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Italian Female Wrestling | Michela vs Sabrina - holds challenge

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to the video:

Legs of steel
Michela was brave enough to ask for a match with Sabrina in order to compare her legs’ strength with Sabrina’s.
The intensity of the initial arm wrestling shows the determination and commitment of both girls and how much they care about this confrontation.

Pain endurance
The first hold is the spectacular and painful figure four head scissors, where both girls suffer for a long time with tears in their eyes. Resisting for 90 seconds means, escaping the hold, and making the opponent tap, all mean one point.
Two body scissors follow, the second is from behind with a chicken wind applied too. And it’s a matter of pain tolerance, trapped in a tight squeeze that makes them moan and scream!

Surprise ending
Reverse head scissors and a lateral head scissor end the challenge in an unexpected way. And the punishment round that follows is not to be missed… One of the most hard-fought and intense holds challenges so far!

to the video: