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2 Mixed Wrestling movies added at

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2 Mixed Wrestling movies added at
« on: December 23, 2008, 05:43:54 PM »
2 full length Mixed Wrestling movies added at - NEW RELEASE CFV-171 featuring Santana and CFV-79 featuring Ann Marie.  260 titles available!

CFV-171 - Santana - NEW RELEASE!!
This fiery beauty is not happy when she finds her boyfriend has been paying another woman to wrestle with him.  He says that her legs aren't as strong as Francesca's, and that she doesn't turn him on with amazing wrestling moves like he gets outside the home.  She goes ballistic and tosses him around and squeezes him unmercifully with her sexy muscular legs, dominating him in every way.  She smothers him with her ample breasts.  Half hearted apologies fall upon deaf ears as she picks him up and throws him over her shoulders and tosses him to the floor. She tramples his face and body.  She cruelly holds him in the reverse scissors he says he loves so much till he begs and then Santana sits on his face smothering him as he struggles for air. The wild eyed brunette punishes his pathetic string bean body and knocks him out making sure he won't underrate her again!  (mov386)

CFV-79 featuring Ann Marie
Ann Marie is one of the sexiest women he's ever watched through his telescope.  When she appears at his gym, he's sure he's died and gone to heaven...there she is, the beauty of his dreams, up close in person!  He can't wait to get his hands on her tight body.  After a deep stretch and a couple of rolls on the mat - the fun begins as she slowly but surely sucks her victim's energy by wearing him down in a series of  brutal holds.  Her head scissors will rock you to sleep, and her body scissors will take your breath away.  She's a drop-dead gorgeous dream-girl who fights to the finish.  (mov381)