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The secret wrestling club next door 2

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The secret wrestling club next door 2
« on: September 23, 2022, 04:20:50 PM »
I looked at the mask in front of me on the table with mixed feelings. Exactly one week had passed since the events in the villa, when I had caught my husband in his "activities" in the secret wrestling club.
A strange feeling had remained with me. After all, he had fought two half-naked women in the ring, fucked one of them and got a blowjob from the other. But I had not remained completely innocent and was taken by a young stud, even if it had not come to a climax because I had to flee.
I took up the wrestling mask and slipped it over my head until I was no longer recognizable. I stood naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom and stretched my biceps. I still had a good figure, even if my F-cup tits were already hanging a bit more clearly at 48.
Johannes had already called again that he still had to go to a customer appointment. I would sneak in again this time, but better prepared. I had ordered a real mask. In addition, I wanted to wear high patent boots, a leather vest that was studded and a tight leather hot pants. I rummaged the things from their hiding place in the closet and pulled them over. The vest was very tight and squeezed my big tits together to a plump cleavage and the hot pants sat so tight that my labia were clearly visible.

But I suddenly realized that I looked like a wrestler in this outfit. Actually, I had only been concerned about anonymity, but had totally transformed myself at least visually. No matter - because in any case I would not get into the ring. I had never fought before.
I undressed again and packed everything into a small sports bag to make my way to the villa with it. I was nervous and shaking with excitement.
Johannes was not there yet, because the place where he usually parked his car was empty.
I rang the bell and was let in again by the hostess. Today she was wearing only a kimono and not the sexy outfit from last week.
She even gave me a kiss this time and escorted me to the locker room.
"You were there last week, too, weren't you? I remember that bust line well."
"Yeah right. You fought my husband last week."
Jutta laughed. "Yeah...made him squirt real good. But I was just lucky. He usually wins almost every fight and wipes the ring floor with us women."
"Are there any fights between the same sexes?"
"Very rarely between the men. Mostly between two women or just mixed fights."
While I was chatting with Jutta and undressing, the first men came into the locker room as well as two very young couples. I thought I recognized Mrs. Meier's children under their masks. At least her tall daughter with her enormous bust was easily recognizable. The buxom eighteen-year-old with the short dyed black-red hair was over six feet tall and had breasts the size of melons. Was that her brother next to her?
The relatively large number of guests compared to last time surprised me. Jutta had left again while I, naked and wearing only a mask, scurried into the shower.
There were only three showers and hot steam was everywhere. I didn't see much and kept bumping into other guests.
It was tight and humid and before I could react I was sandwiched between two young men. I felt my big breasts bump against the one and my nipples became hard. Already more hands were on my bare ass while the hot water rained down on us.
"What a hot fighter. Are you new?"
I didn't even get to answer because a woman suddenly grabbed me in front of the back, wrapped her arms around my torso and grabbed my big breasts. I felt her enormous bust between my shoulders. This had to be Mrs. Meier's daughter.
She lifted my tits and held them out to the young man: "You call that a fighter? These saggy tits can hardly count as real breasts!"
I felt humiliated, but then anger boiled up inside me. I tore myself away, whirled around and fired a slap in the arrogant bitch's face that she wasn't expecting. SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! She shrieked, it jerked her head to the side and she staggered backwards.
She gave me a nasty glare, but I just grinned.
"Seems like the young guys here appreciate a mature MILF. You may have the thickest udders far and wide, but experience matters too!"

She faced me and we were both naked and wet in the tiny room. Forehead to forehead, eye to eye. She rammed her breasts into me and I slapped against the tiles. "See you in the ring bitch!"
Then she turned and left the shower. A murmur went through the mouths of the other guests. "Well, you got yourself some...."
My pulse raced as my body was suddenly soaped. Strange hands were everywhere - on my breasts, on my throbbing cxnt...I enjoyed every arousing touch.
In the corner of my eye, still wearing my mask, I looked at the entrance. A large man came in with two very voluptuous women still in his arms. John! He had a tight boner and we looked into each other's eyes briefly before I turned away and looked toward the wall.
They took the shower next to us and I heard only the moaning of my husband while he apparently got a double blowjob. That bastard! How long had this been going on? When had his behavior started? Half a year ago?
One of the young men also tried to persuade me to give him a blowjob, but I excused myself and put him off until later.
"Better help me into my fighting outfit." Grinning, he agreed and we left the shower and my husband back with his playmates.
ZIIIPPPPPPP.... Pascal, that was the obliging young guy's name, zipped up my vest after I stuffed my breasts inside. "You have to be careful against Laura. She's young, but she makes up for her lack of experience with nasty tactics. Besides, she weighs at least 15 kilos more than you."
"I'll stuff her own huge udders in her mouth!" I had somehow slipped into this fight and wasn't about to back down.
"Will you join me sweetie? I can use some help." I kissed him tenderly while stroking his strong young penis. He was almost as well built as my husband.
"I'd love to. What's your ring name?" We strolled out of the locker room toward the large room with the ring while I pondered. "Killer Cat!"
We both laughed heartily.
This time there was some pretty loud music playing and the ring was already buzzing. Two fit young girls were wrestling each other and taking each other in leg scissors and holds on the ground that looked very painful. Both had originally been dressed in bikinis, but they were now in tatters next to them. They were completely sweaty, moaning loudly and neither of the two blood young fighters obviously wanted to give up.
The men around them were totally horny and jerked their hard cocks and every few minutes it happened that one of them sprayed a load of cum directly into the ring and tried to hit the exhausted wrestlers.
Pascal and I watched spellbound as finally one of the fighters landed in a schoolgirl pin and her airway was covered by her opponent's sweaty pussy. Her exhausted arms were pinned by her opponent's knees as she moaned and gasped. The fighter sitting on top reached behind her and jammed several fingers into her opponent's wet pussy.
"AAAAAAAHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCK!" she fingered her hard and I felt more than queasy at the thought of landing right in the ring as well. On the other side stood Laura.

She grinned at me, folded her arms under her H-cup udders and, dressed only in a thong, was a real eye-catcher.
"YAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Meanwhile, in the ring, the fight was decided. Shocked, I watched the defeated woman go KO from lack of air at the exact moment of her climax.
"Victory by orgasm and KO at the same time! Our winner is Anna!"
Beaming with joy and bathed in sweat, she stood up and clenched her fists while the loser leaned into a ring corner. She was still in dreamland while some guys rushed into the ring to cum on her body.
She wrenched her eyes open in shock and woke up with a cock in her mouth. But she quickly understood and complied with her role. She swallowed: cocks, cum, testicles.
Excited, I watched her being humiliated and John also watched the goings-on.
After she got the fourth load in the face, he pulled her half out of the ring. Her abdomen hung in his direction and he only had to spread her legs to ram his fat boner into her young cxnt. Her tight little ass quivered under his fucking thrusts.
SMATTT.....SMACKK...SMATTT.....Oh my god. What was I supposed to do? The feelings inside me were doing somersaults. Anger, jealousy, arousal. Everything was hitting me at the same time.
And suddenly he looked at me. John looked directly into my eyes and he paused for a moment in the hard fuck he was giving the loser. I saw how it rattled in his head. He tried to imagine me without a mask. Then he looked at my breasts, estimated the bust size and further at the belly button. Right next to it I had a small mole.
He had recognized me! Shocked, his jaw dropped and he pulled his cock out of the young fuck in front of him. Moaning, their sweaty bodies slid out of the ring and landed on the floor next to it.
My husband approached me slowly and unsettled, but there it sounded from a loudspeaker: Laura and "Killer Cat" into the ring for the second fight of the evening! My heart raced and I practically fled from him. I climbed the stairs and slid through the ropes while the hostess introduced me.
In front of me, Laura stretched in the other corner of the ring and all sounds reached my ears only muffled. The cheering, the laughter of the spectators, whistles....
I only noticed that Laura weighed over 90 kilos and had really massive H-cups in front of her. She had a small belly and thick strong arms and would surely be a piece of work. DING DING! The fight began and she charged at me. Panicked, I watched her quivering curves as if in slow motion: Her fat heavy tits flapped strongly, her fat belly and thighs quivered.
Catlike, I dodged and she could no longer brake. Her powerful naked bust hit the corner of the ring. But I was too stupid and too inexperienced to take advantage of the situation. I could have easily kicked her thighs or kicked her back.
Instead, she was furious, clenching her fists and holding her breasts. "You stupid cow!" She lashed out wide, gave me two resounding slaps, and rammed me to the ground with a Clothesline from a standing position. WHAM! I hit hard and the air escaped my lungs.

Moaning, I held my chest. My large breasts were well packed in the tight vest and had taken some force.
But I could hardly grasp a clear thought, because immediately she entered my body. WHAPPP....CLOPPP....SMATTTTTT! I moaned as her bare feet entered my tits, belly and ovaries. This was no fake! This was real pain! Then it was off to the rope for me, as she had grabbed my ponytail hanging out from under my mask and was laying me with my tits across the bottom rope.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She suddenly sat down on my shoulders with her big ass and rammed my breasts into the rope with all the force of her 90 kilos. The bosom mass was split in two by the rough rubber and then she bounced up and down on me so that the whole ring shook.
God my udders literally exploded with pain and luckily I had chosen the leather vest that protected my tits at least a little.
I screamed with every bounce of our bodies and braced myself desperately. To make matters worse, my husband was suddenly standing right in front of me and looking directly into my pain-distorted face.
"Come on Katharina! Fight back!"
With these words he showed me that he had recognized me and cheered me on. But I had no chance to free myself. Laura was sitting on top of me and her big body weight kept pushing my tits into the rope so hard that the mass squeezed out to the sides. SMATT....SMATTT....pulling on my hair, she forced my face to the ceiling and slapped my ass with her other hand.
"Pretty decent ass for such a grandma!"
The guests laughed and roared until Laura got bored and stood up. I slid off the rope and held my breasts, whimpering. She grabbed the zipper of my leather vest and tried to free my udders, but this time I wasn't so timid. I kicked my knee to her temples with force as she leaned forward.
WHAM! She staggered and went down. With no combat experience at all, I threw myself at her to pin her, but she just pulled her legs in and immediately her knees dug into my stomach. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
The tables had immediately turned again. Laura was on her feet in front of me, and I was on all fours.
SMACKKKKKKKKKK! "OUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFF!" She kicked a penalty into my left tit whose force sent my entire body spinning. I was breathing in a panic, trying to escape somehow, but she just grabbed my legs while I tried to crawl out of the ring. I didn't care what the others thought, I just wanted to escape.
"Not so fast sweetie! Am nowhere near done with you yet. I haven't even really started yet."
She spread them while I lay on my stomach desperately grabbing the rope and kicking my pussy full force. SMACK! There was only thin leather between her foot and my vulva. The dull force vibrated through my pubic bone, my labia and clitoris strangely sending the pain to my brain seconds later.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Three more kicks in my cxnt made me collapse powerless and twitching. Laura let go of my legs while I curled up and rubbed my private parts. She grabbed my hair, yanked my head up and came very close until our noses touched.
"After I finish you off, there will be a little gangbang in the ring for you. They'll all love to fuck your ass!"
KRAKK! "GOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT YOU cxnt!" I had closed my eyes and headbutted her on the nose. Tears came to the eyes of the usually tough Laura while she held her face and tried to get distance from me.
I got to my feet in front of her, ran into the ropes to gain momentum and put on a good show. The vest kept my heavily bouncing tits in check which hurt like hell.
I ran at my opponent, jumped off and rammed my elbow hard into her neck.
WHAMMM! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" She had been holding herself halfway up the ropes, but went completely down as a result.
She moaned and I felt superior for the first time in the match. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do with her. While she was barefoot, I wore patent boots with heels. I took a swing, and kicked in with full force into her fat tits.
SMATTTT....SMATTTT.....SMATTTTTT.....CLOPPPPPP.....I roared with battle lust, holding onto the rope while I stomped into her tits over and over again. Her thick melons deformed and my heels left bloody scratches.
The horny audience counted along: One...Two...Three....zehn! After the tenth kick, I kept up the pressure and drilled my heel with my body weight behind it into her chest. The titty flesh welled up to the sides and it looked like her H-cups were about to burst.
She cursed and drummed her fists into my thighs. I could take it. "You stupid arrogant cxnt! I'm so going to fuck you up!"
Laura gasped, screamed, but suddenly the tide turned.
BAPPPPP....SMATTTTTT......WHAMMM! She punched me hard in the cxnt! My eyes widened and I pulled back, gasping. At least I had the satisfaction that Laura's breasts finally got some too.
Groaning, she struggled to her feet and I blindly attacked and punched her in the stomach. Her flab wobbled, but underneath she obviously had decent abs.
So I tried a floor higher and boxed her bare fists into the underside of her big sweaty tits.
WHOPPPPP! BAPPPPP! It clapped twice as I yanked the kilo heavy udders upward, and as they slapped back down on the ribs. Laura moaned, but countered with three heavy slaps whose force catapulted me into the ring corner. My ears rang and I instinctively held on.

SMATTTTTTT! SMACKKKKKKK! My head flew from side to side and my mask kept the force at least somewhat.
Suddenly I lost my footing as my opponent lifted me upside down and thundered my body into the center of the ring so hard it shook like my tits!
I groaned and arched my aching spine.
Laura had no resistance to fear as she unzipped my vest and freed my F-cups. Sweaty ripe fruit fell to the side.
"Now look at those saggy tits! Ridiculous!"
I'm sure there were plenty of women and men who would have objected, but this arrogant beast wanted to finish me off not only physically, but mentally as well.
She picked me up again, flung me into a corner of the ring, and immediately followed up with several ramming blows to my stomach with her shoulder.
My wet breasts slapped into her back and the brutal force lifted me to my toes. Not only that I had no air, I could have almost puked so deep she penetrated my stomach. Then I was shouldered and she stalked across the ring with me draped across her shoulders.
Desperately I elbowed her, whereupon she simply threw me off.
WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I hit the floor and sucked air into my lungs, but it wasn't that easy.
Laura hooked her fingers into my leather pants and began to pull. The sweat on my skin made it much easier for her and my kicking did nothing: I was naked except for my mask.
The men were bawling as they got to see my naked cxnt and I was just waiting for the end. Why didn't she pin me?
I got the answer when she pulled me to my feet again and took me in a Bearhug. Our tits, my F-cups and her H-cups, smacked into each other wet with sweat and of course her fat young breasts flattened mine.
Again she forced the air out of my lungs and squeezed my ribs. Effortlessly she lifted me up and there was nothing but air under my feet.
I groaned in agony and looked to my husband. He was standing at the edge of the ring with a magnificent erection like many other men, jerking off so he wouldn't come too fast.
Laura ran with me to a corner very close to him and unloaded me.
The rough landing with my spine in the padding was quickly forgotten as she gave me the rest.
Her fists rammed into my tits with straights and uppercuts like I had never experienced before. My breasts flew wildly, slapping from side to side or nearly hitting me in the face. I screamed, but Laura couldn't get enough. Twenty hits, thirty, forty....

Then she moved on to kicks and punches to my stomach. I tried to tense it, but it was useless. I hung in the corner like a sweaty punching bag for her to run wild on.
But I wasn't going to give up and end up a gangbang victim.
My tits swelled, my belly turned red. I mustered all my strength and after several minutes of constant spanking, turned to the side. Laura boxed first into the void and then against the steel ring post. KLANKKKK!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! She held her hand and I scrambled up the ropes. There was no thought at all that I could counter with a wrestling hold or throw. I was too weak.
But my desperation made me grab her throat with my left hand while my right pushed her thong aside and clawed at her cxnt. She cried out and my nails sank so hard into her labia and clit, which was covered with dense nerves, that she suddenly fell hoarse. Her eyelids fluttered before after several seconds of pain shock her body shut down and she slumped to the floor.
Incredulous and wobbly on my feet, I looked down at what should have been a vastly superior opponent.
I looked into the audience. There was silence there as well. Then someone started clapping. Then a second...until everyone joined in and I got goose bumps. I slumped to the floor and my husband grabbed my sweaty and battered body through the ropes and hugged me.
He kissed me as sensually as he hadn't in ages and I suddenly had the urge to feel him. He took me in his arms and carried me to a sofa at the edge of the room where I willingly spread my legs for him. As his massive noble boner entered me, I closed my eyes. All I could hear was the crowd rushing into the ring and taking on Laura's fat tits, her blow mouth and cxnt throbbing with pain.
"God you're wet Katharina!"
He stretched my pussy to the limit. I hadn't realized how aroused I had been all this time. He pushed me gently, then harder and harder. I had to hold my destroyed breasts so that they didn't hurt so much, but this didn't diminish my pleasure. Pascal, my friend from the shower, also joined me and held his erection right in my face. I opened my mouth and let him penetrate deeply.
My rock hard nipples were signs of the pleasure of being taken by two men. Something I had never thought of before today.
I moaned myself from orgasm to orgasm and literally rode a wave of pleasure. I lay there naked on the sofa, clothed only with my mask. My husband came inside me, then Pascal followed. I was the winner of this incredible battle, and yet I was dazed by pain and pleasure at the same time. I lay there and let myself be taken. My cxnt overflowed with semen as the third guy relieved himself inside me.

I had my eyes closed but I noticed that breasts were also stroking my body. Women sucked on my nipples, licked my clit and cxnt clean from all the cum.
Still my eyes were closed and I was unable to move. Lust carried me to the eighth or ninth orgasm while my body reared up and shook under the force of the climax. Sweat ran down my body in streams and I wanted this feeling to never end.
And yet it had to. John took me in his arms and carried me into the shower. He had to sit me in and turned on the cold faucet.
"AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!" I cried out in fright, but the cool water brought me back to my senses. He looked at me in disbelief.
"Was that a multiple orgasm? You were out of it."
I nodded sheepishly as he hugged me. He didn't quite know what to say, because still he had been the one who had sort of cheated on me. Wrestling, swingers wrestling or whatever you wanted to call it was not exactly testimony to his faithfulness.
So we sat there in the shower and said nothing. There was fear and uncertainty in his eyes, but I smiled at him and said, "It's all good. When are we going to fight together?"
John grinned back and was silent....


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Re: The secret wrestling club next door 2
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2024, 09:40:09 PM »
I'm itching to read another account at the club. I woukd love for "Killer Cat" to challenge Jutta.

While Cat may like Jutta, I think she wants to excite Johannes by fighting Jutta in front of him. After all, Killer Cat was probably wanting to jump into the ring to help her husband whenever he was losing to Jutta!

Maybe a catfight where Johannes naked stands in the ring while they fight over his dick.
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Re: The secret wrestling club next door 2
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2024, 04:37:21 AM »
Love this series so much.   
Just the three of us


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Re: The secret wrestling club next door 2
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2024, 05:41:33 PM »
Oh…this was so hot. I need to take a shower after reading this.
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