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Playboy Test Shoot (Inspired by Kevan)

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Playboy Test Shoot (Inspired by Kevan)
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Playboy Test Shoot

Karen had awoken early as today would be a big day. Check that! She barley slept at all. Since being discovered by Playboy at a swimsuit competition her life had been a world wind. Today was the day that she would travel to the Playboy mansion and shed her clothes for the first time in front of the cameras.

Now she had already modeled some very skimpy swimsuits and appeared in various sexy cheerleading outfits. She was a beautiful woman and between performing in front of large crowds at basketball and football games and swimsuit competitions, she was still very shy. Today was the day where she would have to force herself out of her comfort zone. If she got cold feet now she would owe Playboy a lot of money for the hotel and airfare. She checked herself in the mirror one last time and headed for the car that the magazine had sent to pick her up.

The drive to the mansion was uneventful. She was completely lost in her thoughts. The driver tried to make light conversation with her but she didn’t hear a word that he had said. A normal driver would be offended. “What’s up with this stuck up bitch?” But Nick had been driving for Playboy for years and made this exact same trip hundreds of times. He knew that look and figured it would be best to leave Karen alone with her thoughts. Sometimes the trip back to the hotel was even harder. Some girls would be happy and relieved that the first shoot was over. Some just cried all the way back to the hotel having regretted signing the contract in the first place. He hoped Karen did well at the photo shoot. He very much was looking forward to seeing the brunette sans clothing!

Karen’s thoughts were broken by the driver’s voice. “Where here Miss McDougal.” She didn’t even know that he had pulled through the gates, down the long driveway, and up to the front door of the Playboy mansion. Just as her surroundings began to register her car door opened and a hand extended into her. “Good morning Miss McDougal, welcome to the mansion.”

She took the man’s hand and stepped from the car. Their eyes locked for a second. He had the kindest eyes and he wasn’t bad looking either! “Please call me Karen.” “Well Karen it is! I’m Irish and I will be your photographer for today’s shoot.” Shit! The shoot… that’s why she was here in the first place. But there was something about this man, she would follow him anywhere.

He led her through the large front door into the mansion. As they walked across the foyer she felt the eyes of all of the other women on her. One was more beautiful than the next. What am I doing here? She asked herself. She could hear quiet whispers between the other girls but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. This made her even more uncomfortable.

Irish sensed her uneasiness and turned to face her. “Relax.” He told her. He guided her over to a couch and had her sit down. Those eyes! She was in a trance, completely under his spell. “Let me get you some tea.” He continued and stepped out of the room. She took a breath and realized that everything was going to be alright.

Irish walked back into the room with a cup of tea for Karen and a coffee for himself. He handed Karen her cup and took a seat across the table from the nervous brunette. They sat there making small talk as he put Karen completely at ease. It must have been an hour before he even brought up the photo shoot. This guy is good!

Pam, the self-appointed queen bee of the mansion, finally had awakened and had come down the stairs into the foyer where a large group of Playmates had gathered. They were all talking about the new girl that Hef had brought in for a test shoot. She was beautiful and had the classic “girl next door” looks that made her a shoe in for Playmate of the Month. “Really? We’ll just have to see…” was Pam’s reply.

Irish had Karen completely relaxed and said let’s take a few pictures. Karen walked over to where he directed her in front of what could best be described as some type of green screen. “Where would you like to travel today?” Irish asked Karen. “Paris? Rome? The beach?” he asked as the background changed for each of the different settings. “I think I like the beach the best.” Karen answered. “Me too!” was Irish’s reply. With the background decided on, he coached Karen through various possess that would accentuate the brunette’s amazing features the most.

Karen slipped into the changing room and when she stepped out Irish’s heart skipped a beat. The lovely brunette loved the look on the photographer’s face. The skimpy camouflage bikini showed off Karen’s gifts from God, the results of hours in the gym. The little help from a plastic surgeon who “helped” grow a cup size or two for the brunette was also on full display.

“Do you like it?” Karen asked already knowing the answer as it was plastered all over his face. Before she waited for an answer she grabbed the top strings to the bikini and made a little adjustment to her top. The results were a little jiggle of her breasts. Irish nodded in the affirmative with his mouth open, he clearly didn’t trust his voice just yet.

“Hold on, I have just the thing!” he said as he was finally able to string together a sentence. He reached into his bag and brought out a US Marine Corp. utility cap. “Here, try this on!” Karen took the hat and heeded over to a mirror. She carefully placed the hat on her head and made a few adjustments to her hair. It fit perfectly! When she turned around Irish’s broad, kind smile had returned. “Perfect!” he said and headed back to his spot. Karen had to admit, it really did complete the camo theme of her bikini.

Finally they were ready to begin. Just as Irish lifted his camera into place the studio door swung open and in walked Pam Anderson. “Hey Irish!” she greeted him. The blonde had expressed interest in the photographer numerous times, but the interest was never returned. “Let me help you get the new girl into the swing of things!” she offered, and the Irishman didn’t like the sound of that at all.  He had only known Karen for a very short time and he was already smitten with the Indiana beauty. Before Irish had a chance to object, Pam had made her way over to Karen and wrapped her arm around the lovely brunette.

The contrast between the two women was night and day. Pam was a buxom blonde with tons of experience. Karen the hot brunette was the novice and Irish feared that Pam would exploit that. As much as he wanted to warn Karen and chase off the blonde, he knew that just wasn’t permitted here at the mansion. Whatever Pam was about to do was beyond his control.

Karen looked over at Irish and sensed that something was wrong when she saw his uneasiness. But before she had a chance to ask what was going on, Pam spun Karen so that she was now facing away from Irish. “First things first!” Pam began her tutorial. “You need to relax.  Try this.” She stated making sure to keep Karen’s attention on her rather than the photographer. “Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. Hold it…. And then let it out of your mouth, like this.” Pam demonstrated the relaxing breathing technique to the would-be Playmate.

It seemed harmless enough, so Karen closed her eyes and did as Pam had instructed her. The brunette had to admit, she did feel a little more comfortable after the exercise. What she didn’t know was that when her eyes were closed, Pam was sizing her up to see what she would have to do to defeat the brunette. Karen was very athletic looking and the blonde knew she couldn’t take her lightly.

“Not bad!” Pam complemented Karen. “This time take a deep cleansing breath, hold it for a few seconds, and when you exhale trying and force every bit of the air out of your lungs, like this.” Pam said before once again demonstrating the breathing technique to the brunette.
Irish was clearing his throat and doing everything humanly possible to get Karen’s attention and warn her about Pam’s dirty tricks.  The blonde had been around the mansion for a while and had the reputation of being an absolute bitch to the photographers, staff, and other girls. Pam had done a good job making sure that that wouldn’t be happening.

Following Pam’s instructions, Karen once again took a deep cleansing breath. “Hold it for a second!” Pam shouted. “Now slowly exhale every bit of air that you can.” The blonde instructed the brunette. Karen began the process of purging the air from her body as Pam had instructed and had to admit it felt pretty relaxing. “Now keep your eyes closed and keep blowing until you feel like you have nothing left!” Pam continued to coach.

Karen did as she was told. While she had seen Pam in photos, she had no idea what a bitch the Canadian was. With her eyes still tightly closed, Karen continued to blow out air through her mouth. “Keep going! Keep going!” Pam coached her. Karen had no idea how she possibly could exhale any more air than she had already done, but she tried. “Keep your eyes closed!” Pam added.

The brunette soon felt a little light headed as her diaphragm forced the last molecules of remaining air from her body. Pam watched for the slight sway that she was looking for and stepped towards the unsuspecting brunette. “Look out Karen!” Irish said, but the blonde would never give his words a chance to register in the brunette’s brain. Instead, she dipped slightly and cranked back her right arm.

Pam’s balled up fist was headed towards the brunette at break neck speed. If Karen was ready for it, the brunette’s taught, muscular abs would easily fend off the blow. Three or four even. Irish surmised. But Karen wasn’t ready for it, never given a chance to try and tighten her stomach muscles, and now her body was completely drained of oxygen. No, with her eyes still tightly closed, Karen never saw Pam’s fist coming.

Irish was now the one with his eyes closed tightly! Pam’s well aimed fist blasted into Karen’s belly just about introducing her belly button to her spine. There was no grunt, no scream, not even as gasp of air that came from the brunette. The only sound was fist hitting flesh! Karen pitched forward at the waist instantly doubling over from the blow. Her face was a mask of pain. Her eyes just stared blankly at Pam as if to ask “why?”

The blonde didn’t see the need to have to explain herself to the newbie. No, she was hell bent on destroying the lovely brunette. And if she made it so that Karen never appeared in Playboy, was she still considered a newbie? Maybe a could have been…

Pam wasted no time at all! With Karen pitched forward at the waist, she grabbed the brunette by the hair and tucked her head under her arm. Karen panicked when she felt Pam flex her muscles, constricting her arm tightly around Karen’s thin neck. The aggressive blonde followed up lifting several knees deep into the brunette’s belly. Karen’s well defined abs that instantly caught Irish’s eye were rapidly being beaten into mush!

Each blow brought the brunette’s feet up off of the ground, only to come crashing back down to the floor. After the fourth or fifth blow Karen’s muscular legs could no longer support the weight of her body and she just crumpled to the ground on her knees.

Pam released the rear head lock and shifted her target to slamming fist into the small of Karen’s back. The overwhelmed brunette could do nothing to stop the onslaught and she felt herself growing weaker and weaker with every devastating blow. The kidney shots had all but ended the fight in favor of the seasoned blonde. In a feeble attempt to try and stop the punishment, Karen tried to cover her lower back with her hands. This rookie move would wind up costing her big!

Pam shifted her weight so that Karen’s head was between her legs, sitting on the back of her head, and pinning her face down to the floor. With her left arm, Pam slid her hand under Karen’s right arm and grabbed hold of her left arm at the elbow. She had both the brunette’s arms trapped behind her back using only one of her arms.

“Let’s see if this is made of military grade material!” Pam said to Karen. With her free hand, Pam undid the bow of Karen’s bikini string at the middle of her back. Next she brushed the brunette’s hair aside exposing the bow of the top string that she easily undid as well. Karen’s breasts hit the floor when the support of her bikini top disappeared as Pam pulled the camo material off of the front of the brunette.

With both of Karen’s arms still restrained with her left hand, Pam used her right hand to pass the fabric of the bathing suit around Karen’s arms. The brunette had no idea what was going on until Pam cinched the material tightly around her arms, tying her arms behind her back at the elbow.

Pam stood by placing her hand onto the back of Karen’s head and pushing off. The brunette grunted as her face was mushed into the carpeting. Pam chuckled at the new girl’s discomfort. Clenching her fist, grabbing a fist full of dark hair, the blonde used the handhold to pull Karen to her feet.

Karen’s mind was racing a hundred miles an hour. What the hell was happening? Before she had a chance to process the events of the last few minutes, Pam shoved her roughly, sending her crashing into the wall behind her. “Ugh!” Karen grunted on impact, but the veteran was far from finished embarrassing the rookie on what was supposed to be her Playboy debut.

With her arms bound tightly behind her back, Karen’s breast jutted proudly from her chest. Pam took notice of the perfectly shaped orbs and treated the side of Karen’s left breast with a stinging open handed slap with her right hand. The palm on delicate flesh impact could be heard throughout the entire mansion, but so was Karen’s pained cry!

Mimicking the “drum technique” from Karate Kid II, Pam bent at the knees and rotated her hips. The results was maximum torque she was able to generate as open handed slaps landed on the sides of Karen’s breast from alternating directions. Just as the painful slap slammed into the side of one of her breasts, knocking it into the other, stretching both to their limits, another hand landed from the other direction sending them flying the opposite way. Karen bit into her bottom lip trying not to give Pam the satisfaction of how much each slap hurt. It was clearly obvious that she was now fighting back tears.

The onslaught stopped as Pam took a step back to catch her breath. Karen, with her back still against the wall, began to slide down in defeat. But the blonde would have none of that as she was just starting to have some fun at the new girl’s expense. The brunette had only slid down a few inches when Pam stepped forward preventing Karen’s decent.

With Karen’s breasts still prominently jutting out from her chest, Pam latched on to the brunette’s nipples. The blonde clamped down painfully pinching Karen’s stiffened nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand. Karen let out a scream at the new found pain. She was no longer sliding down the wall. Using the painful handhold, Pam pulled Karen back into the upright position. Jutting out her own large breasts, Pam slammed them into Karen’s magnificent pair eliciting another cry from the brunette.

The blonde was having fun completely dominating the new girl. She wanted to hurt her, embarrass her, and ensure that the brunette with the girl next door beauty would never show her face at the mansion ever again. Pam saw the way that Irish looked at Karen, and she wanted that attention for herself. Yes, Pam was going to make sure that the Indiana native was going to regret ever getting on a plane and heading west.
Pam seductively flipped her hair as she glanced over her shoulder towards Irish. Yup! He was definitely interested in the new girl. She batted her eye lashes and blew him a kiss. Now that she had his attention, she was going to ruin the brunette!

Now focusing her attention back on Karen, the blonde Playmate stuck out her tongue and leaned in. Karen started to panic and squirm when Pam’s tongue came in contact with the base of the brunette’s neck. Slowly, seductively, the blonde’s tongue made its way up the side of Karen’s neck. When she reached the top she continued up under the brunette’s chin. She then started heading backwards, following the contour of Karen’s jawline.

Karen could feel Pam’s warm breath on the side of her face. She was paralyzed, completely unable to move. When Pam’s tongue made it to Karen’s ear, she swirled the tip of it into Karen’s ear. The goose bumps stood up on her arms when she realized what was happening. With Karen still not able to respond, Pam drew the lobe of Karen’s ear between her lips. Sucking it hungrily, she gave it a playful little nibble.
Pam opened her mouth releasing Karen’s ear. Her left hand grabbed a hold of the brunette’s long dark hair trapping her head in place. This was the first time Karen made eye contact with Irish. She was begging for the floor to open up and swallow her whole at this point and tightly closed her eyes. She felt completely helpless and saw any chance of a future with Irish slipping away.

Karen felt Pam placing her right hand on her belly. “My God! What is this bitch up to?” Things went from bad to worse as the blonde’s hands started its southern journey over Karen’s taught stomach. When the tips of the blonde’s hand reached the top of the brunette’s bikini bottoms, they slipped under the thin camouflage material the way that a submarine slips beneath the waves.

A broad smile crossed the blonde’s face as she recognized the obvious discomfort on the brunette’s face. OK, recognized the discomfort probably isn’t the right choice of words. She was the source of Karen’s discomfort and proud of it! Pam’s fingers slipped further down Karen’s body, over her neatly trimmed bush, over her mound. “What do we have here?” Pam asked. “Are you a Mohawk Indian or something?”
No matter how hard her mind screamed to do something, Karen couldn’t get her body to respond. Her arms tightly bound behind her back certainly wasn’t helping things. Even then, Pam had tuned her up pretty good so far. Karen had gotten into a few minor fights with other girls back in high school and again in college, but those were mostly slap fights over guys. The brunette could normally hold her own against other girls her size, but add Pam’s experience to the equation and the blonde held every possible advantage.

“Was this bitch into kinky shit?” Pam asked herself. She took the fact that Karen was not putting up any resistance at all as green light to do whatever she wanted to the newbie. Was she a lesbian? Submissive? Coward? The blonde shot another quick glance back at Irish and he looked like someone just told him there was no Easter Bunny. “That’s right! I’m the only bunny that matters around here!” she added.
Pam turned her attention back to Karen. “Time to wrap this up and send you slinking back to whatever Po-dunk town that you came from! The Playboy Mansion is only for the big girls! And I’m the top bunny around here!” With that last taunt Pam slipped two fingers between Karen’s southern folds and began to pump them in and out as fast as she could. The attempt wasn’t to bring pleasure to the brunette. It was to embarrass her! And if hurt the new girl then so be it!

Karen’s mouth opened wide with the shock of the cruel blonde’s intimate invasion. Pam still had a tight grip on Karen’s hair. Before the brunette had a chance to scream in protest, the blonde stepped forward and turned Karen’s head towards her. As her fingers were busy trying to bring the brunette to an embarrassing climax, the evil blonde planted her lips on Karen’s and thrust her tongue into the new girl’s mouth.
Karen started to gag as Pam tried to play knock hockey with her tonsils. The blonde’s skillful fingers had moistened up the brunette enough that Pam was now able to slip in a third finger. Now Karen wasn’t a virgin, but the aggressiveness of Pam’s thrust had tears of pain streaming down the sides of her face. The blonde had gained an unfair advantage on the unsuspecting new girl, and now she could do whatever she wanted to the brunette before she led her in a walk of shame out the front door of the mansion passing all of the other girls on the way. Nobody messed with Pam, and now Karen would just be another notch in her lipstick case.

All Irish could do is look on. Hef had a very strict rule preventing a man from putting his hands on one of the Playmate’s. Breaking up a clothes stripping catfight, no matter how well his intentions were, would lead to being fired on the spot. And Pam was one of Hef’s favorites. If she complained to Hef security would throw him out in the street in a heartbeat!

Karen felt herself getting weaker as Pam had her barreling towards an unwanted orgasm like a run-away train. Just then Pam’s fingering slowed. Was she about to shove in finger #4 or was her hand starting to cramp? Either way, Karen felt it was now or never!

As Pam repositioned the hand that was positioned between Karen’s legs, the brunette fired a knee up between the blonde’s legs. It was a direct hit and Pam let out a gasp. Another knee also found its mark causing Pam to withdraw her tongue from Karen’s mouth. The brunette used the sudden change to snap her head forward, slamming a head butt right to the bridge of Pam’s nose, starting a trickle of blood. 

Pam withdrew her hand from Karen’s bikini bottoms and staggered back a few steps. “Karen!” Irish loudly called trying to get the attention of the new girl. Her head spun towards him and he was motioning for her to come over to him.  She knew that she couldn’t run away, no at this point she would have to stand and fight. The new girl headed over to where the photographer stood.  She didn’t really have a plan, she just knew that she needed to gain some space between her and her attacker.

Carful to not initiate any contact with the lovely brunette that would be considered interference, Irish motioned for Karen to spin and face away from him. When she did he grabbed hold of the bikini at the bow and gave it a tug. The camouflaged material that had bound hers arms together unraveled and released her from her entrapment. Her arms felt like lead from the loss of blood circulation and being unused, but she was in a better spot than she was just a minute ago.

Karen turned to Irish and gave him a peck on the cheek to thank him for the assistance. The brunette turned towards Pam to seek out the blonde, but it was clear that both parties seemed to enjoy the little kiss very much. Karen turned back towards the photographer and this time planted a proper kiss right on the lucky man’s lips. Fireworks went off and it took a moment for the lovely brunette to break the kiss. She was all smiles when she spun around to seek her revenge.


Unfortunately for Karen, the kiss lingered a moment too long. As she turned back towards Pam with fire in her eyes, the blonde delivered a straight punch from her knees. The results were that the well placed fist introduced the brunette’s belly button to her spine, doubling her over at the waist.

Pam followed up by rising and grabbing Karen by the hair. Using it as a handle she pulled Karen’s head under her left arm. Grabbing her own wrist, Pam was now able to apply a maximum pressure to the choke hold. For good measure the blonde lifted a series of knees to the brunette’s belly, causing her feet to leave the ground with each successive strike.

“You should have chosen me over this useless bitch!” Pam yelled to Irish in an angry voice. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to make it up to me later.” She continued in a voice that was now soft and kind. “I just need to take out the trash and then you and I can head up to my room so you can show me that you are sorry.”

Karen was battered and was now on the wrong side of a very tight choke hold. One thing she knew that her once taught abs had been turned to mush and one more well placed knee from the experienced blonde and there was probably no coming back from it. You could also add the additional motivation of denying Pam a romp with the photographer. Yup, she planned on spending a little time with Irish herself!

The brunette surged forward catching the blonde off guard. As she drove forward, Karen was able to grab hold of the back of Pam’s legs right behind the knees. Before Pam had a chance to tighten the choke hold or counter the move, Karen lifted Pam off of her feet. The blonde’s body continued to rise until she found herself on her belly, across Karen’s right shoulder.

Karen bounced up and down three or four times driving the air from Pam’s body. It was about this point that Irish picked up his camera for the first time and focused on the action unfolding before him. Just as he brought the viewfinder up to his eye he watched as Karen took a little hop in the air before slamming Pam down on the hard floor, flat on her back. The only sounds in the room were: 1. Pam’s audible gasp as the last remaining air was driven from her body. 2. Karen’s efforts to try and catch her own breath. 3. The sound of Irish’s auto winder on his camera that sounded like it was in danger of catching on fire at this point.

Karen was running on fumes. She knew if she was to defeat the experience blonde, she would have to do it right now. If Pam was allowed to get up off of the mat, Karen feared for what the blonde might be capable of doing to her.

The brunette pushed herself on and crawled up the blonde’s body. Grabbing hold of the material of Pam’s tight knit sweater, Karen began to peel it up on over her head. Now that was no easy task. Between Pam’s body weight and how the material was stretched over her large breast ensured that Karen’s work was cut out for her.

Next she pulled Pam to a seated position so that she was able to unclasp the rear fastener of the blonde’s over stuffed bra. Karen threw an upper cut to the point of Pam’s jaw, knocking the blonde flat on her back. She then grabbed the material between the two bra cups and pulled the bra down off of her arms, and tossed it off to the side. Now both women were topless. Topless women was not an odd occurrence at the mansion, actually quite the opposite was true. But now neither woman had any material that might soften the blows of her opponents attack.
Karen grabbed each of Pam’s arms by the wrist and forced them to her sides. The brunette now used her knees to trap them there. Pam started to stir and began bucking once she realized her sudden vulnerability. After the third buck it seemed like she might succeed in tossing the brunette from her perch. However Karen was able to use her freshly manicured nails to dig deep into Pam’s breast.

The blonde let out a shriek as the brunette began inflicting a tremendous amount of pain to her pride and joys. Not to mention the deep red furrows that Karen’s nails were carving in one of Pam’s most prominent features. After a few minutes Pam’s struggles started to subside. This allowed the brunette a chance to shake out her hands.

Looking down at her damaged breasts, Pam started to yell threats at the brunette of what she planned to do to the newbie once she got free. Karen didn’t seem to be too concerned at this point.  Instead she started to rain punches down on Pam’s breasts, knocking them all over the blonde’s chest. This brought on a renewed struggle from the blonde.

Karen fired another punch, this time aimed at Pam’s face. But the blonde’s thrust of her hips was enough to knock Karen off balance. This was either good or bad depending on which camp you were cheering for. It was good for Pam because the blow never connected with her face. The force that Karen was able to generate behind it possibly would have knocked the blonde out. It was bad for Karen’s camp as the brunette’s fist slammed into the floor next to the blonde’s head. With the next buck of her hips, Pam sent Karen sailing over her head.

Once again it was a scramble to see which woman would be the first back to her feet and reengage her foe. Pam took a moment to try and massage away the sting in her damaged breast. Karen skidded across the floor on her breasts. The rough canvas material that was used as a backdrop and spread out on the floor really did a number on them. The camouflage material of her bikini bottom gotten peeled down a few inches as well. But the worst party was the damage the blow to floor had done to her hand.

The two women made it to their feet about the same time. Pam was still rubbing her breasts and Karen was holding her right hand in her left and hadn’t yet readjusted her bikini bottoms. This brought a smile to the blonde’s face and she charged forward towards the brunette.

With Karen standing flat footed, Pam’s momentum bowled her over. The two women fell as one with their bodies entangled. Karen tried to shift positions as the fell so that she would wind up on top. Pam had other ideas and it was the blonde that had a softer landing as she landed on top of the brunette.

Pam tried to take advantage of this and struggled to pin the brunette’s arms above her head. Karen was at a disadvantage from the bottom position and Pam was able to pin her left arm above her head. The struggle for Karen was not allowing Pam to gain control of her right arm, and what a struggle it was.

The blonde struggled to keep the squirming brunette beneath her. She slid up Karen’s body pinning the brunette’s upper body to the floor, but yet Karen continued to struggle to gain her freedom. Frustrated, the blonde continued to slide up Karen’s body. Her pelvis now straddled Karen’s waist and it seem that some of the intensity in the brunette’s fight was beginning to wane.

This placed one of Pam’s large breasts directly over Karen’s face. The blonde’s nipples were stiff as erasers from the hand to hand combat with another beautiful woman. Karen felt the wayward nub insert itself into one of her nostrils. I don’t think this is what Pam had intended to do, but it definitely got the brunette’s attention! Sliding from Karen’s nose, the stiff nipple now poked the brunette in the eye. “That fucking hurt!”

I don’t know if she was fueled by fear or the brunette had gotten a second wind, but she was able to pull her trapped arm free. Pam was caught off guard and Karen was able to roll out from under the blonde, taking the top position.

Karen didn’t want a repeat of a missed punch; she already learned that painful lesson the hard way. Instead she wrapped both of her hands around Pam’s throat and started to squeeze. It was now the blonde who started to panic when Karen cut off her air supply.  Her hands shot to Karen’s wrist as she desperately try to stop the attack.

The brunette was solely focused on choking out the blonde and ending the fight. Pam on the other hand knew that she had to do whatever she could to stop that from happening. Without releasing Karen’s wrist, Pam started to fire knees into the brunette’s back. Karen’s grip had loosened.  Pam used the distraction and the loosened grip to kick out her leg up and over the brunette. In a flash the two women’s positions had shifted once again and the blonde was back on top.

As she rolled over on top, Pam shot her hands up. She never let go of Karen’s wrist the whole time and she now pressed them down to the floor, pinning Karen’s arms above her head. The evil blonde sensed Karen’s discomfort when her large breasts were planted on her beautiful face. “Let’s see if we can recreate that magical moment!” Pam thought to herself.

The heavy, fleshy, orbs slammed into the brunette’s face distorting her facial features. Pam shook her chest and used her breasts to slap the brunette about. Karen was in full panic mode now! Feeling that she had teased the brunette enough, Pam decided to end the fight here and now. No longer using her breasts as battering rams, she just dropped her chest straight down causing the brunette’s world to go dark.

Again Pam looked over her shoulder seeking Irish’s approval. She had proven herself the better woman over this newbie and was now just moments away from complete domination. Her mind was already racing away planning how she and Irish could celebrate her victory. And for the little tramp beneath her, she would not be appearing in Playboy anytime soon. “Maybe you can pose for a second rate magazine like Penthouse or Cheri. I bet you would love posing with a big dick jammed into every opening in your body, probably at the same time!”

This was it for Karen! She couldn’t breathe and felt herself fading fast. Pam was using her entire body weight to pin her arms to the ground and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t budge them and inch. Pam’s large breast felt like they weighed 100 pounds each. They completely covered her face making it impossible to breath. “I failed!” she cried out in her mind.

Karen thought of a long shot that might gain her freedom. At this point she would settle for one good, deep, breath! The brunette bent her legs at the knees and set her feet flat on the floor. The muscles in her stems pulsed as she started pushing herself up and off of the floor.

Pam was taken by surprise and struggled to keep her dominant position. “You sure are a stubborn one!” the blonde said. “Don’t you know when to quit? No worries, I’ll make that part of your learning experience!” With that she shifted slightly, stabbing one of her stiff nipples into one of Karen’s eye.

“Owe! You bitch!” is what Karen meant to say… But what came out was more like “Owwaaaahb!” as Pam’s heavy hangers continued to show their dominance atop Karen’s lovely face. That being said she continued to drive upwards with her powerful legs. It was Pam that now urgently needed to find a counter to Karen’s progress.

The blonde kicked out her own legs, looking to grapevine them around Karen’s. She found some early success as she blindly was able to locate the brunette’s legs and wrap them around them. Pam allowed herself to smile broadly as she once again looked over her shoulder seeking Irish’s approval.

Pam’s first mistake was thinking that her thin legs would be able to compete with Karen’s highly defined legs. Sure she had weakened her opponent and held the top position, but the sudden change of her facial expression let Irish know that the tide was about to change.

What was unknown to all but a few of Karen’s high school and college cheerleading friends, the brunette was capable of doing leg splits that just about defied science. Doing one of those soon to be famous splits, Karen began to spread Pam’s legs well beyond what her muscles and tendons were used to. The blonde soon cried out in pain as she felt her legs about to snap like a wishbone on Thanksgiving.

As Pam cried out in pain, Karen made her move reversing their positions so that she was now on top of the blonde. An adrenalin rush allowed Karen to power Pam’s arms up over her head, pinning them in place by the wrist. It was now the brunette that was rubbing her firm, medically enhanced, breast on Pam’s face. This muffled Pam’s pleas, not that the brunette was feeling very charitable at the exact moment. This bitch tried to hurt and humiliate her, as the new girl a victory over the mansion bully would go a long way to ensure that she would be accepted by the other girls.

Karen dropped her breasts onto Pam’s face drastically reducing her ability to breath. After a minute or two she lifted herself off of Pam and asked “Have you had enough?” But a “Fuck you bitch I’m going to kill you!” was the blonde’s reply. This prompted Karen to once again lower herself into place to cut off Pam’s air supply.

The brunette waited a few minutes before once again lifting her breasts from Pam’s face. “How about now?” Karen asked her foe once more. Pam did not answer right away. Impatiently, Karen started to spread her legs taking Pam’s with her. It didn’t take long for the blonde to submit to the brunette as it felt like she was being split in two. Irish for his part made sure to document the encounter with his camera.

Karen let Pam up and the blonde made a beeline for the door. As she left the room she bravely spat insults at Karen and quickly made her exit. Karen feigned, chasing after her causing the blonde to stumble and almost fall in the process.

Karen went up to Irish and apologized for the way that the photo shoot went off the rails. “Don’t worry Karen you were great!” he said holding up the camera showing Karen some of the images that he captured. “I have a feeling that you are going to have a very long and distinguished career here at Playboy!” She wrapped her arms around him and said “How about buying a girl a drink?”

And that there folks is how it all began….