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« on: November 01, 2023, 10:46:24 PM »
     They both walk out into the arena not looking at each other. They face off and Leni waists no time and grabs Natalie's blouse in the middle and pulls it open, buttons flying everywhere. Natalie's blouse is open to her waist and her breasts are exposed. Leni then slaps Natalie's breasts as Natalie slaps Leni's face. Natalie punches Leni's left breast. Leni  UUMMMFF   as she slaps Natalie's face. They are now in a slap fight, slapping faces, body and breasts. Natalie grabs the front of Leni's blouse and yanks hard pulling Leni toward her buttons flying. This leaves Leni's blouse open exposing her tits also. Natalie trips Leni and pounces. She has Leni face down on the floor as she sits on the small of her back. Natalie pulls Leni's hair then gets a hand under her chin bending her head back. Natalie then reaches down and grabs one of Leni's tits and squeezes hard. Leni is moaning and kicking her legs. Natalie's skirt is at the top of her legs. Natalie is enjoying the moment, she loves getting Leni in a bind every chance she gets .Leni punches Natalie in the side as best she can. Natalie takes the hits but they don't hurt much. Natalie pulls the back of Leni's blouse up and brings it over her head. She gets it in front of her face. Leni is cursing at Natalie, as she pulls Natalie's hair. Natalie slaps Leni's face through the blouse, making Leni even madder. Leni is grabbing at her blouse to get it off her face. Leni with what must be an adrenaline rush uses her arms and legs to roll over tossing Natalie off to the side. Leni rolls away and can't get her blouse off fast enough.                                                                                                                           
     By now Natalie is on her. Leni had made it to her knees to get rid of her blouse, she is hit with what must of felt like a bus. Natalie takes her back to the floor. Natalie almost seems like a different person. She has Leni on her back . Natalie attacks her breasts twisting and pulling her nipples. Leni punches Natalie in the stomach and side. Then she is able to go under Natalie's skirt to use her right thumb to rub Natalie's pussy. Leni pushes her panties in as she rubs her labia hard. Natalie grabs her hand as she moans in pain. They both are grimacing in pain.  Natalie   " Fuck you bitch "   Leni  " Fuck you "    Natalie gets Leni's hand away but is a bit sore from the pussy attack. Leni knows she can take the fight from any opponent if she can get unopposed to her victims pussy. Natalie knows this too. Leni's skirt is up to her waist and Natalie slaps Leni's pussy hard 3 times. Leni  OOOWWWW   as she slaps Natalie's face and tits. Natalie punches Leni's tits and grabs and twists her nipples. Leni  AAAHHHH  " Bitch "   Natalie is working her over . She decides to sit on Leni's face and pulls her hair forcing Leni's face hard into her pussy. Natalie  " I know you like it. "   Leni has Natalie's  tits in both hands and is trying to ravage them and is pulling on her nipples. Natalie wiggles her butt grinding her pussy into Leni's face as she is enduring the pain in her chest. Leni pounds the carpet in surrender.                                         
     Natalie jumps up her breasts bouncing as she has defeated Leni for the first time. The fight is not over but Natalie has never had Leni GIVE in the past. The joy of this causes Natalie not to notice the pain in her body. She sits in her chair smiling and happy. The M.C. asks her why is she so happy?  Natalie " This is incredible, I knew i could beat her, it seemed as though I was having trouble finding a way. Leni is tough, I just hope I can do it again, I want to win this fight."  Leni goes to her chair nursing her sore breasts and getting her breath. The M.C. " How are you doing? "   Leni  " Fine, Natalie is tough but the fight is far from over. "   They both rest and catch their breath getting toweld off and a nice cool drink of water.                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                           To    be    continued
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