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Thirst to be the best || To End All Doubts

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Thirst to be the best || To End All Doubts
« on: May 14, 2022, 05:34:39 AM »
Special Thanks To
Before we begin I want to give a shout out to nnnnekochan
Before writing this story, my partner and I asked her if she would be ok with us using her photos for the character of Sheena.
She kindly agreed and she has been so nice to us through this process.
You can support her on Onlyfans through the link below.
Now onto the story.


Sheena and Phil had been dating for about a year now. Nothing official but things were getting serious. Phil was Sheena’s perfect man, she loved how hardworking he was and how he was always able to find time in his day for her. They had gone over all the things that they wanted in life. How when they got older they would build and rent homes, spending their days relaxing. That was a dream worth pursuing together.

That’s why it came as a surprise to Sheena when she found out that Phil had one last secret. A primal desire that he tried to hide from the world. One that would test how far Sheena was willing to go for her love. With his brief explanation Phil introduced the relatively innocent Sheena to the world of sexfighting.

It wasn’t something he expected her to do; outside of maybe roleplaying in the bedroom. So Sheena embraced his fetish, filling his head with the idea that she could take down his past lovers and celebrity crushes. Night after night she would whisper about victories she had and for a time it seemed to be enough. But fantasies could only do so much.

“I’m sorry but I find that hard to believe” Phil interrupted Sheena in the middle of her story.
“What’s hard to believe?” Sheena asked.
“That you could throw Carol around…” Phil hesitated.
“What! Keep talking.” an impatient Sheena blurted.
“Well, honestly. Carol’s really athletic, I don’t think it would be easy for you.”
“Believe it, I left her crying” Sheena continued her story “I tied her up so she could watch us.”

They finished both satisfied sexually, but emotionally Sheena relised that Phil wasn’t convinced. He didn’t believe in her this time. Sheena couldn’t stop thinking about it, what was so special about Carol that made Phil question? Sheena didn’t know if she was actually good at sexfighting but surely Phil didn’t think that Carol was better at it. Did he? From what Sheena knew, Phil and Carol broke up because she cheated on him… But that didn’t mean that Carol was less loving or sexually inferior to Sheena did it? Did they play the same games?

Sheena realized that if she kept thinking like this it would consume her. She needed something to put it all to rest, something that would erase his doubts and keep her mind at ease. She had to fight Carol for real, it was the only solution she could think of. It wouldn’t be hard to find Carol online and send her a message. Sheena felt nervous as she typed up a message for her rival. She wasn’t sure she wanted to do it but as she pressed the send button there would be no turning back. Her heart pounded as her message was marked and soon she could see that Carol was typing a message. Saturday, on the 23rd of March at a popular motel at the heart of the city. When Sheena hoped to make a strong impression and end all doubts.


Sheena stood shocked as she entered the dingy hotel room. Carol sat naked facing the door, everything clear to see. It was a display of confidence that Sheena did not expect. This woman really was a whore, Sheena thought to herself. But Sheena’s focus shifted as she noticed Carol’s physique. Although not overly athletic, Carol seemed to be in much better shape than Sheena had given her credit for. With lean arms and a core that took discipline to maintain. It all made Sheena hesitate, was this more than she bargained for?


Sheena was confident enough with her own body. She knew that she wasn’t a pushover with her workouts. And her butt had gathered a lot of attention that Phil would rather do away with. Although her bust was small, she didn’t care. And she knew she could pound, as Phil had often complimented her for being tight and smooth. Then again maybe this was all just some reassuring story she was telling herself. But it was doubt’s like this that led up to this moment. At least this would bring her some closure.

“Are you going to do anything more than gawk?” Carol laughed.
“Don’t you think you're a little too arrogant?” Sheena composed herself.
Carol stood and walked towards Sheena “I’ve earned the right to be, what are you going to do bitch?”
“I’ll win” Sheena announced “I made you… ugh…”
Carol grabbed Sheena’s butt firmly. “You’re just a little bitch with a nice ass, doesn’t mean you can stand with a goddess like me.”

“You’re not a go… AGH!” Sheena yelled as Carol threw her against a wall.

Sheena didn’t have any time to react as Carol quickly pinned her hands above her head. Carol pushed her chest gently into Sheena’s flat chest. “Are you sure you’re a girl?” Carol mocked “I’ve had men with bigger boobs than you”. Sheena didn’t care much for Carol’s attitude as she leaned forward and gently bit into Carol’s neck. “Boob’s are just for looks” Sheena whispered “I’ve got everything that matters”. With some anger creeping though Carol leaned back out of the reach of Sheena’s lips. “Really!?” Carol laughed as she let her left hand fall and held both of Sheena’s wrists with only her right hand. “I think you’re missing something quite vital” Carol smirked as she rested her left hand on Sheena’s vagina. “You’re much too weak. Oh and looking good helps, it turns you on. Which makes it easier for me”.

Sheena moaned as she fought against the urge to give in. Carol was much better than she expected. She felt Carol’s finger sliding perfectly in and out of her, touching her in exactly the right place every time. Then with one perfectly timed touch Sheena’s facade fell as her body shivered. She looked at Carol desperately as she tried to free herself. “Is that it? He sure lowered his standards!” Carol shouted at Sheena before throwing her on the bed.

Before Sheena even had the chance to push herself up Carol sat on her back. Sheena cried out in pain as Carol grabbed her hair and lifted her head up. “You must be stupid challenging somone like me” Carol scoffed “I’ve fought for him before. I always win”. Sheena grasped at the covers trying to pull herself free. As she felt Carol’s fingers creeping back down her back she began to feel desperate. “GET OFF ME!” Sheena cried out but Carol seemed to take it as an invitation. Sheena cried louder as Carol’s fingers entered her again. Aggressive yet still pleasurable, Sheena didn’t want to admit it but Carol was good.

As Sheena breathed heavily into the bedsheets, Carol lifted herself up and flipped Sheena on her back. “Panting like a cow?” Carol mocked “When this is over, I’ll be sure to let him know how you begged”. Sheena looked up at Carol angrily, her body leapt up grabbing Carol’s shoulders to slam her into the bed. “Be quiet” Sheena commanded “If you can”. Sheena opened Carol’s legs and planted her pussy on Carol’s. Carol looked up at Sheena defiantly but that soon faded as Sheena began trusting. Soon Carol was moaning, scratching at Sheena’s body trying to get her to stop.

It was exhilarating, the sense of power that it gave Sheena. Carol’s wicked moans and cries filled the room “NO! NO! I CAN’T LOSE!”. Sheena thrusted harder, she had a point to prove now. She wasn’t going to let Carol have her way. Sheena was determined to win. Sheena felt Carol lose control and soon Carol’s eyes widened as her body went into a vicious orgasm. “Already!?” Sheena mocked “What happened? Lil’ goddess”. It was uncharacteristic of Sheena to be so mean but she couldn’t help it. She wanted Carol to be disciplined. “Fu…” Carol moaned quietly. “What?” Sheena asked, annoyed as she leaned in. “Fuck you” Carol wispered grasping somthing behind the pillow. Sheena realized too late what Carol was up to as a large double ended dildo was shoved into her. Sheena screamed from the shock as she stared terrified at Carol.

Carol was ruthlessly abusing Sheena. Carol flipped Sheena on her back keeping the dildo inside of the shivering girl. Carol looked down at Sheena for a moment, taking it all in. Sheena was whimpering now, sweat running down her body. Carol opened up her slit and slid the other end of the dildo in herself. “Let me show you how to fuck” Carol announced “Let me show you why he’ll come back to me”. Sheena was intimidated, she didn’t know what to expect but she knew that Carol was going to be harsh. Sheena felt an incredibly powerful thrust as Carol’s skin touched her own. Still scared, Sheena looked up at Carol but she saw frustration in the athlete. Another thrust, although their skins clashed loudly, Sheena barely felt the dildo move. Rapidly Sheena grabbed Carol’s wrists and held her in place. Sheena smiled at Carol “Did something go wrong?”.


Carol stopped thrusting, opting to try and break free of Sheena’s grip. Sheena held on like her life depended on it. She had the advantage right now and it would be stupid to let Carol loose. As Carol lifted her cxnt about two inches, Sheena trusted upward as hard as she could. Carol moaned and allowed her slit to swallow the rest of  the dildo again. Sheena pulled Carol down on top of her and hugged her. “Is this because you let too many eel’s into your cave?” Sheena whispered into Carol’s ear. Carol grunted as Sheena flipped her on her back, careful not to let the dildo come out.

Sitting atop Carol, Sheena felt she was in control. Using her pussy, Sheena thrust the dildo deep inside of Carol. Carol’s eyes widened as she let out a scream of pleasure. “SHIT! NO!” Carol screamed which only made Sheena pick up her pace. It made Sheena feel powerful, as Carol’s chest bounced under her. A few minutes passed as Carol’s screams continued to fill the room. With a sudden shift Carol tensed up and her screams drowned out as she tried to catch her breath. Sheena felt the athletic girl's body give in, quivering into a dramatic orgasm. Carol’s juices splashed out onto the bed sheets and Sheen’s clit. And as the orgasm passed she saw a look of desperation in Carol’s eyes.

Soon it would all be over, Sheena could feel it. Rapidly with what must be the last of her strength Carol broke free of Sheen’s grip. A shocking wave of electricity ran through Sheen as Carol’s fingers slipped into her clit side by side with the dildo. “CRAP!” Sheena gasped as Carol used her fingers to pleasure Sheena. Sheena felt she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Gasping and moaning Sheena looked past Carol’s hands at the toy, it was still in both of them. And Sheena thrusted, Carol moaning just as before. This was how it would be settled then, Carol’s fingers against Sheena’s ability to hump.

Both women screamed as Carol’s fingers edge Sheena towards an orgasm, just as Sheena thrusting was driving Carol mad. At first Sheena broke and collapsed into an orgasm but she was still able to stay on top. Then Carol’s fingers would pause as she would break down shivering. It went on longer than Sheena thought possible, she was getting tired. Unsure of how long she could hold on she just pounded Carol as hard as she could. They lost count of who brought the other to orgasm more. Their screams dimmed as their throats strained. Sheena looked down on Carol panting. “Fuck you bitch” Sheena let out as she put the last of her energy into rapidly humping Carol. It almost sounded as if Carol’s voice was collapsing, as the athlete’s fingers stopped moving. Sheena looked down in pleasure as Carol looked to be going into a fit. Orgasm after orgasm finally pushed the woman over the edge.

Sheena almost broke out into laughter as it all sank in. She had definitely fucked Carol to hell, maybe it was heaven. Sheena didn’t care what Carol was feeling as long as the victory was hers alone. Sheena brought out her phone and started recording. “I need you to say something” Sheena explained “Tell me you are going to stay away from us”. Carol looked up still defiant but another thrust from Sheena made Carol submit “HE’S YOURS”. Satisfied with Carol’s answer she flipped the athlete on her belly. Sheena could hear Carol start to cry into the bed sheets. Sheena snapped a photo and sent it to Phil.

“Your ex won’t bother you anymore. This is what you wanted. Right?”
“By the way, she was weak”
~ Sheena

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Thirst to be the Best



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Re: Thirst to be the best || To End All Doubts
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Thank you for all who were involved in a great presentation!


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Re: Thirst to be the best || To End All Doubts
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The way a sexfight should end