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Big Bang theory Penny vs Bernadette, tit fight second part

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Big Bang theory Penny vs Bernadette, tit fight second part
« on: August 11, 2022, 01:34:59 AM »
Big Bang theory.
My English grammar is not very good, I'm sorry, I hope you can understand the story.
continuation of the tit fight between Penny vs Bernadette.

"Back in her apartment Penny takes off her blouse and puts some ice packs on her boobs, they are very sore, Bernadette does the same at her house" Leonard: you feel better honey, Penny: I feel terrible, I can't believe that he lost, Leonard: don't feel so bad, it was a close battle, Penny: whatever, we better go to sleep, Leonard: whatever you say love.
"At Howard and Bernadette's house" Howard: I am very happy, you defeated Penny, you are incredible love, Bernadette: Penny has always thought that she is the strongest and sexiest girl in our group, now it's my turn to be the woman Alpha, that's right love, from now on Penny is in second place.
"Dawn, it's Sunday and both Penny and Bernadette are in pain, so neither leaves their home, Raj is visiting as usual at the Wolowitz house, there Howard brings him up to date on what happened in the battle, Bernadette he leaves his room and goes to the kitchen, Howard is playing video games" Raj: hey Bernadette congratulations, I already found out that you defeated Penny, you must be very happy, Bernadette: well yes enough, I know everyone thought that Penny was going to beat me , Raj: I don't, I always trusted you, and your mighty boobs.
"Amy is with Penny, she doesn't know the result of the battle, so she asks her" Amy: what happened friend, who won? Penny: I lost, Amy: I'm so sorry my friend, but how it happened, I can hardly believe it, Penny: Well, everything was going well for me, I won the first round, but then Bernadette managed to make her damn nipples incredibly firm, plus she didn't I expected her to be so aggressive, I hope this doesn't damage the friendship between you, Penny: I don't know, we'll see what happens.
"The next morning, I mean Monday, Penny and Leonard get ready to go to work" Penny: I hope I don't run into Bernadette at work, Leonard: I wish I didn't have to go to work, surely Howard is bragging about his wife's victory , Penny: I'm sorry honey, Leonard: don't worry, I love you so much.
"Penny arrives at work, luckily Bernadette isn't here yet, Penny is sent to do her sales, Penny is happy she doesn't have to be at the company, at lunchtime at Calle Tech the guys get together as usual" Howard: hello Leonard, how is Penny, Leonard: she's fine, calm down, Raj: today is Chinese food day at Sheldon's apartment, Penny and Bernadette are going to attend, they're not mad? Howard: of course not, well , maybe Penny is upset, Bernadette doesn't have to be, she was the winner, Raj: damn, I would have liked to see the battle, Howard: it was amazing! Just imagine my wife's boobs bouncing Penny's boobs, God!! It was great, "Leonard is serious" Leonard: yes, it was exciting, "when night comes, it's time to go to Sheldon's apartment for dinner" Leonard: I don't want to go, Howard will surely try to bring it up to show off that his wife won, Penny: I don't want to go either, but if we don't go, Bernadette will think I'm avoiding her because I'm afraid of her, Leonard: you're right, darling, we have to go, "they arrive at the apartment, the Wolowitzes haven't arrived yet" Amy: I hope they this is not awkward, I already warned Sheldon not to say anything on that subject, Penny thanks Amy, "the Wolowitzes arrive at the apartment, everything flows normally, they finish dinner and Sheldon puts on the star wars for a million times " Bernadette: I'm a little hot, I'll take my coat off, " Bernadette takes it off and reveals a super tight and transparent sleeveless top, her bra can barely cover her giant nipples, everyone in the room is shocked, and it's impossible not admire Bernadette's boobs, Penny: we have to go to sleep, good night, "good night, everyone answers except Bernadette" Bernadette: bye Penny, rest haha…"in Penny and Leonard's apartment" Penny: damn Bernadette she wants to provoke me, Leonard: I know, just ignore it, Penny: tomorrow at work I'm going to challenge her, Leonard: what is it about, Penny: I'll challenge her to a sex fight, the girl who dominates the other, and manages to make her have more orgasms wins, Leonard: are you sure? That could make things worse between you, Penny: our friendship can't get any worse, Leonard: whatever you want, I'll always support you darling. "At the Wolowitz's" Bernadette: Did you see Penny's face when I took off my coat and showed off my pretty boobs? Howard: Sure, Penny got really jealous. "The next morning Penny goes to Bernadette's office" Penny: Bernadette I want to challenge you!! Bernadette: what are you talking about? Penny: Let's have a sex fight, unless you're scared little bitch! Bernadette: I'm not scared, I beat you once and I'll do it again, no matter the challenge, just tell me when and where, Penny: Saturday at 9 o'clock in my apartment, Bernadette: I'll be there, I'm going to enjoy humiliating you again bitch!!... Penny: we'll see, you damn witch!!... "Bernadette immediately tells Howard what just happened, Howard goes to the lab to talk to Leonard" Howard: Bernadette just told me that Penny challenged her to a sexual fight, Leonard: yes, I know, Penny told me that she would challenge Bernadette, I'm sure you love the idea, Howard: of course! ! I can't believe that you don't, Leonard: all this has been your fault, you started with the idea that they will fight, now their friendship is ruined, Howard: you're just upset that my wife beat yours, if it had been On the contrary, you would be very happy like me, Leonard: please let me work, Howard: it's okay, right sir, at night we will meet to agree on the rules of the new fight. "Bernadette and Howard arrive at Penny and Leonard's apartment to agree on the rules of the new fight, Penny is wearing a bathrobe, Bernadette is wearing a long coat" Leonard: I will explain the rules, no punches, no knees or kicks, it will be a catfight combined with a sexual fight, the first girl who managed to make her rival have 4 orgasms will be the winner, does anyone have any questions, Howard: none, everything is fine, now please girls like last time we have to do a face to face, "Penny is the first to take off her robe, the only thing she has on is a tiny black thong that barely covers her pussy, which looks incredible! It has a very sexy reddish color, then Bernadette takes off the coat, she is wearing a tiny outfit that barely covers her pussy which has a very nice pink color, both girls are completely shaved, there is not a single hair on their hot pussies, the girls are face to face" Penny: your reign will last little, and or I will always be the alpha woman of our group, Bernadette: you were the alpha woman because I allowed you to, the only thing you are better than me is being a whore, Penny: why wait for tomorrow, let's fix this now! Bernadette: I think it's perfect! "The girls begin to struggle, Penny with her incredible muscles manages to knock
Going to Bernadette and ripping off her thong puts one foot on Bernadette's neck, and one knee on her abdomen, with her right hand she sticks two fingers into Bernadette's pussy, over and over again, Bernadette gasps, Penny accelerates and achieves the first orgasm from Bernadette" Leonard: that's how it's done honey! You're amazing, Howard: stand up love, you can, "Bernadette stands up" Penny: you ready little asshole, Bernadette: of course you fucking bitch, "they start fighting again , puts into action what his ex-policeman father taught him, so he manages to knock Penny down, places his buttocks on Penny's face, with his left hand he holds Penny's leg, and with his right hand he begins to masturbate Penny , Penny screams and shakes, Bernadette makes Penny have an orgasm" Bernadette: well we're equal now, Howard: I knew you could do it, Leonard: calm down honey, you have to be focused on your plan of attack, "the fight resumes, Penny concentrates better this time, Bernadette goes She rushes towards Penny's feet to try to knock her down, but Penny dodges her and stands behind her, with her left forearm holding her neck making a lot of pressure, with her right hand she begins to pat her and stick her fingers in Bernadette's pussy , Penny whispers in her ear, come on bitch!! Give it to me! Bernadette can't get out, Penny is also holding her with her legs, Bernadette yells no! No! And she has an amazing orgasm! Penny slaps him, Bernadette is exhausted, her legs are shaking, her opponent changed, Penny, looks strong and very confident, Howard: you can love, you have to recover, Bernadette: that damn bitch has a lot of strength, Leonard: already you have it, just one more and you will be the winner, Penny: are you ready bitch, or do you want to give up at once, Bernadette: I will never give up before you, Penny: this time I will not use my physical strength, let's have a duel of (trib) that Is that okay with you, Bernadette: that's fine with me, my pussy is better than yours, Penny: we'll see little slut, "the girls get into position and the (trib) begins they both bump and slide their pussies in all directions! They wear like this a few minutes when suddenly Bernadette screams and goes flat on her back on the floor, Penny knows she has it, both women are drenched in sweat, Bernadette screams louder and wow, she has a super orgasm, she just lays there on the floor. floor until Penny stands up, holding Bernadette by the hair. and brings her to her knees, Penny puts Bernadette's head between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy on Bernadette's face, Bernadette no longer has the strength to defend herself and starts crying, Penny pulls her hair and takes her to where there's Howard" Penny: here's your wife haha.. "Howard puts Bernadette's coat on and picks up all her things" Leonard: how about that Howard, you're not so happy anymore, who has the most amazing wife now you idiot! ! Howard falls silent as Penny flexes her powerful arms. (To be continue)


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Re: Big Bang theory Penny vs Bernadette, tit fight second part
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2022, 08:24:41 AM »
Good story, many thanks.
But Bernadette is better by far.


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Re: Big Bang theory Penny vs Bernadette, tit fight second part
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2022, 06:56:31 PM »
GO Penny! easy.