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FvF & MvF Wrestling/Grappling Story "Dominant Girlfriend Embarrassed"

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Howdy all,

Regulars over at Sexfighting & Titfighting section will no doubt recognize my avatar and username. I've written plenty of FvF titfighting stories over the years, as well as one short "sexfight" piece, but have been reading FvF and MvF wrestling and grappling fics for much longer. Never wrote much material of my own on the latter, though. Well, until now. I came across some interesting little stories on MalevsFemale board, authored by red-green-blue, and thought they had a lot of potential. So I decided to 'tinker' with a couple of them a bit... and ended up basically rewriting much of the action and massively expanding the story length, lol! I did the edits for my own enjoyment, but thought I might as well share the result with you as well.

The original story with a rather different ending can be found here:

In general, the overarching theme and primary mood of all my works tends to center around competitive tension, and this piece is no exception.

Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy!


"Dominant girlfriend embarrassed"

(original by red-green-blue, heavily modified by Augur)

It was supposed to be a completely ordinary day. Which is why, upon walking into my girlfriend Sarah's apartment on that fateful evening, I was paralyzed by shock in response to the scene that opened before me.

Okay, let's reel back a bit first. Sarah and I are both college seniors, and started dating about a year ago. I introduced her to wrestling pretty early on, and she was a natural. Already very much into sports and something of a fitness freak, her endurance and strength were a perfect fit for grappling. I can remember our first night wrestling, when she got lucky and caught me in a crushing bodyscissor which made me gurgle in pain the second she engaged her leg muscles. Despite the fact that I outweigh her by 30 or 40 pounds (I'm 5'9", 180 with an athletic build, while Sarah is 5'5" and about 145 very solid pounds with muscular, thick quads and a toned stomach), we are actually pretty damn evenly matched on the mat, now that she's learned to wrestle. I still manage to win most of our bouts, but have to work really hard to maintain a lead. And she definitely takes her portion of the victories as well.

Though I used to do sports pretty actively in high school, the added workload in college has caused me to dial things back somewhat. Wrestling I'd already dropped after middle school, and nowadays my workout routine consists mostly of just hitting the gym and jogging a bit for cardio. Plus tussling with my very fit and strong girlfriend, of course. Over the past year, in addition to my own long list of humbling defeats at her hands (mostly legs, really), I have seen her wrestle and dominate a handful of her female friends as well. On one occasion, she's even KO'd her former roommate, a D1 swimmer with a considerable size advantage (as retribution after said roommate made me tap to a very embarrassing grapevine pin in our sparring match - but thats a story for a different time).

So, when I walked into Sarah's apartment that night, I was shocked to see her desperately trying to find a way out of a rear naked choke, courtesy of my friend Emma. Emma had been in the same class with my sister in high school, and like her, was a couple years younger than us. Right then, all I could do was stare at how Emma's long, lithe legs were encircling Sarah's taut midsection while her arms fought to secure the choke. Emma is 5'10" and maybe around 130 or 140 pounds. She works out a little, but looks slender and thin, and is more of the artsy type. Dancing is probably the peak of her competitive sporting credentials. At first, I thought maybe Sarah was teaching her a few moves, but I could tell by the determined look on my girlfriend's reddening face that this was no casual encounter. Sarah shot me a split-second look that I couldn't quite decipher. It wasn't acknowledgement, it was... embarrassment? I didn't realize at first because I'd never seen her like this.

Emma's right arm was hooked around Sarah's neck, and my girlfriend seemed to be holding onto the left one for dear life, while Emma was trying to wrangle it free and use it to push the back of Sarah's head for leverage. They both looked gassed, and it suddenly occurred to me that this probably wasn't the first match of the afternoon.

Emma's sleek, slim thighs were wrapped around Sarah in a way that displayed the girl's inexperience; they weren't in a figure-4, nor did she have proper "hooks" in. Her legs seemed to encircle Sarah somewhat haphazardly, but their considerable length enabled them to hold Sarah securely enough to prevent an escape. After a minute of struggling, it looked as if a lightbulb went off in Emma's head. Suddenly her legs straightened out and her ankles locked. Now, with a look of complete concentration, she administered a squeeze. I heard my girlfriend award her with a throaty groan.

"Ohh ssshittt," a hissing curse escaped Sarah's slightly parted lips, my girlfriend's pretty but strained face appearing to betray quite a bit of pain, along with some degree of surprise.

Almost immediately, Sarah shot a hand towards her new tormenters, no doubt looking for a way to ease the pressure. With only one hand available to fight her opponent's arms, Emma quickly took her chance, and snaked her left hand free, finally locking in the choke. I could see Sarah's wince of pain, and noticed her freeze for a brief moment. She regained her bearings soon enough, but it was already too late. The shrewd, calculated wrestler I knew was now futilely twisting and turning within her opponent's tight grip, hopelessly prying at the components of Emma's deadly choke/scissor combo. A mere 10 seconds after the choke had been clinched, Sarah's eyelids began to flutter, and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

As I lifted my now-unconscious girlfriend's thick, toned legs up to retain some bloodflow in her brain, I tried to register the ferris wheel of emotions rising up in my stomach. Sarah was an avid competitor, and I felt bad for her because I knew that losing to a weaker and more inexperienced girl was really gonna bother her. On the other hand, I was feeling confused. How did skinny little Emma manage to take her down at all, let alone KO her? And of course, thirdly, I was also more than a little thrilled; nothing could excite me more than an intense women's wrestling match, right before my eyes.

Sarah woke up with a soft groan and took a few seconds to realize where she was. I decided to give her some time to regain her wits, but knew I needed to get to the bottom of how this all started.

"OK, now it's 1-1," Emma stated from a few feet away. "I told you I'd beat you at least once."

Sarah blinked, my girlfriend's eyes starting to focus slowly, before looking down in obvious embarrassment. I could see her pale cheeks rapidly gaining a red tint.

"Didn't you say I had no shot? That you were twice my strength, and could easily wipe the floor with me?" Emma asked cutely. She was beaming, and the teasing seemed friendly enough and Sarah didn't want to be a poor sport towards her friend, who probably didn't quite understand her usual competitiveness.

"Yeah, you got me", Sarah awknowledged with a shaky nod. I could tell she was disturbed, and frantically trying to puzzle together what exactly had happened. But most of all, she looked noticeably more gassed than Emma.

"Hey, you wanna watch the first round? I recorded both of them on my phone." Emma asked suddenly, picking up the device from where she'd set it and offering it to me. I tried to answer affirmatively in a manner that did not betray my excitement.

The beginning of the video showed a different Sarah from the one sitting across the room from me now. She looked eager and confident in her tight black workout shorts and sports bra. Despite her height disadvantage, Sarah's taut, visible muscles made her seem like the clear favorite. Her legs in particular dwarfed Emma's, and I was hoping to see a nice bodyscissor submission. Emma had on a white t-shirt and light grey leggings that stopped a few inches above her ankle bone. Her long and slender legs seemed reasonably toned, but were nowhere near as bulky or athletic-looking as my girlfriend's. Her ass was likewise more compact than Sarah's, whose big glutes caused her round but very solid behind to fill out impressively. Still, Emma's pert little butt did have a nice, cute shape, and looked pretty attractive, I had to admit. The same went for those lean and sleek thighs. Because of her exceptionally narrow waist, the lithe girl actually seemed almost curvy, despite having only a small amount of padding in the strategic areas.

My girlfriend - whose body was both decidedly more muscular and more shapely - started the match looking aggressive, and began circling around her opponent much like a predator would. Her motions certainly seemed measured and powerful, I thought, watching how Sarah's wavy, dark brown hair swayed with each sudden movement as she constantly changed course to keep the taller and thinner girl on her toes. Emma's long and smooth, reddish-blonde hair contrasted nicely with my girlfriend's darker locks, as did her pale complexion with Sarah's slightly tanned, more creamy skin-tone.

I had to pause my observations as the well-built brunette jumped forward for a quick takedown, with Emma falling willingly alongside her. True to her usual initiative and aggression, Sarah wasted no time in trying to mount the younger woman, but Emma quickly wrapped her long and slim legs around Sarah's thicker counterpart to prevent an advantageous position. This impasse continued for a few minutes, with Sarah trying to power her leg out of Emma's grasp, and her opponent stubbornly clinging onto it. The slinky girl's efforts were impressive, and she seemed to naturally understand how to position her body in this situation. I watched them tussle and roll on the ground for a good while, each girl gaining a sexy sheen on their skin as their bodies warmed up from all the exertion, both straining against one another in that close, intimate embrace.

Eventually, Sarah succeeded in shifting herself to Emma's side, and got an arm around her neck. The skinnier girl instantly panicked, and shifted her attention to defending against the choke. This gave Sarah an opening; she shook her trapped thigh free at last, and quickly wrapped it around Emma's midsection, trapping her opponent in a familiar-looking bodyscissor hold. I looked on greedily as my athletic girlfriend started to pour on the powerful and suffocating pressure that so often gave me feelings of pain, dizziness, and euphoria. But Emma lifted her arm and began tapping out before Sarah could even squeeze her at full strength. My girlfriend relented immediately, loosening up her muscles and letting those thick, taut legs relax around the more slender female.

That stuck out to me. Emma seemed to be competing seriously enough, so why did she give in so quickly? I wrote it off as her simply having a weak midsection. Despite being visibly lean and thin, her stomach seemed to have very little definition.

By now, Emma had managed to fully catch her breath, and seemed ready and eager for round 3. She hopped to her feet and went to place her phone back onto that side table, turning the record function on and spending a few seconds to make sure the angle was right. My gaze followed the slender blonde/redhead as she traipsed back to her spot at the center of the room, signalling to Sarah that her break was over. My still winded and a bit dizzy-looking girlfriend nodded, leaning her toned forearm against the couch and standing up slowly. Round 3 began as the inverse of the first, with Emma revolving confidently around Sarah, who looked too tired to do more than pivot on one foot and keep the thin girl in front of her.

Suddenly, everything in my mind lined up. Of course! Emma had intentionally held onto Sarah in rounds 1 and 2, getting her frustrated and letting the brunette try to overpower and outmuscle her way to a win. At the same time, Emma had done her best to conserve her own strength and stamina. She'd even tapped early in round 1 to avoid wasting energy (and oxygen) on trying to escape - the exact opposite of my girlfriend's mule-headed trip to Sleepytown.

While Sarah used to be a sprinter and still lifted weights pretty religiously, I knew that her cardio was limited, and that she probably lacked the endurance required to finish out an actual, proper competitive wrestling match. Against me that wasn't usually too much of an issue, but clearly, Emma represented a very different type of opponent.

I instantly understood her strategy, but realized that it was too late. What could I say to my girlfriend now? Just as this realization occurred in my mind, I noticed that the slim (and oh-so-sneaky) girl had gotten ahold of Sarah, and was trying to swing her for a takedown. The taut brunette, who looked a lot stronger than her opponent, was now visibly out of breath and sweating profusedly, and didn't seem to have the energy to repetitively push off of her legs so she could drive Emma back. Instead, she had to accept a stalemate in their positional muscle-to-muscle struggle, and settled on standing with a wide base to prevent being swung or tripped. The younger girl - once again showing herself to be an instinctive wrestler - quickly switched tactics and decided to slam her lean body straight into Sarah's. The sudden ram took Sarah by complete surprise and caused both fighters to tip over, with Emma falling hard on top of the brunette, straddling her torso.

Emma was sitting high on my girlfriend's chest before Sarah had time to even think about escaping. I watched Sarah plant her feet on the ground and attempt to bridge the taller but lighter girl off, her toned thighs bulging with exertion. Several grunts and groans escaped through Sarah's gritted teeth as she strained all her muscles to the limit. When this strategy failed, and my girlfriend seemed to sense that the last remaining bits energy were beginning to leave her, she began to twist and turn futilely. I could only look on, helplessly, how my panting (and obviously very stubborn) girlfriend kept struggling, still trying to buck her lithe opponent off of her, and quickly using up the last fumes that remained in her tank. Pretty soon, Sarah's thick, well-built legs were laid flat on the ground, and even seemed to be quivering a bit, showing her complete exhaustion. My girlfriend's creamy smooth skin was practically glowing with slick perspiration, and her breathing came out in rapid, audible gasps.

Emma clearly knew that she had already won, but appeared to want to tease Sarah a bit before putting her out of her quite palpable misery. The tall and slender girl slid up her body, mounting the tired, heavily panting athlete, who offered little to no resistance as Emma trapped her in a classic schoolgirl pin.

"Gee, aren't you supposed to be the big gal on campus? How did you let a skinny little girl like me beat you? I mean, c'mon, you're in the gym five days a week. I mostly just run," Emma snickered, raising an eyebrow at my flustered girlfriend as she mocked her. The younger girl's admission to being a runner made a lot of sense to be, given her impressive endurance.

"But you can't escape, can you?" Emma pressed on, grinning at the powerfully built brunette pinned underneath her.

Sarah gave no answer, her eyes closed tightly, and her jaw clenched.

"Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you!" Emma whined, delivering a half-playful slap to her embarrassed opponent's cheek, and giggling cutely. When she still didn't seem to get an answer, Emma put one hand behind Sarah's head, drew it up from the ground forcefully, and squeezed her thighs together. I saw my girlfriend's eyes fly open, and her hands shot to Emma's legs defensively.

"Ah-ah!" Emma tutted with a more combative and stern tone than before "Put those hands at your sides or I'll squeeze. You do NOT want to feel my legs' full power."

Sarah swallowed, obeying immediately.

"Good. That's much better," Emma said approvingly, leaning back slightly as her lips curled back into a smirk. "Now, answer me like a good girl. Can you get me off of you?"

"No," I heard Sarah admit quietly, her still-winded voice coming out as a soft, barely audible murmur.

Emma narrowed her eyes. I watched her squeeze with her lean, slim thighs again, tightening their grip around my girlfriend's head. She grinned down at her mockingly. "What was that? I couldn't quite hear you."

Sarah groaned in discomfort as the pressure around her skull kept increasing. She took a shaky breath, before announcing more loudly "No, I can't escape. You won, Emma. You beat me."

"You are the stronger and better wrestler."

Emma laughed and looked to me, smiling proudly. "I didn't even tell her to say that," she beamed.

"Okay Emma, I think that's enough. You've won." I knew Sarah wouldn't want me getting involved, but I was becoming genuinely worried for my girlfriend's mental state.

Emma looked down at Sarah. "You hear that? Your boyfriend says it's time to finish you off."

Before I could get another word out, she'd grabbed Sarah by the head again, pulling her up and falling to the side to secure a very tight and intimate-looking front headscissor. Sarah gave a muffled yelp and started tapping quickly, but Emma still wasn't done. The tall, limber girl's tone was sugary sweet as she asked my now red-faced girlfriend if she'd had enough, but all Sarah could do was whimper pathetically, her mouth pressed snugly against Emma's warm crotch.

With one last guffaw, Emma finally let her go, and gracefully hopped onto her feet. With remarkable speed, she then shifted back to being a friend once again. The slim girl patted Sarah on the head, and even filled a water bottle up for her. It didn't seem to matter matter much to Sara, though, who couldn't even look me in the eye.

After a few minutes of cooling down, Emma sat down with us and smiled. "Now that I've beaten you Sarah, I reckon it's time I took on your boyfriend here. I've been wanting to have nice tussle and roll on the mat with him for a looong time."

I was, quite frankly, a bit intimidated by the display of dominance I'd just witnessed. My strong and athletic girlfriend, who was perfectly capable of holding her own against me in a grappling match, and even managed to beat me at pretty regular intervals, had just gotten utterly demolished by this slender, artsy-looking girl. Who, to make matters worse, obviously enjoyed humiliating her victims after a win. But before I could come up with an excuse to say no, Sarah spoke up, for the first time since she'd nearly gotten her neck snapped between Emma's slinky little thighs.

"He'll do it".

"Great" Emma beamed, clearly excited for the opportunity. "Unfortunately, I'll have to go to work now, but I could come back tomorrow night? That good with you?"

No backing down now, I guess. I gave her a quick nod, hoping the apprehension I felt wasn't too easily discernible on my face.

"See you tomorrow, then," said Emma, a playful smirk playing on her lips. "And may the best woman win."

Emma quickly got dressed and headed off to work. For the rest of the night, Sarah was oddly silent, and didn't even eat dinner. She went to bed early while I stayed up to read for a bit. I tried to slip into bed quietly to avoid waking her up, but noticed she was still full awake. Of course she couldn't sleep after that embarrassing defeat.

"You have to beat her. She just totally humiliated me. Took me apart like I was nothing, just thrashed me. Heck, you watched it. You are my boyfriend, I NEED you to beat her." I'd never seen or heard Sarah like this. She looked lost, broken even, and seemed to be almost begging me. "Please. We'll practice tomorrow, now get to sleep."

As I said earlier, over the past month or two, Sarah had begun beating me quite often at wrestling, her increased skill level allowing her to win our grappling matches nearly as often as I did, and giving her already good self-confidence a big boost. But now, her demeanor was suddenly totally different. I sensed this could change the dynamic of our relationship, big time - and potentially in a way that didn't bode well for me. On one hand, this was my chance to permanently ensure that she would respect me as the leader, as the alpha. But on the other, were I to actually LOSE to Emma, I knew there was no way Sarah could ever look at me the same again.

After seeing how effectively Emma's superior endurance had worn Sarah down, allowing the tall, thin female to womanhandle and pretty much toy with my athletic girlfriend at will, I knew that having one only round decide our bout would've been the wisest course of action. For me, that is. But I doubted Emma would agree to that, being fully aware of the implications. Emma had beaten Sarah after learning just a few moves, and I was sure she'd do some research online before our next match, to try and surprise me with some new approach or tactic. Sarah agreed with me, and we worked on some takedowns and submissions together on the morning of the match. At the same time, we agreed that I should take it easy and not wear myself out.

I heard Emma arrive while I was in the other room. As Sarah and she chatted, it struck me how sweet and polite the slim and artsy-looking girl was when not wrestling. I tried not to psyche myself out too much, but she'd thoroughly gotten into my head already. I couldn't dismiss her slender-looking physique after seeing her beat Sarah so handily. Emma had reduced my confident, powerful athlete of a girlfriend into some defenseless little girl, and frankly, downright dominated her in those last few minutes. Worst of all, I couldn't shake from my mind the image of Emma taunting and torturing Sarah even after she'd already been beaten. Did she plan to do that to me, too? In front of my girlfriend? I silently shuddered at the thought.

I entered the main area of our small apartment to see that Emma had already begun stretching. She was speaking with Sarah as she warmed up, and had her backside turned to me. I took the chance to drink in the girl's small but pert and definitely firm-looking ass, before running my gaze lower down along her long, sleek thighs, smoothly countouring calfs and slim ankles. Emma had the look of a lithe yoga girl rather than an athlete, but while she was visibly less toned and muscular than my girlfriend, as well as somewhat less shapely to boot, there was no denying her attractiveness.

Back in high school, and even now in college, I'd never really paid much attention to Emma's body, mostly just dismissing her as yet another 'cute but skinny' girl. But looking at her now, and taking in all the little details of that lean and limber physique, I had do admit that Emma did have a certain gracefulness to her. To be completely honest, she was actually pretty hot. As if on cue, the slender young temptress bent down at the waist, giving me an unobstructed front-row seat to gawk at Emma's compact but oh-so-supple derriere. My eyes paused onto that cute, obviously tight butt for a second, watching it flex as she leaned into a deep, low stretch, soaking it all in. Oh yeah. She was pretty fucking hot alright.

When it came to clothing, Emma had opted to wear a comfy beige top, as well as those same light grey leggings that seemed to cling to her slim and sleek thighs like a second skin. Beside her laid a pair of adidas sandals which she'd apparently kicked off just before I'd arrived. I watched the tall, thin girl arch her back slowly and languidly, letting her spine settle into the curve for a moment before letting out a deep sigh and straightening up again. She assumed a relaxed sitting position on the ground, with her long and slender legs stretched out to each side.

As luck would have it, Emma of course caught me staring at her, and no doubt a bit dumbly at that. She acknowledged me with a smug grin.

"Aaah, there he is! Finally! How are you feeling? Not too nervous, I hope?" she asked cutely, that trademark smirk playing on her lips.

I stuttered for a few seconds before managing to make out "Uh, no." Yeah, I know. Not a great start.

Sarah said nothing as she began clearing some space for us, and I did some light stretching of my own. I tried to get in the zone, but before long, Emma tapped me with her foot, flashing me smile.

"Don't look so scared, big guy," she teased. "I'm not gonna eat you. Or well, maybe just a little." Emma giggled, her smirk shrewd and impish in equal measure. "Always thought you were pretty cute, you know. Might've even asked you to prom, if your sister hadn't gone so ballistic about it."

I felt my mouth open, but my brain seemed to have become addled and could not come up with a reply, so I snapped it shut again. Probably looking like a fish on dry land. Emma just grinned at my undoubtedly stupid expression.

"Oh relax, it's all water under the bridge now. Some teenage crush isn't gonna keep me from kicking your butt tonight," she cooed, a saucy yet somewhat wolfish-looking grin taking over her cute face. "You just get ready to tap. I think we both know how this is gonna go."

I did my best not to look towards my girlfriend as I stood up to face Emma, trying to maintain a calm, blank expression. I was about to start when she suddenly held up her hand, causing me to pause. Without waiting for a question or even an inquisitive look, Emma started stripping. First she yanked off her shirt, and then slid down her leggings as well, revealing a very tight pair of spandex running shorts. They were peach in color, and matched her sports bra, which stretched around Emma's smallish but exceedingly perky-looking breasts, the elastic material sticking onto her skin like glue. I blinked.

Contrary to what I'd previously thought, Emma's bust apparently wasn't all that 'modest' after all. I mean, sure, I'd of course been right about her boobs' compact size, but the way that snug fabric seemed to conform to each curve and contour, highlighting their remarkable, strikingly ideal form, made me promptly upgrade Emma's 'rack status' by several tiers in my own private ranking system. Even though my girlfriend's nice, firm C-cup breasts were appreciably larger, and had a full and rounded, pleasing teardrop shape with only a hint of sag, these pert beauties looked absolutely rock solid, straining against Emma's top and appearing to pretty much flip off gravity altogether. As taut and hard as my girlfriend's toned body was, evidently, there was one area where Emma's was even denser.

The slender girl tossed her excess items of clothing over to Sarah, appearing to treat my stone-faced athlete girlfriend as her lackey, before turning back to me and giving me a smug, knowing smile.

"OK champ, ready when you are. Let's see what you've got," Emma murmured, her voice sweet and light.

Oh, why you little... This was absolutely a mind game. She was totally doing this on purpose, first letting me ogle her as she stretched, then following up with a quick flirt, and finally blasting me with a full-frontal reveal of her practically naked, gorgeous sleek body. I took a deep breath, resolving to keep my mind on the game. Everything depended on the result of this match.

We slowly began circling each other, looking for some opening. For the first 30 seconds, we took turns making cautious attempts to gain an advantage, both of us hesitant to make ourselves vulnerable. I decided I could maybe catch her off guard by charging in, forcing her to jump out of the way and therefore getting her off balance to swing her down. I made my move, but was surprised when she stood her ground, bracing that lean, tall body and letting me slam into her head on.

'This could be bad' I thought to myself, and before that moment was over, she had grabbed my head and right shoulder, jumped up, and wrapped her slim legs around me. My momentum carried us to the ground, and she had me firmly in her guard. I felt her pull my head right against those perky boobs with one hand while trying to grab my arm with the other. They really were every bit as firm and springy as they looked, her left breast compressing only a bit as it pressed tightly against my cheekbone. I had to turn my neck to the side slightly to avoid getting an eye poked out.

Get you head back in the game, dammit!

Even though Emma wasn't squeezing with too much force, content with simply keeping me trapped for now, I could feel the pressure from those lean and toned, unyieldingly solid thighs against my torso as they began to dig into my sides. Emma's legs were definitely a lot stronger than they looked. No wonder Sarah had seemed so shaken when caught in her bodyscissors. One more thing I'd need to be careful of.

Anyway, my earlier assumption had been right, and some basic research had likely led her to an instructional video on a triangle choke. Fortunately, I saw her move coming, and when she tried to pass her leg under my arm, I shoved myself backwards and escaped her guard. Emma's eyes narrowed in annoyance and she immediately launched at me, but I swung her around and managed to get on top of her from the side. We sprawled across the floor as I fought to secure a headlock.

I almost cursed aloud when I noticed that she'd managed to lift her arm up just in time to prevent me from getting a good enough grip to choke her. We had reached a sort of stalemate: She was underneath my weight and didn't want to expend all her energy trying to escape while her arm still blocked me from locking in the choke. Likewise, I didn't want to risk her squirming away while trying remover her arm. While we sat there, waiting for the other to make a move, I decided this would be as good a time as any to strike up a conversation.

"I see you googled the triangle choke. But you have to be a lot quicker than that. I saw it coming from a mile away."

Emma smiled up at me. "Yeah, I guess you're too smart for that. But when you wake up, let me know if you saw this one coming".

As she finished her sentence, one of her legs caught my neck - and very abruptly pulled me away from her upper body. Oh fuck. I'd seriously underestimated Emma's flexibility. Apparently, she was so nimble that she'd managed to swing her leg up and catch me by the throat without ever moving her upper body and alerting me to the move.

As she swung her other leg up to meet the one around my neck, it all flashed before my eyes: her ankles crossing, those smooth, limber legs wrapping around my neck and becoming hard as stone, the loss of blood to the brain that disorients you while getting choked, and finally, the darkness that starts to spread from the outer edges of the periphery before everything suddenly goes black... Worst of it all, I could see myself waking up to a gleaming Emma and a deeply disappointed Sarah.

As a last ditch effort which I'd just learned from Emma, I held my arm up to prevent a clean choke. Emma did cross her ankles and squeeze, but my arm had just made it in, and she was in no position to submit me, with all of my bodyweight resting on top of her. That said, the pressure from those long, slender-looking thighs felt seriously impressive, and likely didn't pale much in comparison to my girlfriend's much more visibly muscular counterparts. I idly wondered how a scissor duel between those two might go, but quickly started twisting and rolling with all my energy in hopes of breaking Emma's hold. To my great fortune, despite her obvious raw talent for the sport, she was not a seasoned grappler. I leaned forward, sending as much of my mass towards her upper torso as I could, and kept thrashing wildly. I felt Emma tense those long, lean thighs, straining to keep me off her while she tried to push my body backwards, but as her attention shifted to that, her foot seemed to slip off, just slightly. I pounced, flexing every muscle in my arms to the max as I fought to power my way out of her clutches. And just like that, the grip suddenly broke.

I immediately rolled to the side, seeking to get clear of Emma's undeniably dangerous legs. She tried to grab my wrist, but I easily blocked her efforts, her slender arms having neither enough leverage nor musculature to match my upper body strength. I wasted no time in catching her neck into a headlock and swinging myself down onto her. I maneuvered myself into a good position on top of her chest, but she once again succeeded in sliding an arm up just in time to block my choke from being painful enough to make her tap. Undeterred, I started putting more of my weight against her neck, all the while keeping her planted onto the floor. She kept trying to twist and turn in my grip, but there was no way I was going to let this limber little menace escape now. After some jockeying for position, with Emma desperately trying to wrap those thin, sleek legs around me, and me carefully maneuvering around them, I managed pin her upper back firmly against the mat and get myself sprawled across her slender shoulders. Emma bucked a bit, but I was a lot heavier than her, and had my body solidly on top of her torso, keeping the girl plastered flat against the ground. As I caught her right arm between my thighs and began to work the other one into a stretch, she seemed to decide that it was better to just tap out and conserve her energy. As I'd expected.

Round 1 to me. Phew!

I slowly rolled off of her and rose onto my knees. I heard Emma muttering something under her breath, her face a mask of frustrated annoyance. My girlfriend, on the other hand, was smiling at me wryly, her impassive demeanor expression having at last given way to a more familiar, warm expression. She asked us if we'd like some water, with Emma declining the offer curtly right off the bat. I thanked Sarah, but didn't really need anything to drink either. The first fall couldn't have lasted much more than three minutes, I realized, and neither of us had even gotten noticeably out of breath.

We agreed to keep the break quite short, and were soon ready to return to our spots in the middle of the room. I let my gaze rest on my younger opponent for a moment, Emma's eyes meeting mine steadily. Her face was full of steely determination as she proceeded to stare me down.

A few things seemed abundantly clear. Emma was quick and very flexible, and appeared to have a natural knack for grappling. On the ground, those long, lean limbs made her a very formidable opponent, and I couldn't really count on my superior experience to carry the day, either, since Emma seemed to have a mind for tactical plotting, being able to come up with unexpected surprise moves even on the go if need be.

I knew I'd need to play to my own strengths, most notable of which was brute strength, and decided that I might as well just rush her and see if I could tackle the skinny girl to the ground. Not the most sophisticated of approaches, I agree, but should put her on the back foot for a moment at least. So I made my move, lunging at Emma - and actually managed to catch her unawares. My large and hardened torso slammed against her slender frame, Emma's grunt telling me she wasn't simply playing possum. She'd probably been expecting a way more cautious and probing start to the round, similar to the previous one, and seemed genuinely taken aback by the sudden body slam. I was only too happy to disappoint her.

As we fell to the ground, I was able to get a somewhat favorable position on top of my tall and thin opponent. Emma had still somehow succeeded in trapping my right thigh between her legs, though, so I wasn't in outright top control. I knew I could attempt to get a pin even from this fairly mediocre position, but since the rules were submission only, that wouldn't really do me much good. For anything more elaborate than that, my leverage was clearly insufficient, with Emma constantly trying to break free from beneath me, and my leg caught firmly in her defensive grip. I remembered my girlfriend's earlier match against Emma keenly and decided to take my time, letting the slinky young female struggle for a change, knowing that I had gravity on my side and wasn't expending all that much energy at the moment. As I settled back onto the pin and concentrated on keeping Emma's arms planted onto the floor, I could feel her perky, dense boobs pressing against my chest intimately. My torso rested almost directly on top of hers, and my opponent's warm, somewhat quickened breath was brushing against my neck in a decidedly pleasing manner. We stayed on the ground like that for maybe half a minute before I sensed a sudden pressure much lower down. I instantly recognised where it was located, and froze.

"Oh, you want me, don't you?" Emma's husky, breathless murmur nearly caused me to groan aloud. She had started flexing her slim legs in a slow, steady rhythm, and was now rubbing her left thigh, which was located between my legs, very deliberately against the hard, throbbing bulge in my crotch. When wrestling my girlfriend, it was fairly common for the 'junior' to stand at half mast, but as I wasn't particularly hung, that tended not to pose too big of a problem. Now, though, my member seemed to be almost fully engorged, and was positively straining the fabric of my gym shorts. I was pretty sure Emma could feel it throb and pulsate against her leg, too.

"Mmmmm, don't worry, I don't mind," she whispered in a low, sultry voice. Emma's hot breathing landed right against my ear and sent shivers running up and down my spine. I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning like a horny teen.

"Just relax and enjoy, champ. You've earned it. This can be our little secret. I bet I can make you cum in your pants without your girlfriend even noticing." Emma's girly and intoxicatingly impish tone was nearly enough to send me over the edge there and then, and I quickly began to pull away, scrambling to get off her. But she was having none of it. Emma clenched her leg muscles, keeping my thigh trapped tightly between her own, and used my disorganized retreat as her cue to roll us over. With a quick but powerful twist of her hips, she toppled me from the dominant position, continuing her gyrating motion until she'd achieved a full 180 degree turn. Emma immediately released her legscissor grip on my thigh and jumped up. I barely had time to register the fact that SHE was now all of a sudden on top of ME before feeling the lithe girl crash down onto me with all her weight, plastering my body against the floor.

It seemed like she might've knocked some air out of me as well, and as I slowly regained my bearings, I could feel that deeply pleasurable sensation in my lower body again. Emma's lean, limber body was pressing against mine very intimately, and as I glanced up, I could see her flushed, slightly sweaty face. Her breathing was shallow and she grunted as she slid herself up my body, pressing those perfect, pert boobs alarmingly close to my face. Surely she wasn't going to try to smother me out? And if she was, did I really want to get out? I was beyond aroused, and deeply distracted. Emma capitalized on my stillness (more like stiffness) and quickly mounted me fully, the young temptress deftly trapping me in a textbook grapevine hold. I felt her long and lithe legs wrap tightly around mine while her slim torso smashed into my upper body and planted me against the mat. Finally realizing the danger I was in, I began to buck, desperately trying to break out of her hold.

Each jolt sent waves of discomfort through my legs, but I ignored the pain and kept going. Emma growled and fought to tighten her grip on me, but her inexperience with the hold showed, and I managed to forcibly drag my wrists free from her hands, the girl's limited upper body strength once again proving her achilles' heel. I brought my arms up, planning to attack her neck in short order, but Emma reacted quickly.

She abandoned the grapevine without a second thought, rolling off of me and nimbly swinging herself around to the side. I followed her, leaping forward and even managing to catch her in a loose headlock, but Emma also slid one of her long legs to my midsection and curled it securely around it, trapping my torso in her guard. Thus begun our brief struggle of leverage. Emma was trying to push and shove me off, and simultaneously pulling her neck backwards, while I was leaning forward and attempting to get every bit of my bodyweight to rest on her delicate neck. Unfortunately, Emma was able to twist and turn beneath me, slowly weakening my grip on her. In my frustration, I lifted my midsection in order to put even more pressure on her neck, but the slinky, spry girl used the opportunity to get her other leg around me as well. With a sudden and forceful hip-roll, she toppled us off to our sides, instantly wrapping her thighs around me in a solid bodyscissors.

I grabbed her arm to protect my neck against a choke hold, but that wasn't what she had in mind. Emma looked at me straight in the eye as she laid beside me and started to squeeze the bottom of my rib cage with her legs. Immediately, I felt trepidation. I could not believe the amount of power that those slender, lean beauties were producing. Despite their unathletic appearance, Emma's leg muscles were crushing my torso with a constant, breathtakingly intense pressure that threatened to force the air right out of my lungs, and soon caused me to groan aloud.

"I think this might be the hottest way to conquer an opponent," she whispered into my ear. "Don't you agree? So cozy and intimate. Just a slow, steady squeeze that turns even a big and brawny guy like you into a helpless puddle of goo. Makes me feel so fucking powerful."

I couldn't really argue with that. Though I still thought that Sarah's thick, visibly toned legs were the objectively stronger pair, Emma's long and thin counterparts had superior reach and leverage, which also played into the equation, and were appreciably narrower in breadth, allowing them to concentrate a lot of pressure on a small surface area. I was unlucky enough to be feeling the sum of all those factors very acutely on my torso just then.

"Time to tap, big guy. You're all mine now. My killer legs have tamed you."

The tall, slinky girl renewed her squeeze and flexed those lithe gems with all her might, her cute face scrunching from exertion. I involuntarily let out a yell of pain, but struggled to hang on, determined not to submit to her bodyscissor crush. It was useless. I lasted only for a few more seconds before I had to start frantically tapping on her thigh in submission. Those sleek, slim legs were LETHAL.

"Yesss, Round 2 goes to Emma! Damn, that was some steamy hot action in there, stud!" she exclaimed, fanning herself dramatically and flashing me a playful grin. Emma's face was visibly flushed, and I could see plenty of perspiration on her skin, the girl's pale complexion practically glowing in the dim lights.

I labored to my feet unsteadily, watching as Emma celebrated for a moment. I still wasn't sure if she was just playing mind games with me, or actually might be interested in ripping my clothes off. My girlfriend handed me a bottle of water to drink, but refused to meet my eyes, her gaze lowering onto the floor. I noticed she was avoiding looking at Emma as well, Sarah's usual confidence now conspicuous by its absence. It almost looked like losing to skinny little Emma had broken something inside her.

I HAD to beat this sultry temptress of a girl. For Sarah, if for not myself.

We took a slightly longer break before the third and final round. Though Emma, predictably, looked less visibly tired than I was, she'd still gotten somewhat out of breath, and greedily gulped down some water to quench her thirst. She'd gained a delicious sheen of sweat on that graceful, statuesque body of hers, and I did my best not to stare, concentrating on wiping off some of my own, profuse perspiration with a towel.

"Okay, so when I kick your butt, what do I get as my prize?" Emma asked me with a smirk as she assumed her position, her breathing now mostly level. She crouched into a low stance, starting to approach slowly.

"IF you win, you mean," I corrected her, feeling just a tad winded still. "Bragging rights?"

"Pfft, well that's a given," she snorted as we began to circle each other cautiously. "I was thinking more along the lines of you going down on me and eating me out in front of your girlfriend. And then maybe your girlfriend giving me rim job or something. You can always switch, too, if you'd like."

Do. Not. Let. Her. Get. In. Your. Head.

I steeled myself not to respond to Emma's flirtatious taunting. Or to picture the scenario she'd just laid out. If I could keep my focus on the game for this one last round, I'd win the match. This wasn't just a battle of strength or skill. It was a battle of wills. And I was NOT going to let my little sister's artsy high school classmate beat me. Especially not after what she'd done to Sarah.

Emma seemed to notice the change in my posture and charged me all of a sudden, her tall, lean physique impacting mine with a dull thud. I stood my ground, but she managed to sneak her right leg behind me and shoved hard, tripping or hip-tossing me to the floor, and quickly launching herself at my prone form. I felt her warm body slam into mine for the second time in a very short period of time, but grabbed her tightly and held her against my chest, tossing and turning wildly. I was trying to maneuver myself on top of her, but couldn't really maintain a solid grip on her, and she eventually slid off to the side, starting to back away. I leaped forward and began to get back up, but didn't get far before she dove at me once more. This time, she'd altered her head-on charge at the last minute, narrowly avoiding my body and ending up behind me almost faster than I'd realized what'd happened. I could sense Emma's sleek and nimble gems sneaking in to wrap around me, and realized the girl was attempting to lock her legs in so she could squeeze a second bodyscissor submission out of me. I lunged forward, desperately trying to get away from her lethal lower limbs, turning to angle myself towards her in mid-roll. She was on me in an instant, though, hunting for any opening to grab a limb or some other bodypart that she could use to finally trap me between her thighs. We were twirling and rolling on the floor like two human pinwheels, and I noticed I was starting to get disoriented from the sheer speed and amount of multi-directional movement we were subjected to.

Emma seemed to be moving with grace, agility and purpose that no beginner should possess, and when I tried to withdraw for a moment so I could clear my head, she pursued me, tackling me back onto the floor. Our bodies finally collapsed together into the ground, the long succession of fast-paced throws, rolls and tosses leaving us both breathless and exhausted. I had no idea how long we had been spinning and twirling against each other, but it sure felt like an eternity. Holy shit was she fast!

We were both breathing heavily now, but still continued our struggle on the ground, constantly maneuvering ourselves into a better position. Emma tried to pull me into her side control, but I drove my knee up to sneak her back into my guard. Immediately, I grabbed one of her slender arms and tried to roll over to get her pinned beneath me. But before I could completely turn her over, she managed to slither free from my grip, the sweat that was pouring out from both of us making things quite slippery. Emma instantly jumped on top of me, and I felt her pert, supple ass slam against my upper chest.

"Gotcha!" Emma shouted eagerly as she dove onto me. I felt her thighs encircle my torso, the tall girl at long last succeeding in getting those long, thin beauties around me, and catching me with a flying bodycissors no less. Her lithe lower limbs wrapped themselves firmly across my stomach, and I watched them flex and tense. My opponent's cute but reddened and glistening face contorted with the effort. The pressure was almost overwhelming. She was pulsing and pumping her sleek, smooth legs powerfully, squeezing me as if I'd been caught in a vice, and I heard loud moaning. Both Emma and I seemed to be making similar sounds - one from pain, and the other from sheer exertion, as the skinny girl poured on more and more pressure, doing her best to simply squeeze the life out of me.

"Give up, stud. I've won," Emma declared triumphantly, her slim legs tightening further.

"There's no way out. Either you tap, or I break you in two. Your call."

I began to struggle with even more vigor after that, absolutely refusing to submit to her again. But the more I thrashed and bucked, the tighter Emma's hold on my midsection seemed to get. If she hadn't clamped her bodyscissors so low down on my torso, and had instead managed to catch some of my ribcage in the pressure area like last time, I feared her intimidatingly potent squeeze might've been able to actually crack some ribs. But her thighs were wrapped around my stomach now, and as unpleasant as the feeling was, I was resolved to hold out, no matter what. Actually, there was a second mitigating factor as well; while Emma's endurance and stamina were certainly impressive, she too was starting to look pretty gassed. Her squeezing power couldn't be quite as overpowering as it'd been before, and she definitely shouldn't be able to keep up the pressure forever. If I could outlast her in this hold, and allow the slender redhead/blonde tire herself - and her legs - out, I'd have a chance of turning things around.

Oh wait. What the... Speaking turning things around. In her excitement at finally having caught me in her scissors, Emma had failed to notice that her position also placed her own torso dangerously close to MY thighs. I knew I had no time to waste. Immediately, my legs jolted up and I heard a surprised 'hurk' sound from my opponent as Emma realized, to her enormous dismay, that MY thighs had suddenly snapped around HER stomach as well, our holds nearly perfect mirror images of each other. Not giving her any time to take it all in, I flexed my glutes and squeezed my thighs together with maximum force.

Emma gurgled in pain, her voice sounding both breathless and distressed. But she sure as heck wasn't about to back down.

"Huh, you want some? You really think you can take me on? Well here goes!" she panted angrily and squeezed back in retaliation, her already reddened face turning brighter still from the considerable strain. I watched Emma's lean leg muscles flex and bulge, and stared at how those thin, pale thighs seemed to swell in size as she gave them everything she had. Which was a lot, let me tell you. I would have never guessed that a skinny girl like her could pack THAT much power in her thighs, suddenly finding the idea a scissor duel between Sarah and Emma all the more interesting. Sure, my girlfriend WAS undoubtedly the stronger of the two. But in a marathon match her taut legs might well begin to run out of steam first, allowing Emma's sleeker, longer counterparts to gradually take over and possibly even conquer Sarah's thicker and more muscular gems in the end...

I forcibly dragged my attention back to the task at hand, and rolled us over to our sides with a grunt, both Emma and I remaining firmly trapped in the others' bodyscissors. The battle of the sexes was now entering its last leg (pun intended), and had turned into something a hydraulic press contest, with neither side willing to give an inch. Emma and I squeezed each other as hard as we possibly could. There could only be one winner, and one loser. And I decided I wasn't gonna be the one to go down. I was a fit, athletic guy, and outweighed this leggy bimbo by 50 or so pounds. I gritted my teeth and squeezed again, reveling in her moans of clear anguish. Similar, sharp pain was returned in kind almost immediately, though, as Emma flexed her lithe thighs and let me get a taste of their considerable might. Feeling a familiar arousal throb in my shorts, I did my best to focus on that pleasurable sensation instead of the pain, and doggedly fought on. But there was no getting around it; my strength was slowly running out.

"Getting tired already?" Emma taunted, but her voice sounded shaky and badly winded, and it was clear I was getting to her as well. Still, as moments went by, I could feel my own legs beginning to actually quiver with exhaustion. Wave after wave of squeezes from Emma's thigh muscles rolled over me, her relentless assault showing no signs of abating. The intense pressure from those long lithe, legs felt unyielding, and was almost enough to overwhelm me. But my resistance held. Only just.

"Just give in, stud," my slender opponent panted huskily, Emma's melodious tone gaining a more throaty tinge than before, "Lose to me. Submit to my sexy, silky thighs. You know you want to. Just surrender to these strong, superior legs that've already tamed you gym-rat girlfriend."

As if caught in her hypnotic voice, my vision started to become a bit hazy, Emma's facial features slowly turning less sharp and the entire room beginning to blur and spin around me.

"No! Hang on! Don't let her win!" The voice seemed oddly familiar to me, and through the haze, I suddenly realized it was my girlfriend's.

"You're too wiped out to gain a bodyscissor submission anymore. Quick, you need to try something else!" she continued, her tone tense and quite demanding.

I glanced down, reaching to see if there'd be anything to grab onto, and felt a slim ankle under my armpit. Emma's legs were starting to shake slightly, the tall but thin girl finally approaching her limits as her stamina seemed to begin to run out. She had her legs extended, mucles tensed and ankles crossed, but with the amount of slick sweat covering our bodies, and the last bits of her deceptively formidable lower body strength vaning rapidly, I reckoned it was worth a shot.

Not pausing to come up with anything too fancy, I caught ahold of Emma's ankle under my near arm and gripped it with the other hand. I pulled and twisted on it with all my might, feeling her legs begin to slide open, and quickly put my weight on the joint, continuing to twist hard. Emma yelped and immediately tapped out.

Ooh boy. I was perfectly aware of how lucky I had just gotten. After very nearly meeting the humiliating fate of having to submit to this slinky girl. But it didn't matter. I'd still won.

Sarah rushed in from the side and quickly pulled me into a warm and rather enthusiastic hug. I could hear her whispering her thanks and praises into my ear, but my girlfriend's words were coming out at such a speed that it was hard to make anything out. She was clearly beyond pleased about my victory, and even a bit moved, sobbing something about how proud she was of me.

From my other side, I heard a downcast, visibly exhausted Emma award me with a panting groan that sounded a lot like "good match", the younger girl looking disappointed and sullen. She seemed to be rubbing her ankle and struggling to catch her breath while she digested her narrow defeat.

Later that night, after Emma had left, Sarah and I had some truly incredible sex. Earth-shattering might be the right word, actually. Now, we'd always had great sexual chemistry, and the steamy lovemaking sessions that followed our grappling bouts tended to be pretty mind-blowing on a regular basis. But on this occasion, it felt like we were both on FIRE.

My girlfriend, who's usually more assertive, and at times perhaps even a bit bossy in bed, went all out and pulled every stop to give me as much pleasure as I could possibly handle, enthusiastically obeying my every wish as her command, and relying on her own initiative whenever I was too enraptured to talk. And I, in turn, returned her efforts by doing my very best to drive her wild, making her come harder, longer and louder that I'd ever seen or heard her orgasm. Doggy style was always our go-to position for getting her off, since it allowed me to penetrate her the deepest and from the most pleasurable angle for her, but I couldn't recall Sarah having screamed my name with quite the same volume, frequency or enthusiasm before. And I was absolutely sure that the missionary, especially, had never given her such a powerful, rolling full-body climax that seemed to send my girlfriend into full two minutes of continuous, non-stop release. Sarah had been left a shaking and quivering wreck after that one, clinging onto me weakly and placing warm, wet kisses all across my chest as the aftershocks continued to shake her in my arms. She'd even asked me to marry her in that stupefied, dreamy post-orgasmic bliss, a bit of drool falling from her mouth onto my skin while she'd blinked lazily, her eyes glazed and hazy. But I knew better than to bring that up in any later conversations. She'd probably murder me to just get rid of any witnesses. And to her credit, I doubted I'd been any less dumbfounded or eupforic in the immediate aftermath of her wild amazon/cowgirl ride, which had succeeded in not only taming (and fully draining) my dick, but also been sufficiently intense and gratifying to make me see stars, very nearly causing a fit guy in his early 20s to have a stroke. She'd damn well fucked my brains out in that position, and based on her expression, loved every second of it, too.

In any case, Sarah and I had both been extremely well sated - not to mention very tired and sore - after all that strenuous exertion and body-shaking spasms of pleasure, and consequently slept way past noon the following day. Her demeanor had stayed sunny and accommodating for several days afterwards as well, though I'm happy to report that her competitiveness on the mat has not gone anywhere. She's still a total beast when it comes to wrestling, and continues to love making her big, strong boyfriend beg for mercy between her thighs.

So, to put it short, despite the dangerously close struggle, my victory against Emma earned me my girlfriend's utmost respect, and brought our relationship to a new high. The only question lurking at the back of my mind, which I'd so far been too afraid to ask aloud, was when - or if - would Sarah be ready to face Emma in a rematch?

The mental image alone was enough to get me rock-hard.


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Amazing story! Haha. Very well done. Muscular f/f submission wrestling is by fary favorite genre on this site. Do you plan to get Emma and Sarah into a rematch? Hopefully so!


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Awesome story! A half dozen sequel ideas come to mind starring Emma, I'd love to read more of her.


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Very impressive.    Your boy steals the win. Lol
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