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My Introduction By Jayne.

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My Introduction By Jayne.
« on: April 14, 2024, 01:33:44 AM »
My Introduction

It is often the case that we sometimes take for granted the idea that we know people. I mean, really know people. Yet what happened to me and how I came into the underground, erotic female wrestling community seems surreal. At times I can hardly believe it; can hardly believe that I agreed to wrestle in the first place. But I did and the rest is now history.

My story begins with Jackie, a girl I first met while on a Word Processing course eight years ago. We sat beside each other and during the course became firm friends. And it was a friendship that continues even to this day. We went around together, shopped, dined and holidayed together, and yet I was never aware she was Bi-sexual until one night, having drank more then both of us should have but with the defences down we talked. Talked more intimately then normal and not exactly shocked by the revelation of her sexual preferences, I was surprised that I’d never picked up on it. But it mattered, little and we just sobered up the next day and carried on as friends as normal.

The wrestling discussion came two months later when I was round her house in Flint, North Wales, she discussed her fantasies over a few glasses of wine. She told me that she’d always had an interest in female wrestling and that she had seen a few websites that dealt with the subject, as well as spoken to some women online that had actually wrestled. Well, this did take me aback. I gazed at my friend in bemusement. Was she truly serious?

Well we discussed this further and she beckoned me to her PC and together, we looked at a few wrestling websites and saw the pictures of a series of very competitive, combative women. I was intrigued yet not interested to the levels of Jackie, whom suddenly asked me would I like to try it. Well I laughed as I didn’t take her seriously. What me? Jayne from Chester a wrestler? A Medical Receptionist by day and grappler by night? It just made me smirk until it dawned on me that she was choosing me to wrestle because we were close and had been long-term friends.

“So, fancy trying it?” She said.

“Why not” I joked and thought no more about it until the next evening when she rang me. It was then that we actually discussed our match and attire and rules and what followed conversationally blew my mind. I had only gone along with it out of fun and now we were talking as potential opponents in readiness for a combative meeting. And when she said let’s wrestle topless, well I just turned to stone. It took me a few days to agree and talk myself into thinking it was all in the name of fun. But even so, I felt nervous, and even more so when the Sunday we’d agreed to meet came and I was driving over to her place with my sports bag, towels, thongs and Orange juice. On my arrival, Jackie answered the door in a long toweling robe and had her long dark hair tied back. She stood barefoot and smiled as I walked into her home.

“Well, you’re very enthusiastic,” I said as I felt the butterflies begin to stir.

“It’ll be fun,” said Jackie. “It’s just between friends.”

We talked for a moment and she invited me to change upstairs. I climbed the stairs and laid my sports bag out on the bed. I undressed in silence. I knew I was fit and had always made sure that I exercised regularly and my body was proof of that dedication. Jackie was the same height as me, about 5’ 5” and looked to be of a similar weight and as I disrobed and slipped on my red thong, I caught myself looking into the full-length, wardrobe mirror. My breasts were c cup and firm. The cords of the thong rode smoothly across my hips. My thighs were toned and I felt good enough to match my friend. A friend that would soon be my opponent. I sighed. I just hoped that no one was going to get injured….

I slipped on my short satin wrap and went downstairs.

Jackie was all ready waiting and stood ready in a brief, dark blue thong. Her breasts were full and we both looked very evenly matched.

Jackie smiled as I slipped off my wrap. “Wow, you look really good, Jayne.” I didn’t know if that was` respect for me as a wrestler as I walked onto the large. Blue exercise mat or was it her Bisexual leanings coming into play. I grinned nervously. What the hell are you doing, Jayne? I mused.

“We’ll wrestle for 20 mins and we’ll see who can get the most pins – ok?” Said Jackie.

“Ok,” I said and with that we approached each other. Clumsily we went into a bearhug and I felt her breasts connect with mine. We struggled awkwardly, legs trying to trip the other, grunting as our thighs slapped flesh against flesh.

I swung my arm over her neck and standing thigh to thigh, caught Jackie in an headlock. Jackie moaned her displeasure but I held her and using this advantage, successfully tripped my friend and took her down to the mat. I threw my body across hers to pin her but she turned onto her front and I lost control. I placed her back into a side headlock and began to squeeze. Jackie left out a muffled groan as I twisted her round and forced her back against the mat. And face to face, I spread my body across hers.

Like lovers we lay belly to belly as she bucked her groin against mine, trying to displace me. But I simply scissored her legs with my own and rode her energy-sapping gyrations, trying hard to keep her arms against the mat. She tried to bridge her body but my legs held her and constricted her movement. For a moment I thought I was sure to pin her, then suddenly, she thrust her hip against mine and I was rolled off. With my scissors still holding her, Jackie lay above me. We wrestled in a flurry of hands and arms but she had forced her top weight against mine and I was pressed against the mat. I felt my arm strength was no match and she gripped my arms and held me down. I struggled to roll her away, but I felt myself fading and helpless. I didn’t escape the three count and releasing Jackie from my failed scissor hold, I rolled onto my side as she got to her feet. I had given her the fall after just two minutes into our wrestling match.

As I stood up, Jackie adjusted her Blue thong and smiled. I smiled back and did the same. Jackie looked fit and didn’t seem at all out of breath. My thighs ached all ready, so I wasn’t in such high spirits.

“Jayne, you should wrestle back. You nearly had me there,” Jackie said.

“I know,” I said. “But the match isn’t over yet.” I smiled thinly. It didn’t hide my shame at giving up a fall so easily.

“Ready for the second fall?” said Jackie.


We approached each other and our fingers locked tightly. We stood breast to breast and entered into a test of strength. I gasped in my effort to force her arms back and she mirrored my strained sounds of exertion. I pushed into her, our chins settled on each other’s shoulders as we grappled for ground. At one spell she seemed once again to be getting the better of me and I felt my wrists begin to ache. But I made up the lost ground and with a final cry, I twisted her arms backwards and behind her back. Using my top weight I forced her down onto the mat sensing her legs buckle. I lay above her once again and twisted her arm further. Jackie let out a cry of pain as her muscle protested at the hold. I smiled although we had not agreed on a sub missions match but pins only. I released her hands and threw myself onto a cross pin, my belly partially smothering my friends face. I did a three count as she tried to buck my off. But I took this fall and stood proudly on the opposite side of the mat. Jackie rose to her knees and flicked her long, brown hair back. She smiled in genuine admiration as she breathed in deeply, then got to her feet. I drank some Orange juice as Jackie helped herself to a bottle of water. We had wrestled only five minutes and all ready my arms ached.

“Good wrestling, Jayne,” said Jackie. “You deserved that fall.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m starting to get into this”.

Jackie smiled and brushed her hair back then returned to the mat. I placed my drink down and settling into a half crouch, we both sprang at each other in the centre of the mat. We struggled and Jackie swiftly got behind me and thrusting her hands below my armpits, held me firmly in a full nelson. I groaned my angst as I felt her groin grind against my thronged bottom. “Caught you,” I heard her utter as I tried to hook a leg around hers’ but she held me too tightly. I struggled further and tried to cup my hand around her neck but I couldn’t, so I gently dropped to me knees. Jackie followed me to the mat and swung me onto my side. She quickly released the hold and I saw her body come down upon mine to get a full-body pin. I brought my legs up and she groaned in frustration as she was pushed away. Jackie rolled onto her side which allowed me to get up. As Jackie rose I swung my legs up and caught her head and clamped her tightly into a head scissor hold. Jackie fell backwards and let out a gasp of surprise, her legs splayed out as she fell backwards against the mat. I threw my head back, my arms against the mat for balance. I was wrestling skillfully and Jackie’s sounds of discomfort was all the proof I needed.

Locking my ankles to secure the hold I gazed down at my opponent. Her head was obscured by my muscular thighs and her bare breasts rose and fell as she started to breathe hard. Her body looked taut and toned within the hold. And as I placed more pressure into the scissors, I saw Jackie start to bridge her athletic body.

I began to feel empowered and was beginning to enjoy having my way with Jackie. Her thong strained tightly as she squirmed against my hold, and remembering that this was a pins match, I swiftly relinquished the scissors and pounced onto the other wrestler.

My upper body covered Jackie’s head and face. And it was now we truly began wrestling. We entwined legs and arms and rolled tightly together across the mat, feeling the mingling of our own perspiration. Our bodies felt damp and after ten minutes on the mat, we were both beginning to feel it. We had one fall each and we both knew that we were half way into our match and was fighting hard for another, decisive fall. In a flurry of hands and arms, I caught Jackie in a reverse head lock and marveled at the way her body arc-ed backwards. Again, I knew it was not a submission match and released her to roll fully onto her` body.

I groaned in despair. Once again, I was wrestling well but unable to contain my opponent. It felt so frustrating and as we wrestled body on body, my mind drifted away momentarily from the match. I wondered if I would wrestle her again if I lost; or someone else? Would I be comfortable taking up this sport or taking it further. I swung my thigh across Jackie’s belly and lay between her thighs in an effort to gain a pinfall. But suddenly, a swift burst of effort propelled me over and I saw Jackie slid over me, her sweat-sheen breasts full and powerful as they gave against my own orbs. Groins locked, she held me to another three count and giggled as she rolled from my defeated form.

I swore and rolled onto my side, slapping the mat in haste. I was losing and we had no more then five minutes to go. I was down and felt down. I was really going to have to fight now.

Jackie stood up and adjusted her thong. She looked toned and beautiful and glistened from our hard wrestle. I slowly got to my knees, and as I did she gripped my head in a reverse headlock and threw herself backwards. I cried out my surprise as I was swung into a throw and flipped over against the mat. And before I knew it, Jackie was across my upper body in a cross pin and had taken yet another three count.

I looked up at her as she grinned down at me. I said, “Of all the sneaky….”

“Ah ah ah!!” Jackie cut in, “We are wrestlers on the mat. This is competition.”

“Bitch.” I thought. And suddenly dived for her legs. I brought her down hard and her body slapped the mat a tad more harshly then she would have wanted. Before she knew it, I was across her heaving body and taking hold of her leg, hooked her into a pin and took an easy three count.

“Now, that’s wrestling,” I said as I slowly released her. “All's fair on the mat…..”

Jackie smiled. It held a bit more venom then was meant to but at least she knew I meant business now, even though I was a fall down. Jackie got to her feet and to my surprise, suddenly removed her thong. She tossed it onto the sofa and stood stark naked before me. I threw my hair back and slipped off my own, red thong and watched it join Jackie’s as I threw it across the room. Now we stood on the mat, before each other, completely nude. Sweating and breathing deeply, we circled, our eyes attentive on the other for sudden movement as we looked for any opening. I hadn’t intended to wrestle naked but wasn’t going to let her intimidate me. So like the classical wrestlers of Sparta, we came together with a low grunt and went into a bear-hug. I piled on the pressure and we both let out a cry of pain as we felt our ribcages grate together. We would certainly feel and regret this tomorrow, but for now, we were wrestling – truly wrestling.

Our legs twisted and attempted to trip the other. I was unlucky and made a move, catching me off balance. Jackie seized on this and swept her thigh over and threw me to the mat. I swore as I fell on my side. Before I knew it, Jackie was beside me and scissored my body with her powerful thighs. She tossed her head back and squeezed the living life from me. I let out a low cry as I tried to breathe. Jackie grinned and increased the scissors a notch and as I shock my head in supplication. She swung her legs wide and rolled onto me. Holding my belly protectively, she had me beaten and took the fall without any physical protest from me. I was tired and aching and beat. And as I closed my eyes as the defeat struck home, I knew that I had well and truly lost the match.

Jackie got to her feet and raised her hand in victory. I looked up at my nude opponent and shook my head. She leant forward and offered her hand, and I took it as she helped me to my feet.

“Well for two women that had never wrestled before, that was one match. Well done, Jayne.” Jackie said, and we hugged as we found our friendship once again. I put my arm across her shoulder and together we walked from the mat.

A week had passed since my defeat and neither of us talked about our wrestling bout. It was like we had done it and forgotten it, and gone back to a sense of ordinariness. It was only when we were having coffee one Saturday afternoon two months later that Jackie had mentioned that she had joined an adult swingers club and had found two women that had a keen interest in wrestling. And she told me that they would probably like to wrestle before their boyfriends and would I be interested too? And so that was it, and from that small yet highly significant match on that wet, Sunday afternoon afternoon in Flint, I had entered into another world. An underground world of erotic wrestling matches between consenting women. And I had many future matches with varying fortunes of success.

But then, that’s another story……..


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Re: My Introduction By Jayne.
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Enjoyed that thank you.
Mature women wrestling /catfights rule ????


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Re: My Introduction By Jayne.
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Thank you for sharing I enjoyed and love this story