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Under the pear tree (mom vs mom story)

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Under the pear tree (mom vs mom story)
« on: January 18, 2011, 12:38:27 PM »
Well, nobody ever said I was any shrinking violet.  I usually tell
people just what I think. Usually, I get away with it, too.  Most women
don't give me any lip, because I'm pretty big and strong, and I have a
big mouth, too, I guess, and outtalk them.  If it's a man, I get away
with it,  because I'm kind of good-looking,  if I do say so, myself. 
I've got long red hair, and big boobs, and I own a Health Spa franchise,
and I work out like a fanatic, so I've got great muscle tone. That's
what makes up for those few extra pounds I carry from a tendency to eat,
a little too much. Those few extra pounds are all in my big boobs and
solid butt though.  I've got a kind of pretty face, too, or so I've been

Well, I'm a single mom, and my kids are no angels, God knows, but I try
to keep them under control.  So, it really bothered me, when the kid
next door knocked down the picket fence between our yards, last week. 
Since then, he's used our backyard like an extension of his own

Yesterday, he came over and started a fight with my eleven-year-old son,
Tommy.  Jeff, the kid, from next door, is a year older than Tommy, and
bigger, too, but Tommy was wailing the tar out of the little brat.
That's why I took my time getting out there to stop it, even though I
saw it from the kitchen window.   When I did get out there, though,
Jeff's loud-mouthed mother, the beached-blond neighborhood tramp was
already pulling Tommy off her nasty little son. Just as I got there,
Barb, that's the blond mother's name, smacked Tommy across the face. 
Well, like I said, I'm a redhead, and it t doesn't take much, to get me
riled up.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" I hollered. "Don't you ever dare
hit my son.   It was  your little brat who was trespassing, and he
started the fight, too!"

Barb gave me a dirty look, and barked.  "Oh, can it, you fat, old bag!"

I couldn't believe my ears!  "What did you call me?"  I asked, really
not believing she'd dare say it.

"Fat....Old.....Bag!"  Barb repeated, emphasizing each word.  I am ten
yeas older than the snotty, little bitch, but to tell you the truth, I
don't look it.  I was really seething! 

I wanted to smash her in the face, but I took a deep breath, and said as
calmly as I could manage.  "Barb, why don't you just take your little
brat, and get out of my backyard, right now, before I forget I'm a lady.

"Yeah!  What are you going to do, if I don't, LADY?"

"I'll call the police!"  I said.  I was so mad, I stammered.                   

"Do it then!"  Barb taunted me. 

Well, I wasn't going to back down from the nasty blond, so I turned on
my heel, and started toward the house, to use the phone, shooing Tommy
ahead of me.  I didn't know what else to do.  I certainly didn't want to
get into a brawl with a neighbor.  Just as I got to the back door,
something hit me in the back of the head.  Barb had picked up a half-
rotten pear that  fell from our old Pear Tree, and heaved it at me.  It
really hurt!  I was furious!  I spun around and marched right back to
Barb, and smacked her across the face, just like she'd done to Tommy. 

I expected my slap would knock Barb down, because, like I said, I'm
pretty strong and I'm also about four inches taller than she is.  She 's
kind of plump looking, and it's all in her beer gut.  I never saw the
bitch exercise a bit, and she smokes and drinks too.  In fact, I knocked
a cigarette out of her mouth, when I slapped her.  That's about all my
slap did,  though.

Barb, just, shook her head and snarled.  "Bitch!"   Then she jumped me.
She dived headfirst, into my stomach, and knocked me back against the
trunk of the Pear Tree. Her head knocked the breath out of me, and the
tree trunk felt like a freight train plowing into my back.  Losing my
temper, I lunged for her, my arms out wide to catch her around the

I heard Tommy yell.  "Go get her, Mom!"  Frankly, by then, I couldn't
wait to get my hands on Barb's fat neck, myself. It didn't quite go like
that, though.

Wham!  Bam!  She hit me with her fists.  I had a couple of wrestling
matches with other girls, when I was a kid, but we never used our fists. 
Barb's punches really caught me off-guard.  One fist hit my left boob. 
I wasn't wearing a bra, unfortunately, and her fist plowed in really
deep. I grunted and tried to cover up my boobs.  Then, her next punch
landed in my already aching tummy.    Before, I could cover up, she
followed up, with another left, and then a right, in my tummy, again.  I
went down on one knee.  I couldn't get my breath.

I had both arms wrapped around my aching stomach, because she really
hurt me there. I thought she'd wait until I got up again, but when I
looked up, as if out of nowhere, her knee came up, and whumped into my
chin.  I went over backward.  I knew I couldn't just lie there, but when
I tried to get up, Barb grabbed me around the neck and pulled me up on
my feet.  I guess, I couldn't have made it on my own, by then, anyway. 
She let go, of my neck, and gave me a shove.

I didn't know whether, I was coming or going, and while I tried to get
my balance, Barb punched me in the tummy again.  It made me gag, and she
hit me twice more in the same spot.  I fell down on my hands and knees. 

I heard Tommy yelling.  "Get up, Mom!  Get up!"  I tried, but everything
spun around, and I felt sick to my stomach.  I crawled a little on hands
and knees, until Barb grabbed me by the hair, and jerked me up straight,
on my knees.  It felt like she'd rip my scalp off, the way she was
pulling my hair.  She kicked me in the kidneys a couple of times, then
got me in a full-nelson, I guess they call it.  She dragged me up on my
feet, again.

I tried to drop out of the hold, like I've seen wrestlers do on teevee,
but that's harder to do, than it looks.  Anyway, I couldn't do it.
Barb's fingers pushed my head forward, at the same time her arms pulled
my arms backward.  She held me like that, and shoved me ahead of her. 
Bang!  She rammed me, face-first, right into that damned Pear Tree. 

I saw stars, but I guess I have a pretty hard head, because it didn't
knock me out, like I would have expected.  Even so, I still have a goose
egg on my forehead!   The rough tree trunk really hurt my big boobs,
too, especially with no bra to protect them.  Even if I wasn't knocked
out, I didn't put up much of a defense, when Barb let go of my arms, and
spun me around.   I just stood there staring stupidly at her, while she
hit me twice more in the stomach.  She really punched low this time. I
mean really low; where no lady should get hit. 

I doubled over, and used both hands, to hold myself down there, where
Barb hit me. She took advantage of that, to duck down and pull my legs
out from under me.  I went down hard on my behind, and Barb kicked me
over backward.  I just lay there trying to figure out what to do next. 
Actually there wasn't much of anything I could do!  I just lay there,
praying for a miracle. My arms were stretched out over my head, and my
legs were splayed wide apart.  That's when that miserable bitch kicked
me right in my pussy. I don't know how, or where, I got the breath, but
I screamed like a banshee.

Barb climbed on top of me.  There wasn't anything I could do to stop
her.  She ripped open my blouse.  Now, I really wished, I'd put a bra on
that morning, because as soon as my big, 42D boobs spilled out, that
nasty bitch bent over me, and bit my nipple, as hard as she could.  I
screamed some more, and I beat my hands against the back of her head,
but that didn't help any.

Finally, I grabbed Barb's tits.  Of course, the bitch had a heavy bra
on, under her heavy shirt.  She needs a heavy bra, to hold up those
sagging tits of hers.  Even so, I must have hurt her enough, so she let
go of my boob.  Instead, she sat up straight, and smacked me across the
face.  She slapped me so hard, that I think my eyes crossed.  I tried to
roll her off me, but I couldn't budge her, and she kept smacking me
across the face, back and forth, until I was nearly blacking out.

"Stop it!  Stop it, please!"  I heard myself begging the bleached blond.

Even after I started begging her, Barb gave me a couple of more slaps
for good measure, but finally she got up off me.  I curled up in a ball,
and started to cry, but she grabbed my long, red hair, and sat me up. 
She kept on jerking on my hair, until I had to climb up, on my feet. I
would have keeled over, anyway, but she grabbed me around the waist in a

"See how you like this, Miss Fitness Expert?"  Barb crowed, and then she
squeezed me so hard, I felt like a tube of toothpaste.  I had to gag for
breath, and I beat my fists against the bitch's back, but she ignored
it.  I was weak as a baby now, and knew I couldn't hurt her any.  Then,
she lifted me off my feet.  When I couldn't touch the ground anymore, it
was so scarey, that I kicked and thrashed like crazy, but she just
laughed at me. Suddenly, all the strength just oozed out of me, and I
went limp.  I couldn't even kick my legs, they just dangled, quivering.

My face slumped against Barb's shoulder, and the lousy bitch spit right
into my face.  It was awful to have someone, especially a loser like
Barb, do something like that to me, and not be able to do one damn thing
about it.  I wanted more than anything, to spit back at her, but to tell
you the truth, I was so scared of the bitch, by then, that I didn't

I started seeing spots in front of my eyes, but I noticed Barb get this
funny look on her face.  Oh God, she was getting off, on doing this to
me!  She started to breath heavy, and she let me slide down between her
legs, onto my knees.  Then the filthy bitch grabbed my hair, and pulled
my face against her crotch.

SHE  was using my face to masturbate!  I could tell when she came,
because she moaned and shook, then she let me collapse in a heap at her

Barb looked over at Tommy and said.  "See your old lady's good for
something, Kid!" Jeff laughed like a little hyena.  His filthy mother
leaned over and pulled my shorts down around my thighs.  She pulled my
panties right along with them.

"Oh please, not in front of the boys!"  I wept.  I tried to hold on to
them, but Barb snickered at me, and batted my hands aside, and pulled
them off my ankles, my panties too.  My blouse was already ripped open
and in shreds, with my boobs hanging out.  I tried to cover everything
up, as much as I could, and curl up in a ball, again.  Oh I was so
ashamed!  Barb didn't give me much chance to be modest, though.  She
picked up a slat or picket, from the broken picket fence, and smacked me
across the backside with it.  I screamed bloody murder at that.  Barb
dragged me around the yard, by the hair, smacking my naked butt with the
fence slat, as we went.

I heard that little brat, Jeff, taunting Tommy.  "Wow, your Mom sure has
got a big, fat butt. And look at the way her tits hang down.  They're
almost touching the ground!"

Poor Tommy was crying almost as hard, as I was.  It must have been
terrible to see his mother get beaten up, and humiliated like that   
Barb, finally, left me lying under the Pear Tree.  I lay there, naked,
sobbing like a baby, in the middle of my backyard, for about fifteen
minutes, until finally Tommy helped me inside.


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Re: Under the pear tree (mom vs mom story)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 11:17:09 PM »
Good stuff!


Offline karl butters

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Re: Under the pear tree (mom vs mom story)
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2011, 04:18:30 AM »
This is a great story gwalb. If I had to rank my top 10 favorite stories of all time, at least half would be gw stories.


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Re: Under the pear tree (mom vs mom story)
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2011, 12:46:57 PM »
great story gwalb/napan. loved it.