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Kara Killmer vs Nina Dobrev

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Kara Killmer vs Nina Dobrev
« on: January 11, 2023, 05:59:00 AM »

(Fight took place early 2019)

She won fights, lots of fights at this point but she also had losses.  Nina Dobrev stared across at Kara Killmer and knew what her hardest loss was.  Her fight with Torrey DeVito was a fight she had to avenge but was its Torrey.  It started with sending a message to all the Chicago cast and that paper she was going to write the message was on, sat down 20 feet from her.

Kara walked away and into the staff area.  Nina followed her; Kara was a nice surprise.  She acted so innocent and frightful all the time now was time to give her a reason to be both of those things

Kara was mad She was always meek and didn’t involve herself in things she couldn’t control.  For some reason Nina was once again giving her hard looks though.  Torrey fixed Nina properly though, she watched Torrey and Nina go to war and as she stood across from her now “Last time I saw you they were hauling Torrey off you.  Fun times.”

“Kara the last time I saw you, you were cowering away like the cowardice bitch we both know deep down you truly are then you cheap shotted me.”

“Not cowering now and you must want me to kick your ass like Torrey did.  so, what do you want to do?”

Nina attempted a slap to Kara, but it was blocked, and Nina got slapped by Killmer and it hit with such impact she nearly went down. 

There was no reputation for Kara Killmer she had never been in a fight.  Nina had no clue what this woman was going to be good at what her weaknesses were she just had to do her best and so are Nina found out Kara was strong and knew how to slap

To have your first fight was always daunting but Nina Dobrev as a first fight was mad.  Sure, she never bought into the Nina Dobrev is the perfect fighter, great at it all.  So much like Kaley Cuoco with the difference being motivation was never a factor to Nina she when she fought always wanted to win but the more, she wanted it the better she fought at times

“Tracy prepared me for you.”  Kara said and Nina got up feeling her jaw.

“Good it’ll make beating you up all the better.”

Time to study the room, a door less closet with jackets hung up and shoes on the floor.  There were two couches both leather and with cushioned arm rests.  There was a table with two benches, one pressed against the wall.  A kitchen type counter with a sink and two microwaves and a refrigerator.

Nina went to slap Kara, but Kara was already going low and wrapped her under Nina’s ass and put her shoulder into Nina’s stomach lifted her up and both went down.  Kara sat up and slapped Nina but got hit with a punch to the ribs and then her shoulder was pushed by Nina’s forearm and she was down on all fours

Nina slipped out and got her hand on the back of Kara’s head and the other on her pants.  She closed her hand and got a good grip and drove a knee into Kara Killmers ribs.

“Phew… that felt so good.”  She hit another “God I’ve had sex less satisfying than this feeling.”

Nina stood up and kept her hands in Kara’s hair and pants and threw her at the kitchen counter top.  Kara’s stomach hit hard but she didn’t care she was going to win this fight.

Nina hit a double ax handle to the shoulder blades of Kara Killmer whose chest went on the counter then she twisted and hit Nina with the plastic dish tray.  It was enough to bother Nina who brought her arms up in fear of what was coming and then after the move didn’t hurt, she had her shirt grabbed

Opening her eyes Nina saw Kara Killmer drop to the ground and Nina would have been out cold maybe dead if she hadn’t got her arms in front when she hit the edge of the counter.

Nina though wanted to play a game and played dead.  She laid out on the counter her body slinking down.  She wanted to trap Kara Killmer and do some damage to one of Hollywood most innocent

Kara for some reason squeezed her breast together and then fixed her hair.  The sight of a knocked-out Nina Dobrev was turning her on.  She never knew Nina until that night in the bar… After that Kara decided Nina was a fake nice person who she wanted to rip apart.  Now she was

“You were supposed to be tougher, I was hoping to wear you out and at some point slap your face with my amazing tit but here you are … Might as well figure out what to do with you.”

Kara reached for the back of Nina’s hair, but Nina pushed off the counter and got behind Kara.  Nina quickly grabbed the blond locks and pulled her five feet before getting her strong legs ready and threw Kara Killmer onto the table.

“I know this is your first fight and all but really little girl did you think you had me beat that easily and early” Nina pulled Kara off the table lifted her up and body slammed her back onto the table “I’m Nina Dobrev and if I beat a motivated Kaley Cuoco what chance do you think you have.”

Nina grabbed Karas shirt “Bet this will lead to you losing”  She pulled the shirt off and ended up kicked in the head and sent back.

Kara got up and put her arms out showing she wasn’t embarrassed.

“I like the confidence and the bod.”  Nina took her shirt off and even though she got it off quick it was even quicker for Kara to shockingly close the distance and the shocking part was go for the tits.

Kara slammed Nina into the wall then ripped the bra off.  When the bra ripped open Nina got a headlock in turned Kara and slammed her head into the wall then she snapped the back of the bra and underhooked Kara and grabbed at her tits

Usually when one would go for this attack there might be a squeeze then the squeezed would pull at the hands or push down.  What Kara did though was close her arms and that caught Nina off guard.  Her arms were effectively trapped, and Kara then got a foot on the wall pushed and both hit the floor

Kara fought to stay on top of Nina and then sat up looked at the toned belly of Nina Dobrev.  Another weird move usually theyd try to spin so they were chest on chest then work at getting slaps to the face and tit attacks.  All Nina could do was grab the back of Karas hair pull  her down and off which meant back sweat in the face

Kara was finding this exhilarating and rolled backward to get back up to  her feet.  Nina rolled on to her stomach popped up quick and had to wipe her mouth.  It never got the taste of Karas sweat out so she spit and then got hit with a kick that got her in a tit.

It was getting clear kara had a bit of training that straight kick was great but the follow up was jumping for a right.  Nina slipped it and stepped forward to try and get Kara down but they wrestled around instead and got in mutual bear hug

They tightened pressure and Nina made a swallowing sound.  The blonde truly had strength and her tits were great  That swallow gave Kara the power to push forward and slam Nina into a fridge.  “Just say enough.”

Nina got two hands on Karas face pushed down and away.  “Not even close to enough.”  Nina got enough separation and turned her shoulder getting a elbow across Kara’s face.  “I beat Kaley cuoco bitch and I will walk through Chicago.”

That dropped Kara to one knee “All of you Chicago bitches pay until I break…” 

“Shut up.”  Kara hand that was on the ground came up and hit a punch above Ninas leg charley horsing it.

Kara brought her shoulder downward and spun for a elbow that got Nina in the middle of the face.  Nina was absolutely not expecting either of those strikes and stumbled.  Kara could feel the stumble and used the arm which she had downward got it between Ninas legs and lifted a falling Nina Dobrev up onto her shoulders.

Muscles straining Kara looked around then felt Nina was past the shock of pain and was about to fight out so Kara lifted her shoulders dropped her hands and sent Nina face first to the counter.  Nina got her hands up blocking most of it.  “Thought you were going to break us Chicago bitches.. Only one bitch in this  room and its not me.”

Kara didn’t know where that came from but god did saying that feel good.  So out of character but Nina was bringing something out of her she didn’t know existed.  “What did you say after you beat Nathalie.”  Kara grinded Nina’s forehead into the edge of the counter “You talked about my girls.  My shows and my girls and now what do you think of that?”

Nina shot her elbow back and got Kara just below the belly button.  Nina slid her leg back and was able to be lower than Karas hips she got a high crotch and lifted Kara up “You like to slam” Kara kept fighting it and eventually broke Nina’s grip got back down to her feet and went to straight kick Nina, but Nina shot forward and got a takedown only to get flipped off.

The longer this was going the more comfortable Kara was getting.  Nina hit on her back and realized this and got quickly to her knees up to her feet where she then got her tits pushed and ended up against the door.  “Come on with it.  Show me the Kaley fighter.”  Kara clawed down at the tits of Nina Dobrev then hit a punch to the firm stomach of Nina.

That made Nina leans forward and she was embarrassed that a Kara Killmer punch did that to her.  Her stomach was harder than Karas fist.  Nina dropped her shoulder than threw it upward and hit Kara.  Then with the same arm she underhooked Kara arm and leveraged her into the door went for her own claw at the tits but Kara grabbed Nina by the wrists stopping it

“You still think this is going to end well… I’m age adjacent to you and got every tool you have.  I don’t fear you bitch.”  Still the word bitch sounded forced from Kara but the malice in her eyes was genuine.

Kara was winning the hand battle and was bringing Nina’s arms out wide.  Nina was fuming she couldn’t believe what was happening.  There should have been a struggle a bit maybe, but this should have been a dominant win not running into a natural fighter.  Nina went for a knee between Karas legs but got hit with a headbutt before the knee could connect.

Kara ducked low launched forward lifting Nina up and the two went crashing to the floor with the blonde on top.  Kara had Nina hair and hit her head into the floor a few times when Nina’s got up and between Karas legs.  It wasn’t a power move but enough to allow Nina to roll Kara

Nina now hit Karas head into the floor and before she could slam it down a third time Kara scratched Nina’s face.  That got Nina to seat up straight and screech then Kara hit a left and right below Nina’s belly button and lifted her hips sent Nina off her went to climb atop but Nina’s flexibility was the hardest thing to match, and Nina got her leg in so tight and kicked Kara away

Nina rolled backward to get up to her feet and Kara rushed her and that was looking for a good idea, but Nina ended up flipping Kara.  Nina took a knee to the back of the head before Nina was able to flip Kara.  Kara got lucky in one sense as the back of her legs hit the counter and not her lower back

Nina stumbled forward and got her hand up to the neck.  The knee did cause some extension of the muscle but she knew she won that exchange.  Nina turned around and there was Kara on the floor with her legs against the counter.  Nina walked over “Ok bitch time to go night night.”

Nina hit a downward side kick her heel dug into the belly button of Kara Killmer.  She then gripped the counter and stood above Kara then got both feet on Karas body and began to put weight down.  “Never did this but you earned a new finish.”

Nina stood on Karas stomach and pressed down getting extra pressure holding down on the counter.  “Tap, scream or pass out but this is over Kara.  And Fuck Chicago one.” Nina knew this was a tougher fight and if this girl was the best they had to offer she should expect full apologies.

Kara wanted to scream but she couldn’t.  Kara thought about tapping out and she knew she did well but to come to this point and lose.  To be another notch in Nina Dobrevs ego and to allow her full access to beat up all her friends in Chicago One.  She was about to pass out but as her eyes opened, she saw a opening.

She grabbed the shins of Nina then just kicked her legs up at Nina’s wrists and connected and pulled.  Nina was able to pull away herself and avoid her chin going into the counter which would have been game over.  She ended up on top of Kara who grabbed Ninas wrists and Nina felt the legs underhooking her and she began to frantically pull away “No oh no.”

The full nelson with the legs was how she won a fight and to lose that way was not something she could allow to happen.  When you land a crazy submission, the reputation grows exponentially.  What made her fight so hard was knowing what happens to the woman who has this submission applied you quickly become a steppingstone.


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Re: Kara Killmer vs Nina Dobrev
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2023, 06:04:07 AM »
Nina was fighting frantically, and the fight Nina had not to get put into this submission as she pushed down legs and tried to get away.  It was Nina’s own feet that caused Kara to stop going for it.  She ate a few kicks to the face and had to get away and both went opposite sides which finally saved Nina from a inescapable submission and Kara from a desperate knockout

They ended up sliding on their knees and were face to face at the same time.  Nina’s confidence was not there and that made Kara smile.  She beat the respect from Nina now she was going to  beat Nina.  Nina saw that smile and knew this was not the fight she thought it would be so she had to walk away the winner here or this would haunt her.

That brief but intense stare was done, and both went for the others head.  Nina got there first grabbing Kara by the hair and bringing it to her left and into the cabinet.  “Where did you learn that submission?”

Kara hit Ninas head into the same cabinet “I did it to a woman taller than me named Miranda.  I almost…”  Never got to finish as Nina hit Karas head into the cabinet and then Kara hit Nina’s head

“I’m Nina Dobrev god damn it.”  Kara wasn’t giving in and they exchanged head smashes into the cabinet

“You are no one.”  Kara said and then both went the other way and ended up rolling around the floor

Both kept trying to get to the outside and get behind to smash the others face and win the fight.  It ended up causing them to get onto one knee and hit some punches to the ribs.  Then Kara exploded up and threw Nina onto the booth table they had in the break room

Kara tried to get atop and smash Nina on the table but Nina was pushing her away with her feet and inching closer to the edge.  Finally, Nina slid off and bear hugged Kara dropped back for a over head belly to belly suplex into the wall and on the table then went to pull Kara off by the hair and nearly got arm locked

Nina now protected her arm and Kara could feel the arm being pulled out so she just raised her foot to the tit.  Nina got the arm out and Kara pushed with her foot causing Nina to spin.  Kara pushed off the table ducked low and tried to get in front of Nina.  She realized that was stupid as Nina went to hit her and crossed legs pulling Ninas out and dropped down for a calf slicer

Nina spun out and started to stand and so did Kara when she realized she wasn’t getting that submission.  Kara was behind Nina grabbed her by the waist to German suplex her on the table and got hit with three back elbows. Nina spun for a elbow and Kara ended up ducking real low and lifting Nina up in the air by the legs

Ninas legs were so strong she widened them and avoided whatever Kara was planning breaking Karas grip.  They were both back on the ground and Kara hit a over hand slap and Nina came up with uppercut slap.  Kara then got a waist lock and lifted Nina to slam her on the table but nina grabbed a front head lock and they both ended up on the table.

Nina immediately turned her hips and was on top of Kara she was hitting short left hooks but then got turned and Kara slid both up more and hit some hammer fists.  Then Kara grabbed each edge of the table pushed herself completely up and both slid to cover the full length of the table.  Kara tried to sit up and Nina sent a claw slap at Karas tit

Nina tried to throw Kara off the table into the booth, but Kara was to strong and best Nina could do was get Kara to her side.  Nina threw a leg over and powered Kara down and slammed Karas head she then sat up raised a fist only to get hit in the stomach.  Kara then turned and put Nina on her back.

Kara got her hair grabbed so she grabbed Nina’s and hit Nina’s head then Kara was turned and on the small table they wrestled.  Nina hit Karas head she should have known with her luck Kara would have been one of those innocent looking Bambi-like girls that if you fight you are in for a headache.

Kara had a deficit here and it was experience.  Nina was staying on top longer and ripping more hair out.  Maybe if Kara had not fought someone with Nina’s stature she would have already won but she was this far and finally felt she had Nina pinned.  Kara was about to say something when after the third head smash, she got turned

Nina felt something different being on top of Kara.  She smashed her once and on the second time she rose her tits and really slapped them down on Karas.  It felt like Karas tits finally gave into hers, so the fight was almost over and Nina really lifted Karas head and slammed it down.

Nina slammed the head again “Come on Kara.  Say you are done or I leave you on this table knocked out.”

Kara said nothing and Nina lifted the head and first slapped Kara Killmer with her tits then regripped in the hair “You wanted this you got it.”

The door opened and Nina looked up glad that someone was going to see her beat, Kara Killmer.  Winning fights is great, winning them in front of someone was even better.  “You are in for a…”

Nina made eye contact with the two women and stopped what she was doing to Kara and then Killmer grabbed the table and pulled.  Nina Dobrev landed hard on the bench and Kara raised her head and slammed the back of her head to Nina’s nose. 

Kara turned around and pushed Nina’s head over the edge.  Kara got on her feet and put one knee on Nina Dobrev’s highly fit stomach and began to choke and push Nina down.  Nina’s neck was stretched and couldn’t escape.  She refused to tap out but eyes started to blink and heard “Nighty night bitch.” 

Kara Killmer choked Nina Dobrev unconscious.  She put back on her clothes and took Nina’s and opened the door She seen mostly staff “Want to see what Hollywood is really about go look at Nina Dobrev right now.”

“Stop being a bully Nina because that is what I do to bullies.”

Kara walked out and her eyes went wide.  Ruby Rose was in front of her “Why do you…” and then she saw Torrey Devito was with her

“I heard Nina was here and wished to see… You were right Kara would beat her in a fight.  I hope you know she wont stop coming at you.”

“But why are you always showing up for her fights?  How do you know when it will happen?  And if she wants more it will get worst.”

(Upcoming:  Ruby Rose vs Alycia Debnam carey; Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson; Arielle Kebbel vs Michelle Langstone; Jenna Dewan vs Megan Fox)


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Re: Kara Killmer vs Nina Dobrev
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I really love that someone is finally using Kara Killmer in the story on this site!!!
Mixed Wrestling is my favorite thing. Love to do roleplaying.