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Abby Silvercloud

I walked up to Denny's door and almost stuck my hand inside to push the door open further, but I heard Denny say, “Are you certain that it will be safe.  I don't want any accidents in my club.”  That's when I heard another voice, familiar to me, say, “It will all be perfectly safe.  I insisted that there be no nonsense.  But, let me tell you, she will give Nora a thorough session.”

Denny responded reassuringly, that it was set for tonight, then.  I backed away from the door and raised my hand as if to restart my entry.  But, that's when the door flew open, and Nora's husband, Jerry, came out.  “Hello Abby,” Jerry said.

“Oh, hi, Jerry.  Is Denny in there?” I asked.

“He sure is.  Sorry, but I have to run and get the word out about tonight's match.” Jerry was in a hurry.  He quickly slid around me and dashed through the club.

Denny was sitting at his desk and didn't look up from his computer.  “What is it, Abbs?”  He was obviously busy clicking away on his computer keyboard. 

“Oh, nothing.  I was just looking through the new costumes and saw your light was on.”  I moved around the desk beside him to sneak a peek at what had his complete attention.

But, he quickly offered it up without a pause, “You can help me to get the word out to all of the usual patrons who enjoy the sponsored matches.  Jerry has a terrific idea with a mystery wrestler he has lined up for tonight, before she leaves town.”  Denny was plucking away at his computer keyboard.

I could see that Denny didn't want to be bothered, so I left to find something to eat before the shows would begin.  I would be expected to dance, tonight.  The sponsored wrestling matches always brought in lots of people, and often huge tips at The Dollhouse.  All the girls loved to work on those nights.

I returned to the club to find that Denny had gotten the word out in time.  The usual fetish filled patrons were already in line buying tickets, and milling around inside the club.  Many of our dancers showed up, so I was off the hook.  I could sit in the audience and watch my friend Nora put on a good show.

Jerry loves scheduling his wife Nora to star in these types of wrestling shows.  She loves playing a bare foot jobber for him, and does it so well that many of people here are actually here to see her.  Nora is an expert at selling a hold and convincing the audience that her opponent is really hurting her.  Her acting abilities come from when she was a professional wrestler years ago.

I took a stroll to the dressing room that Denny keeps for us.  And, sure enough, Nora was there putting her costume on for the night's match.  I greeted her as she was tugging and snugging her dark beige fishnet lined tights over her legs and hips, “Hi Nora.  I am so happy to see you are wrestling tonight!”

Nora looked up from what she was doing and erupted in happiness, “Oh, Abby!  I am so glad you are here, tonight!  Jerry was pretty excited when he came home to tell me that I was doing this show tonight.  And you know how he gets about a special match.”  She was half laughing and half rolling her eyes.  She knew what she'd have to do, and that it always came with a small risk of actually getting hurt.

“Yes, I do,” I said, and we hugged.  I handed her the bright red leotard that was hanging over the chair beside her.  “I saw Jerry earlier when he and Denny were setting this up for you.”  Nora didn't respond right away.  She was busily putting herself together.

When she did respond, her nonchalance shown through, “That's right.  Jerry had said this was a last minute thing.  Something about a golden opportunity, but that she was leaving town tomorrow.”

“So, Jerry never told you who you are about to wrestle?”  I asked, with surprise.

“Oh, no.  You know Jerry,” Nora laughed, rolling her eyes.  “He loves to surprise me.  It's half the fun for him.  All that he told me was that tonight would be a big surprise for everyone.  So much so, that I am to pull her mask off within the first few minutes.”

“Oh.” I said, thinking to myself about the last surprise he sprung on her.  He had sponsored her former tag team partner, who is still a professional wrestler.  It didn't go well for poor Nora.  “Well, I am sure Jerry knows what he's doing,” I said, pretty unconvincingly.

Now dressed, Nora was brushing her bobbed, chestnut colored hair when I mentioned, “Well, I am going to find myself a seat up front, sweetie.”  I patted her back on my way out the door.  “Good luck, tonight.  I know you will put on a great show.”  She responded in kind and continued to prep. 

There was no sense in wishing her luck and telling her to beat the other woman.  That wasn't the point of these matches that Jerry set up for her.  He enjoyed the way his wife portrayed her suffering at the hands of a mean heel.  And, nobody did it better.  Jerry shares a foot fetish with much of the crowd that shows up in these back room matches.  That's why we, who play jobbers in those matches, always wrestle barefoot.

Out in the back room, people were greeting one another.  They are all friends and know each other by name.  Many stop to shake my hand, and tell me how much they want to see me wrestle again.  I politely tease them a little and assure them that they will.  Eventually I make it to my seat.  It's right up front, and near the corner that I think Nora will take.  A young couple sits next to me, whispering to themselves, as the room fills up.

Nora was called to the ring first.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  We have a special, sponsored match for you.  Arriving in the ring, standing FIVE feet FOUR inches tall, and weighing a lovely ONE HUNDRED and EIGHTY FIVE luscious pounds, please welcome our resident Wrestling Doll, Passion Flower Norrrrrrrr-rrraaahhhhh!!

Nora's opponent is summoned to the ring next.  There was a tension in the air, as nobody knew who Nora was about to face.  Emerging from the small dressing area was a taller woman than Nora, wearing a full luchadora face mask.  It was menacingly black with yellow and red outlines around the facial features.  Dressed in a black satin one piece with yellow piping along the hems, this woman wasn't as large as Nora's last opponent, but also wasn't a tiny woman, either.  Flailing in the air behind her sprinting body was a long, flowing black cape.  The mystery wrestler stepped into the ring with long, black leather boots that made the canvas thud.

With great flair and circumstance, the mystery wrestler removes her cape with a wide swirling gesture.  She moved confidently around the ring in her tall black leather boots as Denny introduced her.  “Joining us tonight, from Parts Unknown, we have a special guest wrestler, very familiar with the squared circle.  Standing FIVE feet, EIGHT inches tall.  She weighs in at ONE HUNDRED and NINETY FIVE pounds, please welcome the mysterious, HOME WRECKER!”  Dramatically she thrust her hands above her head, fingers spread menacingly into claws, like a true villainess.

Nora stood in stark contrast to her opponent, standing just outside the corner I was sitting behind.  Her opponent was clearly a well muscled specimen.  Nora was no longer blowing kisses to friends in the audience.  Instead, she stood there, and stared across the small space separating her from her larger opponent.  Her bright red leotard was conservatively cut, and her beige fishnet tights clung to her thick legs and shimmered under the bright lights,  Bare foot, except for the nylon mesh covering her feet, which would not offer much protection, leaving her vulnerable, once again.

The bell clangs twice, DING! DING!   And, the show was on.  Both ladies began to circle one another.  The mystery wrestler, with a longer gait, covered more ground, quickly.  Lunging to one another, my friend locked up with her nemesis for the night.  In a surprise move, however, Nora lifts her leg, and sends a kick near the knee of her opponent.  The move didn't seem to sit well with the Home Wrecker.  But, with a quick swipe of her hand, Nora latched onto the mask of the mystery wrestler.

Grabbing the mask of her opponent and tugging HARD, Nora spun away, emerging with the mask in her hand.  Coming free easily, the mystery opponent quickly was recognized by all.  The crowd gasped in aghast surprise.  Nora looked stunned, too.  Still holding the mask, Nora turned to Jerry, who was sitting around the other side of Nora's corner from me.  Her mouth fell open, and Jerry confidently folded his arms over his proud chest.

The couple beside me could hardly believe what they saw.  The man boldly told his female companion, who looked just as thrilled to see an icon of the professional circuits, “That's Devil McBain!”  Excitedly, he informed her, “She was forced to retire from her last federation.  Too many of her opponents were suffering injuries.

Devil McBain snatched the mask from the dumbfounded Nora, and twisted it around Nora's right wrist.  With a spinning, back stepping shuffle, Devil hurled Nora head over heels to the mat.  Throwing the mask into the audience, Devil reached down and grabbed a handful of Nora's chestnut hair, lifting her to her knees by pulling it by its roots.  Nora rose to her knees and received a spinning kick in her left ear that sent her sprawling, back to the mat.

The audience sensed the dramatic mood of this match, and rose to their feet, cheering Devil McBain on for an abusive match against the Darling of the Dollhouse.  I felt afraid now, for my best friend.

The woman known as Devil didn't waste any time with Nora.  Abruptly assisting Nora back to her stocking feet, the larger heel sent Nora into the ropes.  When Nora rebounded back, she received a stiff arm to her chest, and went down like a sack of rice.  Devil twisted Nora's arm and forced my friend back to her feet, only to send her to the opposite set of ropes, and again, clothes lined her to her back with a thud.

The evil woman known as Devil McBain continues the one-sided assault on Nora three more times.  Nora was visibly winded, sucking air as fast as she could.  The sixth time that Devil picked Nora up, she sent her into the corner near Jerry.  Nora's back hit the turnbuckles hard, her arms flung over the top ropes, the ring shook.  Breathing hard, Nora glanced under her arm down at Jerry, who chided her to “Get back into the fight, Nora!!”  He didn't really mean it.  He was playing his part as the cocky, less concerned husband.  Nora nodded to him, just as Devil's left knee came racing into Nora's stomach.

The knee-lift knocked any remaining breath out of Nora's lungs because when Devil McBain backed away, Nora fell face first to the canvas, her legs bent at the knees, with her feet slowly waving surrender, in the air.  There was no doubt in the room that Nora was finished.  And, Devil McBain had to know, too.  But, to that bitch, it was play time.  Or, should I call it, Jerry-time.  This was going to be the part of the match where she tortured Nora for Jerry's fetish.

The currently professional wrestler stomped Nora's back a couple of times, just to make the body of her opponent bounce and rumble on the mat.  Nora was out of it.  Reaching down, Devil grabbed both of Nora's hands and dragged the semi-conscious wrestler on her stomach to the very center of the ring.  When Devil McBain dropped the lifeless arms, they thudded to the mat.  Nora never moved a muscle, until Devil walked around to her feet and lifted the right foot to her waist, cradling it in her left hand, and slapped its sole loudly with the palm of her right hand.  Nora looked like she was just waking up in the morning, unaware of where she was.

Devil McBain was about to resolve any confusion for my friend, as to where she was.  Showing the crowd, several stiffened fingers tightly held together, and with a quick stab of them, sent their tips into Nora's arch.  Nora bucked once violently, hollering, “OOWWHH!”  With a confused look on her face, Nora turned her to the side and looked back at the woman holding her leg.  Then, turning to me.  To me, Nora's spirit looked broken.  Nora moved her lips, “Oh, no.”  I had never seen Nora look so scared before.  Her expression silently foretold that she didn't like this idea so much, anymore.

Closing her sad eyes, Nora covered her face in her hands, and the crowd instantly knew it was show time.  Nora shook her head in her hands, as Devil McBain menacingly stroked that nylon clad foot.   Silently, Devil was sending Nora a message, that it was time to sell a hold, and good.  Nora looked pathetic, resigning herself to what was about to happen.  Devil McBain's reputation for showing any mercy, was well known.  Immediately going to work on that foot, folding it in half, made Nora scream from the pain.  Twisting that ankle, the Devil woman made Nora pound the mat with her fist and cry out in anguish, “Owww-Owwwwwww-Oohhhhhh!”

Nora attempted to crawl to the ropes, but Devil McBain had her where she wanted her, exclaiming, “OH, no, you don't!”  Lifting Nora's leg higher, Devil bent it around her shoulders, and drug Nora back to center ring, so very far from the ropes.  In this position, a lot less of Nora's body was lying on the canvas.  Nora moaned loudly, clawing for the mat with her hands, as the agony tormented her.  Devil bounced her around, and Nora felt the pain shoot to her back, which she reached back to soothe.

Letting Nora's leg slip from her shoulders, Devil paced alongside her writhing opponent.  A stomp to Nora's knee sent my friend rolling to her hip in a groaning flop.  The overwhelmed wrestler tried to reach for her knee, but Devil McBain put her boot to Nora's hip.  The STOMP!  And, the curvy lady wrestler was planted again onto the mat.

The stomps kept coming.  The right leg, then, Nora's shoulder, tummy, and a kick to the knee sent Nora rolling in pain, clutching the injured joint.  Nora absorbed the heavy boot at least four more times, bouncing, rolling, and rumbling along the canvas. 

Nora could hardly move, ending up face down on the canvas, again.  Devil stepped over her victim, straddling Nora and facing toward the poor woman's legs.  Stooping down, Devil McBain grabbed both ankles, crisscrossing them slowly enough for Nora to realize pitifully what she was being set up for.  While Devil carefully positioned the thick, nylon clad legs, Nora looked up at me with the saddest eyes.  Devil tucked one foot behind the knee of the other leg, and Nora shifted her gaze to Jerry.  Then, Devil tucked the other foot under her arm, and sat down on Nora's back, heavily.  Nora grunted audibly, and was being mashed into the mat by the weight of her opponent.

As Devil McBain rocked back and forth, holding the trapped legs in a sharpshooter, Nora cried into her left hand and pounded the canvas with her right fist.  Some fans were teasingly shouting to Devil to break the leg.  And, that's when the man next to me began again about Devil's reputations, “Loves to punish legs.  Foot fetish, too,” he told his female companion.

After what must have seemed an eternity to Nora, Devil threw her legs back to the canvas.  But she was far from finished.  Scooping a handful of chestnut colored hair, Devil McBain forced the wobbly Nora back to her feet.  “Time to wear you down some more, Butterball.”  The professional heel quickly hair-mared Nora to the mat, repeating the move once more until Nora collapsed in the corner that separated Jerry's seat from mine.

One of Nora's legs was folded over the middle rope, the other splayed out under the ropes, resting on the apron.  Nora could not get up, which was fine with Devil McBain.  Nora looked as if she were out-for-the-count.  Devil took delight in hoisting the gassed wrestler back to her feet, by her arms.  Nora spun and stumbled into the corner;  her arms over the top ropes.  Jerry called to her, but it was only a feigned attempt at encouragement, “Stay with it, Nora, dear.  You'll turn this around.”  People in the audience who know Jerry laughed out loud, and he shrugged with a smile.

Devil McBain followed Nora to the corner, running her fingers along the back of Nora's scalp.  With a handful of hair on the crown of Nora's head, Devil chided my friend, “Nora baby, don't go telling your husband to go get the car, just yet.  We are far-r-r-r-r from finished.”  Devil winked at Jerry just before slamming his wife's forehead into the top turnbuckle.  Nora's forehead was a bright color of red, after it bounced off the turnbuckle.  When Devil pulled Nora's head away from the turnbuckle, I could see my friend's eyes were closed.  “No, no, sweetie,” Devil cautioned, “This isn't the time to black out.”  And, Devil slammed Nora's head into the turnbuckle again.

Nora's eyes were open, after the second slam into the turnbuckle.  But they crossed over the bridge of her nose.  Her cruel opponent peeled the jobber's face off of the turnbuckle, and smiled at her dazed opponent's husband.  Devil McBain pursed her lips into a pucker at Jerry, and slammed Nora's forehead into the turnbuckle once more, before releasing Nora's hair.

Stepping back, Devil McBain watched the softer wrestler stumble half a step to the left, and collapse over the top rope.  Nora didn't have the strength for turning this match around, as Jerry had been falsely beckoning for her to do.  Devil McBain grabbed the top rope and tugged hard, launching the exhausted, battered lady backwards, to the canvas.  Nora landed on her back and didn't move a muscle.

Devil McBain confidently strode around to Nora's left leg, lifting it up.  There wasn't an ounce of resistance left in the whole leg.  Holding Nora's foot, the once masked woman turned Nora's lifeless body so that her head was closest to the corner where Jerry sat.  Speaking as if Nora could hear her, “What's it going to take to keep you awake, baby?”  Winking to Jerry, Devil continued to tease Nora, who had obviously checked out, “I guess I am just going to resort to extreme measures since we all want to see your reactions.” 

Devil McBain skillfully rolled Nora over, back onto her tummy, by twisting the ankle she held firmly.  Nora was again, face down, her arms at her sides, and still unresponsive.  McBain folded the left leg behind the knee of the right leg.  Nora's left heel hovered above the canvas, to the side of her one-piece suit.  Devil sat down onto Nora's bent knees, as Jerry marveled at the perfect Double Leg Toehold.

With both of her hands available for a menacing torture of her lifeless opponent, Devil McBain sadistically waved and curled her fingers at Jerry, who beamed.  “Time to wake your wife, Jerry.”  Devil pulled back all of Nora's nylon bound toes and began scribbling her nails over the sputtering woman's sole.  As Devil tickled her foot, Nora snapped out of dreamland and began lurching side to side in hysterics.  The whole audience began to laugh and cheer for the evil, long nailed woman.

Stopping momentarily to chide Nora, “I am not so sorry about this, Nora.  You know why you go through this for Jerry.  And I can't have you sleeping through the fun, now, can I?”

Nora turned to face Devil and begged her not to go through with this.  “Lemme go, pl-pleeeezz.”  But, the audience erupted into many different chants for Devil to resume.  Nora shook her head so sadly and turned back to look at Jerry with the most forlorn gaze.  She knew he adored her for these shows.

Devil had weakened her opponent to a point of near exhaustion and pummeled her to a point of abject confusion.  And now, she had her debilitated foe, snugly trapped in a toehold.  Devil teased the chunky woman by rolling her chubby big toe through the nylon tights.  Devil was making her point crystal clear to my friend.  Nora wasn't leaving that ring until Jerry got his money's worth.

The evil woman went right to work on Nora's right foot.  She held the nylon covered ped with both hands, turning it outward.  Nora knew how to expertly sell this hold and its pain.  But, with the nasty, cheating heel that Jerry found this time, she didn't have to sell it.  She was REALLY being hurt.  Nora pounded the mat with her fist, waling about the pain as Devil continued to turn the throbbing foot.  The crowd was eating it up.  They wanted more.  So, Devil obliged by turning Nora's foot in the other direction.

Devil just sat there, bouncing a little on Nora's trapped knees.  “Nora dear, this is what happens when someone doesn't wear boots into the ring.”  Nora SCREAMED when Devil picked the second toe and began to bend it backwards.  Devil punished that middle toe through the nylon mesh, bending it backwards and twisting it.  “Your husband should have reminded you to bring your boots to this match.”  The devilish woman turned her head slowly to smile in the direction of Jerry.

Nora looked dreadful, screaming each time Devil abused the next toe.  Tugging on her own hair with her left hand, Nora was pounding the canvas with her right fist.  Suddenly, Nora's expression turned to one of sorrowful sickness, which quickly turned to tears of laughter as Devil began strumming her nails over Nora's sole.  “No, no, no! Hahahaha!”  Nora yelled as her opponent tortured her sensitive, nylon clad foot like a banjo.  The crowd erupted into laughter and cheers as my friend cried and laughed herself into hysteria.

The end came when Nora couldn't take anymore for Jerry, and gave up dramatically.  “GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!  No more. No more. I submit!!  hahahaha!” The bell clanged three times, and Devil pushed herself up, using Nora's tangled legs.  The victor's arms went up, to the exultation of the audience.  Nora sobbed into her palms on the ring canvas until Denny helped her up.  Another tough night for Nora.
                                                                      THE END