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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 113

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 113
« on: May 11, 2022, 05:43:19 AM »
Our opening match is Julie who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a grey two piece.  Her opponent is Kelsi who weighs in at 145 and is wearing a snake skinned two piece. Fresh off a big win in her rematch against Dena. Kelsi would square off with the cagey veteran Julie. And for nearly ten minutes Julie would push Kelsi to the limit. First both girls would trade holds for several minutes. Then at the five minute mark Julie would take control. When Kelsi would go for a dropkick but Julie would hold on to the ropes and leave Kelsi to crash into the mat. Julie would then take Kelsi by the hair and sling her into the corner. There she would repeatedly drive her foot into Kelsi’s midsection. Next Julie would drape Kelsi’s throat across the second rope. She would then drive her knees straight into Kelsi’s back. Julie would then go for the pin but would only get a two count. Frustrated by that Julie would then pick Kelsi up and whip her into the ropes. Unfortunately for Julie this time Kelsi would duck the attempt at a clothesline and Kelsi would connect with one of her own. Kelsi would then take advantage with Julie down. And once Julie got to her knees Kelsi would unload with three viscous kicks to the chest that left Julie on the mat. Kelsi would then quickly slap on the armbar. Julie would scream out in pain but once Kelsi bent her elbow back Julie had no chose but to tap out. After the match Kelsi would raise her arm in victory while trying to rub the pain out of her back. While the referee would check on Julie who was rolling on the mat and saying that her arm might be broken. Your winner of the match is Kelsi.

Our main event is Whitney who weighs in at 240 and is wearing a silver one piece. Her opponent is Hailey who weighs in at 175 and is wearing a pink two piece. Both girls would feel each other out at the beginning. Then at around three minutes into the match Whitney would land the first big blow. When she was able to catch Hailey coming off the ropes and nailed her with a brutal clothesline. Whitney would then arrogantly strut around the ring as Hailey would struggle to breathe. Then Whitney would get a running start to deliver a leg drop. But Hailey would move out of the way leaving Whitney to land hard on the mat. Hailey would then dish out some punishment. As she would rain down with stomps to Whitney’s head. But Whitney wouldn’t stay down as she would be able to crawl into the corner. That would give Hailey an idea as she would get a running start and attempt a big splash. Unfortunately for her Whitney would move and Hailey would crash into the turnbuckles. Whitney would then quickly catch her breath and then she would repeatedly drive her large ass into Hailey’s back. Next she would scoop Hailey up and throw her down with a big bodyslam. But that would only get a two count. Whitney wouldn’t let that faze her. As she would pick Hailey up and attempt another slam. But this time Hailey would slip out of it and when Whitney turned around she was met with several big punches to the head and stomach. Hailey would then bounce off the ropes and nail Whitney with a clothesline. But Whitney wouldn’t go down. A second attempt would leave Whitney staggering but still standing. Finally after a third attempt would result in Whitney finally getting knocked off her feet. Hailey would then signal to the crowd that it was over. As she would get Whitney to her knees and attempt the piledriver. But out of nowhere Heaven would show up on the apron and yell at the referee. That would bring out Stephanie who would pull Heaven down to the floor and they would brawl all the way to the back. As this was going on Hailey was close to having Whitney in position for the piledriver. But as the ref was distracted but what was going on outside of the ring. That would give Mitzi the chance to sneak from the other side of the building and come from behind and nail Hailey with a low blow. Mitzi would then quickly help Whitney get back to her feet. Finally the referee would get back in the ring having seen none of the interference. Whitney would then have a smile on her face as she quickly dragged Hailey who was still holding her crotch to the corner. From there Whitney would scale to the second rope and come crashing down with a thunderous bonzi drop. It was academic at this point as the ref counted to three. After the match Whitney would quickly roll out of the ring and celebrate but she did show signs of being in a war. The winner of the match is Whitney.

Then after she left Stephanie would quickly run out and check in Hailey who was clutching at her ribs. But as Stephanie had her back turned Heaven and Mitzi would sneak up and start attacking. To her credit Stephanie would try to fight back. But the numbers were too much. As when she had Mitzi in the corner and punching away. Heaven would land a low blow that left Stephanie on her knees. Then Heaven would connect with a brutal rear view to Stephanie’s face. Mitzi would then pull a pair of handcuffs out of her back pants. Then they would strip Stephanie down to her bra and panties. Next they would cuff her to the ropes. But before they could do any more damage Megan and Rachel would run out and chase Heaven and Mitzi away. Heaven would scream that both of the girls had screwed up big time. And that if Rachel wants some she can meet her in the ring next week. Rachel would tell Heaven that she might regret that when she gets hit with a bulldog.

Next week on LPW we’ll see Dena in action and in the main event it’s Rachel vs Heaven