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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Parts 4-6 (by TJ)

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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Parts 4-6 (by TJ)
« on: May 02, 2022, 02:29:50 PM »
Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, due to the closure of yahoo groups, many very good and interesting stories have disappeared from the web. One of such groups was the KandiBox group.

Most of the group founder's stories can be found on the author's profile

The other writer of the group is tj-lesnig - most of his stories are not published on Deviantart.

As a token of appreciation to both authors, I am publishing their stories here. All rights belong to the authors. Feedback for the authors is welcome.

Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 4
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

Anita was led into her changing room and Helen said, 'well we've got 10 minutes,
so let's get these sweaty cloths of you, lie down over there'. Anne was
already getting a new set of lingerie out for Anita and asked whether Anita
should have a new bra, 'yes, please. I didn't think it would make much
difference but it hurts a lot more now that my breasts are exposed'. So Anne re-
measured Anita and then sent out for a 'C' cup bra and then led Anita over to
the massage table. For the next few minutes, with Anita laid on her front, Anne
started a thorough massage starting from the tips of her toes and gradually
working up her legs while at the same time Helen worked down from Anita's arms
and shoulders. Using oils and a sensuous but also therapeutic technique they
eased knots of tension out of Anita and worked in oil so that her skin gleamed.
Working towards each other Anita started to sigh with pleasure, despite the pain
she was feeling, as Anne reached her upper thighs and Helen was working on her
lower back and then her buttocks. In a dreamy sensual cadence both Anne and
Helen played Anita, from gentle, almost ticklish massage to a deeper working out
they worked in sequence so that Anita almost seemed to forget where she was as
she became more and more aroused. 'OK, turn over now' and the two girls started
again on Anita's front. Her poor abused breasts still projected proudly up from
her chest and her nipples literally had sprung out from deeply crinkly and
puckered areola. And that was despite the deep bruising! Anne worked up
Anita's legs while Helen started with her shoulders again, but as Anne worked up
and Helen worked down they both had to be extra gentle as they reached areas
that had been pounded by Val. Anne reached Anita's groin and gentle massaged oil
into her sex and then worked up to her lower belly. Despite the care Anita
squirmed with a mix of ecstasy and pain. Anne too was gently circling her
breasts and gently rubbing in oil, working down past her sore breast bone and to
her upper belly. The pain of massaging these areas, apart from trying to ease
this for Anita was also designed to bring her back from the dreamy state
they'd sent her to with the earlier massage. So still pleasant but pain mixed
with pleasure until with 2 minutes of the break remaining Helen said, right
let's get you dressed. So new fresh lingerie, a new better fitting bra and Anita
was ready once more to face Val. But what state would Val be in?

In Val's changing room Carl and Dave were working frantically on Val, she needed
fluids. But they had to be careful as a blow to the bladder'. Well you can
imagine! So just a few small sips was all they dared let Val have, although she
wanted more. Her lower belly was very tender and it was all Val could do to
straighten up, her body wanted to curl up over the hurt so Carl and Dave did
what they could, they rubbed and used ice and massage, oiled her body and they
two sent for a new bra, Val's huge breasts were now 'G' cup and the huge orbs
hung large and heavy on Val's frame, with dreadful bruising on the top section
and more bruising around the nipple. With Val about to lose her panties and no
stockings to hold up Val would just have a new bra, but still her skin did now
gleam with oil rather than sweat and boy, did her breasts look impressive or
what! Held up with the new bra they projected out away from her body, but with
her sore belly Val was crouching so that it seems her breasts were tipping her

But now the buzzer rang and with words of encouragement, both fighters went back
into the arena. Anita went straight to the restraints to receive her first blow
as the ref made an announcement. 'Val has lost 3 rounds so she now has 60
seconds to make her return punch, she has opted to remove her panties for this
round so a 12, 2 or 3 will result in a blow anywhere below her suspender belt.
For those of you interested in odds, that's a 1:9 chance for each throw of the
dice. Anita will receive one penalty blow to the breast for her new bra, Val
will receive 6 penalty blows, 3 from Dave stepping into the ring at the end of
the last round, 2 time penalties from the end of the last round and 1 for her
new bra. I must also remind you that the round can not be decided until after
you have both exchanged 5 dice determined blows'. Anita had also worked out that
it was better than even money that a 5,6,7 or 8 would mean a breast punch, so
she didn't think the odds had changed much with Val's loss of panties. If she
could win another round though, then there would be a major difference.

But now she had to face Val and a penalty blow to her new bra, and then a 6, a
blow to her right breast. Val strode up, walking awkwardly, crouched oversetting
her breasts swinging in their bra as she made her way towards Anita. With a look
of extreme hate on her face she drew back her fist and with decent technique
drove into the nipple that was poking through Anita's bra. 'Arghhhhhhh' Anita
cried, the pain was worse than before! But then in the break despite Anne and
Helen's efforts, swelling continued and the body, rescued from receiving pain
shuts down it's natural pain killers. That was why Helen and Anne had made the
massage more painful towards the end, but still this first blow exploded in
Anita's right breast, and then Val was drawing back for another blow to the
breast, and this time she drove up hard into the base of the breast and again
Anita screamed and sweat quickly started to spring from her pores beading on her
oiled skin and staining dark spots into her lingerie. But now the ropes were
released and Anita could now look forward to smashing Val's breasts.

Anita stood ready, her oiled skin, fresh lingerie and determined stance was
daunting to Val, earlier she'd seen her as a weakling who she would blow away
with 2 or 3 punches but now she was beginning to be afraid. With 6 breasts blows
to face Val didn't rush but 20 seconds passes quickly so very soon she was
strapped in and groaning in pain as she was stretched fully upright. Anita
looked to the scoreboard for the shot she would take after pummelling Val's
breasts. Awesome she thought! An 11, so a blow to Val's suspenders. Val's head
sank down on her shoulders as she resigned herself to the barrage to come. Anita
set herself to punch with power, starting with the right breast she decided that
each punch would target the nub of Val's nipple. Eyes flashing and her pale skin
gleaming she drew back her fist and using the weight transfer technique she'd
learned in the break between 2nd and 3rd round, she moved her body weight from
back foot to front foot as her arm extended driving her fist deep into Val's
right breast. Oh, it felt so good, her nipples immediately went sprung and shot
out through her bra as she felt her fist sink deep into Val's tender flesh
drawing a huge wail from Val who jerked and shivered as much as her bounds let
her as deep seated, violent pain assailed her. But now the left breast and just
a few seconds later Anita calmly set up and powered in. Now she paused for a few
seconds with Val's second scream still ringing around the arena. Val was panting
in pain, chest heaving in and out as she gulped in air and all of a sudden her
skin was becoming drenched with sweat, the bra visibly darkening as sweat seeped
out of Val's skin and formed beads on the oiled surface. Anita lined up on the
right breast and tried to time her punch to coincide with Val's in breath
heaving her bosom out towards the incoming fist, 'Nooooooo' screamed Val as the
third punch sank in and then in quick succession the 4th plunged into the left
breast. Anita paused again but just for 2 or 3 seconds and then the last two
breast punches went in, in quick succession. Val screamed constantly as these
last 2 punches sank home, her voice becoming hoarse and interrupted as she had
to take in breath. Anita paused again for a few moments, drinking in the sight
of Val trying to thrash in her taught bounds, in truth there was little movement
open to her as the ceiling ropes were so taught they were almost lifting Val of
the ground. Now Anita lined up on the pale green suspender belt and blasted in.
With little resistance from Val's muscle shield Anita's fist sank deep into Val,
She jerked and Anita noticed for the first time that screens around the ring
were showing close ups of her shot. Mesmerized she watched as her glove sank
into Val and shock waves rippled out away from her glove, another view from
below and behind focused in tight on Val's behind and as her punch struck home
her bottom jiggled out as the blow struck home before Val dropped out of shot as
she collapsed to the floor.

Coming out of her reverie, Anita remembered to quickly step into the restraints.
Val had dropped down and pitched forward so that she lay face down at Anita's
feet, her boobs ballooning out to her sides. She couldn't be counted out until
after 4 more blows each so Dave didn't risk stepping into the circle, instead
they all watched Val's slow awkward, and painful progress across the floor.
Completely winded for a few seconds she lay there trying to suck in air,
difficult lying on your front so she tried to curl up onto her side, wheezes and
gasps coming amidst groans of pain. She rolled over and sort of crawled a little
breast wobbling and swinging around as she writhed her way across the ring
floor. 20 seconds, 30 seconds and finally she made it, Carl sitting her up so
she could bend down and recover her wind. Anita could see her body shaking with
reaction but slowly with Carls help she was stood up, still bent nearly double
and with legs like a new born giraffe, but standing. Another 10 seconds passed
and then Val was just able to make her unsteady way in towards Anita. A 7 was
showing, Anita's left breast. Val tried her best and her punch sank into Anita's
bra flush on the nipple and Anita cried out loudly and sucked in her breath. But
inside she knew that the punch lacked power, it hurt, but not at the level of
Val's first punches.

She stepped away and Val sank down onto her haunches, waiting for Carl and Dave
to help. Anita stayed close and prayed for a good dice roll. A 7 again for the
left breast, so with 2 penalty breast blows, Val's breast were going to be
pounded again. Val was now being secured and she moaned in pain as she was
forcibly straightened up by the ropes. Taking aim at the right breast Anita once
again plunged her fist in aiming at the nipple and Val screamed a hoarse yell,
throwing her head back as the pain struck, and her screams were barely dying
away when Anita's struck into her left breast. With this blow Anita paused and
looked at Val's heaving breasts. Already they were swelling more, with the
repeated blows in quick succession, damage must have been occurring quickly and
the body was releasing fluid into the breast to try and repair damage, damage
that kept getting worse as Anita now sank her final blow, again into Val's
left breast as the dice had dictated and the ropes released. Val teetered and
just barely maintained her feet, seemingly with much effort and she rested her
gloves on her haunches and sucked in air as Anita took her turn in the

The dice rolled a 6 for her right breast and she waited for Val to approach.
Already at the 3rd exchange of punches Val was looking tired and distraught, but
she forced herself moderately upright and approached Anita and this time managed
a powerful strike at Anita's target of a nipple. Anita yelled out in pain and
anguish as the fist struck, shaking her head to try and clear the fog caused by
intense pain. She stepped away and stayed close as again Val sank down to her
haunches to gain some respite. Then Val was being strapped in and Anita saw a 3,
oh boy, anywhere below the suspenders. Val saw it too and for a moment her mouth
mouthed no, no, no. But it was, and now Anita wasn't constrained by panties so
she decided to target the area about an inch or 2 above Val's pubic hair which
had before been where the waistband of Val's panties was. She'd hit below into
the cxnt and above into the lower belly, but hitting here she could strike at
the heart of Val's reproductive organs, directly onto the uterus. Taking aim she
had a quick glance at Val's face, abject horror, and then she concentrated on
putting power into the punch. With no muscle protection, just a layer of fat,
Anita's punch struck deep into Val's vitals. A dull thud as her fist struck home
and a strangled 'urggggg' from Val and suddenly she was a limp rag doll, eyes
rolling in her head as intense nauseous pain assailed her. She collapsed in a
heap and Anita figured that she didn't have to move fast, but still she did and
was quickly into her restraints whilst Val lay unmoving in a ball on the floor.

Dave paused, should he go and get her? Val couldn't be counted out and would his
action save her a minute of recovery time? He decided it would so he stepped in
and brought her out of the circle. Her face was grey with pain and she could
barely speak. Dave sensed that it would take a miracle now, 3 penalty points for
him dragging her clear, plus however long it would now take to get her on her
feet. Nevertheless Carl and Dave worked furiously on Val but it still took a
minute before she could sit up. Bent forward at the waist she blew air in and
out as the waves of pain subsided somewhat. Slowly they lifted her up and with a
man on each side to lean on she stood and slowly tested her strength until she
finally managed to stand unaided. Slowly, ashen faced, and hunched over Val made
her way over to Anita.

Anita had a 5 for her left breast and wondered how much power Val would generate
With the clock on 90 seconds Val had a target to strike before it reached 100 so
she lined up and with as much power as she could she drove into Anita's left
breast. Pain, but not deep seated agony, Anita stifled a yell and stepped away
as Val allowed herself to crumple to the floor.

Anita waited close by until Val was secured with 18 seconds on the clock. The
ref announced 7 penalty blows to the breast, remember to strike alternate
breasts' And then Anita saw the number 11 meaning Val's suspender belt and
thought, 'it can't get better than this'. Anita looked at Val's bulging breasts
struggling to be contained by her bra and thought, not yet, lets see how big I
can make them. This time she decided on using much of the 20 seconds between
blows, knowing that she had a debilitating punch to follow. Starting with Val's
left breast Anita struck home, straight into the centre of the bra cup. And
then, she waited while Val's cries died down before calmly sizing up her 2nd
punch and then striking in, again to the nipple. She noted how flesh oozed up
out of the top of the bra and knew that she could knock the breasts out at any
time but whilst they were held out in front of her she decided to carry on
striking straight in. Val's tormented cries told her that this was equally as
effective as punching down. So the clock ticked down and Anita sized Up Val's
left breast before striking in again with her 3rd blow which, as had the
previous blows dragged a truly agonized yell from Val whose breathing was coming
in quicker and quicker pants. Now for the 4th to Val's right breast and Val
could swear that Val's breasts had swollen just from the last few hits. She sunk
her fist in deep and hard and for a moment there was silence! Val froze in
disbelief at the pain which somehow had suddenly magnified before giving out a
shrill wail and panting even quicker, tossing her head in torment. Now for the
5th and Anita waited again before striking in to the left breast and she was
sure now that much more breast flesh was shooting up out of the bra, and as the
breast settled down, inches of flesh were bulging out of the top and sides of 
the cups. 'Still two more' she reminded Val, who seemed past caring and now she
was about to strike the right breast again. Val shivered, for some reason the
last blow to this boob had been more intense and here it was again as Anita's
fist struck home, the breast wobbling in aftershock and Val once again shocked
into silence before screaming shrilly. For the final blow to Val's left breast.
Anita waited and waited until at 18 seconds and put in as much power as she
could to this final punch and now after Val screamed yet again and her pants
were coming so quick and short she seemed about to hyperventilate. Anita decided
now that she should punch the suspender belt quickly so taking aim she drove her
fist into Val's navel. Val was completely unprepared having been lulled by the
slow steady pace of breast punches, she didn't even see the punch coming as her
head was thrown back and she was still absorbing the pain from the last breast
punch; her weak stomach muscles weren't even tensed so Anita's glove drove even
deeper than it had earlier And Val lost whatever remaining air quickly and
loudly before crashing face first to the floor, her poor boobs absorbing the
full impact leaving Val sobbing and trying to suck in great gulps of air all at
the same time.

Anita knew she'd win more breast punches as Val was almost completely out,
certainly completely winded and she lay there trying to get air back, her skin
slick with sweat and her face grey and drawn with pain. Slowly she started the
long crawl back to Carl and Dave, sobbing and wanting to hold her breasts,
massage her groin and get to help all at the same time. Eventually she made it
but over 30 seconds had passed. Carl and Dave held ice packs against her and
doused her with cold water. Val licked and sucked in some of the water,
desperate to get some moisture back into her, Carl allowed her to have a little,
she was sweating so much that it needed replacing, but he was careful not to let
her have too much. A minute had passed and slowly Val was brought back to her
feet. She had a 4 which was Anita's belly above the suspender belt. Anita was
sure now she could take any of Val's punches now that she was so weakened so she
confidently waited for Val to arrive. She did, finally, with over 70 seconds
gone and tried to line up her punch. With weak shaky legs it was difficult and
then she struck, ignoring the solar plexus Val struck just above the suspender
belt but the glove just thudded into Anita's tensed belly muscles. Anita smiled,
the blow was about half the power of her earlier blows, and at that it was a
monumental effort for Val, as her laboured breathing testified.

Anita stepped away and again Val slumped down, Carl and Dave gave her as much of
the 20 seconds as they dared before stringing her up and Anita looked to see
what number she had. An 8, oh well another breast shot to the right boob, but
this was added to 3 penalty blows for Val's delay so she had 4 blows and she'd
start with a penalty blow to the right breast so that she could punish this boob
with 3 punches against 1 to the left. Val was now been stretched up and groaning
with pain as her belly was stretched. Her boobs forced her bra out and away from
her body, it was almost as difficult now to not knock the bra away as earlier it
would have been to knock it away. Anita lined up and sent her fist into the
centre of the straining bra cup, 'ohhhhhhhhhargghhhh' cried Val but now Anita
was working quick sending her fist into the left whilst Val was still screaming
from the first and then again into the right and Val was now screaming and
panting in one go. Anita paused after this last blow to the right boob as slowly
she could see flesh forcing it's way out of the top if the cup as it slid down
her breast, and then with a rush Val's breast was free, huge and bloated hanging
low on Val's body with wicked black and purple welts around the nipple and on
the top half. So Anita's last blow would be to crush the centre portion down
into Val's ribs. She took aim at the massive bruise and sank her fist in. Val
erupted in shear agony and her voice screeched in disbelief. Anita pondered,
maybe it did hurt more striking down! But then Val was finally free and she
dropped sobbing to the floor.

Anita quickly stepped in to the restraints as the ref announced 'we've had 5
punches each now, so after this next punch from Val you will be vulnerable to
being counted out'. Val shuddered and slowly forced herself up. She hoped for a
good number, she really needed to see a 12 but she had a 9, Anita's belly. Anita
waited as Val slowly lumbered towards her. A little more purposeful this time
she took aim and drove a reasonably powerful punch into Anita's solar plexus.
This time the punch had an effect, maybe from cumulative damage, or maybe she
just got in a harder punch but Anita once again felt the terror of not being
able to breath and she sunk down, mouth open trying to get some air in. Val
probably should have been quick to step into he restraints but she took some
time before realising that Anita was in trouble. Finally Val was restrained
after maybe 5 or 6 seconds And Anita was still bent over on her haunches
gradually being able to suck some air in.

Slowly Anita forced herself upright with about 10 seconds on the clock and a
quick glance told her she had the number 7, Val's still covered left breast. She
decided to still hit this flush on the nipple and after a few more seconds of
rest she plunged her fist powerfully into Val's boob. Val shrieked and then
Anita watched as the bra almost slipped of but then just settled back into

Anita was in the restraints before Val had even moved away from her position.
She looked to see what her fate would be, an 8 for her right breast. She could
take it, but Val was slowly recovering after the dreadful start, true her
breasts were abject agony but that didn't disable her like a belly or gut punch
would so although she let the clock tick down when she did let fly it was with
her full power and Anita's right breast felt the full force of this power and
Anita just had to ride the waves of intense pain that ripped through her gland.

Anita hoped she'd get a god number, Val again rested but finally her feet going
into the restraints triggered the dice, a 2 and Anita was overjoyed. She heard
the gasps of delight from Helen and Anne and also the despairing groan from Val.
Anywhere below the suspender belt. Anita decided once again to go for the area
just above her pubic hair. She knew Val had needed over a minute earlier in the
round when she'd struck there so she determined to use all her strength and the
very best technique she could to destroy Val for this round. Taking aim and
remembering her feet positions, Anita executed her punch, her weight
transferring perfectly and extending into her right arm and fist which sank deep
into Val's lower belly just abover ner bush, driving into internal organs,
punishing the uterus and surrounding tissue. Val's world exploded in blinding
pain and after a deep throaty cry of anguish she sunk to the floor.

Anita stepped into the restraints but knew she wouldn't be hit and watched Val
struggle to overcome the pain. Carl and Dave left her as they knew they couldn't
get her back onto her feet in time so Val had to manage unaided while the clock
ticked down. She was still weakly writhing on the floor when the ref announced,
4th round to Anita, we'll now have a 20 minute break before the next round.
Anita will receive the first blow, At Val's turn she will receive 3 penalty

A cheerful Anita Helen and Anne left the ring and once again Carl and Dave were
left to carry Val into their changing room.

Part 5 to follow ASAP

Constructive criticism is welcomed at:


Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 5
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

Anita was cradling her breasts as she strode into her changing room with Anne
and Helen. 'How are you feeling' asked Helen, 'Sore' Anita replied, 'that last
breast punch hurt'. 'Come on then, let's see what we can do. Come and lie down
over here'. Anne pointed to a strange looking massage table and said 'Lie face
down'. Anita realised that the table had been adapted, her boobs were going to
sink into a bath of icy water! She could see mist rising of the cold water, ice
cubes gently bobbing up and down. Quickly she stripped out of her sodden
lingerie revealing her swollen breasts capped by deep ugly bruises where Val's
gloves had repeatedly struck at the centre of Anita's breasts. Gingerly she got
onto the table and lay down, slowly lowering her breasts into the water. Anita
gasped at the shock and Helen said, 'let us know if it get's too much', but
Anita was already beginning to feel the benefit as the chilled water eased her
breast pain. Anne and Helen started to massage Anita, Anne working from Anita's
feet and Helen starting from the shoulders. At first muscles were worked hard
with knots of tension being released but then as the 2 sisters worked closer and
closer towards each other their touch became more sensuous. Anne was working on
Anita's upper thighs, her oiled hands running up and down Anita's legs from the
backs of her knees to her lower buttocks and Anita was gently moaning with
pleasure and parting her legs to allow greater access. Anne's fingers were then
able to gently tickle their way up the inside of Anita's thighs, stopping just
short of her sex and then sliding up to the tops of Anita's thighs and then
working down to the knees before once again coming teasingly close to reaching
Anita's sex. Meanwhile Helen was working on Anita's lower back and buttocks and
she too was working tantalisingly close to Anita's sex, her hands in perfect
timing with Anne's coming ever so close at the same time as Anne's did before
she worked back up towards Anita's lower back. After 10 minutes of this Anita
was moaning with pleasure, arching her back trying to entice a hand, a finger,
to caress and dip into her gaping sex, but Helen in a husky voice said, 'OK time
to turn over'. Reluctantly Anita did so and the iced water that her breasts had
been dangling in was covered up. Despite the heavy bruising Anita's nipples had
reacted to the cold, reacted very strongly in fact, so that they were painfully
erect with the areola deeply puckered and creased and goosebumbs covered the
rest of Anita's breasts. The massage continued but now with more therapeutic
purpose and Anita realised that this change meant that it must be nearing the
time for her to go out and face Val again and soon Helen was saying, 'we need to
get you dressed again, the next round is just 2 minutes away'.

In Val's changing room it had been a much more painful 20 minutes as Carl and
Dave tried their best to get Val into some sort of shape. She's entered the
changing room after losing 4 rounds in just a garter belt and bra and would now
lose another item of clothing. They decided that it would have to be the garter
belt, but this meant that any number rolled other than for a blow to the breasts
could be targeted anywhere on Val's body. The alternative would have been to
leave the garter belt but the odds favoured such a huge number of 'breast punch'
numbers that they realised Val would never survive these blows that would then
be targeted at her belly. Her only chance was to hope for kind throws of the
dice to keep Anita's fists plunging into her breasts and hopefully give Val a
chance at an early debilitating blow at Anita. Val's other debate was about her
bra. Dave and Carl favoured her changing to a larger size to stop Anita from
being able to hit down crushing Val's breasts against her ribs; in the end they
won a reluctant Val over to this idea when they mentioned that Anita would have
3 penalty blows at Val's breasts at her first turn so, after measuring Val's
breasts which were now so grossly swollen that they were between a H and an I
cup, a new 'I' cup bra was obtained.

Then the buzzer sounded and the two fighters made their way into the ring. Anita
almost eagerly bounded into the ring, her nipples still hard from the icing
they'd received were bursting out through her bra, a bra that was a little
small so this enhanced the effect of her erect nipples. Val made a slower
entrance, still suffering from the blows to her belly and groin she walked with
a slight stoop, her breasts swinging from side to side despite the new bra.
Anita stepped into the restraints as the ref announced the new round

'Anita will receive the first blow, At Val's turn to receive she will receive 3
penalty blows to the breasts as a penalty for the final count of the last round.
As Val has lost 4 rounds, she will now have a 90 second count before being
counted out, Anita's count remains at 30 seconds. Remember though that no
fighter can be counted out during the first 5 exchanges and that penalty blows
to the breasts will be awarded for each 20 second delay. Begin'

At that, Anita glanced to the scoreboard to see a '7' displayed for a blow to
her left breast. Val stepped forward with a look of hate on her face as she
faced Anita. Using every ounce of power that she had she drove her fist into
Anita's left breast. Anita screamed with pain, the worse she'd felt to this
moment as her breast tissue was crushed and although she knew that some of the
extra pain was due to the 20 minute break she could also feel the extra power
generated by Val as she was desperate to try and turn the fight around. Anita
lurched away cradling her breast and for a moment was tempted to go to Helen and
Anne for some ice but she could see that Val was already in position so she
stepped up to take her shots.

A glance at the screen showed an 8 for Val's right breast so Anita decided to
target the right breast with the first of her 3 penalty breast blows. Taking aim
she drove her fist into the centre of Val's large bra cup, flesh and bra
billowed out around her fist and Val jerked in her bounds as pain bit hard.
Anita calmly but quickly took aim again and sunk her fist into Val's left breast
causing Val to shout out as her swollen breast was driven in hard by Anita's
fist. Now Anita did pause for a few seconds, enjoying seeing Val squirm and
sweat start to sheen on her body. She could now hit Val's right breast 2 more
times so she determined to generate as much power as she could. Taking deep
breaths she took aim once more and again plunged her fist into the centre of
Val's bra cup. Anita wondered whether she could make Val's breasts swell enough
to allow her to knock them out of this new bra, anyway she was determined to try
so as Val's right breast swung and heaved from the last punch and Val's cry of
pain slowly died away, Anita waited for just a few moments before once more
plunging her fist into Val's swollen right breast. With this last punch Val's
cry became more desperate as the effects of three blows to her poor right breast
made themselves felt and she stepped away from her bounds breathing deeply as
she willed the pain to subside.

Anita had quickly stepped into place and gulped when she saw a '3' for her lower
belly. Val also reacted at this, a chance of a decent blow whilst she was still
fresh in this round. Suddenly Val looked more menacing as she stood in front of
Anita. Taking care to set herself perfectly she took aim as Anita tensed her
muscles and then Val let fly at a spot just above Anita's panties. 'Thud' the
glove mad a loud dull sound as it hit and immediately Anita was gasping and
doubled up with pain as Val's glove drove into her womanly organs. Slowly from
her doubled up position Anita's legs gave way and she fell in an awkward heap,
mouth gaping as she cried in silent agony.

Val was quick to step into her position as Anita lay slumped on the floor. As
the clock counted Anita forced herself to make her way to the edge of the
circle. Crawling painfully slowly she inched her way towards Anita and Helen. 10
seconds, then 15 seconds and she was halfway there, and then a final effort and
her hand was grasped by Helen who pulled her clear. But, 20 seconds had passed
so she would face a penalty breast blow at the next exchange. Helen and Anne
worked on Anita, breathlessly extolling her to fight the pain and finally they
got her to her feet with 33 seconds on the clock. 'It's an 8' said Helen, 'just
hit her and then wait for us'. So crouched over, her left fist held tight
against her lower belly Anita made her way back to face Val and with 38 seconds
on the clock she weakly batted at Val's right breast before sinking to her
haunches as Anne and Helen came in.

Anne and Helen worked on Anita until finally they had to strap her into
position. Val was waiting and a little disappointed to see a 6 for Anita's right
breast. But first her penalty punch and she wasted little time in deciding to
hit Anita's right breast for this also. She looked at the straining red cups of
Anita's bra as they pushed away from Anita's body and decided to strike up at
the underside of Anita's right breast. She took aim and fired, whipping Anita's
pert breast up her body dragging a huge cry from Anita, but Val failed in
knocking the breast out of the cup although for a moment, pale skin was visible
as the bra cup was dragged up Anita's body, but breast and bra dropped back into
position, a new red mark forming on the underside of Anita's breast. Val took
aim again but this time fired in straight at the nipple and was rewarded with a
much more anguished cry as this already much punished part of Anita's breast was
driven hard into her ribs. Then the ropes released and Anita sagged down, glad
to have just a few moments of respite.

Val quickly got into position, hoping to have an easy punch with Anita still
recovering but then saw a '10'. Once this would have been bad enough as a blow
to her suspender belt, but now this bit of clothing was gone so Anita could hit
anywhere except the breasts. Anita was relieved and determined to make this
count, so using up some time she prepared herself and took careful aim at Val's
dark tight curls and then let fly, arcing her fist and driving her body forward
to transfer as much energy as she could through her glove and into Val's sex.
'aiyeeeee' A loud but short yell came from Val and she collapsed to the ground.
In her head Anita replayed the moment when her glove struck Val's sex, she could
feel the sensitive flesh being compressed against Val's pubic bone, she shock of
hitting this had sent a shock wave through Anita's fist and she'd felt the
shudder in Val as her fist sank home. She'd then had to step aside as Val had
collapsed at her feet before she'd then quickly stepped into position

Anita watched as Val struggled to try and overcome the pain in her sex. Slowly,
oh so slowly, she was riding the waves of agony down into just bearable levels
and after 30 seconds she was starting to make progress towards Carl and Dave.
Each movement though threatened to ignite knew waves of sickening pain so as she
slithered and dragged her boobs along the ring floor the clock kept on ticking
and adding penalty blows for Anita to take with her next punch. It took nearly a
minute of painful progress before Val got to Dave and Carl and they then did
their best to get Val on her feet. Did they rush her back or take their time? It
all depended on the dice. A quick glance told them it was a 7, Anita's left
breast so it wasn't worth adding penalty blows, so after nearly 90 seconds Carl
and Dave urged Val to try and strike Anita's left breast. Val just made it, 3
staggered steps in, her face ashen and breath rasping, she more or less slapped
at Anita and just caught the outside of her bra before she slumped down. Anita
stepped back and had a quick trip to Ann and Helen, knowing that Val would not
hurry to strap herself in.

Anita now had 4 penalty breast shots to take and now, just in time, Val was
strapped in ready to receive them. But where else would she be hit? Number 7,
Val's left breast. Anita strode up and decided to waste no time, she rove her
fist into Val's left breast then without pause she battered each breast in turn
striking deep into the centre of each breast until she'd taken all 5 blows. This
quick fire attack had Val sobbing as the pain had built with each blow, Val
cradled her breasts and turned away as, for the first time tears of pain and
perhaps futility ran down her face.

Anita had quickly stepped into place but then saw the screen. A 12 was glowing
and now it was her turn to be afraid. Her cxnt was the next target and when Val
realised this, her sobs stopped and her resolve grew. This was the roll of the
dice she'd needed so she used most of the remaining time to collect herself and
set herself up for the coming blow. Using every hurt and humiliation she'd
received as a spur she used every ounce of strength in her blow into Anita's
cxnt. Anita just screwed up her face and waited until finally the blow struck.
She heard the splat as Val's glove struck her wet panties and the swollen lips
beneath and then the pain followed, searing white hot daggers felt like they
were stabbing into her sex and she collapsed with a shrill shriek of agony into
the arms of Helen who quickly dragged her clear. Helen, Anne and Anita had
decided that for any blow to the cxnt they would take the three penalty blows to
have more recovery time so within seconds Anne and Helen were working to ease
Anita's pain, but with Val already in position Anita was sure to face penalty
blows when she finally recovered.

After over 40 seconds of work Anita was lifted to her feet, Val was strapped
into position and the dice said 10, which with Val's state of undress meant that
Anita could now strike Val's cxnt. Seeing this, Helen and Anne risked an extra
penalty punch to get Anita into better shape so that it was well after a minute
before Anita made her painful way towards Val. This time she decided to strike
at the huge bruise just above Val's pubic hair, and strike she did, as hard as
her current state allowed which was at about 60% strength. Still though her fist
struck the sensitive area by Val's ovaries, an area she'd struck before and
which offered little in the way of protection so with an 'urghhhhhh', it was
Val's turn to slump to the floor.

This was now the start of the 6th exchange of punches and the fighters could now
be counted out so Anita decided to take her time as she knew that she'd not
hurt Val enough to finish her, and she herself would now face 6 penalty blows to
the breast, 3 for the time delay and 3 because Helen had helped her out of the
circle. After each of these Val would have 20 seconds to strike the next
blow so Anita wouldn't gain much by rushing now. Eventually though she had to
step into position and then she looked at the dice monitor. A 6, and Anita
breathed a big sigh. Her right breast, and with 6 penalty blows her breasts
would be in agony but they wouldn't stop her from taking her next punch at Val.
Val had had nearly 20 seconds of recovery time before Anita put herself into
position and now used up another 10 before she hauled herself to her feet and
approached Anita. Anita steeled herself for the pain as Val drew her fist back
and drove into her right breast. She shrieked as the blow struck, Val had not
lost any power and her breast had exploded with pain, but now Val was setting up
for Anita's left breast and this time she had another go at popping Anita's
breast out of the Bra. Remembering her earlier success she struck straight
rather than up, but straight into the bottom half of the breast which trapped
the bra against Anita's ribs but popped the breast up her body and pop it did!
Anita's left breast exploded out of the bra as if an explosive charge had
detonated under it and then, despite the deep dark bruising that covered it, it
bobbed perkily just a little below the still bra clad right breast. Val's next
blow popped the right breast out and Val still had 3 penalty blows remaining.
Now Val tried the same blow that Anita had found so effective. Striking down at
the top slope of Anita's left breast she drove hard into the tender flesh. Anita
cried out shrilly with the pain but Val sensed that maybe the angles weren't
quite the same, she was shorter than Anita, Anita's breasts also sat higher and
were smaller so the downwards force Val could generate was not in the same
category as that generated by Anita. So Val lined up against Anita's right
breast and this time struck in straight aiming right at Anita's pert nipple.
'Ooohh, arghhhhhh' screamed Anita as her mammary was crushed and whilst Anita
was still writhing Val struck Anita's left breast dragging another tortured
scream from Anita. Val now had just 1 more penalty blow left so she paused now
and admired her handiwork Anita's breasts were dark with bruising especially
around the nipple and the flesh was taught as it contained the swelling glands
within. Val lined up the last of her penalty blows and struck with all her might
driving her right glove deep into Anita's right breast and with satisfaction she
saw tears of pain running down Anita's face as she gave out a full bloodied
scream with this last blow. Val quickly set herself for her final blow, again to
Anita's right breast. Anita's eyes were closed as she absorbed the pain from the
previous blow so Val struck hard and quick catching Anita by surprise and she
convulsed in shock as the blow struck home, her head threw back and a hoarse
scream was ripped from her.

The ropes released and Anita sunk to the floor cradling her breasts ans then
slowly she forced herself to her feet and strode over to Helen and Anne for some
ice as Val was getting into position. Anita groaned in agony as ice packs were
held to both breasts, her eyes were still streaming tears of pain as Helen and
Anne tried to ease her pain. 'Look, you've got an 8 against Val, her right
breast again, but after you've hit her get straight into the restraints, don't
give her any respite. You'll have to go now the clocks on 15 seconds'. Anita
strode up and it was her turn to try and knock Val's breast out. She struck up
and in from the outside of Val's right bra cup but the new large bra held firm,
well it held although firm wouldn't describe it as for a moment the huge breast
seemed to be free but the bra just retained enough flesh for it to slide back
into place leaving the cup somewhat askew, but still holding Val's large orb.

Anita didn't particularly want to step quickly into the restraints but taking
Helen's advice she did so and then she looked to see her fate. An 11, a blow to
her suspender belt. Anita took some deep breaths and tried to prepare. Val too
took her time, knowing that this might be her chance, until finally she felt
ready and she blasted her fist at Anita's red suspender belt. Anita's muscles
strained to withstand Val's fist but gave some ground and she gasped out much of
her wind as Val's fist struck home. Anita sagged to the ground, gasping with
head bowed, propping herself up with one gloved fist as Val quickly stepped into

Anita took deep breaths and slowly pushed herself up from the floor. 12 seconds
had passed and she had a quick look to see her target. She had a 10, which for
Val was bad news. Anita used a few more seconds up recovering and deciding where
to strike. Val's sex was now swollen from earlier blows and her labia had
swollen so that it was protruding out of Val's deep curls, gaping open
invitingly, so invitingly that Anita decided that this had to be her next
target, so she crashed her fist straight into it with a dull wet splat. The twin
folds of Val's labia were forced open and squashed flat against Val's pubic
bone, her clit was mashed back inside its hood and Val screamed in agony as her
sex was crushed and she sank sobbing to the floor.

Carl rushed in and dragged a moaning Val out of the circle while Anita quickly
stepped into position. Val now had 90 seconds to hit Val back or lose the round
and Carl and Dave knew that, whatever slim chances Val had, they required her to
win this round at all costs. So as the clock ticked they applied ice and
exhorted Val to make the effort required to regain her feet. With extreme effort
they had a still groaning Val on her feet at around 55 seconds and slowly she
forced her self back towards Anita, her labia now gaping open and visibly
swelling. Anita looked to see a 7 displayed, her left breast, and waited to see
what power Val would be able to hit with. Val hit using the hurt and pain she
felt as a spur but countered with her weakness as she tried to recover from the
low blow, still she dragged a hurt gasp from Anita as she plunged her fist into
the centre of Anita's naked breast, before Val sank to the ground to wait for
Carl and Dave to string her up.

Anita waited, a good dice now could win this round and it was a 9. Previously
this was a punch above the suspenders but as Val had no suspenders Anita could
hit anywhere, except where she'd just hit; in fact the ref was placing a disc
over Val's sex as Val was being drawn into position. The disc was just barely
big enough to cover Val's pubic hair leaving the dark bruising just above that
marked the position of Val's uterus still available however, Anita had 6 penalty
breast blows to take first so just taking enough time to set herself for maximum
impact she drove into Val's left then right then left breast driving in turn
into the centre of Val's bra cup making Val shake and moan with increasing pain,
Anita paused for a moment now before setting up another quick salvo of 3 punches
starting with the right breast causing Val's torment to increase so that she was
uncontrollably quivering in her bounds after the last punch sank home. Now
though Anita had her dice option, and rather than aim at the livid bruise that
marked Val's uterus she sighted a little of to one side of this, aiming to hit
one of Val's ovaries to the left and above her sex mound. She took aim and
powered in her fist and felt her glove penetrate into Val's body. Val, in turn
felt a different and intense sick pain knife through her as Anita's glove struck
home and she collapsed in agony to the ring floor.

Maybe this is it thought Anita, as she watched Val writhe, but Dave quickly came
in a hauled her out of the circle. Anita meanwhile had a number 6 to contend
with, her right breast, so she watched with interest to see if Val would survive
the blow to her ovaries. Already suffering from recent blows to her cxnt Val was
in a sorry state and it took some time to just get her sitting up. Then after 70
seconds Val was hauled to her feet but still needed Carl and Dave to support
her, her face was etched and grey with agony, sweat poured off her and the livid
bruises on her mostly naked body told some of the story of the intense pain she
was feeling. At 80 seconds she stumbled across the ring, still mostly doubled up
and gasping in pain with each forced step that she took until she got into range
and flung a fist into Anita's naked right breast. Anita barely registered the
blow which was more of a stinging flick but she had to step quickly aside as Val
collapsed in a heap in front of her.

Anita stepped away and had a quick word with Anne and Helen whilst Carl and Dave
used up time helping Val, but then she was restrained and Anita stepped up to
take 7 penalty blows and then the dice said number 4, a belly blow but now
anywhere except where her last punch to the left ovary had landed or breasts.
Anita decided to drive straight into Val's breasts as if she won this round
they'd be naked for her very soon anyway, so this might be the last chance to
drive into them from the nipple ' the bra in this case holding them better than
if 'au naturel'. With the dice blow to follow Anita now took her time and
decided to savour each blow. She aimed at Val's right breast and took the time
to watch the breast heave up and down as Val sucked in gulps of air before
plunging her fist into the soft tender flesh. Val cried out, her breasts were
now so tender that the slightest touch was agony and this blow tipped her over
the edge and she screamed with pain, but now Anita eyed up Val's left breast and
again plunged her fist into the centre of the bulging bra cup driving tender
breast flesh flat into Val's ribs. Val was shaking in her bounds, the pain too
much for her to withstand she writhed and wriggled as much as she could within
the very tight restraints. Now Anita took her 3rd blow and sunk her fist deep
into Val's right breast again. Anita marvelled at how Val's breasts had swollen,
she knew hers had also, but Val's had grown a number of cup sizes, she'd been a
'D' but had started this round in an 'I' cup bra that had been ' a size too big
but now her breasts were starting to overflow even this huge bra. Now she paused
as Val sobbed and writhed, the 4th penalty blow to Val's left breast, seemingly
the most tender from Val's reactions, and Anita wanted to make it count so with
all her might she powered in, once again to the centre of the cup and Val let
loose an anguished scream before sagging limply in her bounds. Anita took a
breather as Val hung, breasts heaving with each breath, breaths that cost Val
pain in her breasts and belly with each heave of her lungs. Anita still had
three penalty punches to come and she took the next two quickly, to the right
and then left breast revelling in the depth that her fist could plunge into
Val's flesh. And now, with just one last breast punch to Val's right breast
Anita paused again, taking deep breaths she slowly drew her fist back before
plunging it deep into Val's right breast. Val screamed again, but with a voice
that had now become so hoarse the scream was almost silent; her face though told
the story, pinched, anguished and grey with agony. But, for Val, worse was to
come. The ref had placed a red disc where Anita had driven into Val's left Ovary
so Anita decided to match up and drive into the right. Val, in fear of the pain
to come had closed her eyes tight so didn't see the punch power in, but she felt
it and so did Anita, the thrill as her fist sank in and the power of her punch
was transferred to Val, the thrill of hearing Val's moan as the sickening pain
to her ovary bit hard and the air was knocked out of her, and the almost certain
knowledge that Val wouldn't get up from that last blow.

Val crumpled to the floor and Anita wasn't surprised that this time Dave and
Carl left her whilst the clock counted her out of the round. Anita went through
the formality of stepping into the bounds, she'd receive a blow to her left
breast if Val recovered. But Val was barely moving, curled up into a tight ball
she weakly writhed at Anita's feet as the clock counted down. Finally at 90
seconds Anita's bounds released and she walked quickly over to Anne and Helen
for a tender embrace. Dave and Carl had moved quickly in on Val and were trying
to ease her pain as the ref announced '5th round to Anita, there will be a 30
minute break before the next round, Anita will receive the first blow and Val
will receive 4 penalty breast blows at her turn to receive a blow'. At this
Anita left the ring with Anne and Helen, pausing just briefly to watch Val being
carried out of the ring by Carl and Dave, Val's arms draped over their shoulders
her limp body hung between them with her feet trailing behind as they left the

Seeing the state of Val's body Anita wondered how she would survive the minimum
5 exchanges of blows in the next round, she was also feeling slightly ashamed at
the relish with which she was looking forward to plowing her fists into Val's
now more or less defeated body. Helen sensed these feelings in Anita and
whispered 'what would Val be doing to you if she could?, remember what she did
to you, I've seen the transcripts so I know all about it'. With that they
entered the changing room and Helen and Anne both gave Anita a gentle hug as
they eased her down onto the massage table.

Part 6 to follow ASAP

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Justice Battle: Anita v Val Part 6
By TJ, Constructive comment welcome at
Justice battles: A world where justice is determined by brutal boxing bouts

Anita was sore, very sore, despite winning every round so far. Her breasts were
tender and swollen, covered with livid bruises and her sex and lower belly had
also taken punishment as her gaping swollen labia testified. Much as Helen and
Anne wanted to try to ease the pain and make Anita comfortable they had to
prepare her for, hopefully, one final round. The one remaining danger was that
Anita would face the first punch whilst Val would be at her freshest but if
Anita got through the first couple of punches they had no worries about the
outcome as Val would now be naked so Anita could now punch wherever she liked.

In Val's changing room there was a different mood. Val had been carried from the
ring and Carl and Dave had been working on her injuries for the best part of 15
minutes but Val's stomach and lower belly had been so hurt by Anita that
despite their best efforts Val was in no condition to continue fighting.. But..
she had to, even though she could barely stand, even lying flat was supremely
painful as her body wanted to curl up around her belly. Carl and Dave both knew
that the first punch Val received from Anita would send Val crashing to the
ground and they doubted that Val would have the strength to force herself back
to her feet, she then faced the prospect of huge numbers of penalty blows to the

The ref must have been thinking along similar lines as he entered the
changing room and asked 'can your fighter stand?' Carl answered, 'well she'll
make the first punch but she wont stand after the first low blow', the ref
considered this and then signalled to a colleague, 'get the harness', then
turning to Dave he explained 'we'll give Val a harness which will support her,
at first release it will support 25% of her weight but the support will
increase to 100% after 100 seconds, holding her upright but with some slack. She
should try to take her own weight though, if she doesn't by the end of her count
I'll award one extra penalty breast blow, but if you have to enter the circle
then it will be 3 penalty blows as before unless Val is unconscious, sensors in
the harness will indicate this. If Val fails to take her punch within 20 seconds
of the end of her count then she will receive a penalty blow for this also'. The
ref glanced at Val and added 'good luck'. As well he might, Val's hugely swollen
breasts were covered in deep black and purple bruising, her belly had two
centres of dark and deep bruising, first around her navel and then lower, just
above her minge, further bruising was found to each side of this, and then there
was her sex. Grossly swollen sex lips exposed her red glistening slit with an
angry red clitoris poking out of its engorged hood.

Too soon for Val the warning buzzer went for the start of the next round.

Anita, Anne and Helen strode into the ring with Anita quickly stepping into her
restraints. With her arms stretched up, her swollen breasts pushed out against
their restraining bra with the cups, now at least one size too small, pushing
out away from her body struggling to contain Anita's breasts. Tight panties
gleamed in the lights, highlighting the sensuous curves of Anita's derriere and
sex, swollen due to Val's punches making an erotic sight with swollen labia
outlined in tight lycra.

Val now made a slow entrance, hunched over and partially supported by Carl and
Dave she made her painful way into the ring. Still wearing her panties the ref
approached and ripped the flimsy material away from her body to reveal her
grossly swollen sex and deep dark bruising above her black curls. Then the ref
was passed what looked like a tangle of ropes material and buckles but it
quickly became evident that this was 'the harness' he'd discussed earlier with
Carl and Dave. The ref explained how the harness would work as he untangled the
mess and now he started to fit it to Val. It fit like a bra but with no cups, a
broad strong belt passed under her breasts, a ridge in the material as if a
thick underwire cupping her breasts and encircling them, joined to thick straps
which came over her shoulders. Outlined in the material the obviously strong
cord or thin rope that encircled Val's breasts continued through the straps,
over her shoulders and joined tightly at the back where a hoop of maybe 2 inches
diameter was quickly attached to a rope dangling from the ceiling. Val suffered
the indignity of this contraption being fitted whilst she was supported by Carl
and Dave but once the support rope was pulled taught into the ceiling the ref
gestured Carl and Dave to let go. Val instantly sagged, allowing the harness to
take the strain, but immediately she cried out as the harness tightened against
her breasts causing them to balloon out. With an effort she forced herself more
upright to relieve the strain and found that she needed to be at least 80%
upright to stop the harness constricting her breasts.

The ref signalled to start and the clock started to count down and the number 8
lit up signalling a blow to Anita's right breast. Val stepped forward, forcing
her body to remain upright as each time she sagged her breasts were constricted
painfully by the harness. With immense effort she forced herself more upright
and set herself to punch Anita's right breast. A dark circle of bruising could
be seen surrounding the nipple through Anita's semi transparent bra so Val took
aim and blasted her fist into the centre of Anita's bra cup. Val used all the
venom she could muster fuelled by the humiliation and hopelessness of her
position and her fist plunged deep into the bruised flesh of Anita's breast.
Anita shrieked as the pain exploded in her breast and reached an unexpected
peak, she staggered back as the ropes released momentarily out of it as she
tried to cope with the agony of Val's blow. Her skin instantly started to sheen
with sweat and she stood taking in deep breaths as she slowly got over the
initial shock.

Now it was her turn to hit Val, first she had 4 penalty blows to strike to Val's
pendulous breasts then she had a blow anywhere to Val's body. There was no need
for a roll of the dice as Val was now totally naked so the only criteria was
that Anita couldn't strike the same area of the body consecutively. Val was in
no hurry to step into her marks, but 20 seconds soon passes so eventually she
had no choice but to step into position. Her arms were slowly drawn up above her
head and with each inch they extended Val's face twisted in deeper and deeper
pain as her abused body was stretched fully upright. Her deeply bruised breasts
hung large and heavy on her body each displaying twin centres of severe bruising
around the nipple and then the centre of the top flank of each breast. Anita
took aim at Val's left breast and struck, angling down into the top of the
breast near the base. Anita felt her punch impact and she drove her glove hard,
dragging Val's breast down her torso as she did so, stretching the ligaments
that held the breast onto Val's chest wall then  her glove drove deep, crushing
the gland against Val's ribs, squashing and compressing sensitive glands hard
against the unyielding bone beneath. Val screamed and shook in her bounds and
for a moment seemed about to faint as her eyes fluttered and rolled so Anita
paused, lined up for her next blow, while Val twisted in torment testing the
bounds to their limit until with 18 seconds on the clock Anita sank her fist
into Val's right breast in a repeat of her first blow. Again Val shrieked an
unearthly yell as her breast was dragged down before bobbing and shaking back
into position. After 2 blows Val's body was suddenly slick with sweat and Val's
face was a picture of torment as Anita lined up again on Val's left breast. This
time she struck flush onto the deep bruising nearer to the centre of the top
flank of Val's breast and Val suddenly realised that the pain could increase as
this already tenderised area was brutally crushed into her ribs. Anita paused
and lined up for her last penalty blow to Val's right breast and sunk her fist
in one last time, Val's shriek this time followed by anguished sobs. Now Anita
had 20 seconds to strike anywhere on Val's body and she regarded the splayed
lips of Val's labia with wicked intent before taking aim and driving her fist up
in a decent uppercut that struck Val with a dull wet splat and Anita thrilled as
Val's body spasmed in agony at the blow. The ropes holding Val released and Val
dropped but then the harness snapped taught and Val's breasts suddenly swelled
up as they were constricted around the base while the harness slowly allowed Val
to sink to the floor. The harness had been programmed to take 25% of Val's
weight as the ropes released, and all of this weight was concentrated in the
ropes that threaded their way through the harness and around the twin globes of
Val's breasts causing them to bulge obscenely out towards Anita as Val slowly
dropped to the floor, sinking down to her haunches and then pitching forward,
the harness preventing Val from falling onto her side she slumped forward, the
taught rope bulging her breasts out as at the same time they were compressed
into the ring floor bulging out to the side of Val's body.

Anita stepped into her position as Val weakly writhed on the floor trying to
draw herself into a ball as the clock counted down. Anita wasn't too concerned
to see the number 7 displayed, she reckoned she could take any blow now from
Val, her one fear had been for the first round but now this had passed she
looked forward to her next opportunity to hit Val with no worries at all about
her own possible hurt. She looked down at Val and discounted any further threat.
Anita then noticed that her punch to Val's labia was been replayed on the big
screens, an incredibly tight close up showed Val's swollen lips from a slightly
high angle looking down and then in slow motion Anita's glove began to impact,
forcing the labia apart as it started to drive in further exposing the bright
red nub of Val's clit which was terribly vulnerable as it was at first driven
upwards before being enveloped by Anita's invading glove and mashed against
Val's pubic bone.

Now, the clock showed 30 seconds and Val's harness was gradually increasing it's
upwards pull against Val's inclination to remain curled up in a ball and the
cords were remorselessly tightening against Val's breasts. Slumped forward on
her knees and haunches her head and breasts resting on the ring floor Val
reacted to the painful pull on her breasts by pushing herself a few inches of
the floor but an invidious property of the harness now became apparent as the
slack Val had given herself was instantly lost as the harness drew upwards a few
inches but now she had to support herself or take all of her weight through the
harness as although the harness was only trying to pull Val up at around 40% of
her body weight it would not give out any slack, so if she hung in the harness
her breast were being constricted by the pull of the harness and her body
weight. This was suddenly apparent as after her mighty effort to push herself up
a few inches Val had just managed to lift her breasts away from the ring floor
and then she'd relaxed and the harness had instantly snapped taught around her
breasts forcing them to balloon out like two over inflated rugby balls, taught
glistening skin capped by bulging nipples held just centimetres away from the
ring floor. Val groaned in torment as the harness gradually ratcheted up its
tension, tightening and tightening against Val's breasts so that she was forced
once again to push her self further up. For a moment she relieved the tension
and now she was on all fours resting on knees and arms as the harness almost
instantly took up the slack, the rope thrumming with tension as it once again
snapped tight around Val's breasts now pulling with a tension of over half Val's
body weight the livid bruises around Val's nipple glistened and darkened even
more as the breasts were ever more constricted. The pain forced Val to try to
push herself upright so she pushed and rocked herself backwards and then from
her knees she made an immense effort to stand up but she could no longer use her
arms to push against the floor so with her feet scrabbling against the ring
floor she stumbled and for a moment was virtually suspended by her breasts as
her feet slipped from underneath her before finally she ended up half crouched
but at least with feet beneath her. The clock now was reading 70 seconds and Val
realised that in another 10 she would earn herself another penalty breast blow
so with much of her weight still being taken by her breasts she looked to see
where she would be hitting Anita.. A, 7 and Val's spirits sunk, no chance there
to relieve herself from Anita's fist. If it had been a 12 Val would have taken
as much time as she could to deliver a hopefully debilitating blow but a 7 just
meant a blow to Anita's left breast. Val using the harness for support did her
best to drive as hard a punch into Anita's breast as she could but her weak
punch was like a pat compared with earlier in the fight and Anita barely
grimaced; in fact it cost Val more pain than Anita as in throwing the punch she
overbalanced so that her breasts were once again taking her weight as the
harness snapped tight around them preventing her from falling to the ground.

Carl and Dave helped Val into her restraints and the ref put a circular 10cm
disc over Val's swollen cxnt as a reminder to Anita that she should punch
elsewhere with this punch. First though there was the mater of 3 penalty breast

blows to take. She studied Val as she hung, terribly vulnerable, in front of
her. Her massively swollen breasts hung low on her chest, thick distended
nipples projected out almost 2 cm's and each breast was coloured and patterned
by severe bruising around each nipple and on the top centre of each flank. As
the clock counted down for her first strike Anita aimed at Val's left breast and
struck hard driving her fist down into Val's breast at a point in between the
two main areas of bruising, in between the centre of the top flank and Val's
nipple. Anita felt her glove sink in as it struck the sweat slicked flesh and
she lent down into the blow adding all her body weight behind the glove as it
penetrated and struck downwards stretching the breast down Val's body forcing
the tip and nipple to bulge obscenely as Anita's glove finally came to rest
against Val's ribs. Val gagged in mid scream as Anita's blow hit through her
breast and knocked the air out of Val's lungs leaving her gasping for breath as
she fought against the waves of pain that assailed her. Anita didn't allow Val
time to compose herself as she quickly drove her next punch into Val's right
breast, a little above the main mass of bruising this time but still angling
down driving the top of Val's breast flat against her ribs, her glove hit with a
solid thwunk and as the flesh was driven in the bulbous tip of Val's breast was
dragged up as the flesh above was compressed before dropping heavily back down
with a wet splat that overlaid Val's cries of agony. Val squirmed and shook in
her bounds in the aftermath of the last blow, and then as her head lolled down
Anita struck again at Val's left breast, this time into the middle of the dark
contused mass at the centre of the breasts top flank. Again, she struck down
leaning in to drive her fist as hard and powerfully as she could into and also
to drag the orb down Val's chest. Val, taken by surprise, threw her head back
with her mouth wide open in a silent scream, her face draining of all colour as
this blow, striking such an already tenderised area, struck home. But just as
Val's face paled her left breast visibly swelled and darkened so that it was now
hanging a good few cm's lower than the right. Val struggled for breath, each
heave of her lungs was agony as tortured weakened chest muscles worked to draw
in much needed air. Anita now could strike her 'dice blow', but with no dice
needed this meant anywhere except where her previous dice blow had landed. So
with Val's cxnt 'out of bounds' for this blow Anita took aim for Val's left
Ovary. As her glove struck into Val's delicate organs Anita delighted in the
feel of her glove sinking into Val's soft flesh. 'Urghhhhhhhh' went Val with a
deep throaty scream as the sickening pain from her ovary washed over her and she
dropped to the floor as the ropes finally released her from the torture of this
round of blows.

Having faced two low blows within just a few minutes Val had no option but to

suffer and ride the waves of pain from her sex organs and breasts as the harness
slowly constricted against them. Sweat dripped from her as she groaned and
weakly writhed, her head hanging down as she gulped in air between her pained
gasps. This time she lay on the floor for over a minute as the harness slowly
tightened its grip until eventually the pull was enough to start easing her
upper body up away from the floor. At this point Val had to try and take some
weight of her poor breasts so resting as much weight on her fists as she could
she allowed the ropes to tighten more until after 90 seconds so much of her
weight was being supported that she was able to, in fact was compelled to, force
herself onto her feet. Head hanging down and breasts jutting obscenely away from
her body she hung for a few moments in the harness before she managed to take
some of her weight on her feet

Anita had watched Val struggle without bothering to check what target Val would
have to aim at, but now with Val on her feet Anita glanced at the scoreboard to
see the number 10, which meant a blow to her suspender belt. Val also had
spotted this and gave herself an ironic cheer ' too little, too late she felt,
however, she tried to compose and gather herself as best she could and with the
clock already past 100 seconds she took some more time to make the most of this
blow.. She did her best and succeeded in knocking some of the wind out of Anita
but she knew that Anita was not really troubled by the blow and Val sagged in
her harness as Anita stepped away from her bounds, barely even breathing hard.

Now Val was once again strapped in her bounds looking in a sorry state. Her wide
spread legs revealed her swollen and bruised sex, labia swollen to such an
extent that they extended well beyond her pubic hair, the swollen and gaping
open slit was in turn surrounded by dark and angry bruised flesh. Val's lower
belly was just a mass of dark contusions which continued up to her navel and
then we come to her breasts, 2 huge masses of abused flesh, swollen beyond
belief, especially the left, and too painful for Val to contemplate touching,
and yet, now Anita would have 5 punches into them.

Anita was not naturally callous but she made a conscious decision to make each
punch against Val as hurtful and vicious as she could as she wanted her dispute
with Val, a person she regarded as being quite deranged and dangerous, to be
over completely with this battle. She looked at Val's breasts and made the
obvious choice to target the left breast aiming to angle her punch down into the
most severe area of bruising on the top flank of the breast. She set herself and
then drove her fist in as hard as she could, the impact sounded like a dull wet
splat and the glove drove deep into Val's tortured breast, squeezing the flesh
out around the glove and driving and stretching the orb down Val's body whilst
at the same time pinching it against Val's ribs. Val screamed in utter disbelief
at the agony this last blow caused and for a moment her eyes rolled in their
sockets and Anita thought she was about to faint so she paused to see what would
happen, her fist poised to strike at the same spot on Val's right breast. Val
continued to moan and groan in agony but the threat of her passing out seemed to
have receded so now Anita plunged her fist into Val's right breast re-igniting
the scream as this breast was now lanced by Anita's glove. Anita only paused
this time long enough to set herself again for the left breast and she now
speared into Val's left breast for her 3rd penalty blow. Again Val screamed at
the shocking pain and seemed once more at the point of passing out, Anita taking
note that her assessment of the damage to Val's left breast seemed to be borne
out by her reaction to the blows. Anita waited again until the threat of Val
passing out had passed and now drove her fist into Val's right breast for her
4th penalty blow. Val's groans, screams and sobs were now continuous as she
writhed in her bounds, tears streaming down her face joining the sweat that was
dripping of and running down her body. Anita decided that this time, for her
last blow she would drive her fist in a little straighter so aimed just a little
below the area she'd hit earlier although still in the dark mass of bruising and
just about in the centre of Val's left breast which as this was hanging low on
Val's body this meant hitting some way above the nipple. Remembering all that
Anne and Helen had taught her Anita drove in her hardest punch of this round,
dissecting Val's breast neatly so that as the glove sank in two globes of flesh
billowed out above and below Anita's glove as flesh was forced aside allowing
Anita's glove to plunge deep into Val's mammary. Val's nipple and areola were
forced up as the skin was stretched above and bulged out alarmingly as the flesh
was squeezed down towards the tip making Val's nipple seem as if it would
explode out of her breast. Val's scream was the most intense yet driven by a
pain which she'd thought could not exist and as she screamed Anita noticed that
Val's left breast was again swelling visibly, just as in the previous round, the
nipple and areola was engorging even as Anita watched and the surrounding skin
was darkening even more as Val's screams weakened and faltered as she teetered
on the edge of fainting. Then, from Val's distended nipple, a drop of clear
fluid slowly formed as the nipple continued to engorge and darken the droplet
grew slowly and then dripped away only to be followed by another, and another,
in a slow steady drip. Anita watched with terrible fascination as the wounded,
swelling breast leaked fluid but the realised that she only had 10 seconds left
to take her 'dice blow'. A disc covered the area around Val's left Ovary so
Anita targeted the right Ovary, a few inches above to the right of her mound and
with just a few seconds left she drove a wicked punch deep into this most
sensitive area. Val, oommpfeddd any air she had in her lungs out and convulsed
as she tried to fold forward but was prevented by the ropes. Then the ropes
released and with no strength at all to hold her self upright she dropped about
2 feet before the harness snapped taught around her breasts and slowed her fall
towards the ring floor. The harness may have slowed Val's fall as it took 25% of
her weight, but the sudden jerk of her falling body snapped the harness taught
around her breasts and this pain caused Val to faint almost instantly as both
breasts ballooned out against the pressure; but the effect on her awfully
injured left breast was dreadful as the engorged nipple swelled even further and
a jet of fluid arced away from the nipple spraying across Anita as Val descended
to the floor where mercifully some of the pressure was removed from her breasts
and the flow of fluid reduced back to a quick steady drip.

As Val was unconscious Carl and Dave were allowed to drag her out of the circle
as the clock continued it's steady count, 10, 15 and then 20 seconds as Carl
took the tension of the harness Dave applied ice all around Val's breasts in a
vain attempt to ease the pain and swelling. At a count of 40 seconds Val was
just becoming groggily aware of her surroundings, looking with sick fascination
at her grossly swollen, dripping left breast.

Val was virtually spent, Dave had hauled her to her feet after working on her
for another 30 seconds but she had virtually no strength at all in her legs and
without Dave's support she would have collapsed. Dave was urgently talking to
her 'look you're going to have to try and make it to Anita or you'll rack up
penalty breast blows but you must also try and take as much weight as you can
otherwise your breasts are going to suffer if the harness digs in'. Val nodded
in a haze of pain, the realization of more breast blows made her nod her head in
agreement even though she just wanted to pass out. With 80 seconds already on
the clock Carl slowly let go of the harness which was now tensioned to virtually
support Val completely, Dave slowly withdrew his support and Val sagged into the
harness which tightened around her breasts with virtually all of her weight
pulling the ropes taught. Her breasts swelled up as they were constricted at the
base and the slow trickle of fluid from Val's left breast suddenly increased in
flow as the pressure was applied. For a moment it looked like Val would pass out
with pain but she just managed to avoid this and she started to stagger her way
across the ring, each stumble and sag marked by fresh flows of fluid from her
left nipple as her breasts were in turn constricted and then released by the
harness. Finally coming into range of Anita with the clock on 95 seconds Val
just had time for a quick glance at the scoreboard to see a figure 8 for Anita's
right breast. With barely any strength at all Val flicked her nearest fist, the
left, into Anita's right breast, really nothing more than a stinging flick that
caused far more pain to Val as, stumbling, the harness snapped taught around her
breasts and a quick spurt of fluid tinged with red erupted from Val's compressed

Anita stepped away, careful not to slip on the wet slick ring as Carl and Dave
quickly rushed in to tend to Val who was now being strapped in ready to receive
what would almost certainly be her penultimate series of blows. Before Anita
could step forward the ref announced 'Due to the severe injury to Val's left
breast Penalty breast blows against Val will now be to the right breast only. If
this breast suffers a similar injury then future blows will be to alternate
breasts. Anita, you have four penalty breast blows whenever you're ready'. With
that the ref stepped away and the clock started to count down. Val was strung up
waiting, her left breast still slowly dripping fluid, but now very clearly mixed
with blood and swollen so much that it hung well below the right, the flesh
hanging low on her chest. Anita sized up her target, her first blow she
determined would be to hit down onto the top flank as she had done so many times
before. Having drawn blood once she wanted to do so again so her first blow hit
with venom and Val screamed and shuddered as her right breast absorbed the blow.
Pausing just long enough to set herself up again Anita repeated the blow,
leaning in on her fist as it again sank deep into Val's right breast.
'arghhhhhhhhh' Val screamed and sobbed with renewed vigour as Anita's glove tore
into the soft delicate gland. Her 3rd punch was straighter and a little lower on
the breast, trying to repeat the blow that she'd injured Val's left breast with
earlier. Val's scream increased in intensity but Anita sensed that this punch
hadn't been quite so effective so for her last punch she returned to her
original target hitting down on to the top flank. This time Val's scream was
certainly more anguished but cut off as she fainted and her head fell forward.
For a few seconds there was silence until Val regained consciousness and her
groans and sobs returned. The bruising to her right breast had increased in
intensity and the swelling was increasing as Val shook in torment but now Anita
had her 'dice punch' and new exactly where she was going to sink her fist home.
'This' she announced to Val holding up her right fist, 'is now going to destroy
your uterus' and with no further delay she drove her fist hard and low into the
area of Val's uterus, just above the dark curls of her minge. Anita's glove sank
deep into this already deeply bruised and abused area and Val barely had time to
scream before she'd fainted again from the extreme pain. Carl and Dave dragged
her clear of the circle and tried to revive her, it took nearly a minute but
slowly Val came around shaking and sobbing in reaction to Anita's last punch
which had struck deep into her womanly vitals she was barely able to draw breath
as her lungs fought to suck air in, each movement of her ribs sent agonising
pain through her and so her breathing was slow and laboured despite her bodies
need for great gulping draughts. As before Carl held onto the harness to prevent
this from constricting Val's breasts while Dave did his best to get Val up for
the final round but Val was spent, her breathing coming in short rasping pants
and despite their best efforts Val lay unmoving on the ring floor. 100 seconds
came and went and Dave spoke urgently to Val, desperate to get her in the ring
before she incurred many more penalty blows but he couldn't get her to her feet,
her limp wet slicked body defied all of his efforts even though Val was trying
to help, her weakly scrabbling legs were like wet pasta so that in the end Dave
had to ask Carl to slowly release the harness and using this painful method they
got Val to her feet. On her feet but unconscious hanging in the harness, her
breasts bulging as they took all of her weight so that it took another 20
seconds to bring her back to full painful awareness. Val tried to walk and made
very slow and painful progress across the ring until after 150 seconds she was
in range of Anita with supposedly the option of striking Anita's right breast.
But in a haze of pain Val hung not able to muster the strength for even a token
punch so as the clock counted down the 20 seconds available for her punch Val
was just able to dimly see through her tears the form of Anita stretched out in
front of her whilst the steady drip of bloody fluid fell from her left breast
and pooled on the ring floor beneath her.

'Val failed to take her punch at Anita so with the time penalties added this
means that she will face 7 penalty breast punches to the breast, the right
breast only unless this suffers a similar injury as the left'. At this
announcement from the ref Carl and Dave grimly came into the ring and secured
Val into position, the harness was now removed as in theory Val could now be
counted out after this round of blows and Anita stepped up prepared to overthrow
her normal sensitivities to fully destroy Val and end, once and for all, the
persecution from Val that had assailed her for the last few years. So the moment
that the ref signalled continue she struck her fist into Val's right breast, her
vicious intent to make it swell to match the left, her glove struck hard and
deep into the top flank of Val's breast and the orb was dragged down Val's body
Anita fist grinding the flesh into Val's ribs as it forced it's way down her
body. A keening wail was dragged from Val, despite her barely having any air in
her lungs and then Anita struck again and Val slumped unconscious in the ropes.
Instantly the ref's support team were at her side bringing her back to
consciousness and after 10 or so seconds the ref waved Anita on again. Val was
awake, just, as Anita's third blow struck and this time she remained conscious
sobbing uncontrollably in anguish but Anita was quick to strike her 4th blow and
now she changed angles driving up slightly but still into the top flank but much
nearer the nipple this time Anita reckoned she could still crush this portion of
breast against Val's ribs as it now hung so low. Anita was right and Val felt
new pain from this angle, and now her right breast distended just as the left
had done earlier and her nipple became more and more turgid as it swelled and
darkened. 'noooooo' weakly wailed Val horrified at what might be happening
inside her sensitive mammaries as Anita lined up her 5th blow. Striking just a
little higher this time, at the midpoint on the top flank Anita dissected Val's
breast, a fine jet of bloody fluid erupted from Val's nipple as Anita's glove
thumped home and Val passed out as now both of her breasts leaked blood, almost
a steady flow from the right and a slow drip from the left. This time the
attendants took quite a few minutes to bring Val around during which time the
ring floor became slick with blood and when finally they stepped back Val was
conscious, and very afraid because Anita still had 2 breast punches left. Before
Anita could step in though, the ref intervened. 'Anita must now strike alternate
breasts however she must strike here' and the ref indicated the area high on
Val's breasts above the worst of the very deep bruising, where breast left chest
wall. Anita was happy with this, and lined up against Val's left breast and sent
her punch in angling down into the top part of Val's breast. With less flesh
between glove and chest wall Anita's fist thudded home and Val quivered and past
out again as the shockwave travelled through her breast and her nipple and
areola swelled and once more squirting out a fine jet of blood which continued
after Anita's glove retracted before slowly dying away to a fast drip. Again it
took some minutes to bring Val around but eventually she was awake and Anita
fired her last breast punch into the top of Val's right breast. Another spray of
blood and Anita looked like she'd been mortally wounded as well as Val, both
fighters being drenched and streaked with blood. Val was now slumped once more,
grey faced and totally shattered the team worked on her patiently, she only need
be conscious for a short while and finally she was awake and aware as Anita
prepared for her final punch.. 'No guesses where this is going' she announced to
Val who was only dimly aware of what was going on until Anita planted her feet
firmly and drove her fist up hard into the gaping swollen lips of Val's labia,
the dull wet splat as her fist flayed Val's sex was the final sound of the
contest along with Val's brief expulsion of air and weak groan of anguish before
she slumped unconscious in the ropes.

Anita suddenly felt shattered and Anne and Helen rushed to support her as she
suddenly burst into tears. Anita was staring with horror at an unconscious Val
who was now slumped forward, hanging in her restraints with blood dripping from
each turgid nipple. Both Anne and Helen rightly guessed that Anita was now
ashamed and horrified at what her fists had done to Val, Anne for once being the
sister that spoke first, 'you know Anita, Val never once tried to back down or
say that she admitted guilt over what she'd done to you and if she'd been given
the chance it would be you hanging unconscious not her'. 'I know', came the
sobbed reply from Anita, 'but part of me enjoyed hitting her, all the hate and
anger from the torment she's caused me over the years just came out and it felt
so good', 'well, that's natural, and it's also natural to feel the way you're
feeling when you see what your own fists have done, but remember, through all
the years when she's been tormenting you Val has had the chance to draw back and
stop, to behave rationally, but she didn't and now she's paid the price'.

At that moment Val was beginning to come around and her pain wracked cries
started to echo once again around the auditorium just as the ref stepped forward
to make an announcement. 'Val has been found guilty by judgement battle, she
should accept this verdict and stop her petty persecution of Anita, if she
doesn't the consequences will be severe. Doctors, you can now administer
treatment to Anita and Val'.

At once a Doctor approached both Val and Anita and injected them with nano-
biots, incredibly tiny robots which would travel through the body repairing all
forms of damage. They had the capability to multiply as necessary but even so
the Doctor warned Anita that she would be sore for at least a week and that a
full recovery would take around 2 weeks, glancing at Val though he said, 'she'll
be out of it for up to a month and maybe 2 months before she recovers properly,
however the biots will eventually find and repair all the damage. I should tell
you that in a few hours time the biots will start to seriously work and you'll
become so tired and weak that you'll have to lie down; this phase will last up
to 48 hours and then you'll start to feel much better although you'll feel very
tired until the biots have finished. You'll need to be somewhere where you can
be looked after before the next 2 hours are up; do you have anywhere to go? Or
do you need me to sign you into recovery? Anne and Helen answered in unison,
'she's with us'. And with that they led Anita away.

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