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Ashley Greene vs Teresa Palmer rubber match

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Ashley Greene vs Teresa Palmer rubber match
« on: November 14, 2022, 01:08:03 AM »

Story took place in 2018

Ashley Greene walked into the bar she liked to go into and think about what she was failing to do.  Just where did her career go wrong?

In fighting, She won fights, but once her fights hit the war category she seemed to always come up on the losing end.  After winning a war with Fonseca both their careers stalled.  Her friends tried to rebuild her confidence because she had a war with Nina Dobrev but that was in her opinion just about to hit a war but stayed at a crazy battle.  She won but Nina just won it all in WBACCF and split her two fights afterwards and apparently, she was at war with the cast of the Chicago shows and recently became the true champ conquering a motivated Kaley cuoco.

She was already lost in thought when a familiar voice was sending shockwaves through her ears "I heard you hung out here, depressed, beaten and pathetic."  Teresa Palmer was at the bar "I truly had to see it with my own eyes... Just how thoroughly I destroyed you." 

Teresa walked up to Ashley and smelled her "I wish I could bottle this, what a lovely fragrance."

Teresa walked past her when Ashley just said, "Go to hell."

Teresa got to the door and locked it "I don't think I heard you. that sounded aggressive.  All people answer me did what Ashley just say to me sound aggressive."

Ashley walked to the bar ordered two shots and Teresa walked over and took one.  "We fought twice, one win each."

"Decisively.  I hear you want to know why you aren’t the somebody you were when I beat you… Because I proved your not as talented as you thought and I beat you"


"I've heard enough" They drank their shot and Teresa hit Ashley with a hard right that put Ashley sideways

Before Ashley could recover, she was hit with another right and she ended up on a table.  "I'll make sure you learn the lesson fully this time."

Teresa was then kicked in the stomach by Ashley who got up and got her shoulder into Teresa's tits and pushed her to the bar.  Ashley stepped back and threw a right haymaker which spun Teresa around on the bar, so she was chest down

"I'm not living in fear of you for a god damn year, Ive beaten you"  Ashley hit a uppercut to Teresa's tit and then went for a knee but Teresa blocked it and grabbed the leg and held it and tripped Ashley up.

"No, you wont again and this time I kick you out of this world and you will be thankful" She said diving down on Ashley where the two started to roll around the dirty floor.

They went back and forth, hands moving at a tremendous speed as well as their well-toned bodies.  After three minutes of furious rolling and hand attacks to various parts including hair, back shoulders, and shirts they separated.

They got up shirts spread and ripped apart both women quickly discarded the upper garments and knew the other woman was in shape a similar shape so no need to see what they were up against.

Hands up in front of their faces Teresa surprised Ashley hitting a kick to the thigh.  Ashley was hurt and shook her leg and Teresa went for another but this one was blocked, and Ashley hit a hard right to Teresa’s face.  She then hit a straight kick that put Teresa back.

Teresa didn’t like what happened and pushed off going for a big left but ended up thrown over Ashley Greene’s hip.

Ashley was in utter shock at what she just did.  Third fight and maybe it was their bodies being used to what the other could do.  A hip toss like that so early was something she had never done in a fight where a woman had as much talent as Teresa.

Teresa got up and all of a sudden, she had Ashley Greene’s arms around her waist and was belly to belly suplexed.  The impact when they hit the ground bounced Ashley away from Teresa but again, she was winning by switching it up.

Teresa rolled onto her stomach, her tits felt deflated and in the two other fights going tit to tit with Ashley had never been like that.  But never was a move like that used which seemed to have that sole purpose

Ashley got on top of Teresa hoping to break her face, but it was to soon and Palmer was to prepared.  Hands got up on Ashley’s arm pits and she pushed until she used her flexibility to get her legs up around Ashley’s body and threw her down.

They got up and Teresa speared Ashley Greene and then rolled away to get some relief.  She knew some things were true.  She hated Ashley Greene, she loved fighting Ashley Greene, if they kept fighting like this it would be a lot shorter of a fight than there previous two.

Teresa grabbed the bottom of the bar and then the top of a stool and another hand went to the bar and she was getting up and saw Ashley was up a little more than she was so she threw the stool at Ashley.

Teresa knew Ashley would dodge it and ran at Greene for another spear, but Ashley jumped up on the bar and kicked Teresa in the arm as she dove by.

Teresa got up and Ashley was jumping off the bar and hit her with a drop kick foot connecting to both tits.  It sent Palmer back and into the washroom door

Ashley looked at Teresa she was dazed from the attack and confused with the style.  The switch was working but that blonde bitch humiliated her more than anyone else and sometimes slamming someone hard was its own just reward

Teresa had gone for a spear on her it was only right to return the favour. Ashley ran at Teresa dove in the air and speared Teresa into the mens room. 

They slid on the floor and Ashley slowly stood up looked down at the blonde who controlled her nightmares and stomped her stomach.  Ashley reached down to grab Teresa by the ankles and got her hair grabbed and she was flipped.  After she landed, she saw Palmer spin on the floor and kick her in the face.

“Just never going to be good enough at this skill… I’m sure you have others that make you better than I but this… This is me over you every time.”

Teresa stood up and brought Ashley up by the ears “I wish I could say this is the last time I kick your butt but in all seriousness I truly don’t like you and it brings me so much enjoyment to beat you up and hurt your career more and more.”

She hit a knee to the face and Ashley went into the partition between stalls.  “From the first time I saw you I fantasized about beating you up and when I did it the first time all I could think of was how I wanted to do it again and again.”  She grabbed Ashley by the hair and slammed her head and repeated she tried to throw Ashley, but Ashley shifted her hips and dropped

It was intentional as Ashley got her foot to the stomach of Teresa Palmer and flipped her into the bathroom sinks.

Ashley needed the respite; her face was bleeding from the knees.  Ashley was on her knees and staring down at the blood coming down from her nose.  She looked over and Teresa was grabbing at the sink lifting herself up

Teresas’ back hurt she wasn’t kidding about fighting Ashley, but these were the moments she wondered why she’d go so far to break Ashley Greene.

“Why are you here?  Why Teresa?”

“Because our feud needs to end and I think youI got lucky last fight.”  She was struggling to get up and the honesty had to do with the pain in the back but saying it aloud put more pressure on both for this fight.

“Yeah you got lucky… You wont this…”

Something clicked in Ashley and she was in on Teresa picking her apart then threw her on the ground.  Teresa on the ground Ashley jumped in the air and slammed both feet down on Teresa’s shoulders.  Ashley picked Teresa up and started throwing her back and forth inside the stall.

Ashley hit Teresa’s body into the stall twice then hit some knees to the lower back “That where you landed.”  Ashley could hear Teresa crying “And yeah it is just like yeah bitch you got lucky but you’ll never get lucky again.”

Ashley threw Teresa into the opposite side and hit some knees to the stomach now.  Ashley enjoyed it and started punching Teresa in the stomach for what seemed to Teresa to be a lifetime

Ashley moved Teresa to the outside of the door and jumped back hit a drop kick to both tits and landed o the toilet.  It was occurring to Ashley that she hurt Teresa as the fight went on and the equality between the two was not as tight as the first fight

The skill gap between them was massive.  Teresa skills peaked and declined while hers did not and now she could see it.  Ashley got off the toilet seat knowing what she had to do but she had been caught up in the realization of skills she forgot Teresa was still determined and tough. Teresa got hit with the drop kick rolled backward got on her feet and ran at Ashley putting her back on the toilet seat.

Teresa realized that the skill gap between them had grown and hoped Ashley’s fears from their first fight when she was coming off of I am Seven were going to play mental games.  Yet Ashley knew how to win so what she had to do was go hard vicious and quick in order to win this and forever scar Ashley Greene’s small mind

On Ashley’s lap she Teresa got a left behind Ashley’s head pulled down on the hair and hit short rapid punches to Ashley’s face.  Ten unanswered and Teresa stood up brought Ashley up and began to slam her into each side of the washroom

One wall fell from the impact and Teresa was on top of Ashley.  She had to make her hurt then whatever skills she had wouldn’t matter.  This goes to the gutter it’s a favourable lean to her in getting the win.

They weren’t powerful but Teresa was hitting knee after knee between Ashley’s legs and slamming her head into the fallen wall.  A groan from Ashley Greene and Teresa ripped open Ashleys bra and began to claw at her tits “Quit I got you beat again”

One more knee and then Teresa knew she had this well in hand.  She did what she had to do now she had to make Ashley believe she was inferior.  Embarrassment had to be given and pain inflicted so Teresa slid back began to get up and folded the bottom part of Ashley’s tits over the areola as she got up and lifted Ashley up getting a howl.

She got Ashley up so much dropped the tits and quickly got the hair.  Teresa forced Ashley’s face into the toilet.  Rotated the face then flushed “You don’t measure up to my level of fame its why you don’t get real roles.”  Knee to the side lift the head “You hear me Ashley you just aren’t talented enough or have enough to conquer.”


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Re: Ashley Greene vs Teresa Palmer rubber match
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2022, 01:10:50 AM »

Dunked Ashley’s head again “Don’t want to say it then I’ll just choke you out then strip you naked and leave you here for them.”  She pulled Ashley’s head out and quickly got her arm around the throat.

“Say Night Nigh to the fight and this feud.”  Ashley heard that but never panicked.  She was wet so it would be hard getting a grip.  She felt the arm adjust and Teresa wasn’t paying attention, so she climbed up on the toilet and flipped back.  Pulled her head out and had a choke there but she had no interest in choking the blonde out.

Ashley got to her feet and waited for Teresa.  Teresa got up turned and was speared into the next wall.  Ashley was so cautious she made sure her head would go outside the wall.  Another one collapsed and Ashley didn’t do what Teresa did instead slid down wrapped her arms around the legs bringing the knees together then slid her head up.  Ashley Greene powered Teresa Palmer up onto her shoulder and turned around and spiked her down

“I want you to know something.  Teresa this is very important for you to know I know this fight is over and you might get some shots in before I decide you had enough but its me who makes that decision.  You should never have had the second fight with me you should have ended after you thought you were fighting Janet and ended up losing to a no name.”

Ashley then stomped Teresas stomach “that could have been your pussy but I chose not to.”  Teresa didn’t hear what was said she rolled onto her side gasping for air “Also there was another reason.”

Ashley half nelson’d Teresa and grabbed her by the back of the blonde locks lifted te face “I don’t appreciate my face going into the toilet.”  She then returned the favor and got Teresas face into the toilet and swirled it around “You will never come looking for me again.  This is over between us.”

Ashley got her leg over the shoulder and used her toes to flush the toilet “You deserve this.  You came  here looking for a third fight thinking it would end like the first.  You don’t have the skill anymore to compete with me.”

Ashley pulled Teresa out quick getting her past the washroom frames then jumped and grabbed the upper part and hit two feet to Teresas’ face sending her back.  Ashley then like a gymnast went completely around the top.  Stayed there and did a pull up waiting for Teresa to get up

Teresa got up and had her hands down she looked beaten but was asking for more.  Ashley stayed where she was and smiled “Know what its time for me to not be a bully.  I was a bully to Danielle Panabaker, and I am to talented at fighting.  So Teresa do the smart thing.  Turn around walk out and  tell them you cant compete at this with me and I’ll admit I cant compete with you at acting.  So do it Teresa walk out.”

Teresa was breathing hard then had to spit out some of the toilet water never said anything or moved.  Ashley took a couple steps with hands behind her back “Walk out and tell them you lost to me and its better for you to walk away and admit then for me to wreck you until you admit you cant compete with me.”

“Come on Ashley you had this confidence before I made you a blonde.  You got lucky last time when has those skill… You want this win then come get it but it ends with you out cold.”

Ashley made another step and Teresa continued “At the end of this fight you will be scared of a blonde fight.”

“Really.  Be scared of a blonde fight.  Prove it.”  Ashley stuck her chin out hands behind her back watched Teresa gear up for a punch and when it got thrown she pulled her head back and watched the punch go past.  Ashley lowered her head stuck It back out and repeated she was staying in the pocket just moving here head and laughing as Teresa couldn’t land

Teresa started with more hooks and haymakers and Ashley tucked her chin behind each shoulder and allowed her shoulder to eat the impact of the punch. Then she stepped  back “I’m going to show you up a little soon.”  Teresa pulled back went forward and Ashley from hands behind her back hit two slaps before Teresa could land her punch then moved laterally away from the blonde.

Ashley opened up her stance and began hitting some more kicks to whatever she seen open.  If Teresa protected her head Ashley hit a switch kick to the ribs and thigh.  She really worked on Teresas thigh and after dropping her hands to protect ribs and trying to block leg kicks.  Ashley jumped spun and hit a over hand slashing downward elbow on Teresa really opening her up.

Teresa hands went up and Ashley grabbed the forearms pressed them tight to Teresas face and hit three standard kick boxing knees into the stomach.  Ashley then spun Teresa around and threw her back into the bar “I think everyone needs to see this…. Know what she told me a few moments ago that I need to be scared of a blonde fight.  That we end with me being afraid of a blonde.”

Ashley jumped on Teresas back hit some punches to the ears then got her hands under Teresas and began to go through the blonde hair.  She knew she cut Teresa open with that elbow “Not so blonde now are you crimson.”

After spreading as much of Teresas blood into her hair as she could Ashley grabbed the end and pulled back by a leash.  She realized Teresa had friends there, but they knew this wasn’t a one off fight this was the third fight of a feud that probably should have ended at one fight.  So you let things escalate and they could tell Ashley wasn’t going to go to far.  She wanted a ko and some humiliation

“Still think that about blondes bitch…. Come on say something”

“OWWWW”  Ashley heard that and looked up and smiled.

Ashley dragged Teresa up to her feet stayed behind her and walked her over to Teresas friends then over to her own.  “It wont be much longer I promise.”

Ashley brought Teresa closer to the bar and attention of o theirs went to the door.  They missed a combination a left knee to the back right knee to the stomach.  Left and right knees to each tit.  Left and right punches to the sides of Teresas beaten stomach.  Knee to the stomach and a knee to the tits Then Ashley backed up spun twice for a jumping tornado kick. 

The kick landed exactly where Ashley wanted right on Teresas tits and it sent Teresa flying back into the bar.

“You lost your skill and you need skill to get me to fight dirty and make a fight fifty fifty.  Your still tough but you aren’t as strong as me anymore so your ability to beat me is lessened.  Not as skilled and you go out and say that I’m going to be scared of a blonde fight.  How do you figure?”

Teresa turned grabbed a beer bottle swung with all her might.  Ashley saw it coming switched her back foot so by the time the bottle was getting close to her the velocity of the swing was down.  She hit a right to Teresa’s temple and that dropped the bottle Ashley then hit a punch to the stomach it bent Teresa over

Ashley wasn’t even thinking about what she should do.  She wasn’t holding back her skill she went on pure knowledge on instinct.  Head drops and Ashley came up with a knee to the face.  Her foot landed and she threw reverse hook kick the bottom of her foot slapped into Teresas chin sending her chest first onto the bar.

“She still has fight left and I have no idea what she meant by a Blonde will scare me and I’ll be scared of a blonde fight.  You earned our first fight victory, but you never kept up with the training.”  Ashley hit a soft side kick to the back of Teresa’s knee and heard a glass drop.  Teresa Palmer knew she was beaten but until Ashley ended her she had to keep going

Ashley got onto the foot rails pressed her body against Teresa back pinning her.  Aubrey arms were at ninety degree angles and she began pumping lefts and rights into Teresa temple and ears.  Everyone could see how strong Ashley was through her back.  Getting full torque into each punch.  After ten she stopped backed up and let Teresa stumble throw a awkward all or nothing but really powerless haymaker.

Ashley Greene had taken three steps back and then one forward when Teresa began throwing the all or nothing punch.  Ashley was in the air and hit a flying knee direct under the chin sending Teresa out and back against that foot rail.  Ashley landed and Teresa arms fell under the rail she was completely out her face bloody and body broken.  Ashley had a choice to make and there were three options.

Walk away and be done with it all.  Smash Teresa even further with knees and fists but that scenario would mean she would be facing down Australians forever and one she feared in Claire Holt would definitely come knocking.  The third…”Yes”  Ashley said and pulled down her pants and pumped her pussy into Teresas face.  “I THINK THIS IS OVER”  Ashley said then pulled up her pants “That crap about youre being blonde would…” 

Ashley Greene turned around and was face to face with Laura Vandervoort.  A blonde she avoided a long time but really Laura was avoiding her too.  A similar build to Ashley and a similar level of fame and what Teresa said… What she was thinking she just rid herself of one blonde and heres another.
After her first win and how she won Ashley heard the comparisons to Laura Vandervoort and for the first time she could remember she was face to face with her “Can I help you.”

“You beat up Danielle Panabaker and went to far.  I got my start with DC and am here to tell you that I want an apology so either apologize or else.”

“I just had a fight, so you want to pick my bones well I still choose or else because I for one never believed the hype and comparisons.”

“I wont fight you today I will challenge you in the future we are each others next opponent.  Get ready and I’ll come back to LA and since you won’t apologize, I guess I’ll beat it out of you.  And unlike that blonde.”  Laura brought her lips to Ashley’s ear so only Ashley could hear “My skills aren’t based on one movie, and I never lost them.”

Laura pulled back and Ashley went forward “I accept and can’t wait to finally prove that those skills you talk about aren’t as good as mine.”  Ashley pulled back “If there’s nothing else Laura I will get dressed and enjoy my victory, but you leave first.  Incase anyone is wondering I ACCEPT your challenge.”

They pressed chests then leaned foreheads in and Laura backed away and left to allow Ashley time to enjoy her victory in the Palmer feud.  Ashley watched Laura leave and realized this was the blonde Teresa was unknowingly talking about.  Teresa was getting up and Ashley super kicked her knocking her out cold again.  Then did a victory pose and got her clothes and left Teresa Palmer to never fight another actress again.

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