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Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match PART 1 of ???

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Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match PART 1 of ???
« on: January 10, 2023, 06:58:40 PM »
AOC: Pink and powder blue thong bikini   AMY: straight black bikini

AOC came out of the gates swinging. She threw blind haymakers that somehow hit their target. She had Amy backpedaling instantly into a turnbuckle. She measured punches until her ass was planted firmly into the corner. She did not let up; she stomped mudholes in her.

AOC had Amy in a world of hurt; She was on a high. All it took was a quick celebration and crowd pops to throw off her focus and get a knee to her pussy that dropped her instantly.

Amy shook out the cobwebs and rolled outside, grabbing a steel chair. AOC tried to get up, but Amy grabbed her by the foot, pulled her leg over the bottom rope, and smashed it repeatedly with the chair.

She would not be done yet.

She dragged AOC by the leg and wrapped it around the post. The crowd shuddered as the sound of the chair smashing her leg around the post reverberated to the cheap seats.

AOC howled; she tried to crawl away and get to her feet.

When Amy smiled that ugly ass and obnoxious smile, it brought very colorful language from the crowd.

She watched AOC struggle, like a hunter sizing up its injured prey.

She grabbed her by her thongs, yanking her to the floor. She kicked AOC onto her back and stalked her crying, challenger. 

She stomped the shit out of her for at least a minute. AOC did not move and barely breathed. Her sweaty-tanned body glistened in the heat as her tits slowly rose and fell.

Amy would not be done with this slaughtering.

She nudged AOC’s face with her foot; it swayed. She slapped her face too. The only thing keeping her head up was Amy holding a mound of her hair.

 Amy held her up for everyone to see on the big screen. Her hair was in her eyes and mouth, between her tits, strung out like she touched an electricity orb. And then she planted a kiss and stuck her tongue so far down her mouth that she gagged her. She spat in her face for good measure and threw back down.

 She turned to the crowd and was met with boos and thrown food as she yelled at them to be louder and meaner.

She had more pain to dish out on the nearly comatose woman at her feet.
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