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AG3: Kate Winslet vs Christina Hendricks

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AG3: Kate Winslet vs Christina Hendricks
« on: January 19, 2023, 03:48:22 PM »
The two big-breasted beauties locked up and began a test of strength. It was a hard-fought few minutes with both sets of tits smashed so close together that the pain was already bringing tears to their eyes.

Kate won the battle and overpowered her opponent into the turnbuckle. 

The knife edge chops brought woos from the crowd.  She demolished Christina's tits and then worked her abdomen with vicious kicks that almost buckled her knees.

But Christina had enough; She pushed Kate away and gave her knife edge chops to her tits. Kate shook, but she recovered and threw straights into her size F boobs, going after them like a punching back until she almost made them bounce out of her bra.
Do you know who has the best tits? She screamed.

Christina refused to say her name. Instead,  she grabbed kate's tits, slinging her into the turnbuckle. She sucked and licked her neck before backing into the other corner turnbuckle for a running splash; Kate jumped out of the way, and Christina went tits first into the corner.

Kate lifted Christina from behind, carried her to the center ring, and hit a double knee backbreaker; her tits bounced like jello. She pinned Christina but for only a two-count. She rubbed her face with her hands out of frustration.

She picked up Christina by her hair.

I’ll get the answer out of you in any way I can. Kate said

Keep dreaming, sweetheart. Christina said; she went off on her stomach with lefts and rights; She was on her knees,  swinging with everything she had, driving Kate back.

But Kate collected herself and pounded Christina; it turned into a slugfest.

Chistina got to her feet, but Kate kicked her between her legs. Christina rolled around the ring in pain; Kate kicked her square in her fat ass as she crawled away before collapsing then kick-shoved her, making the cheeks slap together.

 She yanked Chistina to her knees and pounded her tits. When she was done, she tossed her back to the mat like garbage; She reached around Chistina and bear-hugged her tits.

Christina whined but was defiant.

“They will always be better than your worthless whore mounds.”

 She grabbed Kate's hair, slung her to the mat, and stomped on her beautiful tits. Then she Irish whipped Kate into the ropes, but she was cut down by a clothesline that shook the ring.

 Kate jumped on Christina, and hooked her thick thighs, but got another two count. She put her hands out like she was pleading and stared bug-eyed at the ref as Christina lay motionless from using all of her strength to power out. She went from bewildered to pissed as she glared at the voluptuous body of her fallen opponent. She picked up the dead weight of Christina, but a hand reached around her throat and lifted her off her feet.

Kate went up and down through the air. The mat destroyed her back and shot every ounce of air out of her lungs.

 Christina put all of the weight on Kate's chest and yanked her leg almost to her head.

The ref hit the one count; Kate found the strength and kicked out; Christina flopped onto the mat, too exhausted to complain.

They began the battle to get to their feet. It was won by Christina.

Christina's panties were rolled up and wedged and inside out over her soaked ass.

She Irish whipped Kate into the ropes but was too slow and weak to follow up; she was speared right in the center of the ring.

Kate lay motionless on top of Christina with one bra strap off her shoulder, a rip in her panties, and her ass crack peeking out.

One count---

Christina flopped Kate off; Kate crumpled right beside her, and they were down again.

Christina once more won the battle to get up first, but she could not climb to her feet, so she crawled, spread Kate’s legs open, folded her in half, and sat on her.

One count…AGAIN.

Chistina gritted her teeth, glared at Kate, and spit in her face.

Then she forced herself to her feet and dragged Kate to a corner turnbuckle, and using her shoulders, arms, and head and lifted Kate onto the top rope and set her up.

Kate shoved her off and sent Christina crashing to the mat, but struggled to stand on the turnbuckle.

Christina rolled out of the ring, ran back to the corner post, climbed it again, and began a slugfest.

But Kate got the advantage.

Christina fell and tried to catch herself but got her bra caught in the padding; she struggled.

Kate prepared for another assault, but Christina grabbed her leg; she fell from the top onto the outside floor.

Christina fell off the apron, and the turnbuckle snapped her bra off.; Her tits were massive; they flopped into her face.

They were down for the count again.

Christina lay face up and down with her tits jiggling as she tried to breathe through.

Kate lay face down, curled with her posh ass bouncing, expanding, and retracting with every breath. She pushed herself up to all fours; Christina saw it and threw herself on top of her. Kate crawled toward the ramp, supporting the weight on top of her.

Christina wrapped her hands around  Kate's creamy 34C's and dug in; Kate screamed as the fingers seeped through them like bread dough.

"These?" Christina asked. "These are supposed to be better than  mine?"

Christina pulled them apart; Kate shrilled.

"THESE?" She pulled them further.
Kate was a mess of tears, sweat, and shame. She couldn't pull the fingers off. She threw a tantrum, knowing she was close to breaking.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, they are, you jealous bitch." She continued to cry.


Kate stood up, piggybacking Christina. Her tits were so slick with sweat that Christina's hands slipped. She tried to sink her nails in for grip, causing Kate to shriek as the red marks scrawled across them.

Kate fell on all fours, crawling toward the ramp for separation.

"No, bitch." Chistina said, clinging to the waistband of Kate's panties and wedging them into her asscheeks.

As the material dug deeper, Kate yowled and bucked like a child throwing a tantrum in a store.

"SAY IT!" Christina yelled, jerking them until the treads were strings about to snap.

Everyone around the world knew Kate as a posh woman of class. Now she was a sloppy piece of trash. But she would NEVER relent. She reached behind her and jerked Christina's panties.   

"MINE!" Kate screamed. "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

For what seemed like an eternity, they fought, argued, and whatever else they could to break the other.

 Kate knew that her panties would tear any second, so she slipped her arms behind Christina's knees and lifted her.

NO! NO! Christina yelled.

She let go of the panties--so stretched that they fell between Kate's feet-- and grabbed Kate's hair like horse reigns; Her legs were trapped, so she tried to pull Kate's hair out by the roots.

"FUCK YOU, STUPID BITCH! I'LL SCALP YOU!" You could hear the terror in her voice.

Kate made it to the ramp guardrail; Christina pleaded, digging her claws into Kate's face as tears ran down her cheeks.

Then Kate went a step further and somehow managed to climb atop the guard rail; Christina was hysterical.

"GOD DAMN IT! FUCK YOU!" She was trapped. Kate fell back, crushing Christina between her and the top of the rail. 

There had to be a winner, which was why the ref did nothing but wait as Christina lay on her back, her arms and legs dangling over the side. Tits so huge that they, too, flopped over the sides, peeking out between Kate's shoulder blades.

Kate's limbs draped over the sides, tangled up with Christina's. Her large breasts wobbled, flicking sweat through the air. The rest of their sweat trickled down the side of the rail, pooling on the floor. Ten minutes passed; the crowd cheered the entire time. 

Kate rolled off. She grabbed what was left of her panties and jammed them--without any fight-- into Christina's mouth. She tore off Christina's panties, wrapped them around her mouth and head, and pulled. She pulled Christina off the rail, put a knee in her back, and tightened the hold, gagging her.

Christina's tears smeared her makeup, and her face was beet red. She was trembling; her tits jumped, slapping against each other and spraying more sweat. She gurgled and wheezed.

She didn't want to submit.
She wouldn't.
She did.


Kate threw her to the ground. As the crowd cheered and the ref raised Kate's hand in victory,

Christina lay in a heap, worthless and crying.

Then the crowd hushed.

This was it. The moment Kate earned.


Christina wept. She couldn't even look at Kate.


The only sound that came from Chistina was her wheezing. Kate's jaw jutted from the clinch of anger. She yanked Christina's head up.


Christina finally looked at her.

"That's right," Kate said. "That's a good girl."

Christina glared at her.

"Say it."

Christina spat in her face; the crowd exploded; Kate froze. 

And Christina passed out.

Kate remained frozen.

"I want a rematch."

"Excuse me?" asked the ref.

"Did I stutter?"

"But you won."

Kate stood up but never took her eyes off the comatose Christina.

"No, I didn't," she said. She turned around and walked toward the back in silence.




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Re: AG3: Kate Winslet vs Christina Hendricks
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2023, 10:07:06 AM »
Love this story, love this battle of Kate and Christina and the focus on their tits. And then the aftermath, Kate trying to get Christina to admit that her tits are better.

There needs to be a rematch and with high stakes!