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Emma Watson vs Megan Fox (2009)

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Emma Watson vs Megan Fox (2009)
« on: November 19, 2022, 01:11:15 PM »
July 2009
Recently turned 19 Harry Potter star Emma Watson makes her debut appearance tonight against Megan Fox: a fighter who has a long history of vexing younger opponents. "Megan might have more fighting experience than me, but I've been training for the better part of a year and honestly, I don't see her getting the upper hand." Watson disregards the mismatch claims and boldly struts to the ring, taking off her robe to reveal a slim, curvy figure wearing a white sports bra and black leggings. Fox scoffs at her remarks and paces towards the ring, taking off her robe and showing off a dark purple bikini.

The fighters meet in the middle and touch gloves. “Your bite better be bigger than your bite, Emma, otherwise I’m gonna destroy you tonight.” Megan taunts the youngster as the bell rings.

Arms up, fighters to mid-ring, wasting no time and engaging in a jab exchange. Fox getting the better of Watson in the opening minute, poking her face with swift strikes and outpunching the Brit 3 to 1. Watson fights back but is outworked and outmuscled, she gets pushed to the ropes and suffers a pair of hooks to the ribs. A panicked clinch manages to turn the tables as Emma pushes her older brunette into ropes and pulverises her gut with a classy uppercut before stepping back to reorganise. After a brief standstill, Fox gets after Watson, with a left hook aimed at her jaw which she blocks but leaves her midsection open for a right to the ribs. Emma grunts and drops her guard as Fox slams multiple hooks followed by an uppercut to Emma’s face, making the lass go wobbly. Watson hastily fires a jab at Megan and ends up missing as Fox takes the opportunity to smash Watson’s belly with a staggering kick just before the bell, nearly making her spit out her mouthpiece.

A poor start for Watson as she slowly walks to her corner with one arm wrapped around her belly and ribs. Fox, on the other hand, is eager to get the second round going, waiting patiently to punish the newcomer further.

Watson: hurt but not discouraged, she jogs to the middle with her arms up, testing Fox with a series of jabs then getting ambitious with a left cross. Fox proves methodical and patient, dodging and blocking most of Watson’s strikes but getting knocked on the nose by a couple of sneaky jabs. The British brunette gets stopped dead in her tracks in the second minute after Fox thumps her jaw with a well-placed right hook. A pair of uppercuts to the gut follow as Watson gets overwhelmed, offering single jabs in response and getting bullied to a corner where Fox lays into her belly, flanks and chest with a combination of hooks and uppercuts. Watson desperately tries to push the older woman off but doesn’t have the strength to do so as Fox enjoys herself, pummeling the youngster's midsection at will and finishing off with a right cross below Watson’s eye that sends the newcomer tumbling down to all fours. She’s up at the bell but looking worse for wear with a belly covered in red marks and a bruised left eye.

Watson’s plucky and determined but simply outclassed by Fox who rips into her body and ribs with staggering hooks as the Brit struggles to defend. Fox walks her down with straight lefts, picking her punches and methodically beating the fight out of Watson who swings wildly and misses most, if not all of her strikes. Fatigued and breathless, Emma sinks to ropes with her head down and her weary arms barely up. Fox keeps it simple, breaking her down with cruel body shots, then bunching up the groggy brunette as she's about to fall and continuing. Watson's glued to the ropes throughout, too spend to offer any significant response as Fox ups her tempo and starts lashing her face with swift jabs. Watson open-mouthed at the bell, sinking into her corner during the break, looking spent and dishevelled.

All Fox these rounds as she brings it to Watson, completely dominating the poor lass and showing no mercy to the rookie. Watson getting sloppy, practically walking into punches, getting tossed around the ring and knocked down multiple times. Fox: rampant, constantly on the attack, circling the British gal and prodding her nose with jabs then getting in close and tormenting her belly with vicious knee kicks. Watson squirms with each strike, trying to fight back but it doesn't do her any good. Halfway through the fifth round, Watson finds herself glued to a corner, staring up at the lights with both arms behind the ropes as Fox rips apart her belly and flanks with a combo of uppercuts and kicks. The sixth round sees Fox with a wide grin on her face as she batters Waton senseless. Emma is completely unresponsive at this point, she’s struggling to keep her arms up and getting pummelled from all angles. By the end of round six Watson is limping to her corner, bleeding slightly from her mouth and nose with her sports bra stained from blood drips and her midsection covered in red marks.

“She’s done for, finish it up already.” Fox gets told by advisor Katherine Heigl. Fox nods and smirks, setting her eyes on battered Watson as she gets worked on by the corner crew.

Fox licks her lips and goes to work, grabbing Emma by her hair and throwing her onto the canvas. She then gets onto her knees and taunts Watson while caressing her battered midsection. “What’s wrong, dear? You don’t wanna fight anymore?” Fox laughs out loud and smashes Watson’s belly with a powerful left, making the lass moan in pain. Emma tries to escape but Fox keeps her pinned in place, positioning herself on top of Watson's thighs and hammering her midsection with hooks from either hand as Watson helplessly yelps in pain, too tired to fight back. After a full minute of bashing her belly, Fox sits the half-conscious girl up and traps her in a chokehold. "I think it's about time we finish things up” she whispers into Watson’s ear, begging to choke her out. Panicked and unable to breathe Emma taps out, wrapping up her disappointing debut much to Fox’s delight.

Watson’s in disarray after the fight, barely conscious and struggling to get up. Fox helps her to her feet and tosses her into the ropes: “You see, I’m way out of your league.” She taunts the defeated Brit, leaving her with a kiss on the mouth before leaving the arena.

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Re: Emma Watson vs Megan Fox (2009)
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Now Emma would beat Fox, one side, boxing, wrestling o especially catfighting.


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Re: Emma Watson vs Megan Fox (2009)
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Now Emma would beat Fox, one side, boxing, wrestling o especially catfighting.