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Cindy vs. Ann
by Lucky Guy

Cindy vs. Ann (Part I, Muscle Comparisons)

Cindy vs. Ann (Part II, Cock Sucking Wrestling)

The Tale Of The Tape

Cindy                                   Ann

Ht.  5'2"                                 5'4"
Wgt.  140                               144
Age 40                                     33
Chest  44(36D)                 37(36B)
Waist  28                                 29
Hips 36                                    38
Biceps 14                                13 1/2
Thighs 22 1/2                          23
Calves 14                                 14 1/2
Hair  Honey Blonde            Light Blonde

Cindy vs. Ann, Part I (Muscle Comparisons)

When we last left Cindy, her sexy, leggy and smaller rival Diane, had
beat her up and knocked her out cold, in a bare fisted/bare chested
boxing match, for my cock.

2 weeks later, I came home from work, to find Cindy and Ann, her sexy
friend, from work, who Cindy had KOed, in a sparring match, sometime
ago. Thet were in bikinis, and were comparing their biceps. I was
surprised! After the beating, Diane gave Cindy, in their last fight, she
hadn't worked out or even talked, about fighting again.

Cindy was healed up, by now, and looked great, in her skimpy black
bikini, and beautiful Ann was getting my attention, showing off her
fantastic ass and thighs, in her hot pink thong. Cindy came over and
kissed me, rubbing my aching crotch, and said "We've been waiting, for
you, to get home! Why don't you strip, we've got a new game, to show
you!" I didn't need but, 60 seconds, to honor that request! After, I
wasdone, Ann came over, and fondled my very errect cock, and said" Cindy
was right, this is worth fighting over!" Ann kissed me and rubbed her
breasts, against my chest and said, "Don't cum yet, save it for the
winner." Cindy came over and pushed Ann awat, from me and said, "Keep
your hands off, Bitch, you've got to earn it!"

I asked, "What kind of "game" do you girls have, in mind? Cindy
explained, as she stripped, her bikini top off, and exposing her huge,
firm, silver dollar nippled breasrs, "We're going to have a cock sucking
wrestling match, best 2 out of 3, winner of each fall, gets 2 minutes to
suck your big cock. The winner, of the match, gets your tool, up her ass
or in her pussy, for the rest, of the night. The loser has to admit, the
winner, is the better woman, eat her pussy and lick her asshole. "What
do you think, of our little "game?", she said coyly. I said, "Let the
fight begin!"

Ann wanted to challenge Cindy, to a posedown, and to have me measure,
their muscles. Cindy agreed, as Ann took off her bikini top. Cindy went
first, she smiled  and flexed her big bare chest and biceps. She had'nt
worked out, in a couple of weeks, and had put a few pounds back on, but
her sexy biceps were still awesome. The tape measure swelled to 14
inches, on her rock solid bicep. Cindy looked at Ann, pumped her sexy
biceps, even harder, and said, "Try to top this, Bitch!" I next went to
her sexy hard thighs and the tape read 22 1/2 inches and her steel like
calves at 14 inches. Cindy smirked, at Ann and said, "Now you what a
real woman looks like, wimp!" Ann just smiled and said, "I thought you
had some muscles, cxnt!"

Ann flexed her powerful biceps and solid chest and said, "Now we'll see
who's got the muscles here!" Her biceps were, as rock hard, as Cindy's,
due to Ann's weigt lifting, as of late. They measured in at 13 1/2
inches, but a little more defined, than my sexy wife's. Cindy laughted
and said, "The bicep battle goes to the champ, me!" Next came Ann's cok
stiffing legs. I measured her thighs, at an eye popping 23 inches and
her calves at 14 1/2 inches. "WOW!", I exclaimed. Ann told Cindy, that
not only did she whip her, in the leg department,, but that her husband
had cum all over her sexy, creamy, muscular, while measuring them!" "It
seems I have quite an admirer, here!" Cindy was pissed! She told me, she
settle, with me later, with the boxing gloves. "Remember, what I did, to
this whore, the last time, we fought, 2 fucking black eyes and knocked
out cold, and she's more of a man, than you, in the ring!" Boy, was I
hoping Ann would kick Cindy's ass!

Cindy vs. Ann Part II (Cock Sucking Wrestling)

THis fight is for, the cock sucking wrestling championship. In htis
corner, standing 5'2" and weighing in at, 140 pounds of sexy solid
muscle, measuring an eye popping 44-28-36, and wearing a black string
bikini bottom, the current boxing champion, ........ my sexy, goregeus,
wife......Silver Dollar Nipples Cindy! And in this corner, her opponent,
standing 5'4" and weighing in at, 144 pounds of beautiful solid muscle,
measuring 37-29-38, andwearing a hot pink thong
bottom............Awesome Ann! May the best woman and best cock sucker
win! I instucted them, "Fight!"

Cindy and Ann circled, each other, looking for an opening, and trying to
psyche each other out. Cindy made the first move, charging her bigger
foe, and knocking her, to the mat. Cindy quickly wrapped, her muscular
arms, around Ann's chest, and began squeezing the stuffing, out of her.
Ann was caught, off guard, and tried to move around, to take advantage,
of her superior leg power, but Cindy had locked, her solid thighs,
around Ann's and began muscling her down. Cindy whisped, in Ann's ear,
"I'm gonna put your lights out, Bitch!", as her biceps bulged, as she
squeezes Ann, even harder! Cindy was also, holding her own, in the leg
battle, as well. Both of their sexy legs, were intertwined together,
muscles bulging and flexing. It was a very erotic sight! Cindy kept the
pressure on, and after several more minutes, Ann was out cold! Cindy
rolled her over, on her back, and stood up, planted on efoot, on Ann's
fleshy belly, and flexed her sexy solid biceps. The winner of the first
fall, in 5 minutes and 10 seconds..........Silver Dollar Nipples Cindy!
Ann began to stir, Cindy sat, on her chest, and flexed her biceps, and
began to laugh, when Ann asked what happened! Cindy said, "My biceps put
you to sleep, cxnt!" She got off, of her and said, "Watch a real woman,
show you, how to give head!" And for the next 2 0r 3 minutes, I was in
oral heaven, as my sexy busty wife deep throated my swollen cock and
flexed her hard bicpes, for me. Ann watched and was furiously fingred
her soaking wet pussy and rubbing her big nipples, until she groaned,
with pleasure! Cindy swallowed my big wad, stood up, flexed and said to
Ann, "Let's fight, Bitch, I want that cock, up my ass, and you're
standing, in my way!" Ann said, "No rules, cxnt, anything goes, and we
go cxnt to cxnt, unless you're ashamed, of your puny bush!" Ann had a
very hairy cxnt, but Cindy stripped off, her bottoms anyway. Cindy said,
"Christ, she's got a hairier snatch, tha Diane!"

Round 2 began, with Ann charging Cindy, and Cindy punching her hard, in
the stomach. Ann gasped for breath, staggered back, and Cindy let loose,
2 more thundering uppercuts, to Ann's sext, round fleshy belly. Those
blows stood her straight up, and Cindy gave her 2 jabs, that blacked her
eyes, and a right cross, to the jaw, that knocked her out cold! Cindy
stood over her, one foot, on her defeated rivals bruised stomach, flexed
her solid biceps, and said, "Count the fat bitch out!" 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
and 10! The winner, by a knock out and still the sexy
wife.....Silver Dollar Nipples Cindy! Cindy got on her knees, and began
sucking, my big rod off, and in about 30 seconds, I blew a big load, of
cum, down her throat! It didn't take me long, to get hard again, as she
mounted Ann's face, with her hot wet, dripping pussy. Ann began to stir,
and Cindy commannded her to begin eating the champs tight, sweaty pussy.
Ann ate her out, for about 10 minutes, and Cindy moved up and made Ann
lick her asshole out. Cindy then straddled Ann's chest, and made her
vanquished rival, feel her rock hard biceps, thighs and calves. "Who's
the better woman, you asshole licking whore!" Ann said, "You are're muscles are so sexy and solid and your cxnt is
sweet and hot. I've alwats wanted to eat a woman out!" Cindy said, "No
problem, keep eating, while my hubby rams his big tool, up my ass!"

What a rough weekend, I had to fuck and suck, both of these beautiful
women, for 2 days!

Cindt had gone, to the store, and Ann was getting ready, to leave. Ann
told me, that she was going to be tking boxing lessons, and the next
time, it would be Cindy who licking her asshole. With that remark, Ann
flexed her hard biceps and gave me a goodbye blow job! I have it so

Ann was gone, when Cindy got back. She reminded me, of our date, to
settle our differences, in the boxing ring. Next Saturday, we would
strip to the waist, box, to determine, who was the head, of the house!

But little did she know, she would be boxing, in a few days..........