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Kate Upton vs Natalie Alyn Lind

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Kate Upton vs Natalie Alyn Lind
« on: September 22, 2022, 08:21:28 PM »
Roleplay between me and someone else on my Celebrity Fight League discord server

The day has finally arrived for the epic battle between two of the hottest blondes ever. Natalie Alyn Lind has been trash talking about Kate Upton for a while now and the blonde Amazon has had enough of the little girl. Kate is the first one to enter the arena and she sees the steel cage in the center of the arena. She isn't unfamiliar with the cage and has fought several opponents inside of it. Today however is going to be different, because this fight feels more personal. Natalie promised to break Kate and the tall blonde Goddess will not let a young girl humiliate her like that. Kate walks down the aisle towards the cage showing off her perfect naked body. Her world famous breasts are bouncing up and down, as she approaches the cage. Kate grabs the cold steel of the door and opens the cage. Her right foot enters the cage first followed by her world class twins. Kate is feeling extremely confident for the fight. She not only has bigger breasts than Natalie, she is also taller, heavier and more experienced than her young opponent. Kate closes the door behind her and the door gets locked behind her. A pair of heavy chains are wrapped around the steel bars of the cage and the door making sure that the door remains closed.

Natalie heads down the ramp towards the cage and she sees that Kate Upton is already waiting for her inside of the cage. She approaches the cage from the other side and she has is showing off her naked body. Natalie has been waiting for this moment for a long time now. After breaking the former Alpha of the league Yvonne Strahovski, Kate has been trying to claim the alpha spot. Natalie knows that she is the only one that has the right to claim that title and today she is going to break this so-called alpha Kate Upton. Kate might have big fat tits, but she is a fierce fighter and she can outfuck anyone. Natalie Alyn Lind stops in front of the cage door and wickedly smiles at Kate Upton, as she pulls the cage door towards her. She enters the cage and pushes her firm large boobs forward letting Kate know that she isn't afraid of the busty tall blonde. The door closes behind her and gets locked. Another set of chains is wrapped around the steel bars and now both doors are locked and chained.

Only one warrior is going to walk out of the cage and one of them will be crawling out of the cage with a collar around her neck. Natalie's eyes are scanning Kate's perfect body and her tongue runs across her lips making them wet. She can't wait to tame and break this tall blonde and lock her up in the dungeon next to Yvonne Strahovski.

Kate watches the young girl enter the cage and she is clearly not afraid of her. Natalie seems to be taunting her with her tiny tits and it makes Kate laugh. Does this little slut really think that her tiny twins can actually compete with her world famous twins? They are now fully locked inside of the cage and there is no way out for either of them, until one of them submits to the other. Kate confidently walks towards her petite rival and pushes her divine body against the young girl's body. Kate looks down on Natalie and snickers for a moment. She pushes her large twins against Natalie's face and the young girl moves backwards.

"I am going to break you little bitch and show everyone that you are nothing more than another little sextoy." Kate says with a dominant voice.

Natalie stumbles backwards a couple of steps and her face gets more serious. Kate's words only enrage her further and she steps forward pushing her chest out. Her large firm boobs clash against the underside of Kate's larger boobs. This time she watches the tall blonde take a few steps back and Natalie lets out a chuckle. The tall blonde clearly did not expect this to happen. Natalie isn't going to let this opportunity slip away and she rushes at the so-called alpha. She jumps up into the air and wraps her legs around Kate's waist. Her hands shoot towards Kate's hair and her fingers entangle in the forest of blonde locks. Natalie screams in anger, as she tosses Kate's head from side to side. Her large boobs are pressing against Kate's large tits and for the first time their impressive racks collide.

"I am going to fucking destroy you bitch!" Natalie hisses into Kate's face.

Kate didn't expect Natalie to be this aggressive from the start and suddenly she is carrying the little blonde bitch around her cage. Her hair is being tugged on and her head is moving from side to side. Kate walks around the cage with Natalie latched onto her. Their firm large twins are fighting for supremacy. Kate slides her own hands upwards and they have no trouble finding Natalie's hair. She grabs a handful of Natalie's hair with both hands and yanks the tiny blonde's head back. Kate spits into the face of her rival and she snarls at the young blonde. She regains her composure and guides Natalie towards one of the cage walls. She slams the back of her opponent against the cold steel and she hears Natalie cry in pain. She pulls Natalie away from the steel bars and slams her back into the steel bars again. Her large twins mash hard against Natalie's firm girls and for now the young girl's breasts are holding their ground.

Natalie screams in pain, as her back gets pummeled against the steel bars of the cage. She feels how big and heavy Kate's fat tiddies are now. They are bashing against her perfect firm pair and she groans in pain. Saliva is still dripping down her cheeks and her scalp is burning. Kate is pulling hard on her hair and she needs to change her tactic. Her talons come out and dig into the tall blonde's scalp. She wants this to be a dirty match and Kate is going to experience how dirty of a fighter she can be. Her talons rake the smooth skin and she hears Kate scream in pain. Her powerful thighs tighten around Kate's waist and she hopes to crush the air of out Kate's lungs. Her back is constantly being slammed against the steel bars and every time Kate's large boobs are smashing into her slightly smaller set of boobs.

Natalie is able to straighten her head and she stares into Kate's eyes with pure hatred. She bares her teeth and can see the pain that Kate is experiencing in her rival's eyes. Natalie unceremoniously spits into Kate's face returning the favor. She flexes her thighs once more crushing Kate's waist even harder between her powerful thighs. Her talons retract from Kate's scalp and now she is just ripping strands of hair from Kate's scalp.

"Fucking bitch! I hate you!" Natalie screams out in anger.

Kate feels her hair being ripped from her scalp and her scalp is on fire. The little blonde bitch is ruining her perfect hairstyle. Her waist is struggling against the force of Natalie's strong thighs. She is having trouble getting enough air and her face is turning slightly red from the lack of oxygen. She doesn't stop bashing Natalie's back against the steel bars, because the moment she stops doing that, her small opponent will get the upper hand. Her hands are still inside of Natalie's hair and she can fight dirty as well. She pulls Natalie's back away from the cage and yanks hard on Natalie's hair. She forces Natalie to look to the right and slams the side of Natalie's face against the steel bars.

Natalie cries in pain, as the side of her face gets smashed into the steel bars. Her opponent keeps on pressing her face against the steel bars and Natalie realizes she is in trouble. Kate is actually trying to squash her face and she releases Kate's hair. Her talons quickly move to a new target and her sharp nails scratch the tall blonde's face. Natalie keeps her thighs around Kate's waist and they increase the pressure on the blonde's waist. Natalie hisses and screams, while her face gets dragged across the steel bars and her talons rake Kate's pretty face.

Kate moves away from the steel bars carrying Natalie with her. She closes her eyes trying to protect them from Natalie's claws. Kate moves her hands away from Natalie's hair and balls them up into fists. She slams her fists into the sides of Natalie's young and strong body. She is having trouble keeping her balance now and her knees are slightly shaking. The young girl still has her thighs wrapped around her hips and they are squeezing her hard. She opens her mouth and tries to bite Natalie's fingers, as they pass her lips. Fist after fist slams into the young girl's body, as Kate tries to get Natalie to release her waist.

Natalie feels the pain in her body now that Kate is slamming her fists into her sides. She can't keep this up for much longer and releases Kate's waist. She pushes off Kate and lands back on her feet. The sides of her body are bright red from all the punches that she had to endure. Natalie groans in pain and stretches her body. She looks over at Kate and sees how red Kate's face has gotten from all scratches and the lack of oxygen. She notices that Kate seems to be recovering from her attacks and Natalie rapidly closes the distance between her and the tall blonde. Natalie lowers her shoulder and slams her shoulder into Kate's stomach. She wraps her arms around Kate's back and lifts the busty blonde off her feet. Natalie slams Kate down against the floor and tries to crawl on top of her rival.

Kate suddenly finds herself down on the ground and she sees the little blonde bitch trying to crawl on top of her. She grabs Natalie by the wrists trying to prevent the young girl from moving up further. Kate stares up at the young girl and up-close Natalie's breasts look a lot bigger. She can't have Natalie take control and she rolls them both over. Kate uses her weight to keep Natalie pinned underneath her. She could end this fight right now by lowering her world famous twins on the young blonde's face, but this was supposed to be a sexfight and she wants to sexually dominate the girl. Kate shuffles around on top of Natalie until they are in a 69 position. Kate wraps her arms around Natalie's thighs and spreads the young girl's legs. She lowers her face and gives Natalie's young pussy a kiss, before vigorously licking it.

Natalie experiences how strong Kate actually is and she is rolled to the bottom. She now has the tall blonde on top of her and she fears that Kate might smother her out. To her pleasant surprise the so-called alpha turns around on top of her and present her pussy to her. Natalie looks up at Kate's delicious looking cxnt and licks her lips. Kate is already licking her pussy and Natalie buries her face into her rival's pussy. Natalie sticks out her tongue and her tongue moves up and down Kate's folds. She soon has the tall blonde wet and she can smell the aroused scent coming from Kate's pussy.

Kate feels Natalie's tongue running up and down her folds and a shiver of pleasure runs down her spine. She has to give it to the little blonde bitch, she knows how to lick another woman's pussy. Kate has Natalie's legs spread and pulled towards her. Natalie's cute ass is lifted off the floor and Kate has both of Natalie's holes exposed to her. Kate looks down at the young pussy and spits on it. Her saliva runs down the folds into the tightness. She lowers her face towards the inviting honeypot and her nose picks up the aroused scent coming from the young girl's flower. Her tongue passes her own lips and reaches the already wet folds. It seems that Natalie is getting aroused from being under her. Kate moves her tongue up and down the delicate folds and she tastes the young girl for the first time.

Natalie moans in pleasure, as Kate's tongue moves up and down her alpha pussy. She is folded under the heavy blonde, but she is far from defenseless. Her tongue has been moving around Kate's pussy for a bit now and she has the blonde Amazon moaning in pleasure on top of her. Their faces are buried in each other's snatches and Natalie can smell Kate's aroused scent becoming stronger by the minute. She grabs Kate's firm buttcheeks and squeezes them hard. She pulls them apart to expose Kate's butthole. Her tongue dives deep into Kate's wet cxnt and she eats out the tall blonde. Her tongue twirls around inside and licks the slick inner walls. Her nose pokes against the tight rosebud and her fingers crawl towards the tight opening.

Kate dips her tongue inside of Natalie's sweet tasting pussy. The young girl is doing an excellent job at eating her out and she moans into the young snatch. It worries Kate a little that Natalie is trying to tease her asshole. Kate focuses on the task at hand and spreads Natalie's labia. She pushes her tongue deeper and deeper into the wet vagina. Her tongue swirls around licking the slick wet inner walls of Natalie's love tunnel. She has done this plenty of times and she is confident that her experience will prevail here. Natalie might be good with her tongue, but she is better. She pushes her tongue even deeper trying to find that one sweet spot that will drive Natalie insane.

Natalie notices that Kate is stepping up her game. Her pussy lips get pulled apart by Kate's fingers and now the long tongue is going even deeper into her pussy. She knows what Kate is searching for and she needs to act fast herself. She pushes her tongue as far as possible into Kate's pussy and shoves two fingers into Kate's asshole. She hears a loud moan coming from Kate and inside she wickedly smiles. She knew that Kate was an anal slut and this only confirms her assumptions. Her fingers immediately pick up their pace and she fucks Kate's ass hard and fast with her two fingers.

Kate's eyes widen when two fingers enter her asshole. She was hoping that Natalie would play fair and see who's tongue is better, but the young girl clearly has other plans. The two fingers are rapidly moving in and out of her asshole and her pussy responds by getting soaking wet. She was so close to finding Natalie's G-spot, but now she is struggling to keep her tongue moving. Her mind was caught off guard by the anal penetration and now she needs to focus herself again, but Natalie isn't stopping her assault. Her pussy is getting tonguefucked by the young girl and her asshole is getting fingerfucked hard.

Natalie is surprised when the tongue inside of her pussy stops searching for her g-spot. Kate probably doesn't know how close she was to finding it and stimulating it. Now she wants to push her advantage and slips a third finger from her right hand into Kate's asshole. She is stretching out the tight hole and her tongue is getting soaked by Kate's juices. The tall Amazon's cxnt is leaking so much juices right now and Natalie knows she is the one driving Kate wild at the moment. She might be on the bottom, but this does allow her to really fuck Kate's asshole with her fingers. Her tongue twirls around deep inside of Kate's pussy and her nose picks up the strong aroused scent.

Kate realizes what is happening to her. This young little bitch is driving her body to the edge of an orgasm. She was certain that she would be able to make Natalie cum first, but her young rival clearly knows what she is doing. She tries to catch up sliding her tongue in and out of Natalie's slippery pussy, but she has fallen too far behind already. Three fingers are fucking her asshole and Natalie's tongue is feeling so good inside of her pussy. Her sensitive spots are being constantly stimulated and it's driving her wild. Her body is starting to tense up and she moans in pleasure into Natalie's strong pussy.

Natalie drives her fingers hard and deep into Kate's ass. She has the tall Amazon exactly where she wants her. She is going to make this bitch cum soon. Her tongue looking for the source of those sweet juices that are already pouring out of the honeypot. Her rival is moaning so loudly right now and Natalie is picking up all the signs of the inevitable. She clearly surprised the Amazon with her move and now she is reaping the fruits of it. The pussy she is tonguefucking is leaking more and more juices. Her fingers are stretching out the tight butthole and she will soon be able to slip another finger inside of it. She needs to get Kate's asshole ready for her massive Bitch-Breaker.

Kate tries to fight her orgasm, but this young girl is fucking her holes so good with her tongue and fingers. She pulls her tongue out of Natalie's pussy and now just loudly moan in pleasure without having her moans muffled by Natalie's pussy. Her body is trembling from the pleasure and her pussy squeezes the tongue inside of it. She is so close right now to giving up her first orgasm and the first orgasm of the match. The tongue inside of her pussy just keeps on licking her inner walls and the fingers inside of her ass are swiftly sliding in and out of it. With a very loud cry of pleasure, Kate announces her orgasm to Natalie.

"FUCK I AM CUMMING!!! AAAHHH FUCK!!!! SO GOOD!!!" Kate screams out in pleasure and her pussy explodes against Natalie's face.

Natalie welcomes the sweet juices that flood her mouth. She keeps her lips around the squirting pussy wanting to taste every drop of the delicious nectar. She moves her tongue up and down inside of the pussy that is feeding her. Her tongue laps up more and more juices, as she extends Kate's orgasm with her fingers. Her fingers pump in and out of Kate's asshole making sure that she is able to draw every last drop out of the honeypot. She feels the tall Amazon trembling on top of her from the pleasure and this orgasm must be taking a lot from Kate. After a while Kate's pussy stops giving the sweet nectar and Natalie pulls her fingers out of Kate's ass.

She rolls Kate off her, but she is far from done with her tall rival. She grabs Kate's left leg and lifts it up. She moves between her opponent's legs and places her strong young alpha pussy down on Kate's cum soaked cxnt. She wants to break every bit of Kate and now she is going to show Kate how strong her alpha pussy is. She is going to trib Kate into submission and make her cry from the pleasure. She slaps Kate's massive boobs with both hands, before grabbing them. She roughly squeezes them and rolls her hips around. Her pussy grinds down on top of Kate's pussy.

"I am going to destroy you now Kate." Natalie hisses at her rival.


Kate can barely believe that Natalie made her cum first and now she is on her back. She has the young girl between her legs and Natalie is rubbing her pussy against her strong alpha pussy. Natalie seems to be obsessed with her world famous breasts and soon enough she will smother this little bitch out with them. For now however Natalie is roughly playing with them and her nipples get rock hard. Her pussy is still a bit sensitive from the intense orgasm and she is grateful that Natalie is slowly rolling her hips around. Kate wonders if Natalie was close to having an orgasm herself, because she isn't roughly tribbing her.

She starts to move her own hips rolling them around to match Natalie's moves. Their pussies are now rubbing against one another and she roughly slaps Natalie in the face letting the blonde bitch know this fight is far from over. "Fuck you cxnt! I am not done with you!" Kate taunts the young girl.

Natalie laughs hearing Kate taunt her. Her cheek is burning from the slap she received from Kate. She squeezes Kate's massive tits even harder letting the Amazon know she doesn't want the bitch to fight back anymore. However Kate is fighting back, because she is rubbing her weak cxnt against her young alpha pussy. Natalie gladly accepts the challenge and speeds up her rubbing. Her hips roll around faster, but she is allowing her technique to dominate her moves. She isn't very keen on trying to outfuck Kate with raw power, because she knows how strong Kate is. Her engorged clit is eagerly rubbing against Kate's engorged clit causing them both tremendous pleasure. Natalie looks down at Kate and bites down on her lower lip in a sexy manner.

Kate runs her tongue across her lips seeing the look on Natalie's face. She rolls her hips around at a quicker pace now and attempts to outfuck Natalie. Their pussies are rubbing harder and faster against one another and she can feel their pussies responding to the stimulation. Her pussy is getting wet, but she can feel that Natalie is getting wet as well. The young girl must be closer to an orgasm than her, because she didn't cum during her 69 battle. She has recovered from her orgasm and she is soon ready to make her move to turn this fight around. She glances at Natalie's beautiful breasts bouncing up and down, while they trib each other. The young girl is still playing with her breasts and her rock hard nipples are being stimulated by the palms of Natalie's hands.

Natalie can see that Kate is looking at her boobs and she pushes them out. She is confident that her boobs can compete with Kate's massive boobs, even though she has always been a big fan of Kate's massive tiddies. She is holding those massive tiddies into her hands and squeezes them hard, while moving them around. She rubs her pussy harder against Kate's pussy and a moan escapes from her mouth. She doesn't want to admit it, but Kate's pussy feels really good rubbing against her pussy. She is clearly getting wetter than Kate. Natalie tries to hide her increased arousal from her opponent and looks down at the massive boobs in her hands.

Kate senses that her time has come to make her move. Natalie is clearly getting more aroused than her from this intense tribbing. She grabs Natalie's wrists and pushes herself off the ground. She rolls them over and pins Natalie down under her. She is now sitting between Natalie's legs and is about to show this young girl how to really tribfuck someone. She releases Natalie's wrists and slaps the young blonde hard in the face. She wraps her hands around Natalie's throat and starts to pound her pussy hard and rough against Natalie's pussy. Natalie tries to grab her wrists, but she squeezes the young girl's throat even harder making her face turn red.

"Keep those hands down bitch or I will choke you out!" Kate sneers at Natalie.


Natalie lets out a loud gasp when she is suddenly rolled over onto her back. She is once again experiencing how strong Kate is. The tall Amazon clearly has the upper hand when it comes to physical strength. Her arms are pinned down against the ground and she expects Kate to keep her pinned, but instead Kate grabs her throat. The Amazon wastes no time and roughly begins to pound her pussy. She tries to free her throat, but it only causes Kate to squeeze her throat even harder and causing her to gasp for air. She places her arms back down on the ground and tries to endure the rough tribbing.

Kate is slamming her pussy down harder and harder against her defenseless pussy. She stares at Kate's bouncing boobs for a few seconds, before returning her gaze to Kate's face. This time the Amazon is wickedly smiling at her. She screams and moans in pleasure, as her pussy is getting pounded into submission by the tall strong blonde Amazon.

"You like this bitch! You love being treated like a fucking whore don't you?!" Kate screams at Natalie in anger.

Kate hammers her pussy down even harder against Natalie's pussy. She is flexing her muscles and her hips are moving back and forth at a quick pace. The sound of her pussy smacking against Natalie's pussy is echoing through the cage. Kate feels splashes out juices splatter around, as she smashes her cxnt even harder against Natalie's pussy. She is going to show this little bitch how a true alpha fucks a submissive slut. Kate releases Natalie's throat with her right hand and she slaps the young girl across the face a couple of times. Natalie's mouth is wide open and she spits into it causing Natalie to gag on it.

"Take it whore! Fucking take it!" Kate yells out.

Natalie is in trouble and she can't really fight back at the moment. Kate has overpowered her and she just needs to take it all like Kate is telling her to. Natalie remains motionless under Kate except from her body rocking back and forth from the rough tribbing. The blonde Amazon is pounding her pussy harder and harder. Her pussy even starts to hurt a little from the rough fucking. However Natalie is experienced enough to not fight back for now. Kate is doing all the work and really putting a lot of effort into this. All she can hope for is that Kate will exhaust herself, before she is able to cry out her submission. Her pussy is soaking wet now and she can feel her orgasm closing in.

"Harder bitch! Fuck me harder! Is this the best you can do?!" Natalie decides to taunt Kate back hoping that the Amazon will run out of steam soon.

"Oh you dumb fucking bitch!" Kate screams out not believing that Natalie is taunting her.

Kate slaps Natalie's impressive breasts hard causing them to bounce around even more. She is determined to completely ruin this young girl. Natalie has been taunting her for so long and now she is showing this little bitch what she can really do. Her pussy loudly smacks against Natalie's soaking wet cxnt over and over again. Her engorged clit crashes with Natalie's engorged clit and waves of pleasure surge through their bodies. Kate looks down at the bouncing breasts under her and Natalie's nipples are fully erect. Her left hand is still choking out Natalie and she has turned the young girl's face bright red. She has Natalie gasping for air, while she fucks her into submission with her powerful pussy. With her right hand she grabs one of Natalie's erect nipples and painfully twists it around, while pulling it towards her.

"Cum for me whore! FUCKING CUM YOUR BRAINS OUT! SUBMIT TO ME!" Kate roars out.

Natalie moans in pleasure, while also gasping for air at the same time. Kate is only getting rougher with her and her large boobs are being slapped around. The slapping stops after a while and she thinks that the pain will stop now, but instead her right nipple gets grabbed and painfully twisted around. Natalie howls in pain and at the same time she is extremely aroused. Her pussy is being battered towards an orgasm. Kate is showing off her strength and she wonders if she could match this kind of intensity in an equal position. For now her pussy is being pounded harder and harder. She can hear the loud smacking sounds over her moans. Juices are splashing from her pussy and her body is ready to release her juices. Kate's pussy slams down a few more times against her pussy, before she finally gives in to the pleasure. Her pussy explodes and juices fly everywhere, because Kate continues to pound her pussy during her massive orgasm.

"Ahhhh... fuck! You dirty whore! I am cumming so hard.... hmmm...!" Natalie moans out in pleasure, while her orgasm rocks her body.

"Yes you are bitch! You are cumming for me! You are cumming for Goddess Kate you fucking dumb slut!" Kate grabs Natalie's throat with both hands again.

Kate leans forward hovering her impressive body over her smaller rival. She pushes her massive breasts down on Natalie's large boobs. She can't deny that Natalie's breasts are impressive, but her own twins are in a league of their own. She slips her right leg between Natalie legs as well and lies down on top of her young rival. Her sweat covered body is grinding against Natalie's young virile body. Her twins are pressing down on Natalie's breasts and she is making the young blonde feel how strong and heavy her twins are. Kate quickly picks up her pace and slams her pussy down with full force on Natalie's pussy.

"You should have never challenged me whore!" Kate hisses into Natalie's face and presses her lips down on the young girl's lips.


Natalie wants to say something back, but she is being kissed by the tall Amazon. She feels a tongue slipping passed her lips and her own tongue meets the invader. Their tongues wrestles and Natalie tries to keep it out of her mouth. The strong tongue however is fighting her tongue with passion and she can't prevent it from slipping further into her mouth. Natalie moans into Kate's mouth and her pussy is suffering under the intense fuckfighting. Kate is just hammering her pussy down against her pussy and it seems like this Amazon is something else compared to Yvonne. Kate is making use of her experience and physical strength. She can't even lift her own hips off the floor, because Kate is slamming her pussy down so hard and fast against her pussy.

Kate can feel the tide is turning in her favor now. Natalie is unable to fight back now that she is on top and in control. She releases Natalie's throat and grabs her wrists. She has no trouble pinning Natalie's arms down above her head. The last thing she wants is for Natalie to slip a few fingers into her ass. Her twins are causing Natalie's girls to mushroom out and she knew that Natalie's twins wouldn't stand a chance against her world class twins. There are only a few women around that can compete with her girls. Kate pushes her tongue deep into Natalie's mouth and tries to make the young girl gag on it, by shoving it far down her throat.

She is now in full control of the fight and wickedly hammers her pussy down on Natalie's pussy. She ferocity of her slams is causing her own pussy to hurt slightly, but the pleasure is still the dominant sensation. Her pussy is getting soaking wet from the rough fuckfighting, but she can feel that Natalie is getting wet again as well.

Natalie is struggling immensely under this big heavy bitch. Her boobs are being flattened by Kate's massive boobs. She moans and groans into Kate's mouth trying not to gag on the tongue that is shoved down her throat. Kate is already pounding her pussy towards another orgasm and her tactic might be failing her. She was betting on Kate running out of steam, but the Amazon is fucking her even harder than before. Her pussy is suffering greatly under Kate's pussy. The tall blonde just keeps on hammering down her cxnt against her young alpha pussy. She wraps her legs around Kate's waist and ass in an attempt to slow down Kate's insane pace. The brutal fucking is getting to her and she is being fucked towards another orgasm already. She might have drawn first orgasm, but Kate is dominating the fight at the moment.

Kate is enjoying her dominance over the smaller girl. She is crushing her weak girls and her pussy is fucking Natalie's pussy into submission. She firmly holds the young girl's wrists and uses it to slam her pussy down even harder. Natalie might have her legs wrapped around her waist and ass to slow her down, but she is just fucking straight through the resistance. Every thrust downwards is more powerful than the previous one. Her clit is bashing with force down against Natalie's clit and she is forcing Natalie's engorged clit back. She has the young girl moaning into her mouth, while her tongue dominates the inside of Natalie's mouth. She begins to thrust her tongue in and out of Natalie's throat making the young girl gag on her dominant tongue.

Natalie hasn't been fucked like this by anyone ever before. She is surprised by how strong Kate actually is. She is trapped under the heavy Amazon and she is forced to take everything that Kate is dishing out. Their bodies are covered in sweat and her body is shaking from the pleasure. She in unable to stop Kate's insane assault and the blonde Amazon continues to hammer her pussy down against her pussy. Natalie is gagging hard on the tongue that is fucking her throat and every thrust is getting her closer to her second orgasm. Their sweaty bodies are grinding against one another and Natalie feels the pain in her boobs. They are flattened under Kate's clearly superior boobs.

Kate can sense that Natalie is crumbling under her superior body. She shoves her tongue deep inside of Natalie's throat and keeps it there for a few seconds. The blonde bitch is gagging and coughing up saliva. She pulls her tongue out of Natalie's mouth and the young girl coughs out the saliva that gathered inside of her mouth. Kate wickedly grins at the blonde girl and spits some saliva on Natalie's face. She keeps her superior twins on top of Natalie's flattened girls. Her nipples are grinding against Natalie's erect nipples. Her pussy is slamming down hard against the young pussy and it's driving them both wild. Kate feels her pussy leaking more and more juices. She has been roughly fucking Natalie for so long now and her muscles are feeling the exertion.

"You are going to cum for me again you little slut aren't you?" Kate taunts Natalie with a dominant voice.

"Shut up!" Natalie mewls out.

Natalie knows that Kate is speaking the truth. She wants to cum again so badly. Kate has been pounding her pussy for what seems like hours on end. She has been unable to fight back the entire time and Kate has been rocking her body. Each thrust feels more powerful and impactful than the previous one. Her pussy is getting sore from the constant hammering, but she is still getting extremely aroused. Maybe the pain is even helping to increase her arousal. Her second orgasm draws nearer and nearer. Her body is quivering under Kate's divine body and she throws her head back. She can't resist the blonde Amazon and her pussy is giving in to the pleasure. She lets out a series of loud cries of pleasure and her pussy explodes again for the second time on her last cry out pleasure. Her face turns bright red and her voice becomes high pitched.

"Nooo... ahhh... fuck... noooo! I am cumming again! Fuck you Kate!" Natalie cries out with a high pitched voice.

"Weak bitch!" Kate sneers at Natalie, while the young bitch is cumming again.

Kate searches Natalie's eyes for a sign of submission, but it seems that the little girl isn't finished yet. Natalie's legs have slid down after her orgasm and Kate spreads her legs wide open, causing Natalie's legs to be spread as well. Kate needs to make certain that Natalie is going to submit to her and she resumes hammering her alpha pussy down on the weak bitch's cxnt. She has forced two orgasms out of Natalie now and she is determined to seal the deal with a third orgasm. She has to be careful though, because she is bringing herself towards an orgasm as well. Kate lifts her mighty hips up and slams them down hard crashing her pussy into Natalie's pussy with incredible force.

"I am not done with you yet bitch!"


Natalie is still stuck under Kate after her second orgasm and now the tall blonde Amazon is fucking her pussy again hard. Natalie does notice that Kate's body is fully covered in sweat and she can hear her loud groans. She might actually be tiring out Kate, but she still has to endure a severe punishment. Her pussy is feeling sore from the constant pounding of Kate's pussy against her own pussy. Now her legs are spread wide open and this allows Kate to hit her pussy even harder. Natalie moans and groans under Kate in both pain and pleasure. Her large boobs are mushroomed out in her chest, because of Kate's massive heavy boobs.

"Get off me! Fucking get off me already!" Natalie cries out in desperation.

"Make me weak slut!" Kate taunts Natalie.

Kate musters all her strength and hammers her pussy down against Natalie's pussy without mercy. The loud smacking sounds are once again filling the steel cage. Her pussy is red and sore from the intense pussy pounding, but her pussy is also soaking wet from the pleasure. Kate is keeping Natalie's arms pinned down against the floor and she has her lips inches away from Natalie's lips. Kate opens her mouth and begins to drool saliva all over Natalie's face. The young bitch is squirming under her, but she is not going to slow down or show any mercy at all to this little cxnt.

Natalie tries to move her head away now that Kate is drooling all over it, but she is unable to get away from it. Saliva is covering her face now and she spits out some of the saliva that ends up in her mouth. Natalie gives Kate a disgusted look, but within seconds she is moaning in pleasure again showing her arousal to the dominant Amazon. Her pussy is being hammered into total submission by Kate and even though she just had her second orgasm, she can feel another one building up again. Her pussy has never been fucked so hard before by another woman and she has no idea what to do about it.

Kate releases Natalie's wrists and places her left hand on Natalie's throat. She shoves her right hand into Natalie's open mouth and fucks her mouth with her fingers. She is making the young girl gag on her fingers and saliva erupts from Natalie's mouth, as she gags hard on the fingers inside of her throat. She doesn't stop hammer her pussy down and assaults Natalie at two places at the same time. She is fucking the young blonde's pussy and throat. Her own pussy is leaking more and more juices all over Natalie's cxnt, while she tries to make the young bitch cum again for her.

Natalie finally has her arms available again, but Kate is choking her out again, while roughly fucking her throat. She is gagging hard and coughing out tons of saliva. Her face is turning red from the lack of oxygen and she is starting to feel weak. The blonde Amazon is still pounding her pussy hard, but she can finally do something back herself. She just needs to focus a bit. She moves her right hand towards Kate's ass and acts fast. She pushes three fingers into Kate's asshole and rapidly fingerfucks her rival's asshole. She knows how much Kate enjoyed it before and hopefully she can get Kate to cum either with her or before her.

Kate lets out a loud moan and stops drooling all over Natalie's face. Three fingers have invaded her asshole and she slows down her pussy pounding. She was already getting close to having an orgasm and now the process is being sped up by the fingers inside of her ass. She is still thrusting her fingers in and out of Natalie's throat and she can see that Natalie is struggling to get enough oxygen. Kate decides to pull her fingers out of Natalie's throat and attempts to grab Natalie's right arm, but before she is able to grab it, her arm is getting grabbed by Natalie's other arm.

"Fucking bitch!" Kate moans out in pleasure.

Natalie starts to feel like she is back in the game. Her fingers are fucking Kate's ass hard and fast. She feels that Kate is no longer pounding her pussy that hard anymore. Kate still has a hold of her throat, but she is holding Kate's right arm. She feels like she can slip another finger into Kate's ass and her pinky joins in. She now has four fingers inside of Kate's butthole and she is fucking her hard. Natalie thrusts her hips upwards and matches Kate's rhythm. The two are fucking each other and both are getting close to having another orgasm. Natalie's pussy is soaking wet from both her own juices and Kate's juices.

"I am going to make you cum Kate!" Natalie says trying to sound confident.

Kate moans in pleasure, as four fingers are fucking her ass now. She is getting in trouble now. She has been pounding Natalie's pussy into submission for nearly half an hour now and managed to hold back her orgasm the entire time. Now however her sensitive asshole is being fucked hard and she is having trouble fighting her urges to cum. She is still moving her hips up and down, but Natalie is doing the same. They are fucking each other's pussies and Kate is no longer able to keep Natalie completely pinned down under her. She releases Natalie's throat and places her left hand on the back of Natalie's head. She aggressively kisses the young girl trying to hide her moans, but she is now moaning into Natalie's mouth. Her pussy is leaking more and more juices all over Natalie's pussy.

Natalie kisses back Kate with the same amount of aggression. Their tongues wrestling around between their lips. Saliva is running out of the corners of their mouths, while their intense battle continues. Natalie is shoving four fingers hard and deep into Kate's ass and it seems to be getting Kate close to a massive orgasm. She just needs to hold back her own orgasm a little longer. She can feel Kate's pussy leaking all over her pussy and Kate's asshole is clenching down on her fingers. She has Kate on the edge of an orgasm and wildly thrusts her fingers in and out of Kate's asshole.

Kate is in serious trouble now. The fight has turned completely now that her ass is being fucked by four fingers. Her pussy is gushing juices all over Natalie's pussy and she stops hammering her pussy down. She lies on top of Natalie and lets the young girl freely fuck her asshole. She can't stop her body from getting more and more aroused. She has held her orgasm back for too long and now she is paying the price. Natalie's fingers feel too good inside of her ass and her body shakes on top of the young girl. Kate screams and moans in pleasure and her pussy erupts all over Natalie's young pussy.

"BITCH!!! NOOOO!!! FUCK... CUMMING SO HARD!!!" Kate cries out loudly.

Natalie finally turns things around and she forces a second orgasm out of Kate Upton. Natalie pulls her fingers out of Kate's ass and rolls the heavy blonde bitch off her. Natalie wants to recover a bit from the intense fuckfighting, but she can't allow Kate to take control again. She crawls on top of Kate and pulls her legs upwards. She spreads Kate's legs wide open and uses her own legs to keep them open and trapped. Her right hand goes back to Kate's asshole and she shoves two fingers inside. She rapidly pumps her fingers in and out of Kate's asshole and tries to keep the tall Amazon trapped under her body.


Kate suddenly finds herself trapped under the young blonde. She was on her way to make Natalie cum for a third time, but instead she was forced to give up her second orgasm. She is still recovering from her massive orgasm. Her pussy squirted so many juices and her orgasm drained even more stamina from her. Two fingers are assaulting her asshole and Kate shakes her head. Her asshole is still sensitive from the rough fucking earlier and now she is getting turned on again by this little bitch. Kate places her hands on Natalie's shoulders and tries to push her off, but Natalie is surprisingly heavy. It might just be that she is a little too tired at the moment to push the blonde off.

Natalie feels Kate pushing against her shoulders, but the Amazon seems to lack the strength to get her off. She has to keep Kate aroused and shoves two more fingers into Kate's asshole. She is now fucking Kate's asshole with four fingers again and she is rewarded with a few loud moans from the tall blonde underneath her. Natalie has Kate's left boob near her face and she wraps her lips around the rock hard nipple. She suckles on the nipple and teases the tip of the nipple with her tongue. Her fingers are sliding in and out of Kate's asshole with a swift pace. Her fingers have no trouble fucking the Amazon's asshole and they have stretched out the hole nicely.

Kate is in trouble underneath Natalie. Her left breast is being sucked on and she loves the way Natalie is stimulating her erect nipple. Her pussy is gushing juices down her abs already. Four fingers are roughly fucking her asshole and she can't control her moaning. Her body is starting to betray her and she struggles to fight her arousal. The way her asshole is being fucked by this young girl just feels too good. She feels Natalie's tongue flicking her nipple around inside of the young girl's mouth. Her right breast is feeling both of Natalie's impressive breasts weighing down on it.

"Ahhh... fuck... stop it... oh god..." Kate moans out.

Natalie smiles hearing Kate almost begging her to stop, but she has no intention to stop at all. She is only just getting started with the massive tall bitch. Her fingers are pumping the loosened hole harder and faster driving Kate wild with lust. Her lips are sealed around the rock hard nipple and she sucks on it harder. She wants to taste Kate's delicious milk that the Amazon will give up sooner or later. Her tongue moves the hard nub around inside of her mouth. She isn't even fingering Kate's pussy, but she can hear it gushing juices. Kate must be making a mess of herself already.

Kate is squirming under Natalie on the floor. She tries to push Natalie off her again, but somehow this little bitch is extremely heavy. She didn't have any problems pinning Natalie down under her like ten minutes ago, but now she seems to be unable to move the young girl. Her left breast keeps being suckled on and Kate's eyes widen suddenly. Her nipple squirts some milk into Natalie's mouth and her face turns red from the shame. The fingers inside of her ass just don't stop moving at all and she can feel another orgasm rushing towards the surface. She tries to fight it, but she can't stop it. Natalie's fingers are extremely skilled and her ass is no match for them.

Natalie welcomes the milk flooding her mouth and she sucks even harder on the nipple. She wants to draw every last drop of milk from Kate's fat udder. She can hear Kate moaning louder and louder in pleasure, as she mercilessly fucks Kate's asshole with her four fingers. The big bad Amazon is turning out to be a real anal slut. Her pussy is even squirting some juices against the palm of her hand and she hasn't even made Kate cum yet. However she doesn't think it will take much longer for Kate to finally give up another orgasm, but she can feel the tall Amazon tremble under her divine body.

Kate feels herself slipping. Her sweat covered body is currently being dominated by the young girl Natalie Alyn Lind and she can't muster the strength to push her off. Her asshole is being fucked so good and her pussy is giving up more and more juices. Her body is shaking under Natalie's somehow heavy body. Her right breast is struggling having Natalie's twins on it and it begins to slightly give in to the pressure. Her left breast is giving up more and more milk, as Natalie continues to suck the milk out of it. Her mind is losing it to all the stimulations and her pussy suddenly erupts without warning. She squirts her juices against Natalie's palm and her juices splash all over her own ass, abs and thighs.

"NOOO... OH GOD... STOP IT!!!!" Kate cries out.

Natalie chuckles hearing Kate cry out her orgasm and now more or less begging her to stop. Her hand is soaked in juices and Kate's asshole is slippery wet now from all the cum that erupted from Kate's pussy. Natalie pulls her fingers out of Kate's asshole and quickly moves around on top of Kate. She places her legs over Kate's legs and uses her legs to pin down Kate's legs against her body. Natalie plants her divine ass on top of Kate's face and she wiggles her booty. A moan escapes from her mouth when she feels Kate's hot breath against her asshole. She has both of Kate's holes exposed and she spits on the loose asshole. Natalie wickedly grins and bring her right hand towards the winking asshole. She moves her thumb and pinky under her other three fingers and spears her fingers into Kate's asshole.


Kate looks up at the ass that is being lowered on her face. Natalie has her pinned underneath her and before she is able to protest, the young girl's ass engulfs her face. Kate instantly inhales the dominant scent of Natalie's ass and she lets out a muffled moan. Her eyes widen when Natalie shoves her entire hand into her asshole and her body begins to squirm underneath the dominant young blonde. She never expected Natalie to be so ferocious. The five fingers inside of her asshole are stretching her butthole out further and further with each thrust. Her lips are pressing against the young girl's tight asshole and Kate can only do one thing. Her arms and legs are trapped, but she still has her tongue available. Kate opens her mouth and pushes her tongue passed her lips. Her tongue touches Natalie's asshole and she begins to lick the young girl's sacred hole.

Natalie loves the feeling of Kate's tongue worshipping her asshole. She is going to turn Kate Upton into the perfect anal toy after having turned Yvonne Strahovski into her personal anal slut. She shoves her entire hand hard and deep into Kate's asshole stretching out the hole further. She wants to soon ball up her hand into a fist and destroy the Amazon. She hears Kate moaning in pleasure below her ass and feels Kate's tongue moving faster up and down her divine asshole. She will have Kate addicted to her butthole in no time at all. Natalie shakes her ass on Kate's face and a few soft moans escape from her lips, as she gets aroused from having her asshole worshipped by the blonde Amazon. Her pussy is rubbing against Kate's massive boobs and her juices slowly begin to coat the massive boobs.

"Keep licking my asshole slut. Your entire purpose will soon be to worship it every single day." Natalie taunts the Amazon.

Kate hears what Natalie is saying to her and her face turns red in shame and humiliation. She wiggles her ass around trying to get free, but it only entices Natalie to fuck her ass harder. It seems like Natalie interpreted her ass wiggling that she is enjoying the hard fucking. Kate indeed enjoys the way her asshole is being fucked and stretched out by the young blonde, but she doesn't want Natalie to know it. On the other hand Natalie really seems to be enjoying her tongue and Kate eagerly laps away at Natalie's tight asshole. Her twins are being coated by Natalie's pussy juices and the thought alone is turning Kate on. Natalie is grinding her ass on her face, while Natalie's pussy rubs all over her world famous breasts.

Natalie grinds her ass harder on Kate's face and her butthole is soaking wet now. The Amazon's tongue just can't stop licking her asshole and it causes her pussy to leak more juices. She loves it when a cocky bitch breaks under her and submissively licks her asshole. Natalie is slamming her hand in and out of Kate's asshole, while twisting it around whenever it's deep inside of the tall blonde. She is wrecking Kate's butthole and the time has almost come to really fist this bitch. Natalie moves her left hand to Kate's engorged clit and vigorously rubs it. This causes Kate to scream into her ass from the pleasure and she nearly makes Kate explode.

Kate moans loudly into Natalie's ass. The young girl is rubbing her engorged clit and juices splash out of her pussy. She has a mini-orgasm from the sudden rush of pleasure. Her asshole is getting stretched out even further by Natalie's hand and she is struggling to keep her tongue moving. Her body is getting ready for the most intense orgasm she is going to have so far. Natalie has been sitting on her face for several minutes now and she has been brutally fucking her ass with her entire hand. The only thing she can do herself is lap away at Natalie's delicious tasting asshole. She has covered the entire hole in her saliva and she wants to shove her tongue inside of it. She folds her tongue making her tongue stronger and pushes it into the tight hole that she has been worshipping these last couple of minutes.

Natalie feels her asshole getting penetrated by Kate's tongue and she loves the sensation. Kate is doing an excellent job worshipping her asshole and she is now tonguefucking it. Natalie looks down at Kate's pussy and sees it squirting some juices around. The bitch is on the verge of having a massive orgasm and she hammers her hand, hard and deep, into Kate's stretched out asshole. The fingers of her left hand are showing no mercy at all towards Kate's engorged clit. She rubs it harder and faster wanting the Amazon to erupt for her again. She dominantly grinds her ass against Kate's face and her pussy is rubbing all over Kate's massive boobs.

"Cum for me slave! Fucking cum for me and submit! You know that you are mine now!" Natalie says with a dominant voice.

Kate blushes when Natalie calls her a slave and she is really struggling holding her orgasm back. Natalie is in such a dominant position on top of her and all she can do is worship the young girl's divine ass. Her tongue is rapidly moving in and out of the delicious tasting butthole. Her asshole is being fucked even harder now by Natalie's hand and her clit is constantly being stimulated by a bunch of fingers. Her body is trembling hard now from the pleasure and her eyes roll into the back of her head. She moans as loud as possible into Natalie's ass and her pussy erupts like a geyser. Her juices reach above Natalie's head and they rain down on both of them. Kate has never experienced an orgasm this intense before and her body is covered in sweat and pussy juices. During her massive orgasm, Natalie continues to fuck her ass and her pussy squirts hard against the arm above her pussy.

Natalie knows the time has come now. She shoves her hand passed her wrist deep inside of Kate's ass and balls up her hand. She fistfucks Kate's asshole now not giving the blonde Amazon bitch a chance to recover. The fingers of her left hand are still roughly stimulating Kate's engorged clit and she is going to drain Kate of every bit of stamina. She has noticed that Kate is not moving her tongue around inside of her ass as fast anymore. She bounces her ass up and down on Kate's face to fuck herself on the tongue dildo. She wants to cum all over Kate's face and boobs marking the bitch as her property.

"Keep tonguefucking my asshole slave! Don't fucking submit yet!" Natalie yells at Kate with a dominant and angry voice.

Kate is starting to lose her mind to the pleasure. Natalie is just constantly fucking her without giving her a break at all. Her asshole is being fisted now and getting stretched out a bit more. She imagines that Natalie is more or less elbow's deep inside of her ass now. Her red sensitive clit is still being rubbed hard and she is being brought to another orgasm in rapid fashion. Natalie's asshole is just tasting better and better by the second and the young girl is bouncing her ass up and down her face now, because she is barely able to move her tongue anymore from all the pleasure she is receiving.

Natalie can sense that Kate is almost done for. She is fisting Kate's asshole hard and with each thrust her arm goes deeper inside of Kate's ass. She is breaking the tall Amazon even before she fucks her with her Bitch-Breaker. Natalie is feeling a little naughty now and removes her fingers from Kate's clit. Instead of rubbing the engorged clit, she slaps it over and over again wanting to know if she can make Kate cum by slapping her clit. She feels Kate's body responding to the new stimulation of pain and pleasure. Juices splash out of Kate's pussy and she giggles like a schoolgirl. The blonde Amazon is a real slut and she is going to have fun training her.

Kate can't believe how good this young girl is at fighting. Her clit is being slapped hard and instead of causing a lot of pain, she is really enjoying it. Each slap brings her closer and closer to yet another mind-breaking orgasm. Her clit welcomes each slap and each slap is more vicious than the previous one. Her asshole is being fisted without mercy and she will be gaping like crazy, once the arm gets removed from her ass. Kate submissively moves her tongue in and out of Natalie's asshole, while the young girl is still bouncing her ass up and down on her face. Her mind has given in to the young girl and her body is about to do the same.

Natalie shoves her fist harder and deeper into Kate's broken asshole and fucks the blonde Amazon slut to another orgasm. She can almost taste her victory and it tastes good for sure. Her ass is bouncing up and down on the tongue that is still inside of her ass. Natalie moans in pleasure to humiliate Kate a bit more, because she is basically fucking herself using Kate's tongue instead of Kate bringing her pleasure. Natalie viciously slaps Kate's engorged clit and it causes Kate's pussy to become soaking wet. After each slap juices splash up into the air.

Kate is on the verge of her final mind-breaking orgasm. Her body is exhausted from the intense battle and all the orgasms that Natalie forced out of her. Each slap on her clit causes her pussy to erupt juices, but she is still holding back her mega orgasm. Kate moans louder and louder into Natalie's ass and her tongue is being used by Natalie for her own pleasure. Her asshole is being fisted extremely hard and Kate's body can't handle it anymore. Another vicious slap against her now extremely sensitive and engorged clit, causes her entire body to shake. Her pussy erupts even harder than before and shoots her juices high up into the air, well above Natalie's head this time. Kate's eyes have rolled all the way into the back of her head and she passes out from sexual exhaustion underneath Natalie's divine ass.

Natalie bounces her ass up and down on Kate's face and realizes that Kate has passed out underneath her ass. Natalie stops bouncing and victoriously rubs her ass on Kate's unconscious face. She pulls her fist out of Kate's destroyed asshole and watches it gape for her. Natalie spanks Kate's ass and giggles. She has broken another alpha in the league and now gets to enjoy her busty body. Natalie stands up and Kate's ass falls down to the ground. Natalie heads outside of the cage and grabs her massive 16 inch Bitch-Breaker. She secures it around her waist.

She grabs a few ropes and heads back inside of the cage. Her defeated rival is still unconscious on the floor. Natalie ties the ropes around the limbs of the Amazon. She wants Kate to feel the pain from being in an uncomfortable position. Once she has the ropes in place, she throws a few ropes over the steel bars of the cage ceiling and ties them to the other ropes. She pulls on the ropes and lifts Kate's still unconscious body up into the air. She ties the ropes to the steel bars of the cage wall and inspects all the ropes making sure they will hold.


Kate slowly regains her consciousness and tries to move her arms. She quickly figures out that her arms are bound by ropes behind her head. Her eyes fully open and she sees Natalie Alyn Lind standing in front of her wearing a massive 16 inch strap-on dildo. Kate lets out a loud gasp and begins to protest. She squirms in the ropes, but it's pointless. Her arms and legs are tied down by ropes and she is suspended in the air. Her world famous breasts are sticking out, because of the uncomfortable position she is in. She feels the strain on her back and she groans from the discomfort.

"Let me go bitch!" Kate cries out.

Natalie chuckles seeing Kate wake up and hearing her demands. Kate is in no position to make any demands at all. The busty Amazon lost the fight and she is now her toy. Natalie moves closer towards Kate and looks at the two massive melons that are sticking out. Natalie stands in front of Kate with a wicked smile on her face and she painfully slaps both massive boobs at the same time. She hears Kate scream in pain and laughs. Natalie places her right hand under Kate's chin and lifts her new bitch's face up. She spits into Kate's face and with her left hand slaps her hard across the face.

"I am going to milk those fat udders dry bitch and you are going to love it. You are my bitch now! You only speak when I ask you something or give you permission! You are my bitch Kate Upton! My fucking toy to use! I own this body now! These fat udders are my property now! I will milk them every day! You are nothing more than a fat COW!" Natalie hisses into Kate's face with authority.

Kate feels her body shivering from Natalie's words. The young blonde dominatrix is going to milk her world famous twins and she blushes in shame and arousal. The young girl can clearly see her blush, because she is staring right at her. Her cheek is burning from the slap and her breasts are slightly burning still from the rough slap they received. Kate breaths a bit heavier now, because she is thinking of how Natalie is going to humiliate her and it's turning her on. Her pussy is already starting to get wet, even after all the orgasms she endured during their fight.

"I see you like the idea." Natalie now teases Kate and brings her hands to the massive udders.

She grabs the two erect nubs and squeezes them playfully. She loves the way Kate's body is responding to the nipple teasing. Natalie brings her lips next to Kate's left ear and sensually breaths into her slave's ear. She take a stronger hold on the nipples and pinches them hard for a few seconds. She can hear Kate squeal in pleasure. The Amazon slut loves having her slutty tiddies and nipples abused. Natalie changes the way she is handling Kate's nipples and starts to softly massage them, while slightly tugging on them. She is making a milking motion with her hands and fingers.

"You love being my milking cow don't you Kate? You have always wanted someone to treat you like this. You are a cow with fat udders and you need a strong dominant girl to milk you every day." Natalie seductively whispers into Kate's ear.

Kate can't control herself and begins to moan in pleasure. Natalie is massaging her sensitive hard nipples and she can feel herself being milked. It feels so good what Natalie is doing to her nipples and she is getting aroused fast. Somehow this young blonde girl knows exactly how to milk a mature woman. Kate's face is turning red from the arousal and she can't hide the effect Natalie's fingers have on her nipples at all. She shamelessly moans in pleasure, while her nipples continue to be milked by the talented young dominatrix. Her breasts start to feel so full and she wants to give the young blonde her white nectar.

Natalie giggles hearing Kate moan in pleasure for her. She has only just started and the big bad blonde Amazon is already under her spell. The big bitch loves being milked like a cow by a shorter girl. Natalie stands tall moving her lips away from Kate's ear and she presses her large boobs into Kate's face. Her boobs engulf her slave's face and she forces Kate to feel her strong and big her own pair is. Her large boobs are muffling Kate's moans of pleasure. Her fingers continue to massage and tug the extremely hard nipples. Kate's tits are starting to feel heavier and Natalie suddenly stops massaging the nipples. She releases them, because she doesn't want to milk Kate dry just yet. She wants Kate on all fours like a cow, before she milks the Amazon completely dry. She is also eager to find out if Kate can have an orgasm from being milked.

"Not yet my cow. I will milk these fat udders dry soon, but not yet... hmm... yes... these udders will spill all of your creamy white milk." Natalie teases Kate and wraps her arms around Kate's head and arms.

Kate shudders in the ropes when Natalie calls her a cow. Her breasts were getting ready to give Natalie the milk that the young girl wants, however Natalie has stopped milking her and now her breasts feel heavy and full. She wants to be milked so badly right now, so that she can get rid of the pressure that consumes her world famous twins now. Kate looks down at her twins and she shamelessly moans. She wants to beg Natalie to continue milking her, but she still has some pride left, that prevents her from begging to be milked like a cow. Kate can feel Natalie's gaze on her body and her pussy is close to dripping juices onto the floor.

Natalie cups Kate's massive jugs and she smirks at Kate. These things must be so full of milk and Kate must be on the verge of begging for some relief. Natalie releases the massive jugs and dominantly walks around the suspended Amazon. She stops behind the busty blonde and looks between the suspended legs. She can see that Kate is already wet between her legs and the slut got off from being milked like a cow. Natalie steps forward moving between the legs. She grabs her bitch-breaker and rubs the head of her massive tool of destruction against the soaking wet lips.

"I am going to break you now." Natalie says with a dry dominant voice.

Kate closes her eyes and shudders when the head of Natalie's bitch-breaker rubs against her soaking wet folds. Natalie makes clear to her what she is planning to do and she can't stop the young girl. She doesn't even want to stop the young girl at all. She wants to feel the massive dildo going deep inside of her. Her pussy is ready to receive the dildo and swallow every inch of it. She moans in pleasure, while Natalie continues to rub the head of the dildo back and forth her soaking wet nether lips. Kate tries to guide the dildo into her pussy, but the ropes prevent her from doing that.

Natalie gets her bitch-breaker lubed up using Kate's juices. The busty Amazon clearly wants her bitch-breaker inside of her soaking wet cxnt, but Natalie has other plans. For several minutes she just teases Kate by running the entire length of her massive bitch-breaker across the soaking wet cxnt lips to fully lube it up. Kate's body is wiggling around, but the ropes keep her in place. She is rubbing Kate's clit with her bitch-breaker, but she never enters the soaking wet hole. She holds her arms behind her back and doesn't touch Kate with them. She loves the way Kate is squirming and moaning for her. The Amazon bitch is obviously ready to become her bitch.

"Take a deep breath cow, because you will break." Natalie suddenly announces with a cold voice.

Natalie moves the head of her bitch-breaker up and presses it against the puckered hole that she destroyed with her fist. Kate's asshole is still slightly gaping for her, but her bitch-breaker is going to be a tight fit. She grabs Kate's hips and slams every inch of her bitch-breaker into Kate's ass without warning or any sense of mercy. The blonde Amazon screams in pain and pleasure, as the bitch-breaker tears open her butthole. Natalie grinds the base of her strap-on against Kate's ass cheeks for a few seconds, before pulling back and hammering the bitch-breaker back into Kate's asshole.

Kate was expecting Natalie to fuck her pussy, but her asshole gets torn open by the massive bitch-breaker. She screams at the top of her lungs, as she tries to handle the bitch-breaker, but it's simply too big for her ass. Her asshole is burning from the forced entry and her body is shaking like crazy in the ropes. Her mouth is wide open and her mind doesn't know what to do. She is experiencing both incredible pain and pleasure. She had a mini-orgasm, when the bitch-breaker got shoved all the way inside of her ass. She squirted her juices onto the floor below her and now Natalie is brutally fucking her ass. Loud smacking sounds echo through the steel cage together with her cries of pain and pleasure. Her asshole is stretched out beyond it's limits and her mind is breaking from the sensation.

Natalie uses powerful thrusts to fuck Kate's ass. Her bitch-breaker is rapidly moving in and out of Kate's broken ass. She is turning the Amazon into her personal toy and Kate seems to be loving it. She can hear loud moans of pleasure coming from the blonde Amazon and her body is shaking from the pleasure. Natalie is tightly holding Kate's hips and slams the dildo into Kate's ass without mercy. She knows that this massive bitch can handle the brutal fucking and probably craves it even. Kate's time at the top is over and a younger more dominant generation is taking over. She wish she could see the way Kate's fat cow udders are bouncing around from the hardcore anal fucking.

Kate hasn't been fucked this hard in a very long time. Her entire body is reacting to the brutal anal pounding that she is receiving from Natalie. The young girl is incredible with a strap-on. Her asshole has been stretched out far beyond it's limits and offers no resistance at all to the massive bitch-breaker. Each thrust brings her closer to another massive orgasm. The massive dildo is quickly sliding in and out of her wrecked asshole. She feels Natalie's hands holding her hips and her ass cheeks absorbs every powerful thrust causing loud smacking sounds to echo through the cage together with her loud moans. She feels the strain on her back and arms from being in such an uncomfortable pose.

"You love being my bitch Kate!" Fuck you are taking my bitch-breaker so well! Your ass was made to take my bitch-breaker!" Natalie taunts her broken bitch.

Natalie shoves the massive dildo harder and deeper into Kate's ass wanting to fully destroy the big bad blonde bitch. She has Kate rocking back and forth in the ropes that are keeping her suspended above the ground. Her right hand slides down from Kate's hip and she checks how wet Kate's pussy has become. She is pleased feeling her fingers getting soaking wet from the juices dripping out of Kate's pussy. She places her right hand back on Kate's hip and hammers away at the once tight asshole. After she is done with Kate's asshole, the wrecked hole will be gaping for weeks.

"Yes!" Kate moans out.

Her asshole is being destroyed by the massive bitch-breaker and she just loves it. She can't get enough of having her ass brutally fucked. She has stopped trying to resist Natalie and enjoys the way her ass is being brutalized by the young girl. The bitch-breaker slides harder and deeper into her ass with every single powerful thrust from the young girl's hips. Her tongue slips out of her mouth and flaps around, while her body rocks around in the ropes. Her pussy is dripping so much juices onto the floor and she is getting on the verge of having a massive anal orgasm.

Natalie chuckles hearing Kate giving in to her. She has officially broken the big bad Amazon and she is now her anal toy. She smacks Kate's ass hard with her right hand, while roughly pounding it with her massive bitch-breaker. Another big bad bitch has been broken by her bitch-breaker and her strap-on once again honors it's name. Natalie leans forward and moves her hands towards the massive milk jugs. She roughly grabs them with both hands and squeeze them hard. Milk instantly squirts out of the erect nipples. She brings her lips next to Kate's right ear and gives the ear a lick. She grunts into Kate's ear and speeds up her anal fucking. Her pelvis is slamming harder and harder against Kate's ass, almost becoming painful.

"Cum for me my anal toy! Fucking cum and give yourself to me!" Natalie hisses into Kate's ear with a dominant voice.

Kate moans in pleasure, as her breasts squirt milk into the air and her ass is being fucked into submission by the dominant Natalie Alyn Lind. Her pussy is on the verge of exploding like never before. Her asshole has been stretched out beyond it's limits by the massive bitch-breaker. Her breasts are giving up her precious milk. Her tongue is flapping around outside of her mouth and now her eyes are rolling into the back of her head. Kate's body begins to tremble intensively from the pleasure that Natalie is giving her. Her ass continues to be brutally fucked and her body finally gives in. Her pussy explodes squirting juices all over the place causing her mind and body to break.

"AAAIIIHHHH!!!" Kate screams out broken.

Natalie makes Kate cum again and this time she fully breaks the blonde Amazon. Her juices are squirting everywhere and she thrusts her bitch-breaker in and out of Kate's asshole during the entire orgasm. She no longer squeezes the massive milk jugs, because she wants to save the milk for what she has planned next. Once Kate's orgasm finally subdues, she pulls her bitch-breaker out of Kate's gaping asshole. She moves to the ropes that keep Kate suspended and unties them from the steel bars. She lowers Kate to the floor laying her down in the puddle of juices that Kate created herself. She removes all the ropes around Kate's limbs and body.

"ON ALL FOURS NOW COW!" Natalie commands with a dominant voice.

Kate gets no time at all to recover from her orgasm. Sure she managed to recover slightly while Natalie removed the ropes, but now the young dominatrix wants her on all fours. Kate musters her remaining strength and pushes herself onto all fours. Her world famous twins are covered in her own juices. Her tongue is still hanging outside of her mouth and she knows what Natalie is going to do to her. The young dominatrix has announced it several times already and now that she is broken, it's going to happen. Kate is actually excited to be milked, because her breasts are still extremely heavy from being full of milk.

Natalie is pleased by how submissive her new broken toy is. She watches the busty Amazon push herself onto all fours. Her massive milk jugs are jiggling around under her body. Natalie moves behind Kate and pushes her bitch-breaker back inside of the gaping asshole that is now the home of her bitch-breaker. She doesn't fuck Kate's ass and instead keeps the 16 inch bitch-breaker all the way inside. She leans over Kate letting her own large boobs rest on Kate's back. She wants Kate to feel the boobs that managed to resist her massive milk jugs. Natalie slides her arms under Kate's body and she grabs the massive milk jugs and nipples. Natalie begins to make milking motions with her hands and fingers.

"You are my sexy cow. I am going to milk you dry every day." Natalie seductively whispers into Kate's ear with a dominant voice.

Kate moans in pleasure when the bitch-breaker reclaims her asshole. She rubs her ass against the base of the strap-on. Having the massive dildo inside of her asshole feels so good and right. The young dominatrix leans over her and grabs her massive girls. A shiver of pleasure and desire runs down her spine and the young dominatrix begins to milk her heavy twins. Kate shamelessly moans in pleasure feeling her breasts getting massaged and her nipples slightly tugged on. The young girl really knows what she is doing and her breasts quickly give up their milk. Her nipples squirt milk onto the floor below her and her pussy drips juices onto the floor. She is quickly getting aroused and another orgasm rushes towards the surface.

"Ahhh... hmmm... yes... milk me... moooo... moooo... milk me like a cow." Kate moans out.

Natalie giggles when Kate begins to moo like a cow. The fucking slut loves being milked and this is probably one of her deepest and darkest desires. Natalie eagerly tugs on the nipples and massages them. She forces more and more milk to squirt from the heavy milk jugs. She lowers her head, so that she is able to see the milk squirt from the milk jugs and she gasps in excitement the moment she sees the milk squirting out of Kate's breasts. Her bitch-breaker is sitting all the way inside of Kate's ass and the horny cow is grinding her ass against the base of her strap-on.

"Such a good cow slut." Natalie giggles out watching more milk squirt from Kate's breasts.

Kate can't control her body. She is being milked by a young dominatrix and it just feels too good. Natalie is draining her twins from all the milk and it causes her to become extremely horny and submissive. Her pussy is leaking so much juices right now and she rubs her ass harder against the base of the bitch-breaker. This causes the bitch-breaker to grind around inside of her ass giving her even more pleasure. Kate is degrading herself for the young girl and nothing in her mind even consider to stop all of this. She is this young girl's slutty milk cow.

"Moooo... moooo... moooo..." Kate shamelessly moos out.

Natalie has turned Kate into a slutty cow and the former alpha Amazon is mooing for her. The rock hard nipples between her fingers are squirting more and more milk and these fat udders seem to be bloated with milk. Natalie can just feel the milk being pushed through the heavy milk jugs, as she milks her fat cow. The slut is grinding her ass against her strap-on dildo and her bitch-breaker moves around deep inside of Kate's ass. Natalie keeps her hips still and lets Kate do all the work. If the whore wants to fuck herself, so be it. She is looking at the massive milk jugs and watches more and more milk squirt out of them.

"I want you to beg for your orgasm my slutty cow." Natalie says with a dominant voice.

"Mooooo... mooooo... mooooo..." Kate moos out in pleasure.

She has sunken deep into submission and being milked like a cow is a massive turn on for her. She wiggles her ass against Natalie's pelvis and leaks juices down her thighs and it's dripping from her pussy onto the floor. Her tongue is flapping around outside of her mouth and she can't control herself. Milk is constantly squirting from her nipples, because Natalie just keeps on milking her massive twins. She can feel her girls being drained from all the milk and they feel less heavier and bloated by the minute. She has never been so humiliated by a young girl like this before and she is loving every second of it.

Natalie looks at Kate's milk jugs and notices that less milk is squirting out of them. She has almost milked Kate dry, but her slutty cow hasn't cummed yet. She stops the milking motion and cups the still heavy jugs. It seems like Kate still has a bit of milk left in them. Natalie grabs the rock hard sensitive nipples and resumes milking her cow. She tugs on the rock hard nipples and milk begins to squirt from them again. Her cow is still grinding her slutty ass against the base of her bitch-breaker and her massive dildo is grinding around inside of Kate's asshole. She does notice that Kate's moos of pleasure are becoming louder.

"Beg my cow! Beg for your orgasm!" Natalie hisses.

Kate was worried for a second when Natalie stopped milking her twins, but the young dominatrix only checked if she still had milk left in her breasts. Her nipples are being tugged on and massaged again causing more milk to squirt out of her nipples. Kate is getting closer and closer to having a massive orgasm. She grinds her ass harder against the base of the bitch-breaker. Her pussy is leaking so much juices and she is certain that her mistress can see the juices dripping from her pussy. Kate has to beg for her orgasm and that is exactly what she is doing right now.

"Moooo... please... Moooooo... orgasm... Moooo... please... mistress... Moooo... please... cum... Moooo" Kate begs like a cow for her orgasm.

Natalie is pleased by the way Kate is begging for her orgasm. She remains a mooing cow that is begging for her orgasm. She doesn't stop milking the fat udders that are hanging below Kate's body. She tugs and tugs on the nipples drawing more and more milk from them. She didn't know Kate's massive milk jugs would hold so much milk in them. Her bitch-breaker is grinding around inside of Kate's asshole, even though she is holding her hips still. Kate is doing all the work with her ass and she has turned the alpha Amazon into a slutty milk cow for her pleasure.

"Cum for me."

Kate finally gets permission from Natalie to cum. This is the first time she is going to have an orgasm from just being milked like a cow. Kate has been holding her orgasm back for too long already and now she gives in to her desire. Her pussy erupts, while her nipples are still being milked by Natalie. Her pussy squirts juices all over the floor and against her own legs. She is having trouble remaining on all fours with her body trembling from the pleasure. The young dominatrix is still milking her until her breasts finally stop producing milk. Her ass is rubbing hard against the base of the bitch-breaker and it causes her orgasm to be even more intense.

Natalie drains every last drop of milk from Kate's boobs, while her cow is cumming her brains out. She has truly broken the once proud Amazon and now she owns her. Natalie pulls her bitch-breaker out of Kate's ass and releases the tugged raw nipples. Her fingers are coated with Kate's milk and she brings her right hand to her own mouth, while moving her left hand to Kate's mouth. She licks her own fingers clean, while Kate submissively licks her other fingers clean. Natalie stands up and removes the bitch-breaker from her waist. She walks back behind Kate and shoves all 16 inches back inside of Kate's ass.

"Keep it there, while you worship my ass." Natalie walks to the steel bars and grabs them.

She pushes her ass back and wiggles it seductively for her slutty cow Kate Upton. She has been giving her cow so many orgasms and now it's her turn to get pleasured. Natalie watches Kate crawl towards her and the bitch looks eager to worship her divine ass.

Kate crawls towards Natalie's ass that is sticking out. She holds the bitch-breaker inside of her ass like it's a buttplug. Her face inches closer towards Natalie's divine ass and she can already smell the dominant intoxicating scent coming from it. She licks her lips and pushes her face between the two ass cheeks. Her nostrils get overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent and she shamelessly moans into Natalie's ass. Her tongue reaches the tight puckered hole that she needs to worship, no wants to worship. Her tongue presses against the hole and she moves her tongue up and down with a slow licking motion. She savors the taste of Natalie's asshole and is filled with arousal and desire.

Natalie moans in pleasure when Kate begins to worship her asshole. Her cow's tongue is moving up and down her puckered hole and she feels how eager Kate is to worship her divine ass. Kate is just submissively doing everything she tells her to do. Just like the big bad Yvonne Strahovski, Kate Upton is now her bitch and toy to use. The tongue worshipping her asshole is moving slowly up and down her hole and it seems like Kate is savoring the taste of her asshole. Natalie holds onto the steel bars and looks behind her watching Kate licking her asshole like a greedy cow.

Kate pushes her face deeper into Natalie's ass and eagerly inhales the dominant scent that is turning her on. Her tongue is rapidly moving up and down Natalie's asshole getting it soaking wet. She flexes the muscles in her tongue and curls up her tongue. She pushes against the tight entrance. Her tongue manages to open up the tight hole a bit and the tip of her tongue slides into it. Kate moans in pleasure when she realizes that she is about to tonguefuck her mistress. She pushes her tongue further into Natalie's tight ass and the ass welcomes her tongue. A shive runs down her spine from the act of thrusting her tongue into another woman's ass.

Natalie looks at Kate, as the broken Amazon pushes her tongue deep inside of her asshole. Her new slave is already fully submissive and addicted to her ass. It will be fun watching Yvonne Strahovski and Kate Upton fight over the privilege of worshipping her ass. For now Kate has the privilege of worshipping her ass and the broken bitch is doing an excellent job. The tongue is being thrusted deep into her ass and seems very eager to explore her depths. She wiggles her ass against Kate's face and her butthole clenches down on the tongue. Kate is doing a wonderful job bringing her towards her orgasm.

Kate swirls her tongue around deep inside of Natalie's asshole. The young girl's butt is tasting so good that she can't control herself. She pushes her tongue back and forth inside of the delicious tasting ass, tonguefucking the dominant girl. Kate wiggles her face around in the divine butt and greedily inhales the dominant scent that is so intoxicating. Kate is getting wet herself from worshipping her young mistress. She can barely control her tongue, as it darts around inside of the tight butthole. She feels the anal muscles squeezing down on her tongue and she hears the moan above her getting louder.

Natalie rubs her ass against Kate's face with sensual motions. Her new bitch is doing such a great job with her tongue. She feels it going deeper inside of her ass and Kate even wiggles her face between her cheeks. The slut is completely under her spell and Natalie rubs her ass harder against Kate's face. She is getting so close to having a massive orgasm herself. She just loves breaking big bad bitches with her divine booty. Her pussy is dripping juices down onto the floor below her and she firmly holds the steel bars. She looks at Kate's head moving up and down between her ass cheeks.


Kate blushes between the two cheeks when Mistress Natalie wants her to moo like a cow. Her tongue is darting around inside of Natalie's asshole and she starts to moo like a cow, while worshipping the divine ass. Natalie has been treating her like a cow for a while now and it's so fucking humiliating and hot at the same time. Kate wiggles her own ass, while being Natalie's ass worshipping cow. She is still mooing whenever she can between the ass cheeks and her tongue never leaves the butthole. The strong dominant scent of Natalie's ass mixes with the aroused scent coming from Natalie's pussy and it's driving Kate wild. Her tongue moves around faster inside of Natalie's ass trying to make her mistress cum.

"Moooo... moooo... moo... MOOOO... MOOOO... MOOOOOOOOOOOO..." Kate moans out whenever she can.

Natalie giggles when she hears her cow moo again for her, while still worshipping her ass. Every swipe of Kate's tongue brings her closer to having her well-earned orgasm. The tongue inside of her ass is still moving around fast and she moans louder in pleasure. Natalie notices that her body trembles from the pleasure and her pussy is twitching. She is getting so close and it will be a matter of seconds now, before she erupts. Her right hand leaves the steel bars and she grabs the back of Kate's head. She holds the broken Amazon's head in place and pushes her ass back harder against Kate's face. She screams and moans in pleasure wildly rubbing her ass all over Kate's face. The tongue never leaves her butthole and her pussy erupts. She rubs her squirting cxnt against Kate's face marking her bitch with her divine juices.

"YES... YOU ARE MINE BITCH... TASTE MY JUICES!!!" Natalie cries out.

Kate's ass clenches down on the bitch-breaker that is inside of her ass when Mistress Natalie has her orgasm on her face. Her tongue slips out of Natalie's ass and now licks the squirting pussy that is being rubbed across her face. She swallows the nectar that squirts into her mouth, as she laps away at the two holes. She is feeling so dirty, but loves it at the same time. The scent of her mistress is now all over her face. Kate's mind has fully broken and she just wants to be Natalie's bitch now. The hand behind her head is keeping her in place and she just takes all the juices all over her face. She moos like a slutty cow, while her mistress marks her.

Natalie pulls Kate's face out of her ass when her orgasm ends. She turns around and looks at her slutty cow slave. Her juices are dripping down Kate's face and Natalie spits into her slave's face to humiliate her some more. She broke Kate and turned her face into a total mess. Her bitch-breaker is still deep inside of Kate's ass. Natalie has no intentions of removing her bitch-breaker for now. She holds Kate's hair and brings Kate's face closer to her pussy. She forces Kate to smell her cum soaked pussy wanting the bitch to be addicted to her scent. Natalie rubs her pussy, while Kate's noses almost touches her clit. She seductively moans, while teasing her new slave.

"Do you smell the scent coming off my young alpha pussy slave? You will crave my pussy... hmmm yes... you will crave my ass... your tongue will be worshipping me every day." Natalie moans out looking down on her cow slut.

Kate smells the dominant intoxicating scent coming from Natalie's cum soaked pussy and she begins to pant like a dog. Her tongue is hanging out of her mouth ready to worship the young alpha pussy. The tip of her nose is almost touching the engorged clit and with every inhale, her nostrils are being filled by the scent she is now addicted to. Her tongue is inching closer to the young alpha pussy, because she wants to lick it so badly, but her mistress hasn't given her permission yet to lick it. She looks up at Natalie with desire and lust in her eyes.

Natalie sees the desire and lust in Kate's eyes and the slave wants to lick her pussy clean. Natalie presses her pussy against Kate's tongue that is hanging out of her slave's mouth and she rubs her cum soaked pussy up and down the tongue for just a few seconds. She pulls Kate's face away and spits into her slave's open mouth. Kate is just taking it all like a good submissive cow. Natalie forces Kate down on all fours and walks towards the steel cage door. Her bitch-breaker still stuck inside of Kate's asshole like a massive buttplug. The door of the cage opens for her and she leaves the cage with her new cow slave.


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Re: Kate Upton vs Natalie Alyn Lind
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So hot only wish Kate was humiliated in a titfight as well


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Re: Kate Upton vs Natalie Alyn Lind
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Absolutely amazing!