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Tina vs Nancy (The Fight)

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Tina vs Nancy (The Fight)
« on: June 06, 2011, 11:53:23 PM »
So the next day we went over Nancy's and went into the weight room she had at her house. She had some mats out on the floor to make a makeshift ring. Trash talk was exchanged, Tina and I shared a passionate kiss, and I gave her some encouraging words and then the fight started.

Nancy made the rules clear, the fight ends when either someone gives up, or is knocked unconscious. No protective gear was worn and nothing was off limits it was to be an all out war.

The fight started and Tina, to my surprise, came out strong. She came was throwing a flurry of punches at Nancy, not all of them were connecting an doing huge damage, but still it was amazing to watch her fight like that and I cheered with all my being. Finally, she landed a punch on Nancy that knocked her back. Nancy recovered but she was still on the defensive as Tina kept the punches coming. After being backed up against the wall Nancy landed a strong punch to Tina's gut and she quickly buckled, allowing Nancy to hit with an uppercut. Stunned by the blow Nancy ripped Tina's bra off and knocked her to the ground. Taunting her by chanting "small tits" repeatedly. I immediately started fearing the worst and start cheering for Tina to get up. She does, and angered by Nancy's comment grabs ahold of Nancys bra and tears it off of her body, exposing her enormous supple tits. Immediately, Tina grabs on to her tits and throws her to the ground, thanks to her being so top heavy. Tina quickly capitalizes and jumps on top of her pinning Nancy to the ground. In the power position Tina takes advantage of starts absolutely wailing on Nancy with all her strength. I thought this was it! All my fears and anxiety was fading, I knew she could end it here. "Go Tina go, finish her, knock her out" I cheer! I was so excited I was already planning on what we would do after the fight. "Come on Tina, finish this up quick, I want you to fuck me right in front of her, that will show her!" The seconds seemed like minutes at this point and I just couldn't wait for Nancy to cave, she was beaten, who could possibly survive blows like that?

But after a few more seconds I realized nancy was still moving and hadn't said anything about giving up. I looked closely and I realized Tina wasn't doing as much damage as I had thought. Nancy's face was as flawless and gorgeous as ever, not even a scratch on it. It seemed like Tina was struggling to keep her subdued, never mid hurt her. At that moment Nancy got a leg free and sent it directly into Tina's gut, a place that had already been damaged from earlier. Tina screamed in agony as the force of the kick threw her off Nancy and through the air, landing up against the wall, banging her head hard on him. Nancy wasted no time and ran right over to her. She kicked Tina in the cxnt, prompting her to howl in pain before jumping on top of her. Now shouted "No more games whore!" and really started to dig into defenseless Tina.

Nancy struck blood with her very first blow, cutting Tina above her right eye. Then the lefthand landed, directly on Tina's left eye, busting the skin below open. Before Tina could get her hands up to defend herself, still stunned from hitting her head, Nancy landed a massive right hand onto Tina's face, absolutely crushing her nose. I'm not a doctor, but without a doubt it was broken, you could even hear the sound of the cracking. As this happened Tina's let of the most horrifying shriek I've ever heard from any woman in my life, and I could tell she was in massive pain.

I was a mess on the side lines, seeing the woman I loved, the first woman I shared myself with, the woman to take my virginity, hurt like that just killed me. We had been so intimate, sharing every part of our beings/body with each other. I've seen her laugh, cry, scream in ecstasy as we made love, giggle in delight as I explored her body to pleasure her, but never had I seen her scream in pain like this and I wanted to make it stop. I wanted nothing more than to run in and stop the fight, but I knew how much it meant to her and the consequences on my interference, so I held back and just cheered my heart out for her to rise again.

Nancy on the other hand was reveling in what looked like an easy victory. She was growing tired of the endless screaming of Tina so she took her magnificent tits and smothered Tina's face with them. They were so huge Tina could barely breath at all she was constantly gasping for air and I could barely see her face anymore. The only way I could tell Tina was still breathing was her legs. Her beautiful long legs were flailing and kicking constantly trying to make something happened and reverse the hold, but she couldn't free them.

Slowly but surely I could see Tina's strength start to ebb and I feared it was the beginning of the end for my love. Her legs and feet began to slow down, the kicks got weaker and weaker until they were barely moving at all. I was in tears, begging for my sweet Tina to tap out so the pain would stop, but nothing came.

Then all of a sudden Tina, in a last ditch effort to turn things around free her legs and caught Nancy in the face with both of them, knocking her off Tina and in onto the ground. The kick opened up Nancy's forehead allowing a small about of blood to trickle out. Tina had finally drawn blood and I shouted let out the loudest cheer of my life. "Tina you've got her bleeding now, get up go finish it girl, cmon. I know you can do it believe in yourself, think of your ex-husband, think of me!"

But Nancy got up quickly, looking more confused than hurt. Tina had missed her opportunity to go for the pin but at least she was standing, or so I thought... That's when I looked over at Tina, horrified by what I saw..

She was still laying on the ground, practically motionless aside from some twitching. The damage had been done. The once beautiful, model like, face of my love was gone. In it's place was a nose that was completely flattened, shattered. It honestly didn't even look like there was any bone left, but it was her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes, that you couldn't even see anymore. Her right eye was completely swelled shut. It had been badly cut open both below and above and was bleeding profusely along with her nose. Tina's left eye was slightly better, but just slightly. It was almost swollen shut as well. I can't even believe Tina could see still ,let alone fight. Her body was just as bad if not worse, it was so ridden with huge welts the only way you could distinguish her breasts was due to the nipples. She had been laying there, dazed, confused, and devastated and I knew it was over.

Or so I the remains of a demolished building beginning to reassemble itself Tina slowly but surely gathered her self together and rose to her feet once more. I was shocked and even Nancy looked taken aback. Tina then turned to me and said "Baby, I love you with all my heart and soul. When we make love I feel like we've transcended a new plane of existence. I'll never felt the same with any man in my life, not even my ex-husband, and I'll defend that feeling to the death of me. I'm going to go put this homewrecker out of her misery once and for all!" I was amazed and so glad to her she could still speak, and overcome with joy from what she was saying to me. "I love you too babe, I don't care who thinks what or whether it's wrong or right, all I want if you and me to be together. Go finish this, I know you can do it, I believe in you babe!"

Tina screamed at Nancy "Whore mark my words you'll never fuck him, you'll never con between our love, what we have is too intimate, unique and strong. That's where I get the strength to fight you from and that’s how I'll beat you!" With that Tina charged at Nancy with all her might and flung her first directly into Nancy's face!

Nothing happened. Nancy didn't even flinch. Tina pulled back and launched a barrage of punches hitting Nancy in the gut, chest, and head, yet Nancy stood her ground. Panting and out of breath Tina pulled back another heavy right hand and launch it Nancy's face again. Just before the punch hit Nancy out her hand up to stop the punch.

It was at this moment I had finally realized what was happening. Tina was simply too weak. Nancy was letting her pound away to show her this. Tina was so exhausted from coming out so aggressive so early, and the compounded with the damage she had sustained from Nancy on the ground she barely had the strength to stand, let alone do any damage to Nancy. You could see Tina's legs wobbling just trying to stand.

Nancy just smiled, pulled Tina close and whispered, from what I could hear, "You never stood a chance, you weak, anorexic, blond, bitch!" Upon saying this she snapped the wrist of Tina, who was practically mute. She didn't even have the strength of utter any screams of pain, instead she just whimpered, but you could just feel how much it hurt her. Suddenly, Tina began to collapse, Nancy realized and caught her by the hair, causing Tina to wince in pain. Nancy lifted her up to her ears and asked if she had had enough. "Never" was the only word Tina still had the strength left to utter. 'So be it" said Nancy.

Nancy dragged Tina, by her hair, whimpering the entire way to the closest wall of the room and threw her up on it. The wall has the only thing keeping Tina upright and I was wondering, in horror, what has happening next. Nancy then cocked back her right hand and put everything into a monstrous punch aimed directly at Tina. I screamed out in horror for Tina to move, but it was too late and Tina was too gassed to do anything.

The punch landed and with it went any hope of my beautiful Tina coming back to win the fight. The power of the punch flattened her face, absolutely obliterating anything that was left of her nose and breaking her front two teeth. She was pinned to the wall until Nancy's fist was withdraw and then she sank down to the floor like a plush doll. It was over.

But Tina was still squirming and didn't admit defeat. So Nancy grabbed her by the hair again, dragged her across the room to where I was watching and held her on her knees, pulling her head up by the hair angled at me. "Tell, me I can fuck him" Nancy roared. No answer came from Tina. "Tell him he can fuck me then" still no answer came. "Ok fine then. Tell him that you're a worthless whore and tell him you give him permission to fuck a real woman like me, with tits."

I couldn't believe my ears when Tina spoke. She was groveling and whimpering. "Please, please don't make me say that Nancy" said Tina. "Anything, but that please, you know that's what my ex-husband called me when he left me... you were there in the bedroom." I was shocked. "No bitch" said Nancy. "I gave you your chance you didn't say anything"....

"But I was too weak" said Tina. "That's right bitch you are weak, now grovel some more". I was taken aback by what Tina was saying, but then I realized. She had finally given in, she had caved. Nancy was simply too much for her, she knew that now, I knew that, no matter how delusional we tried to be we couldn't deny it anymore it was real, Tina had lost... she lost her body, but worst of all she lost her pride, and she was begging and pleading with Nancy to not take the last of it from her, to grant mercy, but Nancy wouldn't have it. She immediately removed Tina's panties and then began to finger her relentlessly, right in front of me. It wasn't pleasurable though, she had virtually her entire hand in there and was pounding Tina as hard as she could. "What’s a matter, I thought all whores like if hard and fast?" Nancy shouted at Tina. All Tina could do is take it and whimper. Tears started welling up in what little was left of Tina's left eye. She was beaten, defeated, but most all humiliated. After what seemed like an eternity Tina shouted, with what seemed was her last bit of strength, "I'm a whore!!!". Suddenly, Nancy stopped. "I'm a fucking whore, I'm garbage compared to you. You're more beautiful, your tits are betters, your ass is better, your body is better... you even fuck better than I do. That's why my husband left me, I was flop in bed so I lost him to you. Looks like you've defeated me once again, like you always have in everything. You've always been prettier, funnier, funnier. I'm nothing."

She turned to me and said "Go ahead and fuck her, you deserve better than me anyways." Those were her last words before she collapsed to the ground in a heap.