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Passion and competition

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Passion and competition
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:13:59 PM »
Carl looked out the window as the hot sun bathed his lover, who lay naked on the pool deck, the compound so large and the trees so dense, she was visible to no one but him and the birds flying over head.  Not that she would have cared, she was proud of her body, never shy and had been naked many times in front of others.  He couldn't help but be impressed by her toned figure and her overall beauty--her dark hair, her shapely curves and the sinewy, but feminine muscle that rippled just underneath her skin.  Her breast were fake, for a number of reasons, one of which was something that was their shared passion:  she loved to fight other women--physically, and her natural breasts, which were D cups like her implants, were battered so severely in several of her fights that they needed a "makeover" as she had called it.

He was wealthy beyond his imagination and so he had no limits on what he could offer her, but he was shallow and and arrogant and so they had maintained an open relationship.  Occasionally he would encounter a woman similar to Gia and who shared her passion and they would fight.  While many had been competitive with her, she had always been the victor and as such, she had always chased them away.  She also had other lovers--he respected her and believed that an open relationship meant just that and she had engaged with both men and women.  In addition, she occasionally found women just to fight, but had yet to find someone who could best her.  She was fierce and tough, and while she had been battered and damaged in many of her fights, she had always been victorious.  At the age of 30, she had no desire to slow down from this part of her life, she enjoyed it, and thrived on it in some ways.   Carl had renovated a massive room in the compound to allow the pastime to continue and facilitate the fights.   

Over the years, Gia had pursued a variety of different fight types and had added in a mix of different interests she had developed.  She was the master of her own destiny though in the end.  And Carl wouldn't have it any other way.

And so it was that Carl was fucking Laura, a blonde with big tits and a tight body, 28 years old, from Germany originally, her accent still present despite living in Spain (where Carl and Gia's compound was) for over 10 years.  Laura was aggressive in bed and otherwise and Carl knew right away that she would be a woman that would fight Gia if Gia wished.  And so it was the Carl shared a video of him and Laura fucking and it motivated Gia to fuck his brains out at that moment and ask him to invite her to fight for him.  And so Laura and Gia had connected--and for many reasons took an instant dislike to one another which fueled the fight even more.  It was unusual for Gia to actually dislike the women she fought with but something about the blonde's arrogance rubbed her very wrong and similarly the blonde found Gia dismissive and arrogant as well.  They agreed to a catfight with a few simple rules--no attacks to the face and they would hang a dildo in the room to use as a weapon during the match.  In the end, the winner, if she was still able to, would fuck the loser in dominance and humiliation in front of Carl.  There would be no time limit.

The two women were standing across the glass walled room with Carl on the outside.  Gia was in a blue bikini and Laura was in pink.  They had not decided on attire and Laura simply removed her bathing suit before the fight started so Gia did the same.  Carl shouted for them to begin. 

The two women charged at one another and crashed together in the middle of the room.  Laura was stronger than Gia and the brunette knew it immediately.  Fueled by her anger, Laura tackled the brunette and immediately punched her several times in her pussy.  Gia rolled Laura and struggled with her power but was able to tear her sharp, blue nails down Laura's big fake tit and even drew a little blood.  Laura, however, rolled back on top and pinned Gia down, punching her several more times in her tight gut.  Then, keeping her pinned, she went right back to grabbing Gia's pussy, digging her pink nails in harshly and delivering some intense pain to the brunette.  Gia immediately retaliated despite being pinned down, by grabbing Laura's crotch.  The two women squirmed and struggled until they broke free and scrambled to their knees, charging at each other again with Laura again overpowering Gia and pinning her backwards as their powerful thighs and upper bodies ended up wrapped up and rolling about.  Laura's sharp nails dug deep welts into Gia's back and buttocks as the two hellcats rolled about the room and they broke apart again breathing hard.  They got to their feet and circled, wary of one another now.   Laura was winning though, and they both knew it.  Somehow, that turned Gia on.  Fueled by her competitive nature, the brunette charged forward and started swinging blows to the blonde's body, putting her on the defensive, but as the blonde found herself pinned against the wall behind her, she lashed out with a kick to Gia's cxnt and then grabbed her by her hair and spun her into the wall. 

As Gia smashed into the wall, Laura yanked her back viciously and dragged her backwards to the middle of the room on her back.  She slammed punches into Gia's big tits before Gia smashed a blow into the German's pussy and halted the attack.  Gia rolled and tried to scramble away, but Laura dove on top of her and pinned her down, reaching underneath her and mauling her tits.  Gia moaned in pain as she struggled to escape.  Laura moved her assault down to her pussy and inflicted some agonizing pain on the Spaniard.  Gia's face flushed with exertion and the veins on her neck stood out as she tried to escape the attack but was failing.  Laura maneuvered into a sitting position on her back and pounded her back and flanks.  She yanked her head back by her hair and reached over and grabbed her big tits, digging her claws in deep and latching on so tightly that the brunette thought she might rip her implants off her body.

Gia was hurting and Laura was not relenting.  She leapt up and stomped Gia's body several times before running over and grabbing the big dildo.  She got to Gia before the brunette could recover and pried her thighs apart.  Gia tried to hold her legs together, and she grabbed Laura by the hair to defend herself but the blonde jammed the cock into her pussy and the brunette could only wail in sexual agony.  Finally Gia got a foot up and kicked Laura in the chest knocking her away.  Gia stumbled to her feet, the enormous cock hanging from between her legs, and pulled it out, tossing it aside just as Laura crashed into her and tackled her again.  Gia was losing badly, was covered in sweat and her make up blurry and feathering from the sweat.   She was a consummate competitor though and she rolled about with her blonde foe, trying to regain some offense.  Laura pounded her with punches and the two scratched and clawed at one another as Laura ultimately pinned her down and violated her pussy with her fist.

"Ohhhh.....ohhhhh.....dios mio...." Gia moaned as she arched her back to try to relieve the pressure from the blonde's violation. 

"Give you slutty bitch, Give..." hissed the blonde, in complete control.  Gia desperately grabbed Laura's tits and the blonde did the same.  They twisted and mauled one another's chests brutally.   They somehow got to their feet and stumbled about as they tried to tear each other's big implants from their bodies.  Gia was too far gone though and she knew she was continuing to lose.  She had seemingly finally met her match.  Laura and Carl knew it as well.  She dropped to one knee but refused to quit yet.  She twisted Laura's tits as hard as she could in a desperate attempt to even out the fight and suddenly Laura screamed.  Her face was ashen as she stumbled back.  Gia knew what had happened right away, and remembered the pain from the one time it had happened to her.  One of Laura's implants had ruptured.  The brunette wasted no time pressing her advantage.  She pounced on Laura taking the blonde down.  She shoved her hand into the blonde's pussy and then went right at the damaged breast.  Laura begged for her to leave her tit alone, but Gia didn't relent and didn't like this woman at all.  "Quit and it will all be over..."

Laura whimpered again, asking Gia to leave the tit alone but Gia instructed her to quit.  She shoved her entire fist inside of the blonde as she squeezed the damaged tit harder.  Finally Laura wailed her submission and Gia got up and stood with her arms raised as Laura lay on the floor clutching her wounded breast.  Gia wasn't done though.  She grabbed the strap on that was also hanging on the wall and pulled it on.  Laura's eyes went wide and she asked for mercy.  Gia rolled her to her belly though and showed no such kindness.  She puller her hips to her and violated her repeatedly in front of Carl, as the younger woman groaned and grunted from the thrusting of her foe.  As the humiliation finished, Laura hissed between sobs, "I had you, and you know it.  I will come back for my revenge..."

"Fuck you, bitch..." was all that Gia had to say.


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Re: Passion and competition
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2022, 06:48:55 AM »
Like older hot brunette destroy younger blonde beauty and fuck her in front of him!
Like brunette continue forcing blonde to serve while she ride his cock.


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Re: Passion and competition
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2022, 09:55:37 PM »
Altough the boob surgeon will be needed again: a rematch would be awesome. This fight was intense and Laura had the edge for most of the fight. This screams for a rematch. Thanks for this violent and passionate story!