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Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY

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Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY
« on: January 11, 2023, 06:59:29 PM »
Sorry about that. I should've waited.

AOC: Pink and powder blue thong bikini   AMY: straight black bikini

AOC came out of the gates swinging. She threw blind haymakers that somehow hit their target. She had Amy backpedaling instantly into a turnbuckle. She measured punches until her ass was planted firmly into the corner. She did not let up; she stomped mudholes in her.

AOC had Amy in a world of hurt; She was on a high. All it took was a quick celebration and crowd pops to throw off her focus and get a knee to her pussy that dropped her instantly.

Amy shook out the cobwebs and rolled outside, grabbing a steel chair. AOC tried to get up, but Amy grabbed her by the foot, pulled her leg over the bottom rope, and smashed it repeatedly with the chair.

She would not be done yet.

She dragged AOC by the leg and wrapped it around the post. The crowd shuddered as the sound of the chair smashing her leg around the post reverberated to the cheap seats.

AOC howled; she tried to crawl away and get to her feet.

When Amy smiled that ugly ass and obnoxious smile, it brought very colorful language from the crowd.

She watched AOC struggle, like a hunter sizing up its injured prey.

She grabbed her by her thongs, yanking her to the floor. She kicked AOC onto her back and stalked her crying, challenger.

She stomped the shit out of her for at least a minute. AOC did not move and barely breathed. Her sweaty-tanned body glistened in the heat as her tits slowly rose and fell.

Amy would not be done with this slaughtering.

She nudged AOC’s face with her foot; it swayed. She slapped her face too. The only thing keeping her head up was Amy holding a mound of her hair.

 Amy held her up for everyone to see on the big screen. Her hair was in her eyes and mouth, between her tits, strung out like she touched an electricity orb. And then she planted a kiss and stuck her tongue so far down her mouth that she gagged her. She spat in her face for good measure and threw back down.

 She turned to the crowd and was met with boos and thrown food as she yelled at them to be louder and meaner.

She had more pain to dish out on the nearly comatose woman at her feet.

Then she turned to the crowd and was met with a chorus of “boos.”

“Is that all you got?” she yelled at the crowd as she motioned for them to be louder and meaner. And boy, did they get explicit.

Yet Amy STILL wasn’t done. She tossed the lifeless AOC into the ring and dragged her to the center. There were shouts pin her and end it. Show some mercy. She did until she interrupted her pin in two.

She was grinning from ear to ear as she conducted the crowd and their chorus of boos.

Since there were no rules, the ref could do nothing except stare at a deflated, sweaty, bruised body with a chest barely rising.

Then Amy grabbed her injured leg, flung her over, and sat on it as she wrenched it like she was trying to pull it off.

The pain brought AOC back, but she began screaming and pulling her hair to its roots to avoid submitting. She screamed so loud that she felt like the skin inside her throat was burning off. Between the sweat and tears, it was a wonder she wasn’t drowning in her puddle.

But then, AOC’s face changed. She stopped crying, gritted her teeth, and began crawling to the ropes.

It brought the crowd out of their seats as she fought. With tears and sweat stinging her eyes, her leg on fire, and her perfectly sized tits dragging across the mat because Amy had so much weight on her that she pulled herself out of her bikini top. She could feel the burn on her nipples.

Amy was in a fit. She tried to drag her away, but  AOC wouldn’t surrender. Every part of her body was on fire as she was so close she could touch the rope.

With a lunge, she got it.

Amy was beside herself. It took her focus off AOC long enough to allow her to yank her topless and weak body to the ropes. She saw it and charged, but AOC used her good leg to spring off the rope and drill Amy with a knee to her face.

Her eyes were glazed.

AOC sprung off the ropes,  jumped on her back and locked her in a sleeper. She had no feeling in her arms, and fought out of a sheer will.

Amy fell to one knee. The crowd was practically climbing over the barrier.

Her giant tits bounced around her bikini top, and AOC’s breasts rubbed all over her back and coated them in sweat. But then, Amy got to her feet. AOC tried to jerk her to the ground. Amy grabbed the injured leg and fell on it.

They were both spent; The crowd began chanting, AOC.

Amy was pissed. “I am finished playing with you, bitch.”

They climbed to their feet; AOC gamely threw a punch, but Amy swatted it away and shoved her into the ropes. Amy grabbed her by the throat and dragged her to the center. She stared daggers at the crowd and then chokeslammed AOC to hell. The only thing moving was the jiggling of her titties.

Amy hooked her leg, laid across AOC’s tits, and made sure her tits smothered her beaten opponent.

There was one. A two.

And a kick out.

Amy nearly choked on her tongue. Her 1000-yard stare lasted forever as the topless, sweat-drenched AOC got to her knees.

The crowd nearly bought the arena down.

Amy hollered like a banshee. She nearly scalped AOC but was countered with an elbow shot to the knee. Amy reeled and exposed the back of her knee, AOC went to town on it like a lumberjack chopping a tree. 

Amy dangled over the ropes. AOC grabbed her bikini bottoms as leverage to pull herself to her feet. She reached deep down, and, feeling the pops, AOC rebounded off the ropes and hit  Amy with a jumping DDT that sent  Amy over the ropes, smashing the crown of her head against the apron. Her ass cheeks dripped with sweat, and the sound of them clapping together echoed. Her bottoms wedged in between them.

Still using the adrenaline from the crowd, AOC got up first, went underneath the ring, and pulled out a chain; She showed it to the fans; they roared.

 Amy was on her knees with her back turned. AOC wrapped the chain around her neck, pulled, and held on for dear life as Amy bucked, pulled, clawed, and scratched. AOC steadied herself and dragged the much heavier Amy.

She fell but never let go of the chain; If she had to drag Amy while on her knees, she would, but thankfully the chain was cutting off her airway and sapping her strength.

She dragged her to the entrance ramp, unwrapped the chain, and twirled it.

“You want it?” she yelled to the crowd.

“DO IT!”



Amy was still on her knees and pleading; Everybody went ballistic and “woofed” as she crawled up the ramp getting beat like a dog.

“Speaking of dogs,” AOC said. “How about we free those puppies?”

Amy had no strength to fight back. She was dragged and beat her until her bikini top was shredded.

It was back to the chain as AOC whipped her breasts until they were red. Amy tried protecting them, but AOC would pull her hands away and swing harder; her tits bounced wildly with every strike; she screamed as the skin burned.

 The next swing she let wrap around her arm; She yanked it and pulled AOC off her feet right into a face-cracking clothesline.

She jumped on top of her and began nailing her, but AOC fought back---and it was go time.

The sweat-drenched and topless women traded punches as they rolled up the ramp. Amy and AOC got to their knees and teed off as sweat flew, tits bounced and smashed into each other, and hair was everywhere in their faces blinding them; they hated each other now, and every blow was for the kill.
The crowd begged AOC to get to her feet.

She beat Amy to the ground and then some. When she looked up at the big screen, she was unrecognizable to herself;  she stumbled around the back and emerged at the top of it.

The security could barely hold the crowd back.

She looked down at the ant-sized crowd as the destroyed Amy Schumer tried getting to her feet. She jumped

The whoosh of the air and buzz of the crowd filled her ears as the image of Amy got bigger.

 Amy looked up, and they locked eyes.

 Then the air exploded out of AOC's lungs. She folded; Her neck jerked forward; her face smashed into the back of Amy.

 She had been unable to stop the spear since falling through the air. She splattered to the ramp floor and crushed her ribs and spine. Her skull bounced, and her brain spun around ----which is what causes knockouts.

Some people in the crowd had to look away.

Using the last of her strength, Amy flopped onto AOC, dropped her head against her tits, and said to herself, “Thank God” when the bell rang three seconds later.


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Re: Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2023, 08:33:54 AM »

Thank you for this story! Love both Amy and AOC and would enjoy to see them in another story. Enjoyed to see them strip each other and the fight being rough, with no holds barred.

What I missed is a build-up and some aftermath:
Why did they fight? Was there some animosity, some dispute? What kind of arena was it? And how did Amy feel after winning, how did the fans react? And how did AOC feel after waking up? Does she want revenge?


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Re: Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2023, 07:17:54 PM »
Meh, I don't bother with that stuff.

I mean, I guess do a build-up sometimes

Re: Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2023, 04:41:29 PM »
I would love to get Amy Schimer in the ring
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Re: Amy Schumer vs AOC "No rules" wrestling match: THE WHOLE STORY
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2023, 04:58:34 PM »
Well, I can't really help you there