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Betty vs Susan in a fantasy beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3)

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39 yo German saleswoman Betty comes to the US for a visit and has women such as 43 yo Susan fending off her charms with males

Prelude:  Hot German saleslady Betty is visiting the United States and for her time here she will be staying in a short term rented apartment.  Among those who are more permanent residents is Susan, a sexy MILF in her own right.  With Betty spending a decent amount of time at the apartment complex as she relaxes when not working, she has the opportunity to see a lot of the male renters and of course some of the male lovers of the females there.  She sets her sights on Susan's guy, and eventually, Susan has a confrontation at the pool over who is going to end up with him.

Susan:  "Well Betty, I've heard that you have been coming after my guy.  Let me warn you right now to stop it, you German bitch!"
Betty:  "Susan, you old prune, not my fault that he prefers a more vibrant woman with a hotter body!  Oh, and he just loves to wrestle with me!  He says I'm the best woman he has ever had, but then again, I know I'm the best woman he's had lately!"
Susan:  "Why you two bit whore!  You admit going after him knowing he is mine!  I'm about ready to kick your foreign ass until you submit to my wishes!"
Betty:  "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you aren't woman enough to keep your guy away from me, and I can promise you aren't woman enough to either defeat me in an assets compared contest nor in a fight.  If you think you can, bring it on, you sorry tramp!"
Susan:  "That's it, and me indoors in my apartment a little later.  My guy will be there to judge the beauty contest part and he will judge that and then witness my destruction of you in the no holds barred, submisson only catfight.  Up for that, bitch?"
Betty:  "Yeah, I'm up for that, and it reminds me...he gets it up for me a lot more than he ever gets it up for you.  With me, no man ever needs viagra.  With you they need it and a blindfold to boot!"
Susan:  "I'm sooooo going to enjoy kicking your butt...the winner of the catfight gets him, and I will be keeping him."

Beauty Contest:  As expected, that night Susan calls Betty to come to her place as Susan's/Betty's lover is there and ready to decide their body comparison.  Betty walks in and goes directly to him and gives a passionate kiss which really pissed off Susan who is standing about 10 feet away.  The women and the guy agree that he will judge 8 anatomical areas of facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt.  Whichever woman wins more of these will win the beauty contest.  Then, they will compete in the no holds barred catfight after the end of this comparison of assets.  They start off in black lingerie but won't have to strip for the facial beauty contest.  Neither has a glamour model's face but is pretty with nice hair to boot which counts in this judgment.  Even though Betty is a little younger, Susan edges her out here to take a 1-0 lead.  The next area of competition will be their tits, and each MILF has much better than average juggs in anyone's mind.  But again, the American babe Susan holds off the German fox in the battle of the boobs to win this one and take a 2-0 overall lead.  The next area to be compared are their midsections.  How many women around 40 would kill for either of these stomachs...flat, in shape, almost concave.  Hell, most women in their 20's can't approach their midsections.  In a close judgment, Betty wins her first with an absolute perfect midsection that most guys could spend most of the day kissing.  Betty desperately needed that win and she gets it to cut her deficit down to 2-1 with the most personal area of the pussy the next one to be judged.  The male lover of each woman doesn't even have to be reminded of this area as he has serviced both of their pussies multiple times.  He knows both women have priceless pussies, but Betty's is the one that turns him on more.  Score another win for the German hottie Betty who ties up the contest at 2-2 halfway through it.  The next area of judgment is their legs and just like all the other areas except maybe their faces, they are way above average here for their ages.  Both have sexy legs but Susan's are a little thinner and better tapered in his judgment to give her original lover a 3-2 lead with only arms/armpits the last frontside area to be decided.  There is a reason that this lover of both women loves to wrestle Betty...her arms are damn beautiful and strong.  Normally, Susan would win this area easily but not when you are doing up against the beautiful and muscular arms of Betty.  The German fox scores another win to bring the contest back dead even at 3-3.  There are only two areas left to decide this deal, and both are backside ones so the women turn around to show off their backs and their butts.  Both women have great backs with good delineation and clearly fit with not a lot of flesh covering up their muscle groups back there.  But Betty is judged to have the more silky smooth one which gives her the first lead she has ever had in this competition at 4-3 with only the ass judgment left to be made.  The women definitely stick out their butts in exaggerated poses to try to make them seem the most compact they can and to try to show off any buttcheeks that they may have.  Both women have such great rears that a decision can't be made which means a tie.  That is great news for Betty who leads 4-3 going into this tie which means she wins by a final margin of Betty 4  Susan 3   and 1 tie.  Not a landslide by any stretch, but it gives Betty bragging rights against Susan who was already pissed at her to begin with.  Add in this narrow beauty contest loss and the teasing and arrogant look and posing by Betty, and Susan is ready to chop her head off.  Fortunately for Betty, even no holds barred prohibits the use of machetes.
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Re: Betty vs Susan in a fantasy beauty contest and catfight (Part 2 of 3)
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2010, 03:38:31 AM »
Betty is relaxing by the pool as Susan confronts her wearing skimpy lingerie just like that above and the rivalry starts

Catfight:   The women now must choose whether to remain nude as they are at the end of the beauty contest or to put back on skimpy clothing.  Normally, in such a private setting with only one well known witness, there is no need to redress.  The fact that the women want to seem to invite speculation that they want some lingerie to perhaps take off and use as weapons during the fight.  Betty puts back on her black bra and panties while Susan puts back on that red bra and panties shown in the above picture.  Both women don't waste much time redressing because they are anxious to get this started and kick the other's ass.  The guy gets out of the way which most women would probably tell you is the right place for him to begin with.  Betty purses her lips in a fake kiss and holds out her two hands with one hand having 4 fingers extended...the other hand 3 fingers, and that pisses Susan off.  Clearly, Betty is rubbing her 4-3 win into the face of Susan and of course in front of their common lover, and Susan doesn't like that one damn bit!  When Betty does that, Susan wipes that smirk off of Betty's face with a hard righthanded slap, perhaps her best one ever in a match but she has motivation here beyond the norm.  But anger only takes you so far ash Betty counters with a hard slap of her own, at least as powerful as Susan's.  In both instances, the target's head snaps hard to her right from the hit to the left side of her face.  Both women rub their left cheeks and aren't in any hurry to continue the slapping.  Instead they raise their hands in front of their bodies for the classic challenge to arm strength superiority.

Both women along with the guy must have been waiting for this particular showdown since each MILF's arms are much fitter and stronger looking than for most any age.  Susan's are sinewy strong while Betty's are more bulkish strong.  Opposite hands of the foes clinch together in an epic battle of arm strength by these two MILFs.  Their athletic legs strain under the pressure to anchor their bodies but the main strain is on their hands and arms.  That strain can be verbally heard in the grunts and squeals while visually the women and the guy see it in each of the two women's faces in grimaces.  The women take turns having the advantage over the other as shown by moving the rival's arms past vertical and back towards the foe's body.  Finally, one woman gets the advantage and keeps it...that is Betty, whose thicker and bulky muscular arms are too much for Susan to withstand for a long time, even with her own sinewy strong ones in use.  Susan might normally try to stop the descent of her own arms and body, but she seems to think she will make a comeback.  When that fails, Susan is on her knees with her hands still awkwardly bent backward.  Ther grimace on Susan's pretty face grows as she knows Betty is dominating her right now  Betty moves her legs to surround Susan's head and squeezes it in to a powerful legscissors.  And with Betty holding on to her hands, Susan can't use them to try to spread her tormentor's legs.  Thus, initially after failing to get her hands free, Susan wiggles and turns her head as best she can to try to remove it from being squeezed like a grape in the vise which here is the equivalent of Betty's strong legs.  Betty has that smirk on her face as she turns to the guy and plays a little for his attention.  Meanwhile,Susan is getting more pissed off by the minute and desperate to escape. She decides to ram Betty's legs with her own body momentum and that does indeed cause Betty to stumble, release the hold, and fall to the floor.

Betty hits hard on the plush carpet as she ends up supine just a few feet from Susan's still kneeling form.  Susan is trying to get her neck and head to feel normal again, but can't waste too much time she so lunges on top of the German amazon and rubs and grinds her body across and up and down the sexy blonde's formidable form.  Susan takes off her own lingerie bra and not a shocker, she wraps it around Betty's neck in a choking maneuver.  It is always suspicious when two women essentially in private want to redress after already showing themselves nude.  Basically it says to watch out for clothing to be used as weapons.  Betty immediately feels the sting and the restriction of breathing as the twisted bra is wrapped tight around her throat including her windpipe.  Her eyes grow wide and those strong hands and arms move up to her throat area to engage either Susan's hands or the bra that she is holding.  Betty tries both but even her strong hands can't wrestle it away from her own throat.  Betty realizes she must do something fast and has good access to Susan's hair which she viciously pulls to end the choking.  But Susan is still on top of her at this point and isn't finished yet with Betty, despite having to end the choking ordeal.  She tosses aside the bra and changes tactics.

Now that those humongous MILF hooters of Susan are running free, she lowers those tantalizing tits flush on to Betty's face and does a devastating titsmother which includes transferring sweat, body odor, and a great restriction of breathing.  Betty struggles with perhaps a little superior strength particularly in the arms, but Susan has her body weight on top of Betty which counts for a lot.  Eventually, Susan finishes the smother on her own which might be good news, right?  Well hardly, when the sexy MILF is still on top and ready to replace the tits torture with some armpit exposure.  And if Betty thought tits were bad, they are like perfume compared to the underarms sweat and body odor which still can be contacted well onto the face.  Betty finishes with the left one and moves over to use the right one in a double barrelled punishment.  But with all this moving around to get her own body in the right position, she has left herself vulnerable to a kickout, and that is exactly what she does to rid Susan of her body.  The women end up lying on the floor but not for long as each is anxious to get up to continue the war and to make sure the other woman doesn't get the jump on her.

The women get up to standing positions just a few feet apart with Susan and her smirk and Betty with a look that appears it could melt lead.  Susan and Betty almost have a posedown probably due to their common lover being there as a spectator as each sticks out her legs in posing mode and puts her hands on the top of her head to show off her firm arms and awesome armpits.  Betty of course has the better arms and pits but Susan is the one who has best utilized them so far.  Betty doesn't like the way that their guy is lusting after Susan's now bare boobs, so she volunatarily takes off her own black bra to make the nudity even again....only their panties remain.  The women bring their arms down and rush towards each other as they implement a mutual bearhug and with their bodacious boobs an obvious tit battle at the same time as their bodies are clenched together.  In the tit battle, it is not a carnage on Susan's part, but the beauty contest winning chest clearly still has the advantage over Betty's great, but still inferior one.  Susan's erect globes continue to push aside Betty's large, but less firm ones as Susan has those in full retreat.  Meanwhile, the midsection bearhug war is going better for Betty as her stronger arms and very firm stomach is more than a match for Susan's formidable arms and her own fit midsection.  So while Betty is winning this area, Susan is still dominating the tits battle.  Both realize they are only going for a standoff at this point and push each other away.

Both women check their treasure chests for damage but are too anxious to get at each other to worry about minor aches or stratches.  They go for each other's hair at this point, and the strength of each woman is on display as just by pulling the other's hair, each can violently move the other's body and throw it off balance.  They are first forced down to their knees and then into lying down positions by the yanking of tresses.  They begin to roll around the floor with first one woman on top and then the other....two sexy MILFs fighting for pride and supposedly the common lover to see which one will get him.  As each woman is on top she lowers her tits to do a titsmother and then usually an armpit smother or two before the other one can dislodge her and spin the pile of bodies 180 degrees so the bottom one becomes on top now.  Susan's best smother seems to be the chest one while Betty scores especialloy well with the armpits ones.  No surprise there since that tracks with what area each woman won the beauty contest.  The women eventually get back to the neutral position of lying on their sides facing each other and decide they have each got their satisfaction with their own smothers but don't want to endure their rival's ones anymore.  So they push each other away.

The sexy MILFs get to standing positions again, and each woman looks like she is ready to spit nails she is so mad.  Susan is the aggressor now as she runs towards Betty's strong body and with her momentum takes Betty with her over to Susan's own sofa.  Susan immediately grabs the more substantial pillow {home sofa advantage} and begins to slam Betty in the face, the boobs, and the midsection.  Betty finds the other pillow and determines it was a discount store buy but a weapon nonetheless and counters with some blows of her own against the same areas on Susan's luscious form.  The women wear out both pillows and now literally go at it in hand to hand combat.  They move their arms and hands randomly in front of their bodies in order to gain a hold or advantage.  Finally, the women really aren't able to do that so it becomes primal choke time as their hands grab hold of the other's throat.  Now, both pairs of eyes grow wide and coughs begin as each struggles to maintain breathing.  Eventually, the women pull away from each other since they are afraid it might be them that gets choked out first.  Now, they grab each other's arms and shoulders and end up falling off the front of the sofa in a delightful body of sexy flesh, especially tits. 


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Re: Betty vs Susan in a fantasy beauty contest and catfight (Part 3 of 3)
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Betty gets behind Susan and locks on a headlock which Susan immediately moves to try to break via her arms.  But once again, when either woman gets an arms hold locked in, it is tough to break the normal way, particularly when Betty has the hold.  So, Susan starts to fist Betty's arms who is able to withstand the weak blows due to the poor angle and short distance they are thrown  But Susan is able to move Betty's arms just enough and good for Susan to have taken care of her teeth over the years.  Susan literally takes a bite out of the German saleslady's arms and that ends the headlock right then and there.  The women continue to struggle with each other right in front of that same sofa at which point, Susan gets Betty in a hammerlock.  Now, it is Susan's turn to give Betty a little pain as she awkwardly pulls Betty's strong left hand and arm behind her back...changing it into a chickenwing as pulls it up higher on that back.  The stacked, sexy German babe doesn't look quite as invincible as Susan continues this tortuous hold.  Finally, Betty backs up her body into Susan which catches the hot American MILF against her oncoming body and the front of the sofa.  That force stuns Susan enough to cause her to quit the hold as both women are free again from least for now.

The women seem to be frustrated at mere wrestling and some catfighting moves and want to get down and dirty again like they did with the breast squeezings.  Their lover senses that and tosses a double headed dildo in between the women who can't wait to start a full fledged pussy war.  Betty and Susan of course still have one piece of clothing on themselves....Betty's black panties and Susan's red ones.   Needless to say, they just don't discard the now saturated and smelly lingerie items but literally throw them in the face of the opponent with utter disdain and disrespect.  Betty inserts one end into her large, luscious pussy while Susan is more than happy to insert the other into her precious orifice, and the pushing begins as each woman tries to ram the other end of the toy using her pussy power and make the other MILF cum before she does.  The guy is the luckiest man on the planet as these two awesome MILFs have the sexiest competition around.  Grimaces on their now sweaty faces even with matted hair due to the sweat and verbal screams of both pain and pleasure fill the room.  These women know how to generate a push and how to try to withhold a climax, so the contest continues for a few minutes.  The women even raise their upper bodies a bit using their mighty arms to try to get etter leverage on the push.  Finally, amidst the screaming of both women, cum begins to ooze out from the sides of one end of the double headed dildo....the whitish fluid belongs to Susan, so she loses the pussy fight.  But both women collapse on their backs, and to be fair, it isn't but several seconds later that Betty gives up her most precious fluid either. 

Betty and Susan get up on doubled up legs, and actually are not quite as mad as each other as they were.  Perhaps being a part of doubled headed  dildo has something to do with that. but let's just move on from ignorance of that shall we.  Now, the women are going after each other's magnificent mams big time as they take their strong hands and squeeze those titanic MILF tits with all their might.  Like was just said, the guy must be the fucking luckiest guy on the planet because within five minutes of the other discharge, a second one occurs as each gives up a few drops of breast milk which they take off their bodacious breasts straight from the naughty nipples they came from.  This juggs mauling ends up pretty much a tie, but they still have a catfight to decide.  The women do some random slapping with their hands to faces, arms, legs, and the like as this has turned into a disorganized catfight and sexfight at this juncture. 

Finally, Betty slides her legs out and crosses them around the back of Susan in a legscissors of Susan's fit, sexy midsection.  Susan feels the pain and pressure and immediately does the same around Betty's stomach area.  Perhaps. Betty could try to keep that from happening but she lets the legscissors occur around her own midsection as the battle of the legscissors may well decide the entire fight.  The women grunt, scream, and grimace with not the mixture of pain and pleasure as with the dildo war.  This is pure pain and effort in causing pain on the other that is causing all the visual and audible action now.  Betty and Susan put their hands on their heads to show off their fit arms, armpits, and to prove to the other that they need no other help to win this match.  For minutes this epic battle of leg power continues as each seems to be willing and ready to let this decide the fight.  Finally. Susan gains an apparent advantage and begins to solicit a concession from Betty.

Susan:  "Well Betty, my {grunting/screaming} German tramp, I'm about ready to make you my bitch {oooohhhh} after you concede."
Betty:  "Susan, you wrinkled slut, I'm {grunting/screaming} not ready to give up and as your John Paul Jones {uuugghhh} once said, 'I have just begun to fight'"
Susan:  "Ooooooohhhhh sssshhhhhiitttt, your legs are becoming so strong!  Bbbbiiiittttccchhhhh!"
Betty:  "Yeah, tramp, think you still have the edge...I don't...I think I'm about to put you away, you American cxnt!"
Susan:  "Aaaaaiiiieeee, I give...I give....let go, can have the impotent guy.....just let my ribs survive!"
Betty:  "Thought you might see it my way.  And I'm not even going to make you do it more civil.  I just kicked your ass twice and that is humiliation enough....well, at least until my postmatch stuff.  And do I have some things planned for you, whore!"

Postmatch:  Betty does give a couple extra tugs due to the language of the concession but her legs are almost cramping up on her like Susan's are.  Betty unhooks her legs as Susan's have already gone limp due to Betty's mighty ones crushing her midsection.  Both women look exhausted with their hair matted, black and red lingerie all over the place, and whitish spots on their bodies from the cum and the milk droplets that each secreted near the end of the match.  Susan is lying supine on her own plush carpet while Betty looks over from a sitting position to her guy which now truly is her man after this fight settled that.  Betty has already done a lot of her postmatch planning during the fight, so she has some special entertainment for Susan planned.  Betty does lie down with a full body cover and rubs and grinds her sizzling form on top of Susan's.  She makes sure she gets in some final tit and armpit smothers using those great areas of her MILF form.  She then does a facesit which hasn't been yet done by either woman as she hovers for a devilishly long time above Susan's face only to drop her sweet ass on to Susan's face and do a devastating titsmother with her large, but tight ass.  Susan really appears ready to do little else to Susan's still conscious form other than to rub the dirty bottoms of her feet across the defeated rival's face...all of this more humiliating than normal as it all happened in her own apartment.  Betty goes around and collects her own black lingerie and also Susan's red lingerie, probably as souvenirs.  So, is Betty going to let her off that easy?  Uh, probably not! 

Betty moves Susan over to a sitting position against a heavy chair.  With Susan's own red lingerie, Betty binds her hands to the legs of the chair...Susan is going nowhere!  Betty moves over to their common lover, Susan's now former guy, and starts to strip clothes off him and play with his cock.  All of this in clear view of Susan and Betty wants it that way.  Needless to say, she begins to have all kinds of sex with him as all Susan can do is to try to escape and turn her head away a bit, but it is in the same room, her ears are fine so she hears everything also.  Betty finally addresses what she is doing not that Susan doesn't know to begin with.

Betty:  "Susan, I'm going to fuck our guy until he or I can't go on anymore.  My guess is it will be him but quite frankly, I did just compete in a catfight.  Either way, you are going to look, hear, and like it!  He always said I was better than you in bed, so even on this sofa here, I think I can show you why."  {ends that by putting her hands on the top of her head and flexing her arms, showing off those well-formed armpits, and stretching out those developed legs that ended the fight and then goes back to fucking!}  


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Re: Betty vs Susan in a fantasy beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3)
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I love Betty this is her 2nd win