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Debut of Exxxotica - A WOW Dream Match

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Debut of Exxxotica - A WOW Dream Match
« on: May 04, 2022, 12:57:18 AM »

WOW - Women of Wrestling was finally back and to for their return show, in the ring was the infamous Ladies Wrestling Promoter himself, David McClaine, the man who birthed GLOW, It's sister fed, POWW, and then the many waves of WOW.

Joining him, WOW'S newest wrestler, Exxxotica, The Supermodel OF Supermodels, who despite her not so tall frame, had the beauty, body, and attitude in her quest to become WOW Champion and all during her interview she exuded nothing but confidence on how she will be as great a WOW Champion as she is beautiful and how she will be the best ever.

It was clear and evident she wanted a match right then and there to make her mark, it did not matter who she faced, she was clearly the best and unstoppable.

Exxxotica continued her interview until a load roar was heard and then the accompanying music as apparently someone in back had heard enough, the WOW Champ herself, The BEAST.

Out came the tall , powerful and dangerous champion to a mixture of fan reaction as although The BEAST was a heel, half the fans were on her side as she came out to greet the cocky beautiful newbie, who despite being the good girls, had half the fans adoring her hotness while the other half of the fans wouldn't of minded to see The BEAST, put the sexy new girl in her place.

Despite the height, weight, and all the other differences, EXXXotica stood up to the champ as the fans sensed the tension and the abruptu match about to happen until, IT WAS ON.

A ref ran out as The BEAST flexed and EXXXotica flaunted and as soon as the ref got into the ring, he called for the bell to start it.

The 2 charged at the bell, The BEAST however, bigger & stronger covered more ground and was on Exxxotica like that and used her strength to lift Exxxotica up and carry her while driving her hard back into the corner and followed with 5 straight shoulder lunges into Exxxotica's mid, each shoulder thrust driving Exxxotica into the corner while also lifting her up off the ground a bit with each thrust.

The BEAST followed her initial shoulder thrust attack by carrying Exxxotica from corner to corner, slamming her hard into each corner and after visiting corner 4, The BEAST still had a hold of Exxxotica, and gave her a running powerslam into the center of the ring, The BEAST stood, planted a foot on Exxxotica's chest  went for the 3 count, Exxxotica pushed the big foot of BEAST away before the 3 count.

The BEAST yelled out, "Wrong decision Biatch" and with that, The Beast yanked Exxxotica up by her hair and hair beiled her from one side of the ring to the other, giving her 8 in total so Exxxotica visited each corner area twice during her beils, and The BEAST once again planted a foot on Exxxotica's chest for a 2 count, Exxxotica again , pushing away BEAST's foot before the 3 count.

"Dumb Girl Don't Learn" said the BEAST who then went bodyslam crazy on Exxxotica, giving her 10 straight body slams and then she bench pressed Exxxotica over her head like she was doing some weight lifting, bench  pressing her with ease as she was making it look oh so easy on the newbie as one wrestler was backing her words while the other was not.

The BEAST'S bench press exhibition ended with a thunderous powerslam on Exxxotica to the mat followed by another foot on chest cover, ONE-TWO-THRE-NO this time it was The BEAST who decided to move her foot off her opponents buxom chest before the ref's hand hit the mat a 3rd time as the BEAST flexed and smiled, as she was having a lot of fun with the gorgeous newbie. The BEAST flexed and danced around as The BEAST fans yelled out "BEAST-BEAST-BEAST" over & over & over.

The BEAST then repeated Exxxotica's words before the match before doing the hated "slit throat" gesture , but she was in overdrive and dominant, and with little effort, she powerbombed Exxxotica into all 4 corners and then with 3 sides of the crowd since 1 side made up the stage area, The BEAST side by side with a crowd. held, Exxxotica up with ease and marched around to the crowd yelling "BEAST-BEAST-BEAST" over and over until The BEAST got bored and gave Exxxotica a thunderous Powerbomb so she displayed her power for all 3 sides of the crowd and after the 3rd, there went BEAST'S foot again onto the chest of Exxxotica and The BEAST flexed her power as the fans counted along -- ONE-TWO-THREE , as the Beast  was dominant and still WOW Champion, as Exxxotica's debut was anything but her dream. 
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