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Mercedes vs Phoebe "Model Adversaries"

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Mercedes vs Phoebe "Model Adversaries"
« on: December 22, 2011, 04:59:50 AM »

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Mercedes’ big blue eyes light up as she glances attentively into her mirror, she loves the way her; long, curly, light blonde, tresses cascade around her face and gently descend to her mid back. “I’m so hot!”  She proclaims without vacillation; knowing she is pleasurable to a majority of men and women. At five foot eight and weighing 125lbs her appetizing figure and playful demeanor is nothing less than an unmistakable blonde sex kitten. However; there is also another aspect to this blonde bombshell. She is intelligent and strong willed. Just turning twenty seven she has earned respect as a professional model and clothing designer. Her catwalk abilities and brilliant fashion designs are greatly sought.
Getting attired for a night on the town Mercedes decides to let out her sex kitten attributes and chooses a cottony, white, strapless, mini dress. Mercedes’ pert thirty four C breasts, twenty three inch waist and thirty six inch hips are outlined by the absolute figure fitting material. Looking up from her matching four inch stilettos to her upper thighs her long legs are caressed by white stockings. With a little perfume, some white pearls, and the proper amount of makeup Mercedes is ready to prowl.
Across town, Phoebe enjoys watching her deep brown eyes reveal her sexy flirtations into her bedroom mirror. She puckers her ruby red lips, kissing the mirror. “You’re a vixen aren’t you?” She chuckles. Feeling aroused she slips on her black lacy bra, which embraces her subtle thirty four B breasts and her matching panties. Gliding on her four inch, black, stilettos her dark silhouette now stands five nine. Looking back into the mirror she whispers that her attire tonight must also bring to light her twenty three inch waist and thirty four inch hips. 
Phoebe has chosen for this evenings; “Stud hunt.” a black sleeveless mini dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. She loves the way the black fabric nylons accentuate her long legs as she readies for the evening. One last adjustment of her raven haired locks of hair and she’s out the door.
Looking back across the cities nighttime skyline we once again arrive across town.  Mercedes is about to leave the front entrance of her downtown high rise apartment building. She smiles at the valet while handing him her keys.  Mercedes has been very successful in her modeling career and living in a plush penthouse apartment is one of her luxuries. She climbs into her light blue Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster Sports Car and drives away.    
Meanwhile Phoebe has also made her way down to the main entrance of her Penthouse apartment building she climbs into the back of the stretch limo and departs.
 See Phoebe comes from wealth.  Still she is also quite an aspiring model as well.
   Meanwhile Mercedes arrives at the disco and enters the club. She begins dancing with everyone then she struts across the dance floor to the tables. She finds her friend and they begin chatting.
   “Hi Sadie bout time you got here.” Her friend Mitzi summons as she begins dancing at the table.
   “Hey Mitz this place is cool.” Mercedes responds as she sets her purse on the table and starts dancing as well.
   The two blonde sex kittens quickly become eye candy for all the gentlemen in the club.  They know their being looked upon as tonight’s desire but they kind of like it. The room begins to fill more with handsome men, attractive women, and a few couples as well. Everyone is having a great time.
   Outside Phoebe has arrived.  The driver opens her door and she climbs out of the limo adjusting her black dress and tossing her raven tresses. Phoebe portraying the sultry vixen prepares to make a spectacular entrance.  She loves all the attention.  Now inside the club she fully intends to see all the available men and women to notice her enlightening entrance.  “Wait, no admiration from the crowd?” Phoebe whispers to herself.  Seems there is something more interesting on the dance floor.    
Phoebe’s eyes light up with contempt as she locates the source of her apparent competition. Seems a very attractive young blonde kitten has stolen her thunder. Being a lady and not wanting anyone to sense she feels a bit unsettled the brunette quietly finds her table.  Phoebe’s dark brown eyes begin a defiant stare and her lips contort into a catty smirk as she sees and quoting from her snarled lips; “the mousy blonde” grinding with the others on the dance floor. The stunning brunette then begins to dance as well, slowly making her way towards her new adversary. 
   Mercedes is having a magnificent time and is unaware of Phoebe’s apparent attempt to surprise then challenge her to a sort of dance fight. The sex kitten spins around winds up right in front of her vixen rival. Their eyes meet and the blonde’s deep blue eyes first are filled with surprise then quickly fill with defiance as they attempt to pierce into the brunette’s deep brown eyes. Phoebe smiles and returns the stare. “Think you can out dirty dance me Blondie/” The brunette challenges with a catty smile. “Bring it you brunette bitch!” Mercedes replies with a defiant stance. The crowd grows ecstatic as the two women begin the erotic bump and grind dance fight.  Soon the intensity of their growing animosity gets to a fever pitch and the dance quickly becomes a free-for-all.  With hair being pulled and screams of insults being hurled the bouncers swiftly take control of the situation and they are separated. Going to opposite sides of the dance floor; the two ladies continue to hurl verbal abuse.
   The owner of the club notices the clash from his upstairs office and comes to the floor.  The two ladies expect to be expelled from the club. Too their astonishment he offers them a chance to settle this disagreement at another venue, and make money as well.  He mentions he is a follower of a sport called apartment house wrestling. The offer he explains: is to grapple in his penthouse living room in front of spectators.  Not wanting to seem reluctant or intimidated by the other they both agree and the match is agreed upon..
   The next day the ladies are emailed by the young affluent man:  where they will be training and the rules of the contest.  Rule One: No damage is to be done to the face, except slapping. No indecent or abusive attacks are allowed upon their womanhood; however hair pulling above and below is allowed. Rule Two: No weapons allowed, simply put it will be all hand to hand combat. Rule three:  The winner is determined by either: a submission or exhaustion. Both ladies agree by email and the match is set for a few months later.
    During the next few months the ladies are trained in hand to hand combat. This training includes: the essentials of how to use wrestling techniques and they are also persuaded to use all of their natural instincts in the fight. After a rigorous training period both are ready for their wrestling debut. Being rookies but knowing their very apparent dislike for one another the audience pays top dollar for the privilege of watching the match. This in turn brings the added incentive for victory; for the winner will be granted twice the losers compensation.
   Mercedes arrives first and is directed to a bedroom adjacent to a plush large living room.  She has chosen a; very sexy, shinny, white, string bikini.  Phoebe arrives next and is also directed to an adjacent bedroom. The brunette vixen’s choice of attire is an ultra black string bikini. Both ladies are confident and exhilaratingly ready to settle their dispute.
    Moments later they are instructed to come to the large living room. Mercedes has put her blonde locks in a ponytail. Phoebe has chosen a pig tails. They enter the plush room and the crowd grows silent.   However, the erotic and competitive tension abruptly fills the room.  The Sex Kitten and the Vixen are about to become cats of fury.   With eyes wide open and bodies trembling with anticipation Mercedes and Phoebe begin a defiant saunter towards the center of the room. The moment has arrived, when all their skills, training, and despised contempt for one another is about to come to a fast and furious melee’.    
   The signal is given; Mercedes crouches defiantly waiting for a possible first assault by Phoebe. The brunette vixen smirks and assertively lunges with a false sense of confidence.  The blonde Kitten has successfully baited her rival and grabs the brunette’s shoulders while she rams her right thigh into Phoebe’s vulnerable womanhood.  The vixen stumbles backwards. Mercedes pursues and grabs Phoebe’s silhouette.  The pure force knocks them both to the carpet.   The once flirtatious sex kitten has suddenly become a raging lioness. Dominating the attack Mercedes logically straddles the dazed brunette and begins an attack of choice chocking Phoebe. The blonde sex kitten smirks a catty glare of confidence as she looks down upon her; dark vixen rival’s face.   Their eyes ultimately meet. Mercedes’ blue eyes gleaming with domination and Phoebe’s eyes filled with desperation as she gasps for air. Everyone applauds their approval as the first conquest in this violent war has been truly earned for the blonde.
     Feeling a bit embarrassed by her inability to fend off her blonde adversaries’ first attack.  Phoebe squeals out an announcement of frustration. However this war is still young and Phoebe is full of fight.  The cunning brunette vixen reaches up and buries her fingers into Mercedes’ breasts. The surprised blonde snaps her head back in anguish. The now attacking brunette has obtained a full frontal assault on Mercedes’ subtle breasts. Phoebe arches her back and tosses Mercedes to her right side.  With a relentless will the brunette manages to straddle the blonde and now Mercedes is on her back fighting off the throbbing pain from her breasts. 
The next move as predictable as it could be is simply marvelous as Mercedes reaches up and attacks Phoebe’s breast. Now both are in a test of will as they pull on hard nipples and squeeze one another’s soft vulnerable subtle flesh.  Squirming under the brunette’s weight Mercedes is getting the worse of this second battle in the middle of their war. In a sharp contrast to earlier; Phoebe’s brown eyes are filled with delight as Mercedes’ glassy blue eyes are overflowing with despair. Nevertheless:  not to be outdone by the brunette’s escape, the blonde, reveals her plan to evade Phoebe’s dominance. She does so by slamming her right palm into the brunettes chin. This allows the blonde to toss her tormentor off. 
The blonde squeals and the brunette howls as they collide. With great delight to those in attendance they begin to rumble across the carpet. For at least ten minutes they furiously sink teeth into arms, legs, upper and lower torsos, and vulnerable breast, tear at bikini tops and bottoms.  With ruthless ferocity they pull locks of flaxen and raven hair. Violently they slap each other’s carpet burned faces. This vicious assault on one another eventually does begin to slow down. The slapping and tearing eventually develops into grinding and sheer attempts to pin the other. Mercedes’ well groomed and tone naked body, sweaty and growing tired straddles Phoebe’s heaving and equally attractive and well maintained body. The brunette resolute not to be pinned or submit fights and regains a dominant top position, although with seemingly just as fatigued arms and legs as Mercedes. This becomes even more apparent as the blonde sex kitten manages to slip on top of her raven haired vixen rival once again.  This time Mercedes uses her training and applies a half hearted full body press.
Phoebe’s murmured sounds of frustration are muted by the roar of the pleased audience.  The vixen’s weak attempts to escape are eventually exasperated by Mercedes bold last stand. The blonde then sits up and raises her arms claiming an exhausted victory.  The sex kitten has forced her vixen rival to submit to a humiliating defeat.