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2 office mums have a drunken wrestle

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2 office mums have a drunken wrestle
« on: December 07, 2022, 12:23:02 PM »
Jane walks into the office building, catching a glance from the old security guard. She smiles, and waves to him, she likes the attention, and she makes sure to give him a good look at her ass. Jane was an athletic pale skinned woman with jet black hair and a beautiful face. Her boobs weren’t massive, but by no means small either, and firm as all hell. She stood at 5 '6 and was wearing a white button shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a black skin tight pair of trousers, showing off her legs. She got in the lift and pressed the button, smirking and waving again at the security guard.

Alicia was typing away on her laptop, James, one of her co-workers walks up behind her, putting his hand on the back of her chair, not touching her, and asking how she’s doing. She laughs, “I’m good James, yeah,” James smiles, “great, by the way, party at my house tonight, just casual, drinks and chats, if you don’t need to watch your kid today?”

Alicia smiles and shakes her head “nah James, I’m all yours tonight.” Alicia, like Jane, was one of that rare but ever attractive breed of hot, fit mums. Alicia stood 5’6, wearing a green blouse and black trousers, showing her ass and hot legs. She had a decent tan and gorgeous flowing blonde hair. She and Jane were often noticed as the hotties of the mostly male office.

James says “I’m getting a cup of coffee, wanna come?” Alicia nods, her year old son had been keeping her up all night. James and Alica walk into the break room, a very nice area, made even nicer by Jane sipping on tea and working on the platform. James is excited to see her.

Alicia is a bit disheartened to see that James is seemingly more excited to see Jane than he was to see her, recently becoming a mother, Jane and Alicia are equals in many different ways, there was always tension between them, always a debate, who’s better at work, who’s hotter, fitter, everything.

James notices the tension between them, but defuses “hey, you guys are coming over tonight right? Basically the whole office is coming except for Willa and Jordan. They’re both overseas right now.” Jane brushes her hair out of her face, “yeah of course James!”

The rest of the office day was normal, people bustling to do work, Alicia and Jane killing it as per usual, until they all get to James house for the get together.

James’s house is quite nice, a beautiful carpeted floor with a big living room and an empty space in the living room, with nothing but carpet. The men in the office all begin drinking immediately, and Alicia and Jane also drinking heavily.

The group, about 5 men and Alicia and Jane are all sitting now, laughing and joshing around, the alcohol doing it’s work, everyone giving a bit of shit talk, as is the norm, but nobody talking anything to heart.

James and another one of the office blokes start wrassling, going back and forth as both men are strong, and grunting as they wrestle. Alicia and Jane watch intently, getting a bit aroused as these 2 manly men grapple. They stop, panting, they’re so tired they just collapse on the floor, and breath heavily. The men of the office cheer as James and the other man clear the living room area and lean on the couch once again.

Alicia brushes her hair out from her face as she walks to the centre of the room, she is very drunk “wow, that was pathetic” she exclaimed loudly “I bet the woman can do it better than you. Unless the other woman here is scared to face me!” Alicia’s challenge elicits a massive “ooooo” from the men, and they cheer as Jane gets up, also very drunk and smiling as she and Alicia meet in the centre of the room.

The men cannot believe what is happening, holy fuck their dreams have come true, they get to see Alicia and Jane, 2 of the hottest women in the office, wrestle each other. James whips out his phone and begins recording, which both women notice.

James motions the 2 women to move to opposite corners, they both get on their knees and begins announcing, also very drunk “Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for submission, and is a battle of the mums!” He gives the camera to the man who was his opponent and moves to Alicia, who is on her knees stretching her arms.

“In one corner, from Coventry, England, we have the beautiful blonde momma, Alicia Warsaw!!” Alicia smiles and flexes her arms lightly, showing some muscle, and pouts to look cute for the camera. “Her opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, a gorgeous battling mum, Jane Baker!!” Jane looks down, trying to look shy and cute for the camera, while brushing her jet black hair out of face and giving a sly smile.

James motions the 2 girls to stand and meet in the centre, he stands in between them, as they giggle, still obviously drunk. James holds them in place by placing his hands on their backs, “Alright ladies, I want a good clean fight, no hair pulling, if it’s too much for you, you can just say ‘I give’ or tap out” James lets them both go and steps back. Jane and Alicia smirk and Alicia says “I’m gonna tell my kid how I beat another momma today”

James smiles, loving the shit talk and says loudly, moving back to the couch “Ok, ladies, 3,2,1 Wrestle!”

Jane and Alicia lock hands, and the men cheer. Jane is being stonewalled, Alicia barely moving as Jane tries to push her back. Alicia at the moment is content to just halt Jane’s advance, with Jane now digging her barefooted heels in, her athletic legs flexing in those skin tight trousers, and her ass popping, gaining some attention from the men.

Alicia gets pushed back a little, she’s definitely the stronger woman, but Jane is no slouch, as Alicia now puts in some effort and causes a stalemate. Jane gets clever, moving their interlocked hands wide apart. Alicia sees what Jane is preparing for, and does it first, as she lets go of Jane’s hands, and shoots down, grabbing Jane by the waist and dragging her to the ground.

Jane squeals, as she is taken to the ground, the men who bet on Alicia cheer, as Jane’s supporters clap and one yells “come on Jane get up!”. Alicia holds Jane down as they 2 women struggle on the ground, Jane using her left arm to try and hold Alicia away, but Alicia is grabbing Jane’s shoulders to pin her to the carpet.
Jane bends, showing her lean flexibility and uses her knee to push Alicia off of her, and the men go “oooo!”. Alicia falls and snaps at Jane “Hey!” Alicia looks to James but he says “she didn’t hit you, just used her legs, continue fighting” Jane uses Alicia’s distraction to get to her knees and as Alicia turns around, squatting, her legs looking absolutely fabulous. Jane wraps her arms around Alicia, trying to shove her down and get on top, but Alicia hurls herself into Jane, causing the black-haired beauty to fall down again, and the blonde mother to once again be on top.

Jane lies on the floor, with Alicia on top of her with her back facing Jane. Jane wraps her arms around Alicia, realising that even though she’s on the bottom, she’s got a chance. Alicia realises how exposed she is, and as do her supporters, one of whom yells from the couch “get out of that Alicia!” Jane begins working her athletic arms up Alicia’s body, from her midsection to her throat, trying to get Alicia in a rear naked choke.

Jane’s supporters cheer, as Jane keeps her arms wrapped around Alicia’s shoulders, Alicia still wriggling and struggling to get free, playfully laughing too though. One of Jane’s supporters says “may as well give me my money now mate” while laughing. Jane moves in for the kill, she lifts both her arms off Alicia’s shoulders and tries to move them to her neck. Alicia’s eyes go wide, and she rolls to her side, to “yeah, get her girl!” from one of the office men.

Alicia wastes no time, now she wants to win, it was fun, and she probably won’t even remember this tomorrow, but she’s been dominating Jane most of this fight, she wants to win. Alicia, on all 4s tackles Jane, and gets on top, her legs lay to the side, with her midsection on Jane’s shoulders, pinning her down, as Alicia locks in a lying down side headlock, one arm wrapping around Jane’s neck, with the other holding it’s hand and tightening. Alicia’s supporters cheer, beer spraying everywhere, as Jane’s supporters go “awww”.

Jane squeals, kicking her legs as Alicia strongly pins her to the ground and is choking her out. She places her hands on Alicia’s hands, trying to break the hold, but Alicia is too strong. Some of the men in the office say “come on Jane, tap out” not wanting to see Jane get hurt.

Jane stops kicking, her athletic legs falling down and laying still. Alicia smirks as Jane raises her hand and taps the carpet in submission. Big cheers ensure as the camera goes for a closeup on the 2 women, the victorious Alicia and the defeated Jane. Alicia lets go of the hold but stays on top of Jane, saying “Who won?” Jane smirks, rolls her eyes, fair enough, she did win, let her have some fun “You did Alicia”. Alicia asks “And Who’s the alpha woman of the office?” Jane replies submissively “You are” painfully aware of the fact that James is holding a camera.

Alica flexes a bit, winking at the camera and says “Damn Right!” as she gets off Jane who stays on the ground for a bit, breathing heavily and soaking in how humiliating it was, but also how fun.

The next morning everyone comes in late and hung over. Jane hides her face, she remembers little of the previous night, other than she had a lot of fun wrassling with Alicia, but ultimately losing the match in front of everyone, she vaguely remembers James walking around holding his phone? But doesn’t get what that was about.

She sees Alicia at the break room, alone, and they both smile, absolutely no tension between them at all. Both recognise that they settled their differences last night, and Alicia had come out the superior woman.

Jane holds her hand out “you defeated me, and made me submit, congrats.” Alicia takes the hand, her head held high. Jane pulls her close, drawing her voice to barely a whisper “But don’t think I’m not gonna get a rematch hon.” Alicia smirks “Looking forward to it *babe*”

So guys, this was my first story being posted on here, please let me know what you think, and any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you for reading!


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Re: 2 office mums have a drunken wrestle
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2022, 08:25:27 PM »
That was a great story. Those types of scenarios could actually happen; making this story very believable. I really enjoyed it, and am vigorously looking forward to the rematch!


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Re: 2 office mums have a drunken wrestle
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2023, 03:30:08 PM »
Now I’m happy  :)


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Re: 2 office mums have a drunken wrestle
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2024, 08:23:20 PM »
Hot! Ready for a sexy rematch at another office get together! Maybe they wrestle in lingerie, but end up topless in a rolling catfight!
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