so vulnerable, with her body stretch
out her lower belly was perfectly exposed for Val to smash into it. Nerves
made muscles jump and tremble in her legs and stomach, she unconsciously tried
to draw back but there was nowhere to go. Val carefully prepared herself and
allowed the tension to build in Anita. She drew her fist back and Anita
watched with a sick fascination, she'd never been punched low in the belly
before and she tried to tense muscles that really weren't there. She could
only imagine the pain that was about to happen and was actually happening, the
pain of anticipation as Val allowed the clock to count on past 12, 13, 14.
Then with careful deliberation she swung her fist hard, just above Anita's
panties. The blow landed with a sickening thus and sank into Anita's body
crushing into the uterus beneath. Anita saw the fist coming and tried to
prepare then with a sickening thud her world exploded into pain, a sick gut
wrenching pain that drew a strangled 'urghhhhhhh' out of her lips as Val's
glove smashed into her sensitive organ. Immediately all sense was driven out
of Anita, she just wanted to curl up and do anything to ease the pain that
wracked her, sickening pain that struck deep into her vitals. Her face
instantly blanched and then she folded over and dropped to the ground as the
ropes released, instantly curling up into a ball. 'Ani' yelled Helen, 'roll
towards us, get out of the inner circle'. As this was being yelled Val was
quickly getting her feet into position so as to start the clock. Helen and
Anne kept yelling as Anita desperately crawled and rolled across the ring
floor. She perhaps had about 5 feet to go but only a short time to make it. 5
seconds, 10 seconds and she'd now got half way then with a roll she got close
enough to the edge for Anne to grab her hand and pull her out of the circle.
15 seconds gone and Anne forced her to a sitting position whilst Helen shove a
pack of ice above her panties, 'come on, you've got to get on your feet'. With
that Anne and Helen hauled Anita up, she wanted to wretch but nothing would
come and her face was covered with a cold sweat but she at least half
supported herself, hands on thighs and breathing hard, Helen said 'come on,
you've got to land a punch inside the next 10 seconds, just do it and try to
get over this, it's another 5 so Val's left breast again'. 'Hold me for
another few seconds' Anita asked as the clock clicked past 22, 23 seconds.
'Ani, you've got to do it now, go, just hit her'. So with the clock on 25
Anita lurched towards Val, 3 steps that took all of her effort whilst Val
smirked at Anita's plight. Perhaps the smirk did it, but as Anita looked at
that smug face she made one last effort and just managed to strike Val's
breast. Not a hard blow, but still a blow and struck from low down rising up
she drove the breast up but not with the force to seriously discomfit Val who
apart from a slight grimace just stepped away as the ropes released.

Anita stood hands on thighs and sweat starting to gleam all over her body. She
knew she had 20 seconds to get her feet into position and now Anne and Helen
could come into the circle to help so with Helen holding her Anne once more
briefly iced Anita's lower belly until with the clock at 15 seconds Anita
stepped into the foot restraints as Helen looped her arms into the ropes.
'It's a 6' said Helen 'right breast' but she'll get a free shot as well, take
your time after this, get your strength back to give Val some punishment next
time' Just as Helen was finishing saying this, the ref announced 'penalty blow
to the breast, this blow will take place first'. Then Anne and Anita had to
leave as the ropes started to draw Anita upright. Anita groaned as she was
forced to straighten, another low blow now and she feared she'd never get up
again as sick waves of pain washed through her as she was forced to stretch
upright. Val was waiting for the ropes to stop moving eyeing up her target.
Anita looked a mess, sweat and water from the ice stained her stockings, her
panties were sodden and now quite see through, small patches of wet showed on
her garter belt and bra and her face was etched with pain and beads of sweat.
But Val wasn't about to give any respite. She could hit any breast with her
penalty blow and with only 2 seconds on the clock she powered into Anita's so
far untouched right breast. Hitting straight and flush on the nipple she drove
her powerful fist as hard as she could into Anita's smallish breast squashing
it flat against her ribs. 'arrrrr' yelled Anita as she shook in her bounds but
even as she was shaking from this blow Val drew her fist back and powered in
again driving up this time striking just below the prominent nipple which was
poking out the bra, the blow whipped the breast up before it was again crushed
against Anita's chest wall. Anita yelled out again and staggered back folding
over as soon as the ropes released but staying on her feet to stagger out of
the ring towards Helen and Anne.

Val was quick again to get her feet into position as she didn't want Anita to
have time to recover. She glanced at the screen as Carl and Dave fixed her to
the ropes.. 'God' she thought, not another 5. But Anita still hasn't recovered
so maybe it wont be too bad. Helen was whispering to Anita 'left breast again,
hit it hard this time, take your time if you need it but get some power into
it'. The clock was on 7 seconds and counting as Anita made her painful way
into the ring. She still wanted to crouch, her right breast was on fire and
her bra felt a little tight but she steadied and was determined to hurt Val if
she could. Drawing herself up she could see that Val's bra was turning
transparent in places, the dark circle of her areola was visible around the
nubs of her nipples and sweat had run into the flimsy top half of the bra
turning it transparent so that at a glance it looked like Val was wearing a
half cup bra. She fixed her aim onto the target of Val's nipple and executed a
good powerful blow, she got her timing right so with a swivel of her shoulders
her fist sunk into the soft billowy tissue of Val's left breast for the 4th
time and her arm locked straight just at the point of maximum penetration. It
felt good, Anita felt the breast compress against her glove and she felt the
bone crunching impact through her glove as she bottomed out crushing breast
against rib cage. It felt good because she made Val yell in pain and it felt
good lingering with her fist embedded in Val's bust seeing the distorted flesh
forced out around her fist before withdrawing and watching the large breast
wobble and shake it's way back into shape. Val did stagger back this time
cradling her pounded left breast and Anita felt confident enough now to step
straight into the foot restraints.

As Anne and Helen fixed her arms the number came up, '4'. 'Another above
suspender belly shot' Helen said 'You can take this, just keep your muscles
tensed, don't relax'. Anita was still in pain down below but she'd taken one
blow to the stomach and managed to keep Val's fist from sinking in so was
determined to manage again. Val came up, she could see the red mark from her
earlier blow and her sense told her to hit Anita in the same place. So she
drew her fist back and cracked her fist into Anita's belly but with a sweaty
sheen covering Anita's body a loud wet splat reverberated around the ring.
Cameras showed the glove barely sinking into Anita's hard muscled belly ' the
sit ups worked ' but still Anita exhaled and winced with pain, not many more
she thought and they would start to get through. Val's power was a worry. She
wobbled out of the ropes still being stiff legged and quickly went over to
Anne and Helen whilst Val stepped into the feet restraints.

'You've got a 12, a cxnt masher. Take your time and make this count' Helen
said as Anita still in much discomfort from her low blow stepped forward
towards Val. Val had a belly so her panties swelled out a little and then
again over them before the garter belt. Anita wondered were to hit for the
most pain, up into the sex lips, or a little higher. Mash the clit against the
pubic bone, that'll do for me Anita quickly decided. And so she did, angling
her fist upwards towards the dark bush clearly visible through Val's pale
green panties her fist smashed into the delicate soft mound of Val's sex
crushing her mound into her pubic bone. 'urghhh' yelled Val in agony and then
she collapsed writhing, her fists jammed between her legs. Anita very quickly
stepped into the foot restraints and started the clock and then watched Val as
she struggled and writhed her way across the floor towards Carl and Dave. 5
seconds, 6, 7, 8 the count continued but Val in her agony was throwing herself
around and made it to the edge of the circle were she was hauled out by Dave.
Quickly they got her gloves away from her sex and shoved a pack of ice down
against her panties and then just held her whilst the clock counted 12, 13
,14. Still Val was scrabbling her legs, trying to curl up against the pain
against the efforts of Carl and Dave to hold ice against her sex, in the
meantime Anita watched and waited, would Val get up in time to strike the next
blow? The dice had rolled an 11 which meant a blow to Anita's suspender belt.
18, 19, 20, at least she had a free shot now as Carl and Dave hauled Val to
her feet, but Val needed both of them to hold her as she tried to ram her
fists back between her legs, her face a mask of agony, but she was trying to
stand and at 23 seconds she waved Carl and Dave away and stood, just barely,
but stood. With a stiff legged lurch she made her way towards Anita, 26, 27
seconds counted out on the clock and then Val tried to punch into Anta's
garter belt. But as she tried to inject power into her fist she lost balance
on her stiff legs and she pitched forward towards Anita, her fist glancing of
Anita's lower belly below the suspender belt and then with the ropes released
they fell backwards with Val on top of ANita. Anita shrugged Val of, glad that
she'd not really received a punch at all and stepped back out of the ring as
Carl and Dave came in to help Val up into her restraints.

As they did this the dice number came up with '7', yet another blow to Val's
left breast. Helen whispered to Anita, use your free shot against the left
breast as well, once they've taken a few more blows you could try an uppercut,
see if you can knock the breast out of the bra cup. You'll be able to do more
damage then against Val's ribs. But as she was saying this the ref interrupted
with 'foul blow by Val, she hit Anita below the suspender belt instead of on
it. Anita will have a free shot to the Val's lower belly before she takes her
penalty breast shot'. Carl and Dave were taking there time before restraining
Val, giving her as much time as possible to recover but finally they had to
lock her in as the clock reached 18. Anita stepped in as the ropes hauled Val
painfully upright and the moment she was at maximum extension Anita powered
her fist straight into the swell of Val's belly, hitting straight so with her
fist angling down she felt her fist sink deep into Val's flesh and she could
see ripples sweep away from the impact site as her fist struck home, angling
down towards the uterus. The breath exploded out of Val's mouth, 'urghhhhhh'
and she shook in her bounds, her head thrown back as her body arched as much
as the bounds could allow her. Anita chose this moment to power into Val's
left breast, it did look bigger than the right she realised, and as it swelled
she would be able to knock it out of the bra cup. But this time she again
powered straight in hitting flush on the nub of Val's nipple, watching the
flesh distort around the glove she saw pale flesh briefly escape from around
the edge of the bra as it was compacted by her glove. She withdrew her fist
and with the breast still wobbling she powered up into the underside of the
breast whipping the breast up Val's body, the slap as it hit her upper torso
was clearly heard immediately after the thud of Anita's fist hitting home and
as it accelerated up Val's body, for a moment it looked like it might spring
free of the bra but not quite, so that as Anita's fist withdrew the breast
flopped back into place and immediately the ropes released and an ashen faced
Val sank groaning to the floor, first to her knees and then she pitched
forward in the foetal position, breath rasping in her throat as she tried to
suck in air after the blow she'd taken to her lower belly so soon after the
blow to her cxnt.

The clock counted and weakly Val tried to crawl to the edge of the circle. 7,
8, 9. She barely made any progress and as the clock continued to count she
sank down, resigned it seemed to being counted out by the electronic clock.
The only sound was her rasping breath as she tried to get oxygen into her
lungs. 25, 26, 27 and finally the clock reach 30 as Val with a last effort
tried to slide nearer to the circle slumped flat on her front, her tightly
clad rear just slightly raised as she weakly tried to push with her legs.

'1st round to Anita' announced the ref. Seconds you have 5 minutes to prepare
your fighters for the next round. Anita will receive the next blow, at Val's
turn she will receive a penalty blow for this count as it was over 20

With that Dave and Carl rushed into Val's aid and Anita, Helen and Anne
quickly left the arena for their changing room.

Round 2 to follow shortly, (well whenever I get time to write it!)
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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 2
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

The 2nd round

As soon as Anne Helen and Anita reached the changing room Anne put on a
blocking pad onto her arm and said 'right come on Ani, we've got a few minutes
let's get you a bit more effective.' With that she held the pad at low down on
her body and said 'punch this', Anita did so, then Helen had Anne demonstrate.
For the next few minutes Anne and Helen worked hard trying to improve Anita's
technique, in the end they made some improvement showing Anita how to generate
more power hitting up low into the groin area but essentially they decided
that Anita should concentrate on straight drives as this technique she had
seemed to grasp. In between doing this Anne kept stressing to Anita that she
should be quick to take her punches as her fitness might make a difference.

In the other changing room Carl and Dave had also worked quickly on Val and
stressed to her that she must do anything to get up and survive a shot like
she'd just received, 'roll out of the circle and get to us' Dave implored.
Then they set to work on trying to give Val some technique. Dave commenting
'look Val you're much, much stronger than Anita but you're not making best use
of your strength, your standing too square. Come over here and hit this
punchbag. Val flexed her muscles and drove her fist into the bag as hard as
she could, 'OK said Dave, now do it like this' and Dave then demonstrated how
to stand and make use of the shoulders and upper body so that after just a
couple of minutes Val's punches were making the punch bag jerk and sway much
more than her earlier attempt had done. Carl and Dave glanced at each other
and smiled, this fighter might just have a chance, it all depended on the look
of the dice and who would face a debilitating punch first.

With that thought the 30 second buzzer sounded and the fighters were led to
the Arena. Neither fighter had changed so clad in wet lingerie they both made
an erotic sight as they stepped into the ring. Anita noticed for the first
time that screens around the arena were showing close ups of the two fighters,
close up of Val's breasts bouncing as she walked and of Anita's own breasts
and the peaks of her nipples thrusting through the bra.

As Val entered the ref asked 'what clothing are you going to remove?'
'Stocking' replied Val. So as Carl removed one of Val's stocking the ref
announced 'As Val has now lost one round her count to beat is now 40 seconds,
Anita's remains at 30'. Anita, get ready to receive your blow.

Anita stepped into the foot restraints and looked up to the scoreboard to see
what number would show. It came up, 11, a blow to the broad suspender belt.
Val stepped up carefully into the position that she'd just practised with Carl
and Dave, drew her fist back ready to punch. Anita watched Val and realised
that this punch might have more venom in it. She recognized from the stance
that Val was using the same techniques that Helen and Anne had taught her and
then, in the timeless zone just before Val's fist started to power in Anita
noticed all sort of details, the steady rise and fall of Val's breasts, the
slight misfit of the left bra cup proving that Val's left breast was now
slightly swollen, the beginning of an ugly bruise low on Val's belly where
Anita had punched her at the end of the last round and the sudden flare of
Val's nostrils as she took in an extra deep breath before she punched...
before she punched, she was punching! And Val's fist crashed into Anita's
navel, 'ughh' Anita cried out as the fist hit her tensed muscles and almost
threatened to break through her muscle wall. That was hard, Anita thought with
some trepidation as the ropes released and she staggered back but remembering
what Anne and Helen had said she prepared to hit Val the moment she was
allowed to.

Val smiled as her punch struck home, she'd felt the extra kick through her
fist and felt some confidence return. Wait until I get a lower shot she was
thinking, I'll break her spine in two! Then she was steeping into the
restraints to receive her blow just as the ref was announcing 'Anita has a
penalty blow to Val's breast which she will take before her dice option'. Then
as Val feet slid home into the restraints the scoreboard showed the next
number, a 6 which meant a blow, the first, to her right breast. Anita waited
while the ropes drew taught and then the moment the clock started to count she
drove her fist straight into Val's left breast, driving her fist deep into the
centre of Val's left breast for at least the 5th time. Breast flesh billowed
out from around Anita's glove and Val gasped as the fist struck home. Anita
didn't waste any time though and quickly re-set herself and within just a few
seconds she repeated the shot to Val's right breast, grunting with effort as
she drove her fist home. Another gasp from Val, who glared balefully at Anita
as she stepped back from the ropes. Anita returned the stare and quickly
stepped into the restraints.

Anita then turned to watch the screen as Anne and Helen tied her arms up, a 7,
her left breast. In some ways Anita was relieved as she didn't want to face
another stomach blow so soon. Val stepped up and said, 'time for your little
boobies to feel some pain I think' and she set herself again as Carl and Dave
had taught her and powered her fist just below the point of Anita's up tilted
puffy nipple, but unlike earlier punches she now made better use of those
powerful shoulders so her fist fairly thudded into Anita's pert breast. Waves
of pain assailed Anita as she felt her sensitive gland being crushed, it felt
like hot daggers were stabbing into her as sensitive flesh was squashed into
her body. She couldn't stop a sharp yelp of pain and brought her gloves
quickly down to cradle the her breast the moment the gloves released. The pain
brought an extra sheen of sweat to her body and perhaps even a little glint of
moisture was in her eyes too but Anita stayed in the circle wanting to return
the punch as quickly as possible. Val stepped back for a few moments and then
stepped into the restraints.

All eyes turned to the scoreboard, another 6, another blow to the right
breast. With the odds very much favouring the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 to land
55% of the time it looked like the early rounds of this battle was going to be
a war of attrition to the breasts. Anita waited impatiently anxious to keep
the pace up as much as possible and was already poised to punch the moment
that the lights showed that the ropes were fully extended. At that moment she
drove her fist into the centre of Val's right breast and was satisfied to here
a slightly more anguished cry from Val as her breast was pummelled. Anita was
already stepping into position as the ropes were releasing Val

The scoreboard flashed '4', a blow to the belly above the suspender belt.
Anita steeled herself for a blow to the belly, she willed her stomach muscles
to be as firm as they could be as Val approached. But Val had an idea, she'd
read once about the solar plexus and how a punch here could be very effective
so she eyed up the area in the centre of Anita's chest just below her bra and
powered in a right hand punch. Thud, with very little fat here to absorb the
blow the sound of Val's glove impacting was loud and sharp. Anita gasped and
struggled to take a breath sinking down to her knees as the ropes released,
then leaning forward propping herself up with one glove, she gasped in a
ragged breath and then another and slowly recovered before slowly levering
herself back to her feet.

Val was already in position and the clock was on 5 seconds as Anita stood up,
her breathing was still a bit ragged but the initial pain of the blow was
easing, she hoped that some of the reaction was shock of the unexpected.
Quickly she glanced at the scoreboard, a 10, and Anita was grateful, a blow to
Val's suspender belt was what she needed after the last blow she'd received.
This time she took her time, composing herself and getting her breathing under
control before steadying herself to punch Val's navel. With 15 seconds on the
clock Anita drove a punch angling slightly down into the swell of Val's belly,
flush into the centre of the suspender belt where it covered the belly button.
Anita thrilled as she felt her glove sink into Val, she could see the flesh
distort around her glove as it sank in and a wave of Val's flesh rippled away
from the impact sight as if a stone had crashed into a water bed. At the same
time Anita heard the air forcibly expel from Val's lungs 'ouuumpfff' went Val
and now it was her turn to sink down to her haunches and then double over as
she desperately tried to replace the air she'd just lost.

Pleased with this outcome Anita was once again quick to step into her foot
restraints, a quick whispered 'well done' from Anne cheered her up and steeled
her to take the next blow as well as she could. The scoreboard showed '11',
her turn to receive a blow to the suspender belt. Val slowly stood up, still
gulping in air and looking pained, but a thin smile came to her face when she
saw the number 11. Anita steeled herself and waited for Val to prepare before
tensing her muscles as much as she could. Val took aim at the navel again and
blasted her fist as hard as she could into the pale red material that was
Anita's only protection. 'ughh' Anita involuntarily exclaimed as she lost some
air form her lungs. Val's fist had hit very hard but Anita's muscles had held
firm although now they felt ever so fluttery as Anita stepped back and rubbed
her fist into her belly. She breathed deeply relieved that Val's punch hadn't
got through but still, she wondered, How many more could she take?

Val took some seconds before she stepped forward, she was breathing hard and
sweat drenched her skin and she allowed the clock to tick over to 12 seconds
before she placed her feet into the restraints. This pleased Anita and she'd
spotted a little smile from Anne as she'd glance around which also cheered
her. Anita got ready while Val was been strung up, she waited watching the
screen, a 9 this time, Val's belly above the belt. Anita licked her lips,
she'd enjoyed the feeling of her glove sinking into Val's body the shot before
and wanted to do it again, and now was her chance. She wasn't going to go for
the solar plexus when there was a slightly weak belly to strike! As soon as
the clocked ticked over indicating that Val was fully secured Anita plunged
her fist into the swell of Val's belly above the suspender belt. Val had a bit
more muscle tone here but still Anita's punch penetrated sending a big ripple
through Val's body and another expulsion of air. Again Val sank down to her
haunches as the ropes released and Anita was quick to get back into position
to start a count.

The scoreboard showed '4' while Val was still squatting on the ring floor.
Another blow to Anita's belly above the susi belt. Anita didn't like this, she
wondered whether Val would go for the solar plexus again or try her belly.
She'd find out soon enough as Val slowly lifted herself from the floor. For
Val the choice was easy, she'd had more effect this round with her one punch
to the solar plexus so, taking her tine, she gathered herself and made ready
to strike. Anita tensed her muscles as Val drew back her fist and then Val
struck, aiming for the red mark of her earlier strike just below Anita's
boobs, her fist crashed into Anita, the sharp flat sound of Val's fist against
bony chest once again resounding around the ring. Val hissed with the pain of
the repeat blow and once again she struggled to take in a breath. For a moment
or two she stood trying to recover, but as her body cried out for oxygen she
quickly sank down to her knees to recover more slowly. Anita felt her head
drop forwards and she stared at the ring floor for a few seconds whilst her
body recovered and her breathing eased until she once again felt able to stand

Anita slowly got to her feet and saw that Val was already strung up with the
count on 8 seconds. A quick glance at the scoreboard showed her next target, a
6, so Val's right breast. No rush this time, Anita wanted the pain in her
chest to ease so she had time to observe Val's heaving bosom. It was beginning
to look to big for her bra, as bulges in the top of the bra testified to
breast flesh trying to escape the tight confines. But still, Anita didn't
think she could knock the right boob out just yet so she lined up a straight
drive aiming at the centre of Val's dark areola, clearly visible through the
soaked, transparent bra. Anita drove her fist in wanting once again to feel
the flesh compress under her glove. Anita grunted with effort as she put her
all into the punch and following Anita's grunt Val moaned with pain as her
breast was once again crushed. In this round it had been her right breast but
the round before her left breast had taken most of the shots but now she had
two very sore mounds of flesh attached to her and she vowed to make Anita's
smaller boobs pay.

Anita felt fit enough to quickly step into position and then a quick glance
still showed a 6.. her right breast this time. Val stepped up and drove her
fist up into the bottom half of Anita's breast forcing the breast up Anita's
body before crushing it into her. Anita groaned and willed the knifing pain to
subside. Her breasts were swelling too she realised as she looked down to
cradle them. Then with horror she realised that this was still so early in the
contest! What state would they be in say 3 or 4 more rounds time! She couldn't

But now Val was strung up and Anita wanted to keep the pace up. An 8 was
showing so once again Anita could strike Val's right breast. This time she
thought she'd try to knock it out of the bra so with the slightly plunging bra
design she thought she should strike up from just outside the centre angling
in towards Val's body. So with a few seconds of thought behind her she drove
her fist into Val's bra. As luck would have it the blow was perfect! Anita's
glove pinched the base of Val's bra against Val's body as it knocked the
breast up. The bra stood no chance of containing Val's heavy breast it flew up
and across Val's body, the distortion of Anita's fist in the breast remained
visible as the breast flew up with a squashed centre section, but then gravity
quickly recaptured the flying orb and the heavy breast dropped down Val's body
sinking some way lower than the still bra encased left breast.

Anita smiled to herself and stepped into position whilst Val lifted her breast
up to allow the bra cup underneath to settle into a more comfortable position.
She knew her seconds would not be allowed to put the bra back on until after
the end of the round. Anita looked to see what fate had lined up for her, a
10, so a blow to her suspender belt. Anita calmed herself and waited as Val
stepped up and then tensed her muscles as Val prepared to strike. Val was
embarrassed and annoyed to have her breast hanging out of the bra and was
determined to hit Anita as hard as she could so she concentrated very hard on
what Carl and Dave had told her, set her body and lined up and then drove the
hardest punch she'd managed so far into the centre of Anita's suspender belt,
flush on the belly button. Anita felt the glove strike, she felt the extra
force start to break through her muscle wall and her mouth opened in an O as
she was forced to exhale with a 'woompff' and her head dropped back. Then she
was staggering back and sinking down to the ring floor, head down, and pain
etched across her face.

Anita stayed down while Val got in position, she held her gloves tightly
against her navel and slowly forced air back into her lungs before, whilst
still crouched, she looked to see where she'd be hitting Val. Good, she had a
10 also and she was determined to make it pay by driving her fist deep into
Val's tender mid section. She stayed down for a while to compose herself and
then eased herself up at 10 seconds. Her belly felt painful and tender and she
hoped the next blow she faced wouldn't be to the same spot again. Still
slightly crouched she forced herself upright and stepped up to Val. Taking
care to punch as well as she could she struck into the centre of Vals
suspender belt. As earlier she felt an intense thrill, at the feel of her
glove sinking deep into Val's belly, she forced every last ounce of power she
could into her fist and was rewarded with an explosion of breath and spittle
across her breath as Val forcibly lost her wind. Anita watched Val sink
straight down to the ring floor, curled up over her wounded belly and quickly
stepped onto her mark whilst watching Val crawl slowly to the ring border, her
loose right breast hanging and dragging against the ring floor whilst her
panty clad rear pointed up, swaying with effort as Val struggled to breath and
also reach Carl and Dave. Anita glanced at the scoreboard, an 8, yet another
blow to the right breast but she knew she could cope with that for now. The
clock had now reached 12 and Val was now near enough the ring edge for Carl
and Dave to drag her clear. Dave tried to quickly massage Val's belly but Val
groaned in pain so he held an ice pack there instead, but just for a moment as
they then decided that they needed Val on her feet. Hauling her up they
supported her whilst she dragged air into her lungs, still half doubled over.
Carl and Dave made a decision to allow the clock to run past 20 seconds, and
once past 20 seconds they could then afford some more time so long as Val made
her shot before 40 seconds was up. Gradually Val got her wind back and
painfully stood up by herself and just in time! The clock showed 25 seconds so
she only had 15 remaining to strike Anita. After some encouragement and
whispered advice from Carl she made her slow painful way to the centre of the

Anita watched Val approach, she knew the last punch had given her an edge and
that now she would have an penalty shot at Val's breast with her next turn,
with the right throw of the dice she might win the round with her next 2
punches! But first she had to take Val's next punch to her right breast. Val
came nearer her right breast swaying with each step and displaying some
colourful bruising around the areola . Anita knew that her breast would be
equally bruised and steeled herself to absorb the next bit of punishment. She
watched Val snarl and grimace as she wound up to drive her fist into Anita's
breast and then the fist struck and instantly Anita yelped with pain as Val's
fist powered into her puffy breast, this time Val struck straight in driving
the nipple straight back into Anita's chest, and with a smaller breast there
was less fat to absorb the shock of the blow which meant that the internal
glands within Anita's breast absorbed far more punishment than for a similar
blow to Val. Anita felt every pound of effort that Val had put into the punch
and her poor breast was in agony as she stepped away from her position.

Val paused now, she was in no rush to face her next punch so she let the clock
count down 5 seconds, 10 and then at 15 she allowed Carl and Dave to help
secure her in position. The ref had announced the penalty blow to the breast
but Anita waited to see where her other blow would be, '7' lit up on the
scoreboard for Val's left breast so a disappointed Val made a quick change of
plan, she'd intended pounding at Val's exposed right breast but now she sank
her fist into the underside of Val's left breast in a repeat of the shot that
had liberated Val's right breast. And it was a perfect repeat as Val's left
breast shot out of the bra and swung down to join it's partner. Val's large
bust size was now much more apparent without the constraining effects of a bra
but Anita didn't dwell on this, she now used the advice that Anne and Helen
had given her in the break between rounds. With heavy 10oz gloves a lot of
effort went into getting them into motion but now Anita planned to use the
weight of the glove to her advantage. Val's large hanging breasts were nicely
presented for her to drive her fist down into the top flank of the breast and
drive through against Val's ribs. So taking aim she powered her fist in,
angling down into the top flank of Val's left breast. The paler flesh made a
good target and Anita struck midway between the top of the breast and the
nipple at the border of Val's tan. Anita felt the difference of striking the
breast this way, instead of a gradual build up of resistance as she compacted
the entire breast, this time she drove in and then met the unmoving wall of
Val's ribcage and her glove then squeezed down Val's body drawing the breast
down behind it, Anita could see that at the moment of deepest impact the top
part of Val's breast was drawn down flat and taught with the centre part
driven hard in against Val's ribs the tip of the breast bulged out as flesh
with no where to go was forced up to the nipple. Val also noticed the
difference, it felt to her like her breast was being ripped off and she cold
not have imagined the difference in pain from the earlier blows to this. She
let loose a cry of pain and then staggered back cradling her abused left
breast as the ropes released.

Anita quickly stepped onto her mark and the restraints held her feet as Anne
and Helen came to fix her arms. Another whispered 'well done, keep it up' made
her feel a bit better, she'd hoped to have a decisive punch but she knew the
breast punch wasn't it. Now she looked to see what her fate would be and an
icy fear gripped her, a 12,. 'Just get to us any how you can and stay in this
if you can, come on, you can do it' Anne whispered as she felt the fear that
now coursed through Anita's body. Her panties were about to be pounded by
Val's glove and where minutes before they'd been damp with sexual arousal
brought on by the feeling of her fist sinking into vulnerable areas of Val's
body, they were now damp with the cold sweat of fear and the anticipation of
the sickening pain to come. Val smiled, just a few punches ago it looked like
she might be about to lose the round but now she had the first punch to the
cxnt in this round. She set herself with a firm stand and rather than try and
loop a punch up into Anita's mound, this time she would go for power and
strike with a straight punch into where she imagined Anita's clit would be.
The small dark triangle of Anita's trimmed bush showing through the sodden
panties highlighted the target area perfectly so with glee she powered her
fist into Anita's mound. Anita saw the fist start towards her and then it
hit... Agony as her sex lips, her clit, those vital and so sensitive areas of
a women were smashed by Val's glove. She let out a yell of agony and fell
forwards, her body too shocked to be able to control her legs. Pain gripped
her in a vice, she wanted it to stop but it seemed to hit in waves, her face
blanched and her eyes screwed up with the shear mass of agony that rolled
through her. But, she retained enough awareness to know that if she could just
ride it out, get to the edge of the circle, then maybe Anne and Helen could
help her. She pulled herself across the floor, each movement of her legs
setting of more streams of agony from her sex as she moved across the floor
until finally she made it and Anne dragged her clear. It had taken 10 long
seconds to crawl the short distance away from the centre and now Anita had
just 20 seconds remaining to get her strike in or lose the round. Anne
drenched Anita with icy cold water and then pulling the front of Anita's
panties away she poured a jug full of icy water down there before holding an
ice pack against her sex. 'Stay in this, even a pat against Val will do and
then you have almost another 20 seconds to recover and you never know where
the next blow might be, for you or for her' she cajoled as the shock of the
cold water started to bring Anita back to them.

With Anne and Helen's help Anita hauled herself to her feet and Helen said to
her, 'Ok you've got 10 seconds so you can do this, you've got a 5 so you need
to hit Val's left breast. Just get to Val and thump her and then it doesn't
matter if you can't stand then as we'll be able to help you, so come on let's
do it'. Anita's legs were like jelly but she managed to painfully walk towards
Val, hunching herself over the dreadful hurt and with just 5 seconds to go she
plunged her fist into Val's left breast. It wasn't a full strength blow by any
means and Val shrugged of the sting of the blow and stepped back as Anita
wobbled around trying to get her feet into the restraints. Anne and Helen
though quickly got to her and pulled her away, 'don't rush, give yourself some
time' Helen said and held Anita to her whilst Anne got the ropes ready. Then
with 15 seconds on the clock they got Anita's feet into position and tied her
arms above her head.

Anita knew she would receive a penalty breast blow but she desperately hoped
that she wouldn't face another low blow as well, she looked to the screen just
as an 8 flashed up for a blow to the right breast. Then as the ropes pulled
her upright new agonies erupted in her sex as against her will, her body was
stretched fully upright. Instantly Val stepped up and powered her fist into
the very visibly erect nipple on Anita's right breast and then with just a
pause to draw back her fist she repeated the same blow, hard and straight
mashing into the huge nipple that had erected due to the icy cold water thrown
onto her just moments before. The first blow drew and anguished moan as her
breast was smashed into her body and then her moan changed to a pained yell as
within moments the same breast was smashed straight back into her body. Anita
dropped to her knees with one arm rammed between her legs and the other
cradling her sore breast as Val quickly got herself into position.

Anita half crawled and walked back out of the centre ring to Anne and Helen
were more iced water was thrown over her and ice packs held against her groin
and breast. Helen said, 'fantastic, you made it. Now lets blast into Val's
breast this time, you've got a 7 so pound that left breast like you did a few
shots ago, hard and down into the top slope, crush it against Val's ribs. The
time's at 12 seconds so go now before you get a penalty blow'. Anita made her
slow way into the centre of the ring and with the clock on 18 seconds she
delivered a firm punch to Val's left breast, hitting down to the top slope mid
way between nipple and top of the breast her fist sank in and crushed Val's
breast into the ribs. Not anything like as hard as Anita could hit, but hard
enough to draw a gasp from Val, who then glowered at Anita and stepped back
anxious to have her next shot.

Anita waited again, hoping that her strength would return and the pain in her
sex ease. She allowed the clock to tick up to 15 before stepping into the foot
restraints. Then with trepidation she looked to the screen. A 6, her right
breast yet again. But at least it wasn't her groin or lower belly. Val again
didn't waste time, she wanted to keep things moving and desperately wanted to
get another serious target before Anita had recovered, but for now the breast,
the same breast that she'd just hit twice only moments before. As the ropes
brought Anita upright Val could sense that Anita's breasts were swelling, but
being small she didn't think she could knock them out of their cups just yet,
maybe she didn't need to. Anyway she decided on the same punch again as that
area of Anita's breast had so recently been tenderised so the moment that the
timer light flashed she was ready and drove her fist plumb into the centre of
Anita's right breast. Pain knifed through Anita as the fist struck home and
she screamed, she feared for the state of her breasts as Val's punches were
powerful, her rudimentary technique was tailored for a straight blow at just
the height that Anita's breasts were, so all the muscle in those swimmers
shoulders was focused on driving Anita's breasts through her body. And didn't
Anita feel it as she screamed in agony as the punch struck home. She lurched
back as the ropes released and hoped she could end this somehow.

Val was already strapped in, again moving fast hoping to get at Anita soon
with a punishing low blow, but now it was her turn and the light was flashing
on 4, Val's belly above the suspender belt. At this Anita perked up, she could
slow Val down with a punishing blow now so she took more time to recover,
using up 10 seconds before stepping up and setting herself up for her punch
trying to ensure that she made it a good one. She aimed down in the same way
that Helen had told her to do with Val's breasts, using the weight of the
glove as an advantage she speared her fist in to the swell of Val's tummy and
delighted once again in the feeling, almost sexual in it's intensity, of her
glove driving into Val's inards as her stomach muscles caved in before Anita's
glove. As Val went 'oomppff', losing her air Anita's fist was deeply embedded
in Val's belly, she could sense how deep from the distortion of the flesh
around the glove and then as her fist withdrew the aftershocks rippled through
Val's belly. Then with the ropes released Val staggered away clutching at her
belly before slumping over panting in huge gulps of air as now it was her turn
to try and recover.

Anita now forced herself to step quickly into position, maybe it was a gamble
as she still was not fully recovered from the cxnt blow, but she knew that now
Val was in a weak state as well so whatever blow she needed to face she rather
it came from a weak Val. She looked at the scoreboard, a 5 which was a small
mercy, her left breast instead of the right. Val was up but half doubled over,
her breasts hanging down and swinging as she sucked in great draughts of air.
Val glanced at the clock and saw that she had 15 seconds before incurring a
penalty so she slowly eased herself upright revealing a very visible mark on
her belly from the repeated blows to the same place, in fact as was the case
with Anita also, the pattern of the fight was etched into both of their
bodies. Val set herself and drove her fist into Anita's left breast, flush on
the bulls eye of Anita's nipple poking out the bra cup surrounded by the dark
circle of her areola clearly visible through the wet transparent bra, in fact
the tight material was so moulded to Anita's breast that the crinkles in her
still partially erect nipple were etched into the material. Anita cried out as
her breast was pancaked, each blow increased the agony she felt in her
breasts, a pain that never wholly went away, each new blow drove the pain to a
new peak which subsided somewhat only to be stretched to yet further heights
of pain with the next blow.

Anita staggered away from the ropes and hoped she'd be favoured with a good
target. Val didn't rush, apart from when she thought she might win the round
she didn't see the need to force the pace so she allowed the clock to tick on
a little before stepping into the restraints. Anita watched to see what the
dice would say. Damm! Another 7, so a blow to Val's left breast. This was
turning very attritional, Anita had imagined a far fewer blows than these to
win a round but apart from the dreadful blow to the cxnt that she'd received
most punches had been to areas that wouldn't, in the short term, cause a
problem. Now long term was a different issue, but Anita wanted to end this
round now. She was tired, her body was pouring out sweat, the gloves were
heavy and she was in pain. But as she looked at Val she realised that maybe
she wasn't so badly off. Val was beginning to look haggard and was equally if
not more sweaty than Anita. Val's breasts were heaving as she sucked in air
and her face was becoming more and more pained as her arms were stretched up
above her head. Seeing this made Anita more determined than ever to keep up
pressure whenever she could so she took aim and at the earliest possible
moment she plunged her fist into the top half of Val's breast, just as she'd
done ever since she'd knocked them out of the bra. The breast contorted under
the blow and sweat erupted in a spray as the breast was driven into Val's
body. Val shook with pain, giving a yell as Anita's glove tried to cut the
breast in two driving in and crushing the centre portion against Val's ribs.

Anita stepped straight into position even as Val's breast was swinging in
aftershock and Val was barely released herself. Already the next number was
showing a 6 for Anita's right breast. Val angrily strode up, another non round
winning shot, but she'd do her best to make it count. She let the clock tick
down as she settled her breathing and then she plunged her fist into Anita's
right breast. Anita felt the knifing pain hit yet again and her face screwed
up and she bit her lip hard to stop herself screaming, she didn't want Val to
know just how much the breast punches were starting to hurt. She stepped away
from the ropes and thought about going for ice but decided to stay near the
centre so that she could take her next shot quickly. She'd noticed how Val was
taking her time so deduced that the last thing Val wanted was a quick
turnaround. So she waited ready to strike even though Val had not yet stepped
into the marks.

Finally after 15 seconds Val was in position with the ropes extending up. A
glance at the screen showed the number 8, a blow to Val's right breast.
Wasting no time Anita crunched her fist into the tender flesh, again hitting
down as this caused far more impact crushing breast into sharp bony ribs.
Another burst of sweaty spray as the breast was crushed and Val yelped and
hissed with pain and then wearily stepped back as the ropes released, again
though Anita was already in position. She sensed that Val's fitness, or lack,
was starting to be an issue as Val's body was now so drenched with sweat that
it was literally dripping from her. Even her hair looked wet and her body was
a sheen of wetness.

The screen now showed 5, her left breast again and Anita screwed herself up to
take the pain. Val again waited her breasts heaving as she caught her breath
until finally she stepped up and with just a few seconds remaining she plunged
her fist into Anita's left breast. Agony again, and this time Anita couldn't
stop the cry of pain as the blow hit and again she wondered about a quick trip
for ice, but thought better as it would tell Val how hurt she was.

Val delayed but Anita stayed ready waiting for her turn. At last Val was
restrained and now the number was 11, a blow to Val's suspender belt. This was
it, Anita perked up and this time she set herself as well as possible, aiming
for the dark bruise around Val's navel that was showing through the thin
material. She plunged her fist in and again felt the ecstasy of Val's soft
belly caving in before her punch and with the 'pffhhhhhttt' of Val forcibly
losing all of her air and Anita's nipples surged out despite the pain her
breasts were in. Val sagged to the floor her mouth gaping trying but failing
to suck in air and Anita quickly stepped into her position to start the clock.

A 7 came up on the scoreboard, Anita's left breast; if Val could make it in
time. Gasping like a fish out of water she flopped around on the floor making
very slow progress towards Carl and Dave. Her face contorted as she struggled
for breath, getting it in short rasping gasps she inched herself across the
floor, hanging breasts swinging and swaying and bouncing on the floor as she
half crawled and slithered towards Carl and Dave. 10 seconds, 15 seconds and
she was still barely half way until finally she made it with over 20 seconds
already counted down. Carl eased her into a sitting position but with head
down and rubbed her back and those strong shoulders. For 10 seconds he worked
on her and then at 30 seconds he and Dave heaved her to her feet. Her legs
were shaking and her face was still pinched with pain as she gasped in air.
Dave cajoled her, 'come on, a punch to her left breast. She's in agony there
you know, a few more blows to the breast and she'll be yours. 3 steps and a
punch, that's all'. With that he pushed Val away and she reeled her way
towards Anita, her face grey with pain. Crouching over her large breasts swung
and swayed hanging down from Val's chest, sweat running down her body and onto
her breasts dripping from her nipples with each sway and swing. With 36
seconds on the clock Val made it and swung a weak blow into Anita's left
breast before she sunk down onto her haunches.

Anita decided that this would be a good time to get some ice as it didn't look
like Val would be in a hurry to strap her self into position. Helen held ice
onto Anita's breasts and whispered her stamina's gone, keep up the quick
changes and that'll beat her, or at least keep her from using her full power.
She'll have to be strapped in now, it's on 15 seconds so go and hit her the
first moment you can. Anita quickly stepped back to the centre ring just as at
18 seconds Val's feet locked into place. A quick glance told her that she had
a number 8, Val's right breast, but she also had a penalty blow as well which
she decided would be to the same breast. Anita took aim and waited as the
ropes retracted, letting fly the first instant that the clock lit up. Val
groaned as her breast was crushed down into her ribs and she flung her head
back with the pain. Both of Val's breasts had ugly bruises on the top flanks
were Anita was pounding down and in the moment that she was setting herself
for the next blow Anita almost imagined that she could see the bruise on Val's
right breast growing. Anita took a moment to re set herself and using the
bruise as her target she repeated the blow whilst Val's head was still way
back. She'd not expected the second blow, maybe she'd forgot the penalty, but
the shock of the 2nd impact drew a long drawn out wail from Val and she sunk
down to her haunches as the ropes released.

Anita was quick again to get into position and had started the clock even as
Val was setting down on the ring floor. She had a six this time so her right
breast. Val sat on her haunches sucking in air and then tried to stand up. She
almost didn't make it, at the halfway point it looked like her legs might go
and then when she was upright she weaved around struggling to control her
legs. The clock was on 12 and Val staggered into position. Anita could see the
tremble in her legs and was desperate to get her next shot in. But first Val,
and although her legs were almost gone her arms and shoulders hadn't and she
fired in as fierce a blow to Anita's right breast as she'd faced during the
fight. Anita cried out and sucked in a deep breath. As she was released she
looked down at her breasts and she could see the taught bra was pushing out
from her body as her breast swelled underneath. She could tell that the under
wired part of the bra was no longer running against her torso, instead a gap
had appeared and the paler white skin of her breast was visible from under the
shaped cup.

Anita waited whilst Val took a breather and wound the clock down, eventually
locking herself in with the clock on 18. And Anita's heart leapt, a 2 which
meant she could hit Val between panties and suspender belt. Val had seen it as
well and her head sunk down even as her arms were being lifted up. Anita meant
for this blow to count. She wanted to sink her fist deep into Val's soft
underbelly and squash into uterus. She eyed up the spot just above the panties
where she wanted to sink her fist and took aim as Val looked on in horror;
then Anita drove her fist home deep into Val's lower belly, she felt the flesh
give way beneath her glove and knew that she'd finally won the round as her
glove sank deep into Val. Val didn't scream, the only sound was a 'phfttt' as
air and spittle exploded from her mouth. She crashed to the floor on nerveless
legs immediately the ropes were released and lay sprawled, half on her side
and half on her front, seemingly propped up by one large bruised breast as her
mouth worked vainly trying to get air but only succeeding in dribbling drool
onto the ring floor. Anita started the clock by putting her feet into the
blocks and Anne and Helen went through the formality of attaching ropes to her
arms as Val lay in front of them barely moving, just weakly trying to curl up
over her hurt gut but failing to even manage that.

The clock ticked, Carl and Dave could have come in for her but this would have
given Anita 3 penalty shots to the breast, not to mention the time penalties.
So with no prospect of reviving Val they had to let her suffer as the clock
counted down. 20 seconds, 30 seconds and now Val had just a little movement
but much to little and much to late and relentlessly the clock counted out the
final 10 seconds to 40 and Anita had won another round.

In between watching Val weakly writhe on the floor Anita now had time to look
around her. Her eyes were drawn by a flash of red on the big screens around
the screen. It was her panties! Shot from below the ring the camera was
showing a huge close up of her wet sheer panties; with her legs spread lewdly
the camera had a clear view of her sex mound and was zoomed in tight onto the
dark vee of her sex split by the pink gash as her spread position made her sex
lips gape apart. Anita blushed and squirmed with embarrassment and then
noticed that the camera was switching to a 'then and now' shot with the
earlier shot being much more modest making Anita realise that after Val's blow
to her cxnt her labia must have swollen somewhat ' this was what the screens
were demonstrating to the audience. Other shots now showed Anita's last punch
to Val, and maybe Anita's labia swelled a bit more as she watched her fist
sink deep into Val's lower belly below the suspender belt. In slow motion, the
glove impacts and starts to penetrate, the skin distorting around the glove as
it sinks into the sensitive flesh ' a split screen shows a close up of Val's
panties from the rear, tightly stretched over her bum they jerk out towards
the camera as Anita's punch sinks home, her buttocks slowly quivering in
reaction. Back to the front and Anita's fist has sunk deep into Val's body and
a circle of flesh has formed around the glove and is slowly rippling away up
Val's body whilst below the top of Val's panties now stand away from the
sunken flesh. Val's face is slowly reacting to the shock, her eye's are
widening in pain and her mouth is slowly forming an 'O', then her entire face
gradually creases up and her cheeks swell up before finally breathe and
spittle explode from her mouth. Slowly Anita's glove pulls away and Val's
flesh starts to rush back to fill the deep indent made by Anita's glove, at
the same time Val is released and slowly she falls to the floor, breasts, and
belly wobbling in reaction to the blow and now sudden drop as her limp legs
give way beneath her.

Carl and Dave had by now raced in to help Val, moving her into the recovery
position proper (she'd almost fallen that way anyway) whilst Anne and Helen
released Anita and gave her a little hug before leaving the ring and heading
for the changing room.

'5 minutes before the next round' announced the ref. 'Anita to receive the
first blow and 2 penalty blows to the breast against Val when it is her turn
to receive'. Then the ref paused, glancing at both fighters' chests and
announced 'If a fighter wishes to change bra size then they may do so but at a
cost of a penalty blow to the breast, the new bra must be the correct size for
the breasts as they now are, you cannot use an over or undersized bra unless
you breasts fall between two cup sizes, then you may use either'.

With that he turned and left the ring himself leaving Carl and Dave to carry
Val into their changing room.

Will Val recover? Will her greater strength tell in the end or will Anita's
stamina continue to carry her through? Find out in the next instalment!

Part 3 to follow when I get around to it!

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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 3
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

Anne and Helen led Anita into the changing room. 'How do you feel?' Helen
asked. 'My breasts are sore, very sore, so is my sex, it hurts a lot and I
don't think I could bear to touch it. My stomach is OK but she's nearly got
through the last couple of blows, I wouldn't want to face 2 belly shots one
after the other, but really I think I can manage, unless the dice give me
really bad options'. 'That's what we think to', said Helen 'so I think we can
spend this break trying to get your technique better. You've got a half decent
straight punch now which is great for breasts and upper belly, but you could
damage Val even more if we can show you how to hit her harder in her lower
belly. For the next 3 minutes Anne and Helen tried to coach Anita to use a
rudimentary uppercut. 'That's it!' exclaimed Anne, 'keep your knees bent a
little and step into it, perfect', just do a few more before the buzzer goes'.

In the other changing room Carl and Dave had been working on Val full time,
but it was difficult for them to give Val advice as it wasn't a boxing match,
the only thing they could do would be to try to coach Val in punching but
there just wasn't time as they needed to get Val fit enough to go back into
the ring. The only thing Dave could suggest was to only force the pace if
she'd tagged Anita with a good damaging punch, for the attritional punches to
breasts Dave suggested that Val take her time between punches. The other
decision they had to make was about Val's bra, Anita's punches down into the
tops of the breast were very damaging so Val wanted to have a new bra despite
the penalty breast punch this would entail, so Val was re-measured. Her boobs
had been a 'D' cup but after 2 rounds of pounding they had swelled so much
that they were between E and F. This information was sent out to an official
who returned with exactly the same type of bra but an 'F' cup. The larger bra
cups fully encased Val's breasts so it was unlikely that they'd be knocked out
so easily, well not until they'd swelled some more, but that was something
that Val didn't want to think about. Finally Dave and Carl had a very short
session with Val trying to improve her punching but all too soon the buzzer
went and after a quick dry and with a new bra Dave and Carl escorted Val into
the arena.

Anita had not changed her bra, in fact apart from Val's new bra neither
fighter had used fresh clothing so the two of them looked quite bedraggled as
they entered the arena, except for Val's bra which was still dry. Anita
stepped into position and her arms were tied by Anne and Helen, before the
ropes pulled her arms high and tight above her head. Whilst this was going on
the ref asked Val which article of clothing she was going to lose 'the other
stocking' Val replied and just saying this made Val realise that she really
couldn't afford to lose more than 1 more round or Anita would be able to hit
her low too often, it would become a painful and quickly accelerating demise.

The ref made an announcement 'A reminder to you all. If more than one penalty
blows is to be taken these blows must be to alternate breasts. I'd should also
remind you that the judge has set a minimum of 5 exchanges of punches each
before a round can be won or lost. So for these first 5 exchanges there is no
final count, remember though that a penalty breast shot will still be awarded
for each 20 seconds of delay'.

The fighters were ready and Anita looked to the scoreboard to see where she
would be hit. It wasn't a good start as the number 3 was steadily flashing
which meant her lower belly above her panties. Val smiled though, she needed a
good start and to hit Anita so low, especially while she was fresh was good.
Anita watched Val, a Val who after a 5 minute break looked in much better
shape, her breasts were fully covered by a much larger bra, that if anything
looked just a tad big and Anita doubted that she would be able to knock a
breast out of those cups just now. Then Val was approaching with that horrible
smirk on her face knowing that she was about to hurt Anita. Slowly,
deliberately Val lined up her punch and then paused and waited while Anita
squirmed in anticipation. Anita was trying to keep her belly muscles taught
but knew it would do little to stop Val's punch going in so low. She
remembered from the first round how much this was going to hurt and then Val's
fist was a blur as it zoomed in on Anita's lower belly. Thud, impact and then
'urghhhhhhh' a low pitched hoarse scream was dragged out of Anita and
immediately she dropped to her knees and then pitched forward into a ball
before falling onto her side writhing in agony, her womb, her uterus, pounded
by Val's hard punch. Val quickly stepped into the restraints whilst for the
next 5 or 6 seconds Anita rode the waves of sickening pain and then slowly
started to try to roll and crawl to the edge of the circle where she could
hear Anne and Helen calling to her. She barely had control of her legs and any
movement where she stretched her belly sent new waves of agony through her.
After 10 seconds Anita had not made any progress, after 15 she'd started to
get enough control to at least be moving but her groans and gasps made it
clear how much agony she was in, with screwed up eyes she grimly forced
herself nearer to the circle until finally Anne was able to grab her and pull
her clear. The clock was now showing 25 seconds and Anne quickly got an ice
pack onto Anita's lower belly whilst Helen said, 'look, it's 25 seconds now,
we'll get you up at 35, if you can stand then try and give Val one of the
penalty breast blows, you'll then gave 20 seconds before you give the next one
and don't forget you've got 3 penalty blows', 'No, give me longer' gasped
Anita 'I'd rather have another penalty against me and give good punches now
against Val'. So Anne and Helen worked on Anita whilst the clock ticked on
past 40 seconds. 'Ok, lets get you up now' said Helen, and Anita slowly got to
her feet, she bent over and took some deep breaths before slowly straightened
with a much pained expression, 'I'm ok' she said, 'where have I got to hit
her?', 'it's a 7 so you've 3 penalty breast blows and a blow to the left
breast, remember it's only the penalty blows that have to be alternate, start
with the left breast and you can hit it 3 times!', Ok, let me go whilst I've
time to prepare'.

Anita slowly and a little stiffly walked towards Val, the clock was on 53
seconds so she had 7 more seconds before she incurred a 3rd penalty blow.
Anita eyed up Val's new bra, through the top semi sheer material Anita could
see some of the bruising that she'd caused in the previous round, she vowed to
add more. She lined up her first punch and drove her fist straight into the
centre of Val's left bra cup. The glove sank into the soft billowy breast and
despite her pain Anita enjoyed the feel of her glove sinking in and in to
Val's breast, gradually meeting more and more resistance as the flesh
compacted beneath her fist. The bra ballooned out around Anita's glove as it
drove deep into Val and then as she withdrew her glove she had the
satisfaction of hearing Val groan with pain. Now for the right, and Anita
settled herself and used up time, taking deep breaths and tentatively
stretching her sore belly. She waited until 15 seconds had gone before
repeating the shot, this time to Val's right breast. Another hiss of pain as
the breast was squashed and again Anita took a breather, stretching a little
more and gradually looking more and more recovered, although she knew only too
well how sore she was downstairs. Now she lined up on Val's left breast again,
already sweat was starting to quickly stain Val's new bra as pain opened up
the pores in Val. She took aim and hit again, plumb centre and this time she
got more than a hiss, Val cried out, 'arghhhhh' as her gland was crushed, so
Anita this time decided to send her last blow, the dice blow, quickly back
into the left breast. So just taking the time to set herself up she mustered
as much power as she could and drove her fist in one last time to Val's
breast. 'ohhhharrggg' yelled Val and she staggered back arms flying as she
momentarily lost balance.

Anita thought about delaying getting into position but decided that she might
as well take the risk, if she had another gut punch she didn't think 15 or so
more seconds of rest would help so she stepped straight into the restraints
and was quickly tied in. She winced and her face creased with pain as she was
forced fully upright stretching her belly muscles, in fact little twitches,
spasms could be seen flitting across her belly as her muscles reacted to being
stretched so soon after being hurt by the gut punch. She knew she'd face 2
breast punches now and a look at the screen made it 3 as an 8 for a right
breast punch was displayed. Having survived the gut punch, albeit with a long
count, she resolved to do anything to win this round as like Val she realised
that as soon as you started to lose important clothing you were in a bad way,
if she won this round Val would have to remove either panties, garter belt or
bra and this would expand the area that could be hit. Panties would be first
but then lose a garter belt and any number other than a breast punch could
then be sent into the cxnt. No one would survive long under those conditions.
But now Val was striding up and without a paused she drove a hard right into
Anita's right breast. The entire breast was enveloped by Val's glove and
squashed completely flat, Anita couldn't help but cry out and now Val was
lining up against her left breast. Bam and Anita felt faint with the sudden
explosion of pain, she didn't even know if she'd cried out but before she
could take stock Val was driving her fist into Anita's right breast. This time
she knew she'd cried out, she let loose a full bloodied scream as pain
enveloped her, it felt like her breast was skewered with white hot needles and
her face blanched and contorted with pain as she slowly sank down after the
ropes released. Crouching down for a few moments she realised that Val was not
hurrying to the ropes so she forced herself up, finding that her legs were not
quite as steady as she'd thought and made her way to Anne and Helen. Ice was
quickly held to Anita's breast and groin until Val finally allowed herself to
be restrained.

The scoreboard read '8', Val's right breast. Anita, strode up to Val and
decided to take the punch quickly so with the clock showing only 4 seconds,
she steadied herself and drove her fist into Val's right bra cup. So soon
after the earlier blows Anita's punch hurt Val. She let out a yell of pain and
stepped back, bringing her arms up as if to support her boobs. Anita though
had quickly got into position and looked around quickly to see her fate.

A '4', her belly above the suspender belt. Could she take it?, she tensed and
un-tensed her muscles as Val took her time before finally approaching. Val
took aim seemingly at a spot just above Anita's garter and Anita tensed her
muscles ready for the impact. But Val didn't strike low, she'd hit Anita twice
in the solar plexus in earlier rounds so she again aimed for the spot in the
centre of Anita's chest just below her bra. 'Thwack' Val's glove struck home
against Anita's breast bone and suddenly Anita was gasping and sinking to the
ground unable to speak or breath as agonizing numbness spread through her
chest. Val, did step into her bounds quickly this time as Anita sunk low to
her haunches propping herself up on her gloves and sinking lower and lower to
the ring floor.

For Anita, the pain was one thing but perhaps worse was not being able to
breath, try as she might she could barely draw breath and was starting to see
flashes of light before her eyes before finally she was able to drag in a
little air. She glanced at the clock, 12 seconds had passed so she slowly got
back to her feet and looked quickly to see where she would strike Val. It
still said 4. If only she could generate some power. She took what remaining
time there was and brought herself fully upright and took aim before driving
her fist into Val's belly right into the bruising above her suspender belt.
Her strike was not at full power but it still sank into Val's belly leaving
Val gasping for breath, her turn to sink to the floor, and this time Anita was
in no hurry either so she too squatted back down and tried to recover before
she stepped into the restraints.

A 7, Anita noted, so her left breast would be battered. She knew she would
have to take the pain here, already her breasts felt much more swollen than
earlier and she wondered how bad things would get before this was over. Val
waited before coming over and preparing to strike. She took aim and Anita
steeled herself then the punch struck. This time Val had angled her punch up
into the base and outside of Anita's breast to see if she could knock it out
of the bra, she hit solidly and with power but she drove the cup and breast up
Anita's chest together before her glove crushed into Anita's chest wall, for a
moment it looked like she might drag the bra up over the top but Anita's wet
slicked breast slipped back in as bra and cup sank back down but Val learnt
something as Anita yelled out a huge scream, Anita didn't that punch at all!
In fact as Val's glove struck home Anita feared her breast was been torn of
her body. The straight drives had been agony, but this punch still squashed
her breast flat but also stretched it up her body adding a new dimension to
the pain. As she stepped out of the restraints she looked down and she could
see the bruising through the tight sheer bra.

She quickly went over to Anne who had an ice pack, but she watched for Val to
step into her restraints, despite the pain she was going to try and keep up a
fast pace. As soon as Val moved towards the restraints Anita strode up ready
and waiting to strike, a '6' lit up so a blow to Val's right breast. No sooner
had the clock lit up Anita struck, she tried the same shot as Val had just
made to see if she could knock Val's breast out of the new bra, but despite a
promising bulge and glimpse of bruised breast flesh as the orb whipped up
Val's body it remained secure in Val's bra, and Anita learnt something to, it
didn't hurt Val anything like as much when she drove up into her breast, the
heavy orb absorbed the blow and although it hurt, Anita was fighting gravity
and couldn't impel enough force to do serious damage. She resolved to wait
until Val's breast had swollen some more.

Anita quickly stepped into position and looked to see the scoreboard, another
7 for her left breast, and Anita had a feeling she knew what was coming. Val
meanwhile had gone over to Carl and Dave and Dave was giving her some advice
whilst Carl doused her with icy water. Then Anita watched her stride up and
take position some way over to her left and take aim at her left breast from
maybe 30 degrees of full on. Val drove a hard straight punch into the outside
bottom half of Anita's left breast, angling just slightly downwards into the
bottom outside half, the effect was dramatic as Anita's breast shot up like a
rocket whilst the bra was dragged down, the thud of Val's glove was quickly
followed by the wet slap of Anita's breast hitting her upper chest. 'Like
squeezing soap' Dave had said and Val smiled, it had worked. Anita's left
breast was now naked, the bra cup rucked up underneath was pushing it up a
little but, in truth the pert (despite being battered and bruised) breast did
not need a bra. Anita's breast sort of grew out again towards the areola
which, in turn were tipped with prominent nipples, you'd could almost call it
a puffy breast and her breasts had remained firm, pert, and she considered
them her best asset. Even now, bruised battered and swollen the audience had
ooh'd as the breast came into view.

Anita was relived if a little mortified, the blow had hurt but nothing like
earlier breast blows. With Val in no hurry Anita went across to Anne and Helen
who whilst not allowed to replace the bra cup could sit it better under
Anita's breast. Then, this job accomplished Anita strode quickly back into the
ring as Val was being strung up, her pert breast bobbing up and down as she
strode in. The crowd which had mostly been silent so far had perked up (sorry
:() with Anita's breast on view so were alert to the number which flashed on
screen, a '2', Val's lower belly, above the panties. Anita had won each of the
previous rounds with this blow as Val well remembered so Val tried with all
her might to tighten her stomach muscles. But Anita with awful purpose didn't
give Val time to dwell, she set herself quickly but carefully and then drove
her fist into the already weakened spot in the centre of Val's lower belly,
just above the panties. Anita felt the flesh give and almost imagined that she
could feel internal organs all being squeezed and pushed aside as her glove
drove in. Her eyes gleamed in satisfaction as Val lost all her breath in a
quick violent explosive 'ufffff' and then pitched forward onto the ring floor.

Anita quickly stepped into the restraints and was amazed as Dave stepped in
and hauled Val out of the ring. '3 penalty blows to the breast against Val'
announced the ref. But Dave knew what he was doing and had decided that Val
wouldn't get out of the circle in time for them to help her and he also knew
that whilst Val might survive losing another round, she certainly could not
afford to lose two, so penalty blows might be the best option if it kept her
alive in this round. As a potential third round loss Val had 50 seconds to
punch Anita so they needed to work on her. Icy water was poured over her, ice
packs were applied shoulders worked, and everything that they were allowed to
do they did. So that at 35 seconds they had her unsteadily on her feet and a
quick glance told them that the dice had rolled 7, Anita's still covered left

Anita could tell that Val would make the count but she was pleased that she'd
have a number of breast shots to take. Val started in towards Anita with 40
seconds on the clock. Anita watched her progress, she was hunched over and
ashen faced but a look of determination was still evident on her face as she
set up to the side of Anita, obviously intent on repeating her earlier blow
and thus liberating Anita's left breast. Sucking in great draughts of air Val
steadied herself and then drove her fist in. She struck the target but with
not enough force to liberate Anita's breast so Anita quickly and with relief
stepped away to briefly rejoin Anne and Helen.

Val sunk to the floor again as Carl and Dave came in to help her into her
restraints. '5 Penalty blows' the ref announced, 'to alternate breasts'. Dave
and Carl delayed as long as possible, working on Val rather than restrain her
but seeing the clock approaching 20 they quickly got Val tied in place and
then looked to see the dice. A 6, Vals right breast. So Val would take 6 blows
to the breast and probably 4 to the right against 2 to the left. Anita had
already worked this out so she stood fist poised to strike and waited as the
last few inches of tension was applied to the ropes hauling Val's arms up
tight. At the first possible instant Anita drove her fist into Val's large
right breast, 'Arghhh' went Val, but already Anita was set for the left breast
and another straight punch to the centre of the bra cup dragging another cry
from Val. Anita re set herself quickly, she wanted Val to have no recovery
time so almost immediately she blasted Val's right breast again and Val's
cries became more anguished and constant. 3 More punches and Anita kept up her
fast pace, now the left breast took it's hit and Val had tears of pain
mingling with the sweat running down her face and now the last 2 punches, both
to the right breast. Anita paused for a moment and almost seemed to wait while
Val calmed slightly, but Anita was trying to asses whether to try and knock
Val's breasts out of her bra, in the end she decided not to just yet so drove
in two quick punches to Val's right breast, each punch drawing a more agonised
wail from Val who sat down on her haunches hunched over her knees and rocked
back and forth willing the pain to subside.

Anita though had locked her feet in the restraints and saw the number 8 flash
up on screen, her bare right breast. Val was still rocking forwards and
backwards with the clock on 8 seconds, but slowly she awkwardly stood up.
She'd been drenched with water not long before but Anita was sure that Val was
once again sweating profusely, maybe from pain, but also perhaps a lack of
fitness? Either way Anita watched as Val made her way forward and set herself
up in front of Val. Her fist drew back and then wump, it thudded into the
underside of Anita bare right breast and drove up squashing and stretching it
up Anita's torso. Anita's turn to scream ' this was agony as knifing pain
ripped through her and she was almost sobbing as she stepped back from the
restraints. She went for some quick relief whilst Val once again took her

A 6 was showing so Val's right breast. After the pain of the punch she'd just
received Anita was glad in a way to have the chance to pay back, and now Val
was strapped in she strode up. She regarded Val's bra again, it was starting
to push out, especially the right cup which Anita had just thumped 4 times in
quick succession so, Anita decided to try and free it. She took careful aim
and blasted her fist, driving up into the base from the outside. She put
everything she had into the blow and for a moment she thought she'd not quite
managed it as the top half of the breast appeared and then the nipple just
peaked out whilst Anita's glove was still embedded but as Bra and breast sank
down a second bounce just released enough flesh for the orb to slip out of the
bra to hang low and huge on Val's chest. Val walked away from the restraints,
she knew the next blow to that breast would hurt a lot more now that Anita
could target the top slope down into her ribs. She took a breather while Anita
quickly strapped herself in place.

A 12, oh no Anita cried to herself. Another blow to her cxnt. Val strode up
with a happy gleam of Anticipation and with just a moment to set herself she
crashed her fist into Anita's wet panties. Pain, utter and total pain froze
Anita and she collapsed to the floor, but Helen virtually caught her and
dragged her out of the circle. 'Sorry, sorry, sorry' she cried quietly to
Anita, 'but I don't want you to lose'.. 'It's ok, I don't want to either'
gasped Anita, Barely able to speak. But Anne was trying to sort her out and
had forced an ice pack between Anita's legs and between Helen and Anne they
worked hard to try and get Anita back to her feet. Meanwhile Val had for once
quickly strapped herself into position and waited to see what would happen,
she could see that if Anita did make it her right breast would be tagged as an
'8' glowed bright on the scoreboard.

Anita willed the pain from her cxnt to diminish, ice helped but would it help
quick enough. Anne and Helen worked furiously, Helen in particular was so
anxious that Anita would survive to justify her action in hauling her out of
the ring. Anita sensed Helen's feelings and somehow this helped her resolve in
trying to get back on her feet. At 20 seconds she forced her self back up onto
very unsteady and weak legs, but shrugged of Anne and Helen and slowly made
her way in towards Val. 1 step, 2 steps, plenty of time she told herself with
the clock on 24 seconds, but she had to fight waves of pain and nausea as she
made her way across the ring. In range at last and almost out on her feet she
barely tapped Val's breast before sagging to the floor.

Val was a little disappointed, but hoped she'd have a good roll of the dice.
She waited while Helen and Anne worked on Anita once more before finally they
had to strap her in position. Anita allowed the ropes to hold her so sagged
down until the motors started to draw the ceiling ropes back up lifting Anita
fully upright. The ref had announce 4 penalty blows to the breast, 3 for Helen
steeping into the circle and one because of the 20 second penalty and now
Anita looked to see what else would be in store. Oh no, a 10, a blow to her
suspender belt, but her stomach had held firm thus far so she hoped it would
again. Val was waiting, ready to punch as soon as the ropes were fully
retracted and she targeted Anita's still covered left breast, clearly
intending to knock it out of the bra as she had with the right earlier.
Punching from the side she angled her fist into the outside bottom half of
Anita's left breast and as with the right her breast exploded out of the bra
cup, 2 pert breasts with heavy bruising in the centre and underneath, any un
bruised skin was almost white but the centre and underneath of each breast was
heavily bruised, and about to become even more bruised. Val paused and re set
herself to hit Anita's right breast. 'thwock' and Val's glove smacked up into
the sweaty breast squashing it flat up Anita's body. Anita yelped with the
sharp pain, and Val carefully took aim now at Anita's left breast and again
shot it up Anita's body with a powerful upward drive and then she quickly
switched back to the right breast and this time drove straight in at Anita's
large nipped squashing the breast flat and straight into Anita's chest. Each
blow tormented Anita and she yelled in pain with each impact, but now she knew
she must quickly tense her stomach muscles and, just in time, she did just
that as Val's fist hit with a solid sounding thump. Anita gasped and lost
quite some air but her stomach shield had held out one more time and although
partially winded she had survived. She forced herself to stay upright and
staggered off to Helen, falling into her arms as she reached the edge of the
circle. She allowed Helen to sit her down and Anne quickly got ice packs out,
especially for her groin and breasts.

Val though had quickly strapped herself in so the respite was brief. Helen
looked for the number, 'a 9' she said excitedly, 'Val's belly, above the susi
belt, come on Ani give her a good belt', 'ok, I'll try, I guess my arms are OK
so, so long as I can stand up I'll do it' and she gave Helen a quick hug as
she was lifted onto her feet with 10 seconds showing on the clock. Anita's
breasts and sex were on fire and her belly hurt despite the fact her muscle
shield had largely held, but she was on her feet and reasonably steady. And,
with Val's belly to target she had motivation. Sweat shimmered all over Val,
as she waited, hoping that Anita was not able to punch at full strength. But
Anita could, or at least at 90% strength which still meant that her punch
easily broke through Val's weak muscle shield. 'Oompfff' went a despairing
Val, each blow to her belly seemed to penetrate deeper and deeper and this
blow even if not absolutely as hard still drove all of her air out of her
lungs. Val sagged down and Anita relaxed just a little, maybe her crisis was
over, it just depended on the next roll of the dice. Either way, she decided
not to give Val any extra time so she quickly stepped into the restraints.

A 7 was displayed and Anita was reasonably please. Her breasts hurt like hell,
it was agony even but not disabling, at least not yet. She took some comfort
from watching Val's slow progress towards Carl and Dave. It took 10 seconds
before she reached the circle and then she slumped down, legs out in front of
her and head down between her knees as she tried to recover her wind. The blow
from Anita was recoverable from, she knew, but for the moment it had sapped
her energy so she desperately tried to get wind into her body. Her pose meant
that her breasts were pushed against her knees and they ballooned out as she
sat there with Dave and Carl sponging her body with icy cold sponges. At 15
seconds Dave tried to get Val up but she still couldn't make it so they
allowed the clock to go past 20 seconds, lifting her again as the clock reach
30. Anita was watching as Val unsteadily made her way across the ring, her
breathing was very ragged as she tried to suck in more air and her breasts
heaved in response to her lungs hard work. But, like Anita, there was nothing
wrong with her fists and she could still stand so she was able to power her
fist up into the underside of Anita's left breast. Anita yelled out with
another painful assault on her breast as it was driven up her body yet again,
then staggering away she went to Anne and Helen, knowing that Val was not
likely to be quick about strapping herself in.

Ice and a few words of encouragement helped Anita and finally she saw Carl and
Dave helping Val into position, so with a glance at the scoreboard she set of.
An 8 was the verdict, Val's right breast. So with the penalty that was two
blows to the breast and now she could hit down and crush it against Val's
ribs. So, that's what she did and Val screamed in agony as Anita's glove drove
down into the top half of her breast and trapped it against her ribs. For a
moment the tip of the breast swelled like an overinflated balloon as Anita's
glove trapped and forced flesh to move within the gland. It then occurred to
her that were she was hitting (if she remembered her anatomy classes
correctly) would be concentrating her force into the milk glands and crushing
these sensitive areas against Val's ribs. And, now she could do it again.
Val's breathing was ragged as pain coursed through her but Anita didn't wait
long, setting herself up again she powered down with all her strength and this
time was rewarded with an anguished 'Nooooooo' from Val who dropped to the
ground hugging her breast and gasping for breath as she rode the waves of

Anita quickly got into position and hoped for a kind dice roll. Fairly kind, a
7, her left breast. She waited while Val recovered and then slowly forced
herself upright still breathing quickly and raggedly through an open mouth.
Val's legs seemed stiff but she got into position and powered her punch in,
another punch up into the underside of Anita's breast and again Anita couldn't
help but scream as now it was her turn for waves of pain to hit. She awkwardly
kept her balance as the ropes released and waited for Val, allowing Helen to
hold ice against her chest for a short while.

Now it was her turn and it was a 5, Val's left breast and as Val was being
strapped in she quickly strode in, her breasts bobbing painfully. She powered
her fist down the moment she was allowed and this time Val's left breast was
pummelled against her ribs and a hoarse shriek was the response from Val who
couldn't maintain her balance when the ropes released, she couldn't bring her
wide spread legs back together so she slid down in an ungainly heap.

Anita was ready to receive her blow though so Val had to move. Slowly she
forced her self up, her ragged breathing echoing around the arena and found
that she had a 9, Anita's upper belly. Anita tensed, this was when Val
targeted her solar plexus and she could tell that Val was doing the same
again. The punch landed and Anita weakly coughed as she lost air, but somehow
the punch didn't have quite the same effect; Val had not set herself properly
and the punch was much weaker for it so Anita managed to quickly get her
breathing back under control and now waited for Val to be strung up

And waited as Val sunk down on her haunches and just kept sucking in mouthfuls
of air, if anything she looked faint as the heat and pace in the arena took
its toll. Finally Val had to be strapped in place before the clock reached 20
and Anita looked to see where she would be hitting. An 11, Val's suspender
belt. Anita drew herself up another few inches as the prospect of this punch
buoyed her. Striking at a downward angle she used what Helen had taught her in
the break before this round, stepping in and transferring her weight forward
and down through her arm as the blow struck into the centre of Val's suspender
belt. An explosion of breath left Val's mouth as Anita's glove sunk deep, very
deep into Val's middle. The ropes released and Val's legs shot out from her
and she plonked down on her bum, hard. Whether from the blow to the belly, the
fall to her bum or from the lack of oxygen Val fainted. Anita watched her eyes
roll back in her head and she slumped senseless to the ground.

Dave rushed in, he had to with an unconscious fighter, regardless of the
penalty. And with smelling salts he brought Val round before dragging her out
of the circle. She lay gasping for breath and Dave and Carl tried to help but
the cumulative punishment was too much despite all of their efforts. 20
seconds, 30 seconds and it seemed clear that she wouldn't make it, at 40
seconds Carl half heartedly tried to lift her but although Val tried she
quickly lost all strength and became a dead weight.

And so Anita had won the third round. And the ref announced in confirmation
'3rd round to Anita. As this is the third round lost by Val there will be a 10
minute break between rounds. Anita will face the first punch of the next
round, then Val will receive 5 penalty blows to the breast at her first turn'.
Anita was fairly satisfied, her breasts were in agony, her cxnt was on fire
still and she was dreadfully tired but, she felt, fitter than Val so if the
fight was attritional, breast punch after breast punch with the occasional
body blow she knew she could hold out. Now she desperately wanted to win one
more round from Val as then with probably panties removed for this round Val
would have to decide between losing her bra or suspender belt. Anita reckoned
she'd lose the susi belt but this meant that every punch other than a breast
punch could be anywhere on Val's body, and in Val's condition so long as Anita
could punch that would be a winning punch. The only downside would be if Val
got a good punch in first, another cxnt punch would finish Anita for a round
and her lower belly wasn;t much better either, nor her upper belly come to
that with Val's blows to her breast bone. So she needed a little luck yet to
get through. These were her thoughts as she was led away by Anne and Helen.

Carl and Dave had to carry Val. In truth they didn't hold out much hope. Val
had strength but no stamina, nor the proper skill to use her strength and the
opportunity to teach her was lost as at the end of each round she was in no
fit state and needed work to bring her around. Now with 10 minutes instead of
5 they'd have had a chance but with the state Val was in, she needed rest and
working on. They'd have to see what they could do, but like Anita they were
pinning Val's hopes on a 12 as the first punch against Anita in the next
round. '1 in 36' Carl said, that's Val's chances, she needs a 12 first throw
next round or she's had it. I agree, or at least a 12 very early.

Would Val get her wish? Would Dave and Carl have the chance to improve her
punching? Would another blow to Anita' belly break through her muscle shield?
We'll know in the next chapter, to follow ASAP!

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