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« on: November 04, 2023, 01:42:15 AM »
     Natalie is on cloud nine now since she has defeated Leni two times in a row. She feels the tide has turned in her favor. Her confidence level is through the roof. She must not get over confident  or Leni will clean her clock. They stand and Natalie removes her skirt. She wants to keep it even and she knows Leni would do the same to her. Natalie knows Leni is champion for a reason, she is smart and tough. They are both now in white panties only. The crowd is eating this up, two beautiful women really going at it and now almost nude. Leni hurriedly goes to the center of the room. It is obvious she wants at Natalie right now. Natalie slowly walks out letting Leni know she is in control. She smiles at Leni who has a stern nasty look on her face. Natalie knows Leni is pissed and it is going to get rough, but she is up to the challenge. Natalie is being very cautious as she approaches Leni                                                                                                                 
     They come together in a sort of test of strength and then lock up. Leni grabs Natalie and turns her around, she now has Natalie from the back. She then grabs both of Natalie's tits and is mauling them. Natalie is slapping at Leni's legs and butt. With Natalie's legs spread a little in her stance Leni reaches between Natalie's legs from behind and grabs her pussy. She pushes her fingers hard into the fabric. She is now rubbing hard on Natalie's labia and pushes deep enough to stimulate the clitoris. For Natalie it is a combination of pain and pleasure, but mostly pain. Leni is pushing and pressing hard enough she has Natalie on her tip toes. Leni is really enjoying this as payback for what Natalie did earlier. Natalie is trying to get Leni's hand away but finding it difficult. She reaches back overhead with both hands and grabs Leni's long blonde hair. Leni's scalp is burning from the pulling and yanking Natalie is doing, but she puts up with it knowing the pain she is causing Natalie. The crowd can not believe how this is going. Leni continues the attack on Natalie's pussy. Natalie is trying to get her hand away again. Leni seems to have a good grip on Natalie's panties and almost rips the material as Natalie pulls hard getting Leni's hand off. Leni is resisting and tries to attack Natalie's pussy again, but Natalie is forceful in getting her hand away.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
     Natalie thinks Leni is having an adrenaline rush since she seems much stronger right now. It must be that Leni is very pissed off. Leni grabs Natalie's other breast and is mauling both now. Natalie has both hands in Leni's hair, she bends forward and goes to her knees. She yanks Leni's hair as she is doing all this and pulls Leni over her back flinging Leni over and onto her back. Natalie is on Leni with a cross body pin, and goes for Leni's pussy. She starts working her over as Leni did to her. Natalie is rubbing her hard. Leni OOOWWWW  " Bitch you fucking bitch "   Natalie is rubbing harder and faster. Leni. whose arms are pinned has to put up with the pain. Her legs are kicking in reaction to the attack. Leni is rocking back and forth and gets one arm free. She grabs Natalie's hand to stop the attack and pain. Both girls are very sore and tender. They also know this could become the key to finishing the other. Leni is holding Natalie's arm because. she knows Natalie would go back to attacking her pussy if she could. Leni wants to prevent this at all costs. Both girls can not take much more. Leni uses those strong legs to bridge and gets free from Natalie. Both move quickly and are on their knees. They come together breast to breast hands in hair. Leni pulls Natalie back off balance. As they fall Leni gets Natalie in the dreaded scissors across her stomach. Natalie knows this is bad. She pounds Leni's leg and punches her in the stomach. Leni is squeezing for all she is worth. They have been at it awhile  and both are getting tired, so the scissors are not as bad as earlier. The former gymnast is still stronger then most. Natalie is struggling to breath and slaps Leni. She tries anything to break the scissors, but Leni just squeezes more. Natalie has no choice and says " STOP   STOP   STOP "    Leni gives her one more good squeeze as a pay back for earlier. Yes Leni has a good memory and will pay you back. Leni releases the scissors and pushes Natalie away with her legs. It is Leni who goes to the chairs first this time leaving Natalie lying on the floor catching her breath. She just lays there on her back for awhile. Natalie finally gets up and goes to her chair. She looks at Leni who smiles at her. Natalie towels off and gets a cool drink. She is pissed at herself for getting caught in Leni's scissors again. Some way some how she must avoid those lethal legs of Leni. Whoever wins the next round wins the fight.                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                          To    Be     Continued
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I like reading the stories on this site and talking to some of the members.


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Lovely passage ...
Wanna tangle? I do!