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« on: April 11, 2024, 02:47:04 AM »
     After about five months Kim has returned to Indy. before she came she let Kelly know when she would be in town. Kelly was happy to hear from Kim and they were able to set up a day and time for a rematch. They are both excited as the first one was close and Kelly feels she can win this time. Dave and Kelly show up at Kim's hotel suite at the agreed time. Kim lets them in and we all take a seat. We talk awhile on what all we have been doing over the past few months. Kim and Kelly agree the rules from the first match are fine, hair pulling, body slapping, breast grabbing, no mauling or pussy attacks. Dave gets his camera ready as the girls do their stretching and get ready. Kim is 5' 4"  125lbs. 34b long brown hair worn loose. Kelly is 5' 5"  140lbs.  36c  long brown hair also worn loose. Kim is wearing a long sleeve white front button blouse no bra, and a denim mini skirt no hose and bare foot. Kelly is also wearing a white front button blouse no bra a dark grey mini skirt no hose and bare foot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
     They face off hard nipples visible. they are standing about a foot apart staring into each others eyes. They both move at the same time. one hand in hair the other around the neck. They dance around trying to trip the other. Kim puts her right leg in front of Kelly and tosses her to the floor. Kim has Kelly on her right side with Kim's right arm around Kelly's neck and her back on Kelly's chest. Kim is using her left hand to hold tightly onto her right. Kelly is kicking with her legs and slapping Kim's body. Kelly tries to grab Kim's hair, but Kim keeps moving her head away so Kelly grabs one of Kim's breasts through  her blouse. Kim tolerates this as she does not want to release either arm from the headlock. Kelly is able to twist around a little and tries to get a scissors on Kim. Kim resists all attempts and squeezes harder on Kelly's neck.  Kelly tries for Kim's hair again but is unable to get a hold so she grabs one of Kim's tits again. Kelly is kicking and thrusting her legs  trying to get free. Their skirts have ridden up exposing their white panties. Kim has Kelly in a bind and knows it. Kelly is getting desperate and is wiggling and thrashing  about with her legs. She squeezes Kim's breast a little more hoping to distract her. Kelly now takes both hands and pulls with all she has and breaks free. She pushes Kim off and they both get to their knees as Kelly attacks Kim. She has Kim on her back and sits on her face rubbing her pussy into Kim's face. Kim  " Fuck you bitch "   Kelly is grinning as she has Kim's arms pinned above her head. It seems the table has turned in Kelly's favor. Kim's legs are up feet flat on the floor, her skirt is at her waist. Kelly's skirt is high on her thighs. Kelly is shaking her butt rubbing her pussy into Kim's face even more. Kim is able to get her legs up around Kelly and pulls her backwards and off. Kim wastes no time in getting to Kelly. As she attacks Kelly tries to roll away but Kim has her from the back. Kim is able to get Kelly in a scissors from the back,  and is pulling her hair with one hand. She reaches around and grabs one of Kelly's breasts with her other hand. Kelly is doing all she can to try to get free from the scissors. She is trying to pry Kim's feet apart, she also slaps her legs, but Kim just squeezes harder. She pulls Kelly's hair bending her head back as she increases her grip on Kelly's breast. Kelly " STOP  STOP "   Kim lets up releasing Kelly, both stand and straighten their tops and skirts as they go to their seats. Dave and I get them drinks and towels. Kelly has caught her breath and tells Dave she will get Kim in the next round. Kim just looks at her and smiles. They stand for round 2                                                                                                                                                                                       
     Both girls come out and lock up immediately. They have arms around necks and waists and are stepping with their legs trying to trip the other. Kelly is able to get one leg behind Kim and tosses her to the floor. They roll around in a cat ball legs entangled and arms around each other, skirts ridding up their legs. Kim gets on top for a moment but Kelly is able to roll her off and gets on top of Kim. Kelly is sitting at Kim's waist  and grabs both of her tits as Kim responds by grabbing both of Kelly's tits. You can see a determination on their faces as they look into each others eyes as they squeeze their opponents breasts. Kim tries to bridge but is unsuccessful. She then tries to reach Kelly's hair but she leans her head back keeping her hair away from Kim's hands. Kim grabs Kelly's shirt and pulls her down towards her, the top few buttons go flying. She is now able to get to Kelly's hair.  She grabs Kelly's hair with both hands  and pulls her to the right causing Kelly to fall to her left. Kim rolls with her and tries for a scissors but Kelly is able to block this move.  They roll around for a few seconds with Kim now able to get on top of Kelly. She rips the rest of  Kelly's  shirt open and grabs both of her breasts. Kelly pulls Kim's hands off her chest and they start hand fighting. Kim is able to get control of Kelly's arms and has them pinned above her head. Kelly is kicking with her legs and tries with her right leg to hook Kim but she is leaning to far forward. Both women's skirts are at their waists showing all of their legs. Kelly's shirt is spread wide open exposing her breasts. Kim is sitting on Kelly's stomach leaning forward   with Kelly's arms pinned with her legs. Kelly knows she can not get free and gives. Kim stands and pulls down her skirt and adjusts it to its proper position. Kelly stands and straightens her skirt, her blouse is hanging wide open. Both take their seats, as Kim shakes hear head and runs her fingers through her hair, trying to straighten it out some. I give her a drink as she sits smiling at Kelly. Dave is attending to Kelly who has not taken her eyes off Kim. She looks pissed. Kim looks up at me and asks " What do you think? "   I say " You are doing fine and look sexy as hell. "   Kim smiles and I can tell she is ready for round 3.                 
     Both women stand and Kim unbuttons 3 buttons on her shirt. I think she did this as just another way to get in Kelly's head. It seems to be working as Kelly comes after Kim. They lockup with hands in hair, Kelly is able to trip Kim and they go to the floor. Kelly is on top of Kim  but Kim is able to toss her off and both get quickly to their feet and circle. They approach and start slapping at each others bodies and breasts. Kelly grabs Kim's shirt, buttons flying, and pulls her in close. Now both girls breasts are exposed. Kelly gets Kim in a headlock  as Kim grabs one of Kelly's breasts. They stagger around like this for a short time then Kelly takes Kim to the floor. Kelly has a good grip around Kim's neck. Kim is kicking her legs causing her skirt to ride up. She is able to get to Kelly's hair and pulls. Kim now tries to pull Kelly's hands apart to break the headlock. Kelly just tightens her grip. Kim realizes she has no way out and taps Kelley on the shoulder 3 times signaling she gives. Kelly lets go of Kim both stand and straighten their clothes and take their seats. We give them water and let them towel off. Their blouses are hanging wide open.  Round 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
     Kim is not happy at getting beat in round 3. Both women stand with their shirts hanging open breasts exposed. Kim adjusts her skirt again, i can tell she is a little more intense now. She does not like to lose. They come out and start slapping at each other. Kelly, feeling more confident, grabs Kim by they hair and tries to toss her down but Kim is able to keep her balance and grabs Kelly from behind. Kim has Kelly by the hair with one hand and reaches around and grabs one of Kelly's breasts with the other. Kelly " You bitch "   Kim just grins and pulls Kelly's hair a little harder. Kim whispers into Kelly's ear " you are mine now "   Kelly " Fuck you "   Kelly struggles as they stumble about the room. Kelly slaps at Kim as best as she can, but Kim seems to have control of Kelly. Kelly is able to get one leg  in position to trip Kim and they go to the floor. As Kelly tries to get free Kim grabs at her getting her shirt. Kelly spins away as Kim is pulling on her shirt, this causes Kelly to come out of her shirt in order to get free. Both women quickly stand and come together chest to chest hands in hair. Kelly is starting to get desperate, she really wants to win and needs this round badly. They are both trying to trip the other as both are trying hard to gain control. Skirts are ridding up their legs as they fall to the floor with a thud. Kim is on top then Kelly as they roll around in a cat ball. They are still chest to chest breasts smashed together, hands in hair. Their legs are entangled, skirts ridding high on their legs as they roll around vying for control. Kelly gets Kim in a cross body pin and slaps Kim's pussy a couple of times. This really pisses Kim off and she is able to buck and bridge getting Kelly to roll off. Kim is now on a mission, she intends to finish Kelly off now. Kim quickly rolls over and tackles Kelly driving her to the floor. Kim gets Kelly in a face sit  and rubs her pussy in Kelly's face. Kim, as she is grinding her pussy into Kelly's face " you like my pussy so much well here it is. "   Kelly is mumbling and cursing, her arms are slapping Kim's legs since her skirt is up to her waist. Kelly then reaches up with both hands  and grabs Kim's breasts. She squeezes them and tries to push Kim back so as to get her legs around Kim to pull her off. Kim is using her body weight to lean forward staying away from Kelly's legs. Kim is oblivious to the pain in her breasts as she is focused on finishing off Kelly. Kelly is kicking and thrashing her legs and trying in vain to use her legs to pull Kim off. Kim pulls Kelly's hair with both hands thus  pulling her head tight into Kim's crotch. Kelly is still mumbling and cursing Kim, who is now starting to smile. Kelly is desperate and squeezes Kim's breasts even more, but Kim just pulls Kelly's face even harder into her crotch. Kelly pounds the carpet as she mumbles her surrender. Kim lets go of Kelly's hair and slaps her face in retaliation for Kelly slapping her pussy. Kim stands and smiles, adjusts her skirt and comes over to towel off and get a drink of cold water. Kelly just lays on the floor pissed at losing again.
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