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Kathryn's Wrestling Intro - PART 2

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Kathryn's Wrestling Intro - PART 2
« on: February 12, 2024, 01:11:33 PM »

   The audience was still milling about.  Some wandered into the back room where the ring stood, when Denny entered the ring.  As he fumbled with his index cards, the night's referee entered, too; -- none other than his wife, Maddie.  She was dressed in a black and white striped corset, black panties and sheer black stockings with lacy stocking tops.  Sex appeal at its finest.

   Nora brought Kate to the ring, held the ropes open by sitting on the middle one, and shoving the top rope up.  Kathryn positioned herself in the corner nearest me, and Nora came to stand next to me.   A kind couple of gentlemen gave Nora and I their great seats at ringside.  Kathryn was bouncing on her toes, awaiting her opponents with anticipation.

   Denny cleared his throat off-mic, and began that loud vibrant voice he uses to introduce the match, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to another Night of Nylon, and the Beautiful Women of Wrestling, ready to tussle their hearts out for you.  We have a special night planned, because we have been blessed with the presence of TWO gorgeous ladies, whom you know from the professional circuits, as well as television.  They're here in our fair city to entertain you, while taking on a giantess of an opponent, who stands nearly two feet taller than either of them.”

   At this point, the crowd broke into a rousing cheer.  Denny allowed the noise to die to down, “But, before we bring our wrestlers out, it's only fair to explain a few differences to our match, tonight.”  The audience purred with anticipation.  “For those of you not acquainted with Nylon Night, we usually have one of our sexy dancers enter the ring, with one of our well established veteran heels.”

   The crowd cheered, before Denny could go on, “Our wrestler knows that we like to see all sorts of sexy wrestling  holds on Nylon Night.”  And, the crowd erupted, again.  “Tonight's match has two slight changes, instead of the 30 minute time limit, in which no submissions will be accepted, it's been moved back to 45 minutes.”  The sound in the room became deafening.  “Also, to level the playing field, so to speak;  tonight's match will have no holds barred!”

   From where Nora was sitting, she could see the two small women bouncing up and down in anticipation, off in the shadows.  Nora was pointing in the direction of the shadows, since the bright lights above the ring had been turned on.  When the noise died down, she grabbed my arm, “I didn't want to tell you this, but I overheard Maddie telling Kate's opponents to really work your sister over.”

   I looked at Nora strangely.  Just then, Denny called them out.  “Please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, two of the biggest stars in our sport.”  Pregnant pause caught a few laughs from the audience.  There's nothing like them, the Titans of Trouble. They're nastier than Norsemen.  At a combined weight of two hundred and seven pounds, please give Mabel and Midge, a warm Dollhouse welcome.  I present, the Tiny Terrors!!!”

   The two small women looked mean and despicable.  They were both dressed alike, in a goth, rugged, viking sort of costume.  Some sort of animal fur cloak hung from their shoulders, but you see they were in gray and black one piece suits and tan fishnet tights.  Each wore a wooden helmet that had two short, pointy horns sticking out of each side.  And, both had boots.  The audience loved them!

   I was a bit amazed by the show they were putting on, as the two wrestlers worked the crowd and threatened to do all sorts of harm to their opponent, tonight, “Are you telling me that Denny's wife wants these two midgets to hurt my sister?”  Nora patted my leg, calmly.

   My mind was spinning.  “She'll be alright.  Try and enjoy the show,” Nora said calmly.  But, I think she was trying to forget about the fact that she is responsible for Kathryn's predicament.

   As the two pint sized wrestlers made their way into the ring, they rolled under the bottom rope, and went to the opposite corner that Kathryn was standing in.  Both of the tiny ladies wore helmets with prominent horns sticking out on either side.  They set them down on the apron, outside the ring.

   The applause for them began to die a little, and Denny turned the crowd's attention to, “And,... They're challenger tonight, is none other than our newest girl here at the club.  The talented, the lusty, leggy savage, herself.”  The crowd laughed and cheered.  “Our very own feline of the ring, standing five feet, 9 inches tall;  she weighs in at one hundred and thirty seven pounds.  Please welcome, the beautiful, JUNGGGGGLLLE-KAT KATE!!!”

   Kathryn strutted out, as if she'd been doing this for years.  My little sister shimmied a little, and danced in place, waving and her hips in a seductive manner, as she bent at the knees.  Kathryn was wearing a chestnut brown, raggedly cut, loin cloth one piece with a strap over one shoulder.  The small fringe of the suit fluttered just above her hip.  It was a very high cut suit, with the tiger pattern, and didn't leave much to the imagination, as the audience applauded her encouragingly.  Kathryn wore an ultra sheer, glittering pair of dark taupe tights over her long athletic legs. 
   Kathryn took full advantage of her moment under the lights.  She teased her opponents by drawing her fingers along one of her long shiny legs.  From the looks of the two standing in the opposite corner, they were taking it all in, with evil grins.  Midge cupped her mouth and spoke into Mabel's ear.  Mabel said something back to her partner, and both laughed greedily.
   Denny brought out tonight's referee for the match, and introduced his wife Maddie to the appreciative crowd.  Maddie walked across the ring to address Kathryn.  My sis nodded her head, and from the surprised look on her face, I could tell, something had been said to Kathryn.  My heart sunk.

   Denny rang the bell – DING-DING!  And, there was no way out of this mess, now.  The audience watched with excitement as the leggy former volleyball player moved out of her corner, facing off with the first of the two older, smaller women, Midge.  Kathryn circled slowly, at first, but Midge was having none of that.  Her little legs made rapid footfalls in an attempt to cut the distance between them down.  Kathryn crouched low, and extended her hands out as if she was ready to lock up with the tiny wrestler.

   But, Midge didn't crouch or waver, she barreled right in, grabbed the index finger on Kate's left hand, and bent it backwards.  “OOOWWW! Whoa! OW! OW! OW!”  my sister yelled and stomped about, as the menacing little woman bent that finger back, driving Kathryn closer to the mat.

   DENNY:  Midge takes control right away, fans.  She's got Kathryn down on one knee, as she turns a finger lock into an opening assault.

   Once Kathryn was on one knee, Midge began to work their plan.

   DENNY:  Midge spins, and WHAM, delivers a spinning elbow into JungleKat's solar plexus.  The sexy Kat's not looking good in these opening seconds.

   Midge was taking it to my sister.  Kathryn was coughing and trying to catch her breath when Midge lifted Kate's arm over the smaller woman's shoulder, and pulled down on the finger she still held.  Kathryn let out a yelp, as her arm began to bend in a way her elbow wasn't made to go.  Drumming the canvas with her feet, Kathryn slapped at Midge, trying to push herself away.  But Midge held on, and leaned back into my sister for more leverage.  Maddie, as referee, was of useless, walking behind my sister, where she couldn't see what Midge was doing to the poor girl.

   OW!! OW-OW-OWWW!!!  Kathryn roared.

   DENNY:  Midge seems to have, ….wait!  Is she,....yes, biting JungleKat's arm?”

   The crowd cheered for more, and Midge gave up the hold, when Kathryn, out of true desperation, shoved the little woman down, and pulled her hand free.  Midge had fallen forward, in the direction of her corner mate, though.  Mabel reached through the ropes and tagged her way in, when Midge bounced up and leaped forward.  My sister was massaging her finger and the bite mark.

   DENNY:  Mabel is tagging in, moving swiftly in the direction of JungleKat, who is caring for that sore arm.  JungleKat had better turn around.  Mabel, looks like she means business.  Oh-No!

   Mabel ran straight into my sister's back, shoving her, and sending Kathryn into the ropes.

   DENNY:  JungleKat stumbles forward into the far ropes, and gets herself tangled in them!  Oh, no.  One arm hangs over the middle rope, the other over the bottom rope, and the top half of her body is hanging outside the ring!

   Midge quickly made her way around the ring on the apron to where her partner was keeping my sister in the ropes by sitting on her back. 

   DENNY:  Mabel is making herself comfortable on the JungleKat, bouncing her on the ropes, while her partner Midge is going back to work on that kitty Kat's PAW!  Ouch, that's got to hurt!

   Midge was again, shielding her actions from the referee – not that Maddie would stop anything.  Kathryn moaned, while her body was being bounced by Mabel, and her fingers worked by Midge, outside the ring.  Nora and I watched in disbelief.  It all looked real to us, and so did Kathryn's reactions to it all.

   DENNY:  The Tiny Terrors converse, and Midge gives up her hold of JungleKat's hand.  Mabel gives a mighty tug on the rope, sending our beautiful Ring Kat back to center ring.  Stalking her victim, the Tiny Barbarian, Mabel, grabs a handful of light brown hair, and pulls JungleKat to her knees. Oh MY!  Mabel's monkey flipped the long legged puma.

   Mabel repeatedly flipped precious Kate several more times, until the poor girl looked dizzy and confused.  Sis flopped onto her back, into the corner, where Midge had returned behind her.

   DENNY:  Will somebody let JungleKat know that she's in the wrong corner?  [crowd laughter]  JungleKat's resting with her back to the turnbuckle, as Midge pulls her arms outside the ring, and behind her back.  The pretty Kat's arm are behind her and folded over the ropes, where none other than barbarian Midge, is back to work on those fingers.

   While Midge held my sister upright with a double hammerlock, and Mabel went to town kicking and stomping my sister's legs.  Kathryn pitifully looked down to her side and saw Nora and me sitting close to her.  She didn't see Mabel go for the next hold.

   DENNY:  Mabel kicks the kitty's left leg, and stomps it hard.  Mabel's folded Kate's right leg, bent at the knee, over her left.  Stepping over the tangle of legs, Mabel is lifting Kate's left leg into a modified figure four, and twisting that ankle!

   There was no doubt in anyone's mind as to how well these two women worked together.  They had the crowd howling with laughter, as Mabel tormented Kathryn's left ankle, and Midge bit and bent her her way through all of poor Kathryn's fingers outside of the ring.  Maddie did and said nothing, but glare over the ropes at me with a sinister smile.  I could tell that she secretly loathed me, but she had no reason to.

   DENNY:  Midge has released JungleKat's arms.  Her partner drops those long legs, they tag, and in comes Midge, for her turn with those long legs.  Taking hold of the beautiful feline's ankles, the Tiny Terror is dragging our JungleKat to the center of the ring. This can't be good for the pretty puma.

   Kathryn barely had time to think, let alone, get out of there.  Their rapid tags had kept the tiny duo fresh.  Midge dropped Kate's legs, and lined up an elbow drop.  The point of the tiny woman's elbow made Kathryn involuntarily sit up when it found its mark in the softness of her thigh. Kate fell back with a scream, “OUUHH-ooow-ooowww!!”  Kathryn, for her part, writhed in pain as the little woman, Midge, rose and delivered another elbow into the same spot of that thigh.  Kathryn sat up, again, trying to cover that leg with her hands.

   DENNY:  Having dropped a couple of elbow bombs on that shapely leg, Midge is stalking her prey again, as the poor girl tries to rub the pain away.  OH-H-H!!  Midge has walked behind Kate and speared the ailing girl in the back with the point of her knee.  Again, going for another tag, which brings Mabel back into the ring.  These two ferocious barbarians are giving the young rookie a master class in teamwork, Mabel kicks JungleKat in the side, sending her sprawling.

   Something in the air had changed.  Mabel worked with a determination in her actions that said, they were through toying around and were going to get serious with their opponent.  After kicking my sister over to her side, Mabel went for Kate's legs, once again lifting one and twisting the ankle until my sister finished rolling over onto her tummy.  Folding that leg behind Kathryn's knee, Mabel lifted the other leg until it folded over the first one.  I reached over and squeezed Nora's thigh, and covered my eyes with my other hand.  She patted my hand when the audience heard Kathryn scream.

   DENNY:  It's all over but the shoutin', folks!  Mabel's locked in a double toe leglock on the pretty panther!  Mabel drops onto the small of Kate's back, and pulls hard on the long limb!

   The whole scene was surreal, with my tall volleyball playing sister lying on the mat, face down, with one arm wrapped around her head, pounding the mat with her other fist, while this tiny woman sat upon her back.  Mabel pulled, and pulled on the captive nylon clad leg.  Kathryn's foot was immobilized by the two small hands that were painfully twisting her ankle inward.  This was what cartoons were made of.  It couldn't get any worse.  Could it?

   Just then, Midge charged into the ring holding her helmet over her head, like she was a raging bull.  The tiny woman chased the ref, Maddie around, to guffaws of laughter, until Maddie climbed out of the ring and ran off.  This had the look of utter doom for the tormented athlete.

   DENNY:  Appears that our referee is fleeing for her life, folks.  [laughter and applause]  Hope she comes back at some point.  Oh well, back inside our ring, Midge is now poking JungleKat's stocking foot with one of the horns on that helmet.  Ouch!  From the look on JungleKat's puss, that can't be feeling very good.  But, let's hear it from JungleKat Kate, herself.

   My sister's eyes went wide.  When she looked over at Huney and I, there was sheer terror in her face.  “OW!  OW!  OW!  STOP!  OW!  OW! OH!  OW!”  Kate squirmed under Mabel, who was holding her foot still for Midge to spear it.

   Midge placed the helmet down, and Mabel uncrossed my sister's legs for a brief moment.  Midge quickly took a seat on the back of Kathryn's left thigh.  Mabel sat down facing Kathryn's right leg, pulling the lower part of it to her.  Kathryn could push up onto her elbows, but she had both tiny women on each of her upper thighs.

   DENNY:  It's a double team!  Mabel has JungleKat's right leg bent back, and out to the side, as she controls that foot by twisting it in every possible direction.  And, Midge has JungleKat's left leg high in the air, as she pulls on it over her shoulder.  There you go!  Nobody told me it was two-for-one night, tonight!

   After several minutes, Midge dropped Kathryn's leg, and whispered something into Mabel's ear.  Mabel was still sitting on Kathryn's thigh.  Kathryn mopped her long hair back over her head with one arm, and glanced backwards to see Mabel crossing the long suffering silky legs again, so that the experienced wrestler could kneel across both of them.  Midge stepped in behind Mabel, who was slumped forward and palming the mat.  Midge cupped Kathryn's chin with both hands.

   Kathryn reached up to grab for Midge's short forearms, but it was no use.  Kate was now off balance.  Midge easily pulled the taller, slender opponent backwards over Mabel's back.  Kathryn yelped into the lights above her.

   DENNY:  OH MY!!  The two crazy barbarians are double teaming our pretty jungle cat!  They are bridging JungleKat's back the wrong way!

    Midge worked her fingers into Kathryn's mouth for a double fish hook, while keeping the pressure on my sister's back, pulling her over Mabel as far as she could make that back bend.  Mabel stayed on hands and knees, kneeling across the back of Kathryn's bent legs, like the pommel horse Midge needed, to bend their opponent cruelly.  Everyone could see Kathryn thrashing about, showing how much her back was hurting.

   Midge gave up her fish hook of my sister's mouth and grabbed a nerve pinch to Kathryn's shoulder.  The little lady pinched into the taller woman's shoulder with one hand, and clamped it on, with her other hand.  Holding the nerve pinch must have been sending volts of electricity through my poor sister's body.  It seemed to be making Kate's right arm hang at her side, and twitch uncontrollably.  Midge released Kathryn, and poor girl snapped forward, face planting onto the mat.

   Mable pushed herself up from Kathryn's legs, and grabbed a handful of her long hair, helping the tormented girl to her knees, where she could execute a hip toss that unfolded my sister and flopped her to the canvas like a dead fish.  Mabel smiled at everyone, while her partner took her own turn, getting Kathryn to her knees, again, and hip tossing the young rookie back to the mat.  Kathryn looked dazed and confused.  I could see that she could barely see past the ropes.  Her eyes were blank and her body looked lifeless.

   The bite sized wrestlers had Kathryn completely under their control, now, and right where they wanted her.  Kathryn was without a prayer now, as the two of them kicked and stomped her lifeless body, until they got her rolled back onto her stomach.  Mabel lifted Kate's right leg, walked around it so that she could drop down into a sitting position on the back of Sis' thigh.  Holding my sister's foot with both hands, Mabel went back to working it, twisting, and jabbing her thumb into the vulnerable arch.  As Kathryn pushed up, she was forced back down.  Flopping back to the canvas, as Midge, then, crashed down into a similar sitting position, astride Kate's left thigh.

   Maddie had come back to the ring and stood at ringside, next to Nora.  I saw Midge turn to face Maddie, and nod.  As Midge took possession of Kate's left foot, Mabel informed her partner, “We've got us another ticklish one, Mabel.”  Maddie turned to Nora and I, and shot an evil grin at us.  I looked at my sister in the ring, who was on her tummy, but facing us, now, with a confused, dizzy expression.

   Midge's words must have been ringing in Kathryn's mind, as she moaned helplessly, “NUhh-Noooh-ooohh-nnnuh-oooh.”  My poor sister looked worried, and began to chew her knuckle, anticipating the worst.  Nora and I winced and cringed, knowing just what Kate was about to go through.  Those two wasted no time, torturing their captive opponent, differently, for added effect. 

   One was bending the foot she held, backwards, while her partner was twisting Kathryn's ankle around.  Each of them turned my sister's screams and pleas for mercy into a game of who could make her yell louder.  Poor Kate's toes were not excluded from their fun.  Mabel squeezed the five toes she held, within both of her hands, while Midge spread, and pulled back on two toes at a time.  When one began to bite the poor girl's foot, the other took her turn, too.

   Mabel came back to respond, “Did you say, someone here is, ticklish?  Really?  Show me, partner.”  To which, Midge canvassed the trapped foot she held with her nails.  Poor, poor Kathryn.  She screamed constantly, mixed with crying laughter, which sent shivers down my spine.  “You are going to remember us, Toots,” Mabel told their writhing opponent, and went to work on the foot she held in a similar fashion.  Kathryn looked pitifully as us.  Her lower lip trembled as she pleaded, with Nora and I, to help her, out of this.

   The club filled with JungleKat's pleas for mercy, in between hysterical bursts of laughter.  “AHH-HA HA HA HA HA....PLE-E-E-E-EASE.....NO MORE!  HAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T TAKE....HAHAHAHA....ANYMORE!!! HAHAHAHA!!  GIVE!  GIVE! HAHAHA!!!”  The tiny wrestlers, looked cartoonish atop their taller opponent.  Each, strumming a nylon clad foot, mercilessly. 

   Kathryn squirmed and bucked beneath them, managing to push herself up on elbows.  Looking back over her shoulder.  Seeing how helpless the situation had become.  Kathryn flopped forward again, and continued pounding the mat with her fist, and crying through her laughter.

   The adulation from the crowd was earnest and evident.  They were loving Kathryn's spirit, if not her horrific predicament.  One of the staff handed Denny a wad of cash, and he carried it into the ring, signaling for the bell.  Waving the winners off of their fallen and feeble victim, Denny put the cash in his pocket.  He held each of the tiny hands of his height challenged victors, as high as they would go.  The tiny terrors had lived up to their barbaric billing and would be paid handsomely, by the terms of their contract.

   While the wicked viking warriors departed the ring with their gear, Denny helped Kathryn to her shaky feet.  Reaching into his packet, Denny pulled out the cash and handed the whole thing to my astonished sister.  One look said it all.  As she wiped tears from her cheek, Kathryn couldn't believe what she had just made for suffering through this match.  I doubt if she's ever seen that much money before.  I could tell from the look in her eyes, as everyone made such a fuss over her;  my little sister was hooked.

The End.